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  1. The force moved around the bridge of the Ara-Lai with all the subtlety of a bothan hurricane. It manifested in the white flame that she had begun to associate with the path of the Exorcists. Those brave remnants of the Empire, now only a few dozen in number. It was an honour to be greeted so equally by one that was easily the rank of grand master in their order. Her surprised grin became even fuller as the voice of Darkfire echoed through the central communications hub. She instantly suppressed a blush and forced her heart to slow. This was not the time for childish crushes, but it was time to be the Jedi Knight she had trained to be. She looked back at the expectant comms officer and strode forward. “Imperial Knight Darkfire, thank you for your assistance, please join the CR-90 Ashla's Nocturne in its evacuation of the Northern wing of the Corennina Orphanage. That is the premature and intensive care ward. Sarna out.” Her voice was calm but friendly, it did her heart good to see more than just the Jedi out in force today. And if the Mandalorians came out in force ere the evacuation was done, she would be glad to have Darkfire and Eleison by her side.She closed her eyes and reached out to both of them in a friendly embrace, thanking them for their presence and pouring resolve through the force. The comm’s officer also tightbeamed the shuttle and the exorcist’s datapad the orders of evacuation and triage. As well as the location of the microjump staging point at the edge of the system where the larger transports were being loaded by the smaller jedi ships outside of the invasion corridor.
  2. Sandy grinned bashfully and extended her hand to Master Draygo, "I believe we may have brushed by each other at Kashyyyk?" She tried to ignore the fact that she had been far more interested in that imperial knight with the dark hair than any Jedi business.
  3. Orion Wolfe strode down the causeway, adjusting the black gloves of his rigid uniform. He was old salt, a man of Borleias, proud in his way, but still holding the humbleness of a poor upbringing onboard conscripted cruisers during the last war. The Ara-Lai had been his command for the last year under the command of the Jedi Order, and they had treated him well. This mission they were conducting had an air of desperation, but he understood the necessity of at least saving the lives of the poor and innocent of Chandrila. As such the ragtag fleet emerged from hyperspace right over the planet into packed spacelanes. Sandy, standing beside him issued orders for the corvettes to begin their work of evacuating the Corennina Orphanage. Then they would begin on the central government complex.
  4. Hello and welcome to the Jedi Order Application post. What kind of Jedi do you want to be and will you be requiring training today? Thank you your number is 4483
  5. With trembling hands dark with the engine grime that came with servicing stealth XJs, Jedi Ace Brittany Vor’tok came rushing onto the bridge of the Adi-Wan where the Grand Master was meeting with the imperial delegation holding a disposable datapad in front of her. Jedi knight Sandy Sarna intercepted her as she rushed towards the discussing grandmaster and held up her hand. “What’s going on Brittany? She’s meeting with the last of the imperial remnant, I can take a message-” The response was abrupt and scared. “Chandrila. They are coming for the planet. The crusaders.” Sandy’s blood turned icy cold in her veins as she looked a the blue backlit display held in the other woman’s hand. Her decision had just been made for her. The Empress could wait. She spun on her heel and together with the Jedi ace walked to the Grandmaster. She interrupted the discussion and presented the datapad to her old master, bowing slightly to the Imperial Grand Admiral. “Adenna.” She used the familiar term as opposed to her title, “Chandrila is mere hours away from outright invasion, with your permission I will take a small section of the fleet to help in the evacuations. I advise…” Her crystal clear green eyes glanced to the Imperial. “That we prepare for the evacuation of the Jedi forces, the government, and the younglings from Borleias to a more defensible position outside the invasion corridor, possibly to the Imperial stronghold of Nar Shaddaa.” She made a military salute to both the Imperial and Jedi grandmaster. “It is long time past the time for us to unite and begin a galactic resistance. The force willing I will see you both on the other side.” She set her face bravely as opposed to the nervousness that was coursing through her. Upon getting approval from her master, she spun on her heel and walked towards the flightline. Corvettes Courante, Ashla's Nocturne, Vivace, Soresu, and the Corona Ara-Lai begin fueling for departure.
