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  1. ((Jax)) The leader of the pirates smirked as the Mando exited cover, bringing his own disruptor pistol to bear. But the day was not his. A disruptor blast flew from his barrel, but his barrel was already pointed skyward as his corpse fell backwards, a smoking hole where his forehead once was. The others balked at this, hesitating in their charge as they saw their leader slain like a common dog. Overconfidence was a fickle bitch. Several others turned to flee, and Jax managed to down three of their number, scattering the rest. Like cockroaches under a sudden bright light, it was every man for himself. They were no longer a serious threat. Thankfully, most of the damage to the museum had been contained to the foyer, and didn't extend to some of the more valuable exhibits within. Suddenly Jax's comm unit beeped with a waiting message, sent from the Sith MCLO, informing him of altered work parameters: The offer more than tripled the offer Jax had received to take on the pirates, and that was before any combat performance bonuses. It was quite clear that the Sith intelligence thought this place was incredibly important. ((Nyrys/Jax)) The pirates on the exterior of the building scattered, using whatever vehicles they had left to escape. The sight of a formation of Dark Troopers marching toward them was also reason to be terrified. One of the turret mounted vehicles tried snapping off a few stray shots, but within seconds it was clear that it was more intended as stray covering fire than an actual assault as it too took off, putting the museum as far behind it as it could. A message is broadcast to Darth Nyrys, informing her of the potential asset on the battlefield ((Jax)) as well as observed heavy enemy units closing on her position. The message heavily emphasized Sith Intelligence's belief based on observed surface movements that something of great importance to the enemy was in the area, if not in the museum itself, and that a large push was on its way to secure whatever it was. Primary orders were to demolish the inbound enemy forces with a secondary objective of identifying and securing whatever it was the rogue Mandalorians were after. Meanwhile in orbit, the now-disabled Fane of Storms-class frigate designation Thunderous Reprisal that the Sith were towing out of the orbital debris cloud gave little resistance. A few kinetic rounds managed to fire off, but none hit any critical systems, making it clear that their targeting systems had been disabled. After a few moments, main power failed. If the ship had been in the debris much longer, it would have probably been outright destroyed. These tactics were highly unorthodox and suspect for any Mandalorian crew, and demanded reasoning for such suicidal behavior. However, that reasoning wasn't readily apparent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Still Nyrys/Jax)) Lucky Son blared loud and strong through the skies as Dread Company made their approach through the twisted ruins of the sprawling Coruscant metropolis. Skudge had been with Dread Company less than four months now, reassigned after starting fights with his superiors in his last unit. Dread Company was where the Glory Bound sent its misfits and troublemakers, knowing full well that many who walked the exiled Mandalorian path of the Death Watch were such individuals, who needed to be "contained" so as to not interfere in the path of reclaiming honor. Nobody in Dread Company seemed to care, because these were the soldiers who cared little for honor. They were commonly given suicide missions, hoping that by attrition they could be purged from the ranks, but no proper Mandalorian would ever admit to this. Dread Company, however, wore their combat prowess as a badge of pride, having survived many such encounters, despite significant troop losses. Average life expectancy in the Company was just under a year, any who survived longer than that were treated with respect. Captain Drom was one of these honored veterans, and he rode his painted war basilisk high, making himself a target for any foolish enough to engage him. There were twenty basilisks in the formation total, with almost all carrying multiple Mandalorian warriors. Thirty eight men were in Dread Company, and while they might not all see the end of this day, they were confident in their objective. Skudge had never seen this kind of display before, and it made him question the Captain's methods. He briefly opened a comm to only the Captain. "Why do we move so openly, Cap? Seems like a good way to bite off more than we can chew." The Captain was swift to reply on the same channel, "Shut the frag up, Skudge. We're more than a match for any cock-sure Sith unit on this half baked hellhole. Besides, if you haven't noticed, if I draw fire, it sets the rest of you up to perfectly swarm the source while we can stay mobile. And besides that, the music is good. Save your whining for the next time you hire a prostitute." Skudge knew better than to reply, but he did realize the Captain was right, the basilisks could easily tear through any softer targets while keeping them mobile enough to continue on to their main target. Harder targets might not be outright