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  1. How did everything spiral this far outside her control? Sandy distracted her mind with the effort of putting away her sabre and reaching out with the force, sending a tendril of energy towards Frond. Reaching, looking, trying to find what had possessed him, but she could find no reason other than a vague feeling of shadow and struggle within the Neti until the sabre sprang to life deep within. IUt started as a smell, then a white hot yellow beam came shooting out of the Neti and it caused Sandy to cry out in surprise. She immediately switched over from her combat mindset to one that she had also trained extensively on, Healing. The sabre came loose, and not knowing all there was about Neti biology she clapped her hand over the hole from which the blazing sber had come. She applied pressure with one hand and with her other hand she pointed to one of the Masters that had been summoned by the darkside presence. “Medical team. Now.” A pit droid of all things scooped up the sabre from beside her as she struggled to staunch the flow of red-gold sap that was now thoroughly coating her hands. She gave it a glance and a curse as she saw its familiar markings. It would have to be dealt with later, for now there was a much more pressing matter at hand. She let her emerald green eyes flitter closed as she felt the pulsing of the sap against her hands. The Neti was in dire straights, and with a wound channel as big as a lightsabre, and with bacta likely ineffective on plant like beings, it was now up to the force to save him. She steadied her breathing and let the force flow through her, gathering it in her palms, pushing it slowly through her hands into his body. It was strange, an alien form that worked very differently than a human form. She concentrated, finding the Neti’s own healing cells, and filling them with the force, accelerating them, finding the gushing central core and beginning to seal off the internal wound. Stopping for the moment, the loss of sap that would end the tree like being. She next touched his mind, letting him know that she was there and to calm whatever was troubling his mind. There would be questions to be answered, but for now avoiding his death was the top priority. Sabres and apparitions be damned. When the medical team had arrived, she had mostly stopped the internal bleeding and stabilized him for transport. She stepped beside Aidan as they walked with the medical team to the medical wing and looked at her sap covered hands. “I….” She turned her tired eyes on the Imperial Knight “...I failed him.” She hung her head grateful for the lack of eyes that would be looking at her in the momentary show of weakness to her friend. Her head snapped up at the presence of Tobias, and her eyes hardened slightly as they entered the facility, trailing the medical team. She made sure the Neti was well situated in the medical ward before she sat down beside him and wiped at the sap on her hands with a rag covered in medical alcohol. She smiled wanely at Aidan and then leaned in next to the Neti. The sabre would come next but for now she needed to check on him. With permission from the orderly she reached out with the force. “Wake up Frond.”
  2. She kept her eyes on his face as she reached for another bite of the delicious bread that had been served as an Hors d'oeuvre to their main course which was just now coming to an end. She was very glad the Imperial Knight was beginning to find himself, to get beyond his father’s legacy. It would be a painful next few weeks very likely, as this mission would take them very close to the older Darkfire’s steps. Sandy regretted it, and was about to say something of an apology when she felt the dark side stir on the verges of her consciousness. It was subtle at first, then burst to life like a dark storm. The bread turned dry in her mouth as the force echoed throughout the archaeological dig site, dashing upon the two of them like a dark wave. Without her even trying or knowing, her long handled sabre was in her hand and the plate of food left half eaten. She struggled to swallow the mouthful of bread for a moment before she achieved it and leapt over the table to join Aidan. She wiped at her mouth with her sleeve as she began to run towards where they had left the tree like being. The very place the darkness was beginning to disappear from. “I was so foolish dismissing your concerns like that!” She cursed at herself as they rounded the dig site to see the tree tumble over like its roots had been cut from underneath it. Sandy dashed forward and picked up the dazed youth, hurrying him away from the fallen Frond and into the arms of his master who had also come running along with half the active Knights and Masters in the digsite. When the child was in safe hands, then she knelt beside Frond and placed her hand furtively on his bark, reaching out with the force to find him inside his shell. “Frond? Wake up friend. It’s alright. We are here.” What had happened? She looked around for the sabre Aidan had spoken about but could not find it. But inside Frond she could sense the tinge of darkness.
