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  1. When the fosh woman asked about the trials, Kel took a moment to think. Ever since the war broke out, he hadn't thought about anything outside of that. Was he even ready for something like the trials? From what he's read at the Felucian temple archives, the trials were quite rigorous and deadly. Heck, that described his experiences with the war and this mission perfectly. Perhaps he had set foot on the path of the trials long ago. his musings were interrupted when he felt a surge of darkness filled with hunger, desperation, and pain from somewhere outside the temple. His brow raised in shock as he realized that he had felt this darkness before. Something had happened to Frond and yet again he wasn't by his side to help him. The fosh woman handed him a set of medical vials before leaving to what he assumed to be the medical wing. Kel Followed the woman who had now identified herself as Trushaun, to the medical wing. There he saw Master Sandy tending to Frond as he laid in bed. "Frond..." Kel couldn't help but curse himself at his friend's injured state. He noticed the wound which looked as though it were left from a light saber was at a very odd angle. Almost as though it had been self inflicted. But Kel knew that Frond couldn't have been driven to thoughts of suicide so soon after returning to them. So what the kriff happened here? So kel pulled up a chair and sat by Frond's bedside opposite of their master, and asked the obvious question. "What happened?"
  2. "The Baran Do sages are a group of force sensitives native to my home world of Dorin. Although I left them in order to become a Jedi...So you like plants huh? You'd probably get along with my friend, Frond. He's a Neti, or a big old walking tree as I'd like to call them." Then she admonished him for his use of the word power. "Ah, I see. You'll have to forgive me. The sensation of using that ability felt so overwhelming that I just couldn't help describing it as anything else." As they spoke Kel noticed that some of the Fosh woman's feathers changed color. When she was questioning him they were a green color, but after he mentioned Master Sandy, She gained an excited look and they shifted to a bright orange. So green appeared to be curiosity and Orange was either excitement or happiness. "Yes, Master Sandy is here. Although you could say the circumstances are less than ideal. We've just arrived from Gala where we encountered some undead ghouls. We managed to escape mostly unscathed, But Master Tobias used some strange ability and now he's being treated here at the temple. So now we will have to complete our mission without him." @Trushaun
  3. Kel turned toward the new arrival when he heard her stuttered question. whether it was a verbal tick or simply nervousness, he was unsure. The bird like woman that stood before him appeared to be giving him an inquisitive look so he believed it to be the former. "I guess you could say that. This is the first time I have used that power. So I got excited..." there was a brief moment of awkward silence as kel thought about his current position. Here he was half naked, shooting lightning from his finger tips, and laughing his butt off in a public space; and this woman was staring at him in utter confusion rightfully so. Without saying a word Kel walked over to the neatly folded bundle he had laid out earlier and began to redress. Once that was done, he introduced himself. "My name is Kel Koon. Former sage of Baran Do and Padawan to master Sandy. I'm sorry if I have caused any disturbance Miss..." @Trushaun
  4. Kel watched his master struggling to heal the bite mark the ghouls had inflicted on her back on Gala. the warped energies of the force that reanimated them seemed to be hindering the healing process. Normally Kel would have stepped in to assist by now, but she seemed intent on handling the injury herself. Then there was Master Tobias. After imbuing himself with that strange power, Kel wouldn't even know where to start treating him. Luckily we would soon arrive on Ossus and he would be able to receive treatment at that world's Jedi temple. As much as he would have liked to get reacquainted with Frond, Kel knew that to continue on this mission without being a hindrance to the group, he would have to train. After departing from the ship, Kel asked for directions to the temple training grounds. Once he was there, Kel removed his armor and robes, exposing his muscular torso, and neatly folded his robes placing the bundle in an out of the way spot so he could begin his training regimen. After a set of stretches to make his body more limber, Kel began beating on a wooden training dummy. He had been focusing on his saber training so much, that he had neglected keep up his hand to hand training. each hit on the dummy's wooden pegs causing a chain reaction that rotated other parts of the mechanism causing Kel to watch his footing while maintaining a steady stream of blocks and offensive blows. After that, Kel sat in the middle of the training grounds and began to meditate. he focused his breathing in through his nostrils and out through mouth. The young sage emptied his mind in pursuit inner peace and guidance from the force with each breath. As he meditated, his body levitated until it was roughly five feet from the ground. Kel contemplated the meaning behind his grandfather's words. the point between fury and peace. As a Baran Do sage and a Jedi, Kel believed seeking knowledge in the force and inner peace was his one goal in life. But he also knew that there were those who sought to disturb that peace and spread fear and darkness across the galaxy. Which is why he had taken up arms with the Jedi. The pain this war has and will continue to cause angered him. Gusts of wind began blowing through the training yard and swaying the branches of the trees. As a sage he was taught not to rush headlong into danger. He was told to wait until exactly right moment to act. It was then that Kel figured out the meaning behind his words. it was a metaphor for knowing when to take action. the sages and the Jedi do share one tenant. Trust in the force. Kel Felt the force flow into his body, empowering him with its light, wishing to be let loose in the physical plane. And so Kel outstretched his left hand and from it flew bright white streams of lightning that scorched the earth below. The wind in the training yard died down and Kel fell to the ground on his feet and stared at the scorched earth and his hand. he could still feel it tingling from the energy that flowed through his finger tips but a moment ago. Then he began to laugh joyously at his accomplishment.
