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  1. Captain Orian Wolf turned his head towards Sandy and arched an eyebrow. She let a wry half grin spread across her face before she walked beside him to the communications’ station. She could feel the real tension piquing in the entire combined fleet as pilots applied their stopjets and pulled their fighters back from the deadly game. The bridge crew behind her sighed audibly as they ignited the reverse thrusters, the fight had been so close at hand. It was the equivalent of calling a timeout right before a vital kick at a shockball tournament. So it brought some degree of stress to everyone in the fleet including Sandy. She fought that stress as she motioned to one of the officers to bring her the armour that was sitting beside her go bag. She was working at her healing shoulder wound with her hand to loosen up the tight bunched muscles when she stepped onto the holopad that would transmit her image, in its blue holographic hue, to the grandmaster in the meeting room aboard the Ara-Lai. She sighed and snapped on her imperial issued chestpiece before she pointed to the comms officer. She bowed deeply to the Grandmaster before glancing up with a cocky grin. She knew her place, and it was very suddenly clear it was not aboard the medical frigate. Her padawans and her friends would need her help. “Master.” She said as she tucked her platinum blonde old padawan braid behind her ear. She knew her place, and would stick to her report. “The boarding craft are nearly all fully manned and prepared for a strike mission or negotiated transport, we are at your disposal.”
  2. The Jedi Relief Flotilla under Sandy Sarna arrived at the rear of the combined forces. Sandy herself would stay aboard the Corona class frigate Ara-Lai with its dedicated medical facilities and assist with pilot/casualty recovery. The rest of her flotilla sped ahead to assist with the attack.
  3. Sandy nodded slowly, listening tentatively as he talked about what he wanted out of this life. He seemed so lost, alone, wandering but he was strong. So strong to get through all that had been tossed at him. She wanted to help more, but felt the rush of old feelings bubbling up and instantly she closed her eyes to better concentrate. Pushing those inappropriate feelings back into her stomach, away from her heart. Breath. Then relax. He eyes fluttered open and he was looking at her again. “I don’t know the Empress except from reputation, but I think her and her vision are worth fighting for.” Her green eyes met his. Worry matching worry, she held out a hand as the hyperdrive tunnel began to revert back into stars. She put on a brave smile. Time had run out. Though there were a million more things she wanted to say. “Good luck out there Aidan. May the force be with you, we’ll talk more after.” It was short and almost a formal goodby, but there was duty to be done. And she hoped her smile belated some of the worry at least. ((To Dark Sun!))
  4. Sandy left the conversation about Adan’s dad where it lay. If he wanted to talk about it she was there, but she had a feeling that such a conversation was best left for after a battle and not before. She tried to hide her blush at the questions but failed. She hated that it sounded like she was bragging, but she plunged ahead. “Yeah I fought her onboard their Dreadnaught, in a circle of ash branches, in one of their ceremonial honour duels for the planet and the fleet. The fleet got away with the kids and the government so its worth it I think. Hurt a lot. I was scared to death the whole time, though.” She grinned sheepishly, “Thank you for being there to help rescue the orphanage. It meant a lot to have those people I look up to there with me.” She coughed and nodded at her apprentice as he walked towards Sanderson. “So what do you want out of this battle Aidan? You are totally welcome to stay here with me and help with the healing stuff, but I think you may want to go clash swords with the Black Sun instead.” She stuck out her tongue and laughed. “Either way I’m rooting for you.”
  5. Sandy let her smile break into a soft chuckle of laughter at his joke. She didn’t press at whatever was behind his eyes, but she could tell that there was something bothering him. The laughter didn’t feel genuine, but it could have been simply nerves, so Sandy let the warmth of her smile speak for her. It was nice to be with him, even under the circumstances of whatever fate awaited them at the end of this hyperdrive jump. She extended a hand to touch the lightsaber that he produced and marveled at its construction. This was no imperial issue bland sabre, there had been a lot of effort put into its creation. Cobbled from a myriad of parts and peices, it was surely functional if not comfortable to the eyes. She plunged forward with the conversation, happy to be able to talk and shed her nervousness. “You mom seemed nice at Kashyyyk, I never knew your Dad, but if he was anything like you…” Her eyes looked at his again. Sincerity punctuated her words. “Then he must have been a good man.” She glanced away and pulled out her own lightsabre extending it to show off.Its long silver handle matched its blade. Though it may have been awkward, she meant it, even though she did not his father’s history. If Aidan’s experiences had been anything like her own traumas he would need someone to talk with. She thought back to her own tendencies she had faced only a few years prior. The conversation turned to another topic so she answered in turn. She smiled again and gestured to the left side of her chest. “I fought Mandalore to the standstill over Chandrila and got shot pretty bad. Though I am in the process, I don’t know how good I’d be on the front lines, so I am here to help in this way instead.” She winced. Not at any kind of pain, but because the statement had seemed like a brag.
