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  1. Wookiee Jedi

    Dark Sun Station

    << Why do you despair? >> The voice was soft, yet deep and firm. The blueish aura that surrounded Kirlocca gave off a soft glow to the room as the once Jedi Master walked towards Raven. << Is not the Force also present here? >> While he knew that his touch would be hollow to her, he still reached his paw to touch her cheek.
  2. Wookiee Jedi

    Is Kathleen Kennedy killing Star Wars?

    I have my own opinion upon this, which is a bit more hard and harsh then others. To answer simply. NO. I don't think she is killing Star Wars. Is she killing the fanbase - maybe yes. But then again... The fanbase itself has been doing a piss-poor job of setting realistic standards for what the new Star Wars movies should look like. At this point, Star Wars is still alive and kicking. What's not is that Kathleen has wrong fans, and fans have set wrong standards, leaving us where we are. Two quality parties that are unwilling to bend. I would elaborate more, but I feel like I may offend if I did.
  3. Wookiee Jedi

    Changes to Character Creation Rules

    Perhaps it would be better Travis if you could point out some specific stuff that you would classify as Overpowered. And Logan, what do you mean in regards to summoning? Would you be willing to elaborate on how you have used it prior and/or give an example of how you could use it moving forward? Clearly there are many Force Powers that are around and have existed within our RP that were well way OverPowered. Some things need to have a lined drawn for the sake of fairness. I know the famous rule is to give it the Slicer Test, but I would say this instead. If you are okay with it being allowed for yourself, it should be available to everyone. If you can't see others using a gift that you have fairly, then it should be a hard no. No special treatment on this. Anytime an allowance is made, it has and always will create drama.
  4. Wookiee Jedi

    Stepping Down as Admin

    Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us! I hope that you find blessing in all of your new adventures!
  5. Wookiee Jedi

    Official Art Request Thread

    I have no art work yet, but I am looking for a sig for a new character. A Togruta male. His name will be Kota Ni. Thanks in advance for whoever can do this.
  6. Wookiee Jedi

    RP Fireside Chats

    I've launched a Fireside, join in. https://hangouts.google.com/call/7YGCh6JHXAXy1uOk_NavABEE
  7. Wookiee Jedi

    Killing Killshots

    Part of the problem will always come down to this. We are all individuals who are writing our own stories. To simplify all of the problems that do arise, we want our own thing. Even when we work together with others, we still want our own thing for our characters. A killshot/Duel/Using NPC's all come down to the story that we as an individual are trying to tell. That complicates things when we have to allow for other stories to entangle themselves into ours. It's also what started the phrase "Roll with the punches." But that was told by those running over others and bending rules to their favor. To honestly have these killshots become more... fair(?) is have no attachment to the characters we write. But since that is almost impossible, as we are pouring our time, energy, heart, and passion into them; It's a lose/lose situation. They will forever be messy situations because we as individuals are working on our own stories, trying to set up our own characters for wins. I know that was completely left field, and I am sorry if that doesn't make any sense to anyone.
  8. Okay, my own two cents on this will be short until someone else requires for me to elaborate more details to this post. Fleets: The Jedi do have a need for them. I'll get to that one in a bit. But if the Jedi really don't want to own a fleet, there is no rule saying they have to have one. Each faction receives AP to spend as they see fit. If the Jedi wanted to have say, a single ship or two that are designed to evacuate a population out of danger, or to bring supplies to a needy planet, and put the rest in planetary ION cannons and small starfighter ships, that's up to them. In fact, based upon how Tython was setup, there are at least 6-12 planetary ION cannons for that Temple alone, unless the Order dismantled them. The Jedi Role: There is a major role for them. As I have pointed out to someone somewhere on many occasions, the Jedi need conflict in order to survive. There is no peace in the galaxy if evil is running around causing chaos. The very fact that there are Sith and Black Sun running around causing trouble is enough proof that there is a need for them. If they are unwilling to meet that chaos and turn it into peace, then they are no Jedi. They are simply Baran Do Monks. Refusal to engage in the combat that is stirring and creating chaos shows that the Jedi Order would not care about peace. They are no soldiers, to which is correct. But they are not so passive that their entire code becomes irrelevant. There is no emotion, there is peace. :This simply means that the Jedi's own emotions towards situations doesn't stop them from doing what is right. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. :They seek out knowledge on things. Things are happening around the galaxy. Are they letting the holonet tell them what to ignorantly believe? No. There is no passion, there is serenity. :Their own passions do not blind them to what is needed. Kirlocca as a character always struggled with this, due to Kashyyyk always burning and coming under attack. Him becoming a Master- he had to let go of the passion of righteous anger he felt towards the Order not always running into the fray. He needed serenity to make the right choice. There is no chaos, there is harmony. :There is chaos is the galaxy right now. There needs to be an agreement on how to bring peace to that situation. There is no death, there is the Force. :This is huge. A Jedi should not fear death, as death is a path, one that we all must take.
  9. I actually disagree with that viewpoint heavily. Balance would mean equal parts. If the light side of the Force is harmony, and the dark side is chaos, there would need to be two equal parts of it to be in balance. If the galaxy is at peace, one side is heavier then the other. Peace is a result of harmony between people, meaning that there would be no conflict or chaos there. So I think that balance in the Force is literally just two equal parts. So from my viewpoint, to have someone trying to bring balance to the Force, or to live in balance, will need to make sure that they keep the scale in the middle.
  10. Wookiee Jedi

