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  1. Body swapping was a trick he had never heard of, even among the legends he had studied of the Sith. However it made little difference to the current situation. Walking over to his pack he removed two water bottles and walked over to three smiling in what he thought was a disarming way. "I must say for a man with no memory and poor physical condition you fight well, I hope there is no hard feelings given that was simply a test. I admire you ferocity and look forward to learning more about what is trapped in that mind of yours." Without waiting for a response he set down the one bottle and drank his own. Learning about pain maps sounded truly interesting but while drinking his water he had to admit that 3's wild barrage had already done some damage. Going over is body internally there was nothing that wouldn't heal but at the same time that didn't make it hurt any less. There wasn't much to be done, he would just have to compartmentalize the pain as best he could and move forward, the only other choice was apparently to die at the hands of the Sith. Slowly walking up to the first of the Crystal images he began to study the complexity of the image and the energy patterns flowing through it. The patter, while somewhat obscure was not difficult to figure out. Deciding to use his tried and true method of learning he spent several minutes memorizing the patterns of energy. The sith had said it would hurt but was also worth the pain so focusing his mind he began to attempt to mimic the pressure points on his own body in an attempt to create the pain sensation that the map showed. At first it seemed he was perhaps wrong about the energy pattern when suddenly one attempt yeilded a jolt of pain that set his head spinning and drove him to his knees. After allowing himself five minutes for his head to clear and the pain to stop he repeated the process to the same result. Two more repetitions with the same result satisfied his intellectual curiosity and memory. Smiling despite himself he moved on to the next crystal image with a determined glint in his eye. This knowledge was invaluable even if he failed to become a sith or died in the morning it would be a well cherished memory as it was obviously the work of masters. It was going to be a long night, but if all went to plan he would at least be able to get 3 hrs of sleep. Well, perhaps 2.5.
  2. The shout, that blasted shout, it hurt. Alot. It stunned him more then artillery fire going off near by. He recovered quickly but not nearly as quickly as the strange man only knows as 3 moved this time. The tackle took the wind out of him. In a brief moment of panic after he had been slammed into the floor all he could see was an strange purplish red light. He wasn't use to being in a panic. It was a strange sensation and he felt that strange sensation he always felt before something unexplained happend. Strugling to stand while still grappeling with 3 and his ears ringing the fight seemed to have degenerated into a brawl. As his panic grew so did the uneasy sensation and suddenly with a cry of enough Drago himself flew backward slamming into a wall. Dazed he wondered if whatever shockwave had just thrown him backwards had also impacted 3. He hoped so as the wind was once again knocked out of him in the span of less then a minute.
  3. He was surprised by the strange mans timed reactions, the pain he had caused should have been minimal yet it rattled something loose. It was not a great feat to dodge the leg sweep but the speed at which the body blow came surprised him and staggered him back a few feet. A quick internal survey revealed no major damage but given the mans weakened state the blow was impressive. "It seems something has been knocked loose inside you my friend, I am glad to see it. I am sorry this is how it has to be released but I fear I now desire to unravel the mysteries of your mind even more. If you are ready let us change things up a bit." Dropping into an Echani fighting stance he prepared for his next attack. Sidestepping to the left and then entering a role that would bring him up on the right he lashed out with to swift kicks at the end of the roll, hoping to strike about chest high to see if he could topple the strange man in front of him. The blows were executed perfectly and he again hoped he had not overdone it given the mans condition. He had to know what was going on in this mans head, the mystery was just to much to pass up.
  4. Studying 3 and his strange combat stance made him realize just how little he could really judge this strange creature. However given what the sith had said perhaps this poor creature was suffering from some form of mind wipe or cerebral damage. Dropping into a Thrysian combat stance he again studied 3 to see if there was a response. With no major one apparent he decided to see what he could do to help unlock this strange creatures mind. "I am not sure you understand me, but know that what I am about to do is in hopes of unlocking your mind so that we may better understand one another and travel a path of knowledge while working with are mutual friend. I will apologize in advance for any discomfort." Without waiting for a response he attacked. A quick rush to the left as a faint followed by a strong straight palm strike from his right hand aimed at the mans ribs. Hopefully the man reacted at least enough to move or somewhat block, Drago was not accustomed to holding back and wasn't about to now, not when there was so much he didn't understand.
