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  1. Solivus Rez was a common Muun, capable enough to have the ears of the upper echelons, but held no real power himself. As soon as R3-M0 gazed upon the man, he knew why Zalis had chosen him as a contact. Not high enough to become a problem, but just the right position to make the scheme work. It truly was a flawless setup, unsurprising of Zalis. As soon as Remo wheeled up, Solivus spoke. "You must be the representative that Zalis Krales informed me of." The moon spoke slowly, his elongated fingers crossed as he sat behind his desk, Remo gazing around the restricting study. Remo replied in Binary, to which Zepex translated. "I am R3-M0, and you must be Solivus Rez" "That I am. And what does the Lady wish to give in return for my services?" He spoke, his eyes shifting at the possibility of recieving a higher commission, evident by his tone and picked up by his elevated heart rate. Zepex once again translated Remo's reply, both nearly gasping at such a low number. "Ten Percent." "Surely your lady knows better than that. My services cost no less than forty percent at worst." He spoke in return, almost insulted at the number that Remo had offered up at his own behest. Remo gave a binary chuckle, or at least one that resembled one, Zepex turning the the little one in a quiet surprise. "Surely you jest at your Master's price." Remo went silent, his glare causing the 3PX unit to nearly tremble into a shut down before he responded, allowing Zepex to unwillingly translate. "R3-M0 states that his Master only allowed him room to negotiate to twenty percent and no higher, with instructions to terminate you should you ask for more?" The last of course coming from Zepex as more of a question than a statement as he shifted to Solivus who gazed at R3-M0 in disbelief. "Surely you jest... why I have never... impossible... the payments to keep the others quiet would take half that." The Muun replied, tripping over his words both in insult to injury as well as the fear falling upon his face as the small R3 unit sat in eerie silence. "Thirty Five would be lowest I can go, and even then I cannot promise anything." Remo remained silent, his gaze firm and sturdy upon the Muun as he gauged the sapient. Thirty Five would displease his Mistress and Remo would not have that one bit. And as the Muun began to realize this severity of it, his heart rate and blood pressure began to rise as sweat began to leak from his flesh, Remo pondering briefly how it would cut against his saw. Zepex quickly noticed the wheels turning in the R3 units head and began to worry when it spoke up for Remo. "Master Rez. Wouldn't it be pertinent that we agree to a thirty percent cut, and offer myself up as a liaison to Master Krales in hopes of a better standing relationship?" Zepex spoke, turning its gaze from Remo to Solivus in order to please both parties. "It seems R3-M0 is not in the mood to displease his own Master at such a higher rate than they are likely used to dealing with in smaller operations. Perhaps I could express the necessary costs of such a larger and more secure operation." "Fine." Solivus spoke, the disdain in his voice evident despite his lack of awareness that Remo had long drew his saw blade earlier which prompted Zepex's own negotiation. "But be sure to express that such an operation can not fully function at less than thirty five percent, barely covering the cost." With that, Zepex lead Remo out of Solivus's office and the two began their trek back to the ship Remo had arrived on. As the walked Zepex questioned Remo. "Were you really about to cut Master Rez because of the higher price?" Remo beeped in a reply, causing Zepex to pause in his stride at the R3 unit's response. "Murder him?
  2. Scipio, Headquarters of the IGBC or the InterGalactic Banking Clan, was R3-M0's next stop for Zalis. With Project Titan under way, it was time to implement Project Alimony. Project Alimony was a simple scheme, a contact within the IGBC purposely bought to for the sole purpose to house Black Sun funds and launder its nefarious assets into clean and legitimate funds. It was the perfect step to finalizing a grip into the criminal underworld and a small means to covertly operate within the Black Markets. Project Alimony Landing within the hangar, Remo rolls down the ramp to see a 3PX standing there waiting for him. Curiously, he rolls over and begins questioning ic the droid was his contact, unusual to see a 3PX droid within the Core Worlds. "I am Z-3PX, designated as Zepex by the Intergalactic Banking Clan under Solivus Rez." Zepex responds. If you are R3-M0, then yes, I am your contact protocol droid requested for translation assistance. Remo stands there for a moment in silence, his droid mind leary of Zalis' motives here, but brushes it off as the singular fact that R3-M0 was incapable of communicating Basic. With a chirp and a whirl, Remo beckons the 3PX to lead the way. He was ready to get under way. After all, the faster he was done here, the faster he could return to Zalis and be done with the foundation she had laid to pave. After all, the droid hated outside contact, unless it had to do with filleting Empresses. With that memory sparking across his memory banks, Remo wheeled behind Zepex and followed the droid to his true contact.
