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  1. Kel sensed the arrival of a large hostile force up above Chandrila's orbit. shortly after their declaration of destruction, he and the imperial knights received an encrypted message from Master Sandy. "Imperial knights, Jedi, Republic troops, the mandalorians have come in force as we have feared. Wrap up your evacuations and prepare for an escape to allied space. I will delay the enemy until you can all safely make your departures, I want no singular acts of bravery. Evacuate all that you can and then live to fight another day. May the force be with you. Sarna out." after the message ended, Kel noticed that a group of children was staring at him. 'Druk. they must have over heard the message.' a small blue skinned Twi'lek boy stepped forward and asked "Are we going to die?" Kel knelt down and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder in a calming manner. "No. Everything is going to be alright. None of you are going to die while we're here to protect you. do you understand?" the boy and his friends nodded in the affirmative and proceeded to board the freighters. Kel deduced that there were other Jedi on the chandrila besides himself from Sandy's message. After inquiring the imperial knights, he learned that there was a master and an apprentice were in the very orphanage they were sent to evacuate. Kel went into the orphanage to speak with them.
  2. "You have been cleared to approach. welcome to Chandrilla Jedi Kel." the tie fighters broke off and allowed Kel passage into their territory. Kel did as his master instructed and went toward the planet surface to aid in the evacuation. Kel's ship landed alongside the freighters. The cock pit popped open and Kel climbed out of the ship and onto solid ground. Kel approached the one of the Orphanage caretakers, a human woman who appeared immensely relieved with their arrival. "Thank you for coming. We have been waiting anxiously for your arrival. the children especially have been quite distressed." Kel nodded to the woman "Master Sandy has made me aware of the situation. We will do everything we can to get the orphans to a safe haven. You have my word as a Jedi." "Thank you master jedi." the woman gave a small bow which Kel reciprocated. The two of them along with the imperials went to work gathering the orphans on the transport ships in a calm and orderly manner.
  3. Kel's personal fighter the star chaser exited hyperspace entering Chandrilla. as he began approaching the ship carrying his master, a pair of imperial tie fighters surrounded him on his left and right. shortly after a radio channel was opened between Kel and the two pilots. "You are in imperial occupied space. State your name and business." "My name is Kel Koon. I am a Padawan of the Jedi order. I've come here to Assist My master Who is on one of your ships. You might Know her as Jedi knight Sandy Sarna." "Stand by." The pilots the n proceeded to contact their superiors in order to verify his claim.
  4. On their long flight, kel began meditating while R5 piloted the ship. he thought about his place in the galaxy and what he should do. hw thought to himself what his brother Frond would do were he in his place. what would master Sandy do for that matter? his thoughts drifted more and more on his master and out of curiosity decided he should reach out through the force to locate her. he found the bright flame that was his master's presence in the force near Chandrila. He also sensed that a great conflict was happening in that part of the galaxy as well. Kel weighed the options before him. did he stay with master Vos and help his apprentice with his personal mission? or would he join master Sandy in battle and help those who were caught in the crossfire? Master Vos's advice about the big picture kept repeating itself in his mind. He realized that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. With a heavy heart, Kel contacted master Vos over the ship's radio and informed him that he would be returning to master Sandy. "I've thought long and hard about this master. I believe that right now the place I'm needed at most is Chandrila. At master Sandy's side. May the force be with you and your apprentices Master Vos." After leaving his message, Kel broke off from formation, input the coordinates of Chandrila and went into hyperspace.
  5. Frond? Frond open up!" still no response Kel tried sensing his fellow jedi through the force, but was shocked to find he had simply vanished. what in the world is going on here? as if to answer his question, he received a transmission from master Vos stating that both Frond and Ficcabin gone into the force and to return to his ship. "Understood. I'll meet you up in orbit and follow you." Kel gazed at the ship's entry way briefly before slamming his fist upon the metal door. "I'm sorry. I should've gone with you." After that Kel boarded his ship and returned to outer space where he reconnected with his ship's hyperspace ring and flew out to Join master Tobias and company for their next task.