  5. Kel was in the middle of cutting down another ghoul when he heard master Sandy call for a retreat. Not only that but master Tobias and Kel's lost sibling student would be securing an escape route. And no sooner than when Kel shouted "What?!" the ground shook from a large impact as Frond leapt from the floor above them. His bright yellow blade slashing through the undead like one swatting at flies. Kel felt the wooden hand of his fellow apprentice grip his shoulder with warmth and for what felt like the first time in ages, Kel felt nothing but joy. though the reunion was brief and not under the best circumstances, no words were needed as Kel gave a brief nod to his Netti compatriot. Kel reached out through the force grabbing the broken remains of the furniture from his prior assault. he might not have been able to incapacitate them as he did before, but he could at least slow them down. And so in an instant, Kel had stood the shelves and table on their sides for a make shift barricade allowing him and the others time to escape through the hole they came in from.
  6. Kel made his way towards the nearest undead ghoul within sight and sliced it clean in two with an overhead strike. At one point in the fight he heard Master Tobias shouting at us to trip 'em up as he put it. So when the next ghoul came at Kel, he swept its legs and plunged the blade into its head as it landed. After that, Kel turned off his saber and pointed his saber pistol at yet another incoming ghoul and fired off six shots into its head and torso. Once it fell, another more ghouls approached stepping on their fallen kin. Kel knew that switching between the two modes of his saber pistol would leave a brief period where he wouldn't be able to reignite his saber. So he reached out through the force, pulled at any heavy objects he could find whether it was a chair, a table, or a book cae and tossed them at the coming horde. Under the pile of furniture, They were unable to move and Kel shot each of them through their skulls. Kel looked at the coming horde he tried thinking of a way he could deal with them all at once. a quick glance at the furniture he had used earlier showed that it had had been broken and likely wouldn't be as effective. he briefly pondered if he should push all of them with the force, but quickly dismissed it since a force that great might bring the dilapidated ceiling crashing on top of them. One other possibility came to mind though. A rare talent among the Baran do sages that very few actually possessed. When Kel asked his grandfather about it, he said that he and many others spent decades attempting to master it. Kel asked him what it was like, he described it as reaching for a point between fury and peace. Kel was unsure if he could place his mind in such a state given the current circunstances. So for now he would stick to cutting down and blasting foes with his saber pistol. Kel sparked up his saber once again and rushed further into the fray. It was then that he heard Aidan shouting the location of the holocrons they were searching for. "Finally, Some good news!" Kel looked back to check on his allies, and while he saw Aidan at the terminal and master Sandy fighting off more ghouls despite her injured hand, Master Tobias was nowhere in site. "Wait a minute, Where's Master Tobias?"
  7. The moment they landed on Gala Kel had sensed something was off about the planet. His time as a sage taught him to be sensitive of the air around him as well as the earth on which he walked. As the group meandered to the temple and its depths, Master Tobias shed light on the distorted energies of the force around them. How the fallout of the force colliding against itself had created a metaphorical wound that corrupted everything in its vicinity. Eventually they made their way to the library where they had found yet more fallen warriors along with the shards of shattered holocrons on these forsaken grounds. Master Sandy instructed Kel to watch the shadows while Aidan worked on accessing the terminal. The forboding darkness only added to the ominous air around this eerily silent and desolate space. As Kel peered into the murky blackness around them, he heard what sounded like the cracking of glass down the hall. Not the loud crash of something falling and shattering on the ground, but rather like something had been stepped on. "I heard something." Kel then grabbed the saber pistol from his hip and proceeded to activate the light saber which in turn brought a bright green light to their surroundings. "Everyone, Sabers out. Be on your guard."
  8. The tension between Master Tobias and Master Sandy was palpable. Kel watched silently as Tobias angrily recounted his tale of betrayal and loss while attempting the very same mission that we had been ordered on now. Tobias ultimately resolved to see the mission through with or without us, but left the choice to Sandy. Whether Tobias did so begrudgingly or out of respect for Sandy was a mystery to him. "Master Tobias raises a good point. This is a Jedi matter, So shouldn't our findings be reported to the Grand Master before anyone else? Even if we are allied with the imperials at the moment, we still need to maintain our autonomy and the rights that it holds. No Offense Aidan, but the Empress is a politician. I am skeptical as to whether or not she's asking us to do this purely for our benefit." Kel was in favor of cooperation, but he also knew from history that politics and the force had mixed results. Usually to the detriment of the Jedi and other force sensitives.