  6. The jedi Knight and imperial hearted Sandy Sarna came sliding into the seat next to her old master Tobias Vos. She hugged him briefly before leaning into him while her green eyes took in the surroundings. “Where is everyone?” She pushed the padawan’s braid behind her ear, something that she had never removed at the end of her trials, mostly because it made her feel at home among her master’s and now friends, Tobias and Adenna. She was wearing a green tunic with an imperial made chest piece, whose emblem was very visible.
  7. Perhaps out of boredom, curiosity, and the desire to do something other than wait around. Jedi Knight Sandy Sarna could not help but listen into the conversation between the Admiral and her old master, who had now assumed the mantle of the grandmaster of the Jedi Order. She wanted to jump with excitement at the possibility of an infiltration mission but she kept her eyes staring out the viewport towards the slowly spinning planet below. When she was needed, the grandmaster would ask. She had learned that at least. So silent she stayed, wishing and hoping to be useful. To fulfill the dream of being a real Jedi Knight. Even if Aidan wasn't there to see.
  8. The Jedi Order Corvette Soresu emerged from hyperspace at the edges of the Borleias system. It was a quick ride on impulse to the rally point and from thousands of kilometers away, Sandy could easily make out the masses of the MC-90 dreadnoughts against the pale blue dot of the planet for which the system was named. Sandy swallowed the spit in her mouth and looked around at the bridge crew, it was now also filled with the few Imperial commandos that had decided to join her on the quest. Eight men and four women, all from the Caridian Rifles. They had fought beside her at Nal Hutta, and they would follow her to save their empress. A little less than an hour later and the Soresu docked with the Adi-Wan and Sandy made her way to where she sensed her master. The commandos stayed behind, lingering in the bridge of the smaller ship, perhaps out of prejudice, or to set up a comm relay to Nar Shaddaa, which was more likely. Dressed in the grey armour given to her by the Imperial Knights, with its imperial badge emblazoned on the soft hill of armour that covered her chest she entered the bridge, and bowed to her old jedi Master @Adenna Alluyen. Waiting until she was done speaking with the imperial Admiral before she approached. Sandy stood, awkwardly off to the side of the conversation, smiling like a fool at the prospective mission playing out in her head. A daring rescue of a lovely imperial empress, Aidan impressed. She could barely contain herself, and the joy that would come from such a mission. So she bounced from foot to foot while her green eyes surveyed Adenna and Beck.
  9. The Soresu was a cramped hulled vessel, a design that predated Sandy’s birth by almost fifteen decades, but according to the captain Rana Kusaseka, a Zabrak who had served the jedi order for nearly that long, or at least dating to before the Master Starlisk, the hull was tight and she could ‘stick it to the enemies of peace for as long as a star destroyer.’ Sandy heavily doubted that, but the ship would nonetheless would likely be appreciated by the empire. Watching the last week of holoreporting had been heartbreaking for Knight Senya, and her mood was dour as she stood around the small holotable at the center of the command module in the Soresu. She had never been good at leaving her emotions behind her, and captain Rana was giving her a glare for whatever sourness she was passing into the force. The two pilots in attendance, both jedi aces and twins from Dathomir grinned at her from behind faces of tan skin. Liamiar Kalistrasos the male, and commander of the aged Y-wing bomber squadron with his bulging arms of muscle smiled broadly at her apparent frustration. It wasn’t a smile of mocking however, but a smile of knowing encouragement. Both he and his sister had been ardent supporters of the interventionist policies of Adenna and the other knights that had followed her. That was the initial curse of the Imperial Knights, Sandy thought, Revanchists had taken the creme of the jedi order with them. Leaving only the indecisive, the pacifists, or the obscenely loyal of the Jedi. When if they had merely stayed another few months, the internal revolt of those that desired to bring the Jedi wholesale into the conflict would have driven the entire order to war. Instead, brave and alone, the Imperial Knights had fought their battle against the Sith and had payed for it. The silence was broken by the sister, Tenna, who short and lithe was everything her brother was not, which also reflected in her command of the A-Wings attached to the Soresu. “So we strike for Nar Shadaa? This is the will of the grand master?” Sandy was about to retort that it was of course the will of the whole jedi order but Rana held up a hand. “It is the will of the force miss Kalistrasos. We cannot let our old friends stand alone against the darkness. Their empress has been captured by the Sith, and is enduring torture and who knows what else. If you listen to the force, it is preparing to break like a wave on the sands of time. This will be our last hurrah against the darkness and I for one will not stand by and let the young form the spearpoint. We have our orders yes, but this is a much larger game.” The hyperspace deliminator began to flash and he sighed. A minute later the Soresu and its escort came out of hyperspace over the Imperial Frontier. It was Sandy that gave message of their arrival to the Imperial forces, and she opened a comm on the channel designated for use by the Imperial Knights which had been given to her by Kyrie. “Jedi Corvette Soresu, responding for the call of aid to the Imperial Knights.”
