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  1. War.... Its scent was always the same. The smell of fire and carnage, the percussion of lives ended in misery, and the ever forward flight of pushing forward. Mythos stood at the forefront of his vessel, the two squads at the helm of a might filled Armada headed to liberate this world known as Chandrila, sitting in silence behind the Shistavanen as the newly established comrades gaze fell upon each other. Death... It was an inevitability they all faced each time they chose to step forward in the name of liberty and life, carefree in the views of their enemies, and standing tall in their convictions. But the fear still lingered the moments before touchdown, where in any given moment, fate could intervene and all would be taken from their control. As the thoughts crossed their minds, some gripped the barrels of their guns in anticipation while others prayed to their gods in silence that they would be seen through unscathed. Battle... It erupted all around them, their faith in those who stood with them flinching with every explosion as the vessel traced forward evermore, their enemies relentless in their own beliefs as ever warrior knew that in battle, luck was everything until the moment skill came into play. Mythos only gazed forward, watching the onslaught of Mandalorian Forces that drew to attack, the massive beast licking his chops in the moment and knowing full well that those behind him, like those aboard the bridges and within the starships, all flew one banner now, and what that singular individual banner meant for them all. A banner forged in blood, sweat, tears, and lives. It stood for everything they held dear to their hearts. And as their hearts beat to the drums of war, they were here to answer its call. Silence.... It was the moment of landing, the moment of know what to expect but never what to expect. It was the moment before the boarding ramp lowered and the Armada stormed the beach heads in full might. It was the moment before a singular foot stepped upon the soil they were there liberate and cleanse of the darkness and corruption they were there to rid the world of in a singular fight. And it was the moment before a single life was lost upon it. Grabbing his gear and heading to the rear, Mythos stood ready in that moment, his massive paw angling for the ramp's release. He grinned massively as best he could, but it was more fearsome than welcoming as his paw slammed against the release and with a hiss, the boarding ramp began its descent. He would always lead the charge, his men ready in waiting, and as the first of many enemies came visible, his gun roared with its singular explosive destruction. Chandrila... Help had arrived.
  2. Even though a response never came, Mythos enjoyed his meal rather lavishly. He may have looked like a wild animal, but his manners were well behaved as he cut the steak into small morsels and ate the potatoes with a spoon. When he finally sat back and let his full stomach press hard against his clothes, he let out a satisfied sigh before encircling his stomach with his paw, his long tongue licking the small portions that remained between his maw and gums. But today would not stay all calm, cozy, and collected as his comm unit blared out loud and briefly interrupted other patrons, Mythos apologizing as he scooped up what remained of the credstick and made his way out the door. Looking at the comm unit with slight despair, he sighed, and put the unit away. It was back to active duty, only a shifting moment of relaxation enjoyed. Gathering his equipment and finding a quick restroom to use, it wouldn't be long before he was aboard the Misericordia. He only hoped his mind would not end with his derelict of duty this day.
  3. Mythos's brow furrowed as she spoke, his tail shifting in his displeasure. The young Imperialist called his survival a blessing, which, in the usual context, he could see. But in truth, it now felt like a curse. Not in the sense that he had survived, but the darkness he felt she had placed upon him, the visions of spirits and the dead, her trickery to haunt his mind. He was doing all he could to hold it together. Taking another lap of his drink, he sat it down and opened his own menu. "Didn't know that such services were offered." Mythos spoke with surprise, the veteran of the Alliance Marshals having never really heard of post mission therapy, but the days of old had long changed since he was truly active. He was the last of a dying breed, from an era where emotional syndromes weren't openly talked about except over a few alcoholic beverages. "What do these services entail exactly?" As the Marshal awaited her reply, he shifted his hand toward a waiter and began making his order; a large steak, medium rare with a portion of potatoes and a small fist sized yeast bun off to the side. Handing over the cred stick to pay for the Meals, Mythos turned back to the young Imperialist. "Truth be told, I'm beginning to believe she hexed me. Or that I'm simply going crazy. I see the spirits she rose that day everywhere I turn lately in my perifial, only to look and not see anything there. They invade my mind even in my dreams, and I'm exhausted."
