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  1. when the shuttle landed in the dark sun station Kel sparked up his his saber pistol's bright green blade and leapt into action alongside his fellow Jedi. as the battle progressed Kel used his saber to deflect incoming blasts while methodically working his way to adequate cover spots and providing supporting fire. since the model 6 he integrated into his saber was more suited for firing stun blasts, he used that function to provide openings for the troops as well incapacitating anyone foolish enough to fire at himself and his jedi comrades. Eventually the beachhead was secured and we made our way to the entrance of the security level. before opening the door, his master rhetorically asked if they were coming along. "As if you even had to ask."
  2. Kel watched Aleria as they listened to master Adenna's transmission. He noticed that a few of her facial expressions were a but strange. part of it seemed normal for human facial expressions, but the other part seemed stiff and almost mechanical. he had suspicions from his earlier probe, but he chose not to pry. His brow noticeably relaxed as he listened to Aleria. it had been a while since he had spoken with Jedi that weren't masters or instructors. He felt that he could speak to her as an equal. "Thank you Aleria. I understand exactly what you're saying. As a Baran do sage and a Jedi, I'm opposed to senseless violence. However, I believe that what we're doing here is right. The black sun needs be made an example of. With the galaxy in it's current state, we need to show everyone that groups like them and the sith can't run amok while we're here to do something about it. Although if there is a way that we can avoid needless killing then I will gladly assist you. And I won't give a druk if Sanderson doesn't like it. I'd even help you fly that ship, but my concern for master Sandy's safety is a bigger priority. And I will do what I can to protect you to. We Jedi have to stick together do we not?" he stretched out his left hand for her to grasp in a firm hand shake. "I'll say it once more for good measure. I'll be counting on you Aleria. may the force be with us."
  3. Kel's gaze was fixed upon the lightsaber in his hand. Like many others he was waiting for the moment they would be sent into battle. As a Jedi and a sage of the Baran do he abhorred the thought of killing senselessly. Like the Sith, the dark sun spread chaos and crushed many worlds under their tyranny. To Kel they were practically one and the same. Still, he would be lying to himself if he thought part of him wasn't feeling a tinge of anxiety. He had seen battles before battle before through his master's teachings and even witnessed the fallout of it firsthand on Chandrila. This would be his first time fighting on the frontlines. his thoughts were interrupted when his communicator pinged. he saw that it was a message from master on an encrypted channel. Kel hooked his lightsaber back on his belt loop and went to leave the shuttle while reaching out through the force with his mental presence asking the fellow jedi to follow him. once the two of them left the shuttle, he showed her his communicator and the two of them listened to the briefing in private away from any eavesdroppers. Kel felt a resonance with Master Adenna as she gave out orders. A lot of her words mirrored his thoughts as well as his beliefs. It was a great reassurance that someone like her was leading the order. He was also surprised to see that master Tobias had joined them. He also wondered for a moment why he heard master Sandy over the transmission as well. wasn't she tending the wounded on the medical frigate? Did she plan on fighting in spite of her recent injuries? If Kel knew her as well as he thought, it was most likely the latter. once transmission ended Kel couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "If I know my master, she'll probably be joining us soon. I did what I could to heal her after the battle with the Mandalorians, but she still hasn't fully recovered yet. she's certainly skilled, but in her current condition, we're gonna have to do most of the leg work. I'll be counting on you Aleria."
  4. It didn't take empathic abilities to tell that the commander was perturbed with the increased amount of Jedi in his ranks if looks could kill, then Kel would be dead due to the metaphorical daggers that Commander Sanderson was likely imagining piercing his skull. After the commander gave his orders while letting loose his barbs at the Jedi, Kel walked towards the shuttle with Aleria and the rest of the troops.
  5. "I would like to join the strike team Master Sandy. I believe it's time for me to prove myself in the field. Although I will leave my droid R5 should you need any assistance. Now if you'll excuse me I'll report to Commander Sanderson." Kel gave a small nod to Aleria when his master introduced them before walking off and leaving Sandy to her alone time with Aidan. Kel shortly followed after Aleria and awaited further instruction.