  3. Their food arrived, handled by a nervous apprentice that looked positively shocked that they had to serve important Jedi other than the normal crew of archaeologists. Sandy let out a hearty laugh as she watched Aidan use the force to manipulate the fork around his plate. She tried to copy him for a moment and succeeded in smashing the glass of water so that it soaked her lap. She grabbed a napkin from the table as she blushed a bright red and continued laughing. The thin white lines that appeared on her flushed face marked where the real worst parts of her apprenticeship had been. But she had moved past that, and though the scars from the trauma were there, she was the stronger for them. She was thoroughly embarrassed however, telekinesis was one of her strong focuses, but she shook it off as she had devoted very little concentration on the task. And it had left her with a soaked tunic, which was not all that bad of a thing even as the heat of the day began to dissipate into dusk. “The worst thing I had to do when I was an apprentice was deal the constant ill temper Master Adenna had. She reminded me so much of my mother who I had run away from to escape! She taught me very consistently though which was nice if a bit rigid.” She took a bite of her food, which tasted so much better than anything the ship had produced for the last few days. “Well Aidan, you are a very competent force user. I would be lucky to fight with you beside me whenever we face off against the Sith. You have come so far.” Was that too over complimenting? Probably. But they had both come so far since Kashyyyk. Since that damned beach. Her eye caught the apprentice who put down two mugs of Caf in front of them before beating a hasty retreat. She took a sip and put the mug back down, looking at her food then back up at Aidan. They had always talked about work, mission stuff, past memories. And there would be time to talk about that, there would be time to talk about her scars and everything, even if was now. But she wanted to be sure. “How are you feeling Aidan? Like beside Knights, beside Frond, this mission all that. Like how are you feeling inside? Are you okay?” She quickly regretted cutting so close to the point like she was pointing something was wrong and quickly clarified. "Like not that I see anything wrong, or that my Jedi sensors are going off, but I just worry about you and want to make sure you are alright."
  4. “Of course I would lo-” Sandy closed her eyes for a moment. “I would really enjoy that Aidan, lets get some food that doesn’t taste like metal permaseal and recyc water..” She turned their walk towards the distant other side of the archeology site as she pondered what he had said. His lightsaber? The one they had made together years before? She took a moment before responding. Her voice pensive, and her eyes watching his face as they walked together. “I have not seen Frond for many years, before Nal Hutta he was my apprentice before Tobias took him and he was lost they say during that time.” She bit onto her lower lip for a moment. “He is a very strange person, believed that Ang-Ti stuff I think. That was before the Failings of the old Council, most of which stemmed from stuff like that. I will check up on him after we are done, but I have to say his riddles don’t help the conversation at all!” It was a piteous attempt to bring up Aidan’s spirit, so she grimaced at herself and guided them to the small outdoors café that was staffed by a mixture of droids and apprentices on duty stations. That was certainly something that Sandy did not miss, the duty stations apprentices had to have before they were chosen by masters. They were shown to a table and Sandy picked back up the conversation after thanking the apprentice for the cups of water they were given. “I am sure you did fine Aidan, some people do not want help in their problems…” She tucked her hair behind her ears and took a sip of water before continuing. “...They just want other people to lay the burden onto. Like if you spread suffering around you don’t feel so alone in suffering? I guess that's the turn of phrase.” She didn’t want to assume that was what Frond had done, but if it was bothering Aidan than much, there had to be more. But she left it there. It was better not to prize into her friend’s hurt, if he wanted to talk He knew she would listen. She cocked her head towards one of the apprentices that was trying to clean tables with the force. “Did you ever have to do that kind of stuff when you were on Gala or Tython? I know I did on Gala and I hated it.” The fact was she didn't know much about his apprenticeships, other than when she had seen him at a far distance during her own apprenticeship.
