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  1. Kel was happy that Nia had managed to find a master so quickly. However the moment was short lived when Kel and Beth received messages on their communicators. Mjan gave his farewell with the hope that we'd meet again. "Same here, Mjan. May the force be with you all on your mission." After they parted ways, Kel went to Cargo bay 12 as his master instructed.
  2. Kel watched in fascination as Mjan grabbed his pike stave, used the force to reveal its true nature, and activated the amber blades of his light saber. Kel was a bit of a gearhead and held an appreciation for new forms of technology like ships and many forms of blasters and lightsabers people designed. Even simple weapons like knives held a certain elegance to his eye. The concealed nature of the stave was also appealing. While Kel's own lightsaber pistol would appear to anyone as a weapon its outward appearance could be easily mistaken as a common blaster. So while looking potentially threatening, it still allowed him to maintain an element of surprise. Kel was broken out of his momentary ogling when Mjan asked where their masters were. "My master was one of the Jedi called into conference with the Empress. I'm sure the meeting is done by now, so she must be around here somewhere. As for Nia, She's a hopeful who's just arrived here. She has yet to find a master or construct a Lightsaber of her own. The one she's carrying now belonged to her Father. I assisted her in repairing it, but without a crystal to call her own, she can't use it."
  3. Kel nodded affirmatively at the lieutenant's question. "Eight hours will certainly be enough." After listening to Beth and Nia's conversation, it pained him to know that Beth's tale would become more commonplace the longer this war continued. Soon after, a squadron of X-wings landed and we were approached by yet another lieutenant called Mjan, who also happened to be a Jedi knight. Kel bowed to him in turn. "I am Kel Koon. Former Baran Do sage and now, Padawan to Master Sandy. Nia and I have managed to heal the extent of Lt. Beth's injuries, Though I'm sure she will appreciate any salves you have to offer."
  4. "Druk." in his haste he had forgotten that this woman wasn't on any painkillers like the wounded he had tended to in the previous battle. And since he didn't have any on his person, he would have to improvise. Kel grabbed the red sash around his waist, wadded it up, and held it up to the lieutenant's mouth. "Bite down on this so you don't bite off your tongue." Once the gag was in place, Kel turned his focus back to the healing process. Luckily Nia was able to keep up the healing during his momentary lapse. Nia was doing very well throughout this sudden turn of events. Kel had no doubt that she would do well once she was paired with a master. Eventually, the two of them managed to heal her hand in its entirety and Kel's sash was back on his waist where it belonged. "That should do it. Normally this is the part where I tell you to get some rest plus eat and drink plenty of water, but since you're so eager to get back to the flight line, the most I can ask is that you be careful. And get whatever rest you can whenever you have the time."
  5. Truthfully, Kel didn't know how long the conference would take. Uniting so many forces to achieve a common goal would no doubt take a significant effort. However, before he could answer the new hopeful, an imperial lieutenant with a very thick Kuati accent approached them desperately seeking help for healing burns. "Alright, Let's see what we're dealing with here." Kel gingerly grabbed her hand to examine the injury. The burns were severe; much of the injury was either a dark red or completely black. Given the state of her attire, it was likely she had suffered exposure in addition to her prior injuries. "It's a wonder you aren't in a bacta tank already. Most people with this kind of injury would have gone into shock. We will do what we can." Kel placed his dominant hand just above the injury and began to meditate. "I need your help Nia. I need you to draw upon the living force. Meditate with me and do as I do. Feel the energy within you and channel it into her wounds. then use that energy as a catalyst to spur her cells into repairing the damaged tissue."
  6. "If only it were that simple. People like to pretend that we Jedi are heroes from a story book. Vanquishers of evil, all knowing mystics, et cetera. Jedi are supposed to be peace keepers. Our job is to make sure Heroes aren't needed in the first place. But right now we're at war with the Sith and the battle ground is the entire galaxy! We've lost worlds in this conflict Nia. It shows that we haven't been doing a good job lately. Yes, we are saving people's lives, But some of them don't even have a world to go back to anymore. And it will only get worse the longer this war goes on." Kel placed his hand on his brow and let loose a sigh. "I'm sorry Nia, I guess I'm a little on edge after the last battle, and I wound up venting on you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to help people, but even with the force we're just regular people doing what we can. And that means we have to accept that there are times where we can't save everyone."
  7. "Of the masters here, I know three. my own master, Sandy is a fierce warrior. Though she is still a Knight, She is Strong and dependable. She lead the defense of Chandrilla against the Mandalorians. I remember being on the ground there evacuating orphans. She made sure we never came under fire. Though at times she is quite reckless. She was still recovering from injuries sustained during that battle when she went to assist us on the assault of the black sun base. Master Tobias Is mysterious and cunning. He has a Sharp mind and is always focusing on the grand scheme of things. I met Grand Master Adenna once in passing. It was after I obtained my crystal in the Temple on Ilum. which was also shortly after the fall of Coruscant. I remember naively suggesting we send aid, but she pointed out that any we sent would have arrived far too late."
  8. Kel grabs on to the offered hand and hoists himself up."Yes. Baran do is a force sensitive tradition. though not all of those rumors are true. For instance, we don't communicate telepathically. We just like to let people think that because it intimidates them. And while sages can see the future, through my Jedi master's teachings, I have also learned to look to the past. even the tiniest pebble can hold a grand history. Take good care of that light saber Nia. Someday, You might just find what you're looking for."
