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  1. Concerning Raynuk Montar's last post -- I've been asked to take a look at this one-post rescue and escape that has gained some notoriety in the last 24 hours. I think this is a definite case of doing a bit too much in one post and decidedly not the best form considering it denied other present PCs the opportunity to interact with the events when they might realistically have. I think flying in, fighting off the drexels, and landing next to Jaina is reasonable for one post, if even that on the upper end. Everything after the following is nulled: I'll be interested to see what happens with Telperiën and the others.
  2. Hey man, welcome! Feel free to ask if you need any help getting plugged in. Sorry I didn't get your account set up right away so your intro post in the faction thread stayed in pending approval status, but you should be squared away.
  3. This latest move by Faust and his minions has been the subject of much OOC debate and, after talking extensively with the other RP moderators, I want to take this opportunity to lay down some mod ruling precedent I think everyone will find useful going forward. In a classical sense, this move is overreaching. It's beyond what's generally accepted within today's RP, and it's a line that Faust has toed many times in the past. We haven't been nulling this type of action from him because the people that have been on the other side of them have been very amenable to rolling with the punches and playing out the plot that one of the galaxy's most infamous mass-murderers has put out. After speaking with the major players involved in this one, it seems that this is no exception, and thus this post will stand as written. I have been approached with statements that other mod rulings in the past few years -- ones made by myself no less -- have nulled actions like these. Such rulings to the tune of what happened when Sheog the Mad attempted to bomb the Galactic Senate or when Delta and his cronies attempted to cause mass destruction on Bothawui. I would like to use these cases to establish why such actions were nulled while this one will not be so that everyone knows what to expect from the mods. One reason is the recent rise of faction warfare. Before we brought in the current revision of fleets and AP, we had a system where the mods themselves were responsible for keeping some semblance of galactic order in place of the Galactic Alliance. The RP had made a pronounced and deliberate shift to smaller-scale storytelling especially when we had very few active writers. The Senate situation brought to light a critical flaw of that system: a heavy-handed mod nulling was required as the only available mechanism to prevent a galactic-level incident that there were no other writers in any position to counteract or even really to observe the repercussions of. The Bothawui situation was similar; the only agents of order available to thwart a Black Sun attack that might otherwise have gone unrealistically unopposed were mod-run. Faction warfare has replaced this system for faction worlds. The responsibility for defeating Faust's attack in this scenario -- the defending party -- is a faction manned by PCs. Neutral worlds have such mechanics as invasion shots, although I am not at this point certain what will happen if someone were to post a large-scale terrorist attack on such a planet outside of the context of faction invasion, as there is no precedent under the most recent revision of the rules. It may well be that the "defending party" in such cases remains the moderation team and such measures as what happened on Bothawui may again be visited. There is room for improvement in this process but it is a difficult problem to solve. In any case we the mods are unified in that we have expressed in the past and will continue to express that, in antagonistic situations, the defending party has the right to waive rules infractions that an aggressor might commit. Like in real-world law, you can do many things between consenting parties that would in absence of consent become punishable offenses. And that brings us closer to where I'm going with this. If the GA and Jedi faction heads came to the moderators and asked us to null this, we would. As it is, the end is predetermined in such a way that this may not even qualify as PvP or a truly antagonistic situation. The dire peril of Coruscant is an invitation for heroics, the climax of a story that has been building for months, and a source of content for characters who, following what happened with Onderon, will be looking for something to get involved in. It was never intended to be anything else. Perhaps the one thing that Faust did wrong was that he did not reach out to the faction leads ahead of time OOC so that they could consent beforehand. Because he didn't, he risked a null if they weren't amicable to the idea. But they were are are, and now it far from the responsibility of the moderation team to interfere with the telling of this story.
