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  1. Hey, Thanks to Lord Ar-Pharazon I was able to get linked to the new address. Just thought you should know that the old or rather the original URL of forums.jedirp.net no longer works and looks like this place closed down. What is this page? Sorry, We could not find forums.jedirp.net Not sure if there is anything you can do to have this new address linked to the old one so that people can get here and save the new address but thought you should know.
  2. I have unfortunately had these horrid creatures enter my home. one of my daughter's college friends had them (still does apparently she has never treated them to remove them other then washing her clothing)... She borrowed some of my daughters clothes for an steam punk prom. and one of those creatures hitch hiked back to our house on or in the clothing... thankfully it was confined to just my daughter's room when we found them, it was a small infestation... but we had to throw out the mattress and box spring, the bed clothes, all the pillows. we weren't taking any chances and any clothing that Sarah hadn't worn in the last 12 months was also thorn away. we threw out all stuffed animals that were in her room, any knick knacks she wasn't severely attached too. Had an exterminator come in and treat the room. bought a steamer that heated above 350 degrees, bought a heater that got hotter then 240 degrees. those two things cost over 500 dollars, the exterminator for the one room was 500 dollars, we bought a spray specifically for bed bugs that cost 120 dollars, we spend a total of 2 months steaming the carpets daily in her room, treating the edges of the carpets and baseboards with the spray daily, and we had to use the heater every day for months. we had to place all the books and anything that could not be steamed into the heater, and they had to be cooked for lack of a better word for an hour at 240 degrees to kill any bed bugs that my have gotten into them. All clothing had to be washed and dryed on hot... I had to buy a new mattress and box spring, new pillows and bed set, new night stand. we also had to treat all the mattresses and box springs in the house with the spray, we washed every ones clothing in hot water and dried it all on the hottest heat of the dryer. we steamed all the carpets in the house and treated all the edges and base boards with the spray. we did not allow anyone to come over to the house until we knew it was clean. And no one from this house went anywhere other then to work and school... we also made sure that everyone kept all book bags in the laundry room and checked to make sure that no bugs were hitch hikers to do this to anyone. it was a long two months and thousands of dollars to get rid of them. We have the spray here and we still treat all suit cases with it before we go on any trips do to not wanting to risk getting them again... we spray the inside and outside of all bags when we travel and we bring them all in through the laundry room so that everything goes directly into the washer. They are no joke. They bite, and poor Sarah got bit horrible... She went to the doctors twice and was told they didn't think they were bedbugs... right before she was going to a dermatologist cause her doctor couldn't tell what they were all over her arms, we actually found a couple of bugs when we took her sheets off to wash them... goodness, they are the worst thing every created. Just recently we had a Septa bus here in Philly taken out of service when a passenger saw a swarm of them coming out of a seat. We had to do a ton of research on them. But good lord, I hope no one ever gets them.
  3. Wow, so many names still pop up. Two years since I posted this and it is still popping back up. New changes since I started this thread. My oldest (god is 30 now) has moved home from Arkansas. Living with us again till he gets established here, and saves to buy his first house. Licensed Therapist. My Bridgie(25) is now a Corporal in the GA Army National Guard and still working out of Fort Gordon. Moving into a town house this weekend with her three cats. Sarah (23) didn't end up at Drexel University, but Thomas Jefferson University East Falls to work on her Architecture Degree. she has 5 Semesters left. and Bret (13) starts 8th grade this year. I am still working at the same job that I still don't like. I am apparently the work mom since other then my immediate supervisor all my co workers are younger then my kids. They are all great ladies, but sometimes I want to just wrap them up in bubble wrap and tell them to not go out cause mistakes suck. I am now Lead for the Bankruptcy Department in a national debt collection company. (No I don't actually make calls, I deal with the bankruptcy courts throughout the country and the prothonatary courts for death certs. and close accounts). Apparently someone thinks I am good at my job. Moved to a new house, bigger. My dad is still with me. all the kids are here except the one that is in the Military. And all you guys are grown and doing well.
  4. Obama just signed the deal that will give a Chinese firm the ability to control the Internet on a global level.
  5. so cute. congrats, and good luck.