  4. "Liquor helps..." Mythos spoke in response to her comment about his anger toward her kin, the Shistavanen smiling a gruesome attempt that just ended up looking more fierce some than friendly as he withdrew his refiled mug and sat it down upon the table. "I suppose that I've always viewed any user of the Force as a nuisance, more bothersome than actual help in any given situation. But I supposed you're just as fallible as the rest of us, and maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn to the ideals behind your aid." Mythos leaned back against the metallic chair, his tail slipping off to the side as he crossed his legs and cradled his mug upon his stomach. He was beginning to notice his biased outlook, having harbored ill will toward them all due to the select few, mainly the Sith. As Vox sat down and poised his question in a dialect Mythos was slightly familiar in, yet butchered when he spoke it, he chose to reply in basic instead. "Never been here before myself, but they've got good Yelp reviews. Order whatever you like. It's on me." With that said, Mythos turned back to the younger of the Knights and the questioned she asked. Although her wording was off, he knew what she wanted to know. His brow furrowed a bit, his tongue licking his canines as he thought back to his encounter with the Sith Lord. "It was weird to be honest. A mist that appeared from nowhere clouded my vision before we even got into the fight, and where she remained for most of the battle, striking at me in between the phantoms she had conjured, showing me her painful past and trying to justify her darkness." As Mythos recalled the duel, he caught a glimpse of the shadows that had been haunting him sitting over in the corner, causing his gaze to shift toward it rather quickly, but it was gone as quick as it came and he turned back to Ivanov. "I lost my arm to her cursed blade, and yet, she allowed me to live, leaving me in agony as the wounds I recieved festered, almost as if she knew I would be rescued." With that said, Mythos took another few laps of the mug as he pondered the reasons why and tried to forget the spirits that seemed to plague his mind.
  5. Mythos followed their lead toward a little restuarant near the Imperial Base, a well known establishment for the middle class who preferred better tastes for a smaller credstick, as well as Officers and Higher Clientele whom preferred a more low key locale. As the shop keeper lead them to their table, Mythos removed his mask in the darker lighting, exposing his true visage and the scars he bore across his experienced face. As the two Knights ordered their drink preferences, Mythos ordered a round of Corellian Whiskey for the three with a Tarisian Ale for a chaser. "Its not you or your Order personally." Mythos began, his grumbled voice revealing the hidden incorrect healing of his once sliced vocal cords. "But more toward the ideology and standing that comes with any Empire, especially those before your's." Mythos had just turned back the larger shot of Corellian Whiskey when he saw @Vox enter the establishment, the Shistavanen taking a drink from the pitcher sized mug the owner had brought for him as he stood and waved the Trandoshan over. Setting the mug down, he looked back toward Ryzhkov, the maw scar draping his eye apparent even in the dimmed lighting. "That, and I dont care much for the mystic energy you call the Force or those who use it." As Vox began to head in their direction, Mythos sat back down, pulled a unoccupied chair from another table, and made room for the new arrival, taking another large gulp from his mug and licking away the access and foam from his own jaws. "As a former Alliance Marshal, its left a certain disdained taste in my mouth, and after the recent skirmish at Dark Sun Station, it hasn't gotten any sweeter. It may have not been my first encounter with a Sith," Mythos cringed slightly as the hairless scar across his back burned in memory as he mentioned his first encounter as well as his own mind wondering across the recent plaguing of memories belonging to the last encounter, causing his gaze to shift to his artificial replaced arm at the hands of the Knight Sandy as he balled its metallic fist up and released it. "But this last encounter was unlike any other before." Shifting his eyes from Ryzhkov to his mug, Mythos tipped up to finish it off and held it up for a refill.
  6. As Mythos felt the shuttle land, he removed his arm and stood up, stretching his gigantic form as he did, his fur ruffling in response. He had caught a brief amount of sleep on the ride down, and while it may not have been enough, it would sustain him until he could properly catch up. Looking around for the apparitions and seeing none, he disembarked. Just as he turned and started making his way to the medical ward, he smelt the approach of two Imperial Knights, the littlest of the two finishing it. Personally, he'd rather steer clear of the Imperial personnel as much as he could. But given the recent mission and Admiral Slaughter's own attempt to find a middle ground with them, he figured what harm could come of it. "Sure little one." He spoke, leaning his gaze down toward her as his eyes shifted toward her compatriot. "I suppose a bite to eat before our debriefing wouldn't hurt." Nor would it hurt to show the others the means of narrowing the gap between former Alliance members who still held grudges toward their Imperial counterparts now that the Rebel Alliance was beginning to come to fruition. He needed to set an example if this Alliance was going to truly work. Reaching into his pocket, Mythos pulled out a Golden Credit Stick and held it between his index and middle fingers of the artificial arm that Sandy had attached for him as he smiled a bit forcefully. "But please, allow it to be my treat" Mythos voice strained as he bowed properly and offered her to take the lead, the Shistavanen's real arm extended.
