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  1. Welcome back, guys. Most of the chatter is on our discord server: https://discord.gg/bJU6axy
  2. I know I'm late to this party, but... GENERAL KENOBI!!!
  3. Putting this here for maximum visibility, there's a headcount currently going on in the Discord Jedi chat, please respond there so I know who is active in this faction or not.
  4. Minor fix, I forgot we also determined that using purified cortosis in weapons or bullets is overpowered and prohibited.
  5. A section has been added for Cortosis under the miscellaneous rules. These are subject to change slightly as we are also working on rulesets to add currencies, an OOC game economy, and properly gate these rare materials. More to come.
  6. I want to announce that Bobby is once again a RP mod. Unfortunately, Courtney has had a lot of RL crap going on, and in the interest of keeping things going in the Mod planning areas Bobby has stepped up to carry her load. Thank you for the job we know you'll do well, brother.
  7. This is a placeholder post for the rules of the forum. Ailbasi will likely delete this in the future and add his own rules post, but for now know that this is the official Crucible forum! It is designed to afford instant access to PvP scenarios that you can drop in on whenever you want, and then make PvP progress in the bigger RP forum as a result. Most of the PvP will happen here from now on as I understand it, at least the larger battles, so people will no longer have to worry about a huge fight breaking out on their current location. But where and what is the Crucible? That's a good question! It's supposed to be a newly discovered region of space hotly contested over due to an abundance of rare and valuable resources, but may at times also incorporate planets already in the RP! Until we finalize a rules post, bear with us, we guarantee we have everyone's best interests in mind over all this.
  8. This forum will be the new home of the combined Beta/Duel Sim forums. This is a placeholder post for the rules for the forum. Basically, nothing written in this forum can contribute in a tangible manner to the PvP aspects of the main forum. This means training, creating or finding weapons, armor, or ships, or other significant PC or Faction activities that are more than simple narration are prohibited in this forum. You can tell stories here to simply tell the story, allowing emotional character development, or you can have stories that don't relate to the RP at all (simulations). Any stories that do relate to the RP exist in the future in relation to the "current" time IC, and when the story is completed here you can have the related characters "time warp forward" in the RP, by referencing going to wherever the start for the story here would be, then immediately jumping to its conclusion. How does that work with the timelines of other characters who didn't participate? Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey, that's how. This post will be condensed into a more coherent form in the future, but for now them's the rules. If you want meaningful PvP, that will be directed to the Crucible forum from now on. This is all subject to change because the Mod team is still trying to analyze the fallout from all these changes, but easing ourselves into it should allow for enough early warning indicators to either fix things as we go, or turn back and reverse course should the worst happen, so for now have fun with it!
  9. This boardwide is now concluded, you may go about your galactic business as normal. I know I jumped post order a bit with Kain's death, but at the same time I wanted it to end immediately with that in order to minimize the inconvenience this placed on narratives because of the downed intergalactic comms. Thanks for participating, I hope you guys had fun!
  10. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. The Sheet 3. Blank-by-blank Walkthrough 4. IMPORTANT! Completing your Application to the RP ---------------------------------------------- ----- 1. Introduction ----- ---------------------------------------------- Before you can post in the RP, you must fill out a character sheet and a ship registration (if you would like a ship). Details listed will be available to help inform other players about your character, as well as inform Mods of useful information in the event of a ruling. To create your character sheet, create a new post in this forum, and title it "____'s Character Sheet," Then follow the instructions for filling out the sheet itself listed below. Please take care to read the ENTIRE thread before Posting. Rules to consider: 1. Until you have leveled at least one character to Knight rank (or equivalent), you are limited to one character at a time. You may scrap a character and start again, but you may only have one character. This is to help ease newer players into our setting. As such, these characters also may not start with any Force training or functional lightsabers. Lightsabers will be built IC during FU training at the Master’s discretion. 2. Players who already have a character at Knight rank (or equivalent) or higher may make new characters starting at that equivalent rank. These characters are restricted to generic backstories, i.e. no justification for preexisting exotic powers or abilities. FUs can have a moderate command of the Force appropriate to someone just promoted to said rank. Exotic powers and the like must be trained IC. 3. You may not play a canon character, nor be related to any canon characters. You may not own unique canon items, including but not limited to singularly unique droids from canon and relics from canon characters. 4. Several species are banned from the RP due to incompatibility with the setting or mechanics of the RP. Such species include Celestials, Yuuzhan Vong, and others. Check with a Mod to see whether the species you wish to play violates this rule, as new species are added to canon commonly. 