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  1. Live? I suppose you could called what state Eve existed in 'Life' as the Melodie followed the two in a twisted manner, her skin and garbs covered in her own blood as the frail and thin being barely managed to stand upon her own two feet as her knees nearly buckled beneath her stage for the stave she propped herself up upon. It took every ounce of energy she held to take each step she took in tow, even as her Reel companion Lusif made a quick entrance to catch her as she nearly fell when they neared the shuttle. Her hand attempted to shoo him away, but only found solice in his scales as he reeled his head high to keep her afoot. No. What she existed within wasn't considered life. It was a mere limbo between the two existences, as her life ended the day that ship destroyed not only the sanctuary of her people, but revealed the cowardice ways of her Elders whom clung to the protection of the waters while the younglings she protected found only death. Only the symbol that adorn the harbinger of her people's demise kept her from finding the embrace of either existence, the symbol of the being before her, the Spider. Life... Death... neither seemed possible until her vengeance was complete. As the shadow of the Scarab flickered upon her face, her gaze shimmered of the fire within her chest, the remnants of her heritage glowing brightly in the darkness after living her entire life in the darkened halls of her people's underground hatcheries like generations before her. But as the light of the Scarab's innards shown brightly upon her bloodied attire, it was subtly hinted at that she was the first to have adapted to life outside. Struggling still to take her steps into the unknown, her gaze never shifted from the two before her as she bore their existences into her memory forever. And as the young girl before poised her questions, she remained silent, unable to give her an answer vocally thanks to the burnt flesh beneath her bandages. All she could do was bare her cold and deadly stare toward the two, much like that of her Reel companion, her breathing being the only thing voiced. Yet, her thoughts spoke louder than anything she could speak. Death and decay? That is who she is. Forethought and Darkness? That was her soul. Evil? That was who they had made her to be. Like the precipice of dusk, on the twilight eve of darkness, the light within was slowly fading into blackness. And as her gaze stared intently at Telperiën, Eve smiled grizzly, her teeth stained with her own blood. "Evil begets evil."
  2. His words, vile at best were but bile upon her ears as Eve choked down her urges, her temptations to act. No, not yet. It wasn't time. First she needed this girl to forge the weapon within that she promised. Then, and only then, would its taste bare sweet fruition from its labor. So she swallowed her craving for vengeance, even as this being before her turned his back to her. The best dishes were always best served cold. But a warm sensation would be what she tasted and felt next as the blade slid so cleanly across her throat, the gurgling of warm iron rising upon her taste buds as her face felt the cold steel of the floor below. It was in that moment that Eve felt a flood of emotions flow forth as the warm blood poured from her flesh and encased her pressured flesh. First was that of shock, of fear, that these beings could have possibly knew her intent. But no, that wasn't it. They viewed her too weakly, underestimating the truth within her as this Spider suggested to the girl that had just silenced her without thought. So what was it? Then the voice came, words left unspoken echoing through her head as her form recieved yet another blow, the pain only numbed by the thoughts of her imminent death lingering on the horizon as she grasped at an attempt to make sense of what was transpiring. These two were more than she anticipated, their actions and words saying one thing while they did another. And this girl, the one who promised to forge her into a weapon, unknowingly a weapon forged to kill the vile creature before them, slicing her throat, and yet expecting her to live? Her mind was manic, unsure and confused, even as her body laid silently in a pooling of her own blood, her gaze silent and still as if death had already taken her before her mind and soul caught up to it. Her gaze finally shifted, first toward the two as they walked away before settling upon what the girl had tossed to her side, the gauze filling with the red of her blood and the small pin like instrument that laid beside it. Once again her eyes flickered in the flames of the darkened room and she went to voice herself even as the blood gargled in the place of her voice. "Noooooo!" No. She would not die here. Her purpose was and will always be clear. She would end this being known as the Spider. She would have her vengeance, and now, it would only be that much more sweeter. Her face now covered in her own blood, Eve grasped at the floor and managed to grip it, her gaze staring intently at the two as she pushed her chest from upon the floor. Grabbing the instrument and the gauze, she acted. Even as her flesh stung with the burning of it to close the wound, her gaze remained upon them. Even if she could not speak, they would hear her. Her determination was strong, just as her will, and will would be done. And as she went to stand, her form swaying to the loss of her blood that now covered her and dripped from her, she laid the gauze across her neck and stumbled after them. The girl had a promise to keep, and the Spider had a fate to meet, both intertwined with her own web of deceit. Now that the chips had been placed, it was time to shuffle the deck and begin. Let the melody of the Melodie whisper its sweet song. "I will not die so easily."