  9. When Kel went to docking bay 12, he saw Master Tobias and his ship. Kel bowed in greeting to him. "It's good to see you again Master Tobias. I hope you've been well." soon enough, Sandy had arrived with Aiden in tow. Kel bowed in turn to his master after her greeting. "Thank you Master. I've secured supplies from the mess hall, the med bay, and as always I keep a set of tools with R5, so I am well prepared." After she introduced Aiden and Tobias, the four of us boarded Tobias' ship and ventured into space. Shortly after, we gathered in the ship's meeting room for the Mission briefing. "So Master, what exactly is this urgent mission?"
  10. Kel was happy that Nia had managed to find a master so quickly. However the moment was short lived when Kel and Beth received messages on their communicators. Mjan gave his farewell with the hope that we'd meet again. "Same here, Mjan. May the force be with you all on your mission." After they parted ways, Kel went to Cargo bay 12 as his master instructed.
  11. Kel watched in fascination as Mjan grabbed his pike stave, used the force to reveal its true nature, and activated the amber blades of his light saber. Kel was a bit of a gearhead and held an appreciation for new forms of technology like ships and many forms of blasters and lightsabers people designed. Even simple weapons like knives held a certain elegance to his eye. The concealed nature of the stave was also appealing. While Kel's own lightsaber pistol would appear to anyone as a weapon its outward appearance could be easily mistaken as a common blaster. So while looking potentially threatening, it still allowed him to maintain an element of surprise. Kel was broken out of his momentary ogling when Mjan asked where their masters were. "My master was one of the Jedi called into conference with the Empress. I'm sure the meeting is done by now, so she must be around here somewhere. As for Nia, She's a hopeful who's just arrived here. She has yet to find a master or construct a Lightsaber of her own. The one she's carrying now belonged to her Father. I assisted her in repairing it, but without a crystal to call her own, she can't use it."
  12. Kel nodded affirmatively at the lieutenant's question. "Eight hours will certainly be enough." After listening to Beth and Nia's conversation, it pained him to know that Beth's tale would become more commonplace the longer this war continued. Soon after, a squadron of X-wings landed and we were approached by yet another lieutenant called Mjan, who also happened to be a Jedi knight. Kel bowed to him in turn. "I am Kel Koon. Former Baran Do sage and now, Padawan to Master Sandy. Nia and I have managed to heal the extent of Lt. Beth's injuries, Though I'm sure she will appreciate any salves you have to offer."
  13. "Druk." in his haste he had forgotten that this woman wasn't on any painkillers like the wounded he had tended to in the previous battle. And since he didn't have any on his person, he would have to improvise. Kel grabbed the red sash around his waist, wadded it up, and held it up to the lieutenant's mouth. "Bite down on this so you don't bite off your tongue." Once the gag was in place, Kel turned his focus back to the healing process. Luckily Nia was able to keep up the healing during his momentary lapse. Nia was doing very well throughout this sudden turn of events. Kel had no doubt that she would do well once she was paired with a master. Eventually, the two of them managed to heal her hand in its entirety and Kel's sash was back on his waist where it belonged. "That should do it. Normally this is the part where I tell you to get some rest plus eat and drink plenty of water, but since you're so eager to get back to the flight line, the most I can ask is that you be careful. And get whatever rest you can whenever you have the time."
  14. Truthfully, Kel didn't know how long the conference would take. Uniting so many forces to achieve a common goal would no doubt take a significant effort. However, before he could answer the new hopeful, an imperial lieutenant with a very thick Kuati accent approached them desperately seeking help for healing burns. "Alright, Let's see what we're dealing with here." Kel gingerly grabbed her hand to examine the injury. The burns were severe; much of the injury was either a dark red or completely black. Given the state of her attire, it was likely she had suffered exposure in addition to her prior injuries. "It's a wonder you aren't in a bacta tank already. Most people with this kind of injury would have gone into shock. We will do what we can." Kel placed his dominant hand just above the injury and began to meditate. "I need your help Nia. I need you to draw upon the living force. Meditate with me and do as I do. Feel the energy within you and channel it into her wounds. then use that energy as a catalyst to spur her cells into repairing the damaged tissue."
  15. "If only it were that simple. People like to pretend that we Jedi are heroes from a story book. Vanquishers of evil, all knowing mystics, et cetera. Jedi are supposed to be peace keepers. Our job is to make sure Heroes aren't needed in the first place. But right now we're at war with the Sith and the battle ground is the entire galaxy! We've lost worlds in this conflict Nia. It shows that we haven't been doing a good job lately. Yes, we are saving people's lives, But some of them don't even have a world to go back to anymore. And it will only get worse the longer this war goes on." Kel placed his hand on his brow and let loose a sigh. "I'm sorry Nia, I guess I'm a little on edge after the last battle, and I wound up venting on you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to help people, but even with the force we're just regular people doing what we can. And that means we have to accept that there are times where we can't save everyone."
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