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  1. Lok's eyes lit up as soon as the Empire exited hyperspace, the confused look of worry and determination swirling in his gaze as he looked across the bow. It wasn't that long ago that he was on Coruscant, the once famous jewel of the Galaxy no more than a melted gem at the hands of the Sith. And in that moment, his thoughts crossed back to his own homeworld, that of Onderon and the oppression it faced and the likelyhood that it too could one day mimic Coruscant. Turning to Captain Greer, his gaze now fired with anger, he issued orders. "I need Maelstrom and Augustus at Position Felix with the rest of Sentinel at Position Phillip and what's left of Menace at Position Seal." Lok spoke with a stern but calming voice. "And I need them there now." Captain Greer went about relaying the issues, as Lok stood there in silence. As nervous as he was, he could not show it. He had always been a fighter, meeting his combatants face to face. He was no fleet commander and he knew it. But he could let his men around him know it. This was the assignment given to him by his Empress and the Jedi Grandmaster upon his return to Nar Shadaa, and he would not fail them. With a sigh, he grabbed the comm, ordering a direct line be opened with the lead ship, Herløv. "This is Lok Skyshatter of the Imperial Knights." He spoke, reaffirming his tone by letting his memories of Onderon fuel his determination. "By order of the Empress Raven Zinthos, you are entering protected airspace. Cease and desist, and you will be allowed safe passage back to wince you came...." As Lok was speaking into the open comm, the six corvettes began to maneuver and place themselves into position, klaxons aboard each readying each for what could come as ammunitions and ships were prepared in haste. All Lok had to do was give the final order and the Sith Empire would feel the true might of the Zinthos Empire. With an inward sigh, Lok finished. "Remain on course, and you will be fired upon." ******************************************
  2. "What? I could never... Why would you?" Lok questioned in a jumbled mixture of thoughts and words as his gaze shifted from the sky above back toward Kyrie in a half enraged half confused state of mindframe at her question. But as his eyes glazed over silver in color, his own understanding became clear as he saw the souls' visage mixed with Kyrie's own. With a humbled smile, he spoke more clearly this time, aiming his words at the one who truly questioned it. "No." Grasping Kyrie's arm as she leaned forward, the dark bile spilling its self upon the ground, he stroke at her hair and pulled it from her face, his gaze still glazed in silver as he looked upon them both through the Force, attempting for the first time to understand what was truly happening. It was a small endeavor, barely a blip upon the radar that oversaw the whole of Coruscant, but he needed to truly see what Kyrie was enveloped in, the darkness she spoke of if he was to truly help. He was no Exorcist, but he still held the gift of the Imperial Knights, to see darkness in a world of light. Sitting her back up, the glaze disappeared and his gaze fell back upon her as she spoke. "Indeed. I see it now." Lok spoke, his face having taken a humbling tone after the brief encounter with the soul that resided beside her bringing concern for both. He knew she spoke the truth, the Force capable of many things both light and dark, and even in between. But it wasn't what he saw nor the Force's will being played out here that worried him the most. Smiling at her words, he spoke. "In order to understand the reason, we need to discover the intent. We won't be able to do that here. We need to get off..." Just as he was about to finish his sentence, Master Adenna spoke up for him. They did indeed need to get off of Coruscant, not just for their sake or Kyrie's, but to figure out why she had been reborn in such a darkened way. And the only path that would reveal the destination was the one thing they could not truly access on a level that alerted the enemy, if Kyrie's existence hadn't already. He could feel the darkness in the distance growing, could feel their preoccupation at that moment. It was now or never. "I saw a sturdy rooftop a few clicks east earlier. Could provide a stable means for a quick exit if we're capable to reaching it."
  3. Lok sat in bitter silence, listening and lingering on the words spoken by the wiser. He could see and feel Kyrie's pain and frustration, knowing very well the contradiction that plagued her; an Exorcist who needed an Exorcism. Much like his own predicament, an Onderonian whose world now seeped with the darkness of a thousand Sith Lords and the lies that escape their twisted lips. With a sigh, he looked toward Adenna and Kyrie. "With those who wield the darkside, true intentions are never known." His gaze first fell upon Kyrie, a gaze that showed that her felt and knew her pain in his own way, but then his gaze shifted to Adenna. "I agree. If there is something that can be done, it would lay in the Imperial Knights. But I am leary of such a measure as well. If Master Eleison was indeed called back to this life in such a manner, messing with it could have dire consequences." Lok's gaze shifted back to Kyrie before settling back upon the distant horizon as the peering rays of sunlight began to brighten the smoldering skyscape. A new day was dawning, and what life remained upon Coruscant was near its awakening. With Kyrie in her condition, and the given the extreme hostility that was surrounding the planet, it would be better if they moved only at night rather during the day despite the little difference in lighting coverage. Even then, it would still take at least four days to get back to the shuttle.