  3. Even as the girl before her dragged her form into the room, Eve's darted about, the insignia that laid imprinted upon the ship. Deep within her, her anger boiled upon its sight, aching to be released from its frame and be launched forth with the release of the power that contained it. But Eve simply stayed silent and contained, even as the girl forced her to kneel before the being responsible for the deaths of her kin, the death of all the Melodies whom had yet to undertake their transformation, her the sole survivor. Well, her, and the cowards who refused to leave the refuge of the mountains underground lakes. The simple thought only glazed across her eyes as she stare forth, the emotions within written across her reflective eyes. "So you're the Spider?" Her voice was forced, her tone deceptive, as she followed his being with her gaze. As the darkened room lit to her night eye, the girl dressed in primitive robes stayed upon her knee as the flames around them reflected in her eyes, her gaze having yet to falter despite her clenched fist and urge to spear him with the remnants of the ship that laid strapped across her back. "It's a pleasure."
  4. Eve's eyes flared with a golden flame as the girl before her confirmed her suspicions, the coiled Lucif's own tail wagging in a rattled imitation as he loosened his protective grip from upon the Melodie as her hand slid down his form and signaling him to relax. She had finally arrived, and this girl before her had offered a gift of a lifetime, one she would not pass up. Not only had she identified the being behind her kin's destruction, she offered a means to destroy him whether she knew it or not. Her skill was undeniable, and Eve lacked harshly in that department. But of she could only... Just as Lucif slithered away, Eve found her wrist gripped tightly, the arrow's tip pressing against her skin as her golden glare reflected the fire building within her eyes stared attentively toward her opposition's own. Before she could even react, she winced in pain as it was driven through as her blood boiled forth in a mixture of pain and euphoria, almost as if Eve was willing to do anything to possess what she held to offer. As the girl repeated the process with her own, Eve's gaze shot toward the feeling Lucif with command and then turned back toward their new companion as he words echoed deep in Eve's darkening heart. "I am at your's to command then." Eve bolstered as the ship settled, her balance firm, even as the girl before her dragged her to and down the boarding ramp, a near devilish smile gracing her lips as the two left the Reel behind. "Yes. Let's go meet the Spider in all his glory."
  5. "Did you say Spider?" Eve question as the flames within her gaze blazed with anger, the Melodie's fear becoming tempered by her lust with vengeance. Even Lucif, who had remained calmly upon his ward's form hissed at the mere mention of the emblem. "Does his ships bear his marking upon their hulls?" What luck. If this was the being behind her clan's destruction, Eve had fallen right into where she had wished to be, no matter how much this girl before he spoke of potential. Feeling Lucif's reel, Eve placed her hand up to calm the large snake and stroked his coiled form as it tightened around her. This was perfect beyond measure. She was heading straight to him, straight to her revenge for the lives one of his ships had claimed. And she was being escorted directly. She may have been born upon a backwater moon, but she was not as dumb as some would believe. There was only one path to follow now. Reaching forward, Eve grasped the arrow's form. "Make me this weapon you speak of." Eve spoke as the first smile of many crept upon her face, deception in her eyes as she realized the opportunity before her. "I choose to embrace this potential you see."