  7. As the Montjoie exited hyperspace above Nar Shadaa, the secured members of the College and the acquired Doctrines aboard, as well as the rescued Ships in tow, Mythos sighed a sigh of relief. The mission to Anaxes was completed without a single hitch. Gathering his things, he left the bridge and after sending his report to @Sgt. Slaughter, made his way to shuttle bay of the drydocks where @Voxand @ISB Officer(s) were to meet and head to their debriefing. "Job well done men." Mythos spoke in a congratulatory tone, patting Vox and the others upon the backs as he pulled his duster onto him form and made his way to the shuttle that would bring them to Headquarters for the debrief. Within eye shot of the Imperial Knight that had brought back the commissioned ships, Mythos stopped dead, the flickering of the forms plaguing his vision and dreams being caught out the corner of his dilated eyes. His breath grew heavy as the fear sat in, similar to what those with PTSD would display, only this was a different form. It was her memories, that of the Sith's, converging into his reality that he displayed, and it was beginning to only get worse as time went on. Especially in moments of dire duress or fatigue, both of which was beginning to set themselves upon him after such a worrisome mission. Shaking his head, shifting his gaze to see if anyone saw him or the figure save for the Imperial Knight he seemingly missed observing him, Mythos dusted the collar of his duster and climbed aboard, closing his eyes as he sat down upon the bench and awaited to the ride planetside. For Mythos, this was an unnatural occurrence, part of him wanting to blame PTSD or perhaps a repercussion of his near death experience at Dark Sun on a scientific level. But the other half felt and knew that the Sith's mystical power had something to do with this, whether lingering from the fight or a curse placed upon him after. He wasn't completely sure. All he was sure about was that it was beginning to get to him and that could pose a problem in future missions. Perhaps one of the medics could provide a stimulant after the debriefing, or perhaps something to help him sleep it off since he hadn't gotten much sleep since. Either way, something had to be done. Crossing his remaining arm across his eyes, he stayed in that position until he felt the transport land planetside.
  8. Looking at Vox as the last of the men boarded and the shuttle began to lift off, he nodded to the Trandoshan as he pulled the trigger on the remote, detonations exploding with roaring galore as the transport shut its ramp and headed for space. Only the College and its ties were destroyed, surrounding buildings, warehouses, and dorms left untouched save the minute particles of dust that settled upon their forms as the structures erupted and fell like a stack of pizzak cards. The mission to Anaxes was a success and now it was time to head home. Mythos stepped the front, opening a comm. "Evac successful." His mangled voice expressed as his artificial finger tapped the earwig, a sense of relief emanating from within him. "Prepare for hyperspace once we arrive Montjoie" Just as Mythos finished his words, the Shistavanen had to rub his eyes briefly, the apparatus of a dark figure creeping up in the corner of his eye, only no one seemed to notice it. Worry sat within his mind, the visage a remnant of what he saw during his duel with the Sith at Dark Sun. His gigantic paw slapped the side of his head quickly, playing it off as the earwig bothering his sensitive hearing. But in truth, Mythos just wanted the figures to go away. As the episode subsided, Mythos looked ahead. As the transport sat down in the hangar, the Montjoie sat front and center of the fleet that Mythos had assigned the Imperial Agent. In unison, all ships jumped into hyperspace and headed straight to Nar Shadaa. Anaxes was complete. (Next post is at Nar Shadaa)
  9. "On me." Mythos' garbled voice pronounced as he turned and started toward the library, briefly turning to give Vox a nod. He had no worries that the Trandoshan and McAllister would complete their mission successfully. But on the other hand, his own was what worried him. These doctrines he was supposed to retrieve, he held no clue as to what they would be or how to recover them. He considered flash drives, and even brought a handful to be sure. But he wouldnt know the full scope until he got there. "Damnron, you lead the way. You know this college better than any of us here. Men, gather up a few lifts just incase we need more than flashdrives." "Sir." Damron voiced, a hesitation in her voice as she stood squarely in an official salute. "Yes, Damron? You dont have to salute. Just