  3. A small ship exited Hyperspace, aboard a small R3 unit designated as R3-M0 or Remo for those who knew him. His mission was a simple one, but discrepancy was the key. Remo held in his possession the drafts and drawing of a specialize ship created for the sole purpose of rebirthing the Black Sun. As the ship touched down, R3-M0 activated, his memory and circuitry coming alive with the utmost haste. "Project Titan" With little notice of the droid's presence, Remo went about his work unnoticed. After hacking into the mainframe of Fondor's ship yard, the plans were uploaded, credits deposited from an unknown source, and little trail of his work was left in his wake. Once completed, Remo returned to the ship he arrived on and departed Fondor. His mission, however minuscule, was done here. The ship would be ready in two weeks, just enough time for Zalis to prepare herself.
  4. Remo's comm chirped only a few feet away from Zalis stood, the faithful droid always near. One could see the mechanical gears and workings of his mind begin to whirl and shift as he processed her command and did as she asked. Moments later, a holographic visage appeared before the young leader with stats off to the side, one that would surely leave more questions than answers, one that would intrigue Zalis. It was an older human Male, his face scruffled by age and unkempt beard, his long locks no more uniformed than his beard as his history and criminal record readout laid beside his visage. With the sounds of whirling gears, more readouts would appear, most of the documents redacted or having details missing. And in moments, Remo's core would go silent as the droid seemingly shut down out of nowhere.
  5. Onderon was a place that Remo had never held the pleasure of visiting before. Even from space, Remo was mesmerized by its beauty and its hold upon its singular moon, Dxun. It was a lush jungle world filled with life and opportunities. But once he found himself upon its surface, he found it quite puzzling indeed. Despite its lush jungles, there was quite a chill to it, unlike other jungled worlds he had been to were humidity dropped from its many branches. The occupants of Onderon seemed unaffected, going about their daily lives in an almost utopic way, or at least from what he glimpsed here in Iziz. Yet, he couldn't quite shake this weird emotional response of uneasiness. It crept along his receptors like an invisible tendril, and had he been capable, his body would have mimicked the response of a fleshie, risen hair and all. Sticking close to Zalis, they continued on into the heart of Iziz. Zalis was unlike many of the fleshies he had met over the span of his existence, and in truth, he doubted he would ever meet another like her for the rest of it. And he wasnt quite sure why he was fond of her, but he did enjoy the way she played games with the minds of other fleshies and that she didnt seem to trust many, if not any, of them. So when she bent down to coyfully play her part, Remo smiled inside, playfully jolting her rear cheeks when she stood to finish off this Yordel and exposed herself to him. Who says a droid can't have a little fun? As Zalis continued her transaction, Remo gazed around, taking notice of a few bystanders and even the Twilek whom had just recently departed as he took in Onderon fully. It certainly had the potential that Zalis foresaw. But given the Sith presence, that was a large hurdle for even her to jump over. Turning back to her as she poised her question, all he could manage to muster in response was his usual bleeps and bloops as he went into hacking the Black Sun command lines. It wouldn't present much of a challenge for him to find out exactly what was going on at that very moment, but what presented the challenge was her imcapabilities of understanding what he was saying. "We really need a protocol droid..."
  6. Remo had never completely understood "fleshies" and their need for dressing. He honestly thought they would be much happier if they were like him and simply painted themselves. It was way better than any fashion they could come up with each week. But alas, they weren't capable of processing on the level of a droid. Except Zalis.... perhaps he would have such a discussion later about how paint is way more attractive than fabric. When she poised her question, he bleeped a numerical "Yes" before the two departed. By the time they arrived, he had already messaged ahead to have the ship cleaned, fueled, and systems checked and ready for departure. All she had to do was set the navigational charts and they would be off.
  7. As Zalis went about her duties, Remo sat in silence for the most part, boredom soon overtaking the droid and soon led him to explore his curious nature. Rolling over to a nearby dresser, Remo opened it, shifting aside paper files and a few undergarments, one set that oddly enough fell upon his translucent dome and sent the droid reeling in part confusion and part slight disgust. But it wasn't until he pull out a cylindrical object that curved together in a cone shape near the tip that things grew highly interesting. Fascinated, he wondered what it could be. Surely it wasnt a lightsaber hilt, as it didnt appear in the same fashion. Noticing that it had an activation button on its bottom, he clicked it, and soon ran about her room and office like a crazed lunatic as the cylinder vibrated with the velocity of a vibroblade within his extended claw until he threw it aside, zapping the item until it melted away into a pool of plasteel and components, and zapping it once more for good measure. Just as he heard Zalis speak, he turned his optical recorder toward her, the incidents from before fresh upon his mechanical mind as he questioned who this woman truly was to have such devices before proceeding with her requests. Onderon seemed like a decent place to visit.
