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  1. Nyrys regarded Ca’aran’s image with disdain. Time had put distance between their fight, but she had been focused on other things since then, and had not really parsed through her thoughts and emotions on what had happened. Buried under time’s dust was a smouldering magma flow of emotions that threatened to seize control, and probably would have if she wasn’t acutely aware that the Dark Lord was evaluating her. She had a choice between revenge and ambition, but maybe the math would make the correct answer clearer. In the interest of furthering her apprentice’s training, Nyrys had left the command hub to join the battle directly. Now with the help of a technical officer she reviewed the data of what she had missed. The Sith coalition had traded up across the board, losing three cruisers in exchange for destroying three capital ships, and while it seemed like the terrorists had managed to recover their objective, it wasn’t anyone worth the blood price that the enemy had paid today. A small team would have been far better suited for this objective, but it looked like someone in the enemy command wanted to make a show of force. The outcome certainly could have been worse. “As much fun as it would be to use this moment to settle personal scores, I think that Delta is a tool that we are currently misusing. He’s a hammer, and Black Sun was trying to use him like a screwdriver. If we use him in the proper capacity, it will be a solid investment to retain him, we just shouldn’t expect him to perform in any capacity when it comes to screwing. But don’t worry Delta, we know how to handle tools in the Sith Empire.” A lot of Sith had a tendency to refer to Darth Vader’s methodology when disciplining officers without realizing the underlying context that Darth Vader was a career soldier surrounded by incompetent and untested officers who advanced more through political games than merit. Killing officers over impossible situations wasn’t inspiring better performance through fear, it was throwing homicidal tantrums. “If it pleases your Imperial Majesty, that is my judgement. Besides, nobody hates Delta more than himself, to live is its own punishment for him.”
  2. Discord is a messenger app that we use, there's a widget on the right side of the JediRP main page that will take you to our chat server.
  3. “It’s less about how others would feel about my choices, or even the uglier choices that I’ve had to make, and more about finding a path that reflects my true nature. Everything I was taught about morality growing up was in regards to being a good person or a bad person, but I don’t feel like a person at all. I feel Other, but not profane. Sometimes I feel like a lioness running down hares, bound only by the laws of nature; other times I see injustice and I feel compelled to rip and tear like an avenging angel. I am not meek or mild enough to be a person, I am too principled to be a beast, and I am too mercurial to be a saint. So I want to be a monster from a grim fable, a blood drenched reminder that actions have consequences. Something outside of morality so that I can hurt people the way that they deserve to be hurt. I want to be a righteous devil, baptized in the hot blood of the ill intentioned as a pack of like minded wolves watch me with genuine faith. I want to be the fire that burns away the rot and stagnation from galaxy, naked and indiscriminate with insatiable hunger. You know, typical girl stuff.” Nyrys steeled herself for the next bit, because if she misjudged her place it could end poorly, but if she didn’t show initiative she had no right to what she was asking. “And I’d like to do all of those things from the Throne of the Warrior. I’m hungry enough that I won’t rest on my laurels if you see fit to have me by your side as your martial counsel, and I will never betray you like the Wolf is said to have. I will complete any trial you ask of me, if you find my qualifications uncertain.”
  4. Quick errata for the medical task force on account of the heavy losses/total destruction rules changing. Rules should read as follows: Med/Eng Support Cluster (Frigates): Guardian Angels Blooded: As long as the task force doesn’t engage the enemy, it is considered a war crime to target them. At the end of battle, the Task Force leader picks one allied Task Force that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for it. Veteran: At the end of battle, the Task Force leader picks one allied Task Force that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for it. He or she also picks one allied task force that was destroyed, that Task Force is instead treated as having suffered Heavy Losses. Elite: At the end of battle, the Task Force leader picks two allied Task Forces that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for them. He or she also picks one allied task force that was destroyed, that Task Force is instead treated as having suffered Heavy Losses.
