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  1. Ty! I believe I did join the group, but I haven't really gotten into the chat yet! I'll have to read it sometime!!
  2. 81. When you're fighting with your SO, and they're screaming in your face.
  3. I'm so pleased to come back and see how all you lovely people have continued to grow, and have stayed in touch. It's so cool to see everyone moving forward, and this strange dynamic of progression and remembering how things were a long time ago. It's very cool to see what you guys have become. I'd love to hear about all your guys' adventures, if you feel like spilling the beans. I look forward to talking to you guys. I'll try to check in when I can. For those who are interested, I have Discord, and Steam, if anyone wants to chat besides PM's.
  4. You did!? HAHA, I HAD NO IDEA! Mainly just trying to figure out things irl. It's nice to come back and see how people have changed. I'm happy for so many of you!
  5. Either 3 or 1.....no explinations.... 1. I've had three strokes. 2. I love onions. 3. I don't understand how skinny people sit.
  6. I don't think anything. It's just not something I would even consider doing. #Rebel How much would it take for you drop one of your most favorite activities?
  7. I don't dare look. I remember enough. I'm so glad everyone recognizes how young we were back then. I want to shoot myself for so many reasons, omg. If I could just go slap myself, that'd be great. *Laughs* I was just far too out there. Still kind of am.
  8. Each time I try, it says my username doesn't exist, or my password is incorrect. I can log on in my phone...but not on my PC.
  9. I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Being on this board changed my life in a lot of ways. I've been married, now I'm not, I became a game developer, and so much more has happened. I'm glad many of you are still around.
  10. It's Alpha Bloodscythe, and I am not bright enough to know what e-mail to use to reset my password. I'm still weird, and want to be part of the community again. XF
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