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  1. Zalis felt slightly annoyed for a moment as she watched Remo play around with things from her personal drawer. If only the droid had known where the device had been, or rather, what it had fully been used for, he may not play around with it. But then again, did droids even think about such things in ways the sentient species did? It seemed somewhat irrelevant anyways, as the droid destroyed the one in this drawer. It meant that her other ones would need to be locked up tighter. Standing up from her desk, she moved to get herself dressed for the occasion. She knew that the Sith Empire held Onderon, and she wanted to make a deal. Black markets and close alliances always seemed to get forged stronger at formal settings. And from what she heard from the pipeline, this man was one who preferred the nicer things in life, unlike some of his former predecessors. So with hat information, she picked out the the perfect black dress that was backless and showed enough of her chest to draw eyes towards her. Upon looking at herself in the mirror, she looked at Remo and smiled. "If you're ready Remo, we can go and deliver some goods and make a few... lasting connections." With the last part of her words, she looked at the mirror and blew a kiss at herself. She knew she was bound to draw eyes and that should make things easier in getting what she wanted. So she then sent a page for a few others to deliver the reinforced carbine blasters for Yordel Vuxen. Hopefully this trip would prove much more rewarding than her last outing at Taris.
  2. Zalis sat down at her desk and pulled up files rather quickly. She was scanning the most recent messages that came her way on the holonet, which seemed to be for the most part- super irrelevant. Each and every file message made her roll her eyes at the content of each message. "Oh Remo... These poor fools think it wise to ask for credits that they have never earned. Although... Vandor... plug that name in Remo." Zalis kept scanning for files here and there until she stopped at a message. Yordel Vuxen was the name, requesting twelve reinforced carbine blasters to be delivered to Onderon. Her mind raced with thoughts. "Forget Vandor Remo... Let's make a visit to Onderon..." Zalis allowed for a smile to come to her face. She remembered that Onderon held a healthy black market, and the carbines being requested were illegal on over half of the populated planets. Luckily for this Yordel, Ord Mantell was the headquarters of black market sales and productions. And of course, Black Sun was the one who pushed the iron machine that ran it. Although, she was certain that Black Castle only held 12 to begin with within their production facility beneath the surface floor. I'm going to need to have more supplies delivered here to keep up with a potential supply and demand... The thought was all she needed to know for her to begin to put things into motion for the future of her company.
  3. Zalis was able to offer up a smile to Remo as she stood up and began to walk down the ramp. She once again offered the droid a soft touch as she walked past him. Upon reaching the ground, she allowed herself a moment to openly inhale the air of the planet. The smell that hit her nostrils were a mix of dirt, metal, alcohol and an overall scent of fumes from the spaceport. Letting out a heavy exhale, she looked off to her right to observe some of the dregs and scoundrels talking over their winnings at a local casino. It made her narrow her eyes as she half listened in before walking away and towards the entrance of Black Castle. "Remo, make a note for me. Lets look into a more higher profile planet that may attract... wealthier clients..." She didn't bother to make sure he was following her okay, as she was far more interested in just getting back into a normal routine. Plus the fact that she had much bigger problems recently. Her encounter with Celteo on Taris made her far more aware that there was a high need for her Vigos to be more involved within the galaxy. But it also produced another problem altogether. The power and reach of Black Sun was still small in some ways. That would be something that she would need to fix quickly. Using people like Celteo may prove an avenue that she never thought of before. Upon entering the building of Black Castle, the receptionist droid WP 12 became aware of her and leaned forward, paging one of her underlings, who upon getting signal came running out in a panic, quickly offering up his boss a slight bow before beginning with a shaky voice. "Ma'am, the Mandalorians have been within reports of destroying Coruscant, along with hostiles at Chandrilia. I have also been unable to reach Delta as you requested." Zalis turned and looked him in the eyes. His eyes seemed panicked and full of fear. "Who cares what the Mandalorians do. Those planets have already been polluted with politics. Let them burn. What we should be doing is selling arms to them. Reach out to their leader and see if they may be willing to setup a deal with us. And as far as Delta is concerned, he's free to roam wherever he wants. I'll reach out to him on my own time. I have never once asked for you to do that. Over step your boundaries again and I'll kill you where you stand. For now, contact the Mandalorains. I'll be in my office with Remo..." Zalis quickly walked past the man and towards her office. She needed some time to think through what her next steps would be.
