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  1. GWYNDION CYSGODOL'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Gwyndion Cysgodol A.K.A: Viscount Cysgodol Homeworld: Korriban Species: Human Physical Description Age: 28 Height: 5’10 Weight: 196 Hair: Black, cut short Eyes: Cerulean blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Aristocratic Sith clothing, personally tailored to him. Weapon: Shikkars, wrist mounted lanvarok Common Inventory: Comm, datapad, backpack full of books and scrolls, House Cysgodol slaves, Galatea(Handmade droid). Faction Information Force User Alignment: Dark Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Current Faction Rank: Apprentice History Force Side: Dark Trained by: Unclaimed Trained who: None yet Known Skills: Clockwork engineering, artisan crafting Background: Born into the tempestuous political whirlwind of the Sith Houses, Gwyndion grew up with a largely absent father and an overbearing mother obsessed with social appearances. While Gwyndion’s privileged upbringing protected him from the physical dangers of living on a Sith planet, it also led to him being a sheltered child who saw the world only through his limited social contact with guests approved by his mother, and his family library. When Gwyndion showed Force potential, his mother was thrilled and immediately began searching for prospective tutors for him. Virtually none were able to meet her expectations, and those that did became so exhausted by the woman that they refused her offers of employment. This has left Gwyndion masterless for over a decade since his Force talent was discovered. In the interim, Gwyndion has occupied himself with studying what scrolls and tomes he can get his hands on, and his hobby of meticulously constructing clockwork mechanisms. Gwyndion has a natural affinity for machines, finding he understands them far better than people. His greatest achievement so far is Galatea, a droid so finely crafted that it moves like a dancer and has often been briefly mistaken for a person by the house staff. While it can’t speak, it understands a handful of languages and is capable of emoting its thoughts. Ship Registration Name: None yet, uses chartered flights. Class: x Model: x Manufacturer: x Length: x Armaments: x Armor: x Anti-Personnel Defenses: x Modifications: x Appearance: x
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