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  1. With disciplined precision, the defensive elements of the fleet, Alpha, Tau, Rho, and Upsilon moved into position to protect their assigned objectives. With the exception of Alpha, each was a colossal bastion of order standing against the chaos and rabble of the rebel terrorists. Alpha was a precise answer to the treacherous tactics of the rebel fleet and their predisposition towards starfighter swarm tactics. Task Force Invictus rampaged onto the field with a powerful strike from its axial laser, as Mu and Delta sought out their own targets. Omega's wing commander issued orders to his squadrons of missile boats to seize the initiative with surgical attacks on the enemy. In the void of space, task force Lambda hunted its prey like a krayt dragon preparing to ambush a herd of bantha. The Rapier was a departure from traditional imperial fleet doctrine, emphasizing precision and cunning. It's captain and crew were Hapan Auxiliaries (Collaborators if you were of the belligerent sort) that had joined the Empire after forces under the command of Tobias Vos brutally murdered the civilian occupants of Dark Sun Station. The light was gone from the fire of the rebellion, leaving only blistering fury and pandemic rage. Such a fire could not bring about a better galaxy. At least the Empire offered some measure of security and order. Safety, too, if you were loyal (and human).
  2. This will be a demonstration of the fleet rules by Delta and I, with Tim running the Rebel forces and me running the Imperials. We'll be treating this as a three player vs three player engagement(Meaning each player is running three task forces), with all Task Forces at Green rank and any flagships at one upgrade. Imperial Fleet Fleet Command Invictus Flagship Dominator, Axial laser Defensive Escort Alpha Lancer Frigates x3 (Judicator, Castigator, Skirmisher), Raider Corvettes x6 (Merciless, Heartless, Persecutor, Havoc, Bedlam, Pandemonium) Battleline Escort Tau Imp II Star Destroyer Capital x1 (Pavise) ============================= Destroyer Group (Turbolasers) Mu Imp II Star Destroyer Capital x1 (Executioner) Destroyer Group (Missiles) Delta Vindicator Cruiser x2 (Condemnor, Wrath) Covert Strike Force Lambda Stealth Nova Cruiser x1 (Rapier) ============================= Heavy Brawler Escort Rho Imp II Star Destroyer Capital x1 (Burning Anvil) Precision Strike Carrier Group Omega Vindicator Cruiser x1 (Harbinger), Ardent class frigate x2 (Strident, Pursuer), Raider Corvettes x4 (Corax, Drake, Slayer, Vigil) Heavy Brawler Escort Upsilon Imp II Star Destroyer Capital x1 (Punisher)
  3. Chaos erupted out of the ground in the form of scavenged battle droids repurposed by Kain for his schemes. There seemed to be little in the way of coordination or anything resembling a directed push towards an objective, which ran contrary to the profile on HVT-1, but maybe blocking communications galaxy wide had pushed him to the edge of his limits in terms of processing power. Up above, their air support was engaged in its own sortie against enemy fighters. The initial confusion of the attack had claimed several casualties, but once the element of surprise was lost the stormtroopers were able to quickly reform behind cover and fire directed counter volleys. Naitan’s squad was not at all subtly keeping him off of the fire line, and rather than disrupt their formation he shouldered his rifle and drew his EC-17 while monitoring his scanner and calling out targets. Getting people killed over a tantrum about getting benched would prove nothing except that he didn’t belong. The attack was further blunted by the arrival of a small force of Mandalorian mercenaries. Command hadn’t hired them, but they were likely Protectors desperately trying to salvage their reputation after the terror attack on Coruscant by a Mandalorian death cult. It seemed like his homeworld couldn’t make it through a year without some sort of terrorist attack or full scale battle.