  6. And so it was, that fateful day that Eve and Telperiën first met, that Lucif first decided to join his companion upon the stroll. It had been nearly a lunar month since they had crashed upon this planet, and now that Eve had removed his bandage and revealed the newest addition of scars upon his scales, the Reel felt compelled to join his ward, especially with the young one one wandering so far from their shelter. It was still tender to the touch as he slithered along side the Melodie, his head hidden beneath the lower laying grass, his massive form taking the predatorial approach should they encounter any threats, or even lunch. But for Eve, the day seemed different since its beginning. When Eve awoke that morning, she felt a strong urge to embark toward the mountain pass she avoided just the day before, its sheer cliffside and narrow trail placing her in an uncomfortable position should she have become a target. But with Lucif besides her, her nerves settled quite a bit despite her curiosity aching to explore what laid beyond it. After gathering her things, including the crude primitive spear she had forged from parts of the crashed ship, the two embarked upon the journey toward the east. As usual, Eve made a quick stop at a local brook to catch breakfast and gather drinking water, but this day, after gathering the water, she noticed that the water began to run red and smell of iron, causing her to toss aside the water and Lucif to coil in suspension. But when they noticed no real threat, they continued on. Once they cleared the mountain pass and entered the valley below, Lucif could sense the aura of darkness beginning to loom again as he felt days before. It nearly mimicked Eve's own heart, and it felt powerful, placing the Reel upon his guard. Yet, the familiarity of it made the beast use caution of attacking. Eve's gaze shifted toward him as she noticed his unease, yet not a word was spoken about it as she trusted his judgement and she too took guard as they entered the treeline below. Hours seemed to pass as their journey led them further than they had ever been, mid-day now having long passed and the eve had began to take hold upon the sky above. Eve's eyesight began to waiver as the brightness tried to overtake her sensitive sight, but she had noticed that she had began to adapt to it easier, which was why she had recently began to stay away longer. So much of her had began to change within her since they had arrived upon this planet. And despite never have seen a soul nor a means of leaving it, the darkness within her heart only slumbered for the time. She still wished to find the origin of the ship bearing the spider emblem, but she had began to grow content with the ease of their life here. And that was when Telperiën entered the picture. Eve stood in stillness as her gaze stared upon the woman before her, her hand gripping tightly the spear in which she held, yet still in its native stance. The young Melodie, the glimmer of the sun lighting his glare as she listened to the woman speak. Yet she remained silent, only turning her gaze toward Lucif when the girl departed, his tongue flickered in the grass as his gaze only remained forward. Eve could see that he sensed something about her, yet he did not attack or reveal himself, causing her to wonder. As for Lucif, once Telperiën departed, he began to slither in the direction she had pointed out, Eve following in tow. It was only once aboard the ship that Eve spoke, the sense of darkness and innocence intertwined in her tone as she spoke. "Dathomir? That is the name of this planet? She questioned as Lucif coiled around Eve and laid his head upon her shoulder, his tongue flickering in almost unison of her speech. "We crashed here only a moon ago."