  5. The aged stone felt so coarse to her bare feet as setook off her boots and leg armour as she distantly watched the ship be refueled and restocked. She stripped off the white silver armour the imperial knights had given her, leaving her just in her flight shirt and pants, which though stained from the battle beforehand, didn’t immediately need to be changed out of.to relax. The removal of the armour was enough for her, and she loved the feeling of the rock under her feet and the wind in her hair. The thousands of years of rain had left the brown-red stone pockmarked with microabrasions from the intermittent weathering of ice and heat. She climbed up the small hill of stone that had once been an ancient toppled statue and pulling her legs underneath her, meditated. She concentrated first on the decaying wound on her hand, pulling deeply on the force to staunch its corruption, halting the decay if not reversing it. Then her mind began to wander. She found the stark presence of Aidan in her mind, talking to the confused presence of Frond. There was something off about the tree like being, but she couldn’t place her hand on it. There was something there….an ebbing of the force maybe? But Aidan was coming her way and Sandy pulled herself out of the trance. She opened her emerald eyes and looked down at the handsome Imperial Knight. “You seem dejected Aidan!” She said it lightly, though she hoped if anything was really bothering the older man he would talk to her. She lept the several meters down the hill to land at its base near him and grinned. Walking the few paces to be near to him but not too close to be that cringey young girl she had been. “What is on your mind?” ____________ Corán, in his red tunic, apprentice sabre tied onto it with a clip, long braid that stretched from ear to shoulder, strode towards the distant tree like Jedi. Reaching the being whose roots were testing at the nutrients of the Old temple grounds he spoke. “Master Tree, you seem troubled as if anything could shake you to your deepest roots.” His clear blue eyes stared at where he thought the beings face was.
  6. The Jedi Order’s presence on Ossus was not as pronounced or as fillled with grandeur as one of the old temples on coruscant may have been, but it was homely enough. The long antennas of the deep space communications array stretched into the grey blue skies as the starship containing the Jedi and Imperial strike force made its landing approach. There was a sharp dip as they entered the crater of the Eye of Ashlanae. Once considered the very peak of jedi power some many thousands of years before, now all that remained was the powerful essence of the force itself and scattered ghosts. It was all still a sight to behold, toppled statue’s whose faces were carved away by the rains of time, shattered monestarial pillars and minarets, now just stumps of withered limestone. The new facility though lightly staffed was mostly filled with communications technicians and archaeologists. The great Jedi Library had once stood at the center of the ruins, destroyed by Exar Kun, and was still under full excavation. There was little doubt to why the Holocrons had been placed in this facility, this was the last vestige of the noontide of the jedi order. That thought made Sandy slightly ill. They had fought for over four thousand years to restore the jedi order to what they had once been, and still they were no closer. Like beating back the tide with a shovel. The Master Archaeologist bowed his greetings, his Lekku bouncing a happy jig on his shoulders. He gestured to three sealed crates behind him which were being guarded by three apprentices who wore training sabres and grins instead of any kind of malice. “Jedi Sarna, we have been awaiting you. Little Corán there-” He pointed to a blonde headed apprentice who smiled widely and gave a wave. “Foretold us of your coming. He said a….No Corán, you speak it better. Come here and give the Knight your report.” The toe headed young man bounded up with a spring and a bow to each of the party in turn before speaking. “A broken party with deceit in its roots will attempt to reclaim the lost Ark. We had been taught about the Eternal Vigilance last year and for some reason I could see it in my dream you see.” The Jedi Master coughed and the apprentice restarted his prophecy. “Darkness is in the blood, and that they needed the Eternal Holocrons to bring the vessel for redemption.” He shook his head. “I saw death stalking the ship, an old man cackling in its bowels, and the darkness claiming each of you.” He looked distraught. “I...Hope it goes ok…” He kicked at the dust then burst into tears. The Jedi Master shooed him away then turned to the party. “None the less, the force is stirring here, its touching each of you. I regret that we can not give you more help.” He turned to Aidan. “You will need your father’s login credentials to even get through the bulkhead doors.”
