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  1. Tarrian,Filthy Jawa, Rijos,Rose Skywalker,Darth Jade,Big Sully,Stephen,AdiWan,Neimoidian Princess,JJK,Rick,Thanos, even my old nemesis Ben.
  2. If you don't mind me asking...where are you guys posting or chatting at now? I would love to see some old members.
  3. Rest in peace. Thank you for saving JNET. I never RPed so I never got to know him very well but I'm sure we will all feel the lack of his presence.
  4. Is it possible to bring my Sig back somehow? I never saved it.
  5. Hello JJK. It's been years.
  6. Different job, living in a new city, new house. Kids are older, etc. Great to see you back too. I had fun times here when the boards were hopping. Wasted a lot of time here lol.
  7. I've missed you Chrissie. I know what you mean about feeling old. My life has radically changed too since we started here. Still a Democrat but I respect your viewpoints nonetheless. Inbox me if you ever feel like talking on the cell. I will leave my number.
  8. Very cool. Congrats to the both of you.
  9. Luke's daughter then Luke is a major scum bag. He would have left his toddler daughter on a desert planet to scavenge in order to not starve to death. What the hell was he thinking?
  10. I've watched the force awakens 4 times so far. I did a Friday,Saturday,Sunday, opening weekend and the following week on Wednesday. Loser and proud of it
  11. Sithdog


    What Brendo said, how you been??
  12. Sithdog


    I'm here. Hoping you stick around man. And if you know any oldbies outside of this site be sure to encourage their return. I'm still thinking this site will get moving as the movie gets closer. We should go to other star aRs sites and do some old fashioned recruiting.
  13. Me too. Let's get this site rolling.
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