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  1. "If you want to save him, you need only bring him with you..." The words rang in Ulan's ear as a distant memory what had transpired. His recollection of the time after passing through the beast's jaws was gone. In his green, ooze coated claw he clutched the hood of a shallowly breathing Gavin.Though he miraculously bore no mark of the struggle, the echoing pangs of an all too real dismemberment would haunt Jedi Knight. Amidst a crater full of flaming robot parts, what was once the Sith's ship now lay decapitated and scattered across a Bespin City Block. The reunited apprentice and master found themselves in a pool at the center of the impact, just too sticky with the putrid ichor to be on fire. Kakuto was gone. The Cloud City Management, aware that the carbonite reactor was soon to blow, detached lower blocks of the city to mitigate the collateral. Among the city lost in the sky that day was the last known location of Sith Master. It is unknown whether or not Kakuto Ryu was able to escape the drop into the clouds. He is presumed lost in the groundless skies of Bespin.
  2. Nar Shaddaa Astrographical Information Region: Mid Rim Sector: Hutt Space System: Y'Toub System Orbital Position: moon of the 3rd planet Moons: one of 5 Grid Coordinates: S-8 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: polluted cityscape Points of Interest: Rimmer's Rest, Promenade, The Slag Pit Societal Information Indigenous Species: Ganks Immigrated Species: Hutts, t'landa Til, humans Primary Language(s): Huttese, Galactic Basic Faction Affiliation: neutral Defense Rating: Level 4 JediRP Canon History: …to come… Old description in spoiler: ((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))
  3. OOC Note: The chronology on this is a bit askew, bits are thrown about everywhere, but the only thing that's important is that everyone is The Streets of Bespin Waves of blaster fire washed the mech as it besieged the Streets of Bespin, the commander's speeder backpedaling to stay out of the beast's way. A cigarra spike clenched sharply between his teeth, he yelled at the visibly quaking driver in the seat next to him. ”œDear Woden Man, don't stop now! This is robot county!”
  4. The Jaws of Uriel As Ulan slipped between the golden plates he was met with a thick blue ooze washing over him in waves and pulling him into the belly of the beast with an unseen current. In the blades of light that pierced through the gaps in the ever darkening mouth the shadows of free floating teeth loomed. The plates surrounded and overwhelmed Ulan, his lightsaber malfunctioning as they formed a cocoon around him, squeezing the air from his lungs and replacing it with the the cold blue fluid. The taste and smell of blood overwhelmed his senses. The interlocking teeth of slid shut as as the final plate fell into place, leaving the padawan to drown alone in total darkness. Beneath the Carbonite Regulator Core The delicate floating array ceased its battery as the wave of Carbonite interrupted its rotation and disrupted the careful balance of the parts. Stray arcs of energy erupted from the mass as he strained to preserve its cohesion. Though the arm itself was immune to Darex's blade, the interference of the magnetic field caused it to bind suddenly, pieces expoding off and disappearing into the carbonite flow. A half formed hand appeared in the maw, grinding as the mangled wreckage failed to fold back into the intricate form of his arm. Instead what emerged from the carbonite was a a three fingered claw, shuttering and thrashing with loose ends, the ruby amulet shining brightly through the gaps. "You are Mistaken, Darex." Kakuto's crimson saber emerged from his palm to match the pearl saber in a two bladed stance as he stared down his enemies. He had never seen Darla give into the dark side, and after so long trying to drive her to her breaking point he reveled in the opportunity. His victory was in grasp, he would capture her and make an apprentice of her or he would die trying. There would never be another chance like this. "I'm far from done with you." He charged at Darex with his blades raised, letting loose a flurry of slashes at his neck. He wanted to Darex to die quickly so that he could claim his prize. The Impact Site Police and rescue workers began to swarm around the impact site, blocking off the streets and trying to pull survivors from damaged buildings before they collapsed. Speeders with heavy laser cannons rolled up on the billowing smoke cloud, a palpable sense of dread lording over the dutiful guardians. Attempts to contact with Gavin's vessel failed, the communications array disabled. A wing of cloud cars slid into the street row in line to make a pass over, hoping to get a better look at what had happened. As they came close two volleys of red laser fire erupted from behind a curtain of smoke, swatting down a pair of cars and sending them