destroyed, but would likely be damaged enough to be rendered combat ineffective for long enough for the Mandos to pass. It was a risky gambit the Captain played at, but it demonstrated his fearlessness and combat prowess. Another message from the Captain broadcast to the rest of the company shortly after this revelation, bringing Skudge's attention back where it needed to be. "Okay Dread Company, we're approaching our target. Check your power packs, make sure your IFF tags are engaged, and switch your visors to multi-spectral imaging. Arkab wants that key, so that's what we're going to bring him come hell or high water. And I don't see any fragging water nearby, so bring the hell. I don't give a mynock's left testicle about the rest of that place, but we need that key. These Sith bastards have already proven to be more than annoying in engaging our brothers and sisters, so if we come up against resistance, weapons free and give them a big ol' Dread Company welcome. The other idiots might be bound for glory, but without us they're nothing. Remember that! Remember your pride! DREAD COMPANY!!" Cheers and warcries lit up the channel momentarily before most of them readied themselves for whatever this ruined world could throw at them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Delta)) "They took the bait." "Rin? Where are you? Do you have a clear line of advance?" "No. Don't worry about me. Bring glory to our brothers and Sisters, Rem." "Rin? ...Rin?? RIN?!!" The comm went silent. Remar swore. Rin had been closer than the typical brother and sister that the Mandalorians all called themselves. Like actual kin. She was always pulling stupid stunts, but Remar didn't think she'd risk something in a situation like this...unless she knew the situation was that dire. He swore again, pushing his men deeper into the caves, retreating several hundred yards to the cover of the buried apartment complex hallways. Holes torn in the walls provided access to the cave network, which was also the access the Mandalorians had used to get to the underground power substation. Now, it might be their tomb. On the surface, Rina was out of ammunition. There was no clear escape path except through the deadly moonfall fields, and her path to rendezvous with her team had been quickly cut off. But she still mostly had the element of surprise, and some grenades. She knew she needed to buy her compatriots time to retreat and entrench, and that came in the form of a distraction. "HEY TURD SNIFFERS!" Her voice rang out from an overhang a short ways away from the cave entrance the marines had posted up at. She had two frag grenades in her hands, already cooking. The first throw landed neatly in the middle of the marine formation, but as fate would have it when she went to throw the second a moonfall pebble struck her in the beskar pauldron, the small impact hitting with the force of a sledgehammer and driving her forward off the ledge to tumble down to the ground below, the frag grenade landing nearby. ((It is my intention that Delta sees Rina's actions as he's running. If you want to capture/interact with her, I'm okay with that at this point, you can determine where the second grenade landed to either imply she was superficially wounded and dazed, or simply outright killed. At present, there should be no direct threat to Delta himself, just his other listed forces.))
  2. ((Delta)) Throgun noticed it first, pointing it out to Remar. The telltale meteor trail of Moonfall, but coming in from the wrong angle. Several chunks coming in from parallel angles. Drop pods. Remar swore under his breath. His enemy was skilled. This would not be a simple fight, and he held the lives of his brothers and sister in his hand. In the back of his mind however, he knew unless the entire squad used superior tactics to gain the upper hand, they were unlikely to prevail in their objective. Beneath his helmet, Remar's gaze hardened. "Okay. Change of plans fireteam. Rin, see if you can snipe a few of our incoming guests before they know what hit them. Don't stay too long. Thro, covering fire. We retreat to the tunnels, use the terrain to our advantage, set traps. We might be able to repel them at that subterranean apartment complex if we're lucky, otherwise we need the strength of the rest of our brothers and sisters. Ready...move." As one, the Mandalorians began a tactical retreat. Throgun's massive frame stood from behind his cover to begin raining rapid heavy blaster fire across the battlefield to hamper the Sith forces from advancing as long as he could. At the same time, Chun and Remar popped smoke grenades to obscure the Mandalorians' positions as much as possible, excepting Rina, who hopefully was still hidden in her sniper's nest. As soon as his brothers were clear, Throgun began slowly walking backward, finally breaking his onslaught as he rushed to rejoin his kin. The Mandalorians worked quickly, setting up a handful of mines and grenades attached to pressure plates beneath debris and thin tripwires strung low across chokepoints. They also covertly marked each trap for Rina, positioning a piece of debris here and there in symbols obvious to those trained know to look for them, but innocuous to the uninitiated.