  7. They hyperdrive jump to Ossus followed the star charts that the Jedi Order had made from the many thousands of similar jumps from a decade prior. Though the charts were old, they shaved hours off the short journey. Sandy sat in the passenger bay of the shuttle, staring at her bitten hand as the crew rocketed through hyperspace. She was concentrating on the force, willign the tissues to heal and bind but was having no luck at all. The bite seemed actively resistant to the force and as she dabbed Bacta on the bloody wound, it did little to abate the necrosis, little black lines that seemed to be tracing up her palm towards the wrist. She cursed silently before looking up at her companions. She smiled widely at Frond and standing after wrapping up the wound in gauze she embraced him best she could. “Well done everyone back there and Frond...” She looked up at him. “I am so glad you are back with us.” The ship pulled out of hyperspace above the planet. She gestured towards the planet rapidly filling the viewports. "This is a current active facility of the Jedi, though it is reclusive and hidden. We are not likely to encounter the darkness we felt at Gala here. But still be cautious."
  8. As the combined Jedi team began to push toward their distant ship, Sandy and Aidan took up the rear as they nearly ran full sprint away from the hordes of possessed corpses. The sight of Frond returning in all his glory brought a surge of joy into Sandy’s heart that she pumped through the mindmeld with her fellow Jedi. She let Tobias follow his song as she let the majority of the attacking possessed converge on him. It was now truly time to go, and Sandy let that urgency flow through the connection as well, the path had been cleared. Before the press of the possessed could redouble, Sandy pushed forward and kept the path clear. She reached out with the force and hurled a wave of the wforce against the shambling corpses. “First lesson!” Her voice boomed out with a tingle of laughter as the bodies began to stack up. “Retreat when you are supposed to! We make for Ossus, come!” But it was likely that they would not see the last of the corpses.
  9. It burned hotter than she expected, the pain of the bite came shrieking up her arm as blood thickly coated the pommel of her sabre. She muttered a curse and spared a quick glance at her hand. The creature had managed quite a good mangling, and she could see the white tendon sheaths peeking out from behind the bright red serrated flesh. She gulped down a breath of air, then looked back at the advancing horde of living dead. Another breath and then she had centered herself. There was no need to be afraid, for they were here together, she was not alone. She brought the sabre to a high guard as she watched Aidan extinguish his and Kel begin to fight with valour. Tobias had disappeared faster than she had thought possible, but it was alright. She extended her presence in the room, reaching out to touch every mind of her allies, reaching beyond the room into the ruins themselves, touching the departed Tobias and the unexpected mind of her wayward apprentice. Frond. The touch of his mind brought a grin to her pale face and then there was very little doubt to the outcome of the fight. She poured assurance through the connection, linking them all into subconsciousness of battle meditation. Then she went to work. She moved forward to stand beside Aidan, batting away a groping undead hand, then tangling her sabre in the face of a zombie who lurched out of the darkness. As powerful as the Imperial Knight was, he needed to remain undistracted by the melee while he found the location of the jedi holocrons. It was only moments later that he was able to find their location, and Sandy pulled on her connection to the force and to each of the Jedi in the ruins. It was time to leave. “Well done, we must fall back to the ship.” She yelled to Kel and Aidan, and indicated the tunnel from which they came. “Tobias and Frond will open us a route!” Dozens of more forms lurched from the shadows as they began to fall back.
  10. The dark side spiked as Sandy listened to Kel and Aidan’s warnings. That queasy feeling at the pit of her stomach moved like bile into the back of her throat as she reached for the sabre at her side. Her pale silver blade ignited with a hiss and joined the bright green of Kels blade with its fine filtered light. As the bright colour washed over the corpse at her feet, it moved. She stumbled back as the corpse latched its teeth onto her hand and she struck out with her sabre in a slash that bisected the corpse and left it twitching on the floor. She screamed in pain and shook her hand with a curse. Spraying bloody droplets over the console she was standing beside. “Kriff, They are possessed. Sabres up!” And the corpses rose and came.