careening toward the police perimeter. A single pilot floated gracefully away on a parachute, caught in the updraft of the burning building, struggling not to be capsized or sent beyond the outer edge of the city. The gargantuan white mech's glowing red eyes peered through the smoke before it emerged, heaving Gavin's ship at mass of speeders before the twin laser canons on its shoulders lit it up. The creature's terrible wings extended as it slowly trod into view, one slashing through the remainder of a building and causing it to collapse and fill the streets with waves of flaming debris. In the Maw of Madness Suddenly a sensation unlike anything he had previously imagined rumbled within Ulan. It was a sound like a voice roaring from inside Ulan's body, vibrating every fiber of his being with sense of overwhelming malice. Lights began to dance around Ulan, flashing in tone with the inescapable menace, growing gradually more intricate until it became apparent that not only was Ulan able to see all of cloud city in the breadth of a single gaze, but that he could see inside of solid matter, people and buildings. And yet, his own identity became harder and harder to recall as his thoughts became drowned out by the extra-dimensional bombardment. His nerves began to tingle with life, sensations caused not by his own body, but the body of a creature he was gradually being drawn into.The self awareness and lucidity began to return to Ulan, but marked with sharp sense of helplessness. The body of the fifty-five foot monster was in fact his own, but at the same time it wasn't, as he had no control over its actions. Waves of lasers began to erupt from the Bespin Security officers to glance off its great armored shell as the huge metal feet paced slowly forward.
  5. Clash's move seemed a little better grounded. I dunno, I had a hard time comprehending why Marco' needed to throw away his weapons. It's not a strategically sound move, and you could probably break ceiling tiles with just gunfire. It seemed like a rather difficult move where shooting at him would have been just as, if not more, effective. <>
  6. OCC Notes: This post is broken into parts specific to each group of the fight. For the purpose of more interesting exposition, the timeline may overlap or skip around between scenes. Because you're all split up it's easier for me to split the story into parts based on each of your experiences. Also, please forgive me for the time it took me to write this post. There aren't enough words for explosion in the English language to accommodate a perfect KR post. I may have to explore German. As you can see, this post was exceptionally long, but challenges every character separately for once. Let me know if this was worth the wait The Streets of Bespin, Gavin's Landing Pad A sense of dread drowned the streets of Bespin in silence. The attacks had made the small, vulnerable community uneasy. Though their threat was only a single Sith, they were usually omens of worse fate to come. The crushing realization of the situation's gravity had not long to stew in the Conscious padawan's mind when when his perceived safety would be threatened once more. A strong, foul disturbance in the force radiated from below them, the alien's large ears ringing with a stirring reminder of what had taken place. "THERE' S NO ESCAPE!" An emergency broadcast from Bespin Air Traffic Control arrived in the cockpit. A series of alarms from the flight computer interrupted the liftoff procedure, cloudcars roaring just overhead. "Comm: Bespin Air traffic Control to All Ships... Be Advised... Large Unidentified Vessel on Collision Course with the City coming in off South Face..." The comm trailed off into some coordinates, and the takeoff process resumed. The was comm was downed out Ulan's ears by the soothing rumble of the engines. The flight computer started whirring again as with an alert from the rear sensors. The Cloudcars had vanished. Air Raid Sirens blared, scattering the sparse crowds from the surface of Bespin. "...Target is hostile, repeat, target is hostile..." The Bowels of the Carbonite Regulator A barely audible laughter preceded the warrior's erratic approach. "You don't Understand, Darla." He swept low with his saber, charging in to sweep the saber between his arm and his blade. The impact pulled he hilt opposite of her block, sending the blade fly wildly through the air and embed in a durasteel column. Her guard down, Kakuto raised his arm to batter her face, the steel joints quivering with hesitation. His attack stopped short. "You are not the one who tried to Escape me..." The back of his hand glanced her cheek, his unfeeling fingers alive and warm with electricity. Near the Cold Carbonite Regulator Core "Darex's confidence has Betrayed him. He has Split himself between the two people he has come to protect, leaving him in a position to defend Neither." A loud bang followed a shudder in the