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  1. Return of the Jedi Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Rogue One The Last Jedi Solo The Force Awakens
  2. Preach it. Kathleen Kennedy is a poison. She needs to be extruded from the franchise. I also didn't care for the "Lando is pansexual" buzz that swirled around the film, but never materialized. Once that story broke, someone should have drowned that kitten.
  3. Whoops! I found it. viewtopic.php?f=183&t=25505 Sorry. Still, it's definitely a "best of."
  4. I am looking for it and I can't seem to track it down. It was the classic thread where I announced that I was taking and consolidating various fanficcers' stories for my own personal projects, without their permission. A lot of them took it seriously and freaked out faster than Antifa outside of Tucker Carlson's house. Where is it? I've always had the fear that if the wrong (lame and likely emotional) person became an admin, that it would get zapped. If it is zapped, who zapped it? I am going to engage in a smear campaign to destroy that person's credibility, if I find out.
  5. I'm definitely open to receiving a free, shipped hard copy. Let me know.
  6. You were always really good at playing female characters in the role playing forums. You just had it inside you the whole time. Excited to see what you can do.
  7. I remember how much time and effort went into envisioning and creating hidden forums. In retrospect, I think it's fair to say "less is more." I'm glad to see a lot of the garbage is gone.
  8. Did I miss an official discussion on this? 1. The big cameo at the end was stupid, because it far too closely linked all of the stupid TV shows with the movies. 2. The Kessel Run was stupid, because Han Solo and the Falcon basically just gained notoriety for taking a short cut. The mythology really took a hit. 3. The guy who played Han Solo was okay. I liked him. 4. The rebel kids were stupid. Really stupid. 5. This story would have been better with entirely new Star Wars characters. Rogue One was so much better.
  9. Africa, obviously, but that's offensive, so I'm not going to settle on it. So, probably Asia.
  10. If you had to destroy someone, would you slam a tomahawk into their unsuspecting back, use over-the-counter cocktails to form poison, or just set them on fire?
  11. Do you wear clothes that make you resemble your favorite MK-based ninja warrior? Do you take time out of your day to master various martial-arts styles? Are you learning how to throw fireballs? Tell us how you manage to make Mortal Kombat part of your routine.
  12. What a Hell-on-Earth that would be! Has anyone ever picked these bad boys up while traveling or just by living in squalor?
  13. I was kind of thinking about starting a blog about video games, gaming, and other geeky things. I've been doing some research on it, and am feeling really 50/50 about the idea. I have no artistic ability and have some ideas for a logo, but am not sure how to get one made or designed so it doesn't look childish. I have no idea which sort of software/interface I need. So much work... However, I am wondering if I am 8 or 10 years too late. Still, if it's something that I am proud of, I don't necessarily need it to be a popular enterprise. Has anyone ever tried it? Did I get the bug to do a blog a decade too late?
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