  11. Sandy let her eyes glance from corpse to corpse, feeling the aspect dread that seemed to fill the place. It had changed so much since she had been a small bratty child consumed by rage and anger at circumstances beyond her control. The dread of the Trinity was still very much apparent in every corpse they passed. She stayed close to Aidan and Kel as Master Tobias led the way into the deep catacombs below the temple. They walked together for some time in silence, until the darkness and dread became almost unbearable. They were now in the ruins of the old Library. Shattered holocrons lay in ruined heaps around dust covered servers. Corpses thick and decomposed scattered here and there, some bearing the wounds of sabres, some wearing the robes of fallen Jedi or Sith. “Watch the shadows Kel, alert me if they move. Something doesn't feel right here." She beckoned Aidan to one of the file data terminals whose interface glowed with an iridescent orange of emergency power. Likely from the corroded battery bank that sat along the wall. She stepped over the burned body a what looked like a padawan and cursed to herself. Everyone here had likely been someone she knew. Even the bodies of the republic troopers who lay scattered in their beige armour. Victims of the Black Sun and Sith assault a decade prior. But one body, more decomposed than the rest, looked fresher than the rest. His uniform was a dark green, while his armour was black. She nudged him to the side as she accessed the terminal and looked down to see what might have killed him. “Aidan, please query if there is a holocron on the EV will you?” What were those semi circular marks on the man’s neck? Her thin fingers prodded the dried bite mark at his neck, horror beginning to peak in the back of her mind. Were those bite marks? Too small for a beast....Human bite marks? Behind them the shadows moved as the dark side began to surge.
  12. The quiet planet of Gala loomed like a pale green gem in the void of space as the vessel carrying the mixed crew of Jedi and Imperials now Rebels, emerged from hyperspace on the fringes of the self named system. Since the vessel was a private one, with little known Jedi affiliation, negotiating with the Galan sector authority was relatively easy. With the destruction of the New Republic Base some decade and a half earlier, there was little need for Galan authorities to regulate airspace for intrusive entities. The Jedi temple itself was little more than a ruined clump of toppled towers, overgrown with a thousand sapling trees and scrub brush. As Tobais’s ship set down on the outskirts of the ruins, Sandy gathered the crew for a final briefing. With most of the accusatory tones having settled down, and tensions on the ease, the mood was high. She looked out the viewport and frowned before glancing back at Tobias, Kel and Aidan. “The Enclave’s records vault was located deep below the surface, beneath the fountain tower.” She looked again out the viewport, drawing in a breath and feeling very little in the force. Not like it had been before. She had grown up here, and the past stared back with the eyes of a thousand corpses. In just this ten kilometer area, the New Republic itself had nearly ended. The Jedi council had fought the Sith Trinity, and thousands died. The force should have been echoing with that stain. With the horror, but it instead was a dull echo. Why? “If we can gain the access, then we should have little problem finding the track of the Eternal Vigilance. I sense that something is amiss here, so be on your guard.” The landing ramp descended on the overgrown devastation and Sandy looked about her. The area was silent, untouched by archaeological scavengers. The path was clear to the towers, but there was a foreboding danger in the back of her head.