  5. As social technology continues to advance and we find ourselves using Discord for general discussion more and more, our current set up for the community section becomes less and less utilized. The staff would like to redesign the Community section to adapt to the changing times, and would like to hear suggestions for what you would like to see in this area of the site. Preferably, suggestions should focus on sharing information that wouldn't work on Discord due to its ever in motion state. For example, I suggested a cooking sub forum since recipes would get lost quickly on Discord and everyone loves food.
  6. “My King.” Darth Nyrys gracefully stepped onto the bridge, a vision of unearthly carnal beauty fresh from the slaughter of lesser men. She sauntered towards Exodus still riding the twin highs of victory and the consumption of vital essences, and came to a stop far closer than what would be considered a respectable distance. She knelt before her Dark Lord, head bowed in supplication, but then she looked up at him, brilliant emeralds adrift in a sea of crimson. She took her time looking him over, after all, he was a lot to take in. The first time she met him she had been overwhelmed mostly by terror, as is appropriate for who he is, but now she had her wits about her enough to shamelessly objectify him. Unfortunately, however, Darth Nyrys knew enough about history to know what happened to women that fell in love with emperors, and she had no desire to fade away into a footnote in the history books, she had come too far. Even if she really, really wanted to climb that man like a tree. Down girl. Through sheer force of will she redirected her thoughts to more pressing matters. She had to focus on the long term and remember that there were other man trees to climb with fewer political and professional consequences. “One of my apprentices has slain a Jedi in single combat without aid, and as is our way I have bestowed upon him the name Darth Truaillidh. While his combat aptitude is acceptable, I think his greatest contributions to your reign will be in the Krath domains of alchemy and the creation of sithspawn.” She presented Exodus with the data core that Truaillidh had given her earlier. She was still kneeling before him, as he had not permitted her to rise yet. No matter, she could stay on her knees for as long as… No, bad brain. Motherpfasker. “Also, if it pleases you, would you permit me a conversation about the nature of monsters? I feel more and more distant from the person I was, in terms of what I feel is right and wrong, and being a good monster wasn’t a course they offered at uni.”
  7. Dev notes: *Cough* Well then. Final update before release indeed. This update sees a change to heavy losses and wiped out penalties to more forgiving versions. Originally the cost of a task force wipe was intentionally super harsh to make players give more weight to tactical retreats, but I think it also would have fed into player frustration at an unhealthy rate. Heavy Losses now encourages players to explore other task force roles, while a total loss only incurs a one level penalty, rather than a total reset. Calculating heavy losses for capital ships and specialist ships with support was also clarified. Flagships, on the other hand, became more valuable in the long run and more devastating to lose, to better reflect why the command ship should be a high value target. The cap on upgrades was removed, which will help with later content... Asset Denial was made more fluffy by requiring shields to be down on their target. Disabled was also better defined, and the two hits to disable a cap ship limitation was removed to make up for the shield limitation. A cap on escorts was applied to avoid hi jinks. Abilities for Battleline Escort and Hellriders were changed to reflect new rules for heavy losses and total wipes. Alpha pitch for task forces Task Forces (all of these are task forces, names are for flavor) (Targeted removal charts will be located at the bottom of the doc for easier comparison and formatting) Ship scaling: A Task Force is 6 points worth of ships. One capital ship is 6 points, meaning that it comprises the entire task force. One cruiser is 3 points, meaning that a task force can either have two cruisers or one cruiser and smaller support ships. One frigate is 1 point. Six corvettes are 1 point. Removal effects and ship health Starfighter Actions