  6. Kel placed his lightsaber back on his belt after his master returned it. At her request, Kel began the process of healing her injury. The two of them sat down and Kel placed his hand barely an inch above the her pale skin shortly before they began meditating. Through the force he could sense a plethora of negative emotions. fear, anger, grief, sadness, confusion, and pain both physical and mental all rolling in waves from the soldiers, refugees, and even the civilians nearby. the darkness was palpable and clouded his senses. His one saving grace was the beacon of serenity, joy, and tenacity that was his master. With her as an example, Kel cleared out the darkness fogging his mind and felt only the force. with his clarity restored, Kel began healing Master Sandy. Kel began healing his master on the cellular level. He bolstered her blood cells to reproduce the blood she had lost and to fight off any signs of infection during the healing process. the next step was coordinating her muscle and skin cells to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue. the process took roughly 20 minutes, but by the end of it he felt that the wound had closed. Kel removed the bandages to inspect his handiwork and was pleased to see that the burn and scorch marks from the blaster injury and her self cauterization had faded without a trace. "That should do it. Although you still need food, water, and bedrest to finish your recovery. I know how you are master. Please try to not over exert yourself. it does no one any favors if you pass out from exhaustion."
  7. Kel Stood beside an alliance frigate in the shipyard when his master found and pulled him into a tight hug. Kel had an overwhelming sense of relief and elation at her return and happily reciprocated the embrace. the hug was brief, but he appreciated it all the same. "It's so good to see you again master. I've learned so much from master Tobias while you were away. And even Frond, rest his soul. I was following master Tobias and his apprentices to Taris when I felt the brewing conflict on Chandrila. I remembered what he said about the big picture, and felt that the place I was most needed was by your side." He then pulled out his saber from the belt loop of his dark brown apprentice garb showing it to her. "So, here I am. My light saber is yours master. I'm ready to help in any way I can."
  8. The corvettes carrying the orphans and refugees soon arrived at Nar Shaddaa and landed at one of the many port cities on the Nal Huttan moon. In his adolescent years, Kel had often heard many travelers refer to this world as smuggler's moon. this combined with the fact that it was next to the home world of the Hutts meant this world was a veritable breeding ground of gangsters, thieves, and crime lords. Kel hoped that this place would only be a stop gap on their journey. Kel sent an encrypted transmission to the imperial fleet on Chandrila informing them of their safe arrival. once that was done, Kel went to seek council with his fellow Jedi while they waited for further orders.
  9. Thanks to the efforts of the imperial knights and the Jedi, the orphans and refugees from Chandrila were flying through hyper space to Nar Shaddaa. Kel was on one of the many shuttles the imperials had provided for the evacuation while his astromech R5 was flying his personal ship on their left side. feeling that they were out of danger at the moment; and knowing that they would arrive at their destination soon, Kel went to check in on their precious cargo. When he arrived he felt a great sense of unease coming among the orphans. Which was understandable given that some of them had been forced to leave not one, but two planets due to war. It saddened Kel to think that so many people had to experience such a nightmarish experience. he could only hope that they would not have to experience such a harrowing ordeal after having escaped the previous crisis.
  10. Kel sensed the arrival of a large hostile force up above Chandrila's orbit. shortly after their declaration of destruction, he and the imperial knights received an encrypted message from Master Sandy. "Imperial knights, Jedi, Republic troops, the mandalorians have come in force as we have feared. Wrap up your evacuations and prepare for an escape to allied space. I will delay the enemy until you can all safely make your departures, I want no singular acts of bravery. Evacuate all that you can and then live to fight another day. May the force be with you. Sarna out." after the message ended, Kel noticed that a group of children was staring at him. 'Druk. they must have over heard the message.' a small blue skinned Twi'lek boy stepped forward and asked "Are we going to die?" Kel knelt down and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder in a calming manner. "No. Everything is going to be alright. None of you are going to die while we're here to protect you. do you understand?" the boy and his friends nodded in the affirmative and proceeded to board the freighters. Kel deduced that there were other Jedi on the chandrila besides himself from Sandy's message. After inquiring the imperial knights, he learned that there was a master and an apprentice were in the very orphanage they were sent to evacuate. Kel went into the orphanage to speak with them.