spit it out." Mythos spoke, the large Shistavanen turning his head back toward her. "Yes sir." She quickly approached him. "The doctrines are easy to move as a whole, and even with explosives, we can't ensure complete destruction." Mythos scratched at his chin briefly the spoke. "Very well then. You heard her men. Get those lifts." As the men gathered the lifts, Mythos and Damron went on ahead. It wasn't much of a trek where they had landed, just opposite the plaza, and when they entered, Mythos saw why Damron suggested as she did. These drives were state of the art, even on Imperial levels, and there was no way a handful of flashdrives could contain every byte of information stored within. As the lifts arrived, Mythos spun his hand in a circular motion, giving signals to collect the drives, before he and Damron started on their first one. It would take them roughly thirty minutes to collect the drives and set charges, making sure to get every one before they began the heavy trek back. Despite the lifts aid, it was still a large load to move, and it took another fifteen just to clear the plaza. Once loaded, Mythos gave Damron and the men orders to lift off and head back to the Montjoie as he stayed behind to check on Vox and McAllister. Mythos was never one to leave before the last. With fifteen minutes remaining to spare, he stayed with the last ship and awaited Vox. They would blow these charges together.
  10. As soon as everyone was on board the lead shuttle, Team Alpha departed for the War College at Anaxes. Mythos stood near the front of the ship, his Shistavanen gaze staring out the transport toward the planet below as they entered space and left behind the Montjoie. Officially, this was his first mission in full command, and even for a Veteran like him, he could still feel the knotted stomach of a fresh welp bottling up inside him. His gaze shifted across his men, hoping that each and every one of them would return safely, that this mission would go as planned. But as a Veteran, he knew that it rarely ever did. Fixating his gaze upon @Vox, he moved away the cockpit and made his way toward the massive Trandoshan. "First time hunting alone without the pack?" He questioned with a soft tone, one Hunter to another. For Mythos, his transpired many years ago when he was but a pup, half expected to never return by his own having been the runt of the litter. But here he stood the largest of it, towering even over his own parents, as testament to how the truly strong survive. Looking up to his fellow hunter, Mythos patted his shoulder. "You will prove yourself. Do not worry." And with that, Mythos turned away and stood at the rear, feeling the pull of the atmosphere upon the ship's hull as gravity took hold. These were moments Mythos treasured each time, almost religiously. He wished to be the first out when the ship settled, the first to lead the charge so that he could drag away enemy fire away from those he led, even if this mission granted none of it. The tinkling of his artificial fingers against the hilt of his blade echoed around him. And as he felt the lunge of the transport touching down, his fist was there to meet the ramp's activation. And as expected, the two Lieutenants were there to greet them as he emerged. "McAllister, send your men back with the transports. Damron, send yours in the transports heading to the Fleet remnants of the Alliance that remains in orbit. We're taking them back to Nar Shadaa with us and we need them fully manned. Once that's done, we're heading out. We need to recover the Doctrines from the Library and Disable the College permanently. Understood?" Then Mythos turned to the approaching College Administrators. "General, Admiral... Report to the Montjoie and begin extractions from there. McAllister and Damron will be under my command for the remainder of this mission, and as such, I'm relying on you two to act in their stead. There's no telling how large of a window we have, so arguments are futile." With that, Mythos turned to his men as well as Vox and the returning McAllister and Damron. "McAllister, you go with Vox here and take as many men as you need." His gaze met the large Trandoshan. "You take care of the setting the charges and disabling the College. Damron and I will take the remainder and recover the Doctrines. We'll meet back here in one hour for the final evac and detonation. Remember, focus only on the structure itself and whatever the enemy could use if they capture it. No collateral. Understood?" (@Vox Leader of the naval cadet corps is Lieutenant Vertran McAllister. female Human. Ex imperial. Leader of the army cadet corps is Lieutenant Jen Damron. Human Female. Ex Republic.)