  8. The wet crunch of a body hitting the deck brought Nyrys out of her indulgent reverie. Her meal came back to his senses and briefly started screaming before she tore out his throat with her teeth. The ragged tear let loose a stream of hot blood, like popping the cap off of a shaken carbonated beverage, and still rather in the moment, Nyrys laughed gleefully. The wound on her abdomen had closed, and only ached dully thanks to the sudden infusion of consumed vitality. Even before she looked, part of her knew who it was that fell, but seeing the broken form of the Jedi settled a great deal of worry in her heart. It was the Sith way to let apprentices stand or fail on their own merit, but if Drago had been lost today it would cost the Sith more than just another sword arm. The apprentice had a true gift for Sith alchemy that could yield exponential returns on the investment of training him, provided he survived long enough to reap those benefits. For a brief moment the astral form of the Jedi was visible, before it rejoined the Force, or whatever it is that Jedi do when they go all blue and see through. Probably something involving drum circles and deep discussions on how pleasantly unassuming the color beige is. Hard pass. She had been too young to really dwell on her own mortality before, but it now occurred to her that immortality was a very real goal that she could achieve. Putting aside the factionalist rhetoric, Nyrys knew on a personal level that her choice would always be to viscerally experience life over sterilely understanding it. Examining life had only ever brought her fear, doubt, and self loathing. The Jedi claimed to serve the natural order, but what if that order was fundamentally flawed or otherwise imperfect? If so many people didn’t fit into the Jedi’s worldview, was it really representative of the natural truth of the galaxy, or just another incomplete splinter of an unknowable divine truth? If one thing was certain, it was that Nyrys wasn’t going to silently fade away to appease one wacko cult’s dogmatic vision. Like so many others, she came into this galaxy broken, but that wouldn’t keep her from fighting like hell to make a place for herself in it. Her apprentice approached her, as polite and proper as ever, despite having just cut a man to pieces. “My wound was entirely on account of a shistaven with a way too big vibro-scimitar, and not on anything you did or didn’t do. You have slain a worthy opponent in single combat with no aid. Arise, Darth Truaillidh, for in claiming your place in the galaxy through murder you have earned a place in the legacy of the Darth name. Now see to your own wound, I don’t think I need to lecture you on the hazards of untreated burns. After you have been tended to I will present you to the Dark Lord, if it suits him.” Darth Nyrys departed the bay with pride in her apprentice, and headed to the bridge to learn the current state of the space battle.
  9. Dev notes: A lot of this was balance fine tuning, fixing things that got broken while fixing other things. Two new task forces were added, to give more defensive options and also to give corvettes more time in the spotlight. For initial roll out we are discussing players running two task forces just to provide room for more granularity until we see more community growth. While we still want to work on the readability of the rules, most likely this is what you will be using for launch, in terms of mechanics and systems. Alpha pitch for task forces (Targeted removal charts will be located at the bottom of the doc for easier comparison and formatting) Task Forces (all of these are task forces, names are for flavor) Removal effects and ship health Starfighter Actions
  10. ((At time of submission construction has not yet started)) Collectively referring to the lands and home that Darth Nyrys keeps on Onderon, Afon Saffir is a roughly thousand acre holding secreted below the surface of the planet. To any visitor however, Afon Saffir appears to be an especially verdant forest area with an impossibly vibrant blue river running through it. The estate that sits at the center of the cavern is nothing short of palatial, designed to host grand gatherings and accommodate a small army of guests. Within its structure is concealed a central support column, however towers throughout the domain act as redundant sources of structural integrity. The “sky” of Afon Saffir is emulated through a combination of technology and sorcery, and while all visitors generally are seeing the same instance of illusionry, Nyrys can single people out to create separate instances. Generally though, the sun rises with her and sets as she prepares to retire. Her ire often brings simulated storms, and sadness brings rain from concealed irrigation lines. The world revolves around her in this place, and veteran guests say it’s far wiser to keep an eye on Darth Nyrys’s moods than any chronometer. Heavy mists are commonplace throughout the hold, but the astute may notice that certain areas remain permanently blanketed. These places contain the less pleasant aspects of Afon Saffir such as altars of ritual sacrifice and the labs of trusted Krath who provide prey for hunts and provide vessels for Nyrys’s most valued inner circle. Guests to Afon Saffir can largely be divided into four groups, fellow Sith, warriors of some measure of repute, individuals of remarkable physical beauty, and people of interest to Darth Nyrys. Nyrys tends to be selective about which Sith she invites to Afon Saffir, as even