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  1. Nia stiffened as Beth clapped her on the back, pulling away microscopically. She'd never liked being touched. She couldn't explain it properly, even to her parents. It just didn't carry the comfort for her that it seemed to carry for others, a situation that had only been worsened by her extended time out of water. Still, it was nothing she wasn't used to. She was at loss. All these pilots shared something. A bond forged in battle that allowed them to laugh and chat like they knew each other, even if they were barely acquainted. It was something to look up to. Still, she lacked the bond that Mjan had with the other pilots, so she stayed silent until she was addressed. In truth, she was nervous about the assignment. She'd never flown, and the last thing she wanted was to be a liability. She didn't want to put anyone in danger due to her inexperience. She glanced at her new Master as her spoke, frowning at his reaction. Then the implications dawned on her, and she felt herself flush. "Oh, no, if it's possible, I'd like to sleep on my own for a night or two. I've had no privacy since I left home to become a Jedi." She hesitated for a moment before adding, "Of course, if that's a problem I have no qualms about bunking with you, Lieutenant. I don't want to trouble anyone." She found herself with her hands behind her back, twisting them uncomfortably. It... bothered her, to ask for things like private quarters. It felt frivolous, and now that she'd asked it, she'd wished she hadn't. Any quarters suited for the soldiers should have been suitable for herself.
  2. Nia didn't respond to her new Master's insights immediately. Her face's expression betrayed her thoughts as she pondered his meaning. Given time, she could learn a great deal from Mjan. She was thankful she'd met a Jedi who seemed to share her love of philosophy, and one that had taken her up so quickly. She walked behind him, thinking on his beliefs, only pulling herself away from her thoughts to hear the briefing. It was over rather quickly, and she hesitated. It was not the deceit which troubled her, it was only a tool. It was the intended use of said tool that gave her pause. She could lie about who she was, but could she do it to kill, and to teach others to kill? Still, it would look bad if she openly opposed the first assignment she'd been given, and so she was silent. The chance to voice her concerns would come, hopefully. Still, it gave her a chance to learn up close what other cultures and species had to show. She'd only read about Bakura, as she had most planets that she knew. The only exceptions were Glee Ansem, Felucia, and now Nar Shaddaa. Besides, maybe she could excuse herself from teaching them how to fight, instead teaching them how to care for the wounded and the sick. That was, she helped the war effort while not compromising her beliefs. Still, she had a sinking feeling that before they left, she'd have to fight. She opened her mouth to speak, but had nothing to say, so she went silent once more. She closed her eyes, clearing her minds as best she could. Worrying this early would do her no good. She'd wait and see what happened.
  3. Nia had no idea what a Tandem variant was- her studies had always focused on culture, religion, races and languages. She'd never taken time to study technology or physics or sciences. She supposed it was a gap in her knowledge, one that maybe in time she'd seek to fill. She was quiet for the rest of the conversation, flushing as he corrected her on how to address him. When she was informed that it was time to report, she followed the Jedi Knight dutifully. "Yes M-Mjan." she had to stop herself from calling him master, and her speech came out akin to a stutter. She wasn't used to speaking basic- her native language was much more suited to the oceans of Glee Ansem, but she found it had been rather difficult to speak it on the surface. And so, she resolved to a heavily accented Basic. She was caught off guard by his question, however. Introducing herself and talking about herself she expected, but to give her views of the Force as someone who'd been a Padawan for less than two minutes. She thought before she spoke. "I believe all life is sacred. Every man, woman and child should have a chance at a life. That includes the Sith. My father taught me that anyone could be redeemed, and I've always been inclined to agree. Everything I've read hints that the Force balances itself. The Dark Side can corrupt a Jedi, so does it not stand to reason that the Light Side can redeem a Sith?" She hesitated as she remembered what he'd told her of his people, before speaking carefully. "Your presence here is proof of that, is it not?"
  4. As Kel explained Nia's position, she stood silently behind him. In truth, while she'd been moderately comfortable in onversations in Glee Ansem's oceans, she was finding it harder to read people and know the impact her words were having. In the water, she could sense one's emotions through her tendrils. It helped her take on a more natural flow in discussions. Here above the water, however, she had trouble. It was still possible to read people, but much harder. She had to focus, and she found that doing so mid-sentence often drew strange looks. She shuddered to think what it would be like in the vacuum of space. At Mjan's offer, however, her eyes widened. She hadn't exected that. She figured there'd be some sort of ceremony, something more official. But if this was all it took... The only thing that cused her to hesitate was that she'd never flown... anything before. Not a speeder, not a shuttle, and certainly not a fighter. She was thankful when he moved on to another topic. She didn't need to read the air to know he was giving her time to think. She could finaly begin. The journey wouldn't be how she'd expected, to be sure, but when was one's path ever what they expected? Still, she felt it important to state her concerns. "I would be honored, Master Mjan. I'm inexperienced, however. I've never flown anything in my life. I'm not sure how useful I'll be in a starfighter right now. I would be honored if you taught me how, though. Please don't take my hesitation for lack of interest."