  6. At last, Kel had exited hyper space and found himself in the Garn system along the outer rim. he traveled through the system until he had found the planet for which the system was named for. the planet was full of barren landscapes colored a putrid and sickly yellow fog. kel detached the ship from its hyper space ring, and descended to the world below. As he descended to the planet came across what could only be described as a forest of rot and decay. Though for such things to exist would mean that the world still desperately clung to life. Such is the balance of life and death. As his fellow Padawan Frond would say, it is the force as it wills. Kel's trusty astromech R5-N7, picked up a transmission signal from an active ship. no doubt, this was the very ship that Frond and Ficcabin had used to come all the way out here. Frond must have figured out how to transmit a signal. "R5, lock on to the source of that transmission." the droid beeped in the affirmative and kel steered the ship in the direction that the signal originated from. At long last, Kel had found the ship belonging to his brother in arms. Kel deployed the landing gear on his ship and began the process of landing the ship. once it was safely on the ground, Kel opened the cockpit hatch and practically leaped on to solid ground. Kel walked up to the ship and stood before the door to the ship's interior. "Hey Frond, It's Kel. Open up, the air here stinks so bad that i'd rather be on felucia without my breathing mask!"
  7. Kel sat in silence as he and his astromech R5-N7 Flew through hyperspace on their mission to rescue his fellow Jedi. Flying through space was one of kel's favorite pass times and It always helped him clear his head. It would be sometime before he reached Garn, so Kel began to ponder how exactly they would go about rescuing the givin from a sith and his army of battle droids...yeah this was gonna be a lot harder than he thought. from what he recalled of his vision, frond was able to dispatch the droids quite easily, but he's probably bought some newer and maybe even deadlier droids since then. Neimoidians do love their battle droids after all. "Just had to get yourself into one big pile of druk didn't you Frond?" Kel began to ponder how it was that frond had been defeated by the sith. he had sensed a great amount of fear from the neimoidian. surely such a cowardly opponent would have been no match for someone as skilled and stong as Frond is... as that thought flew flippantly through his head he recalled his encounter with that darkside spirit on Felucia. Fearful as he was back then, he swung his training saber like a madman, but for all of Kel's might, he could not stop the spirit from possessing him. When master Sandy came to save him she didn't defend herself or try to disarm him. rather she rushed to his side despite the danger in order to release him from the dark spirit's grip. in both of these situatations, it seemed that answering fear with power, only served to further bolster the darkside of the force. In order to save Ficcabin he and Frond would require a cunning strategy.
  8. R5 activated the boosters attached to his legs allowing him to hover up to the docking port on Kel's ship. The astromech then began beeping as it was it's primary method of communication. once kel had climbed the ladder and situated him self in the ship's cockpit he answered. "We're going to garn to pick up Frond. Once we do, we'll start looking for Ficcabin." R5 began beeping again asking yet another question. "Frond is... technologically challenged to put it kindly. He can't fly the ship by himself. So once we get there I'll have to operate his ship and you'll have to follow us in mine." BEEP. "Okay, ours. Yeesh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." After their brief exchange, Kel fired up the ship and steered it until it connected to the syliure hyper space ring. once the docking was completed, the ship took off into space. Kel input the coordinates for garn, activated the hyperdrive, and entered hyperspace.
  9. Kel was beginning to grow irritated by master Vos' need for planning. Did he not realize time was of the essence? Any strategizing would be best served after recovering Frond. He was about to voice his frustrations, even at the risk of sounding like an impatient child, when he felt Frond's presence in his mind again. although this message was different from his last. the halls of the jedi temple blinked out of existence before his eyes and he found himself on garn. more precisely with in the ship that Frond was struggling to operate. the sensation was odd to say the least it was as though he was seeing everything from Frond's perspective. Kel could feel Frond's plea for help within his mind along with the netti's frustration not only for his lack of technological prowess, but also for endangering Ficcabin. in this moment Kel knew that he had to offer as much guidance as he could. through the connection they shared, Kel guided Frond's hand as it were his own to the control panel and began imputing the necessary sequence to restore power to the ship. and with the pull of a lever, the ship's engine's hummed as they turned on. after the engine started the vision blinked as it had before and he found himself back at the temple with the Vos projection. "I'm sorry, Frond contacted me again just now. He wanted me to show him how to turn on the ship. Did you say something? Nevermind. Right now, time is of the essence. And our enemies aren't just going to sit around waiting until we're ready. Besides, whatever plan we have would be better executed once we've regrouped with Frond. Now, if you'll excuse me master, I'm going to prep my ship." With that being said, Kel contacted his astromech and told R5 to meet him at the hangar via his communicator.
  10. "Frond contacted me through the force but a moment ago. So at the least, he's still alive. And I was even able to reply with a message of my own. I believe we can contact him when necessary. I believe that Frond is still on Garn. Without Ficcabin's help, I doubt Frond would even be able to fly the ship. That's why he brought Ficcabin along in the first place. that Neimoidian just left Frond on the ground and took his hand like a kriffing trophy. And Ficcabin is probably just a victim of circumstance in all of this. Druk! I should've went with them when I had the chance...If Frond was able to find that sith spit neimoidian and his pet serpent before, he could find them again. Our first priority should be finding Frond. Then we'll be able to find Ficcabin wherever we find that sith."