  3. ((Quick reply for Jax)) The pirate Jax had shot at quickly managed to duck, narrowly avoiding the blast that otherwise would have killed him outright. This was a call to reposition if he was that exposed. He quickly found a new position behind a support pillar, and went to work mowing down the remaining museum guards in the foyer. Meanwhile, the two pirates on top the roof quickly finished blasting their way through the glass, giving themselves enough of a hole to shoot through. They would be able to keep fire on just about any other person in the foyer, allowing their compatriots to easily push and eliminate targets. They immediately both opened fire on the exhibit the Mandalorian was hiding behind, as clearly that was their most obvious threat here. "You can't run forever, Mando! My boys and I will get you!" Druj yelled out the taunt as he sauntered through the doors, shooting one of the last guards twice in the chest before walking to a nearby pillar, confident in the rest of his men that were now swarming into the building, minus the ones outside needed to operate the vehicle mounted guns. "You're one man in an ocean of enemies. Give up, and I'll make your death quick. I might even leave your helmet on...can't smell nice under there." Reloading his blaster pistol, Druj signalled for two of his men to rush and flank the Mando's position from either side. ((Breaking things up tends to make them more readable, though it's up to you how you do that. Typically, three to five sentences is fine for a break, or just group up relevant sentences. As for the pirate that survived, you used a closed attack to shoot him in the head as opposed for "aiming a shot at his head" or anything else that didn't imply he was hit. Phrasing is important in combat because of this, the devil's in the details as far as the Mods are concerned. Just some friendly advice. ))
  4. ((Jax)) ((While that was a closed attack on the one pirate, i.e. assuming damage when you posted it, I'm going to roll with it because that's what I expected to happen anyways. Just keep in mind that you should be phrasing it "Shooting at the chest" instead of "Shot the chest" because the latter implies completion of the action. Also, from here on out, Darth Nyrys will be joining you on the battlefield.)) The pirate Jax shot in the chest fell to his knees, then the ground, two fresh smoldering holes poking through where vital organs used to be. He was a corpse before he'd even fallen. Meanwhile, as several pirates rushed the guard positions with blasters, vibroaxes, and other smaller weapons, the one who'd flanked around the other side of the building began laying down automatic fire from the inside, having fully flanked around and in through the breached window. As he did so, he noticed movement from the back, recognizing the telltale Mandalorian armor. He quickly adjusted fire to focus on the man, yelling out to the rest of his gang "It's a Mando! We've been set up!" By this time the two pirates on speeder bikes had reached the roof, and were shooting through the transparisteel panes to make a big enough hole to provide covering fire from. The transparisteel in the skylights was thicker, as it needed to withstand the elements, but the blaster fire was still carving through to the point that within a minute or so they'd be able to more or less lock down the expansive foyer of the museum with the high angle of attack. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Delta)) Less than thirty seconds after the flare went up, two more flares also went up from where the team of four Mandalorians were positioned, the first aimed over the origin of the original flare from Delta's team, and another aimed off towards another structure nearby which could feasibly also be used as fortifications. Standard Mandalorian tactics, divide and conquer. Enemy flares always had a purpose, almost always to signal reinforcements. By deploying more flares, the purpose of the original one was confused, and added to the fog of war that Mandalorians were expert at using to full advantage. Remar, the squad leader, activated his helmet's comm, sending a message to his squad's sniper. "Rin, open fire. Let's sow a little chaos." Rina had taken a position higher up on the structure at their current position with her nightstinger sniper rifle, makeshift camo netting helping to hide her figure. The nightstinger would fire invisible bolts, making it next to impossible to tell where the source of the fire was coming from. The downside was she only had around ten shots, and needed to reload for each, but Remar had determined that this mission dictated the use of the prohibitively expensive weapon. Taking careful aim through the dust, Rina snapped off a shot, but tweaked it just barely as a bright moonfall impact just past them lit up her vision and skewed the first shot. The Mandalorians took their positions, knowing they would need to either wait until their enemy moved closer or was sufficiently distracted before they could decisively strike. Remar calmly watched from his cover, barely exposing himself to ensure he knew when that time would come. