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  1. Hyperspace. It was peaceful. It was an escape from the realities lf the world. Yet still, there was danger here. It was a danger conquered by sentient beings long ago and now, they were it’s masters. So too would be the fate of Kuat at the hands of Nikolai Kolchak and his men. Each ship commander had been briefed. Each had had time to ask questions. Now the tome had come to fulfill their word to the Rebellion. Some had bristled at their new commanding officer; but each had taken his or her orders in stride. And so, as the fleet under Vice Admiral Kchak’s command slipped from the protective glove of hyperspace along the allotted route, not a word needed transmitted. Any word that need said was long since spoken. Men knew their orders. at a glance from Captain Jobes, the Admiral nodded, his face set in grim determination. That was enough for the captain, “Yipeekiayeah” He said to no one but himself before pointing to his helmsman and then forward. The Assassin class corvette, Rebound, surged forwards without a moments delay, the rest of the Imperial Gunner task force surging around them. It had been but a moment since they had fallen from hyperspace and the attack was already pressed. Blaster fire tore from their cannons as they descended downwards towards the single battery that now stood against them. The hope was that before battles stations could even be called the hell riding corvettes would be upon them like a swarm of dardanellian locusts. Behind them, lurking at the edge of the battlefield, Bikadinir and Divine Justice drifted, cannons taking aim as they began to spew forth turbolasers in support of the swarm. Sheltered in the wake of the cruisers Bllodsteele stood, a sentinel, awaiting their call of need. “From frying pan into fire.” ________________ FALLEN IDOL IMPERIAL FLEET Imperial Gunrunners Hit and Run Tactics Experience: Green REBOUNDS CR92a Assassin Class Corvette: Rebound 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette: Lifeblood 3 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette: Lifeblood 4 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette: Lifeblood 5 2/1 RAVAGERS Raider Class Corvette: Ravager 6 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Ravager 7 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Ravager 9 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Ravager 2 2/1 KEEPERS Raider Class Corvette: Keeper 1 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Keeper 2 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Keeper 3 2/1 Raider Class Corvette: Keeper 5 2/1 Reborn Allegiance Destroyer Group: Focus Fire - Turbolasers Experience: Green JUSTICE Hammerhead Class Cruiser: Divine Justice 9/9 BIKADINIR Mandalorian Cruiser: Bikadinir 9/9 BloodSteele Medical / Engineering Task Force Experience: Green RESPITE EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Merciful Touch 3/3 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Raven’s Touch 3/3 RESCUERS Zebulon-B Frigate: Mecha Metal 3/3 Nargi-class Pursuit Frigate: Watchman 3/3 Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majesty 3/3 Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majestic 3/3
  2. To say Nikolai was shocked at the sight of the Empress, his Empress, in rebel aligned naval attire would be an understatement. Looking about the room, he quickly realized that perhaps his opinion of the men under his command had been premature. Still, they were under his command. The Imperial Navy had standards. As he stood silently in the back of the room listening to the plans, Nikolai began to formulate in his own mind how he would explain the orders to the commanders of the vessels under his immediate command. Piracy, that was basically what they were undertaking. Liberating vessels from the enemy; not a bad battle strategy all things considered. When the Empress paused, Nikolai careful cleared his voice, “Beg pardon highness, but who vil crew vessels from system?” He asked, not because commanding such a vessel was a desirable goal, but out of genuine curiousity. Surely she did not intend for the marines to commandeer the fleets to safety, did she? Glancing about at the myriad of uniformed sailors of differing creed and code he continued, “I suzpect ve vil be engaging upon arrival. I look forward to vhat ve accomplish together. May ze force be vith us.” The Vice Admiral offered a slight bow towards Raven as he smiled slightly.