facility, a small vibration as though from a building collapse. Black smoke and debris poured from the open door at the peek of the elevator shaft. The rope they'd used to overcome the lift fell past Darex, an end still on fire. The force revealed something far more sinister than the explosion could even portray, however. Eclipsing Gavin And Ulan was a tremendous shadow, something large like a ship, with the vulgar vibrations of an engine, but strangely... alive. The Streets of Bespin, Gavin's ship "For you see, they will find the surface to be FAR from the Safety they had anticipated." An impact to the ship interrupted the power, the horrendous crash turning the bay to darkness. Ulan was thrown from his bed, the IV ripped from his flesh as he was thrashed around the ship. The sensors went berserk, controls unresponsive--the ship flipped through the air, the view from the cockpit pointing skyward. The clouds zoomed by for one peaceful moment before the ship was pushed through the wall of a building, thrashing the pilot without destroying the cockpit entirely. The Darkness of the thrashing med bay broke with a flash of light, an enormous vibroblade of glittering sunlit corusca gems blazing a line through the floor, before twisting and disappearing from whence it came. Eight gargantuan robotic fingers slipped through the hull breach like the legs of a spider, spreading out pry open the ship like tin can. What lie beyond looked like a war droid, but moved like a creature--something fierce and savage. Its huge robotic face peered in through the fissure. Lunging forward, its massive steel jaws unhinged to reveal an oozing blue maw of razor sharp gold plates, from whence came the psychic roar of a creature from regions beyond imagination. Its cheeks caught on the narrow opening, the steel beak of the abomination falling just short of the tiny alien. The Bowels of the Carbonite Regulator His thumb forced down on her windpipe, his fingers wrapped firmly around her neck. His head was hanging low, the blood caked platinum hair obscuring his face. "And as for Why?" Kakuto lifted Darla from her feet, her neck cracking loudly. "I wish to Break that which you hold dear. I want to Drive you to the Darkest parts of you mind and watch you Suffer there." He lifted his gaze up to Darla. His neck was tense, and his eyes wild with a mix of contempt and misery. His teeth were clenched, bits of his blood leaking from the corners of his mouth as he spoke. "So why, Darla," Kakuto took a few heavy paces and slammed her against a vertical pipe. His fingers breached the pipe, carbonite pouring through to flash freeze his lock on her closed. He loosened the grip slightly to let the air into her lungs. "Would you still fear for my life, when it is theirs that may yet be saved?" The Sith reared back as though he were going to release Darla, but as paced back his shoulder merely grew farther from his palm, the mechanical arm pulling apart. The red amulet shimmered with electricity, the loose pieces and floating rings that comprised the device swirling around it. Flashes of lightning began to arc between the parts and the ruby, sending shocks running through Darla's body. The three cylinders in his shoulder erupted, each filled with a copper rich blood, swirling in a magnetic turbine to channeled the force lightning through the alchemic circuitry of the device. A visible halo of charged blue ions hung in the air just above the force dynamos. The energy he produced went through the amulet, which animated the parts on magnetism alone. Spread apart, the loose pieces of his arm acted a massive array to project lightning to a focal point in between his fingers--where he held Darla fast. The only thing that saved her from being obliterated by the rapidly escalating electric torture was the pipe that helped to ground her. Near the Cold Carbonite Regulator Core Crimson lights flashed below him, a sinister Cackle filling the air. Kakuto's voice came clear as day from across the distance, echoing in Darex's mind. "All of your companionions are within my Grasp yet you have None of them within yours." Boxes with electronics erupting into flames as he fell down the great trunk of the machine. The Electricity was a coming steadily up the walls and arcing wildly between the pipes. The unsettling feeling of electric charge was strong all around him, and the Carbonite Regulator was making a furious rumble as the pipes fought seizure. "How Careless it was of you to leave her Alone with me..." The howl of something inscrutable echoed down from the repulsorshaft, a stirring clue of the horror that roamed above. White smoke poured downward from the ruined elevator, making the air smell of charcoal. "...Meanwhile the Green One with his Master vulnerable to It." The surges of unchecked energy continued to cut through the sea of darkness below him, illuminating the path as the eye of a blinding thunderstorm. "Time is Short Darex!"