  5. Nia took a moment. She'd never heard of the Sith species, only the faction. Though, she supposed, it could have been possible that she'd read bout the Sith species and simply assumed it was the galactic power. Regardless, she held no grudge againsty the man for being born. To do so would be unbecoming, to say the least, and cruel of her. And so she stepped forward, offering her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Master Sadow. It's rare for me to meet so many new people at once, so you'll have to excuse me for my... awkwardness, for lack of a better word." It was clear she'd toched a nerve. She wasn't good at reading people, but even she didn't miss that look he gave the pilot. Raw nerves and dead relatives rarely mixed well,but her quick response helped put Nia at ease. It seemed she'd been jumping to conclusions.
  6. Beth's words saddened her. It was true that the Sith brought naught but death and destruction, but more violence was not the answer. At least, not in her eyes. She didn't say as much though- the other woman was hurting, clearly, and if she'd found something to alleviate that pain then who was she to judge? When her own father died she'd trekked halfway across the galaxy just to be closer to what he was when he was alive. She could only must a quiet "I'm sorry for your loss" in response. Nia shied away once more as she noticed a group of particularly loud group of individuals entered the hanger through their fighters. More people. And one was walking towards them. Her hesitation was quickly quelled though as curiosity took over- she'd never seen the man's species before. She gave a polite bow, introducing herself. "My name is Nia Doarr. I'm a hopeful from Glee Ansem. If you don't mind, what race are you? I've never seen or read about anything that looks like you." she asked. It was strange. She'd done a lot of reading in her isolation, most of it non-fiction, research on the galaxy and its people. One of her great loves was research and the expansion of her knowledge, and was what she was most excited about on this journey. She knew, of course, that the Jedi was a lifelong commitment, but she'd seen just how much good a Jedi could do, how much she could learn. This was only proof of her ideals.
  7. Nia felt a few emotions over the course of a few seconds. First was concern that she'd fail, or make a mistake. Then relief when no such event occurred, followed by excitement that it came so quickly for her. She'd always worried that her sensitivity to the force was more of a technicality than anything actually worthy of a Jedi, despite her father's assurances. It seemed all she required was a little teaching, direction. She was still hesitant to encourage the pilot's actions, though. Was she really so eager to destroy her enemies that she was willing to shortcut her health in favor of killing a few more Sith? After Kel spoke, she stood, stepping towards the pilot. It confused her, but she hoped there was an explanation beyond simple hatred. "Why do you hunt the Sith with such fervor?" She glanced nervously at Kel. She knew how he felt about the war, and vice versa. She wasn't trying to spark a debate, merely learn the woman's motives. In a way, she wanted to prove to Kel that she wasn't just talk, that she actually cared to make the galaxy a better place. Even if that meant stepping out of her comfort zone with people she hadn't met yet.
  8. Nia turned to face the newcomer, glancing back at Kel apprehensively. She suddenly felt like she was very much out of her league. She backed away, though very slightly. "Oh. I uh... I'm not sure. I'm not even really a Jedi yet." And yet when Kel asked her to help, she did. At the least, she could try. She wasn't sure of the morals of helping this woman avoid medical care, but it looked like she was in pain, even if it didn't show. She didn't know what to do, hardly even knew how to use the Force. But she knew enough to follow along. And after she called on the Force, it was almost natural to her. She'd always struggled with using the force for anything more than moving things around, but this was easier. Not without difficulty, but lacking the difficulty she'd had before. Whether it was a natural disposition for healing with the Force or thanks to Kel's teachings, she wasn't sure, but she'd speak of it with whoever she was assigned to learn under. In the mean time, she kept her eyes closed and focused on the task at hand.
  9. Nia chuckled at his concern. "Please, you don't need to apologize. The words were meant in good faith, I have no reason to take offense. Besides, I'd hardly be the one to judge. I've never gotten into a fight, much less a battle or a war. I can't imagine the toll it would take on someone. And I find myself hoping that I don't find myself in that position, though as you said, times are changing. I likely won't be so lucky." She glanced over towards where they'd left the rest of the Jedi. "So how long do you think they'll be meeting? Because I don't want to be late when they finish, but if it'll be a while... I don't do so well in crowds." In truth she was glad that she'd found a reason to not be surrounded by people she didn't know. The only two people she'd ever connected with had been her parents, and even her relationship with her mother had been rocky at times. Particularly when she was growing up and expressed intent to join the Jedi. Maybe it would be different here, though. Though probably not- as much as she enjoyed conversing with others, she'd always found more solace in solitude than in conversation.