  3. The Captain and the Vice Admiral had barely stepped foot on what passed for a bridge of the Assassin Class CR92 when what Nikolai suspected was an officer, it was hard to tell with this crew, turned and with an astonished voice, “Sirs, The Empress’s flagship wants you aboard for orders, within the hour!” The man looked almost as bewildered as Kolchak felt. It was not every day one was summoned to such a vessel. Rumor had it she was aboard too. “Now thats more like it! Lets get going Admiral sir! Get te blowin’ up us some Sithies!” Captain Jobes excitement fell to a sudden stop, however; as Kolchak raised a hand to silence him. “I vil go. Zis Rebound assassin vil take me zere. You, Captain Jobes, vil take me zere. Vile I am aboard, see zat men have new uniform issued.” Nikolai raised an eyebrow towards the man at the comms and inclined his head slightly while locking eyes with the suddenly dejected Jobes. “Show me on zis mission your boats have vat takes and next time, you join me. In new uniform of course.” ”Now begin docking procedures Captain.” —————- Exactly fourty-six minutes after the order was issued, the Rebound was docked alongside the much mightier Misericordia. Kolchak watched in awe as they were overshadowed by the much larger ship. It was what the Empire had been known for and what every junior officer dreamed of commanding. Outside their hull the eleven other corvettes, Imperial and Mandalorian swarmed, carefully watching their lead ship dock and wondering where they would be going next. Stepping off the ship, Kolchak smoothed the leg of his Imperial navy uniform. Most officers travelled with an entourage. On the outer rim, such a thing invited danger while offering protection at the same time. Kolchak did not consider himself above such a show of station, but such a thing in such a place was uncalled for. Besides, he was not sure the Rebound could muster a fit looking escort at the time anyways. Walking alone through the ship, Kolchak was offered several salutes and given a wide birth as he made his way through the vessel, impressed as he was by the sheer Imperial might of the thing. It did not take long to receive direction to where he was supposed to be and upon entering the room, the Vice Admiral slipped towards the back of the room. They were part of the Rebel Alliance now, whatever that meant. As far as Kolchak had been concerned, he was part of the Imperial Navy securing the Outer Rim before he got called back. The last Rebel Alliance had a sour taste towards the Empire. Kolchak figured it’d be wise to assess the situation before speaking out of turn. —————— FALLEN IDOL IMPERIAL FLEET Imperial Gunrunners Hit and Run Tactics Experience: Green REBOUNDS CR92a Assassin Class Corvette Rebound 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 3 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 4 2/1 Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 5 2/1 RAVAGERS Raider Class Corvette Ravager 6 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 7 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 9 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 2 2/1 KEEPERS Raider Class Corvette Keeper 1 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 2 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 3 2/1 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 5 2/1 Reborn Allegiance Destroyer Group: Focus Fire - Turbolasers Experience: Green JUSTICE Hammerhead Class Cruiser Divine Justice 9/9 BIKADINIR Mandalorian Cruiser Bikadinir 9/9 BloodSteele Medical / Engineering Task Force Experience: Green RESPITE EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Merciful Touch 3/3 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Raven’s Touch 3/3 RESCUERS Zebulon-B Frigate Mecha Metal 3/3 Nargi-class Pursuit Frigate Watchman 3/3 Corellian Rescue Frigate Majesty 3/3 Corellian Rescue Frigate Majestic 3/3