though she often treats her guests as toys, they are still her toys, and she does not take kindly to others breaking them. Warriors who are summoned to Afon Saffir come from varied and diverse cultures, and are often given the opportunity to display their martial talents through duels and hunts. Darth Nyrys cultivates a selection of beautiful people both to amuse her guests and to examine potential candidates to serve as future vessels, treating her favorites more like pets and gifts to be given than actual people. Those who humor her behavior or at least endure it obediently can find themselves reaping rewards in the form of expensive gifts and opportunities to achieve meteoric rises in status through making the right contacts and marriages to powerful individuals. Among the warriors summoned to Afon Saffir are promising imperial officers, and Nyrys has no reservations about fast laning their careers and social prospects in exchange for favors to be collected at a later date. Should one of Nyrys’s “pets” offend her or her favored guests, or otherwise displease her, they are given to the Krath, either to become a Sithspawn for a future hunt or to live out the rest of their existence as a horrible monstrosity. Not everyone is at Afon Saffir to serve a purpose however, and it is not uncommon for Nyrys to summon entertainers and creatives from the entertainment sector to speak with them (sometimes summon can be better interpreted as abduct). Going to or leaving Afon Saffir is far from a traditional travel booking. Anyone that wishes to make a transition and is approved is offered a sedative that keeps them unconscious during the actual transit, both to play into the narrative that Afon Saffir is a dream world and to keep its location secret. Guests are searched thoroughly for tracking and communication devices during this time, although Sith in good standing with Nyrys are allowed to retain all of their possessions. The Dark Lord of course has full access without any of the pageantry. New arrivals awaken in an outdoor canopy bed just on the perimeter of the estate, with attendants to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Requests to leave are usually granted, unless Nyrys has taken a particular interest in the person, although even in these cases her attention is often mercifully fleeting as long as she doesn’t feel disrespected. A large portion of the estate has an open air design, with fountain dotted plazas, intimate hedge wall gardens with carefully cultivated flowers, pools and artificial hot springs that run with the same impossibly blue waters as the central river. Grand banquet areas allow for lavish dinner parties should the mood strike Nyrys. An arena for more martial entertainment awaits with well maintained weapons of innumerable cultures. After all, entertaining guests outside is far more manageable when you control the weather. The interior portion of the estate can be divided into four sections, the visitors’ suites, the resident staff quarter, the receiving area, and the private rooms. The visitors’ suites could easily be likened to a luxury hotel, with beautifully decorated and fully stocked rooms for Nyrys’s guests to retire to. At least on the surface. While guests of special importance may be given private rooms with no form of observation, most will be shown to rooms blissfully unaware that their every word and action is being recorded, largely for blackmail insurance should Nyrys ever need leverage. A special ventilation system allows for specific rooms to be filled with a variety of mood and reality altering chemicals, both for the purposes of testing new concoctions and Nyrys tacitly expressing her displeasure with a guest. The servants quarters accommodates both organic and HRD droid servants, with both routinely undergoing mind wipes for security reasons. The servants are paid employees, rather than slaves, as slavery still carries too many associations with xenophobic policies and beliefs, to make use of it. They are paid well for their services and know that memory wipes are a routine part of their job. Upon completion of their agreement a final wipe is performed and they are transported to the capital with their earnings and a document with a vague degree of explanation. Predation on the staff is likely to earn Nyrys’s ire, as they keep her fantasy land running. The receiving area is a semi-private section of the estate, restricted to Nyrys and a select few special guests, usually Sith that have earned Nyrys’s respect. This area has a great deal less pageantry, and sports a more casual vibe for guests that are actually in her true social circle. Nyrys is more likely to directly and genuinely interact with people in this section, rather than simply playing the role she does out on the estate grounds. She keeps a second room in this section for dalliances, choosing to keep her most private space truly private. This area also houses amenities like a private training