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Nyrys)) The Mandalorian ship was of little match to the forces the Sith had brought to bear. It trained half of its remaining weaponry on the advancing fleet ships, a pathetic defense for what was really required. What was interesting, however, was that the ship didn't attempt to flee, despite its seemingly inevitable doom. That would have been the logical tactical choice given the situation, but instead it held position, firing at the larger pieces of debris with the two guns that weren't trained at the Sith, and tractoring others out of the way. There was also evidence of several small hull breaches, and shielding collapsed as the Sith ships neared. The Sith could destroy the ship, or simply allow the debris field to do that job for them as that seemed likely in the not-too-far future. Or they could try to capture the ship as ordered, and be in for an interesting fight. Meanwhile, as the landing crafts neared the ground, they would easily pick up the spectacle of the pirates assaulting the main entrance and foyer of the Museum of Coruscant. While these forces were likely of small threat to the trained Sith troops, there was another threat that would reach them soon, and small ripples in the Force sent prickles up Nyrys's fur as she would know that this small skirmish in front of them wasn't the worst thing they would face that day.
  5. ((Jax)) Apparently the bounty hunter had missed the third pirate sent around his side of the building, who now charged at Jax holding a vibro-machete held high. Meanwhile, the sound of a grenade blast and shattered transparisteel echoed from the other side of the museum, signalling that the other pirate had found his way in. Around front, the museum guards were smart enough to let the first two pirates charge in through the door, who were dumb enough not to notice the tripwire attached to the ion grenade. The guards quickly executed the men as they writhed on the floor, their nervous systems overloaded with electricity continuously spidering through their body. Seeing their friends die threw the rest of the pirates into a kind of frenzy, and the mounted vehicle turrets began lighting up the building, pouring sustained fire to ensure the guards were suppressed. At Druj's orders, two others with speeder bikes took off, climbing higher up before circling back to land on the roof. The pirates had become dead set on taking this building regardless of the cost. They'd felt the sting of betrayal from the false information they'd been fed, and were now willing to kill these interlopers at any cost.
  6. ((Jax)) "KRIFFING SON OF A-" The thermal went off, the miniaturized self-contained thermonuclear grenade completely atomizing one of the pirates on a speeder bike as well as most of one of the other speeders, instantly killing four of the pirates. Immediately they returned fire, with two of the pirates rushing the entrance with vibro-machetes. Drej, the leader, called out to some of the others, sending three around the right side of the building to find a window or crack in the ruined walls to try and flank, with one other pirate equipped with a heavier fully automatic blaster around the left side. Corsec gets no respect, Drej mused to himself with a grin, as he levelled his own weapon at the guards near the doorway and let fire. These gutless sacks of manure were about to regret being born.
  7. ((Delta's team)) Nolo held his arm up, gaining the attention of his squad. A silent alarm had been tripped, one of the proximity detectors near the cave entrance had detected movement. It was unlikely that it was an animal considering the kinetic rain out in the open. Even deep underground, Nolo's crew had still occasionally heard the larger booms from the bigger impacts. But while that might have unnerved most, to the ears of Mandalorians it was reminiscent of the glorious sounds of combat. "Soon, brothers and sisters. Soon the fight comes to us. Remar, take Chun, Throgun, and Rina. Set up in the collapsed structures, they're more stable and will provide better cover. Eliminate as many as you can, fall back when needed. The rest of us will stay here and prepare." Nolo held his fist to his chest, over his heart, and the rest of the squad did the same. In unison, their voices rang out, not powerful enough to reach through to the caves but enough to fill each with a strong sense of camaraderie and purpose. "WE ARE GLORY BOUND!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((Jax)) The whine of speeders slowly grew louder outside the museum, finally coming to a halt near the entrance to the museum. There were a good number of men in total, thirty or so with two of the speeders equipped with manned turrets. One of the pirates still on a speeder bike slowly eyed the guards, then looked at one in the cockpit of a speeder who was much better dressed. Clearly they weren't expecting resistance, and didn't particularly want a fight if they didn't know what they were in for. Low enough that the guards couldn't hear, the pirate on the bike muttered to the other. "This was s'posed to be easy pickins." After a beat, the one inside the cockpit flashed a look of don't worry, I got this to his mate, and flipped on a loudspeaker, speaking to the guards from his cockpit. "This area was supposed to be evacuated. We have been...uh...deputized by Corsec to ensure all personnel are...escorted to safety. Please come with us and we'll take you to the nearest...uh...shelter." The leader gave the pirate on the speeder bike a wry grin, hoping the guards were dumb enough to take the bait. If enough of them came outside, they'd be easy fodder for the mounted turrets, and this job would once again be "easy pickins." Still...something didn't seem quite right about all this. If it came down to it, they'd go in shooting. Nobody wanted to be here when the Sith arrived.
