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  1. Jhon williams looked through His binoculars and noticed that there wasn't much to see in the enemy camp. The sun came slowly behind the trees but the whole camp was still sleeping. There was ni movement by lines with tents were jhon assumed that the soldiers slept. Jhon felt the adrealine pomping through his blood. Het hated every singel enemy soldier in that camp. He wanted to kill every singel person in the camp but he was not allowed to. He was told to wait for orders from his comanding officer But then a car stoped by the camp and jhon saw people come out of the car Jhon felt in his bones that something was wrong. The enemy was planning something. Whatever it was jhon knew he must find a way to reveal the z enemy plans.
  2. Tai was confident after he heard this. He couldn't wait to start his training and new lifen No said tai I understand everything
  3. On his way to the jedi temple tai had every possible question they could be asked runned through hishead. this question however he wasn't prepeared for. He thaught it obvious. 'back on naboo i heard many stories about the jedi and the sith. of course i know those stories can't all be true. but my mother told me when i was little. In every story there is a core that is true. You only need to dig through the lies and the made up stuff to find the core. Well when i dig trough the lies i came to know that the jedi their first concern is to help people and bring peace. That's something i want to fight for.
  4. Tai knew that this question would come. On his way to Felucia he had long thought about a fitting answer. He knew that the answer would be important. until now everything he had thought to say sounded clumsy and childish. But when the man before him asked the question the words came out of tai's mouth without doubt ' well for a start i had always quicker reflexes than my brother and friends back on naboo. never thought that spechial. But one day i went with my father to his work at the theed palace space vessel engineering coorporation. He is a engineer there. And when one of the Droids had a glitch end something fell down. My dad would have been crushed if i didn't sensed it comming and pulled him away I did remember the stories about the jedi and their abilities. Then weeks later a jedi came to town and i ask asked him about him. He said he sensed the force in me. so recomended me to come here
  5. Tai mundo was looking around in the jedi temple. He didn't know were to look first. He was so distracted that he sensed something approaching him before he saw that it was a middle aged man. 'ow hello' said tai a little bit too fast. he was verry excited but wanted to sound confident. 'I am tai mundo. i grew up on naboo. I was told to come here because i was force sensitive.'
  6. A young boy arived on the planet. his name was tai mundo. He was verry exicted. He was here to learn how to become a jedi. He walked in the jedi temple. Knowing his life wad about to change.
  7. Identity Real Name: Tai Mondu A.K.A: Homeworld: Naboo - unknown to Tai Species: Human Physical Description Age: 17 Height: 5' 20" Weight: 168 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Jedi robes and a necklace with a green star emblem, which was found with him. Weapon: none Common Inventory: 1 comm unit Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force sensitive Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Light Trained by: Trained who: Known Skills: Background: Found as an infant on the steps of a house on Naboo, Tai was turned over to the Jedi Order at a very young age when it was discovered he had a stronger than normal connection with the Force. Ship Registration Name: The Star Traveler Class: Starfighter Model: N-1 Starfighter Manufacturer: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps Length: 11 meters Armaments: 2 Blaster cannons, 2 fire linked proton torpedo launchers Armor: Factory standard Anti-Personnel Defenses: Biometric lockout - palm sensor Modifications: Appearance:
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