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  1. Haha! That makes perfect sense! Glad it was in there... if even hidden.
  2. Do you think the clones in The Clone Wars show gave themselves callsigns or names because it made sense, or simply because it allowed the viewer to connect on a more personal level to them?
  3. Stephen pushed the lever forward when the counter hit 0:00, and The Tokonga reverted from hyperspace to real space. Carida sat in front of him; a mottled blue and green planet. A large debris cloud orbited the planet which his computer identified as the remains of an old Clone Wars space station called Valor. After coordinating his approach vector to the planet, Stephen decided to head straight to Königreich des Teufels. Upon arriving at what was left of the Sith Temple, his hopes sank. “It’s destroyed, Mate. What in the blazes happened here?” The droid replied with a mournful warble. “Okay,” Stephen said thinking, “The Sith Temple is destroyed. Doesn’t mean this Mandar fella was here when it was attacked, right?” He stroked his beard in thought. “We need more information. I need to know what happened here. Who attacked the place?” Stephen plotted a course for the largest city on Carida. Big cities had big spaceports. Big spaceports meant bars. Bars meant information flow. He paid for a berthing for the ship, told Mate to keep an eye on things, and headed to the nearest bar. It took a couple of hours before he overheard “…des Teufels…”. He casually walked back up the bar near the table that held the speaker, ordered a local ale, and sipped it slowly. Two squat aliens, a species he was unfamiliar with, were talking with each other. “I’m telling you, Klatu, the old temple has to have some prime salvage. Maybe even lightsabers or kyber crystals.” “Yeah, but the Imperial Remnant patrols around the site don’t make it worth the getting killed, Blorak. They are the ones who destroyed the temple, it’s their scavenge rights. I’m not taking them on for the off chance of some scrap.” Blorak’s voice raised a little, “’Scrap’? You’re calling kyber crystals and lightsabers, and gods-know-what-else ‘scrap’?” Klatu looked around nervously, “Stow it, Klatu. Ya want the whole planet to hear us?” It was then that he noticed Stephen at the bar. Like an idiot he had turned his head and was watching them from his peripheral vision. He had been made. No choice but to put his cards on the table now. “I’m sorry,” he said nonchalantly as he walked to the table, “Did you say the Remnant destroyed the temple?” Klatu and Blorak stood up from the table. They were no taller than a meter at most. Klatu replied, “Not any of our business, good sir, not any of our business.” Blorak bumped Stephen’s leg as he passed and muttered, “Not polite to eavesdrop, ya daft human.” As he watched them leave, he took their lack of response as an affirmative. So the Imperial Remnant destroyed the temple. And recently. Hmm… He walked back to the bartender, slipped the man a 50 credit chip, and asked, “Were there any Sith survivors? Is the Remnant holding them? If so, where?”
  4. Stephen


    Stephen stroked his beard in thought. When he looked up at Nugget with a determined gaze, he finally said, “To Cardia first—might as well take on the easier target before tackling the harder. I appreciate the ship, but I’m sure you’ll understand if I change the name.” He chuckled, downed the last of his drink, nodded to the Hutt, and walked off to find his droid. * * * * * He found Mate in standby mode in the hanger in which the Fortune and Glory was berthed. As he had expected, it was gone. Lugner did not even stay to say goodbye. Guess he couldn’t blame him. Nugget was true to his word. In the space that once housed the luxury yacht, a slightly-abused, black and gold-trimmed VCX-100 light freighter stood being refueled. Stephen walked up and touched what appeared to be a claw mark on the exterior of the ship near the entrance ramp. “So you’re The Aberrant Folly, eh?” he said to the ship. “I’m gonna have to come up with a new name for you.” He walked around inspecting the ship from all angles. The way the light seemed to warp around the black surface… the way the gold accents sparkled… “I will call you… The Tokonga.” He called to the droid, “Mate, plug in, and change the transponder to The Tokonga.” The droid beeped an affirmative, and began rolling toward the ship. “Oh, and check for any tracking devices or programs.” The droid beeped again, then turned away a second time. “Nevermind—just purge the entire system. I want a clean ship.” The droids beep seemed annoyed this time, and Stephen thought he heard the droid warbling to itself on the way to the ship. This caused the human to chuckle and shake his head at the moody little droid. * * * * * In orbit around Korriban, and seated at the helm, Stephen once again pulled up an informative holo on Carida. A jungle planet mainly occupied by the Imperial Remnant. Hmm, he thought to himself, This Sith Acolyte named Mandar must be training at Königreich des Teufels. I guess I’ll start there. “Are you locked in back there, Mate?” Stephen asked the droid. The M8-F7 droid replied with an excited-sounding whistle. “Five million credits, here we come!” Stephen said as he pulled lever, and the ship shot into Hyperspace toward Carida.