  4. Lok looked toward the two with understanding eyes. It would indeed drain him significantly, but it was a price he was willing to pay simply to nourish his Commanding Officer. But like Adenna, this soul transference, troubled him. Not so much the affects it could pose on the body and the soul in the long run, as most cases rarely saw side effects. But it was the nature that it often found its self aided with, and for an Imperial Knight, it could spell expulsion or even purification. And for Kyrie, it could have dire consequences. With a simple nod, Lok gathered his things and began to long trek ahead to safety. Lok's main assessment as an Imperial Knight was that of a similar nature to a Jedi Sentinel. He was neither strong in Force, nor was he highly skilled in combat. No. Lok was well rounded, holding a vast knowledge of the Force to make up in the areas he lacked, and could weild a blade enough to protect those in need. But this was something that had followed him over from the Jedi Order during the Schism. And from that gathered knowledge, he held a slight understanding of what was happening to Kyrie. As the others began to set up camp for the night, Lok made a small detour toward a balcony that still remained sturdy. He gazed up toward the smoldering skies over Coruscant and contemplated over their finding Kyrie and of her transference. Perhaps it was the Force's guidence that led her to Adenna and Lok, or perhaps them to her. Either way, it worried Lok about repercussions. After all, the Force wasn't inheritantly light nor dark, only the nature of the user. But in this day and age, as well as the sins of the past, it was still viewed as a tool of darksided. But Lok knew better. Returning to camp, Lok approached just as Adenna was question Kyrie about how this came to be. "I must confess that I am puzzled too. It's not unheard of, but rare that a lightsider use such a power. And the Order will likely view it as such, wanting to purify the body." His eyes shifted between the two, allowing his words of warning to linger briefly. "Is the soul still present? Or has it passed from this world? If it has passed, then perhaps we can make the case of the Force's will. But if not, if it still remains, we need to strengthen the bond between you two in order to heal the mixed souls" He realized what he was suggesting, but given the array that the Order was in right now, they needed Kyrie more than ever.
  5. As soon as her saw that sheepish grin, Lok's heart nearly lept from his chest with disbelief and excitement. Could it really be? It had to be. His mind flooded so proportionally with emotion that all he could do was stand there with a goofy smile across his face. Indeed, he was never a subtle one, and in all intent and purpose, was never one to really suppress himself in the slightest. Rushing to her fallen form, he placed his hands upon her shoulders, holding her up as best he could, the grin still adorning his face as she spoke. "It doesn't matter." He spoke true to his heart, his gaze shifting to the others as they arrived. "It seems the Force just isn't done with you yet." He wrapped her arm over his shoulder as Kyrie and Master Alluyen conversed and lifted her weakened form out of the muck, carrying her briefly over toward a larger piece of the debris, letting her rest as he examined her wounds, and bandaging what he could. He kept his gaze upon her despite hearing most of the conversation, particularly taken by her rebirth, having never seen such an act. But then again, the mysteries of the Force were abundant. As she mentioned Trevelian, he chuckled and spoke. "Better off without him, I'm afraid." "Before we depart, Master Alluyen," Lok's gaze shifted toward the Jedi Grandmaster. "There is something I can do for her outside the stim. But it will require the Force and may briefly expose me." His gaze turned stern, showing that he felt it better now than later. "If I do it here, and we leave right after, it likely wouldnt give us away for long. After all, one spike in the Force wouldn't draw too much attention and my own presence will diminish for a brief time after, likely giving the impression of a dying Jedi." His gaze shifted from Adenna to Kyrie and then back. "Do you approve?" After all, Lok held a slight natural affinity for Revitalization, and his proficiency with it was amazing. The only downfall was it depleted his own. But he wouldn't do it without approval from both Kyrie and the Jedi Grandmaster, because it wasnt just his life on the line. That, and he made a promise to both Adenna and Raven to follow her Orders as if they were his Empress' own.