  8. Remo turned on his wheel and spun, quickly trailing behind the young female as she disembarked. Through his receptor, he took in the sights and sounds he saw before him, quickly taking note of a gambling establishment nearby that he throw his hat into later and maybe rid a few of the patrons of their handful of credits. But for now, he was more curious as to the woman before him. As Zalis spoke, Remo took a holographic display of her visage, recording the memo for herself later should she need the reminder and quickly followed in her suit once again, making his own mental notes as they went. When they finally arrived at Black Castle, Remo managed to get in a few squabbles with a few droids as Zalis and one of her associates conversed, namely a few information droids as they went about their duties and nearly caused him to topple in their rudeness. He considered shorting their circuits, but felt that would hinder the ongoing workings of the place. Following Zalis into her office, he let out a whirling sigh as he shut the door behind them. Gazing upon the woman, he wondered what she held on her mind.
  9. Remo had silently been calculating Celteo's rate of success, both in the past and in the future, and knew Zalis would be pleased by Celteo's efforts. Still, the fleshie had once been a part of the Hutts he was once imprisoned to and for that, he held no regard for him. And who Celteo was behind closed doors, the inhumane things he had done in the name of his corporation, would likely get the man painted as a war criminal should word ever get out. But Remo and Celteo were the only two who remained of that by-gone era, and Remo knew well enough to keep his binary trap shut. As Zalis walked in, feeling her soft skin resonate across his dome's sensors, his gaze spun upon her. He still couldn't quite figure why he felt at ease around her, but she had not poised any threat to him yet. He found himself without a reasonable cause behind his trust in her. Remo had always been an slightly overcautious droid, but he also knew that certain things could never be explained, and in those times, he simply went with it. Plotting the course she suggested, he turned the ship toward their destination. As the Obsidian Phoenix began to settle for its landing, Remo scurried away from the controls, leaving the ship on autopilot and Zalis alone in her thoughts as he went to adjust a few settings in the sunlight engines and hyperdrive. When they had landed, Zalis would find him near the ramp and ready to disembark. He was curious as to what this new world and life he had found himself in would present to him. He knew their reputation, but only in rumor, not first hand experience.
  10. Celteo smiled as Zalis departed, taking a refill of his own glass into hand and drinking it upon it slowly, letting the spiced flavor and hint of wooden barrel dance upon his tastebuds. Everything was seemingly in motion and coming together. Shifting his gaze toward the Nekghoul, they dismissed themselves to parts unknown. ******************* With Zalis' arrival aboard the ship, Remo took little time firing the ship up and getting as far as he could from this house, his memory of not a very fond one. Once they were into the upper atmosphere and entering space, the droid looked toward the red haired beauty inquisitively, wondering what transpired with Celteo and where she planned to go next.
  11. Taris laid before them, a sight that made the small astromech droid tremble with slight fear as his gaze sat upon its visage after exiting hyperspace. He had been here before, been here during his time under that Hutt. And even as she mentioned Czerka, he knew it only held a small presence upon the planet compared to the one who truly ruled it from behind the shadows, a hidden flag that forever flew. Whether or not this being would show himself or his reach, he held no clue. Only that he frightened him so. Remo's small mechanical arms reached up briefly, tugging at the sleeve of her uniform in a motion to turn around, answering her question as best as he could in binary, its chirp echoing vaguely "Re-Mo, Re-Mo" as he ached for her to heed his fear. But even then, Remo held a strong feeling that it was lost upon translation. No matter, for a comm soon began to chim. Only, before either could answer it, it came up upon own. ---------- Before the two sat the visage of a crimson haired fellow close to his late twenties, properly dressed in a white dress shirt and a long pipe in his hand as he drew upon its tip, his devilish blue eyes gazing first at the woman and then at Remo. He smirked briefly before speaking. "Hello R3-M0, or should I say Remo now? And a welcoming hello to you as well, Zalis Krales. You've been making quite a name for yourself lately, mi'lady. Please join me for a chat, if you will, at my estate. Coordinates are being transmitted now and clearance is being given." And with that, the visage disappeared as the smirk left his youthful face, coordinates being recieved by the ship's computer that would lead to a lavish mansion upon a cliffside overlooking the vast sea. When they landed, the man would be waiting their arrival, a small escort of only two personal guards clad in grotesque armor, all unarmed of course. Only Zalis would end up going alone as Remo would not accompany her for his own reasons. ((Hope you dont mind the twist. Seeing as we were coming here, I felt we'd reintroduce an old character and have a little fun.))
  12. Remo's lens stared cautiously toward the red haired woman as she spoke, still leery of her due to her sentient species. But that was to be expected considering his past. Yet there was something calming about her, something familiar that translated his ability to trust her. Even as she finished and stood, he ironically felt little doubt behind her motives and quickly accessed the disk she had presented. A small lingering chirp was emitted from his form as he powered down as the disk rebooted his core and began the updates. Initializing Crystal Spark.exe.... Open.... Run.... Crystal Spark Initialized. Remo chirped once again as his programming came back online and he noticed that outside the update, nothing had been tampered with. Relieved, he strolled over beside Zalis and chirped an appreciative "thank you" as he gazed outward into the distant stars as they began to blur into lines of purple and white swirls. They were now on their way. (Forgive the prolonged absence. Holidays and colds do not mix well.)