  4. Nikolai set the holofiles down on the small metallic desk jutting out of the wall of what had been deemed the commanding officer’s quarters. A bunk, a desk, and a solid-framed straight back chair; plus the coveted locking door to keep out nosey ensigns, were all the comforts a man could expect aboard a vessel such as this. Rumor had it the Empress had quite the quarters aboard her assigned ships though. The Admiral had never met the woman, just seen her at a few events or in passing. She gave the orders, and he would follow them to the end; but in Nikolai’s mind, such a person had no need to see how her will was actually carried out. Sighing, the mighty man drummed his fingers in the holofiles as he looked up towards the ceiling. His metallic eye replayed the scanned documents before him as he pondered. “Barely better zen pirates,” he noted, “but zey are loyal and merciless. Perhaps pirates are vhat ve need now . . .” The thought did not sit well in Nikolai’s gut. He had seen how effective and ruthless the freelance raiders and rapscallions had been along the Outer Rim. He also knew they could turn tail at the first sign of overwhelming force. That was something he could not have. Going against a bigger and, dare he admit, more powerful, adversary, might require some unorthodox techniques though. It was a technique he had picked up during his time in Imperial Intelligence. The Mandalorians assigned to his fleet though, he knew they would never back down from a fight. He might not particularly like the Mandos, but Nikolai knew better to doubt their abilities. “Vithout scruples and Vithout mercy. Maybe dis is just what ze doctor has sent for order.” He smiled as he thought more and more about it.“Zey vil never know vat hit zem.” Spinning about in his chair chair, Nikolai stood and took the two strides to the comm beside the door. Depressing the button to call the bridge he spoke, “I vil be going to corvette Rebound. Notify captain to prepare for arrival.” Letting by go of the button he concluded to none bit himself, ”Until I know vat zese pirates are capable of, I vil command zem myself.” ——————- Within the hour, Vice Admiral Nikoal Kolchak was disembarking to an awaiting crowd of decidedly unmilitary looking beings. Beards, piercings, tattoos, weapons from blasters to mine cutters hung at waists or on slings, Imperial uniforms with as many modifications as there were beings, apparently nothing was sacred. Still, at least they had assembled in what could be called an attempt at formation. The Vice Admiral looked over the assembly with a raised eyebrow. It was together worse than and not as bad as he had feared. Stepping up to great him with an extended hand, a rather grizzled looking man with what appeared to be permanent grease stains on his hands and face that matched those on his uniform, if it could be called that,!identified himself. “Cap’n Jobes sir. Pleasure to be workin’ under ya.” Nikolai looked the man up and down before turning, ignoring the handshake, “Valk vith me captain.” He did not wait as the captain quickly shoo’d the assembked crew back to work and scurried to fall into step with the Vice Admiral. “I appreciate as much as next man some personal touches. Ve must remember zat ve serve Empress and Empire above all. I understand zat you and your men come from less zan militaristic backgrounds, but let us at least take pride in appearances.” “Begging yer pardon Admiral sir, but me and my boys and girls weren’t exactly given mucha choice in all this. Still, we’re serving out of love fer the Empire and the Empress, sames you. Take us into comat along with those captured zealots in the Lifebloods and we’ll show ta we can put our experiences in the Empire’s pits te good use.” The captain had interrupted to voice his concern at the Admiral’s disdain toward them. Nikolai stopped walking and turned to lock eyes with the captain, his cybernetic eyes twirling and clicking as it focused and recorded everything from the Captain’s suddenly worried look to his pulse visible pulsating in a protruding vein. “I have read files Captain. Your records speak for zemselves. Ve are not in pits. Ve are fighting trained enemy. Ve vil make zem suffer dearly. All i vant is zat ve look ze part. Historically ze Empire’s mere presence, stormtroopers to Star Destroyers, vas enough to placate entire systems. Let reputation do half battle and ve do rest. I am looking forward to seeing your crews in action.” He stopped and extended a hand, grabbing Captain Jobes firmly and shaking it, “Ze Sith vill never know var hit zem.” He offered his first smile since stepping aboard as the Captain’s mood visabky changed as he realized that he and his crew were not being judged openly as inept or incompetent. The Admiral just didn’t like their uniforms. Neither did the Mandalorians he knew; but if that was all, then they still could prove themselves. “So, we, uh, got orders then your admiral sir? Going to Corellia maybe? Taking a bite out a’ Onderon’s backside; stick that Spider with a spork?” Nikolai smiled as they fell back in step towards the bridge, “Somesing like zat. Ve have orders. In due time, you and your boys shall earn keep.”
