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  1. Sandy nodded at Aidan, then bowed to his mother. She did not know what was next in store for them in this quest, but she had little doubt that the mother-son bond would be easily broken. It was magnificent to see Aidan grow and for the love for his mother and parents actually begin to shine a little around the edges of his normally brusque personality. "Thanks for teaching me Aidan, it means a lot." She put the blaster rifle back into its case and pushed the magazines into their little slots before she turned and bowed to Kel Koon her apprentice that had showed up with Tobias Vos of all people in tow. Was that the catch? Was this really the crew sent to find the old Jedi training ship? The man who she had loved much alike a father who she had publicly denounced in front of everyone he cared about? Social and personal crimes were a harsh display of Karma. She looked around furtively and found that his ship was also here, waiting to be boarded. First she addressed her padawan, then she would address her old master. “You have done well Kel, your trials await you on this mission. Are you ready? All packed?” She took a deep breath and swallowed her pride. He had saved her life after all. And it was best that she make the first move. “Master Vos!” She let an actual smile cross her lips. “I am so happy to see you as part of this mission! I may have spoken too harshly in front of the council.” She looked back to Aidan and introduced the two of them. “This is Aidan Darkfire of the Imperial Knights, and Aidan this is Tobias Vos, my old master.” She looked at the extended boarding ramp. “I think we have much to discuss, but the comm was most urgent!” ((Lets carry on these convos in space as we make for Gala))
  2. Sandy could feel a pang of guilt for her presence interrupting what was very much likely to be a very special moment between mother and son. She coughed and hopped down from the stacked cargo crates as Aidan addressed her. She blushed slightly before she snapped her lightsabre off of her belt and held it as she bowed to the Jedi master. “Yes, I was hoping to show him the stance I used against Mandalore when I faced her over Chandrilla. Vom Tag, its an overhead stance that you use primarily against those who are using devices to get the high ground. Like those damned mandalorians are very fond of using. Or that Sith on Nal Hutta.” She bowed again, “If I have your leave?” The long handled sabre in her hand sprung to life and she fell into the familiar stance that she had been using for nearly half her life. Her blonde hair shining with the silver colour of the blade. She moved her right leg back and gave both of her knees a slight bend. “Legs bent, weight almost evenly distributed with a bit more focus on the back leg so that you may spring forward as necessary.” She angled the sabre above her head so that her arms were bent as well, her doubled fists held six inches above her scalp, the blade at a high angle. She brought the blade down three times in fast angular cuts that she spun back in transition. “You strike from high to either beat someone down, or should they be bigger than you.” She laughed. “Which most everyone is.” She spun the blade in arcing cuts as she moved forward. Then as she moved backwards in a shuffle, mimicking a counter attack. “While I do not recommend it against blasters, it is a fast stance, and allows very fast cuts if they are above you, and very powerful cuts if they are on even ground with you.” She snapped the sabre off and looked back at the two Darkfires. “I know that was super fast but what do you think of it? Useful? If you think so I am happy to instruct.” Her comm buzzed annoyingly at her waist. And she glanced at its readout. She groaned and quicktyped a message to her apprentice. Before looking back at Aidan. "We still have time before the mission if you wish?" _________________ Message to Kel "Meet me in Cargo Bay 12. Mission to go on. thx"
  3. The Jedi master made firing and aiming look easy even if she missed the first few rounds. There was always an adjustment to using a new weapon. Sandy herself couldn’t have done better so she didn’t smirk or laugh, but simply smiled and nodded her appreciation as she watched the woman tear the blaster carbine down and show her how to put it back together. Sandy repeated the process herself, though much slower with a great amount of getting stuck on the small parts. She sat back and watched the jedi master continue to fire until Aidan exclaimed about her hand. Sandy watched quietly as she did not want to interfere in the moment. She was a jedi healer, and if she was needed she was there. But it was not her place to barge into an emotional moment between mother and son.
  4. A full smile stretched across her thin lips and Sandy Sarna let a grin follow it. Aidan’s journey and interaction with his mother had filled her with joy. She bowed low to the Jedi Master and indicated the blaster rifle on the makeshift bench. If the Jedi wished to show and teach her, Sandy would be grateful. But for now Sandy was just merely content in seeing Aidan overcome one of his biggest struggles. It would come back, trauma always did, but Sandy was confident in Aidan Darkfire. Smiled at him and then looked away again towards the range, not wanting him to catch the flash of other emotions she had suppressed.
