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  1. GWYNDION CYSGODOL'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Gwyndion Cysgodol A.K.A: Homeworld: Onderon Species: Ashoriath Physical Description Age: 235 Length: 2.75 meters Height: 2 meters Weight: 560 pounds Carapace: Black with red patterning Eyes: Red Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: It’s a giant spider Weapon: Venomous stinger, venomous bite, webbing Common Inventory: Enslaved thralls who carry things like commlinks and datapads. Faction Information Force User Alignment: Dark Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Current Faction Rank: Lord History Force Side: Dark Trained by: Darth Cysion Trained who: None yet Known Skills: Biomancy, Oneiromancy Background: Gwyndion Cysgodol is one of the many Ashoriath sorcerers that seeks to expand his power through the teachings of the Sith, in particular the Krath. He was initially drawn to biomancy as a means to augment his thralls, and has since expanded his focus to include oneiromancy to capitalize on the inherent fear prey species feel towards arachnids. Ship Registration Name: None yet, uses chartered flights. Class: x Model: x Manufacturer: x Length: x Armaments: x Armor: x Anti-Personnel Defenses: x Modifications: x Appearance: x
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