  13. Sandy nodded, listening to the stories of the Jedi and the blame that was upon them for loosing the blasted ship in the first place. She could feel the tensions spiking throughout the whole ship, and the anger that tobias flashed gave her pause. There was a passion there, and he was not altogether wrong. This was his ship, and she should treat him with the respect he deserved. She nodded also to her apprentice who had agreed with Sandy’s old master’s statements. SHe placed her hands calmly on the table in front of her and inclined her head, letting emotions slide off her and returning her face to a passive calm. “Master Vos, I should not have addressed you so, of course we are happy and thankful for you help in this mission, I apologize for the inference.” She looked back down at the holopuck which was projecting the giant jedi vessel throughout the room. The holo reflected off the green of her eyes as she looked back up. This time she focused on Kel. “I do not know if you know what the stakes are right now, the Sith have taken over the entirety of the core and are now progressing rapidly to seize the rest of the galaxy. We as Jedi are a separate entity but we cannot bicker or fight over where orders come from. Especially in the face of annihilation. The Imperial Empress is a part of the chain of command of the Rebel Alliance. These orders came from the Rebel Alliance. I chose to accept them on the fact that the Rebel Alliance needs everything it can to fight against the Sith. The Jedi Order cannot maintain itself as a separate force that exists for the ‘good’ of the galaxy, when its own failings such as those of Jaina and Ardel led us to where we are now.” Her eyes wandered back to the holograph “I choose to serve the rebel Alliance and its chain of command in this matter. The Sith must be defeated, and if the Jedi, Imperial Knights, or Rebels can use those holocrons to bring this about, I will help them. We cannot, in the very moment of our destruction, horde knowledge that may save us.” She shrugged and tapped the holopuck. The ship shrunk down again and twinkled out of existence. "All we know is that the old jedi temple on Gala might have a path for us to find it. Before the Sith do."
  14. The atmosphere was chilled almost to a tepid freeze in the starship. Brought on very likely by the open hostility that Master Vos was showing everyone in the briefing room. Sandy did not like the tension at all, and it made her skin crawl that a friend and father figure would be so disgusted by a task like retrieving the Eternal Vigilance. Perhaps there was context yet unspoken. She strode up to the holo display and nodded to each person in the room. Firstly with Aidan, then Kel, and finally settling on Tobias Vos. This was the first time she had given a military briefing to people she directly knew, and the nervousness peaked in the back of her head before she started talking. She suppressed the feeling and looked straight into the glare mixed with a sneer that Tobias was presenting her, his anger was palpable. Her temper flared suddenly and instead of placing the holodisc lightly onto the table she slapped it down with force enough to cause the crack of the sound of metal on metal to ring throughout the room. The holograph of the massive ship burst into radiance around her. Showing multiple floors of the ship in wide array. She needed to address the anger and malevolence now. “Enough! If there is a bad feeling here or against this mission speak it now!” She looked straight at the Jedi Master. Her flash of anger had dissapeared, replaced with a firm resolve. There was tension here and it marked an ugly stain on this mission should they begin without addressing it. She put a level of command into her voice that she was confident would evoke a response. The same tone the Imperial Knights had taught her while commanding troops on Nal Hutta. “Master Vos, I can feel your derision from across this room. Make an accounting of yourself.”
  15. Sandy nodded at Aidan, then bowed to his mother. She did not know what was next in store for them in this quest, but she had little doubt that the mother-son bond would be easily broken. It was magnificent to see Aidan grow and for the love for his mother and parents actually begin to shine a little around the edges of his normally brusque personality. "Thanks for teaching me Aidan, it means a lot." She put the blaster rifle back into its case and pushed the magazines into their little slots before she turned and bowed to Kel Koon her apprentice that had showed up with Tobias Vos of all people in tow. Was that the catch? Was this really the crew sent to find the old Jedi training ship? The man who she had loved much alike a father who she had publicly denounced in front of everyone he cared about? Social and personal crimes were a harsh display of Karma. She looked around furtively and found that his ship was also here, waiting to be boarded. First she addressed her padawan, then she would address her old master. “You have done well Kel, your trials await you on this mission. Are you ready? All packed?” She took a deep breath and swallowed her pride. He had saved her life after all. And it was best that she make the first move. “Master Vos!” She let an actual smile cross her lips. “I am so happy to see you as part of this mission! I may have spoken too harshly in front of the council.” She looked back to Aidan and introduced the two of them. “This is Aidan Darkfire of the Imperial Knights, and Aidan this is Tobias Vos, my old master.” She looked at the extended boarding ramp. “I think we have much to discuss, but the comm was most urgent!” ((Lets carry on these convos in space as we make for Gala))
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