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  1. ((As Jek Squall)) The events that happened over the next few seconds went by in a slow blur before Jek's eyes. The Force was with him, and he was at peace. The Sith lashed out, managing to nick his sword arm shoulder just enough that his follow through slash cut cleanly through the Zabrak's forearm, disarming him. The intense white-hot pain seemed dulled and distant, though. He was aware of these events, but did not feel. The dismembered hand, still clutching the now deactivated lightsaber plummeted below to the hangar floor. The Force blast hit him shortly after, sending Jek over the railing. As he fell, his heart rate slowed, and his eyes fell closed. He was one with the Force, and the Force was with him. All was as it should be. This place, this conflict, this battle was his purpose, and that purpose had been fulfilled. While Jek had never been fully taught the deeper mysteries of the Force, his Master had tried to impart the ingredients that would leave him to discovering this truth on his own, when he was ready. And finally, at the end of all things, he was ready. A corpse hit the deck plates hard, with more than enough of an impact to kill him had he not already been dead. For a moment, a faint blue image of Jek stood next to it, visible only to Drago and his master. A moment that was a self contained eternity passed as he studied himself, before letting go. Giving one last look upward at Drago, Jek's Force ghost faded to nothingness. The Force was with him. He was at peace. ((Seeing as this character wasn't supposed to last much longer than this, I'm going to go ahead and yield. Considering the points made I the ruling, this seemed plausible to me as an outcome, and I don't think I could have pulled out a win from where we left it. This was an enjoyable duel, and very well fought, I hope I did well in presenting the challenge I did!))
  2. ((As Jek Squall)) I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Fo- A sudden surge of pain jolted up Jek's back as his opponent renewed his onslaught, catching him in a nasty slash that ran from his left shoulder down his ribcage. The blow itself wasn't meant to seriously injure or kill, but it certainly disabled the Zabrak, as Jek once again fell to his knees from the pain. I am...One...with the Force... The mantra, taught to him by his late master, repeated in his thoughts as Jek struggled to focus. He had one last move, one last ace up his sleeve to potentially catch the Sith off guard and survive this battle. He could already tell the door ahead was fused shut, a well-timed application of the Dark Side crippling its locking mechanism shut. ...and the Force...is with me. Jek calmly held his right palm out, reaching out through the Force to find the item he'd lost, the one life line that was his final authority as a Jedi. Knowing it very well by its feel through the Force, it took no time at all for Jek to locate his weapon. The lightsaber ripped up through the fog below, arcing towards the Sith's back, and past the Sith, his hand. If the Sith was so focused on Jek, then it might catch him off guard, crippling him enough to allow Jek to either escape or finish his opponent with a quick coup de gras. The Force is with me. This was it. It was all or nothing. ((3))
  3. Duel Ruling: Mythos vs. Darth Nyrys I'm not going to lie, at the outset of this I put easy money on the Sith. I expected it to be a lot less of an even fight than it absolutely was, and it's a testament to both of you as writers that you respected each other enough to write it on more even grounds and with a very close finish. You both should be proud of yourselves for this fight, it shows a level of maturity few reach. That being said, let's move onto the analysis. In the first two posts, Nyrys begins weaving an Assassin illusion in the form of a thick fog, and lashes out at Mythos, catching him in the arm with a shallow cut. Mythos in return fires a quick but blind shot with his scattergun, managing to hit Nyrys in the shoulder, damaging her armor. It's important to note here that Nyrys's sword causes necrosis in wounds, but this is a slow moving effect, similar to a fast-moving brown recluse bite (imagine the necrosis over minutes to a couple hours as opposed to days, long enough to mostly be a factor after the duel if I remember correctly, but not a major one during it). The next two posts were mostly uneventful combat wise, however they were incredibly well written. The major thing to note is Mythos's mental state, as well as Nyrys suppressing the noise in the area, in preparation for her final post. In the final post Nyrys finally goes on an all-out offensive, combined with a Force augmented banshee scream that is effective in disorienting Mythos enough that several of her strikes begin to break through his defenses. However, Mythos goes for the sacrifice play Rob Roy style, willingly taking a hit to the shoulder in order to close to lethal distance for the coup de gras. A very effective ending, easily resulting in both combatant's blades stuck in each other. Do they both die? Does someone walk away the victor? Who is that handsome masked man, anyway? Based on the attacks already made, as well as the capabilities of both combatants at the end of the duel, Nyrys is still in a much stronger position to simply survive the encounter, mostly due to her Sith Amulet / heart made from a Krayt Dragon Pearl. The best shot Mythos has at actually doing damage at this close range is to go for the heart or lungs, which he has to get through a breastplate of Sith Steel to do. As he was attempting to close the distance past that of a solid swing, I'm going to assume the final attack Mythos makes is a lunging/piercing one. The best hope he has is to hit her femoral artery, and even then through pressure applied via the Force Nyrys is still expected to walk or limp away from this requiring no more than a paramedic's assistance to get her back to stable conditions. Winner: Darth Nyrys 2nd edit: You guys determine between yourselves what outcome you determine is fair.