  11. "You have been cleared to approach. welcome to Chandrilla Jedi Kel." the tie fighters broke off and allowed Kel passage into their territory. Kel did as his master instructed and went toward the planet surface to aid in the evacuation. Kel's ship landed alongside the freighters. The cock pit popped open and Kel climbed out of the ship and onto solid ground. Kel approached the one of the Orphanage caretakers, a human woman who appeared immensely relieved with their arrival. "Thank you for coming. We have been waiting anxiously for your arrival. the children especially have been quite distressed." Kel nodded to the woman "Master Sandy has made me aware of the situation. We will do everything we can to get the orphans to a safe haven. You have my word as a Jedi." "Thank you master jedi." the woman gave a small bow which Kel reciprocated. The two of them along with the imperials went to work gathering the orphans on the transport ships in a calm and orderly manner.
  12. Kel's personal fighter the star chaser exited hyperspace entering Chandrilla. as he began approaching the ship carrying his master, a pair of imperial tie fighters surrounded him on his left and right. shortly after a radio channel was opened between Kel and the two pilots. "You are in imperial occupied space. State your name and business." "My name is Kel Koon. I am a Padawan of the Jedi order. I've come here to Assist My master Who is on one of your ships. You might Know her as Jedi knight Sandy Sarna." "Stand by." The pilots the n proceeded to contact their superiors in order to verify his claim.
  13. On their long flight, kel began meditating while R5 piloted the ship. he thought about his place in the galaxy and what he should do. hw thought to himself what his brother Frond would do were he in his place. what would master Sandy do for that matter? his thoughts drifted more and more on his master and out of curiosity decided he should reach out through the force to locate her. he found the bright flame that was his master's presence in the force near Chandrila. He also sensed that a great conflict was happening in that part of the galaxy as well. Kel weighed the options before him. did he stay with master Vos and help his apprentice with his personal mission? or would he join master Sandy in battle and help those who were caught in the crossfire? Master Vos's advice about the big picture kept repeating itself in his mind. He realized that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. With a heavy heart, Kel contacted master Vos over the ship's radio and informed him that he would be returning to master Sandy. "I've thought long and hard about this master. I believe that right now the place I'm needed at most is Chandrila. At master Sandy's side. May the force be with you and your apprentices Master Vos." After leaving his message, Kel broke off from formation, input the coordinates of Chandrila and went into hyperspace.
  14. Frond? Frond open up!" still no response Kel tried sensing his fellow jedi through the force, but was shocked to find he had simply vanished. what in the world is going on here? as if to answer his question, he received a transmission from master Vos stating that both Frond and Ficcabin gone into the force and to return to his ship. "Understood. I'll meet you up in orbit and follow you." Kel gazed at the ship's entry way briefly before slamming his fist upon the metal door. "I'm sorry. I should've gone with you." After that Kel boarded his ship and returned to outer space where he reconnected with his ship's hyperspace ring and flew out to Join master Tobias and company for their next task.
  15. At last, Kel had exited hyper space and found himself in the Garn system along the outer rim. he traveled through the system until he had found the planet for which the system was named for. the planet was full of barren landscapes colored a putrid and sickly yellow fog. kel detached the ship from its hyper space ring, and descended to the world below. As he descended to the planet came across what could only be described as a forest of rot and decay. Though for such things to exist would mean that the world still desperately clung to life. Such is the balance of life and death. As his fellow Padawan Frond would say, it is the force as it wills. Kel's trusty astromech R5-N7, picked up a transmission signal from an active ship. no doubt, this was the very ship that Frond and Ficcabin had used to come all the way out here. Frond must have figured out how to transmit a signal. "R5, lock on to the source of that transmission." the droid beeped in the affirmative and kel steered the ship in the direction that the signal originated from. At long last, Kel had found the ship belonging to his brother in arms. Kel deployed the landing gear on his ship and began the process of landing the ship. once it was safely on the ground, Kel opened the cockpit hatch and practically leaped on to solid ground. Kel walked up to the ship and stood before the door to the ship's interior. "Hey Frond, It's Kel. Open up, the air here stinks so bad that i'd rather be on felucia without my breathing mask!"
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