  4. Geonosis Astrographical Information Region: Outer Rim Territories Sector: Arkanis System: Geonosis Orbital Position: 2 Moons: 4 major and 11 minor moons Grid Coordinates: R-4 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: Rocks, deserts, mountains, mesas, barren Points of Interest: Badlands, Ebon Sea, Golbah's Pit, E'Y-Akh Desert, Spires, Im'g'twe Hills, N'ge'u Valley, N'rakti Lava Fields, Geonosian caves Societal Information Indigenous Species: Geonosians Immigrated Species: Acklay, Nexu, Reek, Massiff Primary Language(s): Geonosian Faction Affiliation: None Defense Rating: Level 2 - Sparse Defense JediRP Canon History: None
  5. Erdric Starkos (Frozen Slicer) vs Godrey d'Outremer While killshots are very useful for sniping, sneak attacks, surprise attacks, and anything where both sides are not fully aware, there were some major problems with how this killshot was set up. It started with Godfrey entering a restaurant and then was followed by a long and detailed post that contained retroactive setup, a number of assumptions about Godfrey, his habits, his position, and many other factors -- a post which was concluded with the killshot itself. This essentially allowed Erdric to design a scenario which was ideal to him without allowing Godfrey any hand in the situation, taking any possible nuance or complexity out of the killshot. Given all of this and the straightforward observation in Godfrey's response post, I find the defense to be sufficient. << Killshot Failed >> This kind of attack really should have at least one or more setup posts. Godfrey may have the next post so that he can further complicate any further attempt to assassinate him.
  6. Black Sun vs the boarding parties -- I reviewed a bit of information about the original Golan defense platforms and quickly discovered that they are over 1200 meters long and about a third as wide. Putting that into perspective, it's about 118 acres or something like 50 city blocks. They're pretty big. I do appreciate the tactic of setting up the killshot before the previous one was made on the station, but given the uncertainty of the yield of the collars as well as the size of the station, I don't think we're going to get the level of destruction described in the killshot. Furthermore, the core being disabled and powered down by the bombing run should keep it from going critical and blowing up spectacularly. Since the entire station is not going to be destroyed, and given that none of the PCs involved were stated to be particularly close to the slaves when it happened, I don't think I can arbitrarily rule that any of them are in more danger than others. I like what the killshot had going for it, but I don't think it's enough to kill a bunch of PCs. So I must conclude: << Killshot Failed >> That said, the station is now in very bad shape. Deck plates have buckled and with no power for the emergency bulkheads much of it is now exposed to vacuum. The power core was mostly destroyed and is now leaking dangerous radiation out into space, and the explosions have caused the station to begin to tumble towards Kashyyyk. Not all of the boarding parties were as fortunate as the PCs and some of them were caught in the blast, inflicting Imperial and Jedi casualties. The mission to liberate any slaves aboard has failed as they have all perished, as has any thought of capturing an intact defense platform. With no remaining AP invested here, Black Sun has lost their ability to defend Kashyyyk from attack and the attackers may play out their liberation of the world as they please.
  7. There's no doubt that Steve is a huge part of why this community is still going. A few years ago, we had gotten to the place as a board where we had about five people still kicking around from time to time, one or two RP stories slowly being written, and a looming deadline for renewing our domain and paying other maintenance costs. Most of the staff had agreed that, while we loved the site, it was a ghost town and no one was using it so we were going to let it fade away. Then Steve stepped in and kept things going. Not long after, a couple other users came back and things cascaded from there. While we're still a fairly small community, we're significantly larger and the RP a hundred times more active than it was then, and tons of great stories have since been told. I know I personally reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones as a result, which has even led even to some real-life meetups such as at Celebration Orlando last year. It's hard to imagine all of that happening without Steve. It's terrible that something like this happened. Let's keep this community that he was instrumental in reuniting going strong as we remember our friend and admin.
  8. Even by a very conservative reading of this battle, it's clear that the Black Sun is badly outmatched. I think leaving the attack to the bombers was a very modest move when two Star Destroyers are available, but it is in fact nearly one hundred bombers against only a Golan I platform and a couple squadrons of interceptors. The Lancer frigate Benedictus was noted as hanging back behind the ISDII Ascalon and should be safe from the defense platform's assault. Because of this, it's unable to lend the bombers any assistance against the interceptors, but there are plenty of TIE Defenders for that. The Imperial Remnant force suffers a few casualties. In the first moments of the battle most of the Black Sun interceptors are destroyed by the Remnant TIE Defender vanguard and the bombers reach the Golan to deliver their considerable payloads. <> Next move goes to the Remnant.
