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  1. Damage Listed Above With the explosive response from the Imperial Forces, Admiral Godfrey winced. The poor Nyrtal, having been thoroughly focused by the Imperial forces, was flagging far behind the others of its class, the crystal blue paint, laid on by the Bothan Spaceworks mere months before, bubbled away in large sheets from concentrated bombing runs and turbolaser fire. The Bothan Assault Cruiser, while venting from a dozen breaches, still blazed away with turbolasers and missile arrays, the weapons crew deciding that they would do their utmost to continue the fight while non essential crew were evacuated. The Task forces knew their business, and if they were to defeat the Sith Armada, it would take a lot more lives than the few that had been lost so far. The Bomber Commanders knew their attack pattern, as did the corvettes of Vengeance and Defiance. They would do their duty. To the bittermost of endings.
  2. This is it? Is this all we can muster? The Selonian commander inclined his furry head in an almost resigned bow of surrender. His eyes were clouded in a mix of shame and rage as the council of Corellia witnessed the Sith Fleet emerge near Centrepoint. They had tarried too long, which had now become the rallying call of the Galactic Alliance. Their failure was once again staring them in the face. The council, those twelve odd, scared faces, looked at him with a mixture of fear and resignation. They were waiting for him to speak. He raised his hand above his head and pointed to the long lists of ships and crew that were assembling in the Corellian Atmosphere. There was a delegation from the Rebel Alliance with an Imperial Knight in tow as well. “Assemble the armies!” Centrepoint could not be lost. They would push back the Sith at any cost. ________________________________________________________________________________ Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned PC @Skyshatter - Assigned Callsign - Sentinel CR-90 Corvette Maelstrom |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Languedoc |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Vivarais |2/1| Menace DP20 Corvette Coeur d’Lion|2/1| DP20 Corvette Augustus|2/1| DP20 Corvette Hussar |2/1| Ghost Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Azincourt|9/9| Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned PC @Godfrey d'Outremer - Assigned Callsign - Hammer LC-Belarus Medium Cruiser Novarch Ackbar |9/9| LC-Belarus Medium Cruiser Novarch Sikaot |9/9|
  3. The three Destroyer groups Hammer, Sickle, and Banner Engage a target at extreme range. The two Precision Strike Carrier Groups with Support from the Hellriders engage a single Target. While the Defensive Ships of the Battleline Escort and the Defensive Escort prepare to counter enemy moves, Admiral Godfrey orders that the command ship fire from the Axial Weapons platform supported by the final Bombers on a single target. ((As this is a demonstration fight, there's much to be explained. In the rule set you must reveal your attacks at the same time, with their intended targets being obscured until that point, the attacks are being pmed to the mod in charge. In this case @Exodus. As this is a demonstration of what would happen with three commanders on each side you also have to assume that there's fluff and character development. But these are the base actions my fleet takes)) ((1))
  4. Scenario, along the hyperlanes of the Deep Core, two opposing forces meet in sudden and unprepared combat. Rebel Alliance Taskforce Fleet Command Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Home Mon Calamari MC90 Star Cruiser Admiral Sikaot |20/20| Commanded by Lord Godfrey D'Outremer of the Rebel Alliance Corellian Command Assigned Upgrade: Axial Weapon Rebel Alliance Battleline Escort Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Pike Mon Calamari MC90 Star Cruiser Admiral Ackbar |20/20| Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Hammer Bothan Assault Cruiser Nyrtal |9/9| Bothan Assault Cruiser Syndic |9/9| Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Sickle Bothan Assault Cruiser Kothlos |9/9| Bothan Assault Cruiser RedRennic |9/9| Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Banner Bothan Assault Cruiser Farfalla |9/9| Bothan Assault Cruiser Kre'Fay |9/9| Rebel Alliance Defensive Escort Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Guard MC-30c Frigate Adun-Anne |3/3| MC-30c Frigate Adun-Lilianna |3/3| MC-30c Frigate Adun-Arianna |3/3| MC-30c Frigate Adun-Michelle |3/3| MC-30c Frigate Adun-Xanthria |3/3| MC-30c Frigate Adun-Cathryne |3/3| Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Sentinel CR-90 Corvette Maelstrom |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Hurricane |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Typhoon |2/1| Menace DP20 Corvette Chevalier |2/1| DP20 Corvette Knight |2/1| DP20 Corvette Hussar |2/1| Ghost Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Ranger |9/9| Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Lancer CR-90 Corvette Justicar |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Omri |2/1| CR-90 Corvette Xerxes |2/1| Spear DP20 Corvette Parthren |2/1| DP20 Corvette Mitsi |2/1| DP20 Corvette Nom-Charos |2/1| Arrow Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Anaxes |9/9| Rebel Alliance Hellriders Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Vengeance DP20 Corvette Leonid |2/1| DP20 Corvette Montresser |2/1| DP20 Corvette Acre |2/1| DP20 Corvette Chandrila’s Rage |2/1| DP20 Corvette Remembrance |2/1| DP20 Corvette Stormsake |2/1| Defiance Sphyrna Corvette Icilia |2/1| Sphyrna Corvette Serrreno |2/1| Sphyrna Corvette Taipani Resolution |2/1| Sphyrna Corvette Holocene |2/1| Sphyrna Corvette Antilles |2/1| Sphyrna Corvette Starlisk |2/1|
  5. “Well the question exists sir.” The Ex-Republic fleet commander and ex-senator spoke with a hard voice to the Selonian delegation. “Do you want to sell this system to the Sith Empire without a fight or do you want to hold out hope for a resurgent Rebel Alliance?” He ran his hand through his stubble and beard. “I know they have gathered on Nar-Shaddaa, all we need do is reach out and ask.” The Selonian nodded, and the rest of the small furry animal delegation did as well. The Humans had already made up their minds a year ago and were deep into the production of a myriad of new ships for home defense. With the Selonian council convinced, the war was guaranteed to reach this peaceful system. He looked up at the distant cylindrical Centrepoint and sighed. He looked over to his Assistant, Lyria. A human cybernetic construct that he had bought off the black market some years before. The blinking lights on the side of her head’s cybernetic unit thrummed an annoyed orange. “Tell me again what our fleet can muster.”
  6. "I said I would want another glass of your finest Corellian." The harsh and sad voice of the Senator from the League of Tapani Freeworlds barked out at the droid bartender. Who simply nodded and with a tap of his finger added another 20 credit charge to the Senators already overburdened tab. The proprietors doubted the GA or the Tapani would even pay up for such a tab, but they held their tongues, and served the senator food and drink as the galaxy plummeted into shambles around them. Chandrila itself might pay them handsomely for a bargaining chip like the Senator, when the Sith came to beck and call. The senator took the offered glass and drank deeply, his blue robes and the mark of the Tapani embroidered upon it making him an easy mark.
  7. Hello and welcome! As someone who plays a current member from the Tapani Freeworlds/Federation from Procopia. We are currently within the GA, though not developed at all so you should definitely go for it. I welcome you and look forward to seeing you in the RP! We don't bully here and are here to help. In order to use the force you have to be trained by one of the current Jedi or Sith or IK and then you can set up your own order. Best of luck!
  8. A message arrives for Knight Cadan.
  9. A subpoena arrives for the Jedi Grandmaster and the Jedi Council summoning them before the Galactic Senate for the official Inquiry into the Suitability of Aira Cadan for Galactic Representative. A Second Subpoena arrived for the Jedi Grandmaster requesting his presence for a joint session on Jedi Actions on Carida.
  10. A subpoena for Commissioner Mazzari arrives to bring him before a senate investigatory committee for the actions of Coresec.
  11. GODFREY'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Godfrey Anslem d'Outremer A.K.A: Senator Godfrey Homeworld: Procopia (Now Represents The Territory known as the Expanse within the Tapani Freeworlds) Species: Human Physical Description Age: 49 Height: 6’1” Weight: 180 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Stylistic Red Tunic Weapon: Hold Out Blaster Common Inventory: Credits, Comm Link, Blaster Faction Information Non-Force User Alignment: Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: The Galactic Alliance Current Faction Rank: Senator Background: Born into the Tapani Freeworlds Lower class nobility, he began to pursue politics at an early age, in an effort to gain stature for his house and lordship. He was drafted into the Fondorian Military under Lord Garskani during the galactic civil war and rose through the ranks until he joined the Tapani Expeditionary Force to assist the New Republic in the waning days of the Civil War. He led his unit admirably and though most were killed in the battle over the third death star, he survived and was welcomed home a hero. As he had successfully led an army outside of the terrestrial homelands of the Expanse, he was given the honourable title of d’Outremer, or (Or of the Outer Lands). Godfrey then became a senator and is still questing for power within the Galactic Alliance. No Ship
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