  6. Hey, loved seeing how you all are. No I am not a member of the Facebook group I don't think... I am facebook friends with Lord ArPharazon... I think that was how he spelled it. My kids are so much bigger and awesome now. Strangely enough I was just talking with my youngest daughter... and she mentioned both Airleas and Reagan... LOL... Not as my characters but in general. Mirdala Ad'Goran, I don't get on the computer as much to do much of anything other then look on facebook (all my friends can't wait till the election is over and go back to posting stupid stuff rather then Trump stuff) If someone can reexplain to me the posting of pictures I will post a new one. If you are a Hillary fan, it's okay but don't trounce my like of Trump. I am just as entitled to like him as people are to like Hillary. DarthBrendo, congrats on the marriage, and the new little girl... but a gun now, so that you can scar off all the boys in a few years... and sorry about those teenage years... it's gonna hurt. but they do grow up too. Good luck with the teaching. I always respect teachers, I could never be one. too many other people's kids. Hand of Thrawn, you would not that bad. congrats on the house. Always keep learning. and congrats on the degree. I don't know if I will be a regular, my time here is past but with the new star wars movies coming out... and the new theme park going to open in Disney in 2018... I will likely be stopping by more often. Dahar Raikanda, sorry I know I may have been here when you started but I think I was on my way to being pretty burnt out at that point. I hope you are enjoying this place and loving it as much as I use to.
  7. Thought that i would stop by since it has been so long and this site literally change my life once upon a time. and I see users that are mods and admins that were just kids starting out on here when I was an admin. People are Adulting and doing great things in their lives. Hope everyone loved the last movie that came out last year. Can't wait for the next in that line. Looking forward to Rogue 1 coming out this xmas. I have three fully adult children... one 6th grader, who is way smarter then I will ever hope to be... I finally stopped smoking. over two years under my belt now. Working full time at a Job that I hate but it is still a job. Oldest has his Master's degree and is a licensed therapist in Arkansas at the ripe old age of 28. The next is 23, a specialist in the Georgia Army National Guard and works out of Fort Gordon as the Linguistic Liason to the Middle East. She is 23 and scary smart in languages... she is fluent in 5 now if you count english... (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) My third is almost 22, in her 4th year of college to become an architect... seriously way smarter then me. She already holds an Associates degree, and is about to Transfer to Drexel to work in their masters program for Architecture. And my little guy is almost 12 now, an honor student, a gamer, and cute as a button. Once I remember how to put a picture on here... I'll throw up a few. Hope everyone is doing all that they adore and love and seriously having a great time.
  8. Stephen, the kids are gorgeous. and 15 years isn't bad... we all are in our geekdom here and never judged. It's a perfect place to be. Glad everyone seems to be doing good. this is going to be my first xmas where there isn't a ton of xmas presents wrapped under the tree, and kids tearing into them. my older three already know that this trip is pretty much xmas... while my oldest most likely isn't able to join us... I finally had to tell the 25 year old that at some point I just can't keep paying for everything. LOL... so he is getting cash for xmas. and if he wants to join us in CA, he has to buy his own tickets, but his hotel will be paid for. the only one of my kids getting substancial gifts is the little guy that still believes in santa. What is everyone else's holidays looking like?
  9. I joined in June of 2002... all of my kids were minors... now three of them are grown adults, one of legal drinking age... the second has 9 months until she is legal to drink and a third is in college now. 11 plus years is a long time. I didn't even have my youngest when I joined here.
  10. I can't believe I am agreeing with Travis. On all points.
  11. Since I was on this site... have a new fandom recently and am getting my life back. Horrid marriage put to the wayside... extremely happy about that... lost 20 pounds already and only have 15 more to go... not including the 265 pounds of couch potato husband I lost to begin with. Finally went back to work and after only 2 months, I am almost caught up on all my overdue bills... My son graduated with his master's degree in July, my daughter is still in the Army and getting ready to graduate from the Defense Language Institute in 2 months, my Sarah is doing great in her first semester of college, and Bret is still working hard and making honor roll so far in 3rd grade. I got contacts, so I am done with having to wear my glasses. Letting my hair grow back out since I had more then 12 inches cut off it in June. have been exercising and I started taking a class. Trip to CA at xmas planned and purchased all but the damn rent a car... which is going to cost as much if not more then all the airline tickets combined. Good Lord, I could but a cheap junker for what it is going to cost me to rent a car for the trip. 3 days in Monterey, CA... 4 days in San Diego, CA, and then 4 days in Los Angeles, CA. Xmas Eve and Xmas Day in LA... it is going to be awesome. Just me and my girls then since Bret will be spending his xmas with Dad and grandmom. Having my teeth fixed after the holidays, and am looking forward to having a great smile. How have you all been doing, and what is up with everyone? Tell me everything since I spend less and less time on sites. Big Hugs, Chrissie here is what I look like now.
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