  9. I wanted to add a few talking points separate from the primer post. What do you guys think about keeping this separate from RP canon until we're out of beta (after a month, a battle, or whatever is necessary)? That might help us work out any kinks, but it might also be completely unnecessary. Without travel time rules or character location restrictions, it will be tempting to throw whole fleets into enormous battles. Furthermore if there are concurrent battles going on and ships are destroyed, we run into timeline issues. Do we want some sort of system for proposing scenarios between roughly equivalent forces to avoid this? Or can we rely on everyone to play nicely? Speaking of timeline issues, if a planet is captured in this forum, it would necessarily have to change alignment within the main RP forum. While character involvement and timeline reconciliation we would largely leave up to each writer, something like a planet going through a battle and changing factions would have to be a static event in the main RP. Do we need some guidelines on that or just sort of figure it out as we go?
  10. Welcome to the Campaign Roleplaying Beta. This forum will be dedicated to faction warfare between fleets and armies through a variety of evolving scenarios proposed by the player base. Here's a little bit about how the proposed system will work, but as we are in Beta, all feedback is welcome: 1) The events depicted in this forum are RP Canon. That means that they happen in the same universe as the main RP forum, they will use the Faction Assets built there, the events may be referenced within the narrative of the main RP forum, and all implications thereof. 2) Your character may participate in the Campaign RP concurrently to your normal RP activities. This means that your character will not be locked up in a months-long battle here if you do not wish. This does create the challenge of reconciling your character's experiences here with what happens in the main RP forum, including in some cases character death. If you're not okay with doing that, then you can always decide to proceed linearly and cease posting with your character in the main RP forum while they are fighting here. 3) At least for now, you are free to invent NPCs or new characters fighting for any faction within this forum. Use common sense. Since many participants will be real, established PCs commanding real faction assets, it's Not Cool to make a new throw-away character for the explicit purpose of betraying a faction, and characters should not be more powerful than would normally be allowed in the RP. 4) This forum is not intended to remove all PvP from the main forum, nor even all PvP with faction assets like tactical NPCs. It is intended to help the RP depict -- and characters experience -- a galaxy at war without it coming at the expense of all other stories worth telling. 5) For now I am setting permissions so that anyone can create threads here. This is subject to change as we experience the advantages of disadvantages of such a system while within BETA. It may be that a more directed/guided battle in one dedicated thread at a time is more conducive to steady conflict, but I want to leave some options for smaller battles and skirmishes. Also pending further discussion, I think it makes sense to allow anyone to participate in multiple ongoing battles in this forum, as long as they can handle the time commitment and eventually reconcile the timelines. Please discuss in this thread. I will update these rules/guidelines as we refine the vision.
  11. I received a tip that there's some pretty distasteful things going on in this thread and the mod team agrees. What started with Tros catching a Trandoshan cheating at cards has led to slave rewards which included pictures of real people (who are apparently minors). Your characters might be creeps, but there's no reason we need to have those kind of details in this RP. We're not going to tolerate that kind of thing and if it happens again we're going to have a real problem. I have removed the images. Tros, I recommend skipping the rest of the present scenario if you weren't already going to.
  12. Ord Mantell Astrographical Information Region: Mid Rim Sector: Bright Jewel Sector System: Bright Jewel Orbital Position: 2 Moons: 15 Grid Coordinates: Grid Coordinates Here Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Oxygen Mix Primary Terrain: Plains, Jungles, Seas, Mesas, Volcanic Islands, Urban Points of Interest: Traders Quarter, Casino District, Black Castle (BS HQ) Societal Information Indigenous Species: Mantellian Savrips, Mantellian Flutterplumes Immigrated Species: Arcona, Aqualish, Bith, Bothans, Devaronians, Gran, Humans, Ithorians, Rodains, Rybets, Sayormi, Sullestans, Talz, Trandoshans, Wookiees, Zabraks Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic Standard Faction Affiliation: Black Sun
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