  6. Lok nodded in appreciation as Master Alluyen spoke, a sliver of hope amassing within himself as she took heed to his senses. He only prayed that deep down, it wasn't simply falsified. As the gear was gathered and they departed, Lok prepared himself for both the best and worst of situations. Seeing Coruscant like it was, only the foolish expected a miracle. Yet, that is exactly what hope filled his heart, foolish as it was. As each day passed, however, and each night came, coughing on soot and dust from their solemn trek, Lok sat alone and in silence, gazing at a blanketed atmosphere and pretending to even know what stars laid beyond the veil he gazed upon. He knew what their mission here was, and his intent had not wavered as his actions day in and day out have proven. But those who made the trek with him could see the sliver of hope he felt in finding whom he had felt. It was still there in the distance, like a child knowing their parents were out there somewhere. But it seemed to grow mpre faint with each passing day and he often wondered if he felt wrong. And these nights alone that he spent were his only moments of reflection. Each day was full of information to gather, maps to chart, debris to tread lightly over, and despair in the eyes of the few that managed to take a subtle glimpse of them, broken and no more than shells of a former life remaining in their eyes. The rest they either managed to keep out of sight from or they chose not to see them. Even Lok began to feel their despair more and more as the days grew longer and longer. Coruscant was lost, and it was evident in every step they took, and in every move they made. And by the fourth day, Lok even noticed two of the men that had came had deserted the encampment the night before, lost in what they had witnessed most likely. Not that he couldn't blame them, but dereliction of duty was just that. But finding them on such a planet was slim, even if they managed to survive it. Lok approached Master @Adenna Alluyen as they began to make camp. "It seems we're missing two of the men, likely deserted. And I can hardly feel the presence I did the day we arrived. I may have led us on a wild rancor...." Just as he managed to get most of the words from his mouth, a blaster resounded in the distance, causing Lok to grab his T-21B and dart toward its direction. He couldn't explain the feeling rushing over him, only that it pulled upon his very soul to react. And it placed him in a dangerous position as it pulled him away from the group. But in that moment, it didn't matter to him. He could feel the fear and anguish in the air and as an Imperial Knight, it was his duty to protect in the service of his Empress. Cleaning the inside of a collapsing tower, and skidding down its stony remains, it was there that he saw her. His silver blade activated as he charged silently from the hindering darkness to the west, and within seconds, cleared the twenty or thirty yards that separated them, his blade cleaving through the gurgling throat of Rodian, boiling blood splattered across his face as he looked toward the woman and her face became revealed. Her soul was familiar, but the face was different, the form was different. His blade still active, he couldn't help but stare, to try and recognize where he knew this woman despite having never seen this face before, the look of confusion apparent. Her presence was as familiar as his own breath. This he could say without question, but this was not the face of Kyrie. How? Why? What reason? So many questions flooded his mind. And yet, he could not deny his knowledge of the same look behind her eyes that he had seen a thousand times. "Master Eleison?"
  7. Lok sat mostly in silence during the trip to Coruscant, the imagery he retained of Coruscant being that of before, his stomach in knots knowing he would finally see first hand what Hesperidum had done to what he had long held as his second home. During his time as an Initiate in the reformed Bear Clan of younglings, Coruscant was the only home he knew, his homeworld of Onderon being but a distant memory. And even later, as a Padawan and as a Knight, the jewel world always held a certain nostalgia for him when his missions led him away, a semblance of being homesick settling within him. But that was before the Schism, before he followed Kyrie and the others away from the Order and he found a new home among the Imperial Knights. And yet, even now, the sensation of know the place of his raising was no longer what it was, it tore at his heart, just as Onderon being under the suppression of the Sith Empire enraged him. So when he felt the shift of the ship and their departure aboard the captured shuttle, Lok delved himself deep into his meditation. It wasnt just to distract him from the pain he would feel upon the Force as they grew closer, the entire planet that was Coruscant screaming in pain, but it was also the only means he knew to suppress his presence within the Force its self. Where others could with little ease, Lok required focus and intent, his own talent focused on support and combat. It wasn't until they had landed that Lok gathered himself. He didn't wear the Imperial Armor he usually adorned with pride, but instead wore a lighter and thinner variant of his own creation. Mostly thick hide, interwoven with durasteel that protected the vitals and overlaid with an urban netting cloak, it did not stand out amongst any masses they would eventually encounter and blended in well with the chaos that even he could not have imagined until he saw it with his own eyes. Placing his hand upon the saber that hid beneath the netted cloak, he pulled the T-21B from over his shoulder and gripped the heavy blaster tightly as he dismounted the ship with a look of horror upon his face. Tears streamed down the Imperial Knights face, causing the blackened face paint to run slightly with it as he gazed around at the destruction he saw. It was heartbreaking, the anger and sadness within him aching to boil to the surface. But he slowed his breathing and calmed himself, Master Alluyen's words echoing in his ears. Looking around, he felt no presence of the Sith nearby, only that of the Marauders and a few hapless beings. There was darkness enveloping the planet, and its foul stench smothered the air. But it wasn't Sith. It felt different, untamed and wild, similar to the untrained. And yet, there seemed to be pockets of hope strewn about as well, small whispers and echoes dotting the horizon. Careful not to fully reveal himself, he kept watch as their mission began. At least, until he felt a familiar presence (@Kyrie Eleison) a few clicks away, causing him to stop and wonder. "Master Alluyen." Lok spoke softly, his gaze still observant for unwanted company. "I'm not sure if it's anything, but I feel a strong and familiar presence a few clicks to the east, definitely not Sith or wild like the others. I can't be sure without completely opening myself up, but it feels like a Jedi or possibly another Imperial Knight." Personally, he wanted to investigate. But he held no command on this mission, so the decision was left up to her. But he couldn't quite shake this was someone he knew of very well, a presence he had felt around him since he left the Jedi Order. But since it was taking most of his strength to hid his presence at a bare minimum, he would have to get closer, and that wasn't the mission they were sent to do. Only the Grandmaster before him held that power.