  4. ((As Jek Squall)) The instant before it happened, Jek knew to expect it. Even with the Force alerting him to the danger, however, he had no way to tell what exactly was going to happen or how it would take place. The four telekinetic punches landed true, toppling him forward and leaving his head ringing, as well as knocking his lightsaber . It was exactly the kind of move Jek might have pulled were their roles reversed. Of course, this was a game two could play. As expected, his foe attempted to close the distance, knowing that Jek was seeking a tactical advantage by moving out of the open. He would either attempt to attack here, or cut off the escape route. He would be denied both. Jek reached back, summoning as nasty a Force blast as he could near his enemy's side, aiming to send the other careening off the edge of the catwalk. It was a stall tactic at best, but it would buy valuable time. As Jek rose, he realized the Sith's strikes had done more than simply knock him over and disoriented him, his lightsaber was no longer on his person. He was unsure where it landed, but had more important things to worry about. Doing his best to focus on the Force and allowing it to guide him, he continued his charge forward, the safety of the maintenance hatch now mere feet ahead. ((2))
  5. ((Duel between Jek Squall and Drago As Jek Squall)) The hair on Jek's forearms bristled as his Force senses told him danger was fast approaching. Mere seconds later a Chiss leapt the impossible distance to the catwalk where Jek had taken position, clad in Echani armor adorned in Sith colors. The taint of the Dark Side was one Jek recognized, and immediately knew this was no normal adversary. Whirling, the Zabrak snapped off two shots from his blaster pistol, only to harmlessly splay across the Force Barrier his opponent had summoned. As the Chiss began talking Jek's mind raced, he'd made a terrible decision attempting to seek shelter among the catwalks, as there was practically no cover. He was counting on the fact that the enemy wouldn't be able to follow, but of course with Sith on the battlefield Jek should have known better. It was time to improvise. "We are here to free someone. Someone you fight to keep imprisoned. Your attempts to cloud my mind will fail, as you will, Sith." Jek spat the last word, remembering his last master, ruthlessly slain by a Sith long ago as he attempted to protect a Wookiee village against a rampaging Empire. Now, the Sith were their own entity, a cancer on the galaxy growing by the day. Jek would be the cure. The Force is my ally, and a powerful ally it is. Jek knew he needed to dive deeper into the station to make the best use of his training. Trusting in the Force, he once again hurled his lightsaber, guiding it in a wide arc behind the Sith to neatly cut the catwalk a few feet behind him. Meanwhile, Jek broke into a sprint for one of the open maintenance hatches near the wall of the hangar, nearly a hundred feet away. As he pulled the saber back to him, he kept his wits about him should the Sith attempt to pursue or send a projectile his way. Ideally, the catwalk should have fallen a bit under its own weight, but Jek didn't bother to wait and find out how well the catwalk was built. ((1))
  6. ((As Jek Squall)) Jek had seen conflict. The Zabrak had been in skirmishes before, he'd been forced to draw blood. It was something no Jedi relished in, but in the back of their minds knew that some day it could easily happen. This, though? This was war on a scale Jek couldn't have fathomed. He hadn't even faced off against a Sith before, though he'd been trained. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no passion, there is serenity. The words repeated over and over in his mind as the shuttle traversed silently through the war zone. At any moment, a stray turbolaser or missile could have ended them. Instead, something much worse rocked the ship as they neared the station: a tractor beam. The enemy had them now, likely directing them to a fortified position where it would be easy to slaughter all of them. There is no chaos, there is harmony. As the shuttle touched down, he took a rebreather from the Shistavanen, but knew that his call was the wrong one. "All due respect, but there's minimal resistance out there. We stay here and we're asking for a concussion rocket fired up the ramp to turn our insides into goo. If we want to survive this, the only answer is to press forward while we still have a chance to take up a solid beachhead against them!" Taking a spare blaster from the shuttle's emergency weapon rack, Jek checked the charge and then swiftly headed out of the shuttle. The young Jedi used his lightsaber to cover the scattering of blaster fire hailed at him as he quickly surveyed the situation in the mad dash for the closest cover. There were only about ten or so troopers already in the bay, at random positions. The technician workers were still clearing the bay, but had scattered at the first sounds of blaster fire, fearing for their lives. Jek knew this was only the beginning, and in a couple minutes this hangar was likely going to be swarming with troops and heavy weapons fire. His gaze turned upwards as he scrambled for a plan, and he noticed a network of maintenance catwalks near the ceiling of the hangar. Summoning the Force to him, his legs recoiled, rocketing the Zabrak up to neatly land on one of the catwalks. If he was seen, then he would only draw fire away from the crew below, and he was now in a superior position to return fire. This may have been his first major engagement, but he was determined to not have it be his last. There is no death, there is the Force.