  4. Zalis sat within the private quarters that the Obsidian Phoenix held. She was sitting within a chair that was looking out a viewport of the starling that streaked slightly above her head. She had one hand upon her head as she rubbed away a headache, while the other held tightly to a glass full of Idlewil liquor. The sudden shaking of the ship allowed for her to realize that they had made it home. Or rather, what was slowly becoming home for her. Coruscant was always home. But somehow, even before the Mandalorians destroyed it, she understood that there would be no going back. She never wanted to see the place again, as credits always seemed to fall into a vacuum of sorts there. Out in Mid and Outer rims, credits were far more valuable for the moment. She would leave the Core to her other agents and Vigos who held a more interest in those parts. Standing up, she walked towards the cockpit with her glass in hand. Since getting back onboard the ship, she wore the laced white dress with her black boots, leaving her jacket for the colder weather that occupied the planet of Taris. She walked in and gave Remo a warm tap on the dome of his head as she sat down net to him. She left the majority fo the piloting to him, and he seemed to be very trusting for the most part. She slung back the remaining elements of her drink and kicked her feet up only slightly, but not enough to interfere with the piloting. "It feels good to be home Remo." She then turned and realized that officially he had never been to Ord Mantell before. "Sandorne Palace as it's called by the locals, but known by everyone else as Black Castle. It's the primary Black Sun headquarters. It's here that I will dispatch others to be Vigos for me and spread them across the galaxy... Very soon I will have a foothold everywhere..." It was then that she suddenly got sad as she thought about Delta. He was loyal to Black Sun and had done so much, even before he arrival and accession. Now.. it seemed like she had not seen the man since she first met Remo. Her own mind became occupied with thoughts of how to reward such loyalty, and in so doing, she allowed for her feet to return to the metal floor of the ship's hull as she now sat sunken within her seat.
  5. Zalis offered up a smile that was curled up in a sly devilish manner. She looked upon her new found Vigo as anyone who had just broken a cur. She poured herself another drink of the Tarisian Scotch that Celteo had given to her earlier, and she of course downed it in the same fashion as she did before - quickly and with authority. Having the glass slammed upon the bar-but not hard enough to make a super loud sound or breaking the glass. Using her arm to wipe her mouth dry, so moved away from the bar. "I leave that to you Vigo." She went over to the couch and picked up her coat, and with a quick motion, put it back on as she stared at Celteo. "Expand as you wish. Black Sun HQ is now on Ord Mantell. I expect a report in person from you within a standard month's time." She began to make her way towards the exit, but stopped short and turned around, clearly remembering to tell him something that she forgot. "Also... Coruscant is... currently in turmoil. If the opportunity arises... offer the Mandalorians free resources from the Black Market. I'm sure that they will have no problems dealing with illegal goods..." Letting her last few words hang for a moment, Zalis then turned and walked out of the luxury palace and towards her ship. Now that she had somewhat done what she intended for Taris, she would need to report back in to Ord Mantell and keep the local casino owners in line. Hopefully, Remo would have the ship ready for her departure from this planet.
  6. Zalis gave a slightly amused glance his way as Celteo expressed a desire for more. She walked up to the bar and picked up the glass, and with a rather quick movement, downed the drink offered to her. The very slight burn that echoed in her throat provided her time to put the glass down and leaned in towards the well dressed man to whisper into his ear. "Who said you can't move towards the core? Chandrila, Anaxes, even Carida sits within your means. A sector Vigo is just that. You have full control over your area, and that area is yours to choose. You can take whatever liberties you want and need to advance Black Sun within your area. The only thing you'd be bound to uphold is that when I make the call for you,... You come." She now took a step back away from him, allowing for him to regain his space. After a moment passed by, she lifted her hand towards him. "Do we have an agreement, Vigo Celteo?"
  7. With a slight smile, Zalis turned herself around to walk slightly away from his face. As she moved, she walked slowly towards the large window that overlooked some of the only nicer parts that remained of the city that had rebuilt itself. Squinting her eyes slightly at a glare that came through, she turned her head back around to look at Celteo. She used the pauses to make it appear as if she was truly pondering the situation before she responded. “You don’t need to sign a deed over to me. Legally, since Shura Cohl’s death… the contract signed makes the company mine regardless. You only have leverage over the branch of Czerka out here. However, your position here does provide a very interesting leverage that intrigues me heavily…” She instinctively raised her hand expecting to have someone put a drink in it, only to realize quickly that Celteo did not have such a staff always on hand. With a sigh, she put her hand back down and turned to fully face him. “The proposition that I give you is this. You remain here as my sector Vigo. You help increase the black market, increase slave trading, and create a culture of those who will do well within the organization…” Zalis folded her arms in a way that allowed for Celteo to know that she was awaiting his response. She of course knew that he would have questions, along with a potential counter offer. Although she also knew that she wouldn’t accept anything less more than what she had offered up to him.