  8. Lok was quite surprised by Master Alluyen as he stood there, the Imperial fire burning in his heart. Perhaps if she had been there, leading the Order before the Schism, then perhaps he would have not left nor felt the need to. But that was such a long time ago and he was content with where his life had led him, even if it eventually led to an inevitable death sentence. But such was the way of the Inperial Knights. Face an enemy long enough, and you eventually become the enemy. This was a truth that all Imperial Knights knew all too well. "Yes ma'am." Lok responded, snapping to attention before removing himself. "May the Force guide our blades as true as our hearts." When Lok returned to his quarters, the others were there out of curiosity about his meeting with the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Lok not withholding any detail. Now he truly saw what hope his Empress held in high regard, and soon the word would begin to spread as hope filled all that heard with a new rejuvenation. The Jedi Order finally had someone worthy of leading them, even if was to only be fleeting in the larger scheme of things. It only mattered in the here and now, especially with the war they were facing. When 0600 would roll around, Lok would be found in Hangar C24, his spirit filled with fire and his mind ready for action. It was time to take the fight to the enemy with tenfold.
  9. Lok nodded his head in respect to Master Alluyen, but made no motion to sit, the proud Imperial Knight standing at full attention, his hands behind his back with his fingers interlocked.... the culmination of the militaristic training that they each had recieved becoming the spearhead that separated the Imperial Knights from the rest. His eyes followed Alluyen as she spoke, his form stationary, and despite his dislike for the Order she represented, even he had to admit that some of her points were worthy of consideration. But as the holoprojector shot to life, Lok's facial expressions changed despite his militaristic demeanor. It almost spoke of his truest dislike even over her own Order and toward the real enemy, a commonality that they both likely shared above all else, at least, until she mentioned his removal and caused him to give her a similar look in return. "Full disclosure ma'am?" He spoke, the displeasure in his voice vibrant and credible at such a suggestion. For he was at the Empress' beck and call, her words final on his actions no matter his objections or personal opinions. "I serve my Empress with my life, and despite my past feelings toward your Order, my Empress has chosen to work with your kind and as such, it's my duty to respect her wishes." Calming himself with a subtle but loud popping of his neck followed by a deep breath, Lok's gaze locked upon Alluyen's own with serious intent, as it would be with an Imperial Knight. There was no luxury of picking or choosing assignments, even if some were preferred more than others. The Empress' words were law and her orders final. There was no other courses of actions. That was what it meant to be called such a title, even if it meant life or death, theirs or her own. "These are the orders that were given to me, personally signed by Empress Raven herself, and as such, I will follow them into the next life if it is required. Such is the way of the Imperial Knights." Lok, who had been standing at ease until now, pulled his right fist and stamped it over his heart with a solid thud, the Imperial Pride gleaming in his eyes. But as his hand went to fall back behind his back, it stopped and unclipped his saber, Lok offering it to her for inspection, the intent in his eyes more calmer than before. "I was a Jedi before the Schism that led to our formation. And I still weild the lightsaber I forged as one to remind me of the purpose that it once stood for. And that's because the only thing needed for Darkness to triumph, is for those who stand in the Light to do nothing. Jedi forge their sabers to defend the weak and defenseless, not to simply adorn their robes while they sit within inaction under the guise of neutrality and fear of falling. So if you tell me, as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, that you plan to take the fight to the front lines personally, then my blade is yours, second only to that of my Empress." As much as he disliked the Jedi Order, he spoke his words with wholehearted truth. Because if Alluyen and the Order that follows her had truly come to realize their past mistakes, then he would gladly be the first of the Imperial Knights to offer them the chance to prove their redemption. He knew it would be what his Empress would want, and it was what any of the original dissidents that formed the Imperial Knights would encourage.