  7. FaceMe Simchats Primer and FAQ Welcome to the FaceMe Simchats forum! This short Primer/FAQ will explain the purpose of the forum as it relates to our roleplay. What is this forum? This forum is a place where members can engage in lengthy holonet meetings outside of the typical hustle and bustle of the main roleplay. In the past, such meetings could take a very long time to finish, rising exponentially with the number of people involved. Sometimes those meetings were even crashed by opportunistic enemies, further delaying the outcome. As such, we have created this forum as a sort of safe space where the meetings or any other holonet communications can be held, outside of the typical flow of the main roleplay forum. How does it work? Your character may participate in these meetings as if they were here, as well as post in the main roleplay as if they weren't. At the conclusion of the meeting here, all participants will acknowledge in the main roleplay forum that the meeting occurred, and any experiences or outcomes then become IC canon with the main roleplay. Topics that are finished will be locked, if the same group wishes to have another meeting, they can make another topic. For now, your character may only participate in one meeting at a time, this is to prevent unnecessary headache when 'merging' the meeting canon with the IC canon. For example, if several meetings were to conclude at the same time, things would get confusing fast. Need further explanation? Please reach out to a roleplay Moderator, and we will do our best to further simplify things.
  8. Media Channels Primer and FAQ Welcome to the Media Channels forum! This short Primer/FAQ will explain the purpose of the forum as it relates to our roleplay. What is this forum? Sometimes it's fun to add a little spice and random world building backstory to our galaxy. Other times it is beneficial to make your faction look good via propaganda campaigns or through public statements. This forum is a place for all news broadcast-type topics to go. While we used to have a single topic in the main roleplay forum for these, they never got the headline-grabbing attention they deserved, so we decided to give them their own forum. How does it work? Any roleplay member may post a topic here, and the topics (and posts therein) are considered part of a news or other media broadcast available to the public via the holonet. Any character in the main roleplay forum can generally see these news broadcasts regardless of location, the rare exception being they do not have the technology to do so and are in a remote location devoid of said technology. For media broadcasts that refer to factions, anything may be said as long as it is not designed to be deliberately offensive or ruffle feathers OOC by negatively calling out specific PCs. Even lies can be spun as propaganda, and sometimes misinformation can be a powerful tool! Just be careful to not paint a target on your back...
  9. Darknet Battle Channels Rules and FAQ Welcome to the Darknet Battles forum, formerly the Battle Simulator. There have been some changes, so let's briefly cover how this forum works! What is this forum? This forum is a place for roleplay members to come and play almost any character in any combat scenario they wish. Anyone with access to the RP may post new topics here, either for a prearranged battle or as an open invite to whomever takes the offer. The caveat to all this: these battles are considered IC simulations played over the holonet, kind of like a game within a game. How does it work? It works just like normal battles in the main roleplay, typically following the dueling rules for that forum. However, as long as they agree, the participants have complete control to ignore or add new rules as they please. Battles also do not need to be judged by a roleplay Moderator, while they certainly can, any roleplay member can be designated as the judge if the participants agree. If an agreement cannot be reached, though, the rules default back to the ones listed and a roleplay Moderator will be called in to play referee. Please treat these topics as if they were normal roleplay threads by keeping OOC posts and comments in relevant OOC forums. All characters participating in battles here need a character sheet, and if the equipment you use here is different from an existing sheet, please make a temporary one or update the current sheet. Expect the topic to be locked at the conclusion of the battle. If someone wishes to use another person's character for a battle here, please obtain permission from the owner prior to posting. As for everything else, it's fair game! Dive in and have fun!
