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  1. Twenty years since Jedi.net started. It might have been cool if it were still around as it was.
  2. The approach of this movie was all wrong. No Star Wars movie should be intentionally small or a "side project." The other problem was how it threw a bunch of stuff together to occur in one event (Kessel Run, the Falcon getting all the damage, Han meeting Lando, etc).
  3. What the heck, the movie came out and there isn't one post here about it. For some reason, I typed in the URL in my history and the site didn't come up at first.
  4. Going into a movie spoiler/info-free makes it a little easier to handle a lot of stuff. After that passes, it can be easily scrutinized. Aside from everything Leia and being glad that internet rumor stuff didn't come to fruition, there are several things about this that bug me, especially the more I read about what certain choices were made. Why did Rian Johnson have to insist that Luke die despite Hamill's protest? Why try to basically end this story in the middle of the trilogy? They missed the point that the appeal of a Sequel Trilogy was to see the continuing story of those fabled characters, but for some reason that kind of thing all gets grouped under this new pejorative term "fan service."
  5. That moment happened so early in the movie. They weren't going to take out Carrie Fisher's performance, and her final one at that. Having her die in the movie after dying in real life would have just been odd. Removing Leia would have altered the entire film and made it look badly edited with nothing mentioning Leia's death after it. Production had already been completed and there was no need to do reshoots for everyone's reaction to her death from the Resistance fighters to Luke and Rey. That's not something you simply fix in post-production. There wouldn't have been the reunion with Luke or her last line at the end to Rey. Leia being disabled and comatose was already part of the film. I'm glad they didn't alter anything because of that. It amazes me how people are criticizing Carrie Fisher's scenes in this.
  6. That sense of a "hinted" relationship between Leia and Holdo (first I've heard this) is what happens when society tries to turn simple friendships and camaraderie into romances. Two people of the same gender can't even shake hands, give compliments or go get lunch at work together anymore without them being called homosexuals, and in a championing way by people wanting to use them as some kind of symbol and statement. "God" was used by gungans and C-3PO describing how the ewoks perceived him. It could seem odd for humans to say it, but a lot of those alien cultures believed in gods. It's obvious a lot of the backlash is a bandwagon. I saw people give it high marks after seeing it but then reverse their opinions after reading some crap and then jump on the backlash train touching on all the same points and making all the trendy remarks like "Mary Poppins" and all that. Society is so dumbed down they can't resist being swayed by trendy "memes" or even gripe about something in an original way. Stuff that bugs me isn't even what most people are attacking. That stuff I defend or don't mind. I can't believe Star Wars fans are griping about physics - regarding Leia in space or hyperspace jumps or bombs dropping - in this movie series. It has always been a non-realistic version of space-based fantasy. I've seen this twice so far, and would like to see it in IMAX again because that seems to be the only way to get good sound in a theater anymore. Maybe this weekend. The opening theme, title, and crawl is what going to see a Star Wars movie in a theater is really all about, even if it doesn't have the 20th Century Fox fanfare.
  7. I was just wondering about that "bad feeling about this line" today. Hints of spoilers of course... So this is all there is about this movie here? Oh well. I'm intending to avoid messageboard chatter anyway. I wish I would have avoided comment sections but I read a lot of complaining, most of it stupid and bratty. How any STAR WARS fan can look at certain Leia scenes and call them cheesy or joke about them, especially after what happened with Carrie Fisher, completely baffles me. I liked every bit of what she did in this movie, and the thrill of not knowing exactly if she was done for the movie at certain times or what. We also got to see her with a blaster again. Also, the movie not taking the predicted routes makes it worthwhile. A lot of those theories and social media wishes for characters made no sense or were just outright stupid. There are a lot of things about this state of things established with "The Force Awakens" that bug me, but we're here, and so this is a sequel that works for that. People need to be patient and wait for Episode IX, like we had to wait until "Return of the Jedi" for some things. Sure it would have been nice if we could have gotten 7-8-9 twenty years ago and this could work as a trilogy of 10-11-12, but oh well. At the age the actors and characters are in this series that's been going on for forty years, certain things are just inevitable. There isn't really a "happily ever after," so I don't know what kind of Star "WARS" movies people upset about that want to see. If people never liked this whole initiative and cling to Zahn books or whatever, why are they still even watching so they can keep making that complaint? A few observations: Someone actually said "ass" in a Star Wars movie.