  5. ‘Rebel,’ he pondered the word in his head, trying it on for size. There was something about being designated a mutinous insurgent that the grizzled Imperial officer inherently disliked. The grimace on his usually hard-set face was only visible by the slight downturn of the corners of the man’s mouth. Something about being thrown in with the same pirates and scum that preyed on the hyperlanes of the outer rim was stomach churning. Standing aboard the bridge of the aged Hammerhead Cruiser , Divine Justice, Vice Admiral Nikolai Kolchak nodded to his helmsman, an equally grizzled Imperial navyman. “Take us to planet so ve can report for duty.” He instructed, “Captain Typho has con.” The naval veteran turned to leave the bridge, but before he got to the lift a voice gave him pause, “Sir you may want to see this.” As the ship began to swing about to begin her approach to Nar Shaddaa. There materializing in the viewport, the freshly minted medical task force Bloodsteele; a testament to the newfound outlook of the Empress’ empire and a sign of the times. Six frigates dedicated to fleet repair, rescue of personnel from disabled and devastated ships, and providing the best the front lines could offer when it came to medicine. Vice Admiral Kolchak’s brow wrinkled. He had been told the fleet he had come to command had several newly constructed ships from across the empire. The view before him had not been what he envisioned. Coming back to defend the cores or the Empire, Kolchak had been secretly hoping that the time had come for him to take command of one of the legendary arrow-headed Star Destroyers. He had not been expecting, with his years of service in naval intelligence and fighting pirates, to get stuck guarding ships full of doctors and nurses. “It seems ve are in more difficult situation zan I vas led to believe. Vhere is Imperial gunrunners. I cannot believe medical vessels ran by smugglers.” As the Hammerhead cruiser began to accelerate towards Nar Shaddaa and the awaiting medical fleet a swarm of gnat like ships began to approach from the distance. They did not seem to have any particular formation, nor did they seem to feel the need to yield to a larger vessel. As Captain Typho began to veer the aged Hammerhead out of the way, the ship groaning and creaking with the effort, the ship’s comms lit up with echoes of laugher that played across the bridge, “Hahahahaha. G’day cap’n Imperial Gunrunner task force reportin’ fer assignment. Lets wipe some Sithsh** off the boots’ven the galaxy.” A half amused smile flitted across Nikolai's eyes as he stepped back towards the command console. Depressing the comm button, he responded; “Vell zat is velcome if I ever saw one. Good day commander. Arrange ships and avait orders. Glad to have you.” Releasing the comm, Nikolai turned to Captain Typho, “Ve must appreciate zeal even if they are practically pirates.” A chuckle escaped his mouth. These were more his type. He got all types in the Outer Rim, renegades, malcontents, and blood-thirsty sailors who made the holonews one too many times when on shore leave. A flurry of corvettes might be something the enemy would not expect from a seasoned Imperial commander; just what the Vice-Admiral ordered. Pirate hunting was more unorthodox and off-book anyways. “But zey are not Mandalorians. I vas promised Mandalorians . . . “ Nikolai scanned the makeup of what he expected to be his newfound fleet. There definitely were no Mandalorians in sight. “Oh vell, if zey do not know ve are here; ve ought to tell zem.” Nikolai nodded to Captain Typho signaling him to notify Imperial Command they had arrived and to continue on their way towards the planet. “I vill be in room.”
