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  1. I was really excited to join the chat when you added me but there are so many messages and having messenger constantly running destroys my battery. I was really disappointed to have to mute indefinitely
  2. Why is it only http://www.jedi.net and not also http://jedi.net?
  3. That's a recording from either Celebration or SDCC. It's a pretty great teaser.
  4. Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be only three anthology films. That way we could call it the AT.
  5. At the very least, I think this will make it more enjoyable to watch TPM (and AotC, to a lesser extent).
  6. Maybe someone could tweet at him. It may send him a notification unless he's a big ol' jerk.
  7. Do they actually have the giant Canterbury logos?
  8. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about this. I think at least they timed an action scene well so that it's right when the audience no longer wants to watch because they're so bored!
  9. The pod race is all right, but it feels like it's mostly there to just add action to the movie and just show that Anakin is good with the Force (who woulda thunk?!). It doesn't really add much to the plot that something else couldn't have added.
  10. And I also posted in here because I only care about dat post count #top50
  11. I think it may be Han Solo. Just the faces he makes alone are better than the prequels.
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