  4. Amidst the sensor blocking Transitory Mists, an astral predator stalked the void with violent intent. The Erdgeist disgorged a small surgical strike force, sixty stormtroopers aboard TIE Reapers, with six AT-PTs and a squadron of TIE strikers for support. Hapes would no doubt bristle at the intrusion into their airspace. Or maybe not... Intel said reports were coming in of Crusader raiding parties hitting isolated population centers, and the locals were starting to deep scan other anomalies on their sensors. Command thought it might be a distraction, or maybe the Crusaders were finding out that zeal was no substitute for disciplined execution of a plan. The holovids always portrayed over enthusiasm and independent thought on the battlefield as valuable traits, but more often than not they just got people killed and wrecked ops. Real soldiers knew that they were on the field to do a job, and that it was better to trust in the plan than try to out think common sense. Admittedly, it was something of a new mindset for Naitan, having only recently been reassigned to the Imperial Stormtrooper corps. He used to be a mudbelly for the Imperial army, a gearhead that maintained siege drones. Imperial Army philosophy was that victory was won by being the last ones standing on the hill, and the mudbellies believed that standing out was a sure ticket to hell. So they did their jobs, kept their heads down, tried not to be a hero, tried to be unworthy of Death's notice. It was all luck really, but the only way for the human mind to comprehend the utter indifference of a reaper riding down a trooper on an artillery shell was a litany of superstitions. Even the gods don't survive the trenches, but in their absence a hodge podge religion of circumstantial evidence and irrational tales that deluded people into thinking there was some way to shape your fate on the battlefield if you were clever enough. He left that world behind in what would probably become another gospel in the Holy Writ of ways to not die in the muck. When HVT-1 had begun his master plan, Naitan was in yet another mud hole with more time than work to occupy him, so he tried his hand at the code. Somehow, he cracked it before anyone else. The absurdity of it had his platoon in fits, all of the great minds of every power in the galaxy stumped, and it was a mudbelly that finally cracked it. The Empire saw an opportunity for a PR boost, put him on the next shuttle out for transfer to the stormtrooper corps. He was going to be a hero whose face they could plaster on recruiting posters. The people he spoke to, he didn't know if they were Sith, they wore masks of white faces with completely neutral expressions. but somehow felt more like spooks than whatever it was that Sith felt like. Despite that, they spoke plainly to Naitan about what they had wanted from him, and seemed possessed of a form of razor sharp honesty that cut quickly and efficiently to the point. It was refreshing, too often people that weren't soldiers got caught up on stupid crap, entangled themselves in stupidity. Word was starting to get around that the higher ups wanted to reorganize the stormtrooper corps, bring about a new vision for it, and the blank faced spooks seemingly confirmed that, saying that even without his breaking HVT-1s code he would have been a candidate for transfer and of considerable value for the organization's new direction. So here he was, clad in black armor surrounded by what might as well have been his in-laws after an unexpected wedding. He at least had a history of combat training and had seen actual fighting, but there was an unspoken distance in the air suggesting that command had told his squad to put his survival as a priority. Nobody liked babysitting on the battlefield. There was too much important stuff going on to keep one life breathing. Perspective needed to be spread out to keep an eye on everyone, focusing it on one person made everyone else vulnerable. Regardless of the facts, if anyone in Naitan's squad died today, it would be his fault. The light went red and the ramp dropped. His squad fanned out with well oiled precision while he did his best to keep his head down. There had been a lot of jokes told over his time in the trenches about the uselessness of stormtrooper armor, but Naitan couldn't deny that compared to his metal carapace armor and trench coat he felt liberatingly unburdened by the plastic like material. Looking at his scanner, he called out to his squad what he was reading. "Lots of bio readings inside, could be hostiles or hostages, energy readings largely suggest hostages, but there are some outliers that are unaccounted for." The sergeant responded after a moment of conferring with command, "Command says to secure hostages with stun blasts if they get in the way, but we can't let some moron in panic mode compromise our mission. We do the job, we go home, everything else is a secondary concern." The AT-PTs positioned themselves to suppress exits from the warehouse while the TIE strikers began flying CAP. The stormtroopers began the leapfrog process of penetrating the structure, silently hoping that there were no IEDs or other traps.
  5. NAITAN DRASKA'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Naitan Draska A.K.A: Specialist Draska, Leash Homeworld: Coruscant Species: Human Physical Description Age: 23 Height: 6'1 Weight: 285 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Deep blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Initially, Imperial army carapace armor, but once he gets reassigned, powered dominator class stormtrooper armor, When on leave or on base, civilian attire, PT clothes, or dress uniform as appropriate. Weapon: E-11D blaster rifle, EC-17 hold-out blaster with flashlight, two fragmentation grenades, combat knife, cortosis alloy breaching tool Common Inventory: Military grade comm link with encryption, credits, toolkit, diagnostic and personal datapads, holocapture of the girl back home Faction Information Non-Force User Alignment: Lawful utilitarian Current Faction Affiliation: Loyalist Empire Current Faction Rank: Veteran (Using new character creation rules) History: Force Side: Above my pay grade. Trained by: Imperial drill sergeants Trained who: No one yet Known Skills: Combat training, droid handling/maintenance, mechanical skills, unintentional smoulder, piloting, drop training, unarmed combat Background: Born and raised on Coruscant, the myriad battles and terrorist acts on the planet drove Naitan to enlist in the Imperial Army. He tested well enough to qualify for higher education bonuses, allowing him to study droid design, handling, and repair on a professional level. When Kain implemented its master plan and shut down all comm traffic, it was Naitan who cracked the final layer of code to reveal the rogue AI's location. Due to his service record and the recent attention this act garnered, he has been selected to take part in a new modernization push of the stormtrooper corps. Ship Registration None at the moment, the imperial military largely provides any transport he needs, and for everything else there's registered transport. Name: Class: Model: Manufacturer: Length: Armaments: Armor: Anti-Personnel Defenses: Appearance: Modifications:
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