  11. The Tobias doppelganger followed Kel through the halls of the temple. Kel noticed that master Vos had an oddly silent gait to his steps. Too silent in fact. Kel opened his senses to the force. He sensed Kota doing the attempting to do the same. it was almost amusing. Like an infant attempting his first steps. though he also sensed master Vos with the togruta as well though that Vos' presence in the force was much larger than the one currently following him. he also found yet another 'Vos' accompanying Aurora similar to the one following him. Kel came to the conclusion that the Jedi following him was in fact an apparition of some sort that Tobias had created. a useful for multitasking no doubt. Though before Kel could ponder the topic any further, he felt the presence of his brother Frond delve into his mind. The Neti'S Usual speech pattern had changed drastically and he sensed that Frond was suffering a great deal of pain. and while in this state he delivered a message. "Crawling worm defiles Waves of darkness crashing down Ficcabin is lost" Frond's message confirmed that the vision that Kel had seen was not only of the future, but it had already come to pass. Then Kel sent Frond his own message through the force. "Stay strong Brother. I'll be there soon." After the exchange Kel stooped walking, Turned to master Vos and began to explain His and Frond's plight. "I should tell you that my induction into the jedi order was not the first time i delved into the force. On my world there is a group of Sages called the Baran Do. At first they practiced predicting things like the weather and other natural phenomenon. and though technology advanced to the point where ordinary people could replicate these skills, the Baran do continued to advance their skills. We developed the ability to see into the future. the sages became valuable political advisors and prevented many wars and disasters in their time. My grandfather was one of the sages, and he taught me their ways as well." "I'm telling you this, because last night I experienced a vision. Frond and Ficcabin have traveled to Garn. There, they encountered the sith. Frond was defeated. and Ficcabin was captured. And I know for a fact, that this Vision has already come to pass. Frond reached out to me through the force. At this very moment, Frond is in pain, and Ficcabin is in grave danger. Please Master Vos, we must go to Garn and rescue them before it's too late!"
  12. Kel was surprised to learn that Master Sandy had departed as well. However, before he could express said surprise, Master Vos had disappeared right before his eyes. After his short lived encounter with Master Vos, Kel returned to his quarters and began meditating as he pondered today's events. 'First Frond and Ficcabin, and now Master Sarna had left as well. Truly, there is no rest for the weary.' Kel's meditation session dragged on into the late night hours. His body and mind grew a strong desire for sleep. taking this as his cue, Kel lay on his back and drifted off into sleep. As Kel slipped deeper into sleep he began to dream. he saw a planet dense with a yellow fog. the ship carrying Frond and Ficcabin arrived was heading there. according to ficcabin the planet was called Garn. once they had landed, the two of them had split up. from there his vision drifted to frond doing battle with several droids, along with a neimoidian he had not seen before. The stranger radiated with fear and the dark side of the force. Frond fought bravely, but in the end, the sith won and had taken Frond's hand as a trophy. Meanwhile, Ficcabin was being hunted mercilessly by a serpent like creature. the serpent bared it's fangs and lunged at the givin. Kel shot up in a cold sweat panting heavily through his mask. The Doran stripped himself of his clothing and went to take a shower not only for the purpose of bathing, but also to ponder the nightmare he had just experienced. as the warm water ran over his nude form, Kel attempted to clear his mind of any negative emotions so he could decipher the vision more accurately. Once he had finished washing himself, Kel had deduced that his vision was no nightmare, but rather a vision of things to come. He needed to see Master Vos. the Doran dressed himself in his Jedi robes and proceeded to the cantina. He found Master Vos attempting to teach Kota and Aurora the art of levitating objects with the force. The very same lesson that he and Frond had first learned under Master Sarna. As loathe as Kel was to intrude on an important stepping stone, these were desperate times. "Master Vos, when you have a moment to spare, I need to speak with you about something rather...urgent."
  13. Now that Kel had rested, he holstered his new saber at his hip and went out to the halls of the temple looking for either master Sarna or master Tobias. He did need to inform them of his saber's completion after all. The young doran soon came upon master tobias' doppelganger. "Hello master Vos. I was just looking for you. I thought you and master Sarna should know that I have completed my light saber. I know that Frond has ventured with Ficcabin to parts unknown, but perhaps I could train with your apprentice Kota sometime? I'd be happy have a go a few rounds with a fellow Padawan."