  10. When Lok recieved the invitation to join the Jedi Grandmaster, he and a few of his fellow Knights had gathered and were in the middle of a friendly game of Pazaak, Lok tossing back his beverage when the closed door open and his name called. Shooting to attention along with his comrades, the Corporal handed over the datapad and relieved himself from their quarters as the trio sighed a relaxed sigh. But in the back of his mind, Lok was hoping for fresh orders after having been stationed here since Kuat, a craving for action boiling in the pit of his stomach. Once a warrior, always a warrior. "Frek". Lok expressed loudly as his gaze sifted through the datapad's content, the realization that he had been invited to meet with a Jedi, let alone the Order's Grandmaster, the fartherest thing he could have hoped for. As the other two looked on in confusion and curiosity, Lok shot his gaze toward them and grimaced. "I've been invited to meet with the Jedi Grandmaster." The two hoped up and grabbed at the datapad with gusto, mostly curiosity as to why Lok recieved such a request, but also in laughter that he had been the one chosen rather than either of them. Grabbing his armor from his locker, Lok half heartedly chuckled with them and proceeded to gear up in a disgust look upon his face. It wasnt that he despised the person behind the title just as any of the Imperial Knights, but he had been there since before the beginning and he remembered a cowardice Jedi Order. And because of that, he couldn't find it in himself to forgive the Order for its lack of engagement. He understood the need for peace, but to stand back and do nothing simply allowed more darkness to grow where the light was no longer capable of shining. Clipping his lightsaber to his hip, the only remnant of his days as a Jedi Knight, he turned and headed out. Lok snickered a small bit when he arrived at the Rebel's official base, a former Casino that the Imperials had seized and foreclosed, one of his earlier missions once he arrived at Nar Shadaa. Fitting honestly, considering the gamble that the Empress was taking to align herself with former enemies in the light of a more powerful one, especially after words of their display at Onderon reached the Galaxy's ears. Lok's snicker turned sour at the thought of the Sith's occupation of his homeworld, his mind wandering about the splintered cells of hope that must feel hopeless upon their own world just as he ached for its liberation. The Sith Empire could spin it to their own liberation as much as they wish, but as far as Lok was concerned, this infamous Dark Lord that called himself the Spider was no more than a False King upon the Throne of Onderon. Shaking his head, he entered the Rebel's Headquarters. Moments later, a knock landed on the door of@Adenna Alluyen, the Rebel Lieutenant tasked with escorting Lok to her office addressing his arrival. Stepping in, Lok stood tall and proud in his shined Imperial armor, the black insignia shining like a jewel against the crimson hue. Standing at attention, his eyes focused forward, Lok saluted Adenna with unwanted respect, echoing in the words that escaped his lips. "Madam Grandmaster. Lok Skyshatter reporting."
  11. Identity Real Name: Lok Skyshatter A.K.A: Homeworld: Onderon Species: Human Appearance Physical Description Age: 35 Height: 1.9 Meters Weight: 120 Kilograms Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Green Sex: Male Markings/Scars: Scars across Back and Face. Traits/Personality: While Lok can be egotistical and aggressive in battle against the Sith, his loyalty to the Empress and the Empire is without bounds. Outside of battle, among his fellow Knights, he is found to be caring and appreciative, similar to how one is with family. He doesn't care much for his former Order, the Jedi, but he can be compromising against the Sith threat. When alone, he often thinks of Onderon and her people, silently weeping for her liberation. Equipment Clothing or Armor: Imperial Armor Weapon: Single Hilted Lightsaber Common Inventory: ID, Credits Faction Information Force User Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Knights Current Faction Rank: Imperial Knight History Force Side: Light Trained by: Jedi Master Go'dur/Imperial Knight Alekseyev Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Empathy, Speed, Breath Control, Force Valor, Revitalize, Force Barrier, Mind Trick, Form IV Pre-Factional Background: Originally born into the Infamous Beast Riders of Onderon, Lok was eventually found and indoctrinated into the Bear Clan of the Jedi Order. Factional Background: After Kyrie Eleison and the other Jedi split from the Order and formed the Imperial Knights, Lok followed with the intent of fighting the Sith that had conquered his homeworld.
  12. I hated being in dark, both figuratively and literially. But since my awakening at Borleias, it seemed to be the theme of life as of late. Thankfully now, I was at least armed with more than just what I could only speculate was a name. Still gazing down the corridor, I gripped the bladed hilt of one of the twin shotos I had dug from the weapons cache, feeling the pain in my palms burn as blood dripped down the blade's sharp edge, a pain I felt slightly comforting. Just then a body hit the floor and instincts seemed to take effect as I went to meet the fleeing Twilek head on just as my companion finally spoke, causing me a momentary pause that allowed the girl to turn down a eastern hall just a few meters away. "Sounds like a game plan." I mumbled in response, despite not enjoying all this sneaking around. There was something inside me that demanded action, demanded escape, yet, my senses agreed with her behind me. All I would do would end up giving away my position and likely getting myself, as well as my companion, killed. It was enough to make me hesitate and think out my plan a little more thorough. Looking across the hall, I noticed a body of a housekeeper. "Be right back" Sticking to the darkened shadows of the hall, I popped out from behind our perch. Emergency lighting gave us a somewhat capability to see our way and what laid before us. But it was also dimmed to where most of our form was hidden, and with the aid of bodies laying about, kept our forms obscured from noticable movements. Crawling across the bodies, I noticed the familiar smell of burnt flesh and ironed blood and my immunity to it. It seemed to bother me little outside the fact that I was crawling through it and rummaging through a deceased corpse in search of a keyboard. I was beginning to learn more about myself, most of it familiar