  7. Okay, so here's the deal. HK--When you make a killshot, it's supposed to be the last word on the subject. This is the move that you think will do the deed. If you declare war on a thread you have to anticipate that a lot of hands will come on deck. You can't keep posting or stack other requests on it before the moderation resolves. That's the point of the setup posts--you get everything into place, and you make your move. I commend the other players in keeping it civil, but I wish somebody would have explained it to him in a PM after the first time. So try to keep this in mind and time your killshots more concisely next time. That said, I cannot give these posts my blessing. Your tactics were questionable at best, you tried too hard to escalate the situation by overpowering the enemy, and generally didn't have it under control at any point. Onderin rips the HK's arm off, and Joreel's blast the droid sends tumbling down a trash chute. The crushing sound of a droid being scrapped is cut short by the sound of the droid exploding, doing little but wrecking up the trash compactor. Nearby patrons applaud and drinks begin to show up for Onderin and Joreel. <>
  8. Tears... He watched in wonderment as they dropped down her cheek. In the glimmer of light catching the tear he saw a bottomless pit of visions. Faces of people he'd killed. People he'd made cry. It was a gruesome feeling to see someone reduced to tears with fear of what he'd do to them. Sadness over what he'd done to those around them. It was a sensation he once reveled in. A profound terror overwhelmed him, his body gone cold, numb. There was a question he couldn't answer. Something that, until this instant, was unimaginable. When her lips met his own and the empathetic link between grew strongest, his senses fell blind. Both the warm touch of her kiss, and the strong emotions he felt through her were alien to the depraved Sith. She loves him... The most wretched depths of his imagination offered no reprisal from this feeling she had. All the might he could muster would not be able destroy this detestable feeling--it would persist beyond even the destruction of their mortal frames. To have something he so close to his mind was maddening. She would send him away... His mind flooded with memories of those who'd sacrificed themselves to protect something. Their home. Their family. The future of their race. Efforts spent in vein. Lives thrown away for causes long since forgotten. And yet, they were lives offered willingly and without remorse, to protect that which they loved. But why- The sharp pain of her teeth piercing his lip slashed through his psychic torpor. The fragments of his sheering mind scattered in a thousand intangible directions--a strong disturbance echoed in the force. Through the red tinged blur Darla faded from view, his body slipping into the darkness of enormous machine. Several seconds after Darla came to a halt a duo of crashes rang throughout the amphitheater. Kakuto laid in the dented grating that had absorbed his crash, his own blood pooling in the back of his throat. Motionlessly he stared upward, his breath still, his eyes unfocused. His breastplate had taken its last hit--the two large gashes Ulan and Darla met, cracked under the weight of an unaided fall. His thoughts had betrayed him. The answer he needed would not come. Focus on the Pain. Standing up, the breastplate fell to the floor, exposing the burns that radiated from his arm and the gaping wound in his side. His steel thumb flipped a latch to drop his gauntlet. With little hesitation he jammed his fingers into his lightsaber wound, grinding his teeth as he pried the cauterized gash open. A groan of agony came softly between stridulous coughs, gradually amplifying to a furious howl. His eyes clenched shut, he thrust his skull into a plasteel pipe, lifting his head only to force it back down again, then again, as though trying to beat the bad thoughts out. Kakuto pulled his hand out of his wound, his fingers sticky with with gore. His eyes began to shift around the room. Beneath the tube where Darla hid, the rhythmic tapping of his footsteps was inescapable. At first they seemed to get closer, then stray away, getting softer and louder at random. The footsteps went faster by the second, soon coming from any and every direction until it seemed as though there were hundreds running through the facility. Two steps rang in the pipe over top of Darla, dreadful silence followed for only an instant before the unmistakable wail of his lightsaber activating. "THERE' S NO ESCAPE!" The pearl blade erupted from the tube to glance her cheek, steam billowing from the hole it carved. Kakuto pulled his saber out and began jamming it down into the pipe aimlessly, using the fear he felt within her to gauge how close he had come...