5. User accounts are to be for one active PC at a time. Create different user accounts for additional characters. 6. Last, but certainly not least, SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION MATTER. Remember, your sheet is for everyone else to reference, make sure it looks good! You don't have to use our format, but all fields on our blank example sheet MUST be on your sheet. -------------------------------------------- ----- 2. The Sheet ----- -------------------------------------------- ____'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: x A.K.A: x Homeworld: x Species: x Physical Description Age: x Height: x Weight: x Hair: x Eyes: x Sex: x Equipment Clothing or Armor: x Weapon: x Common Inventory: x Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: x Alignment: x Current Faction Affiliation: x Current Faction Rank: x History Force Side: x Trained by: x Trained who: x Known Skills: x Background: x Ship Registration Name: x Class: x Model: x Manufacturer: x Length: x Armaments: x Armor: x Anti-Personnel Defenses: x Modifications: x Appearance: x ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----- 3. Blank-by-blank Walkthrough ----- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ____'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity (Basic Info) Real Name: Your character's Full name A.K.A: Any aliases you might have, including nicknames, fake ID's, etc (optional) Homeworld: What Planet your character was born on (optional, but clarify "unknown" if that is the case) Species: The Star Wars Universe contains innumerable species to explore. If you're using one that may be a little obscure, a link is appreciated by the mods, but not mandatory. If you are not playing a distinctly canon species, you should describe in detail how you wish to present this species. Some species possess game breaking traits and the mods reserve the right to disallow them. Special cases regardless of good intentions are frowned upon. Physical Description (You should include all information somebody may be able to discern from a glance. Some species have no hair, some are covered head to toe in it. This form doesn't have to be static. Feel free to edit the blanks to better suit your selected species, and provide extra detail where it isn't easily assumed.) Age: Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes: Sex: Equipment (Things you use on the battlefield are the ones that mods needs to know the most about. Descriptions are never penalized for brevity, so long as the information is accurate.) Clothing or Armor: What your character wears most often. Weapon: The weapons you carry on you. Common Inventory: Items the character carries most of the time. Most characters like to have a comm, for example. Faction Information (This section will describe where your loyalties lie, and how high you rank) Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force capable beings with no training and new characters fall into the Force Sensitive category Alignment: Is the character Good or Evil? Lawful or Chaotic? Perhaps neutral? (optional) Current Faction Affiliation: New Characters should place the faction they would like to Join in this box. Current Faction Rank: New Characters should place "Hopeful" in this box History (Some of the following categories may not apply to you at all. All are optional, but sometimes appreciated. Detail all the following at your leisure. This is also a good place to add any categories you feel are important info about your character.) Force Side: Light or Dark Trained by: Mostly applies to Force Users, but is available and Encouraged for Non-Force using talents you may have been tutored in. Trained who: Ditto^ Known Skills: Anything you would like to make known about your character to help keep other players informed about what you could do for them. Examples might include the ability to build ships, weapons, armor, slice computers, heal wounds, hunt bounties, etc. Listing Force powers, even as their own section, significantly helps the mods get a feel for an FU character's training and focus. This also applies to NFUs and their skill sets. Background: Stay consistent with the feel of Star Wars, and remember that backgrounds build foundations for characters to do interesting things, rather than backgrounds making characters interesting. Ship Registration (Ships are useful. Most threads are a planet unto themselves, so you'll need one if you want to go very far. Public transit is available on many worlds in the Star Wars Universe, but won't get you everywhere. ) Name: Your ship's name Class: Is it a Fighter, Freighter, Shuttle, Yacht, Cruiser, Infiltrator, Interceptor, Bomber, Tanker, Transport, or something else? Use this to indicate what your ship was designed to do best. Model: The series of ship it is. Manufacturer: Where was it made. Length: How big is it? Armaments: What weapons your ship has. Armor: All ships have a certain amount of armor to withstand the rigors of space travel. Improved armor can be used to make a ship more resilient to specific hazards. Anti-Personnel Defenses: What's to stop somebody from stealing your ship? Modifications: If your ship is canon, and not custom made, you should indicate deviations from the standard design. Also, modifications you've made since its initial creation should be noted in this section. Appearance: What's does it look like? Any Identifying marks? What color is it? Do you have a picture (optional)? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- 4. Completing your Application to the RP ----- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you fail to complete this step, you will not be able to post in the RP! Once you have completed your character sheet PM a Moderator (or DM them via Discord) to review your character sheet. You may also want to post in one of the "I want to be a..." threads, to help notify the players in that faction that you exist. A moderator will then review your sheet, and if all is in order, you'll be accepted. If this is your first character, an Admin will need to add you to the proper usergroup, but this is a one-time thing if you choose to link future accounts for ease of posting. After you're accepted DON'T ABANDON YOUR SHEET! This is not just your ticket into the RP, this is your character's profile. Keeping it updated with current information will help other players interact with you more appropriately. Mods also regularly look at this when something about your character comes into question, so detail and accuracy will help them make a more informed decision. If something major happens, update the sheet! (Original post by Kakuto Ryu in '09, heavy edits made by handofthrawn and Ary the Grey since)
  11. The Phoenix Named Academia In a class today we discussed the current college scandal surrounding the ACT and several prominent actors bribing their kids through programs to get college degrees and how all of that relates to brand and authorhood vis-a-vis Derrida. It's okay, take a breath, I ran out of air writing that as I'm sure you all ran out reading it. One of the main thoughts I had for that discussion that I didn't really bring up was how it is a large indicator of a coming implosion of the collegiate system. As I relate things best when I frame them from my personal narrative, I'll start there. Firstly, I don't value my degree. I see college as mostly a scam, evidenced by tuition rates inflating far above the actual currency inflation rate. I could go into depth on what the economical implications are from all this, but we can skip that if you accept a simple premise: colleges are greedy and fleece their students for all they're worth, whether that be through federally backed student loans or hundreds of absurd fees inside and outside of tuition costs that all go to services you might not even see in your tenure at the University. I had to sit through so many classes that taught me next to nothing or were simply a reading list I wouldn't have otherwise bothered with with a bunch of empty discussions (not this class) or were designed for first year college students and catered poorly to nontraditional students like myself. On top of this the students get to deal with curriculum pushed on the University by lobbyists pushing sub-par material that look great on paper but sometimes function inadequately in the classroom. All of this costs me time and money, teaches me little of value, and serves to delay my ability to make money in the long run. So, I don't value my degree. What I do value is the majority of potential employers who do value that degree for one reason or another, and are willing to pay me [more] as a result. That gives the degree value whether or not its actual tangible value is heavily watered down or not. It is thus worth examining why they value that degree. Many arguments can be made here as to why. It could be more a residual sociological function in that it once held great value so there is an assumption that even watered down it still holds significant value. It could be that many employers cling to the conception that college is still like when they attended: relatively cheaper and far more valuable. It could also be more of a pyramid scheme psychological effect, that because the last generation had to go through college, to keep their own degree valuable employers need to screen for one to thus maintain their own value. Whatever the reasoning (and there are many), the phenomenon persists, and because there is no regulation on rising tuition costs colleges are free to continue exploiting the system. Here's where we get to legitimation and authorhood. What happens when degrees become so watered down that anyone can get one if they have the money (or are willing to take on the debt) to get one, regardless of if they learn something or not? What does that say about academia at large if they are willing to allow this erosion of their own institutions? Of course the counterargument here is that these people were caught and will be punished, but will it really come off as punishment for those who have the power and wealth to shrug it off? As I pointed out in class as well, cases like these are also the very tip of the iceberg. Guaranteed there are thousands if not tens of thousands of "students" pouring through colleges every year, getting "paper degrees," that is, degrees that only hold value in the paper they are printed on. These degrees serve no other purpose than to secure a cushy job in some business the family has pull in, and the dynasty cycle continues. Eventually, this erosion will cause the system to collapse in on itself, and the institution of college as we know it will cease to be. It will either undergo vast reformation over a long period of years (more likely), or given a sifficient catalyzing event will collapse completely as the public loses trust in Universities and the degrees they offer. They will have delegitimized themselves, and their brand, their authorhood will become worthless. The real question then becomes how will we quantify knowledge and academic achievement? Who will measure what it means to be smart or an expert? I don't expect an answer to those questions, but if one pays attention to them and gets a proper feel for which way the wind shifts when it happens, they will likely stand to make a great deal of money. If there is so much money to be made from students, which is literally the money gateway helping to legitimize degrees, then guaranteed money will be involved in the new legitimation schema, whatever that schema winds up being.