  11. As the Montjoie exited hyperspace, the sounds of her klaxons resonated throughout her entire form. Fighters began lift off, forming defensive screens around her, bombers soon following suit. Mythos stood on the holochamber, the Shistavanen discontent with his appointment in such a Leadership role as he faced both General Tanakka and Admiral Leadra. "Preparations for evac are at nearly sixty percent completed" Admiral Leadra spoke, the Bothan glancing a quick glare at his counterpart. "Would be fully prepped if the Army weren't so sloppy in their preparations." "Why you half defrosted space monkey" General Tanakka quickly responded, his glare even more presentable of the conflict between the two Colleges. "If we didn't have the Navy at our backs constantly, perhaps we could get something done." "Enough." Mythos spoke with a disgruntled sigh. "The two of you can play politics later. Right now, we need to evacuate, so get it together and have yourselves prepped by the time I reach ground." The two looked at each other and then at the massive Shistavanen eclipsing their own forms even in hologram form, bowing formally before Mythos killed the projections. This was why he preferred to work alone, to worry only of himself and the mission he was tasked with. Oh how he missed his days as a simple Marshal. But they were long gone and now he was beginning to fill the roles that the Alliance needed him to. So Anaxes would now be his mission. Turning toward the competent Officers aboard at the helm as he exited the holochamber, he simply nodded and left them in charge. He would lead the evacuations personally. It was likely the only thing that would keep his simple mind sane in times like this. Stepping aboard the lift, he returned the hanger, the transports firing up with his arrival as he turned toward the Squadrons he had requested. First he gazed at the strange Transdoshan(@Vox). "You're with me in Team Alpha" He spoke, his crude voice barely heard over the roaring of the surrounding engines. "But only you. Your compatriots go with him (@ISB Officer(s)) on Team Delta." With that said he turned to the squadrons officially. "I want both Imperials and Alliance members on both teams. I dont care if you dont like each other, only that we get the job done. Team Alpha will be hitting the Colleges and securing the assets in the Evac. Team Delta will be recovering the ships left over from the Galatic Alliance and ensure their return to Nar Shadaa. Am I understood?" Without a word left to linger or be spoken, Mythos turned and climbed aboard the lead transport that would be headed for the surface of Anaxes. Once there, resources for manning the ships for Team Delta would be provided while Mythos and Team Alpha would recover the Staff, Cadets, Doctrines, and disable the main components of the College to ensure it would never fall into enemy hands. Once everyone boarded their appropriate transports, they would depart and the mission would be fully underway, his contacts on the ground being Lieutenants McAllister and Damron.
  12. As the Montjoie finished her preflight checks and lifted from the hollowed dry docks that bustled her frame, Mythos gave a nod toward the Commander on Deck before grabbing the dataslate he had been handed from his pocket and headed toward the hangar. Now was the time for the brass tactics, his presence upon the bridge more of a hindrance than a necessity. He was a creature of war and personal confrontation, not a visor of the range and fleet. And he would not pretend to be such. After the brief ride down from the bridge to the hangar, Mythos, towering above most, quickly noticed the culmination of the squads he had requested, a brewing mixture of Imperial Troopers and Alliance Marines.... and Trandoshans? Mythos was actually taken aback a bit as he encountered the small group (@Vox) that now integrated within the group, the Shistavanen actually having to look up at someone as others often did him. His gaze stared at their leader as he walked beneath him and toward the forefront before turning around and opening a channel across the hangar's frequency. "I'm sure all of you are wondering why you stand next to each other...." He spoke, his grizzled voice still barely above a whisper even with the enhanced tone of the hangar's comm system. "Especially with a former Alliance Marshal at the helm. But with the loss of Coruscant and Hesperidum, we no longer have the luxury of despising one another. Imperials and Galactic Alliance... they are no longer names to separate us. We are the Rebel Alliance, or simply Rebels if you prefer. And you lucky few are the first bunch to get to know what it's like to work together. Don't like it? Take it up with your superiors. Until we return, you're mine. Got it? Good." Mythos sighed, the raspy tone of it gurgling across the air waves as he bypassed the pleasantries and got right down to business. "Our target if the War College at Anaxes. We get in, evacuate the members, wipe the drives, set charges, and get out before it crumbles with minimal casualties. After that, we gather what remains of our assets and we head home. Any questions? Mythos let a brief moment of silence linger, but quickly speaking again before any questions could truly be asked. "I didn't think so. Grab some chow and prepare yourselves. Dismissed. Just as Mythos spoke, the ship shifted beneath them as it entered hyperspace and they were off toward their destination. ((If you want to do any introductions or have anything to do before we reach Anaxes, post in the Space thread. Otherwise, I'll post our arrival at Anaxes in three RL days. I'm also available in DMs on Discord if any OOCly questions are needed))
  13. It wasn't much of a trip, or so it felt like just mere moments for Mythos. Because as soon as he got comfortable, he felt the shaking thud of the transport touching down within the Montjoie. Disembarking, Mythos placed the metallic mask her wore to hide his identity upon his face, shook his duster loose of dirt and debris, and began walking the large hangar as he made his way toward the lift leading to the bridge. Just as requested, both the Galactic Alliance Marines and the Imperial Troopers were aboard and preparing themselves for departure, the smell of disdain lingering in the air as the tension between the two groups brought static into the air at mere glances. Mythos shook his head and loaded aboard the lift. Moments later he was aboard the bridge and preflight checks were under way. Still, a part of him stood on edge despite the low threat given to the mission. He couldn't help but feeling his hair standing on ends. (@Flashbandit2475.... just catch up when you can.)