  9. The metal Dynamos in Kakuto Ryu's shoulder had extended like pistons, bolts of lightning arcing as the anger seethed within him. Now, with the weight of fear in her mind, he struck through the force, digging into her consciousness on scar of and old wound--the bond they shared. At first he seemed confused by what he felt. Like groping for a sign in the dark he could not comprehend a single sensation. He turned his head slowly, a blue eye flashing as Darex came into view. And as his scarred eye caught Darex it began to hit him as dull sinking sensation, followed closely by frenzied malice.. He threw his steel finger out at the Jedi Master, the metal joints shuttering loudly as it quivered with rage. "You cannot stop me!" Sith steel plates began to peel apart, interlocking mechanisms inching apart. Arcs of lightning jumped between the growing cracks in the ruinous mechanism, spreading up from the elbow until the threatening finger he pointed at Darex disappeared into the twisting metal. Blooming like a sinister flower, the crimson amulet emerged from the core wreathed in a crimson electricity. Spinning coils and freely hanging graspers swirled around the single point of light. The light swelled quickly, forming a second ball of lightning like the first--growing larger as the device pulled back, struggling to contain the dark force that it was harnessing. The Dynamos in his shoulder receded, the energy he had stored up spent his creation. "NOW DIE!" At nearly two feet in diameter the lightning ball didn't so much fire as it did escape, free of the Warrior's grasp to buzz toward Darex. Bolts of electricity jumped from the sphere, carving lines of destruction in the floor as it gracefully swooped toward its target. Kakuto began to run opposite the great ball of energy, his arm forming back into a familiar shape as he charged toward Darla. He dove like a pouncing animal, driving his weight into Darla with such force to shatter the walkway she lay on, sending them both falling through the labyrinth of piplines toward an uncertain destination below. His wrist pressed firm against against her chest as they fell, he stared through her with his cold piercing eyes...
  10. "Impressive..." The Warrior groaned, taking uneasy footing where he had intended to land on the Jedi. His eyes sharpened at Darla's unexpected flight. As she took advantage of the surprise by pressing him with a cone of flame, he realized he had underestimated her, "...Most impressive." With his hand still buried in the console his motion was limited by avoiding the huge beam of electricity that connected it to his wrist. He raised the arm to try to block the flames. The bone white armor was built to withstand heat of this sort, but not since Ilum had it been sealed. He had not taken the time to repair the gaping slash in his breastplate from Ulan's blade. This wound he kept away from Darla, but the break in his shoulder surrounding the dark limb was exposed directly to the fire. Bits of shrapnel still protruded from the scarred ceramic plates, as well as the boiling flesh between. "It didn't take much to get Ulan to walk in my footsteps. I showed him my dreams, told him that they would come true, his fear of the Darkness drove him to make them realities." The heat building up in the Sith Steel arm turned it from dark crimson to shades of molten orange. Black tendrils deep below the exposed gash in the Warrior's shoulder were illuminated by the intense glow. "His zeal could be the ruin of many. He sees the future as the road he must travel, not the sum of his footsteps. With one tiny step further he would have caused the death of this city. In not making that step, he has failed me." Slowly and deliberately the Sith replaced the pearl saber with the staff saber on his back, tensing his body in preparation for his move. Kakuto heaved his weight away from the console he held--a heavy tug on an intangible string of energy to uproot the computer and send it flying toward Darla. In the same motion, Kakuto heaved his lightsaber hilt. Like a shark, the spinning blue blades circled around Gavin and Ulan, cutting the walkway out from beneath them. The disembodied hand released it's grip on the computer, reconnecting with his wrist in the next instant. At the conclusion of his turn he caught the saber, watching with sadistic satisfaction as the platform collapsed and the wrecked computer assailed Darla. "But it is no matter..." Kakuto had only a moment to recover his strength. He was sure from the start that the Computer would not catch Darla far off guard, and with another light side aura in the distance he knew he had to press the attack now. Swirling ribbons crimson lightning began to dance in the still glowing metal palm, forming a loose sphere. It shifted and contorted gracefully but inconceivably fast, minute beautifully dancing lights. Mere inches around, he released the sphere to drift slowly toward Darla. Bolts of lightning seemed to erupt from anything around them to hit the ball, the charge growing stronger and the lightning ball larger with every passing second. At times it froze in place, or vanished entirely to reappear in another place. "...You will all be mine soon enough." ((OOC: Not quite happy with the post, but I decided it'd be better to get it posted and keep it moving. I'll be sure to make notes if I edit, but I won't be changing it much if at all.))