area, smithing forge, and secluded dining room for more personal meals. The private rooms are her personal sanctuary, her last defense against the non stop fever dream that she has created here. A collection of eight HRDs reside here, taking turns masquerading as Nyrys when the attentions of her guests become too overwhelming. When not on decoy duty, they attend to her needs as she recovers in isolation and does all of the things that her public persona does not allow for. While well decorated and comfortably furnished, the private rooms offer no hidden sorceries or special amenities at current, they’re simply a place for her to breathe, eat way too much desert in one sitting, and watch holovids that she has already seen countless times. Afon Saffir’s most defining feature is its brilliant blue river, its waters seeming unnatural in their vivid color. Most likely because they are. The river is infused with the sacrificial life force of both war prisoners and willing supplicants, saturating it with preternatural vitality. For guests untrained in the Force or not sensitive to it, the water is like bacta, spice, and the fountain of youth rolled into one. To imbibe or bathe in it is to have the body’s youthful vigor restored, lose inhibitions, and become captive to emotion. Guests who use the river’s properties heavily have been known to have difficulty focusing, keeping track of time, memory issues, and in some extreme cases, developing what’s referred to as the Saffir Look (Pale skin, pronounced canines, lean features, cannibalistic tendencies, and most notably eyes the same color as the Sapphire River’s water). To reach that state is to be fully bound to the will of Darth Nyrys, who treats them as beloved hunting hounds despite their retained sentience. Practitioners of the Dark Arts can use the waters more safely, drawing on the vital essences to power sorceries and speed the recovery of wounds without losing themselves to the water’s influence. The Sapphire Water only works within the boundaries of Afon Saffir, any attempts to remove it render it inert. Outside of hunts, duels, tourneys, and Nyrys’s mercurial whims, violence is forbidden at Afon Saffir. The concentration of so many warriors from different cultures in one place has made having control over the bloodshed a necessity. Any combatant who sees someone harassing another guest is expected to intervene and detain the individual for Nyrys’s judgement. Additionally, there are visible and hidden guards throughout most of the estate grounds. Some of the aforementioned towers serve as security offices and barracks, with elite guards in full battle rattle for the rare occasion that such a show of force is needed. Hunts through the forests of Afon Saffir are regular occurrences, with prey ranging from exotic and dangerous game to common criminals. Despite its natural appearance, the woodland section is heavily monitored, and prey can be driven towards certain behaviors and emotional states through infrasound speakers and venting in chemicals at specific points. The borders of Afon Saffir have disorienting illusionry that tries to turn around any prey that approaches them, and the sky betrays any attempt to navigate at every turn. Should a criminal or deserter manage to overcome these obstacles and evade the hunt, Nyrys grants them a pardon, however for certain crimes she has no reservations about rigging the game. Deep in the forests lies a cenote, a place of ritual sacrifice modeled off of the infamous Theater of the Gods. Here Darth Nyrys and her packs of bound cannibal killers indulge their baser instincts, consuming people and animals raw in the cavern depths. A more potent form of the Sapphire Water exists here, but even Force users are reduced to a feral state for days, weeks, or even months upon imbibing it. That being said, it can restore the body from even the gravest wounds and disfigurements. Sith who use this purer substance claim to have dreams and visions, although how much of it is portent and how much of it the Dark Side version of a crazy acid trip is unknown. The Calon Saffir is hidden in this partially submerged cave system, the beating heart of the more primordial sorceries of the domain. Even Nyrys has not yet attempted to master this last wild place, however as she grows in power it calls to her with increasing fervor. On occasion, Darth Nyrys will allow her court to be petitioned by outsiders, listening to tales of deadly beasts harassing outer rim colonies, merciless pirates and brigands raiding less defended worlds, and out of control Dark Side nexi or even rogue Sith. Should any of these petitions intrigue Nyrys, she will bid members of her court to depart Afon Saffir and deal with the threat, like a mythical feudal queen sending knights on quests. Champions of Afon Saffir will usually arrive without warning or introduction, and disappear just as suddenly after the danger has been slain, leaving a grateful but very confused populace.