  5. Sandy suppressed the wholesome feeling of pride in Aidan as he talked about dealing with his trauma and turned it into a smile in return to Aidan’s glance. Then she looked back at the blaster on the table and picked up an energy magazine for it and fiddled away, trying not to be too awkward while she waited for their intimate conversation to end. She hoped this would help him, she hoped that a connection with his parents would start to heal the wounds he carried so heavily.
  6. His embarrassment flooded over her senses and she had to resist the urge to yank her arm back like it had been dipped in carbonite so as to save him the additional embarrassment that would bring him. So instead she squeezed his shoulder lightly and let her hand fall away as she backed up a pace to lean against the cargo containers that had made up their makeshift firing zone. She was here if he needed her, but he was plenty a man enough to handle himself so she simply nodded in greeting to the other Jedi behind Draygo and pushed herself up so that she was perched on the edge of the container. She studied her cuticles then the precharged energy magazines that were laid out in a row. She would have to apologize to him for that motion after his mom left and she pushed down the flush that it brought to her cheeks. She pulled her knees up to her chest and locked her arms around them, her emerald green eyes watching Aidan converse with his mother. Trying for all the world to not look like she was listening in, but really it couldn’t be helped. They were like the only ones here, so she gave up the pretense and simply stared quietly at the trio. The rebellion was certainly brimming with drama, and how she had spoken out against her friend Tobias at the meeting surely hadn't helped the ego filled room. If anything it had divided it even more.
  7. Sandy’s grin stretched ear to ear as she watched Aidan’s skill with a blaster, the drone took long haltering dives after each blast until it was floating quite a ways down the firing line. She solemnly took the rifle from him and adjusted her stance to a squared blade, one foot slightly behind the other as her eyes looked down the scope. She let his hands adjust her stance, trying not to blush. The reticle burned red against the distant drone and per Aidan’s instructions she let her breathing drop to a slow crawl then depressed the trigger. The bolt flew nearly true but passed a little low and to the right of the drone. Causing it to spin in the wake of burned ozone but remain relatively unharmed. She muttered a curse under her breath and tried again, the bolt this time going even wider. She let her eyelids flutter closed as she looked back at what Aidan had told her. That was it, she was jerking the trigger too much. She let the slack fall out of the trigger, slowly depressing it until she found the release then pressing through, slow release until it clicked and press again. The bolts arced out like crimson lines of fire, hitting the drone three out of four shots. Then on the last shot she of course missed by being over eager. The bolt spanning into the wall a meter or so above the drone. She groaned a curse again. She grimaced and turned her flushing face back to Aidan. Almost willing herself not to hug him for the joy of the experience. “I assume I shouldn’t be touching the force to adjust my aim right? That kinda defeats the purpose?” Her eyes caught an unassuming figure behind the handsome imperial knight and went wide. Her flush went darker, highlighting the pale white lines of scars that crossed her face that had been carefully concealed by healing routines. Her mouth went dry and she looked back down range before glancing back, putting the blaster rifle down and pulling herself into a bow towards Master Draygo. She concentrated to slow her hammering heart and mumbled a hello. While placing a hand protectively on Aidan's shoulder. "Welcome master."
  8. She grinned at his wink and watched him as he walked away, She sat back and scrubbed at the armour again as the smile clung consistently to her face, her heart brimming with equal happiness. It was nice to have a friend, despite her feelings for him. She was just happy to have made a friend for what felt like the first time in her life. Her green eyes strayed to her own dirty tunic and the smile fell into a grimace. She tossed her armour into her small duffel bag and then searched through it to find a clean tunic before she raced to the refreshers. She looked left and right as she crossed into the refresher stall, stripped and turned on the warm water with a press of a button. No one else in the ‘freshers which was nice, and the water was comfortable as she washed as quickly as possible. She combed her hair, dried and threw on the fresh tunic on before she braided her still slightly wet hair. She changed the bandage on her shoulder and brushed her teeth. She maintained a connection to the force all the while, drawing on its power to keep her strong and awake as she finished up and walked to where Aidan was waiting. She grinned at the young imperial knight ass she walked into the cargo hold. “So sorry to keep you waiting.” She stuck out her tongue and looked at the blaster rifle before sitting down next to him. She leaned forward and placed her hand on its stock before she looked back at him. “So tell me about it, how does it work other tan pressing the trigger?”