  11. "So be it..." As the explosion tore through the pipe that Kakuto had stood on, a stream of liquid erupted from gash to on the walkway. A control panel encased in a sheet of crystallized carbonite was For a moment, the room was silent save for the groaning hum of the regulator as it tried to reroute the pressure from the shattered pipeline. Though Bespin had been saved from a total meltdown for the time being, it was clear by the noise that this machine would not weather the fight so easily. Hideous laughter echoed through the chamber. As the Padawan fell from his grip, the Master took the latent energy he had pent up inside the alien and ripped it away from him, the limp body erupting with a short fan of force lightning. With the taint he had instilled in Ulan Dissolved, Kakuto Ryu could no longer mask his presence. Ryu thoughts were as evident in the force as if he were screaming them aloud, the feeling of rapture as he was finally able to spring the trap he had agonized so long to create. Restraint was a difficult for Sith, and soon his thoughts began to blur with the laugh, incoherent psychotic ramblings that broke into malicious jubilation. The miserable shredding sound of the pearl lightsaber cut the laughter short. High above the platform, The Sith brought down his sword, twisting in quick circles. When the pipe turned gold the side exploded out toward Ulan and his would-be saviors. The severed section of the durasteel pipeline missed the platform, but the Jet of carbonite gunned straight for Darla. Kakuto's white boots sprinted across the dense air-hardened fountain, trying to maintain its cohesion. With each step he sank a little deeper, his boots growing laden with molten carbonite. As he ran his tattered robe disintegrated, revealing black char marks radiating from the untouched red arm. Clearly, the missile had come come close to the mark. With one final leap The Warrior thrust his palm forward, his hand ejecting from from the wrist. Sith Steel fingers clenched down on a console, crushing the sheeted plasteel with ease. A blinding flash of crimson flooded the room. When it subsided, a bolt of ruby lightning connected the hand to a electricity coiled amulet. The beam acted like a power coupling, pulling the two ends together. Kakuto flew toward Gavin, kicking down at him with the carbonite encrusted boots while stabbing his saber toward the Jedi's Chest.
  12. A friend of mine started buying up Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" Comics, and I started borrowing them when she was done reading. It was all downhill from there.
  13. I'd heard it described as "The Comic that Changed Comics" a long time ago. When I heard they were making a movie, I figured I should read it before it got released so my opinion of the novel wouldn't be tainted by the movie. Having read it and seen the directors cut of the movie, I gotta say the movie end seems a lot weaker. IMHO, it really needs "Tales of the Black Freighter" for that action break with dense symbolism, but the movie probably would have been too long. Overall, I think it did justice to the novel. All I can say about the novel is that it's a masterpiece. Also, One of my favorite panels. Ozymandias answers the question in the form of a rape face.
  14. Tough call... Low tech fights are always fairly straightforward. Adenn, I liked the direction you went with the EMP, but I think you would have had more success if instead of just reducing everyone's firepower to your level, you'd had a weapon to pull out afterword for a more distinct advantage; Something that was either shielded from the blast or immune by nature of it's construction. In the second post you didn't really have anything to fall back on. Even the Cantina Riot you summoned to help deal with the numbers was sadly absent from the post. I was hoping you'd continue working the riot your advantage. I found the second post kind of plain in comparison to the first. Meanwhile Black Sun continued to press their numbers advantage. Overall, I felt Black Sun gave a better show. That match was pretty even, but I thought BSO's actions were just barely more thought out. <>
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