  14. Mythos placed his hand up, signaling the young Briggs a moment of silence as the two entered the bustling spaceport before continuing onward to the small transport. As he nodded to the pilot, he allowed Briggs to climb aboard before he shut the door behind them and took a seat. With the added privacy, Mythos turned a stern gaze toward the human. "We've got to remain cautious even on a friendly world like Nar Shadaa. You never know when a spy is lurking nearby." Mythos spoke, the lunge of the transport lifting off and making way for space shifting their weight slightly. "Its a standard evacuation mission. We go in, evacuate Imperial and Alliance members, wipe the software, set the self destruct and get out. Sounds simple for a first mission, eh?" Mythos let the mission details linger upon the air, his emphasis sounding on the latter more than most. But no mission ever turned out simple, and Mythos knew this better than most, the scarred flesh and vocal cords beneath his throat's fur a reminder as much as a testament to that very fact. Still, even someone like Mythos could hope for such success. "But to be on the safe side of things, I've requested a squad from both the Alliance Marines and the Imperial Troopers." Mythos spoke as he leaned back and crossed his legs and folded his arms beneath his head, not leaving much room for anyone to walk around the large being. "Better to be safe than sorry. Get comfortable recruit. It'll take a few moments to reach our destination."
  15. Shaken and egos bruised, the two quickly let go of their pistols and took off, briefly holding their retreat to grab their fallen comrade before they took off completely. Mythos grimaced and toss the blasters aside, his gaze shifting toward the two that remained. He nodded his head in response of the Imperial Officer removing his helm, the Shistavanen's long tongue licking his maw as he shifted his gaze one last time to ensure the trio had disappeared completely before approaching Briggs and the Imperial Officer. "Trouble in Paradise, I take it?" Mythos spoke, his voice knarled and low, pointing in the direction that the three offenders had taken. "I was just on my way to the Mission to see if any new recruits were capable of the task before I headed back." He spoke, while in truth, Mythos trusted newer recruits even less far than even Imperial Soldiers, but as he gazed upon this one beside the Officer, he grew intrigued. He was quick on the draw, it seemed, but so was Mythos himself all those years ago when he first joined the Galactic Alliance Marshals. Perhaps with a little training and education, he could be shaped well for this new Rebel Alliance that was being forged. "Seems fate decided to do the work for us." Mythos's gaze shifted toward the new recruit, his face never moving as the scarred eye peered toward the new recruit. "Indeed. Had this been only a few months ago, I wouldn't have lifted a singular finger to help either of you or anyone affiliated with Imperials. But that was then and this is now, and I'm sure the officer here would likely agree had it been you and I." Mythos' tone was strict and informative. he may have liked the man's character, but it didn't mean that he would go easy on the lad. This was war that was brewing across the Galaxy, and coddling would only end in death. "I would say the mission was a simple one, but there is nothing simple about war. But fortunately it seems an easy enough task to get your boots wet. Be thankful. We could be facing Sith rather than a the simpler task of evacuating Anaxes." And with that said, Mythos turned and started walking toward the starport. It was time he reported in upon the Montjoire. Briggs was welcome to catch up if wasn't already on Mythos' heels. After all, Mythos wasn't one for words, and especially today of all days with that haunting dream still weighing upon his mind.
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