  10. Nia frowned. Either Kel Koon hadn't met many masters yet, or the Jedi order had shrunk since her father was alive. He'd tell her stories of all the other knights and their apprentices. He never spoke of his own, if he had one. Another thing about her father she didn't know. But that didn't bother her- If he didn't tell her or her mother, then it probably wasn't important. Still, she couldn't help but hope she was assigned to a master who didn't jump to fighting first. If there even was anyone like that. "You met the Grand Master?" Grand Master Adenna was the only name she recognized so far, and she'd only been mentioned briefly when her father spoke of the Order. She always got the feeling that he disliked her, though he always denied it with a smile and a laugh when she asked. He'd only know her through reputation, and she only knew him by what was present on the Holonet. "Your master sounds like a good woman. I'd like to think that's where I'd find myself in a conflict- helping the helpless."
  11. Nia continued to listen, excited to learn all that she could. At his last comment though, she hesitated. Something about he way he spoke caught her off guard. "I don't know what you mean. I've wanted to be a Jedi since I was young- and now here I am. If anything I'm looking for adventure, but I wanted to be a Jedi for so long to help people." She turned back towards the staging ground that swarmed with other Jedi and with Imperial and Alliance troops. The Sith were still out there. Hurting people. Fighting wars. Conquering planets. If the Jedi fielded an army, she didn't know what would happen. Just that it wouldn't be good. She doubted the galaxy need more soldiers and generals. "How many of the masters do you know by name?"
  12. She listened intently- she'd only read brief mentions of the sages, and not anything concrete. They were a secretive bunch, but here she was across from a former sage! She had several questions, but she restrained herself. They'd likely be on Nar Shaddaa for some time- she didn't need to ask them all at once. But she did have a few questions for Kel that she wanted to ask now. She held out her hand to help him up, asking as she did. "You said they can see the future- is that true of all of the sages? Can you? And does that mean they're all Force sensitive like the rumors say?"
  13. Nia hesitated. She'd need time. Time to think, and if she needed it, time to say goodbye. It would mean waiting for a working lightsaber, but that was hardly her priority at the moment. She handed Kel back the crystal, shaking her head. "Thank you for your help, Kel, but I'll need some time to think about it." She stood, stretching her legs. "So, are you from Dorin? I've only heard stories." In truth, she'd only read about different planets on the Holonet in her spare time. School taught her major history, like the old Republic's descent into the Empire, the Sith and the Jedi, things like that, but individual planets and their cultures had always been a hobby of hers. A side effect of being cooped up in the same town that she grew up in. It was part of why she had been eager to join the Jedi, originally. All the new cultures and languages, give her an opportunity to learn.
  14. Nia shook her head. "The Sith do a lot of terrible things, but have they really stooped so low as to blatantly ally themselves with petty criminals? What happens if they win? Then waht? Do they expect the Black Sun to just sit quietly and mind their manners?" She sighed. Hopefully the two would tear eachother apart long before she had to join the fighting. As much as she wanted to avenge her father, helping people is why she always wanted to be a Jedi. It wouldn't do her or anyone else any good if she got swept up in some crusade of vengeance. She was snapped out of her thoughts as Kel asked her to watch closely. She focused on the blade, watching as it floated into the air. She'd rarely seen her father use the force- he always thought it was wrong to use it in every day life, and she never saw him while he was doing his duties as a Jedi. But when he spoke next, Kel confounded her. "I knew that- it's one of the stories my dad used to tell me when I was young. I don't know how to bond with it, though." Even if she did, if her father was still bound to the crystal, she didn't know if she wanted to bond to it. It was all she had left of him, and to remove a piece of him like that... it bothered her.
  15. Nia watched with interest as he pulled out a toolbox and laid a cloth at her feet. She sat, placing the lightsaber delicately onto the cloth. She watched with interest as she spoke, her interest piqued as he mentions the Black Sun. That must be why everyone was here, on Nar Shaddaa. "What happened with the Black Sun that the Empress and the Jedi needed to get involved? Is it the sith?" she asked. While she didn't know how her father had died, only that the Sith had been involved somehow from the snippets she'd heard the Jedi who broke the news to them. That they may have caused such disarray like what she saw earlier dismayed her. "I uh, I don't know how to disassemble it. He never taught me. Told me I'd never need it. He didn't want me to become a Jedi. Not at my age, at least."
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