  7. The dark hazel of the morning sky began to illuminate her surroundings as Eve began to stir. Without realizing it, she had managed to doze off against the cool scales of Lucif's form. But his stirring was what had shot her awake as he slowly slithered to an exposed portion of metal in hopes of catching the earliest of morning Ray's. Eve simply looked on at her companion, his motions speaking of the pain he was in, yet determined nonetheless. They were seemingly alone upon the planet, the sounds of night eerily quiet for such a dense terrain. Even had noticed its quietness, and judging by the Reel she traveled with, there was no sense of immediate danger surrounding their makeshift encampment. Rising, Eve and Lucif's gaze caught one another, unspoken words left lingering in the air between them as she gathered some things and she set out for the day and leaving the Reel to his healing. Having spent most of her life in a dampened cave of darkness, Eve was unfamiliar with most of what she saw. And given her adaption to the darkness, her eyes strained to hinder the rising sun as the day would eventually progress. Like her heart, her element was of darkness and that was what she preferred. But she also knew that the best chance of their survival laid within the sun of the day. For today though, she only set a goal of a few clicks away, just enough to find necessities. And as each day would follow, should they not have any luck, she knew she would have to venture farther and farther away. But for now, her goal was set and simple, bringing her back to best before the sun would hit mid-day. As for Lucif, he simply basked in the warm rays of the sun, letting his body temperature rise and speed up his metabolism so that he would heal with each passing day. The wound would sting, of course, but like all of his species and any animal of sentience semblance, natural courses were often the most prevailing of paths. No gain without pain as one would say. His strength would return and his wound would become but a scar upon his form, but for today, warmth would be his only goal. Yet he could sense something upon the horizon even if Eve could not, a sense of dread that matched that of the young Melodies' own and he sensed a purpose as his tongue flickered in the air. As for Eve, she simply walked the path set before her.
  8. That first night on Dathomir was likeliest the loneliest that Eve had ever felt before. Even back on Yavin 8 after the aftermath of the Melodie genocide, she didn't feel this way, whether it had been a sense of creature comforts or her sorrows that plagued her. But here, upon this distant planet, sitting alone in the wreckage of only hope she held for revenge, Lucif injured and his condition unknown to her with only the anger of her own stupidity keeping her warm, Eve felt it. It was a mixture of sorrow, anger, despair, and heartlessness as the darkness within her began to grow. It felt as if all she had to hold onto now was her survival and the emblem that melted away upon her crash. And hold onto it she would, etching it into not only her mind, but her heart as well. As the night sky filled with stars, she sat in silence, her mind remembering that night so long ago still fresh upon her memory. She would survive this set back. She would find a way off this unknown planet, and she would destroy the one that owned this ship. And when that was done, well, she would return to Yavin 8 and destroy the cowards whom hid away in their underwater protection and watched effortlessly as their kin were slaughtered by the planets creatures. This was why she left. This was why she sought revenge. Through this, she would grow stronger. Through denying her heritage, she would come to know the means of her people's destruction. And this is why her heart gripped tightly upon the knowledge of revenge. The lives of those lost would not be left in vain. Hours passed as she sat there brooding, contemplating her situation and her means of destroying those whom destroyed her. And she would devote her life and, if need be, sacrifice it to achieve her goals. Little did she know that the answers she sought laid upon this very planet along with her, the darkness within her pulling toward it, or rather, her. Scooting across what remained of the ship's floor, Eve placed her hand upon Lucif's head to check on him, the Reel slithering his tongue upon her touch but unable to move through his pain. As the moonlight met her eyes, they glowed within the shadow that hid their forms, her gaze having adjusted to the night. When morning came, she would go out in search of food and maybe civilization. But for now she would watch over her friend and prepare for the day ahead.