  6. Sandy grinned sheepishly, with so much on her mind, she had forgotten even to tell the Imperial where they were even going. She tucked a lock of bright blonde hair behind her ear trying to bid away her flush of embarrassment. Her words were fast as she gave the briefing. “Aidan, the Jedi Relief flotilla is to rendezvous with the joint task force rescuing the Empress from her imprisonment at the Black Sun station thing. I do not know what we will be facing, but I know I have been assigned to lead the medical forces from the medical frigate." She controlled the blush, letting her cheeks fall back into their normal pale, freckled, hue and she glanced back up. Emerald eyes meeting the emerald eyes of the older imperial Knight. "We never seem to catch a break do we?” She grinned wryly
  7. The shock of the whole situation caused Sandy to break into friendly laughter. She leaned down with a wince and pulled the other woman to her feet. The laughter in her voice brought out the thick Galan accent she always tried to hide. “Don’t kneel friend, I may have command here but you owe me no subservience. This isn’t the Galactic Empire.” She left off the proverbial 'yet' and grabbed the hands of the girl with her own one scarred hand and biological prosthetic hand, and smiled warmly. She looked on the Knight's own prosthetics and smiled welcomingly. “Knight Thorne, I had heard that you were on Nar Shaddaa, we are honoured to have you.” She gestured to Her apprentice and the Imperial Knight. “This is my apprentice, Kel, and Imperial Knight Darkfire.” She gestured to her own still healing wound. “As I have just come off a battle at the fall of Chandrilia, I will not be in the front lines, but leading the medical efforts from here. If I am needed in the fray, I will answer. Should you wish to be in the front assault you are welcome to join my old master Adenna or the boarding teams under commander Sanderson.” She pointed to an imperial officer in white and crimson who was hurriedly talking over battle plans with a small cluster of lower officers from the Antarian rangers, Imperial Navy, and Galactic Alliance military. He was human, as nearly all imperials seemed to be, but strong and handsome in the rugged nature that most modern imperials carried themselves in the post Empire days.
  8. On board the Ara-Lai, the Jedi Knight Sandy Sarna and her apprentice Kel stood around the holodisplay that showed the unfurling situation at Dark Sun. The fleets hadn’t yet engaged but they would soon and the casualty counts would be very high. “Kel, would you like to stay with me onboard the medical frigate and treat wounded, or would you like to be part of the strike team? You have not had much combat experience while you were my ward, but if I know Tobias he would have taught you a few things. The Ara-Lai has been deemed a medical triage ship and will not be taking part in the initial engagement. So we will be relatively safe unless this is a trap we are jumping into.”
  9. Sandy let a laugh break through her calm demeanor, turning it into a giggle as she pulled the edge of the tunic back over her bandage. “Bed Rest Kel? In this current galaxy?” She stuck her tongue out defiantly and picked up her comm link. “You did very well Kel, you have learned so much so quickly. I’d say we were close to your trials in the next few months if you felt that you were ready-” Her eyes narrowed as her voice trailed off insto stark silence. With a swipe of her finger on the comm holo display, she sent the audio translation over to Kel’s link. “As I was saying, we are off to war yet again. This time to rescue an Empress.” She stood, swayed, then steadied herself against the bulkhead of the Galactic Alliance frigate they were beside and wished the flush that came to her face from the embarrassment of almost passing out would go away quickly as the mind of Aidan prodded her again. She let her eyelids flutter closed and concentrated on her response. The force wasn’t a comm link, no matter how many people portrayed it that way in holofilms. So she did her best to convey the bridge of the Ara-Lai. First showing the bulking size of the star cruiser, then the large panes of transparisteel that overlooked the bridge. She knew the excitement of the coming mission was bleeding through as well. So she sent calm reassurance through the link before she broke contact. She hoped he would join them on board the frigate. It would be good to see him. No matter what he felt. She motioned to Kel and they took off together for the Jedi fleet. (Aidan fell free to post in space joining us, the Ara-Lai is open to you.) ________________________ Together on the bridge of the star frigate, the young Jedi knight, her apprentice, and the commanders of the Jedi strike forces made their plans before clearing the gravity well and jumping into hyperspace. (To space!)