as if second nature without thought. And the rest simply surprised me at times. It was confusing to say the least, but i suppose it was a path needed to be walked in order to remember. "There's a storage closet not too far ahead. Maybe we can find a ventilation duct or something in there large enough to crawl about the ship while your droid does his thing." I spoke as I returned, rising back to my feet and crouching as I headed out, hoping the card I gathered would open it. If it was a bust, at least we'd buy ourselves some time for the droid to do its work and give us an opportunity to come up with a plan. "On me." Once again crawling out into the open, this time running the length of the hall, my hand guiding me as I gazed about for others, I made my way to the door, sliding the card and graciously relieved when it flashed green and I hit the handle. But what I saw within spooked me enough to turn my skin white and cause me to reach for my blade in reaction, a similar reaction reflected in what I laid my eyes upon as a Gungan stood before us in near terror. Without thought, I reach forward my hand and covered the female's mouth, my free hand offering a shushed finger as I motioned my companion to close the door behind us and I let loose my bloodied grip upon the hiltless blade. "Dont worry. We're not going to harm you. You're unarmed and we're only looking for a place to hide." "Pleasa don't kill mesa. Mesa has a poor family and mesa only took this a job to help support mesa family." She spoke softly and in a hushed voice despite our abrupt entry and the total look of fear in her bulging aquatic eyes. "Mesa don't has anything to do with this. This a was the Security doing. Theysa kill everyone... pew pew... and headed towards the ships bridge. Mesa hid in here when pew pew started." I could tell straight off that she was speaking the truth. It added up with the lack of the Security personnel that I couldn't find lying around in the mix of corpses, just I had already held a feeling about. But what were their motives? What would make a hired security force go berserk upon the very patrons that paid their wages? I was beginning to wonder if it had something to do with the cargo that we've been ordered to protect, which in truth, made the most likely of sense in this scenerio. And if that was the case, our mission had became a failure even before it began, our participation willingly or not. "Frek! I thought to myself as I pondered for a brief second the contents of the cargo. It likely wasn't credits or gems. It wouldnt need refrigeration. I wasn't liking where this was going, and if the security force was involved and taking hold of the ship, then our usual means of getting off had likely been scuttled. "Is there any way off this ship that you know of?" Unbeknownst to the Gungan, I had long opened up to comm unit I had been given once orders had been barked out back in the gathering area, and what had been spoken had been broadcasted to everyone that was attuned to our frequency. What would follow would be heard as well. "Theresa a secondary bridge thata only thesa crew knowsa bout. Not on mapsa. Saferoom. Incasea of needing to launch from ship. Mesa can shows the way." She spoke in higher spirits as I stepped away and bringing the comm up to my lips, addressing my makeshift allies. "Everyone get that?" Whatever the choices made from here on out meant for us, at least now we knew of one way off this blasted ship, all thanks to our small Gungan friend here. But I wasn't one to run from much of anything, and we still needed to figure out the connection between the Security Forces and the cargo we were hired to protect. At least for me, that was priority number one now.
  13. My brow shifted upward at the man(Araac) seemingly taking charge, the idea of someone else thinking the could order me around a aggravating thorn in my side. But even I had to agree with his logic within this realm of chaos. I'd much rather be out gathering information than standing around and twiddling my thumbs, and despite my dislike for this Sith character and my unknowing urge to keep a watchful eye upon him, me and the Chef tasked with the cargo held a bit of a history as of late. So, unfortunately against my distaste for this Araac ordering me around, his placement of me was spot on. Or at least, felt right. Turning toward the Miraluka he had paired me with(Qi'Nali), I spoke but a single sentence as blaster fire began to ring out and explosions loomed in the distance, the ground beneath my feet vibrating with the tell tale signs of war. "I'm going on ahead." and with those words, my presence among the group was but a distant memory as I disappeared into a darkened tunnel near the foreground, questions looming upon my mind about our situation as much as my retaining my senses and knowledge despite the loss of who I was and the memory I once held. Brushing them aside as I grabbed one of the blades in my right hand as blaster bolts scorched and flickered into brief splashes of fire near the hall's entrance, I held no knowledge of what would lay ahead. Sticking to the silence of the shadows as I made my way forward, my sight wouldnt take long to readjust to the darkness that swallowed the ship's entirety, and with their adjustments, came profound sights within. Bodies laid strewn about, as i would have suspected had my memory had been retained along with my senses. But the ghastly sight of corpses and the smell of blood mixed with the stench of burnt flesh was enough to take anyone's breath away. Body after body, I crept to and fro, checking pulses to find none existed among the mass extinction, the blackened cloak I adorned hiding my visage as much as the shadows. And the one poor sod that I did find alive, damage done to his form beyond mentioning, begged me to save him. Yet, there was little I could do but spare him another breath of agony as I drove my blade into his chest beneath the arm he reached out with as I covered his mouth to muffle his scream as I stopped his heart. I sat still for the moment, the sadness within me beginning to boil in anger as the thought of the being behind this, and those whom had taken advantage of the moment to place these poor souls into the afterlife. Reaching up and closing his still gaping eyes, I spoke softly. "Do not worry. I will end this farce." With that said, I wiped the blood from blade and continued on toward more fire ahead. I seemed to be just mere steps behind the carnage even as I went. But something was familiarly off, or rather, absent among those I came across. Most of the deceased were