    The Link: Coruscant HQ

    Beck kept his eyes somewhat downward despite being openly told that he had his Empress' trust. His lack of eye contact was more out of pure respect. He was also deep in thought. The question that was asked was one that required some thought. On one hand, lots of bad could come from withdrawing from an alliance such as the one they were now roped in. On the other hand, there was much to be gained from such an alliance. After many moments passed on by, Beck lifted his head and spoke with his normal enthusiasm. "Empress, there is no wrong decision in making an alliance with any body of government. While some bodies have… clouded judgements for a lack of civilized words, there is always more to be gained. It goes back to the age old saying. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The old way of doing things is a mark-and one that will reside upon us until we prove it otherwise. Much like the body that we made a deal with has it's mark of being bogged down in red tape and becoming fat for the slaughter of others. Until they prove that they are not… they will always have that mark." Beck now became slightly bolder and turned his body to move away from those currently in audience with the Empress, but kept his pace of his movements very slow and steady like an animal waiting to pounce upon its prey. "In time, the Jedi will continue to do as they have always done, much to your own frustration. They will sit back and do nothing. They no longer have to muscle to stand toe to toe with the Sith, whom I am most certain are not sitting back and just meditating. They are planning, seeking-stalking almost. They will pounce soon. Our best move is to remain loyal to the Galactic Alliance, as they will need someone to aid and help them. We will show through our own nature that we are not the Old way. But we will also show that we are not an ally that they should underestimate…nor should they think that insults are a wise move…" As he finished, he looked over at the rest of the Imperial host. He looked each one slowly in the eyes, not so much from intimidation, but rather for the fact of letting his own words sink deep within. After he looked everyone in the eye, he sat down in a chair that was near him and awaited their next orders. It was just a simple reach out and placing his own paw upon Raven's shoulder. There was no visible smile upon his face, only one that was hiding beneath the surface. His own had tilted just slightly to the left. His mouth moved, but it was basic that came out instead of his natural Shyriiwook due to the Force. << Raven… You are right to seek out Tobias Vos. I have need of him to complete his training. He needs a holocron that was on me. It has information on what he seeks. You need to make sure he finds it. >> Kirlocca now took a step backwards away from Raven and gave her a slight nod with his head. << You will have your questions answered at that time. Look to where I left my robe, it was left to be close to you… It is there that you will see me again. >> With that, Kirlocca took a few more steps backwards and allowed for himself to disappear into the Force again.
  11. Wookiee Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I have have from start to finish, truly enjoyed every part of this film and storylines/arcs that they moved in. I really enjoyed the depth and human nature they gave to every character and how they handled to 30 year gap development of Luke. I really enjoyed to display of Leia's force powers, as after she hinted in TFA, she spent time training Ben before she couldn't handle him and gave him off to Luke. I am also SUPER happy that Rey is a no one. It would have destroyed Luke's character if she was a Skywalker.
  12. Wookiee Jedi

    Rhen Var

    Kirlocca took a very long few moments to respond after Tobias Vos had finished with letting all of his emotions and weights within his own mind come out to the foreground. If anything, it was a flare or spark if you will for the once Jedi Master. It told him that his trust in others to make their own way was indeed correct. Letting himself express a huge inhale of air, or rather, just the motion of it, he offered up a bright smile. << Tobias... Your life has been one marked. The Force is with you, and I was able to see back then that you will become a great light for the Galaxy. But like I am sure you have heard this one before,... Always in motion is the future. There was no guarantee you would make it there. There still isn't. I can't tell you anything more about the past or future that you don't already know. You are here. You have a vision and a purpose. You don't need me to tell you that. You have always known it. You only need to walk it by this point. >> Kirlocca lowered his head to think a bit more upon the final questions before giving him something worth his time. << When I became one with the Force... my thoughts only went out to the one whom I failed... But they were short lived, as I was greeted by all of those who transformed into the Force before me. >> Kirlocca's own mind now seemed to be on her... The very one he failed.
  13. Wookiee Jedi

    Rhen Var

    Kirlocca offered up a smile to Tobias again, this time a very knowingly one. << Tobias, I am very much apart fo the Force now. I can sense far more in you then ever before. You have no need to stall me for anything. You only need to ask. But... I have no desire outside of what the Force wills. I am not here to each you directly, but rather, offer up guidance and direction. Much like my life that I lived before the galaxy as I served the Force, I now still serve the Force. >> Kirlocca walked up and sat next to Tobias.
  14. Wookiee Jedi

    Rhen Var

    Kirlocca offered up Tobias a smile of comfort as he himself stood and moved towards him like an old friend who had spent years together. << You may ask your other questions. >>
  15. Wookiee Jedi

    Rhen Var

    Kirlocca could only offer up his faint smile as Tobias spoke. He was a Jedi that was bound for greatness, and one that could possible isolate himself if he wasn't careful. Much like any other circumstance in life, the path that was worth taking always held trials and tribulations upon it. Vos' own path would be no different. Letting the Jedi finish, Kirlocca pondered upon how much he should really tell him before responding. << To answer your questions in direct order, no. They have a fate sealed, and vengeance will do no one any good. Let the hateful pursuit remain with those not committed to the path of the Jedi. Adenna is free to do so, I am most certainly not holding her back. And yes and no... The holocron is recorded with me, and I have the teachings needed to learn this form. If you can find yourself worthy, and ask the right questions, I can reveal a great many things that I have learned over the years upon the holocron... >>