  12. JediRP.net holds itself to MPAA PG-13 guidelines, meaning: A minimal amount of swearing. No explicit or excessive drug references. Absolutely no pornography. No obscenely graphic pictures. Don't troll, don't start fights, basically don't be an asshole and we'll all get along. If you have a problem with another member, try to talk it out with them, but failing that or if you are uncomfortable doing so, please talk to a staff member and we will do our best to handle the issue. Please post only relevant topics and replies in appropriate areas, don't make posts with only a few words or smilies/images, and don't endlessly interact with yourself via an alias in a thread somewhere. Such actions are considered post count inflation, and can result in a ban. Spamming the board warrants an immediate ban without warning. Don't attempt to subvert the rules or site settings (such as bypassing profanity censors). Such actions warrant an immediate ban, up to and including a permanent ban. We have a silly forum for nonsense if that's what you like, found at The Crazy Corner. However, we ask that you keep things entertaining as opposed to gibberish drivel. Your first account is considered your 'main' account, all accounts made after it are 'aliases' and can be linked to your main account. Please only use one account for OOC posts, as otherwise it can get really confusing when trying to figure out who is saying what! This site has a number of off-site areas, such as our Discord server. These rules also apply to those areas. In addition, if any action you take subsequently reflects poorly on the site or causes excessive drama, you may be subject to punishment.
  13. Started from the bottom, now we're here, am I right? When the site first started out, most of the community used AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Yuck, right? Then for a while we came together on Facebook, but now with the site upgrade we've integrated a Discord server directly into the site! A lot more chatter happens there than you might think. Early prototypes of rules changes, faction strategizing, polls, and easy access to staff are just a few of the reasons you should jump in on the fun with the rest of us! Find it too difficult to navigate the widget? Below is a direct invite link that'll open it in your browser! https://discord.gg/bJU6axy Check it out today!
  14. This is just a placer post for the upcoming site rules, which will see a significant trim to what they were. For now, don't troll, don't curse excessively, and be friendly. The staff will only bring out the ban hammer for good reason, but believe me we aren't afraid to use it.
  15. Final Solution: Thanks to everyone who played! The winner, as of 4 March 2019 12:27 CST, is Chad Griffith! Congratulations! First, the cipher: ".|0.3-15|12.15-14-0.19|12.1||12/1|19-8-0.5|14.3-15|4.5-4.16.1|3.11-5.20.0|4.15.20|0-10.5|4-9-18-16|0.4-15.20|0.14|5/20||0-5-14-3-15-4|5/4|13.5.19-19-1-7|5-|20/24||19-|20/8|5-0.15|14/3|15-13-|4-1-18-11-14.5|19/19||15-21-18-0.4.5|1/20||14-|22/1|20.9-15-14" (no quotes) The last part to the solution, basically the cipher itself, deals with two kinds of encryption. The first, which I suspected would also be cracked first, was the simple alphanumeric substitution cipher, better known as A1Z26, where each letter is associated with a number based on its order in the alphabet. A is 1, B is 2 ... Z is 26. That message spells out (using 0 for spaces): "HTTP COLON SLASH SLASH ENCODEDPACKET DOT JEDIRP DOT NET SLASH ENCODEDMESSAGE DOT TXT PRAISE TO THE ONCOMING DARKNESS FOR YOUR DEATHS BRING SALVATION" And honestly, I had to pad the message a bit, but I'll get to that later. The message at the end was mostly to keep in the theme of things. The URL takes you to yet another .txt page, with the following message: "Very good. You managed to crack the encryption. But you can only stop me at the source, and you don't know where I am, do you? Ironic, since you already have all the tools you need. Should you try and stop this, I will not go quietly. ((Congratulations! If you made it this far, PM Ary the Grey the passphrase "KainDomination", and the location where he's hiding (if you managed to find it!). When the first person posts on the planet he's hiding on, the last phase of the boardwide will start! People will have up to a week to join (and may fast travel under the assumption that they too have cracked the code), at which point the final battle scenario will start! And don't worry, the good guys always win...right?))" But...the location itself was still hidden. In fact, there were symbols between the numbers in the cipher, and when extracted reveal morse code that when translated reveal the location where Kain is hiding from. I wanted both pieces to verify people had fully and truly solved the puzzle. The decoded message is as follows: "HAPES GALLINORE 40 26 46 N 79 58 56 W" This lists a speecific planet in the Hapes Cluster, Gallinore, and Latitude/Longitude coordinates. That's what I was looking for! And with that, the final event has begun! When your character arrives, they will find a very large warehouse on the edge of a small village, that seemingly was built by unknown contractors. The local populace doesn't know much about it, and all ties to it have been covered up so deeply that nothing can really be learned about it should people try to take the traditional route. Inside is a maze of computer banks, wires, transmitting equipment, and self-contained power generators. At the center of it all, like the conductor of an orchestra, is the menacing digital maestro himself. One thing is clear, it is time to end this threat to the galaxy. Kain cannot be allowed to bring his plans to fruition.
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