  5. The creature had an interesting reaction to his offered hand, no not creature for it was certainly a man. He appeared to be offering up his arm as an explanation for his name. 003. How strange, a slave one would assume yet obviously more if somehow affiliated with the sith. How strange, a simple glance at the man tells you he is malnurished and in no fit mind, yet he was here and had attracted the attention of a sith, a new sith, but still a sith. If he was a former slave the method for handling him could be as simple as issuing commands, however should he be some form of sith in disguise or some form of prospect now seemed an appropriate time to attempt to make an ally. Slowly reaching into his pack Drago produced a condensed protein bar he carried in his travlels. Unwrapping the package he offered it to the man known as 003. "It is an interesting pleasure to meet you 3, here you appear that you could use some food and then perhaps you can focus enough for us to talk." He stood offering the food and waited to see what the strange man would do.
  6. It was odd to him that the sith would bother using the force to obtain a letter. However given the state of the messenger it was perhaps safer. While madmen in some cultures were revered as profits and sages, others viewed them as people to be avoided. The interesting thing in this instance was that this creature was somehow of use to the Sith. Perhaps he was one of the former examples of a madman and had a strange ability to use the force to read the future. Legends had spoken of such beings. Coming to a decision he stepped forward and politely nodded his head before extending his hand. "I am Fer'drag'onisi, you may call me Drogo. It is a pleasure to meet you, as you seem to know my new associate. What is your name?"
  7. The offer of knowledge as always tempted him greatly, it was to some a weakness of his to seek to always be learning. Many such persons had learned to late that assuming him bookish and bookish alone, had proven fatal. Were they wrong in considering his thirst for knowledge a flaw, perhaps, perhaps not. Either way his desire to know did tend to overwhelm his good sense. This women before him was offering a chance to unlock knowledge that would be forever out of his reach. He knew that regardless of how the Jedi portrayed the Sith they were a group possessing great knowledge. "So if I accept this offer, I would become some form of pupil and you would assist me in unlocking this knowledge of existence? You would help me attempt to answer a question whose answer I have sought for as long as I can remember? A question that many say have no answer. " After a long pause Drago bows, "I believe I find you interesting and honest enough to be worth taking the risk. I accept, let us hope this proves to be a mutually beneficial arrangement."
  8. The name she mentioned triggered a minor flash of memory, a conversation overheard in a crowded bar. He had some basic knowledge of the sith and new some of their names but for the most part had no set aside to much of his mental capacity to know them in detail. He studied the women before him and pondered the best course of action. Reaching into his memories he tried to bring front any stories or information he had regarding the sith and their motivations. "The ancient mysteries of the universe are to be sought often and with great vigor, however you are correct dark paths must sometime be taken to get there. That is not to say a more nuetral path shouldn't be sought. You claim to be a Sith Lord, though I must admit searching my memory I have not heard of you. That withstanding what is it our supposedly mutual friend would like to discuss with me? I am sorry to be blunt but it has taken some time to obtain permission to hunt on this world and study it so I am loath to leave without some form of legitimate reason." He continuted his observation of her, making a note of the glance she spared the heavily armed fellow near the expedition. The way she was interacting with him indicated a relationship but weather serious one or one of more of a daliance he coudn't say. Perhaps a guard of some kind with a special connection. It didn't matter, it was simply information to be filed away for later use should he continue to interact with this women.