  9. In the cold depths of space, a lone frigate bearing the emblem of the spider cruised along through the swirling abyss of hyperspace upon its return to its homeworld. Aboard this ship, lost in the horrifying nightmares of her past, a single Melodie dreamt of revenge and destruction upon those whom had laid waste to her people. The ship its self, barely held together by an amateur's wit, rattled and shook as it went, threatening to tear apart at any given moment. But she did not care. For in her mind, her death would follow that of the ship upon its return, paying forward the loss it had caused her and her people. Yet, fate would hold a different plan as Eve slept away the night, her Reel companion Lucif coiling his form around the young woman as she laid there in comfort upon his cold blooded scales, his ever watchful gaze and slithering tongue tasting the recycled air around them for danger. A single word sparked in the distance, causing Lucif to raise his head just as the hyperdrive caught fire and the ship rocketed out of hyperspace in a fierce explosion, part of the ship dislodging as reality set in and clawed at its frail form. Eve's gaze shot open in a frenzy as she pulled herself from atop Lucif's coiled form and tried to make it to the cockpit to try and make sense of what was transpiring. But she was no real mechanic, nor was she anything resembling a pilot, and as she neared her destination, it took all Lucif possessed to keep her from being ducked into the vacuum of space as the ship began its decent into the pulling gravity of a nearby planet. From the momentum of their exit from hyperspace combined with the planet's gravitational pull, Eve's whole world went from peaceful nightmares of revenge and hatred into a fiery spin of death as the ship spun it's way into the upper atmosphere of Dathomir, bits and pieces dislodging as it plummeted toward the planet below. And as her gaze caught sight of what she believed would be her resting place, darkness enveloped her conciousness. But death would not claim her this day as the ship came to a terrifying skid, her unconscious form wrapped tightly within the coiled form of her companion and their position within the ship. And as the frigate came to a stop against a towering mountain side, hours would pass before either would awaken and move, Lucif's tightened muscles going limp as he too succumbed to the darkness that overcame their minds. Slowly the smoke would settle, the remaining metal falling as time passed to reveal the ship's remaining innards after the dust extinguished what fire remained. And Lucif would once again carry another scar in protecting his charge, his blood trickling from the metal that pierced his scales and muscles. Within time, Eve's gaze would once again open, seeing first hand the ball of durasteel that remained of the frigate that once bore the Spider's emblem, now no more than a gaping hole of molten metal. Rising from within her companion and fighting the aching of her fragile form, she steadied herself as best she could, attempting to make sense of what had transpired as the memories lingered just beyond her grasp momentarily before some of it reeled back in and her gaze shifted toward the injured Reel. Quickly rushing to his side, she noticed and withdrew the metal that pierced her friend, using some herbs she had to try and force the bleeding to stop. Yet fortunately, nothing vital had been cut and Lucif would eventually heal in time. Bandaging him as best she could, Eve turned her gaze toward the planet the surrounded her, wondering where they had landed. The navigational charts, along with the cockpit and most of the ship laid splintered across their recent, covering too many miles to count. And with night beginning to fall, there were little options they could pursue at the moment. Anger boiled within her, for Onderon, the planet from which this ship originated, was likely light years away.
  10. Identity Real Name: Eve Ophiuchus A.K.A: Homeworld: Yavin 8 Species: Melodie Physical Description Age: 22 Height: 4’11 Weight: 105lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Yellow Sex: Female Equipment Clothing or Armor: Tribal Clothing Weapon: N/A Common Inventory: Lucif (Reel - Companion) Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Chaotic Current Faction Affiliation: Current Faction Rank: History: Force Side: Dark Trained by: Trained who: Known Skills: Background: Eve, like most of the Melodie race, was born beneath the Purple Mountains of Yavin 8. But unlike her kin, she held a fondness to see the outside world. It was but a distant dream that she clung to most of her childhood. Yet the harshness of