  10. Faction Recruiting Primer and FAQ This topic will cover some of the basic questions newer members might have about the roleplay factions, what they are, how they operate, why it is beneficial to join one, and finding a proper match for a character. What are Factions? Factions are, quite simply, a group of characters that represent a larger organization within the roleplay. A good example would be the Jedi and Sith Orders. In our game, we refer to these organizations as factions for the purposes of rules. Other factions can include almost any organization, canon or not, but there are typically always a 'good' and an 'evil' faction for both Force Users (FUs) and Non Force Users (NFUs), for a total of four main factions. The Jedi and Sith typically represent the FU factions, while there have been various incarnations of the Empire and Rebellion/Alliance in our game. Sometimes the Empire and Sith have been under the umbrella of the same faction, sometimes there are multiple FU factions, and there are almost always several other NFU factions besides the main four. New members should look into the recruiting topic for each faction in which they are interested, or reach out to the relevant faction leader(s) on our Discord server to better understand what the faction currently stands for. For example, at the time of writing, there is currently an Imperial Remnant faction that leans more lawful good than lawful evil on the alignment chart. How can Factions benefit me? Especially for newer members, it is strongly encouraged that characters join a faction. The benefits are numerous, as faction members typically have much easier access to resources like ships and weapons immediately, though the faction leader does have final say over any resources used or given. Usually, if a character starts without a ship or decent loadout, they will be provided with decent gear. Factions also provide easy networking for character training or simply finding a partner to write with. Most faction leaders have a vested interest in keeping their members engaged and entertained, and almost always have something going on to help cater to faction member needs. These plots often provide opportunities for combat, character development, or even finding rare items. Factions also tend to be rather secretive with some of their operations, so for a newer member who doesn't belong to one, it can be difficult to gain trust as a freelancer when turning traitor is a real possibility. While we have rules in place to protect people from potential abuse in such situations, there is still a good deal of sensitive information that helps keep factions running and competitive. Can I make my own Faction? You can! However, for a newer member seeking this option, it's rather unlikely for it to happen. Firstly, it takes five members to create a faction, and aliases within the same faction do not count. Don't expect to make five accounts and have it be kosher, the whole point is for people to work together. Then, the roleplay Mods have final say on creation of any new factions. This determination is made on several different metrics like whether or not the faction would fill a wanted role in the roleplay or even whether they think the faction leader has enough experience and know-how to successfully run the faction. After that though, it all falls on the shoulders of the faction leader, as they can make any call regarding use of faction assets, as well as promotions/demotions. Further information on specific requirements for starting a faction can be found in section 5 of the Rules for Roleplaying. Which Faction is right for me? That's a question that is hard to answer. At the end of the day, it boils down simply to whichever one you wish to join, however faction leaders can also deny membership to the faction. For example, if a Sith wanted to join the Jedi but generally remain a dark side practitioner. These cases are few and far between, though, and in the very rare event you are denied membership, the faction leader should explain why. Otherwise, it is mostly common sense: does your character's values align with the values of the faction? If so, go for it! Remember, you can always change factions later, though there is sometimes a penalty for doing so. A Jedi Master wishing to fall to the dark side will not automatically be a Sith Master, they will need to train back through the ranks. The NFU rank system is a bit more forgiving, however. At the end of the day, whatever you're comfortable with is usually the best fit.