  9. The press of the hand on his shoulder and surge of power it sent through him alerted him to the proximity of someone that seemed to be able to control the strange power he had. Without giving any overt indication that he was thrown off by the realization he turned his head slightly to inspect the person that had touched him. "I may be interested but I would request that you don't touch me till we are formally introduced. My name is Fer'drag'onisi, you may call me Drago if that is easier for you. May I ask what I may call you?" Without attempting to be rude Drago stepped forward slightly to remove her hand while turning to face her completely. She was not a large women and seemed to be exuding a strange sense of authority he hadn't noticed before. This was, if nothing else, going to be an interesting conversation.
  10. The stragne women with the group of hunters flirting with the larger male caught his attention. For some reason he felt that he should know this person but just chalked it up to one of those moments of perhaps seeing someone similar in his travels. He proceeded to head out of the port towards the muster point for the safari. He was curious if he woudl get the chance to meditate and wonder away from the group and was hoping it would happen, then again learning the hunting habits of the locals wouldn't be bad either. Shrugging to himself he watched the women and man leave and shook his head again at the strange feeling. No matter, now was not the time to worry about such a pointless matter, now was the time to learn about Cathar and its natives.
  11. The space port was slightly different than any he had encountered before. It was not as cultural mixed as he had anticipated but then again, the Cathar no longer really ventured out into the greater galactic community. He surveyed his papers and smirked at his luck as being accepted on a hunting trip that was also doubling as a research trip for the elderly gentlemen, he had the pleasure of talking to on his previous stop. He looked forward to catching up with him if he could. Searching around the port left him little time for relaxation as he knew he needed to meet up with his outfit relatively quickly. He was outfitted as normal with no major plans of participating in the hunt beyond perhaps the tracking of the animal. His hope was to learn of the native flora and fauna and to observe traditional Cathar hunting styles. He had taken the precaution of buying a modified slug rifle in case they insisted he have a firearm beyond his pistol, but he wasn't too worried. He was excited, more excited than he had been in quite some time. Here on this remote world he hoped to get some alone time in the wilds to meditate and try again to understand his weird ability to move things about, up till now it always only happened accidently and never in any intended fashion. Smiling he walked towards a large group after getting some directions from a local. Let the adventure on Cathar begin.
  12. Real Name: Fer’drag’onisi A.K.A: Drago Home world: Csilla Species: Chiss Physical Description Age: 21 Height: 6’5” Weight: 235 Hair: Raven black with purple highlights Eyes: Deep maroon Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Modern clothing in shades of gray and maroon. Armor is light echani armor in a mashup of maroon and black. Weapon: Carries a heavy blaster and a vibro sword. Also known to carry a type of brass knuckles Common Inventory: cred sticks, trench coat, back pack, 4 days of rations, basic gloves and traveling clothing, small collection of texts on ciss history and the force. Armor, weapons Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force sensitive/user accidently sometimes Alignment: neutral Current Faction Affiliation: none Current Faction Rank: none History: Force Side: Dark Trained by: n/a Trained who: n/a Known Skills: Basic military training, ship repair and bartering skills. Chose to leave Chiss to gather information on other cultures that don’t typically interact with his. Does minor trades with each trip to maintain a moderate level of income. Trading normally in somewhat more exotic and collectable goods as well as carrying passengers from time to time. Meditates and practices various martial arts picked up on visits to various planets. Most training time spent on echani and thrysian martial arts. Background: Growing up on Csilla Drago was raised by a military oriented father. Never knowing his mother who passed giving birth to him, he was simply told she was a very prominent women with limited precognition abilities. His father made sure to provide him with both a formal education and training in various military tactics, ship repair, economics and literature. He also received practical education in his planets somewhat isolationist policies and social structure. Ship Registration Name: Shadow of Csilla Class: Freighter Model:YT-2400 Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Length: 18.65 meters long, 28.5 meters wide Armaments: 2 servo mounted laser cannons Armor: Shielding rated 248, armored plating Anti-Personnel Defenses: Crew Appearance: The ship is a deep purple color with black highlights. Modifications: Small portion of the cargo bay has been converted into a training area, with a separate area set aside for basic workshop. There is also several specific canisters designated for carrying fragile artifacts and goods.
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