  8. Zalis looked the man in the eyes after he finished for a good five seconds before she even flinched a muscle. She was a bit annoyed at the fact that the man even knew her purpose in coming, let alone that he would tell her that her time coming was a waste. But if what he said was true, it meant that she had far more work to do. But as she was beginning to think of what her next move should be, the man who introduced himself as Celteo O' Maoilsheachlainn spoke up about a proposition that he was half expecting from her. His posture informed her that he was serious and was now waiting for what she had to offer. It was amusing and brought her to a point of actual laughter. “Oh, son… I can tell you’re slightly new to this.” She now stood up off the couch and threw off her black coat and straitened her dress in one motion. She began to walk towards the desk that Celteo sat at in a very somewhat methodical and slow motion. “You see, if you wanted a deal that favored you, you would have allowed for me to offer up the idea of a proposition first. Because you brought it up first, it means you’ve hit a problem. Most people like you means either one of three things. First, you ran out of credit backing. Second, you’ve hit a limit in your reach. Or perhaps my personal favorite, you don’t have any reach to begin with and being seen next to someone like me would bring more attention that you want.” Her last word she emphasized with her raising both eyebrows before turning around to sit with her back towards him on the desk. She only now began to fully take in the room that Celteo brought her to. It was grand and fitting for someone who belonged at the top of the food chain within the criminal world. Looking at the two guards that he had, who looked a warped version of an animal’s backside, she squinted her eyes slightly. “Based from the look of your place I would say you fall into one of the first two categories.” Zalis now turned her head to look directly at the man. She had already decided to help him, as Taris would be good for business. But she couldn’t let him feel like he was superior to her in anyway, so she would play around with him for a bit. “What sort of arrangement crossed your mind that you think someone like me would be of a help for you? Clearly you have no interest in Czerka Corporation…”
  9. Zalis smiled at the droid as it made its attempt to speak its name. She was able to pick up some of what it was trying to say, but her own follow up question was blocked by an incoming transmission from the planet. There was no chance for either to answer it, as it flooded to life on its own. Before Zalis was suddenly a man of red hair himself. His blue eyes pierced through sharply as he looked over the droid first, calling it by name; Remo. He then addressed her and spoke rather quickly of her own reputation and made an invite followed quickly by the transmission cutting off. Zalis suddenly sat back in the pilot’s chair and spoke out loud to Remo. “He’s quite an Kriffing gentleman isn’t he?...” Zalis looked over at Remo, but could tell that the droid seemed nervous. Clearly there was some sort of history there, but she decided it was best to not press him for the story. She would most likely get it later. For now, she would visit this man and find out who he was and if he was an ally, an asset, or a threat and deal with him appropriately. She couldn’t afford to waste too much time with him though, as she needed to get Czerka under her thumb quickly. As the ship landed, she was met and escorted by two men clad in armor of their own. Ugly armor to be sure, but still armor. She did take notice that neither of them was armed, which was a good sign. Zalis herself was armed, but only with her up close and personal assassination weapons of choice. She never let those weapons not be on her, as she never knew when she might need them. She herself was dressed in a white dress the was free flowing, but had a black coat like cape that covered up the majority of the white dress. Upon entering the main area where the guards escorted her, she immediately plopped herself down on a couch, crossing her legs and stretching her arms out over the top of the couch to make herself comfortable. It was just a part of who she was to make herself comfortable.
  10. Zalis rubbed her temples as the Obsidian Phoenix shock itself somewhat violently out of hyperspace. For some reason, Raven pissed her off to the point that she had a lingering headache that she couldn't shake. Putting one hand down, she glanced out at the planet before her that had once been covered in city lights from space, now only had about half the planet in those lights. A green color seemed to overtake the rest of it. Looking towards the Droid, she raised an eyebrow as she kept one hand still rubbing her forehead. "Czerka has a few people here who might try to oppose the contract signed. The last thing that they want is to have a new flag be raised over their territory. This could become... Fun by Delta's standards." She finally lowered her hand as she leaned forward to really take the planet in. Feeling confident that Taris would be the first of many planets to have no choice but allow for the banner of Black Sun to be raised, she suddenly realized that she didn't officially know what the droid's number was. She turned slightly to look at the droid and gave it a look that may have suggested she felt bad. "If you're going to work closely with me, I'm going to need your name officially..."