  11. The brutish marshal, underestimating the wickedness of her blade, intentionally let it bite deep into his shoulder and seized her with his free hand, lifting her up to skewer her with his scimitar. Pain brought back memories of the crucible, and her daily torments there. It was a sacrifice vindicated by her ability to function in spite of overwhelming pain. In the marshal’s feverish attempt to kill her, he failed to notice the state of his arm. The flesh beneath the fur bubbled and festered with unnatural speed, and when the pus filled bubbles popped, they revealed vacant craters where flesh used to be. The failing arm collapsed through sheer putrefaction before he could go fishing for vital organs, and she slid off his blade and back onto her feet. A spinning kick to the marshal’s groin doubled him over, and a solid right hook to the head knocked the man unconscious. She whistled for deck security, and ordered them to secure and stabilize what was left of her opponent, after taking a selfie with the incapacitated opponent and sending it to the Dark Lord. She would just as soon kill him and end his suffering, but her apprentice might want samples for his studies and various… projects. For her own part, she left a deeply ingrained mental scar, engraving the illusion of her dead family on his mind. While the wound was not immediately terminal, it was certainly leaking a great deal more than she would like. Fortunately, the good marshal had brought snacks with him, in the form of a squad of Galactic Alliance marines. She perused their catatonic forms before finding one that looked extra appealing, and ordered security to take the rest away. Her apprentice hadn’t finished yet with the Jedi, so she took her six pack snack pack to a secluded part of the bay and started consuming his body and soul, while his mind was enveloped with a sweet fiction. Occasionally, brief millisecond flickers of fragments of reality would break through, but surely this was better than dying to a blaster bolt or getting disemboweled by a cursed blade? Maybe her manwich wasn’t the only one enveloped in a sweet fiction… But as she consumed him, she felt undeniably better, both in terms of her wound and her internal self. Acts of predation had always had a natural ease and appeal to her. Growing up, she had written it off as getting even with xenophobic snobs that made her life hell, but now she had to wonder if it was something else. Was the night her nature, and if so, what did that mean? She had studied a lot of religions at uni for her major, and a constant was a necessary darkness. If she was to be a righteous devil, what devilry would truly nourish her soul? ((3-day Capture and release on Mythos))
  12. Developer introduction and notes Alpha pitch for task forces (Targeted removal charts will be located at the bottom of the doc for easier comparison and formatting) Task Forces (all of these are task forces, names are for flavor) Removal effects and ship health Starfighter Actions
  13. With her enemy making no effort to press her, Darth Nyrys was able to collect herself from the self inflicted trauma of the emotional attack and skulk closer. The way of the assassin was very different from her warrior roots, turning strength into weakness rather than directly measuring strength against strength. One was more suited towards bettering the galaxy, the other towards bettering herself, both were important. Darth Nyrys heard all of the marshal’s words, but would not be baited out prematurely, or breach operational security to point out that she had been on Mandalore to intercept the Crusaders, only leaving when the Dark Lord had called his banners to respond to this latest rebel atrocity. Instead, she gathered her rage, her sorrow, and her pain in a deep inhaling breath, focused that energy into a weapon, and upon closing a good deal of the distance, released it along with ending her sound dampening illusion in a Dark Side infused banshee cry. Her intention was to turn the Shistaven’s acute hearing against him, maybe even rupturing his eardrums and ruining his balance. The near silence that she had been permeating through the hangar from the start of the fight was like sharpening the blade of this attack to a razor’s edge. The energy itself carried a great deal of negative emotions, and the terror on Dark Sun Station was coalescing enough that Nyrys could tap into it for additional power. Pushing the offensive, Nyrys followed the shout with a series of thrusting strikes with Brathiad Gwynt. Fear and anger would make the necrosis from any successful strikes course through the marshal’s veins. The sword’s cursed blade blazed with green flame upon hearing yet another excuse for the rebellion’s murderous actions as it was driven forward. Her strikes were practiced and meticulous, capitalizing on her greater blade length advantage and more melee oriented armor. "I showed up when my people needed me, that's why I'm here today. To stop monsters too self righteous to realize what they are doing is wrong, like you." ((Nyrys vs Mythos 3))
