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  1. Darth Jade took it down within a day I mean, I get it.
  2. As just movies....yeah, they're pretty bad. There are some REALLY talented actors and actresses in those movies, and it is so clear that the script and directing just aren't that great.
  3. ESB ROTJ TFA ROTS ANH AOTC TPM Not much different, but I actually liked ROTJ. Seems a lot of folks didn't. If Lucas hadn't gotten in there with Ewoks and it had kept with Wookies, it might have been one of the best period.
  4. Myth Hunter....you're the first and only person to use imagery from the new movie as an avatar/sig! Just a weird observation.
  5. Alright guys, it's time to take a look back. You're not looking back hard enough. Nope. Look harder. There you go, perfect. Let's do this! We were super excited for the prequel releases. We were less than thrilled after viewing. But hey, the new one is pretty great!!!! And folks are excited for more! Remember how ****ing awesome 300 was?! We rocked The Office sigs too. We watched franchises other than Star Wars "nail it": We never shied away from talking about football. Of course, we did have a few Star Trek fans on the site back then. We saw the board go down a few times. And lost members find their way back! We endured drama. We've had kids!!! Of course, we're getting older... And the site isn't what it used to be... ...but hey, guess what? The good ole days were pretty swell.
  6. This was probably my favorite scence (spoilers): http://i.imgur.com/aze3Zef.gif
  7. Man....I don't even care about the plot holes. The new movie is great. I loved it.
  8. V, I think you're boned man. I held out on Twitter until 2014. I was in the field doing nocturnal bird surveys, and I would get bored out of my mind during the day. Got on Twitter, posted a picture of a really nice sunset, and got something like 30 favs/RTs. It struck me as really cool that I could share that with random people, not Facebook friends. Now, I realize how great of a tool Twitter is for scientists. When at a conference, I can follow other talks with hashtags. I can see what kind of research other people are doing. It's just great all around. I am talking to people about science in a very open setting. Facebook strikes me as more of a digital monument to egos, and Twitter is the place where you exchange ideas. Edit: Also, it can be just really dang fun. Right now #LOTRyourresearch is trending. People describe their research like Gollum. #FieldWorkFail was a good one from last summer. It's cool to watch these develop organically and become fun. http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/fieldworkfail-reveals-perils-science
  9. I guess my upgrade isn't ready yet. I would have expected it to be ready by now...
  10. Any of yall following this? Rugby player from Australia made the final roster for the 49ers. First non-punter rugby player I've heard of making an NFL roster. Dude is wicked talented in the open field. It's kind of interesting seeing the rugby style of running in the NFL, his center of gravity is rather high. It was cool seeing him shoulder check this dude:
  11. This was almost a few hours ago, but I'm stopping by to ask Brendo where he's been for the last few weeks. Oh right, kickin ass at college!
  12. Not really any mention of it, except in passing by NPR. Just one of those things that happened, that had to happen, and that everyone's put in the past. I've heard more buzz about Donald Trump running for prez. *facepalm*
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