  11. Welcome to JediRP! However you managed to find us, we're glad you're here and we're eager to start writing with you! Hopefully this topic is one of the first things you read when you arrived, and if so, great! Follow along with the steps below and you'll be roleplaying like a pro with us in no time at all. Step 1 - Registration If you haven't yet created an account with us, you can usually find the registration link in the top menu of any page, though it might be on the left or right side depending on what kind of device you're viewing the site on. Typically it's at the top left for computers, under the logo, while on mobile devices it's in the menu at the top right. If this is your first account, feel free to name it whatever you like as long as it's not offensive. Most people prefer to name accounts after the characters they represent, as we only allow one character per account here. And don't worry! You can make more accounts! Step 2 - Rules After you're registered, please take a few minutes and click the following two links to carefully read the JediRP Site Rules and (assuming you're here to roleplay with us) the Roleplaying Rules. The first one is a quick read, and the second one has a lot of important details that can be crucial to interacting with others on our roleplaying forums. Step 3 - Character Creation Once you've read the rules, head on over to the Character Databank forum and read the Character Templates and Tutorial topic, which will guide you though the proper steps to fill out and post your own character sheets to the forum. You'll need to start a new topic in the forum, and please put your character's name in the title of the topic so others can easily find it and reference it. Lastly, it is strongly recommended that you add the link to your character sheet to your post signatures, so copy your topic URL and in the top menu go to Account Settings, then Signature, and either paste the raw URL, or use the link tool () to link the URL to text of your choosing. Later on when you get art for your signature, if you so choose, the image options will allow you to link the image itself. If you link an image in this manner, clicking on it will take you to your character sheet, which is the most common and convenient option. Step 4 - Finding Others to Write With Once you have completed step 3, it will take up to 24 hours for a Roleplay Moderator to review and approve your sheet, potentially longer if there are issues and you didn't read the creation rules carefully. If you want to accelerate this process a bit, you can always jump on the site's Discord Server, an instant messaging and voice chat service our community uses for quick communication between members. Simply tag the RP Moderators group (use @ to tag), let us know you're here, and we'll work quickly to ensure you're up and running as soon as possible, usually within an hour or so. The server itself is a great resource for reaching out to people and asking questions to those online, and many of our members and site staff have the phone app, so we get notifications immediately. When it comes to the roleplay itself, there are several groups known as Factions that you can join to not only quickly connect your character with others, but also obtain resources and training critical to early character development. The Faction Recruiting forum is a location on the site that is dedicated to helping people find an active faction that is right for them. Keep in mind, Faction Leaders control all aspects of the faction, to include membership and use/dispensation of resources (think weapons, NPC troops, or even ships), so if you're not sure about something directly relating to a faction it's always best to ask them. Step 5 (Optional) - Other Resources This site has been around since 1999, and as such has a LOT of content that has been written, re-written, archived, brought back, and otherwise changed over the years. The RP itself was not the original focus of the site, though due to low traffic in recent years it has become the main reason the remaining members have stayed, and as such practically the entire community is here to roleplay and make friends. The below linked resources can help you learn about the history of our RP and other relevant topics. We'd also like to thank you for taking the time to read this topic, so if you message one of our RP Mods with the code "JEDIRPNEWBIE," and we'll happily work with you to make a unique plot or something cool in the creations forum for your character to help you get started in the wide galaxy that we all call home! JediRP FAQ State of the Galaxy / RP Primer Official Art Request Thread - Get that snazzy signature banner art here from one of our talented artists! Mentor Roster - Reach out to any of these people for help with relevant listed areas List of Active Site Staff Members - All else fails, reach out to one of the staff, and they will attempt to solve your problem
  12. Putting myself on the list. Experienced in just about everything relating to RP, the site, and writing in general. Significant experience in PvP RPing, especially on this site. Creative world builder and plot smith.
  13. JEK SQUALL'S CHARACTER SHEET ---PERMADEATH CHARACTER--- Identity Real Name: Jek Squall A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Iridonia Species: Zabrak Physical Description Age: 23 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 225 lbs Hair: None, Brown Horns Skin Color: Dark tan, with facial tribal tattoos Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Jedi Robes Weapon: Yellow-bladed lightsaber Common Inventory: Comlink, about 200 credits, and a broken Jedi Holocron Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Apprentice History Force Side: Light Trained by: Jedi Master Zeti Roth Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Telekinesis Minor Force augmented movement (Force Speed, Strength, Jump, etc.) Background: Jek was born and raised on Iridonia, identified from a young age as Force sensitive by a clan elder who was an old friend of a Jedi, Master Zeti Roth. Master Roth took in the young boy, raising him with discipline but also kindness, and taught him the ways of the Jedi. Eventually, Jek was allowed to build a lightsaber, which with a yellow blade ironically reflected his choice to follow in the footsteps of his master and seek the path of the Jedi Sentinel. Jek hasn't learned much beyond the basics, but he tends to be crafty enough to make up for most shortcomings. Ship Registration Name: N/A Class: N/A Model: N/A Manufacturer: N/A Length: N/A Armaments: N/A Armor: N/A Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: N/A Appearance: N/A
  14. Welcome back, guys. Most of the chatter is on our discord server: https://discord.gg/bJU6axy
  15. I know I'm late to this party, but... GENERAL KENOBI!!!
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