employees, though some of the passengers had been caught in the crossfire. But what stuck out was the lack of security personnel. Not a single member laid upon the ground, and for a brief moment, I had began to wonder, even imagine the worst. That was, until i neared a corner and gazed upon a trio of Twilek females, one of which held a maid up by the throat, a sinister grin upon her face as she snapped the poor girls neck and let her limp form fall to the ground, a chuckle and pat on the back offered to each as one near the background blasted the face of another poor sod, a busboy by the look of the uniform. With that, they traversed a set of stairs to the north where I could make out at least five different sets of feet. Could there more? Were they the ones behind this? I remembered seeing the three previously at the bar, but they didnt seem associated at the time. And that begged me to question their reasons and if they were the source, or a simple moment of opportunity, or if I should be at home, knitting stockings for Huttmas to hang by the chimney with care.... no, scratch that. At the moment, I couldn't confirm anything. Only that they left no one alive to tell a tale. Which meant information gathering, at least at the moment, was a dead end. (Cutting this scenerio into three posts to draw out the suspense. Also, enjoy the brief, hidden, joke among the reading.)
  14. It was just as I thought. The woman before us knew little more than what we did, and no more than she had revealed. She was as much in the dark as we were at this point. And this worried me even more. All the cloak and dagger, it felt unwarranted. Especially for one such as myself, whose whole entire history seemed lost to the passage of time. A sense of uneasiness weighted upon my shoulders as I sat there, listening attentively as she spoke. I could feel the tension in the air as they others about me realized similar thoughts to my own. Something definitely was afoot here, and this pyramid of withheld information placed us at the bottom. So who was at the top? It wasn't EnAnAm Enterprises. They were looking like lackeys, just like ourselves, as she stated while addressing the red skinned male(Karys), a man whom I strangely felt conflicted with, no reasons as to the why coming to the mind. So whoever hired them hired us as well, or knew who hired us. It was all truly confusing, but made sense in it's own little way, similar to the pyramid styled 'get rich quick' scams occasionally aired across the holovids. No matter. It was beginning to look like we would be stuck doing this job, no matter my discontent, as it seemed the only plausible path to finding out who was behind it all and what they knew of me. My gaze shifted toward the cuffs that restricted my hands. I wouldnt do much good with these. And as I gazed upon the two Security droids standing over me, I knew there would be little to zero chance they would free me now that my attention had been caught. So I grabbed the bottle of Old Ben and took one last string swig as I looked on to the others beginning to ruffle through the weapons. Guess I would be sitting this one out for now. Or so I thought, as the ship moved forward in momentum, signaling our return to hyperspace. But as fate would have it, the tide of my capture would soon turn. Just as the ship settled within hyperspace, darkness engulfed us. And in that singular moment, for but a brief second, my mind filled with a familiar yet unknown vision. Within this vision, I stood at the precipice of a filled turbolift as soot and ash filled my lungs, placing strain on my breathing, as I stared at an onslaught of the fearful, threatening to overcome and doom us all that stoodaboard. I felt a hand grab my shoulders, and in that split second I reacted with my own, feeling rage and anger explode with in me. But outside the vision, back in the truth of the darkened reality, i stood, causing of the droids to grab me and reset my overtaken form, and in that singular moment, my reactions became one, hidden among the darkness and muffled by the actions of those around me. Moments later, I approached the group gathered around the armaments that laid strewn about, the clanking of cuffs falling at my side as my visage came into view, the two security droids laying back where I sat, one drenched in the alcohol I had been drinking as fire overheated its circuits, the other, his head torn from its shoulders by the cuffs that bounded me, evident by the lacerations upon my wrists. Looking down, my eye caught a set of small blades sheathed in a waist holster, seemingly cheaply made. Reaching down, I went to grab the set and strap it around my waist, but as I pulled upon the hilts of the shotos, the cheap material from which they were made slipped off, allowing the metallic hilts below to cut the palms of my hands. It was then that I realized the jewels that i had found, hidden by cheap hilts, as Songsteel Shotos. The Shotos themselves were of original design, polished songsteel so clear that you could see your bent reflection within their shine. Their measurement was standard size, a little shy of a full foot in length. But the metallic grip where the hilts had been were of unusual design, forged to fit the fingers perfectly as a whole unit. Yet, as I stood up and gripped them to feel the balance within my hands, I felt a slight slice against my fingers similar to paper cuts, causing me to wince slightly in pain as blood began to drizzle down its blade. As it did, I looked down and noticed that the blood ran past a gem embedded into the metal and into slight engravings imprinted upon the steel in a language unrecognizable to me. I thought about tossing them aside, but instead resheathed them, wondering on the purpose of their build, their feel surprisingly right to me. Reaching into my pocket and bandaging the cuts upon my fingers and palms, I overheard the others speaking, most notably the Mandalorians (Mellanie). While their species did not ring a bell in my mind, I nodded, offering up my own name (or rather the one I took). "I am Sanguine, and honestly, I dont care who you lot are, nor about the credits. I'm only interested in finding out who put me in that blasted crate inside the cargo hold, sending me on this crazy flight. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm only going along with this mission to find out, and when I do, I driving these blades through their chest..." My gaze, though serious as it shifted among the group, meant no disrespect nor ill will. But now I was no longer playing around. I would be no one's pawn. Are this acceptable terms?