  10. The comm chirp made Sandy Senya jump, her pale face flushing dark as she pawed at her belt to pull the comm off of its magnetic holster and stared at its flashing holo display. It was her old master’s comm number with its GA prefix, and not the one she was hoping and dreading it would be. She let her eyes flutter closed and breathed a heavy sigh of both relief and happiness. She uncrossed her long thin legs and straightened her grey armour before beginning her walk towards her old master. She made sure she was immaculate, her armour polished to a shine, save where it had been broken and chipped from her fight with the Massassi. She hooked her lightsabre on its loop, and made sure the purified vibro-bayonet, and purified long glass knife were secured in their place. The knife tied alongside the armour on her right thigh, and the glass knife right behind it. The imperial blaster pistol stood in its grey duraloid drop holster on her left side. She tied her hair behind her ears, braiding its long locks to a platinum blonde braid, which she coiled and pinned. Leaving the decorated padawans braid tucked behind her ear and dangling over her chest armour next to the burned Imperial crest. She pulled on her gloves and flexed her fingers in them before she came to Adenna’s side. She clicked her heels, grinned, then gave her old master a brief but loving hug before she held her at arm's length with a sloppy grin on her face. “I am to visit the Empire?” She could barely keep the excitement from her voice.
  11. A message, hurriedly constructed from a mix of emotions like fear, anxiety, and of course that one emotion that caused most mistakes in the galaxy; love. Came rocketing into Aiden’s commlink, from the Jedi Knight Sandy Sarna.
  12. Sandy sat, waiting for Adenna to return, twisting a small metal device absentmindedly in her hand. The comm link spun from finger to finger, her thumb hesitating over the activation switch, then failing to activating it, turning the comm again over in her hand to juggle it back and forth as she tried to figure out how to best make the call, or text to her friends in the Empire. Well not just friends, but someone she not only looked up to, someone she wanted badly. Even though she barely knew him, barely even thought he would spare her a second glance, that black hair boy, now imperial knight, haunted her thoughts. It was love. She knew it was, but it was love that was born from loneliness and a crush left to fester in her heart for too long. She was desperately in love with him. No not him, the idea of him. The idea of someone to love her, someone who would softly touch her face and say something, anything nice. She wanted that so badly that her heart had latched onto the first person who had been nice to her on Gala. She stopped her twirling and flipped out the keyboard function on the commlink. She clicked out a swift message, deleted it, typed it again, deleted it, then finally sent it. Then she gasped at her own embarrassment. Shut the comm off and placed it back in the magnetic holster on her belt. She flushed deeply, so that the scars on her face stayed white amongst the swath of red. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and stood. She adjusted her armour, adjusted the underweave and glanced towards the window in the bridge. She could barely see her reflection but she liked what she saw, she wasn't some gangly little girl anymore, though she was still thin and did not have some of the assets men liked, she still considered for a moment that she could be beautiful. Then she glanced the scars on her hands and she spun around cutting out her reflection and her eyes instead found her old master. She stayed where she was, and leaned against the window portal, her long legs crossed at the ankles the where the grey armoured greaves broke into shards that covered her boots. There was business that needed to be done, but she knew Adenna would talk to her when she was able.