  11. Zalis walked into the main hold of Obsidian Phoenix where she was met by WP9, who quickly extended a case that held the upgrade she requested. With a smile, she took it from the droids hands. “Thank you WP9. Please go back to vault 4C and finish up for me. Initiate protocol seven with our guest, then clean up. Also, have agent Coltsoin up the security of the vaults until I return.” Almost as soon as she finished, the green R2 unit came rolling into the main hold. She walked up to the droid and leaned down to one knee and offered up a smile as she placed the case upon her knee and opened it to reveal th upgrade disc. “This is called Crystal Spark. It’s a program designed for trusted droids within Black Sun. I think I’d like for you to have it. It will allow for you to open any file within the Black Sun network, even remotely. It also upgrades your systems to know how to defend yourself. I won’t force it upon you… yet. But for now, we have a need to travel to Taris. It will be just you and me this time as we begin to establish the foothold on those worlds that are struggling.” Zalis didn’t say anything more. She simply laid the case next to the droid and then stood up and walked herself to the bridge. She had a need to get Czerka under her thumb quickly before anyone thought to move on them.
  12. Zalis fell into her chair as she began to pour over some files that held the accounts of Czerka and their current state of headquarters, along with some high profile personnel files. She could tell that they had moved their main headquarters from Dreshdae to Coruscant some odd years ago, but still maintained a small presence. Since Black Sun took over Tatooine, they moved the majority of their products to the smaller port of Anchorhead alone to avoid competition. It seemed like from the recent files that the majority of the higher profiles have grouped themselves upon Taris, as it has been abandoned by all major warring factions. She quickly pulled such information and sent it to the mainframe of the Obsidian Phoenix. As she finished with that, she looked down at the security cameras, which now showed the little R2 unit doing exactly what Zalis had requested… Inflicting pain upon the Empress. It made her smile from ear to ear knowing that the droid was loyal to her. She didn’t understand why, but somehow was growing very attached to it. Letting her own mind think for a second, she reached for her commlink. “WP9, please bring me the upgrade software under code Crystal Spark. Authorization Nova-Seven-Two-Four.” Zalis then stood up and sent a signal to the droid to let it know to finish up and report back to the private hangar ASAP. She then made sure that she picked out what she would need for this fun adventure trip. By this point, anything that actually produces credits is worth my time. It was the most truthful thought that she held within her own mind. Taking on the Empress was some fun, but now that she was nothing but a wasted space, she wouldn't spend any more of her valuable time on the woman. She would devote her time to bringing in more credits. And she had a plan forming that would allow for her to grab the galaxy by the throat. She would soon have her agents deployed all over the galaxy to help her achieve this.
  13. A message came in for Delta, no encryption at all. It was short, and Zalis didn't really address herself. She didn't feel like she had a need to. Delta knew who it was and who she was talking about.
  14. Zalis kept her eyes locked upon the Empress for a long while. Deep down, she had wished that the woman before her wasn't so hard nosed in her politics and self righteous ways. There was a deal to be made here, but one Raven would much rather throw away into the wind. Feeling like her words were clearly lost upon the woman, Zalis stood up and looked down at Remo, who gave the Empress a small shock. Letting out a heavy sigh, she quickly spun upon her left heel and used her right heel to get as much force as she could muster to drive it into the other woman's chest. "Thank you for your time." Zalis said as she took a few breaths to recover from the fast and powerful kick. "I hope your self-righteousness is enough to keep you motivated through the pain." She now looked at the droid, Remo. "Her choice is made. Make her scream." Zalis didn't wait to hear a beg or plead. She didn't even bother to wait to see if the droid would fulfill the command given. She just simply turned and walked out the door. If the Empress wasn't going to be willing to work out a deal, she held no interest or value to the Queen of Vice. She had much bigger fish to fry. Besides for all of that, she doubted that Remo would do much more than singe some hair and force bruises upon the Empress. She would have someone contacted out to do this work while she plunged many of the worlds that held a strong underworld into the fists of Black Sun. As she entered the turbolift to go back to her office, she pulled out her comlink and sent a message to Delta. "I have the Imperial bitch leader at Dark Sun Station. Send whoever you like to have fun with her." After she sent the message, she went to work on setting up a formal visit to Czerka, so she could now openly replace Shura Cohl as the leader.
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