  9. "I understand." Kel placed the crystal back in the crystal chamber and began the process of reassembling the saber and instructing her to watch. while he was reassembling it he answers Nia's question. "Yes, My home world of Dorin is quite different from most. while yours is a world submerged in deep oceans, mine is a dry dust bowl betwixt a pair of black holes. The weather is quite severe on Dorin. so much so that a group of mystics called the Baran do sages were formed to predict it along with other natural phenomena, and form counter measures. with the rise of technology, the sages developed the ability to peer into the future. Eventually they became valued political advisors and prevented many wars in their time. My grandfather was a sage and he taught me in their ways. After his passing, I left to join the Jedi order. I wanted to explore the galaxy and deepen my understanding of the Force." After his story was told, the reconstruction of the lightsaber was completed. "That should do. all it really needs is a crystal you're attuned with. Which I'm sure you will find in time." He extends the light saber to Nia hilt first.
  10. "When I went searching for my crystal on Ilum I found a chamber full of crystals. I had no idea which crystal was mine. But then, I remembered my master's teachings. The force is in Everything. Like the crystals, we Jedi are Conduits through which the force Flows. When we draw upon the force, we merely channel its will. To bond with a crystal is to be guided by the force. Trust in the force Nia. Let it guide you."
  11. "A hostage crisis. We were assisting the imperial remnant in rescuing the empress from their clutches. The Sith came to assist the black sun. I wouldn't be surprised if the black sun were merely puppets in their scheme." Once Nia had placed the saber in the cloth, "Now watch carefully. you will need to learn how to do this yourself at some point." Kel extended his hand, reaching out to the saber through the force. it floated in the air and came apart piece by piece. throughout the process Kel could feel the blade's history at his finger tips. flashes of Mia's father and the life he lead flowed through his mind. With the saber disassembled in its entirety, Kel gently levitated the pieces down to the cloth. Once that was done, Kel began examining each piece of her father's saber seeing what parts could be kept and what needed replacing. once that was done, he examined the bright blue crystal before handing it to Mia. "You must know by now that one of the many trials of a Jedi is to find a crystal they are attuned with and construct their own lightsaber. And though your father is no longer among the living, this crystal is still bound to him through the force. If you are to use this light saber as it is, you must bond with it as he did. After that, I can guide you in reconstructing the lightsaber."
  12. "A few months now, I'm still a Padawan. in fact our recent attack on the black sun was my first real taste of battle. Master Sandy prepared me for the reality of war, but there's a difference between talking about war and fighting in it." The two of them walked through the shipyard until they reached Kel's ship. A Delta-7 interceptor. Kel hopped into the ship's cockpit dug through the ship's stores, and pulled out a toolbox. it was a good thing he stocked up on parts when he first constructed his lightsaber back on Felucia. having found what he was searching for, he slid on the ships hull back to the ground. "These should help. Now, the next step would be to disassemble your father's lightsaber to see what the problem is." Kel sat on the ground and laid out a cloth on which to place the saber. "It will take but a moment."
  13. "Broken? well that's a shame." Kel cupped his hand around what could be considered the chin of his breath mask pondering how to assist the jedi hopeful. Nia quickly explained that she had been separated from her fellow hopefuls seeking a master to guide them in the ways of the Jedi. "Even if you do find them, I think you'd be waiting a while. The masters, including my own are in a conference with the Empress. In the mean time, why don't you follow me to my ship? I might have some parts that could help you fix up your father's light saber. After all, a light saber is a Jedi's life."
  14. After finishing his meal, Kel left the ship and went to the docking bay to check on his personal fighter when he came across a green skinned Naotolan woman looking like a fish out of water. she was wearing robes befitting that of a Jedi and he could sense that she was sensitive to the force. she was also running her fingers along the hilt of a very old looking lightsaber. Kel had seen other Jedi with similar habbits, but the saber's age plus the way she was holding it indicated an attachment different from himself and other Jedi he had seen. Kel decided to approach the Jedi and introduce himself. "That's an interesting blade you're carrying." Kel bowed to the Naotolan Jedi. "My name is Kel Koon, Call me Kel."
  15. Kel was tending to the wounded along with the other Jedi healers. His reserves became taxed from the battle along with the amount of soldiers he had healed. He treated everything ranging from blaster wounds to cracked and broken bones. And those were the lucky ones. So many soldiers required treatment that we simply weren't equipped for. Fortunately the ship soon reached Nar Shaddaa and they were able to send them to hospitals for proper treatment. Once the last of the wounded were sent off, Kel went to the mess hall to eat. As Kel ate his meal, he thought back to the battle with the dark sun. The defensive forms he practiced at the Felucian temple had proven quite effective. And the blaster function of his light saber pistol was very versatile. However there were times where using it had left him open to attack. The saber and pistol couldn't be used simultaneously. which severely limits its versatility. Kel realized he was only able to use it the way he did was with the aid of his Jedi comrades and the imperial knights. until he could find a way to supplement this weakness, he would only be able to use the blaster against smaller groups if he ever found himself in a situation where he didn't have the advantage of numbers.
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