  13. "Why?" The Empress had the audacity to ask as Remo stripped another sliver of skin, this time from her exposed calf. Thinking to himself, The R3 unit couldn't help but chirp a chaotic laugh before leaning in toward her with a eerie binary cat call as his blades swirled around and slit both of her Achilles tendons clean in two, his binary mind could help but question back. "Why not?" Her glowing red photosensor grew closer as the blades stopped, his electroshock probe running along her form on medium stun to increase pain yet keep her from being completely stunned as the hydrogen gas from the fire extinguisher crept upon her legs, cooling the flesh and causing the stiffness of the hardening cuts to throb and ache. He had full reign over her torture, that was, until Zalis comes him. His gaze shifting back toward the Empress, he sent one last fully powered electroshock pulse into the base of her neck, intent on frying her neural pathways and leaving her paraplegic before he departed. Arriving at the hangar, Remo wheeled in almost happily chirpful. He finally had a chance to release his anguish upon someone, the fleshies whom built and used his kind toward their own goals. His arm reached up, rubbing the place where the restraining bolt once sat, and knowing the damage he had done to the self proclaimed Empress satisfied his hatred for the moment. Rolling up to Zalis, he chirped inaudible questions along the lines of "What's next?" as he came to a stop, his eye glowing red with pleasure. Indeed... what's next.
  14. Returning to Zalis' side, his gaze shifted upon the Empress before them as Zalis laid waste into the girl's chest with her elegant heel. In truth, Remo almost reveled in the action, watching her squirm from the pain, an emotion he would never truly experience himself. But this is why he loved fleshies, meatbags that could experience every horror his databanks could dream up. They were so fragile, so deliciously frail, and if he could drool, he would be doing such at that very moment. Yet some, like Zalis beside him, were so much more. True that they were like any other fleshy, fragile and frail. But they also rose above it. They made it their power, their strength. And in that, Remo had found a semblance of respect for those that were capable of detaching themselves like so. He knew there was something about her that he liked. Shifting his gaze toward her, he made a gleeful chirp as she ordered him to make her scream. His gaze shifting back toward this Empress, his weapons drawn once again, Remo's singular eye glowed a menacing red glow as he thought of the possibilities as Zalis departed, his binary words echoing the horror that he would unleash. But which one to begin? Where to begin? Why not use everything? Oh the questions that crossed his mind. A chirping laugh echoed through-out the containment cell as the archweilder slowly slid up her legs, the cold burning sensation deadening her nerves almost instantaneously. Now the real fun would begin as the circular saw turned on its axis as Remo intended to filet the flesh from her bones, sliver by sliver, hoping she would remain as quiet to him as she had to Zalis. For the strangest of reasons, he wanted to prove himself to this female that led him to this place, and oh the joy he would have if she liked his work. And if all else failed, and the woman before him chose to speak, she would find his electroshock probe to be quite muting, especially if she ended up biting off her own tongue.
  15. Remo stood down partially as the woman's hand fell upon his transparent dome, their words toward each other lost in translation within his binary coding as much as his care to listen in. In truth, to the old droid, they were like mere bickering children, the concept of time lost upon of someone whom did not age. Only the concept of Master and pet managed to reach his thought, memories of his own bondage haunting his circuits. For the woman he had rescued, he felt a kinship. a bond, both free to do as they wished. Yet the other, a proclaimed Empress, Master and Mistress of a dying Empire, the head of the serpent before the two. Remo's gaze turned to Zalis upon his spinning domed head as the Empress spoke her self righteous words toward her, his memories of bondage and slavery flowing through his circuits, a time he did not like, a time he wanted scrubbed from his memory bank. Yet, without that time, there was one truth he had learned, a truth that had made him who he was today, and that was if someone whom is considered a slave has the strength, they can rise above their bondage and have the life they dream of. This Zalis appeared to know and understand the same concept. His gaze unwavering and still set upon Zalis, his stun probe reached out ever so lightly and prodded the Empress(Raven) upon the nose before withdrawing as his mechanical binary echoed a humble "Boop" and his weapons were sheathed. Spinning upon his wheels, Remo removed himself from the trio to settle his nerves. An Empress calling a mercenary a slaver was like calling a kettle black. Money and Power was what decided ones fate, and like Remo's own Master, this Master of an Empire would face her own fall. It was the truth of life. Eventually all those of weakness become strong or die. For ones life is always built upon another's back. It just depends on the justification for how one rises. And justification is only a matter of opinion.
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