  9. Her green eyes widened along with her smile as she yet again put the armour down, its polishing momentarily forgotten with her anticipation. “Really? You would teach me how to shoot?” Her voice quivered with excitement for a second before she plowed on ahead with a counter offer. “I could teach you Vom Tag if you taught me how to shoot!” Her voice betrayed her excitement, because she had wanted for a long time to learn that skill but had never been brave enough to ask anyone. She flushed with embarrassment. “I’ve always been nervous about shooting, though if the Sith use one of those lizard bug things that drain the force I will definitely need to learn.”
  10. Sandy scrunched up her mouth as she thought about what the Imperial Knight had said. She decided on a joke to ease any tension that might have been building inside her on the offshoot it would make him laugh. “If it’s anything like the Jedi, I’m pretty sure to get promoted you have to fight a dark lord then drink some of their blood from a chalice. That’s how I got promoted. Tasted pretty gross.” She waggled her blonde eyebrows before she embarrassingly laughed off her stupid joke and felt some of the profound tiredness that was looming over her lift for a moment. It was nice to relate to him and not just fawn over him like a stupid little girl. She let the blush drain from her cheeks and looked at her smudged hands before she reached for the cloth and polish again. She rubbed at a carbon burn for a second before getting frustrated again and looking back to Aidan. “Well, if I can help I will. Do you find yourself lacking in anything that you see as being Imperial Knight like? If your training was any like mine you were probably just carried from battle to battle without much pause to learn the real basics like the Code or how to meditate?" She quickly dropped the cloth and put out a hand as if to ward off whatever she may have said that could offend. "I don’t want to presume though, but I’m happy to help.”
  11. Her grip remained steady on Aidan’s rough hands, the heat from the two pairs of hands melting the wax based polish that was still staining her fingers until it rad like chromium blood to drip onto the tile floor between them. The journey he took them on was strange to Sandy, esoteric and somewhat terrifying but she stayed with him the entire time. She watched as he worked, cutting and pruning the emotions he held against his father she could feel the malady of pride surge in her as she watched him work. Pride at every emotion and how well he embraced what she had urged him to do. As he slowly withdrew from his inner emotions and into the cold reality of the room, so did Sandy. She took a few steadying breaths and slowly looked back at him. She pushed back the desire to give him a fierce and congratulatory hug and settled for squeezing his hands instead. She didn’t want to thoroughly embarrass him so soon after he pushed through such emotions anyway. She cocked a tired smile. “Exorcism is a valuable thing, but if we used it constantly I think you would burn up to a crisp before you ever got to fight a dark lord. I am so proud of you.” It wasn’t meant to be a demeaning observation, but one that hard a word of caution. She had been taught exorcism as well and it was always a double edged sword. “Thank you for not pitying or judging me for my experiences, it’s something I am always afraid and embarrassed about.” She let her smile become soft and she squeezed his hands again before letting go and sitting back wiping at her wet eyes with a finger that left a dark streak over her lower eyelid of polish.. “Thank you for sharing with me Aidan. It means a lot that you would trust me like this.” She looked at her hands and laughed at the smeared greasy polish and futilely wiped it on the front of her dirty tunic. She sighed exasperatedly at the futility of it and stopped trying to clean her hands. “Do…” She looked back up at him. “Do you want to learn more? Like I can’t officially teach you anything but I think we have a lot to learn from each other.” It was a mutually beneficial officer but she would understand if he chose not to. They were from two different orders plus he was older than her by almost four years. But she felt like she had to try. It was so nice to have him as a friend and with death always around the corner any chance at all she could get to know and learn from someone like Aidan was a chance she would take.