  8. ((Sith NPCs)) A comm goes out to both Bakra and Darth Awenydd from a tactical officer aboard the Scarab, conveying new orders: Authorization codes were included, however it was doubtful they would even be checked, as an assignment like this was one many Sith troopers would jump at for the chance to prove themselves in battle alongside the Spider.
  9. ((Sith NPCs)) A message was broadcast to the Dream Boat ((Jax)) on standard Sith frequencies, providing the bounty hunter with security protocols for a temporary encryption for secure communications with the Sith fleet. Once the protocols were in place, another comm message was received from the Mercenaries Contracting Liaison Officer, providing the Mandalorian with information regarding services needed on Coruscant.
  10. ((Sith NPCs)) Ensign Becker blinked. Then he squinted, watching his scopes closely. There it was again, faintly, but it was there. Becker hit a few buttons on his console, requisitioning additional power allocation from the Scarab's massive generators to his sensor suite momentarily. Finally, the signal lit up, very well hidden against the orbital debris field kicked up by the moon's impact. Becker cross checked it with information from another readout, and concern began to wash across the Ensign's face. "Problem, Ensign?" Becker didn't even look up at the bridge supervisor, Commander Hargrave, instead pointing out what he saw. "Sir, this is strange. It seems there's a Mandalorian ship hiding itself in the orbital rubble. It doesn't match up with any of the expected tactical locations the Crusader fleet has positioned themselves in. Apparently it was trying to...hide its position." Hargrave studied the readouts, confirming the Ensign's findings, before reaching out and accessing the ship's comm suite, sending out a priority message to a nearby fighter wing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The absolute carnage was unlike anything Tillerson had ever seen before. Worse, he had an orbital view to the impact, which showed how truly large the impact had been. Even the glancing blow had outright devastated nearly half the planet. "Alright wing, new orders. Reconnaissance mission." Wing Commander Cleaver's voice crackled across the comms in Tillerson's cockpit, shaking him from his trance with a slight jump. "Come around to my heading, one-eight-seven mark two-three-six point four. We're going to go check out a rogue Crusader ship." Tillerson maneuvered the control yoke of his TIE Interceptor, engaging the afterburners as he matched the rest of his fighter wing's course. He flipped several switches, warming up the blaster cannons slung beneath the cockpit. Time to go see what these mercs were up to... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sir! Our fighters were destroyed! They're using precision mass driver rounds!" Hargrave turned abruptly at Ensign Becker's outburst on the otherwise relatively quiet bridge. This was a surprise that merited the input of higher command. Hargrave had been in interesting combat situations before, but this was a highly unorthodox tactic, even from the Mandalorians. He began working on a report on a datapad as he hastily walked towards the intelligence and operations workspace. Hargrave pulled up the relevant information for the intelligence officer, pointing out the ship still on the Scarab's sensors. "Lieutenant, I need a tactical analysis of this situation, and I need it yesterday." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An encrypted tight band message pierced the cacophony of space battle through to the Lightbreaker's comm systems. It was incredibly unusual to bother the Dark Lord in such a manner, there was a reason Exodus had surrounded himself with competency. The Spider was known to prefer distancing himself from larger engagements until he decided to surgically strike his enemies or his presence on the battlefield became a necessity. Precision was a key tool in the Assassin's arsenal, and disrupting it by bothering the Dark Lord to make command decisions every five seconds was mostly a waste of his time. As such, many who had the rare honor of contacting the Dark Lord over such matters often found themselves punished in rather...interesting ways. Few deaths resulted, but there were several cases of disfigurements and varying levels of mental instability. This report, however, carried intrigue with it. The only reason it needed to pass the Dark Lord's eyes