  5. ...huh...I'll be damned.
  6. YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE IS: EXECUTIVE (ESTJ-A) ExtrOverted - 61% Observant - 57% Thinking - 64% Judging - 80% Assertive - 68% And, yes, it bugged me that they misspelled extroverted as "extraverted".
  7. Haha! I've seen this one and the Thub Wars one. Both are great!
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    Lugner’s face paled as Stephen’s turned into a shocked expression. Stephen whistled, “Five million?!” Lugner glanced nervously at Stephen then to Nugget, “I-I-I’m not a bounty hunter. I just sell the i-i-information!” He looked downright scared now, “They would kill me! I’m no fighter, much less a Force-user.” Stephen put his arm around his fellow’s shoulders, and smiled warmly to the Hutt. “Please allow us to confer in private for a moment.” At the Hutt’s dismissive wave, Stephen practically had to carry the stunned Lugner to a corner. “Lugner, what’s your problem? We’re talking about five million credits. Millions!” Lugner looked at Stephen as if he were insane, “Stephen, it’s suicide, and that devious Hutt knows it. No way we could bring her in alive… or dead! Hell, we couldn’t even bring in the Sith for the hundred-thousand.” Stephen began to protest, “Oh, come on—“ “No!” Lugner said. “I’m taking the thirty-thousand. I’ll be generous, and give you ten-thousand of it if you leave with me now. I’m saving your life. Please.” Stephen had never had ten-thousand credits in his life. But the potential for five-million credits was just too good to pass up. “I can’t pass on this offer, Lugner. Please reconsider.” Lugner’s head dropped, and he looked back up at Stephen with sadness in his eyes. “No, I can’t. I’d wish you good luck, but there’s no point—you’ll be dead before a standard week goes by.” He clapped Stephen’s shoulders with his hands, “Goodbye, my friend.” Lugner then walked over to the Hutt, pulled three ten-thousand chits over to him, and held them up between himself and the Hutt. “Thirty-thousand for the info as agreed.” He turned, and began walking back to leave, sparing only one last nod to his former partner. Stephen watched him depart, then turned back to a smiling Hutt. “I’m in. But unless I’m mistaken, he is taking the Fortune & Glory. I’ll need an advance to purchase a ship—a fast ship.”
  9. It might have been excessive, but you can't say it didn't promote posting. We had posting in other forums at least.
  10. Screw Archer. That lying a-hole almost ruined my relationship and the awesome family I now have. I'd rather have a dead forum. FYI - If he shows back up again, I'm gone. LOL
  11. Hey, I tried. I made a post in practically EVERY subforum other than fanfic.
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    Stephen watched the holo. She was very nice on the eyes. Those piercing green eyes, the curves of her body… He could see why this Sith would fall for her. Lugner’s chuckle broke his concentration on the vid. “Indeed. I saw it live from my holo droid feed. For being such a devout Jedi, she sure does have a… shall we say… fierce side to her. Both on the battlefield… and off.” Stephen didn’t particularly care for the looks the Hutt was giving them. Lugner may not notice the doubt on the Hutt’s face, but Stephen knew Hutts well. He decided to remain silent for the time being. This was Lugner’s information—it was his to sell. Lugner noticed the lack of reply to his comment. “If you don’t believe me—or the holovid—have this Mandar brought in and… questioned. I’m sure he will corroborate my claim…” With an evil grin he added, “…eventually.” Stephen finished his Ruby Bliel, and cleared his throat. When Lugner glanced at him, he subtly inclined his head towards the Hutt, and raised his eyebrows. Lugner got the hint. “So, was this worth the credits or not?” He asked the Hutt. “No offense meant, but I’m not exactly comfortable around Force users.”
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