  12. Sandy kept her silence as she scrubbed slowly on the pauldron of her armour where a phosphoferrite round had struck and burned through the first level of lammelated plate. The carbon scoring was thick but she worked away at it with a mix of fingernail and polish. She stole a glance out of the corner of her eye at the black haired Aidan and with a gentle application of the force she could sense a rising turmoil of emotions seething just under the surface of his handsome demeanour. Her blonde eyebrows raised to peaks as she slowly turned to the man. She sat the armour down beside her and wiped her hand on her tunic, leaving a dark smudge of chromium polish. She ran her hand through her bright blonde hair and answered with a wistful smile on her lips. “Yeah I’m a Jedi Knight, though some thought I shouldn’t be. I even have an apprentice somewhere around here.” She turned fully towards him, so both of her booted feet were firmly on the metal tile. “Aidan I would be happy to teach you anything I know, I struggled a lot over my emotions and feelings. Let me show you...” There was no better way then dragging him along. She reached out and took one of his hands in both of hers. Feeling the rough calluses of years of sword practice as she let her connection to the force reach out to his so that he could feel and see what she did if he pushed into the connection. “Now, I was always taught the best way to teach was by bringing someone along with you so please pull away if you need to, you will see stuff you may not want to- “ She let her emotional suppression drop, the filters that surrounded her traumas dropped and she invited the full storm of them upon herself. Something she had not willingly done in several years. The colour drained from her face so that she was nearly as white as the walls and the blue veins in her forehead traces a river through a terrain of dark freckles and small white scars. Her breathing increased in rhythm, becoming fast and shallow. She invited him wholly into her trauma in order to show him how she addressed it. Darkness Fingers scrabbled at the stone floor of a dark Thallassian cell as tears lashed a face covered in cuts, arms covering nakedness as a giant Togarian stared down with a lewd smile, his hand reaching down as she screamed in defiance. The fear and terror that bubbled over the connection turned to disgust and shame as the scene changed again, to a knife held in her own hands dragging up the length of her arm. The carelessness and disgust and self harm to keep down the deep set boiling rage. Panic attack turned to frothing anger as Sandy spoke shakily. A red flush replaced the sallow white of her cheeks. “Now we begin to address it.” Her voice was strained and her hands gripped Aidan’s fiercely. “First we must ground ourselves. Use one of your senses to do so. Concentrate on that sense. Tell yourself what that sense is. For instance I am focusing on the roughness of your hand, the strength of its grip. Use that centre to branch out.” With a solid connection to something tangible she could begin to concentrate on bringing her breathing into check. “Then we have to address the feelings themselves, I used to bottle them up.” Her hands squeezed his tightly. “That's really not healthy. Take the emotion…” She took a deep breath. “Acknowledge the validity of it hold it before you. Then when you have acknowledged it you can let it settle. Take the edge off the rage and let it go, let it leave in each breath while focusing on that centre.” Her emerald eyes flickered open. She let the embarrassment slowly ebb away as the rage from her ordeals bled away as well with each breath. “Now that is a whole lot to take in. Do you have the energy to try?” She cocked a tired smile. "Or if you trust me, do you want to talk about it? What is bothering you?"
  13. Sandy grinned sheepishly as she gratefully accepted the small container of polish and offered rag that Aidan passed her. She grimaced when she was called out at not knowing how to actually polish her armour and had been liberally applying the polish and rubbing like she had been doing with the dark brown leather boots. His hands however were warm and rough, and surprisingly gentle as he showed her to polish along the grooves of the armour. She whispered her thanks and gulped down whatever rush of feelings that had caused. She listened to him carefully as he talked about his fallen friend and his unfulfilled desire to see combat. She let him finish then looked up at him with clear emerald eyes. “Of course we would say its super noble and valuable of you to be caring for the wounded. I mean it is valuable that you helped those people but that doesn't mean that your feelings of wanting to serve the empress and fight aren’t valuable. You are an amazing fighter Aidan, I have seen a little of it, but perhaps it's good that you didn't blindly follow your feelings.” She shrugged her thin shoulders, then winced at the pain, “We can’t always be killing our way through endless hordes of Sith and Black Sun. I’m proud of you following duty instead of your feelings, that’s really important.” She took a tired breath then grinned, "Plus there's always like tomorrow when we can go take our revenge for what they did to the empress." That had been especially nasty. She rubbed at the armour a little bit before pausing and pressing against the bacta patch on her shoulder. Considering if she should press a bit further into what seemed to be paining him. “Tell me about Raistlyn, I know he was a friend of yours. I am so sorry he didn’t make it back”.