was because of the request for a large number of trained Force Users...to help defend against falling debris in near geosynchronous orbit kicked up by Hesperidium's impact. "Moonfall" was the term the intelligence team had decided to call this phenomenon. Shields could not adequately defend against the hazard well, as either the sheer number of impacts or simply a few unlucky larger impacts would drain or overload the shield generators in short order. A complete tactical situational brief was included demonstrating the potential importance of securing the area, though a summary of the scenario was presented up front for the Dark Lord to glance over in order to minimize the time he needed to take to make a decision. However, emphasis was placed on the potential for the importance of this scenario to become much greater pending further information on what specifically these Mandalorians were guarding...
  11. ARKAB SKON'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Arkab Skon A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Mandalore Species: Human Physical Description Age: 37 Height: 6'4" Weight: 230 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Mandalorian beskar armor, decorating him as the leader of the Glory Bound. Helmet is sealed against gasses and particulates, has night vision and thermal optics built in, as well as an integrated comm system equipped with encryption protocols. The beskar plating is highly lightsaber resistant, though the plates do not cover the entire body. The body glove is insulated from thermal extremes and offers protection against moderate electrical voltage. This is standard for all members of the Glory Bound, and many Mandalorians in general that were and are fighting in the ranks of the Crusaders. Weapon: Arkab prefers slugthrowers, specifically a high caliber (.45 marksman) semi automatic carbine he can easily use in medium to long range to pick off enemies with relative ease. The weapon has micro repulsor stabilizers embedded into the barrel and a small computerized targeting system that uplinks data into his helmet's HUD to aid in target acquisition, ensuring a high degree of lethality. As a backup in close quarters, Arkab carries a scattergun with incendiary ammunition. Common Inventory: See above, aside from his weapons, everything he needs is integrated into his armor. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User Alignment: Lawful Evil (Influenced by Chaotic Evil) Current Faction Affiliation: None (Formerly Crusaders / Death Watch) Current Faction Rank: While Arkab leads the Glory Bound, they are not a faction in official capacity OOC History Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: N/A Background: Arkab's childhood was unremarkable. He was a Mandalorian, raised in Mandalorian culture, until his parents were dishonored and his family thrown out of the clan. Arkab's father took this hard, eventually committing honorable suicide by taking on a mercenary combat assignment he knew he'd never return from. These events have haunted Arkab ever since, silently becoming the doubt in the back of his mind that prevents him from reaching true greatness as a warrior. Ship Registration Name: Path of Glory Class: Frigate Model: Fane of Storms Manufacturer: MandalMotors Length: 300m Armaments: The Fane of Storms sports twelve point defense mass drivers, twelve heavy mass drivers, chaff missile tubes, and two tractor beam projectors. In addition to the bridge, it boasts an information warfare center, used both to monitor enemy communications and disrupt sensors. However, at the time this information is relevant, many of these systems are damaged from the debris field in low orbit above Coruscant, leaving the ship with two functional point defense mass drivers, five heavy mass drivers, and only one operational tractor beam. In addition, the information warfare system has begun to suffer, being unable to jam sensors to its position. Armor: The ventral hull section is heavily armored and shielded, however the ship has taken quite a beating from the debris, as they relied on these armaments to defend most of the debris and rubble kicked into orbit. Shields are close to failing, and the one remaining tractor beam has been tasked in moving the larger debris chunks out of collision paths. Anti-Personnel Defenses: Crew of skilled battle-hardened Mandalorians. Modifications: None Appearance:
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