her homeworld seemed like a death sentence to step outside the protective caverns. One day a stranger crash landed upon her homeworld by chance. And in doing so, threatened the very existence of her people and their way of life. Many died in the onslaught that followed the stranger's fateful crash as the predatory fauna of the planet claimed them in waves. Of the young one's whom still walked upon the land, only she managed to survive as the Elders sought out the safety of the water, leaving Eve to watch in horror and anger as those she cherished were slaughtered. In a fit of vengence, Eve sought out and managed to find the crashed ship that had opened them to the outside world, and in an act of hatred, slew the humanoid as he laid unconscious. It was here, in the days that followed that she met her unlikely Reel Companion, Lucif. Injured by an Avril during the stampede of predators that laid waste to the Melodies, the Reel found itself drawn to Eve as a darkness grew within her, and the two grew a symbiotic relationship together, her knowledge of local herbs and fauna healing his wounds and feeding him while Lucif became somewhat a protectorate over the young Eve as the years past. Finding her alive after her twentieth birthday, the Elder Melodies attempted to sway her to partake in the Changing Ceremony and joining them as an Adult. But angered by their cowardice in refusing to defend the young Melodies during the extermination, she refused in turn. Instead, having spent the years studying the ship and its workings, she had repaired it enough for flight with a singular goal in mind: returning the favor it's former Master had given her people. And in that moment, Eve's path down the Darkside had begun. Ship Registration Name: (To be obtained IC) Class: Model: Manufacturer: Length: Armaments: Armor: Anti-Personnel Defenses: Appearance: Modifications:
  11. Chaos.... it erupted from within the confined room in fits of hysterical laughter as hopelessness and reality began to set in. He had lost utterly. And for his failure, death seemed a reasonable price to pay. If only he had discovered its secrets, then perhaps he would not fear it. But even in his laughter, the amount of fear he felt was spoken in volumes. How could he have failed his Master? How could he have lost to such a weaker being? It was unprecedented. Or was he the weaker being, having been sheltered most of his life, lifted into self belief of his own greatness by those in his family's servitude? So many questions crossed his mind. "Milenko, you fool." He jested to himself, swiping his glove through his dark hair as he laid there, the pain of his mortality overbearing the pain of the burns and wounds inflicted upon his form. "There was never any greatness to begin with. You were made a fool of, jokes likely laughed behind your back by those whom filled your head with status quo." Milenko cringed as his laughter and words made his muscles ache, the burns and wounds made evident only in times of movement. To think he was a prince of the House Shiro, to be laying in the filth of his enemies after such a loss. It was unthinkable. It was disgraceful. Even in the eyes of his Master, the great Sheog. And the persona he had acquired, Mammon. How could he carry such a title if he couldn't beat a lowly Imperial? He needed to grasp... wait, that was it. He needed to grasp at all, not just his own desires. Life, materials, the Force, titles, land, even his brother's crown. He needed to grasp it all. Lifting himself up, and grabbing his vibrodagger, he finished off what the Imperial had started with his legs. The pain was almost unbearable, but he managed to free himself from their weakened state as blood poured from the wounds. Removing the vibroknucklers from his hands, he placed them over his stubs in makeshift silos, using them to cut off the circulation and blood flow. With the torn cloth that adorned his chest, he stuff portions into his opened wounds and wrapped what remained over them, tightening it and plugging them as best he could.And then he began to think. Feeling the force flow back into him, he could feel the wake of the Sith's assault, feel the death and destruction that surrounded him. But most importantly, he could feel the last of his experiements, the brutish Two, on his way toward him. Milenko could only guess that the neural link remained, and having felt his Master in danger, came in search of him. Within moments the door of the shute opened and Two stood over Milenko, the syringe tossed aside while he gathered his creator. It wouldnt be long before Milenko Shiro would be brought before his own Master, Sheog, after his devastating loss.