  14. Kel stayed in the cantina with Ficcabin after Frond had left making conversation with the givin while he ate. At one point the Givin had dropped his utensil. Kel felt the familiar stirring of the force as the givin reached out and called it to his hand. 'His connection to the force is growing. Perhaps one day he could be a Jedi.' kel thought to himself. "Yes, we jedi are an interesting bunch. Though not as interesting as the force. The thing that penetrates and binds everything in the galaxy. Everything from the largest of planets to the smallest of pebbles. Even man made things like droids and that utensil of yours are all connected through it." Soon enough, Frond came back to the cantina and asked Ficcabin to accompany him as a pilot. Kel would have gladly offered his services as a fellow pilot, But the fact that he asked Ficcabin must have meant something. He knew Frond was a devout follower of the force. And if his Brother insisted on ficcabin accompanying him, he would not question it. For now, his place would be here at the temple, training with his fellow Jedi. "May the force be with you Frond. And you as well Ficcabin." After bidding farewell to his new friends, Kel went back to his quarters in the temple where he was greeted by his trusty astromech, R5-N7. The familiar sound of the droid's mechanical beeping filled the room. "Yes, yes, I missed you to. Now, did you get the parts and tools I asked for?" A couple of compartments on the R5'S torso opened up and he held out the requested parts in his mechanical limbs. "Good job buddy. Now it's time for me to get to work." Kel placed training saber, quick six blaster, and other parts on his desk. Using the force, Kel disassembled the former two so he could begin the process of constructing his saber from the ground up. His first step was constructing a detachable, double bar frame. Since the light saber was intended to be a melee weapon, the frame would need to be detachable in order for Kel to perform maintenance when necessary. He also added a low power setting so that he could use the saber to its full ability in sparring matches without causing severe harm to his opponents. The second step was integrating saber with the frame itself. the saber would also function as the blaster's power source. So connecting the two in such a way without causing a malfunction took much trial and error. In a handful of hours Kel had successfully constructed his saber. sliding open a compartment on the saber, Kel had removed the crystal that came with his trainig saber, and replaced it with the one he acquired on Ilum. "Time for a test Run." Kel went to one of the training areas within the temple. standing roughly fifty feet from one of the wooden training poles, Kel aimed his new weapon and fired. A green bolt of laser fire racing across the room and making contact with the topmost part of the pole leaving scorch marks upon impact. He fired again and again testing the weapon's accuracy and rate of fire. Satisfied with the results, Kel ignited the light saber. the green hued blade of energy measured three feet in length. Kel immediately began practicing the forms he had witnessed from the revanchists so long ago. While the fast and fluid motions of Ataru were thrilling to perform, Kel would need to start expanding his repertoire of skills if he wished to realize his goal of becoming a master still there was only so much he could do by himself. Perhaps tomorrow I could practice with master Sarna. Or maybe master Tobias and his new apprentice. I believe he was called Kota. After the successful test of his light saber, Kel returned to the cantina to obtain some much needed nourishment. once his belly was filled, he returned to his quarters to rest.
  15. Kel chuckled at the givin's ramblings. "It's alright. My name is Kel Koon. And like Frond, I am a padawan learner under master Sarna's tutelage." Kel said. as we exited the ship, Frond caught up to us and we continued our walk to the cantina. Frond mentioned seeing master Sarna about a vision he had. "It can wait until we get to the cantina. Besides, there are few things you two need to be clued in on. A lot has transpired while we were away..." Kel said in a foreboding tone. The three of us boarded the turbo lift and went down the to the temple atrium. the grand stair cases and paintings of other races adorning the pillars filled the room with a sense of austerity that he never grew tired of. Along the way to the stair case Frond asked if Kel had managed to complete his saber. "Well, Yes and no. while I do have the necessary parts for a standard Saber, there were not enough parts on master Tobias' ship for the kind of saber I intended to create. So I decided to hold off on building it until I could get more parts. This way I can build a saber that is truly my own." The three of us descended the stair case to the temple's first level and went towards the entered the cantina. Kel procured a table for his fellow padawan and their acquaintance and began recounting the events relayed to him by Master Tobias. "The Galaxy has entered dire straits while we were on Ilum. Some how, one of Coruscant's moons Fell from it's orbit and collided with the planet. And right now, the ship yards of Kuat is under siege. The reason we returned to felucia, is so that we could receive aid from Jedi council. In all likely hood, we could soon be called into battle my brother."
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