  6. Identity Real Name: Nikolai Kolchak A.K.A: Homeworld: Mandalore Species: Human Physical Description Age: 60 Height: 6’1 ¾” Weight: 210 lbs Eyes: Physical eye - blue Cybernetic eye - red Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Green Imperial Navy suit, white Class A naval uniform. Weapon: N/A Common Inventory: Synthskin Skeleton, Cybernetic eye with infrared spectrum analysis and telescopic abilities Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Non-Force User Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant / Rebel Alliance History Trained by: Imperial Navy Trained who: None Known Skills: Fleet Command / Combat Corellian Kickboxing Imperial Martial Arts Systems IMAS Background: Nikolai Kolchak was born on Mandalore to emigrant non-Mandalorian Corellian parents. At the age of 17 Nikolai’s parents allowed hom to enlist early in the Imperial Navy. Nikola was willing to do anything to get offworld. The uniformity, structure, and discipline were something that he craved; apart from the Mandalorian way, having been the victim of Mando’a bullying by his peers as a child. Nokolai fit into the Imperial navy with ease and underwent his initial training and then spent a majority of his career working on the front lines of Imperial Intelligence. Nikolai moved up the ranks with ease through the years. Dueing this time, whilst making an escape after being sold out by a double agent, Nikolai’s ship was attacked and exploded in atmospheric flight. Nikolai’s body tumbled through the air to the surface below. He lost an an eye and his skeleton was nearly pulverized. He was rescue by Imperial forces and he was implanted with a synthsteel skeleton and infrared telescopic cybernetic eye. Eventually, a promotion to Vice Admiral had Nikolai move out of Intelligence and into the regular naval forces at about the same time as the Imperial invasion of Nar Shaddaa. Since that time, Nikolai has served under the orders of Empress Raven A large portion of that time was dedicated to fighting pirates in the Outer Rim until he was recalled to help combat the growing threat of the Sith. Ship / Fleet FALLEN IDOL IMPERIAL FLEET Imperial Gunrunners Hit and Run Tactics] 12 Corvettes Experience: [Level], [XP] Green 1XP Composition: CR92a Assassin Class Corvette Rebound -constructed: Kuat Vice Admiral Nikolai Kolchak Raider Class Corvette Ravager 6 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 7 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 9 Raider Class Corvette Ravager 2 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 1 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 2 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 3 Raider Class Corvette Keeper 5 -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 3 Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 4 Crusader Class Corvette Lifeblood 5 -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Tours of Duty: None as currently composed. Description: The Imperial Gunrunners are composed of several Imperial corvettes salvaged from the remains of other task forces or Imperial salvage yards. The rebellion, in desperate need of knowledgeable spacers and more importantly combatants with nerves of steel, looked inward to unconventional sources, deep space miners and salvagers with a smattering of undercover saboteurs. Outfitting the atypical crews, the Rebel Alliance sent them out to do battle with the Sith. It did not take long before it became apparent that this roughshod group of spacers were fearless in the face of the enemy and willing to do whatever it took to stand against their foes. Reborn Allegiance Destroyer Group: Focus Fire - Turbolasers 2 Cruisers Experience: [Level], [XP] Green 1XP Composition: Hammerhead Class Cruiser Divine Justice -constructed: Hesperidium Mandalorian Cruiser Bikadinir -constructed : Concord Dawn Tours of Duty: None as currently composed Description: Divine Justice spent the majority of it’s life engaged in the art of pirate hunting in the outer rim. With combat ravaging the galaxy, she has been recalled and tasked with hunting larger, more vicious prey. Bikadinir was taken in the Siege of Coruscant and ks crewed by Mandalorian warriors who have dedicated themselves to the Rebel cause and have sworn an allegiance to follow the Empress’ forces into battle. BloodSteele Medical / Engineering Fleet 6 frigates Experience: [Level], [XP] Green 1XP Composition: EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Merciful Touch EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Raven’s Touch -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Zebulon-B Frigate Mecha Metal -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Nargi-class Pursuit Frigate Watchman -constructed: Hesperidium Corellian Rescue Frigate Majesty Corellian Rescue Frigate Majestic -constructed: Anaxes Frontiers Spaceworks Tours of Duty: None. Description: Bloodesteele is a medical, engineering and support fleet composed of newly constructed hospital, repair, and rescue frigates. Each ship is painted in stunning white and bear the intergalactic symbol of peace a large red cross.
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