  14. Sandy stared defiantly back at Tobias Vos for what felt like an eternity before the man looked away and she fixed her green eyes on the Grandmaster. Her response was calm and necessary, reassuring, along with what the Empress and Aidan’s mother also spoke. Hearing what amounted to an agreement on keeping the budding rebellion and Tobias’s men in check she let a soft smile cross over her freckled face. She nodded her thanks to those that had spoken and clicked her boot heels together in a crisp military manner before she turned and left the antechamber. She smiled at Aidan's mother as she passed the woman. She was a fascinating Jedi Master and Sandy felt if given the opportunity, they could be friends, though Sandy expected she had much to learn from the woman. The corridors were long and winding and gave the young Jedi knight the time she needed to think. She let her connection to the force drop for a moment and exhaustion slammed into the back of her head and she stumbled against the wall of the corridor. She let out a groan and steadied her breathing. Chandrilia, Black Sun Station, all of it was eating away at her. She hadn’t had much more than a nap for days. Her eyelids drooped until she opened back up her connection to the force, life spilled back into her arms and legs like a switch had been flipped. She blinked twice, took a deep breath or two and then started back down the corridor. A few minutes later and she was striding into the ward dedicated to the Imperial Knights, a brightly lit bay that held many different amenities including a Cafe machine that she eyed jealousy. She wasn’t an imperial knight, but perhaps she was the closest a Jedi Knight could get without actually taking the blood oath to the Empress. She could sense Aidan down the bay a bit and a glance told her that he was cleaning his armour and lost in his thoughts. She paused a moment before swallowing her embarrassment at the stupid flirting she had attempted so many times before and walked down to the grav couch opposit him. She sat down gingerly and pulled at the strappings to her own armour, pulling the plates off her chest and arms with a sigh. She adjusted the tunic under them and frowned at the sweat marks that the armour had left after nearly an entire day of wearing it. Uhg. Her nose was delicate enough to discern her own smell wouldn’t offend Aidan or the other knights that were in the area since they were all in the exact same situation. She took a look at the bacta bandages that still wrapped her side and shoulder and convinced that she wasn’t leaking any vital fluids she looked up at the dark haired man across from her. She leaned forward and reached out with the force in the jedi equivalent of a shoulder tap. “Can I borrow a bit of your polish? We aren’t issued any in the Jedi Order?” She gestured towards her carbon scored armour. It was an open invitation to conversation or silence whichever he preferred, she didn't mind either way. It was nice to just sit with a friend.
  15. She smiled up at the Shistavanen with sparkling emerald eyes. “Corruption comes to all us all soon or late, someday you may have to kill me you know.” Darkness was the ever present danger of the Jedi Order, and the ship stank of it. She would find the guest who brought it soon enough. She laughed softly as she sat down beside him and placed her hands on the rounded stump where his arm had used to be. Her eyelids fluttered closed and her breathing became more even, soft shallow breaths that almost appeared to be of sleep. SHe could have been perceived that way of course if not for the distinct warmth that radiated from her hands as she began to apply the healing powers of the force to the torn nerves and flesh as a 2-1b rolled in on quieted treads with a Shistavanen designed arm. Durasteel lamellant, retracting claws, the works. Though such a precise cybernetic would need exact attachment and rehabilitation. Hands prepared the site for the implant as she placed it against the stump. Then bit by bit, the flesh separated through the will of the force and the cybernetic unit attached to the nerve endings and muscles. She and the droid applied a bacta salve and a bandage that covered the joiner between metal and flesh and she smiled again. “You will need weeks of therapy with the nurses to learn how to use it properly, but I have dulled the pain best I could.” Her senses relaxed from healing, her pointed ears picked up a skirt of conversation, Tobias speaking about the travesty that had been broadcasted all over the holonet. Anger from a Jedi she recognized. She patted the Shistavanen on the arm and stood, wiping the bacta off her hands on a towel. “Now my friend, I must report to the council and say my piece. As this is happening in the medical ward I can only say you must stay in bed.” A wink. Then the Jedi Knight in imperial livery pushed her way out of the medical curtains and to where the council was meeting. Her eyes found the furious eyes of Armiena Draygo as the younger jedi ducked into the room. She was someone that seemed to carry the weight of the galaxy around with her, but Sandy found reassurance in seeing her. Sandy suppressed nervousness, afraid for a moment that she did not belong. But she reassured herself that she did. Nal Hutta, and her defeat of Mandalore over Chandrilia spoke enough for her. Perhaps her Revanchism and pairing with the Imperial Knights spoke against her, but she knew that she would need to speak her piece. Morals were important and when there was a pause in the conversation, she took a breath and bowed to the Grandmaster and Empress. When she spoke her voice was clear and calm. She was no longer that cowed child on kashyyyk. “Grandmaster, the sabotage to the station that left many hundreds dead was done by one of our own.” Her emerald eyes found Tobias and looked at him with a mixture of hurt and confusion. Then she looked back to the crowd of very much more important dignitaries. “Such things go against our order and must be rooted out with all haste. We cannot afford the Darkside to corrupt us so.” Perhaps that was the imperial knight side of her speaking with such conviction. The armor she wore certainly bestowed confidence. She bowed her head and stepped back so that the Heads of state could continue.
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