  12. Curse those Imperials and their reliance on codes for everything." Milenko managed to think to himself just a hair of a second before he felt the crushing blow of his opponents elbow connect with his face, the bone structure of his nose shattering and sending his face reeling backwards. Using the momentum of such a jarred hit, Milenko lunged himself backwards, kicking his feet into the air as he aimed to disarm the man of the blaster he quickly fired, the bolt slicing across his upper form before finding the mesh hidden beneath his clothing and the energy becoming dispersed. Not taking a second to breath, his clothes showing the bolts path across his torso, Milenko would quickly parry by slinging his feet again, the time in a circular motion in an attempt to sweep his opponent off his feet as a bloodied grin crept upon his face. As he reeled backwards and onto his knees, his hair eerily bouncing in place, only one thing preyed upon his mind as his gaze once again met this being's. How truly a beautiful soul he held, and the potential it held. He chuckled aloud, remembering the kyber crystal he once used in Three that was attuned to him, and wondered if it could indeed be able to house such an elegant soul. "Why are you so intent on fighting me? Milenko poised as he rushed forward, closing the gap between the two, using his skill in Teräs Käsi, kept up a barrage of attempt blows to keep the Zybrak before him on the defensive, unarmed or not. "I only offered a compliment, and you received it with an attempt upon my life! Whether or not I was Sith mattered little. There are certain rules of etiquette that we must follow." But by now, the burns that had scratched themselves against his body were beginning to ache, Milenko's pain receptors kicking into overdrive as exhaustion began to set in. He knew he needed to end this match quickly. While it was true that he was known upon his homeworld as a brilliant military tactician and warrior, he had never faced an opponent openly on his own. There were always the Royal Guard to back him up, one of the reasons Milenko had sought the Sith in the first place. He needed to grow stronger, to not rely on those around him to come to his aid and hinder his growth. The other was the madness within, the insatiable hunger of greed that resided in his heart and led him to this point. And in that, he reveled. Releasing his barrage, Milenko took a single step back, grabbing at the saber that sat upon his hip, its crystal still holding a hint of its former Master, Scorp Ession, within. Holding the blade backwards in his hand, Milenko activated it and slung its humming forward and up, intent on repaying his opponent for the newly added scar that would forever grace his chest. No foul deed should ever go unpunished. (3)
  13. Milenko gasped almost giddily as the being before him mentioned him being a Sith, his gloved hand reach upward toward his mouth. "Me? A Sith? How did you ever know? It's the Cloak, isnt it? It gave me away." But before he could finish his sentence, a volley of blaster bolts flew his way, causing Milenko to grasp the shell spider silk cloak and enter a spin of deflection before making his own retreat into the corridor behind him, a blaster bolt managing to graze his cheek as he did so. Yelling out down the hall toward the Zybrak, he continued his taunt. "Perhaps it's just stylish. Did you ever think to think of that?" Reaching his glove to the burn that bleed slightly from his cheek, Milenko reveled to himself the pain that he felt. Truly this being held a soul worthy of being his first to claim. He was adaptive, knew to strike first before asking questions, and now that he had slightly injured Milenko, became a prize worthy of capturing. But how to do it? This was what encompassed Milenko's thoughts as he summed up the situation. He was unaware of the Ysalamari the Zybrak possessed, so he held a disadvantage there. And he held very few weapons, none of which were ranged outside of skill alone. But Milenko was a crazed Prince, one to play the fools gambit of only to try his luck at such a hand. "You know, it isnt nice to shoot at someone you dont know anything about my friend." He spoke, a fit of laughter erupting behind his echoing words, his gaze peering out just quick enough to notice the location of his opponent and the surrounds between the two, ever watchful and vigilant in listening for anything but a blaster bolt. He knew if he was to win, he'd have to close the gap. "I thought you Imperials were nice beings, followers of the morals and codes. You're actions have shown me differently. I'm sorely disappointed with you. To understand Milenko, is to understand the madness behind him. His taunts and jests, though poorly accurate and aimed to enrage, were mere distractions. For as he spoke them, he managed to duck into a room beside him that would connect to a room that held a door that connected to his opponent, and just before disappearing into that room, Milenko laughed and disappeared within. Once inside, Milenko activated the lightsaber and began cutting his way into the connecting room, plunging his blade deep into the duracrete and watching vigorously with intent as the molten metal lowly lit the room. Just before the metal fell to the floor, Milenko stopped, reaching out in the force and bending the semi circular hole inward as he made his way toward his opponent. As the door behind Tallin hissed open, Milenko's gloved hand would reach out, dagger in hand in an attempt to return the injury inflicted upon him, feeling the Force leave his form and anger set it due to it. "Now that isnt nice not fair my friend. I only wanted to discuss your soul. Now you've made me mad." Milenko held himself covered for the most part with the cloak, using his free hand to slash at Tallin, his pinky finger aimed at activating a few thermal detonators. (2)