  13. The wind whipped against her small frame as Sandy Senya made her way down the long landing platform. The wind was warm and was kicked into horrible gusts by the ignition of capital repulsorlifts and Galofree engines from the transports that launched beside them to refuel them once they burned to orbit. The firing of those massive engines to get the heavy capitals into space was always a marvelous thing to witness. Especially when it beckoned the beginning of the Jedi actually doing something about the threat to the galaxy. Or at least that was what the young jedi knight believed as her emerald eyes took in the Jedi fleet preparing for war. Those green eyes next looked to her old master, and a smile traced itself over her freckled face. She walked forward until she stood behind Adenna, then she bowed, her bright blonde hair falling off the grey imperial pauldrons on her shoulders, to hang shadowing her face. She straightened back up, and with her gloved hands pulled her loose hair back behind her shoulders, and tucked it back into the hood of her white cape, whose green embroidered hems were whipping in the wind. It had been a long time since she had stood next to her old master in such a way, and though they had shared words in the ship, they now stood together as friends. Though Sandy had no doubts that the armour she currently wore would test her master’s patience. With its bright imperial crest sitting at the center of her chestplate, indicating that the young Jedi Knight was ready to go to war, and not only on behalf of the Jedi order. Her lightsaber hung on her hip beside a blaster, and as Sandy adjusted the armoured gloves she was wearing, her voice spoke in its Galan accent. “Master Adenna, thank you for finally seeing this threat. I would ask to join the Imperial Survivors at Nar Shaddaa…” And not just for patriotic reasons, that dashing Imperial Knight also made her heart sing. But her voice reflected the reality she knew would bring her hopes crashing to the jungle floors. “...But I sense you have other designs for me.”
  14. Thwack The Kirilian cedar pole splintered under the assault, and the next five quick strikes finished the job. Each blow landed and though there was pain from the closed fist strikes, they only focused her more on the task at hand. Sandy’s eyes were narrowed to emerald slits as she fought both the cedar poles that jutted from the training room floor and her own broiling emotions. Though it was unhealthy, the pain brought both into full clarity in her mind, and so she continued her routine, striking the poles like they were the masks of Sith troopers as sweat poured down her face and the salt pained her eyes. One cedar pole snapped and she moved to the next, ducking and weaving as she struck at the pole with her bare knuckles, touching the force lightly to absorb the pain from the blows and unleash it through her strikes. They were angry strikes. Angry at the fate of her friends inthe Remnant, angry that she could do nothing about it. She had been collecting crystals like an idiot as the best hope for the galaxy fell to the shadows of the Sith. The Damned sith. She struck again and finally a knuckle split with a flash of pain. It was only then that she stepped back and fully opened her green eyes. She was covered in sweat and even her short workout clothes were almost waterlogged. She breathed in a painful breath and pulled her bright long hair back over her shoulders, securing it with a tie of silver cord. Her fingers brushing over the long braid that she also tucked behind her ear. A braid covered in beads and tokens from her years as an apprentice. A traditional thing to cut off at the end of an apprenticeship, but she had never thought to do it. It had been there for six years, since she was an angry eleven year old acoyte on Gala. A lot had happened since then, and a lot had been taken from her. Innocence, friends, allies, masters. All had passed like the wind to disappear over the horizon of time. She was likely the youngest knight in the Jedi Order, and it still shamed her, maybe that's why she kept that silly little braid that she had grown and adorned over the years. Or perhaps it was its own little shrine toto something she could never take back. She licked her lips and tasted the salt of sweat and let out a long sigh. It was time to get to work, to train those apprentices, to give them the strength to survive in a galaxy dominated by the Sith. They would need that strength of will to survive in the coming hurricane. She walked on bare feet from the training rings to the locker rooms, stepping gingerly on the tiled floor until she found an empty shower unit. She set her bag of clothes and equipment that she had retrieved from Tobias’s ship outside the range of the water or sonic jets and slapped the activation button in its recessed compartment. Then stripping off the few clothes she had on to begin with, she stepped into the shower. Warm water beat against her tired