  14. The strange and archaic weapon had a greater spread than Nyrys anticipated, and as a result it still clipped her shoulder armor and sent her spinning, although her training kept her from losing her footing completely. She recovered by extending her left leg, bending her right, and lowering her center of gravity with dancer like poise until she reached a predatory stance. “Did it ever occur to you that by that logic you’re just as guilty of your own side’s massacres? I’m from Kuat, and my people were builders on one of the civilian ship manufacturing stations. They had no part in this damned war, and they were slaughtered anyway. Maybe you can explain to them why they had to die?” It was like vomiting acid and tears, crafting and projecting this illusion. To take those happy images of her cousins, aunts, and uncles, and twist them into representations of their mangled corpses. What remained was virtually inhuman, but with just enough humanity to bring about that unsettling connection. Their flesh was burnt into grotesque mockeries of human faces, and their movements were disjointed and fitful, the bones and muscles that supported them broken and torn by incomprehensible force. The little bodies clutched the remains of favored toys that they had once held for reassurance as the New Republic murdered them all with self righteous zeal. However, despite their monstrous appearance these were no boogeymen or phantasmal chimera meant for attacking. They were effigies of sadness and mourning, weeping as they shambled and crawled towards the marshal. All of them had the same one word question on their blistered lips. “Why?” A chorus of scared and confused voices erupted from the amassing crowd of bodies as they circled and pressed in on the Shistavanen. Nyrys herself stood in the background, clutching a nearby console and trying to choke back tears from having to imagine her family this way. Her blade was ready to guard but she made no move to attack. She drowned the room in an even deeper quietude, one so heavy that you would have to strain to hear even shouting. Only the whispered question was permitted to be heard easily in the room. ((2))
  15. OOC((Incapacitation of NPCs was agreed upon over Discord, I’ve also agreed to no NPCs interfering with the Mythos duel on the Sith side.)) After a time, the ramp fell, and a Jedi shot out of the hold and up onto the maintenance catwalks like a small rodent on methamphetamines. Her apprentice dutifully followed him up, knowing what was expected of him in this encounter. Nyrys, not keen on having her apprentice’s test interfered with, turned her attention to the disembarking rebels. At her suggestion, their minds perceived their weapons turning into venomous snakes and striking at them until they collapsed into a catatonic stupor. Well, all of them save for a Shistaven canid. She had studied them in her sociological trends of sapient predatory species class at uni, they were physically capable with the keen senses that were part and parcel of being a superior hunting species. In many ways they were similar to the Cathar, in a poorly refined, underevolved sort of way. Budget Cathar. But an intriguing distraction nonetheless. Unnatural silence began to infect the air as an otherworldly fog flooded into the bay, a crimson bank of obscuration. It was an obvious illusion, but knowing that it was an illusion did not necessarily lift it’s suffocating pall. The fog did not reach the catwalks, Nyrys had been sincere in her position of not aiding her apprentice in his test. Darth Nyrys drew Brathiad Gwynt as she started to feel the dread and suffering of the innocents on Dark Sun station. When military ships were hit with ion cannons, the crew knew the appropriate procedures, had equipment to survive, and knew that engineers would be working to fix things. A junior banker living in an econo hab block as a wage slave wasn’t going to have any of those reassurances as the station went dark, the power doors stopped working, and the life support died. It was going to be Kamino all over again. Blistering fury gushed through Nyrys like molten steel and she flowed through the fog like a quicksilver apparition, darting in with a light probing strike from Brathiad Gwynt before departing with preternatural speed back into the fog. Mockingly playful laughter accompanied her during the attack, sourceless and disconcerting. “I can feel them dying right now, you know. How can you claim to care about the innocent when you always so casually sacrifice their lives in horrific ways? The Crusaders rampage through the core and you do nothing but hide, but a military strike against a civilian space station and suddenly you’re all patriots of justice? COWARDS, ALL OF YOU!” Duel Post One Darth Nyrys vs Mythos
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