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  1. I was really excited to join the chat when you added me but there are so many messages and having messenger constantly running destroys my battery. I was really disappointed to have to mute indefinitely
  2. Why is it only http://www.jedi.net and not also http://jedi.net?
  3. That's a recording from either Celebration or SDCC. It's a pretty great teaser.
  4. "Not very Jedi-like." With a snap-hiss, Ads' lightsaber ignited and sliced through the tip (and just the tip) of the woman's blastsword before the emerald beam came to a halt, pointed directly at her heart. The woman was too bold for her own good, but Ads would not be intimidated by some scoundrel or her assassin droids. Ads had no idea how she had acquired two of such a unique droid, but there they were before him. "What would you know about being a Jedi? You will never again threaten me, or I may be forced to more fully disarm you." Ads stared glared at the woman, his gaze neither wavering nor faltering. Finally, he deactivated his lightsaber and hung it from his belt, though his hand never left the hilt. He followed after the man, who, while explaining the current situation within the prison, eventually led them to some hidden chamber secreted away within the walls of the corridor. "So where are we now? Is this where we will rescue the girl you spoke of earlier?"
  5. Ads stood stoically as he listened to the man’s tale. While he had never formally reached the rank of Jedi Knight, Ads had been with the Jedi Order for years. Despite that, he had no memory of the man, nor the name Karrig Ellthis. Of course, that didn’t mean he wasn’t a Jedi, just that Ads had no reason to trust him. That said, with the quality of some of the Jedi he had known, Ads didn’t necessarily have any reason to trust Jedi more than anyone else. Given the man’s story, though, he certainly sounded more like the latter group of Jedi: murderous, vain, and quick to pass judgment. Ads knew in an instant that he didn’t like the man. ((Get it? heh heh heh)) “At—at lea…” This was no time to stumble over words. Hoping no one had heard him start to speak, Ads decided to be the strong, silent type. Ads stared the man down as he bent to pick up his hat. A moment before Karrig’s hand could reach it, Ads quickly drew his blaster and neatly placed a shot so that it would knock the man’s hat away. Ads decided it was wise to stare the man down some more as he admitted his life forfeit and begged them to make sure the girl ended up in good hands. It wasn’t that Ads disbelieved the man—while he had no reason to believe him, he neither had a reason not to—he just did not like him. Ads certainly would not execute the man; Karrig seemed to misinterpret who they were, or at the very least, who Ads was—even Ads wasn’t so sure who the mysterious woman was. “I won’t execute you,” Ads said, wincing internally because he had meant to stay silent. “Your death wouldn’t, like, uh…um, atone for what you did,” he continued, realizing that he was just digging a deeper hole. “What you can do is, um, help us rescue her. Then you may face justice for what you have done. Both of you will get what you deserve.” At least that last bit was all right. Still, couldn’t he have said all that with fewer words and more action?
  6. Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be only three anthology films. That way we could call it the AT.
  7. At the very least, I think this will make it more enjoyable to watch TPM (and AotC, to a lesser extent).
  8. Maybe someone could tweet at him. It may send him a notification unless he's a big ol' jerk.
  9. Do they actually have the giant Canterbury logos?
  10. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about this. I think at least they timed an action scene well so that it's right when the audience no longer wants to watch because they're so bored!
  11. The pod race is all right, but it feels like it's mostly there to just add action to the movie and just show that Anakin is good with the Force (who woulda thunk?!). It doesn't really add much to the plot that something else couldn't have added.
  12. And I also posted in here because I only care about dat post count #top50
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