  8. Even George Lucas referred to theforce.net and how the information was there in a Newsweek article.
  9. I haven't seen trailer images all over the internet like I did in 2015. That might change with the next trailer. I've avoided it so far, but I'm not as diligently avoiding every little thing like I did for "The Force Awakens." I've seen toys and know names of new characters and planets. That's as much as I want to know. I'm sure I'll have to avoid the trailer with a few more movies I'll see before "The Last Jedi" comes out.
  10. I'm surprised you would even bother, knowing you were such an EU stickler that you couldn't accept anything that happened in "The Clone Wars."
  11. Ha. This was one of the two messageboards by people aggravated with jedi.net.
  12. And then there is me. While others have been married, divorced, had kids, moved across the country and all that, I am in the same town I was in when I started posting here, but in a different residence. Different job but with very few different jobs over the years, only my second car since then, no marriages, kids, and a complete disdain for being around people as much as possible. I've never been into the role-playing or even the socializing that happens on or around this site, and if I hadn't bookmarked the various incarnations of this site, I wouldn't even know where it was, not that it matters. I try to avoid this kind of movie-related discussion online, especially about these movies, now anyway because it can ruin the perception of a movie. It is strange to realize it has been almost twenty years and since then, with a whole new series of unforeseen Star Wars movies and the internet being a completely different thing. Faceless messageboards, as well as chat rooms, were a better method of communication than the hotbed of narcissism and stupidity that is social networking. I wish I could go back to 1999.
  13. There is so much to say about this movie, but after consuming way too much messageboard and social networking idiocy post-TFA's release, I intend to avoid all this and just like a movie and watch a movie. I went into this without seeing trailers and stuff, although I saw images and a few seconds from trailers. I didn't restrict myself as much as I did for "The Force Awakens," but I'm glad I avoided all that though. Cameo appearances all surprised me, including Tarkin and Bail Organa. The appearance of Evazan, Walrus Man, R2 and C-3PO have been getting some flak, but I don't care. I didn't know much about the characters or how and when battles or missions would occur. A grand scale space battle was unexpected, and it was clear the filmmakers imagined how cool it would have been if certain things happened in previous films. We see Rebel ships crash into shields and a Star Destroyer just showing up to the scene from hyperspace. Having a Calamari in command kind of seemed like too much of an ROTJ similarity though, but everything else about that battle was exciting. At this point, we have to realize younger generations or just people not invested in the franchise are a target audience and what was in the movies before will still be special to those of us who were around when the movies were released. Every beat in ANH and ROTJ's space battles will still be classic film moments to me. Lucasfilm made such a big deal about shooting TFA a certain throwback kind of way with exaggerations of practical effects and sets, with fans and others eating all that up (as if the prequels didn't use practical effects and sets). Little did everyone know that would mean the movie was going to be very similar in some ways to ANH. Now with "Rogue One," everything is full of every trick in the trade like a modern spectacle, and it works just the same if not better. No one seems to be complaining. Finally, we get to see some Imperial bases in a movie. One of my favorite bits was the little flashback scene showing Krennic and Galen Erso socializing on Coruscant. It's a nice look at the life of Imperial officers. I wonder how much of this movie's action was beefed up because of TFA's success, or if that was just downplayed all along as this movie was touted over the last couple of years to be more of a small mission-oriented film. It will be interesting to see how Lucasfilm will handle this one-off being more critically acclaimed than the centerpiece saga in how it crafts and promotes Episodes VIII and IX. I don't want to see this movie again until I buy it, so I can really want to see it then. I saw TFA too many times in the theater. Why do I come here?
  14. After seeing what is basically a Death Star in The Force Awakens, the plot of these seems even more unnecessary than the whole idea did in the beginning. I worry this movie will be a buffer that can negatively impact the Episode VIII coming out only six months later.
  15. Why even give those guys attention by reposting their "stupid points and wrong points"? He needs to see the movie again.
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