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  1. Someone actually said "God" in a Star Wars movie, as in Admiral Holdo saying "Godspeed." But then there's the hinted Holdo/Leia relationship that irritates me. A lot of SJW stuff in this movie is there even if subtle. There is a lot of complaining about this movie,you can watch hours of negative fan reviews on Youtube. Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes keeps falling, it was 56 last week and is now 54 while the critic score is somewhere between 93-96. It occurred to me that maybe the reason there were no spoiler leaks before release is because there was nothing to spoil, the biggest secret reveals are that there aren't any. I wonder if the hate for this movie and backlash are worse than it ever was for Jar Jar? There is an actual online petition to remove this movie from Star Wars cannon.
  2. Mildly spoilery as a friend of mine on Facebook pointed out and removed this exact post.
  3. It melted his plastic surgery. He was vain and a man slut, really digging that bald babe in his entourage, so he had lots of plastic surgery to stay hot looking for the ladies and so of course the lightning melted it all.
  4. Back before Facebook and Twitter ruled internet socializing. Those were better days, before the dark times. Before the Empire.
  5. I think it was the fall of 2002 when I stumbled across jedi.net and signed on with my first username, which I think was "matrix" or something like that until I settled on the much better Gen_X. Crazy how people can get so worked up arguing on message boards. Now it's all picture boards like Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Hard to type quickly. Not the preferred experience. We are of a generation that experienced computers as desktops and laptops. Not these radioactive pocket computers that make phone calls.
  7. The mousetrap one, that's some funny crap even if it is wrong on many levels. I wish I had seen it all those years ago. It still gave me a much needed laugh.
  8. Wow, some oldbies I recognize. Tarrian and Sithdawg. Now we need Darth Jade, Filthy Jawa and a few others to make the circle complete. I am currently a Corrections Corporal at a prison in NE, 3 kids ages 22, 20, and 10. And one granddaughter who is almost 3. If I was on a computer I would post pics, I do remember how but I don't think the hyperlinking works with pics posted on Facebook and I don't have an Instagram account. I have mostly burned out on all the different social media stuff, don't care about Twitter or Snap Chat, and am new enough to Android that I won't learn to fully use it because I don't care. I am glad to hear about how things are for everybody, good or bad. I'd love to compare with Crissie what she hates about her job and compare it to my worst days at the prison. How are things different for you Bob?
  9. Nobody posted with reviews of the movie?
  10. First jedi.net dies, now wampatown is defunct. It sure isn't easy finding this community board every couple of years. I think this new title is a renaming of sorts. The darksiders are no longer Sith but Knights of Ren, Ben Solo is "Kylo Ren" instead of "Darth Emo". I THINK Disney is "evolving" the Star Wars universe
  11. It's JJ, I don't trust what he says. Nor the creativity of his writing team after the final episode of "Lost" and the mess that was Star Trek: Into Darkness. http://io9.gizmodo.com/j-j-abrams-admits-lying-about-star-trek-2s-khan-was-a-1475078061
  12. Since this is JJ, and seeing how they handled "Lost," it should be pretty obvious she is a Skywalker. Desert planet, the X-Wing helmet she liked to wear, her affinity for flying as strong as Anakin and Luke's, Anakin and Luke's lightsaber coming to her and not Kylo, her strength in the Force being at least as powerful, if untrained, as Kylo's. If she's not a Skywalker then JJ and crew developed some creativity since "Lost" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness." Because of course Bennedict Cumberbatch was not Khan, JJ even said so in numerous interviews.
  13. 3 times. Once in 2d with my brother, who hated it (he likes the prequels), and twice in 3D. It was stunning in 3D.
  14. Maybe my brother will like it, he likes the prequels and hated "The Force Awakens." But if it is in the vein of TFA, he probably won't.
  15. Apparently they didn't feel the need to explain the politics of this movie in the opening scroll, and used the mystery to market more stuff. All of the Galactic politics, as well as Lor Sen Ka or whatever his name is, is explained in this book. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Awakens-Visual-Dictionary/dp/1465438165
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