  15. To be honest, I was actually beginning to enjoy myself a slight bit as I was dragged away from the bar, a smile encompassing my face for the first time as I waved bye to everyone who witnessed my display. But now, here in the dark recess of the ship, I simply relaxed in on the folded arms around my own and let my feet drag upon the scaffolding, occasionally taking a swig from the bottle of Old Ben I swiped from the bar upon my departure, chuckling after each one. I still held no clue as to the reasoning behind my being here. But at least here, in my soon to be solitude, perhaps their plan for me would be foiled. "You know, you guys should join me for a drink." I jested as I took another swig, a heartily chuckle erupting from my throat. "This bottle of Old Ben ain't half bad. And you guys look like you can use some serious downtime. I wont be a bother, I promise." Wiggling my arm about, I threw up my three middle fingers in an attempt to add weight to my words."Scout's Honor" Though in truth, I held no concept nor understanding as to why I thought that it would work or what a scout was really. It just sounded good, and i would have enjoyed the company, even as a lost wrench hit my foot and fell a good bit of distance below the walkway we were crossing, my eyes following its shimmer in the lighting. "Besides, I'm not this fond of heights to be honest." But my attempts bore no fruit as they tossed me into a cell, the back of my head bouncing off the duracrete with a disorienting smack and nearly spilling what remained of the bottle I held, half empty so to speak. I grumbled as I wiggled off my back and tossed the bottle backwards, slightly beginning to feel the numbing effects of the liquor beginning to hit me and wiping what spilled from my chin with my cuffed hands and sleeves. They didnt know what they were missing. I was actually a fun guy, or so I thought, from my own view upon my personality. Before I could take another swig, however, they returned and lifted me up after gathering new orders, some of which i caught wind of but played oblivious to as i processed the meaning behind it. Someone really wanted me upon this Lido Deck, which made me one of these ticket holders the shifty Chef spoke of, and a sense of ill will fell upon my gut. No matter. I would play my part, for now. My gaze shifting between the two guards excitedly as they carried me away, I jested one last time to complete my act. "I knew you guys couldn't stay away. Here, have a swig! No? Well all the more for me." But now my mind was filled with more questions than answers. I was drugged, boarded in a crate filled with enough oxygen to sustain me until the time released lock counted down it's time, and now I'm on a luxury cruiser as part of a sales pitch promotion. Indeed, something was certainly afoot, and all I could do for now was play dumb until i gathered enough info. I couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do with my past or who i was before the amnesia, but until i knew for certain, i could only be thankful i held such a high constitution for alcohol, because as the saying goes, a drunk man learns all but remembers none. And as the lighting of the Lido Deck met my eyes, their irides twittering in its brightness after being below deck for the moment, it seemed all would soon become clear. My gaze shifted about unnoticed after I was placed upon the chair, taking another swig as I looked around the gathering party and noticed some of the onlookers ushered off the deck. If one didnt know any better, it looked pretty straight forward and mandatory for a lucrative business venture. But none of us seemed to be the CEO types, nor did we even mimic middle management. No. We looked as we were, hired hands, pulled into the beginnings of an unknown job. Thinking back to Gimpy the Chef, i grinned in defeat at the realization that he could very well have been speaking the truth so it began to unfold in his favor. And as the beautiful woman began her speech, I kicked back in almost certainty of it. After all, disaster started with temptation. "Listen here, Lady" I poised, raising a singular hand as much as I could within reason as the cuffs restricted full movement, the bottle now beside my foot upon the duracrete. "I dont know what this plan of your's has to do with us, but why involve us if all you want is for us to keep up distractions. It would seem a better plan to not even let us in... unless you have reasons to let us in on it?" I asked within reason, already somewhat knowing that the answer involved us getting our hands dirty at some point. But if that was to be the case, there would need to be an upfront and truthful communication before I fully agreed whether the rest required such a need or not. Silently I thought to myself. "Theres always a catch."
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