  10. “Brother we have lost so many in so short a time.” Sandy let her green eyes drift up the carbon scoring that had scoured the side of the majestic Galactic Alliance frigate. Marks of a bitter and inevitable fight. Sandy remembered it from her childhood in Gala, the brutal realities of seeing Rebel ships dropping from orbit in streaks of emerald fire. The hypergolic fuels of hyperdrives igniting in the thin atmosphere of that old Rebel territory. That territory whose accent still plagued every sentence Sandy Sarna spoke. “Onderon, Coruscant, and the Imperials at Kuat.” It had been Armageddon for the forces of good. Perfect justice for the narcissism and arrogance that had let them lower their guard and allow the GA to become so weak. She could feel the touch of Aiden’s mind in the force and it forced a smile to spread across her pale face. She softly prodded back in the force to see if he was ok but left it at that. She had grown up, and she was determined to not be a fool in front of him again. She took the extended sabre and admired its craftsmanship. It was well made. “You have done well Kel.” The blade snapped to life, drawing stares from several technicians maintaining a TIE defender with red striping on one of its damaged solar panels. “It is a good blade.” Her smile widened as she deactivated it and handed it back to him. “I am very proud of you Kel.” Though when she spoke his name she winced at the pain in her chest from the still healing blaster wound. She could feel her commlink buzzing in her pocket but she ignored it for now. “So what do you know of healing Kel? Shall we meditate together and you demonstrate what we have learned so many months ago?” ((Begin the process of meditation and stitching Sandy’s wound back together. Go into detail and also the struggle you face by the dark presence of Fear and Anger that has filled the planet.))
  11. It was only in the safety of the cockpit of the venerable Jedi Ace Pernition that Sandy began to come down from the adrenaline high of the fight. First her fingers became numb as the cold of the Ace’s interior finally pressed past her body's defenses. She shivered, and cried out at the pain from her shattered chest armour. Probing numb fingers came back bloody and a glance at the reflection of the viewport showed the entire front of her tunic was a dark red. That's when the pain came in and she hissed and pressed her fingers back onto the wound. The R4 unit chortled something uncouth and Sandy let out a biting laugh as she fished on her belt for her medical pouch and when she had retrieved it she broke open the hard case with a rap against the steering yolk. Bacta. Cauterize. Bacta Again. Gauze. Tape. And it was only a few hours later that Sandy arrived over the now bustling small world of Nar Shaddaa. Letting the imperial fighters guide her into a birth belongside the landed Jedi vessels did not take much concentration, and when she had stepped from her cockpit, Imperial medics gave her a one over in the hanger before clearing her as walking wounded. The planet smelled like fear. It was rank on the now capital of the Imperial Remnant. Or whatever was left of it. It took nearly an hour of sifting through the murky haze surrounding the planet to find her erstwhile apprentice, and some hours later she found him beside one of the GA frigates that was undergoing maintenance. She was paler than normal and was in a spare imperial BDU. Stark grey, with red bloodstripes, her Jedi tunic and armour having been discarded by the medics earlier. “Kel!” She pulled him into a fierce embrace before stepping back. “How was your journey? What did you learn?”
