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  1. I'm doing great, Ami! I've been super busy but now that summertime has finally rolled around I finally have time to devote to more worthy pursuits...like bothering you guys . How is your insanely amazing writing going? I want to read your novel!!! Brendo!!! I've missed your crazy awesomeness too, and I think I will hang around for a bit. I've missed you all insanely. Hehehe...you know what they say, NG, third time's a charm. I really, really enjoyed reading your poems by the way. Simplicity in poetry has always impressed me more than excessive verbosity and superfluous jibber-jabber that is utterly, completely, totally, absolutely and unequivocally convoluted to the point where no one individual can comprehend even the merest semblance of meaning that the poet in question intended to convey.
  2. Kick Ass Characters - Because the greatest plot in the world won't work if the people involved in the caper are boring!
  3. I like how "light" (almost always a positive thing) suddenly takes on a negative connatation when the protagonist feels "light headed". I also really like how you contrast "light" (the candle flame) and dark (sulphur) because they symbolically represent the war that the soldier has been caught in. Well done! That was my favourite line too!
  4. Ami, this piece is incredible! You mentioned you went to Africa in a PM you sent me a while back, but this post really makes your whole experience come alive. I love, love, love how how you organized your memories by sense to beautifully evoke a sense of time and place. The rough, unedited feel only adds to the rawness of this piece. A few of my favourite lines: This passage is incredibly moving to me. I love how the "foreign" becomes "a sound of comfort" as time passes, and you get to know the place and people you have chosen to spend your time with. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I have never had Malian tea, but should I ever get the opportunity to try some I feel I know what to expect based on your vivid description. Ahh..this whole paragraph is amazing. I've read it thrice now, trying to figure out why I like it so much. The descriptions are incredible it's true, but so is the subject matter. In many respects, the place you describe is foreign to me yet I feel connected to it. Why? Because you've forged connections between your world and theirs by highlighting the commonalites while respecting the differences.There is a wonderful sense of shared humanity in this whole piece that really speaks to me. Thanks so much for sharing, Ami. I really loved reading this.
  5. I absolutely love poetry, and this poem in particular is quite beautiful. I like how you use the word "burning" in the second line and then add the word "cool" in the third; the contrast paints a very vivid, very evocative picture even though the words themselves are so simple. I have to disagree with this statement. For one thing, I know a lot of adults who enjoy building sandcastles and playing cricket or volleyball. I actually like how this poem alludes to children, and by extension, those innocent and carefree summer days that we never truly experience as adults. Don't you miss having the entire summer off to do as you please all day? I know I do.
  6. *tries to log out when she notices that the logout button has vanished into thin air!* "Egad! What tomfoolery be this?!" cries DV as she frantically attacks her browser with a barrage of giant pink, chinchilla shaped marshmallows. "Well you know what they say, when you can't beat 'em...join 'em!" *DV pulls Brendo, Ami, Tiana and NG into a fierce bear hug--the marshmallows, feeling left out, stand aside sullenly and shuffle their feet* Ahhh....I've missed you all!!!! How has everyone been? How are all your novels/fanfics doing? Who wants cornflakes?
  7. I would be interested.I don't read a lot of EU books but no is as good a time to start as any.
  8. *Dv is the last one to arrive and she enters just as the Fanfic awards have ended* Thats the beauty of our JNet fanfic awards, even if you missed everything you can go back and read over whatever you have missed.s. Congratulations to everyone! Those who won, those who were nominated, those who were present and those who worked behnd the scenes to make the awards one giant success! Yeah for Fanfic! *Applauds with Isil*
  9. *Applauds* "Bravo ! Bravo! .Congratulations Jedi Snarky!"
  10. "WAY TO GO JEDI KIARA & SNARKY! BRAVO!" DV shouts as the room bursts into thunderous applause.
  11. "Beautiful speech!" Dv says as she claps for Myth and see's Goodwood appear on stage. After Goodwoods interesting entrance he starts to announce the nominees, as Dv waits in breathless anticipation.Who won the award? When she heard Fatal Vendetta' being mentioned and joined in as the crowd burst into applause that DV feared that that the roof might fall down. "Another very deserving award!" DV shouts, clapping hard for Hou-Jo. "Well done! I can think of no other story more deserving to win in this category!"
  12. *Goes over to congratulate Myth while clapping so hard that her hands hurt* "Bravo!Bravo!! Well done Myth! You absolutely deserve it!" *Applauds some more and waits for their esteemed mod to get her award*
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