  14. Milenko chuckled beneath his breath as the Neimoidian scurried away after their leader spoke, choosing to perceive protection by taking his place in the speeder that the Supervisor had chosen. To be frank, Milenko held a hint of jealousy that the Neimoidian had chosen the stylish speeder to find himself carried in, as Milenko held a affection for the color black to begin with. But the moment for him to claim such a carriage had past, and he observed the pairing that followed. The Slithese, as he noticed, grew temperamental at his comrade's nature. His gaze shifted toward the towering snake as if saying that he had been told so, Milenko's shoulder shrugging. Such was the nature of the weak, timid and seeking the strength of those who were stronger. Perhaps now the Sithese had finally saw the green creature for who he really was. As for Milenko, he already knew too well, the royal family having dealt with their kind on many occassions. But as he continued to watch, he noticed the girl whom had remained quiet and complacent approach the Slithese, a ritualistic bow, a conversation that Milenko turned a blind thought to unfolding as he turned to meet the gaze of the young girl standing before him. He could see her own disdain of him written upon her face before she had spoken a single word, and yet, he only smiled at her in return as she spoke. "Sounds wonderful." Milenko replied, bowing before her as was accustomed, yet before he could say another word or ask to aid her, she had already went about cleaning the speeder and confronting the Slithese. She may have appeared weak, but Milenko saw the spark she held in her eyes and in her actions, her ability to move past her fears despite them. Signs of the truly powerful indeed. Approaching her as she fired up the speeder, he spoke as he climbed in, "I am Milenko Shiro of House Shiro and Apprentice to Master Sheog. Lovely day for a ride, isnt it?["/i], kicking his feet aboard the dash as he placed his fingers intertwined upon the back of his head in a reclined position. He could not tell why, but there was something interesting about her that the others did not display. Perhaps it was her age, or perhaps it was... no, never mind. Maybe it was something else. He could not tell just yet.
  15. upon the yards of Kuat was a minuscule task, chaos and death reaping its sown harvest taking precedence over a small presence such as his as he now walked its halls in lonesome. Without permission nor invite, the Prince had taken it upon himself to join a minor boarding party and after arriving, ducking off behind the scenes, taking his place as a mere backdrop amidst the bigger screen. Gloves cleansed of his failures blood, hands intertwined behind him, he jovially strolled along, his appearance and presence unable to be discerned as Imperial nor Sith. But deep down, his presence upon the Yards held a different meaning, the young Prince of Panatha searching for what called to him, his mentor's words still echoing within his serene mind. All it would take, is a soul. And many souls called toward him, yet, their stench and taste were spoiled, foul and disdainful. But this new scent, this new soul, its fragrance pleasantly palpable, called to him, aching to be plucked like a fresh bloom after the morning dew. Which brings us to the here and now, his stroll through the chaos a treasure hunt, as he searched for the first of many blossoms. To Milenko's surprise, the halls were rather empty at the moment, most of the presences gathered at the southern hangar where the field was beginning to be harvested. But here, near the bowels, rarely a soul to be seen nor heard. How such a blossom managed to exist upon these cliffs of serenity, Milenko couldn't even begin to guess. Yet, perhaps, that act alone was what make its nectar all the more sweeter, beckoning him forward toward its location in such haste. A rare flower blooming in such a remote location away from the others may just provide the reasoning behind its rarity. War may have been raging around them, painting its loving picture of blood, plasma, and horror, as was accustomed over the millennia of wars. But here, in the dullness of the gray, the blandness of the silence, and the plainness of its serenity, beauty beckoned out of sight, calling from the unknown, and painted it's own picture in secrecy, hidden behind the veil. And as Milenko turned down yet another corridor, his gaze caught sight of the blossom, guised within the vassel of a Zybrak(Tallin). Mesmerized by the beauty of it, Milenko smiled, his gaze averting afterward toward the gaze of the being whom possessed its foliage. "My... What a beautiful soul you have. His words came out cold yet purposed, an eerie presence lingering upon them as they flowed from his lips, his smile remaining even after.
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