  12. A thousand eyes watched as the pearl white blade crashed off grey mandalorian armour in a horrendous electrical discharge. The shock of the impact rattled up her arm, jarring her entire body as she hurled herself into the swing. She could taste blood in her mouth, sudden and bitter. The reward for biting her tongue on the slash. She concentrated on pulling the lightsaber up to the thin neck of the Mandalorian even as a blaster bolt from her tore open the armour over her left breast. And there they were. Lightsabre to neck and blaster to exposed flesh. A draw, in its conclusions, that caused a roar from the Mandalorians surrounding them in the circle. A smile passed between the women and they stepped apart. Both having accomplished their goals. With the departure of any familiar presences in the force, the Jedi Fleet had made its escape, and with them the provisional government and the occupants of the orphanages. And Chandrila was open for conquest. She stepped away, saluted with her sabre and winced at the burned flesh below her collarbone. Within the hour, Sandy Sarna had departed for Nar Shaddaa and the Mandalorians had conquered the last vestiges of the Core. ((Arranged three day with Chris over text. He is completely wiped out by clinicals/finals))
  13. As the orphans began to be evacuated to the outer frontiers of Chandrilian space, and as one by one the shuttles and capital ships departed, the Jedi began their withdrawl. ((Kel make your way to Nar Shaddaa with 20 orphans. I will give you another mission when you arrive there))
  14. Sandy’s breath seeped past her teeth in an exasperated hiss as her first strike missed and her danger sense trickled up her spine with a fierce annoyance. Her bright green eyes narrowed as she kept her concentration on the tendrils of the force, as they curled about her to grasp at the knives on her belt. But she did not move them yet, that would be for after whatever the Mandalorian would be throwing at her now. F Another breath sucked in through her teeth as her foot touched down and the mandalorian leader had lifted her arm releasing a billow of flame in a stream from the fire launcher. Sandy let the force move through her muscles again, coiling in her muscles to spring her again. It was an easy and much trained technique, nearly second nature as Sandy’s concentration maintained on her mass telekinesis. She had to move fast to avoid the flame, or to deflect it. With a flick of a finger on the long pommel of her lightsaber, a tendril of the force snapped up from her belt with a vibro bayonet in its ethereal grasp. The blade angled flat as if intending to slap the Mandalorian instead of stabbing her. The blade intercepted the fire and parted it, sparing Sandy from cooking to death, and splashing the ground on either side of her booted feet with liquid flames. The flat of the blade shunted the burning fuel away from Sandy as the blade moved closer to the mandalorian, the blade held vertically, flat side towards the great Mandalorian, until it intercepted the thin stream completely. It did not however go further than interception, that would come later. So it stayed in place a foot out from the Mandalorian, blocking the stream of deadly fire, The blade took the fire greedily, turning the gleaming metal black as night as the fuel stuck to the blade, some dripping off its handle to pool at the feet of the Mandalorian. The force moved in her muscles, and Sandy lept to land beside the other girl, outside the pool of puddled liquid fire. She switched her guard again in a cutting blur, in order to catch both any blaster bolts the Mandalorian would be sending her way, and for the silver blade to rip through the other girl’s midsection from stomach to backbone. Sandy kept her grin. Reveling in the fight. She had once been the least of the Jedi in the order, now she was fulfilling everything she had dreamed of. It was joy embodied, and her breath became a giggle. ((2))
  15. The woman smelled like blood and gristle that had been too long cooked on an open fire. That and a healthy mix of engine grease and a different smell Sandy couldn’t recognize. She squeezed the girl’s arm as had as the mandalorian leader squeezed her own, and Sandy had a hilarious thought of leaning in for a kiss as a joke to ruin the tension in the room. But decided she didn’t want to just get outright killed by the mandalorians and their warparty, so just laughed internally at the image of such a thing. She broke into a smile as the woman released her arm and Sandy walked to her side of the circle. Gauging her distance from the mandalorian as a sparse ten or so meters Sandy reached out her hand and pulled the long handled lightsabre from her belt. Her fingers traced the familiar edges of the long handle, her scarred white hands finding their way by instinct to the double handed grip. Her hands placed about a hand apart, and gripping the silver cylinder in a light grip in front of her. With a twitch of her thumb on a well worn red button the silver-white blade shot forth from the handle. Thirty two inches in length, and it reflected well on the well polished armour standing in a circle around her and the leader of the mandalorian death cult. She tipped the blade in salute and closed her eyes, letting the force gather in eddies around her. “No rules then Mand’alor.” Her voice was soft and subdued, almost sad as she concentrated on the room. Filling herself with the joy of battle, memories, and the electric like pulse of raw emotion that had filled the large room. The mandalorians were begging for a challenger, begging for death themselves to please their god. She exhaled, letting the fear drain from her to be discarded. She raised the glowing blade until the handle was equal with her own chest and the blade angled towards herself, the silver blade hovering an inch above her shoulder. The power gathered around her legs like a spring, imbuing her for movement. And when the warpriest who was busy dancing in a chant finished with a yell, Sandy Sarna, commander of the Jedi flotilla and old apprentice of the Grandmaster moved into action. The force propelled her towards the Mandalorian, speeding her sprint as she moved her silver blade in an arcing cut and switch into opposite guards. Bringing the handle in front of her into a circular strike that would if it connected, cut the mandalorian from groin to helmet in a brutal undercut with the easy twist of her pale hands. The trick was of course connecting and not getting slagged while doing it. This was not all the Jedi Knight did however, as she was well trained and mastered in the art of telekinetic projection she began to use that as well. Gathering the force into multiple tendrils with her mind as the cut arced in front of her. It would likely be a long fight, and she would need all the help she could get. ((1))
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