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  1. I just found out today that I am able to walk in the spring commencement ceremony in 11 days! I'm still working on my thesis, with a completion date not anticipated until August at the very least. Today, I called the College of Graduate Studies about something unrelated and was told I am able to walk. I'm so unbelievably excited!
  2. I subscribed to The Washington Post. Supporting the media seems like the most patriotic thing one can do in America right now considering the assault on the freedom of the press. It was largely a donation than a subscription--I easily could have viewed their articles for free without subscribing. But I felt compelled to give them money.
  3. Ugh. What a depressing election. As many know, I have actively supported the Republican Party for as long as I have been old enough to be politically active. When I was in college, I was part of the College Republican's administration and campaigned my heart out for McCain in 2008. I am not voting for Donald Trump. It's not even close. Not even close. His candidacy scares me. I know there's a rule against drawing Hitler comparisons, but my God, how can one not after everything that's occurred since he announced his candidacy? I'm on the precipice of voting for Clinton. She's far from perfect. But again, my God. I'm a Never Trump Republican. My vote will likely be decided Tuesday morning after reviewing the polls in my state. If the race is close, I will vote for Clinton. If it's a runaway in either direction, I'm voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. I'm also looking to purge the party of Trump enablers. Every Republican candidate on my ballot who has defended Trump is losing my vote to an independent or Democratic opponent. I've been so saddened to see how unprincipled Republicans truly are. The big hitters who rightly attacked Trump during primaries (read: Rubio, Cruz) who now support him in an effort to cling to power deserve to lose their elections. My God.
  4. It's going well. I'm in my final year. This semester has been rather uneventful. One class is my "practicum"--which was an internship I did two summers ago. We only meet four times this semester. The other course is an online course that didn't start until October. I'm also working on my thesis in the meantime I thought having a light load this semester would be great for my thesis work, but I've found that without the consistent schedule, I've kinda gotten academically lazy..
  5. I'm into my fourth semester of grad school, already. Nothin' but A's (and and ugly A minus that we don't need to talk about)
  6. I've crossed 14 years (and one month!). How have we wasted so much time here?
  7. Only twice. I wanted to round it off to a third, but with grad school work, I don't think it's going to be possible.
  8. Did you guys buy it? I did. It's undoubtedly Star Wars and John Williams at his finest. I couldn't help but notice that it was relatively absent of any breakout, notable songs. In a way, it's kinda like "A New Hope"'s soundtrack. We've been given such gems as "Imperial March", "Emperor's Throne Room", "Duel of the Fates", "Across the Stars", "Battle of the Heroes". This time around, it really seems that we're missing THAT song.
  9. I really miss the original "yub-nub" song.
  10. Obviously, spoilers. Perhaps the one disappointment in the latest installment was the "Star Killer". It wasn't that it wasn't unimpressive. It was the ease and lackadaisical manner in which the Resistance destroyed it. Can the powers that be (both real life, and Star Wars' villains) create a weapon that is creative, but with the same awesomeness of the Death Star? I think the Star Killer kinda showed that this may be impossible. I almost think a better idea, instead of continuing to go "bigger and bigger" would be to mirror the original size of the first Death Star...but to have many of them. Everywhere.
  11. Yep! I have not put batteries in it yet, but apparently it makes malfunctioning hyperdrive noises, successful hyperdrive noises (there's a switch on the inside to "fix" the hyperdrive ), take off noises, landing noises, and flying noises! There are also buttons on the sides that pop up a nerf shooter from the middle and another that pops up the turret gun on top. I'm not totally sure what you mean by breakaway top, but the backside comes off as such:
  12. WOW I made an outrageous purchase of something I wanted since I was a little kid..the Battle Action Millennium Falcon. Man was it worth every penny, I love it! It's HUGE. It's big enough that it has all of these extra spots for storage and it's totally led me to justify buying all of the essential Star Wars characters (I'm a bit of a minimalist and I don't like clutter, so I like that I can easily store them away). The ship came with Finn, Chewie, and BB-8. I've had Darth Vader for ages. I ordered the 1997 era "Power of the Force" Yoda and Palpatine and they should be shipping this week.
  13. Well. We now have seven movies. What are your rankings? After two viewings, this is how I'd rank: ESB TFA ROTS ANH AOTC ROTJ TPM
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