body, buffeting it, and relaxing her muscles. It had not been very long ago that she had tried to kill herself in a shower like this one, and the thought of it made her grimace and end the shower earlier than she would have. The temptation was always there, to give into those demons, but she pushed them back and drying with a click of the sonic shower got dressed into her jedi tunic and slung her belt, with its sabre, and survival pouch around her shallow hips. Then her eyes glimpsed the flash of grey in her bag and she grabbed it. It was a piece of the armour she had worn at Nal Hutta, and though it was not polished, it still held its imperial grey finish. So she decided it was time to make a statement and got redressed. This time with the uniform supplied by the members of Alpha One which fit snugly over her tunic, mostly obscuring it with the grey of imperial armour. They were mostly sections that covered her vitals, pauldrons, vambraces, sections for her thighs and shins that fit over the green armourweave and brown knee high boots she wore. Also there was something called a kama which was made of leather that fell from her belt to her knees, covering the rear of her legs against shrapnel. Only when she had all of that equipment on, including the Parang stolen from the Sith as well as her lightsaber did she walk to find her apprentices and old masters. The broken circle of the Imperial Remnant emblazoned across her chestpeice in relief green. It was in that armour that Frond found her, and her frown turned to a smile of joy at his appearance. Though her eyes did not smile and her fingers, bright white save the redness around her knuckles and the darker pink lines of vertical scarring twiched with excess energy or anticipation. She listened to him explain his vision and her bright blonde brow turned to furrowed lines as she thought about what to do. “Then if you feel called then you must go. If the force demands your participation in this war I must let you go to it.” She hugged him then, fiercly, showing how proud she was. “Do you wish to go with the rest of us when we finally strike at them or is this a journey you must face alone?”
  15. Sandy ran her tongue along the inside of her lower teeth nervously as she climbed onboard her old master’s ship. The news on the small holoscreen in the entryway was showing repeating images released by Imperial and Sith sources. From both sides the outlook for the remnant was deadly, reports showed star destroyers on fire and drifting while boarding ships landed unopposed on the shipyards themselves. Her nerves were jumpy and her heart ached for those brave and valiant imperials. She knew that the jedi were not there in force and nor were the galactic alliance. Cowards all. She thought, as she said a silent prayer for those imperials who had done the most to fight the Sith out of all the allies. And now they were paying the price. Aidan was paying that price. And she should have been there,, but she was not and he was likely suffering for it. She let a scowl cross her face as she dropped her grey green cloak on the grav couch and walked with her apprentices towards the central compartment. She looked at Kel’s new crystal and Fronds as well congratulated them for their find. “Well done boys! Now we will need to build the lightsabers themselves, so if you get permission from Master Vos you may wish to salvage from the repair bay some large core batteries, conduits, and some focusing lenses which you can get from a blaster. Then we can sit down and begin to build.” ((Begin the finding process for the components, then we will begin the build, and finally we can do some dueling)) She walked to where Tobias and Adenna stood and embraced her old master with a fierce hug. She had missed Adenna and her advice, and she held the hug for a while, letting her aura touch and congeal with Adenna’s letting her feel her apprehensions about aidan and her friends in the Empire. Letting her see how she had grown and developed from her time on Scarif, Nal Hutta, and with her apprentices. She was tied and very worried about the young Imperial Knight and her heart ached for him. She bit her lip and stepped back from Adenna. She blinked back tears and wiped and her nose with the hem of her green sleeve. “I’ve missed you mast- Uh Adenna.” She broke into a peal of teary laughter and when she could finally breathe her face hardened into grim reality. “As my apprentices build their sabres in the cargo hold we should plan our next course of action, it is likely from the Holos that the Remnant has completely fallen. I have few friends in the GA so I advocate helping the Empire should we have a direction. Though I bow to your wishes masters, I believe the Jedi should prepare for war.” Though her demeanor told the tale that she would not abide inaction, as they had done quite enough of that over the last week while her friends died on distant planets.
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