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  1. It was overwhelming, the temptation laid at the feet of Aidan. Aidan thought he knew darkness, but nothing quite as powerful a focus as this had ever presented itself, the longing and hunger from the dropped lightsaber whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He wanted it so badly, or did it want him? Either way, he only realized that he had taken several steps closer to the saber only after a Pit droid scooped up the saber, scampering off with it. Momentarily rage flashed across his thoughts, everything he'd ever wanted was just at his fingertips and now it was lost. But were those his thoughts? It took a few seconds, but Aidan eventually managed to shake his head free from the influence the saber had tried to exert. So that was the power Frond had been fighting against...and he'd almost given it to Aidan. It seemed to have a will of its own, attempting to manipulate things to its benefit, and it nearly succeeded. Aidan shuddered at the thought of what would have happened had he actually taken the saber from Frond instead of reject it out of sheer chance and misunderstanding. As they walked back, Sandy remarked how defeated she felt over the ordeal, remarking how she failed Frond. Aidan remained silent, but reached out to her, reinforcing and bolstering her. Aidan wasn't sure if they had failed or narrowly succeeded or what had happened, but it was clear their trials and tribulations on this mission weren't going to be nearly as straightforward as he thought. As Frond spoke to Sandy, Aidan remained silent. He tried to help once, and stuck his foot squarely where it didn't belong. There were others present who could handle things far better than he could, and he was more than fine with letting them handle things. He still felt badly, but that would subside with time. Nothing could erase what had happened, they could only move forward and pick up the pieces. Sandy could use his help with that. She doubted herself, but she also knew far more than Aidan did. And he doubted himself, but he knew that mistakes happened, and what mattered was how he'd recover. All they had to do now was push forward. This was supposed to be a short stop on Ossus, but it had turned into so much more. While Aidan was concerned with finishing their task for the Empress, common sense said the Eternal Vigilance could wait, as if the Jedi hid it well then it would probably be waiting wherever it had been left.
  2. Sandy's question caught Aidan off guard. In all the time that he'd spent since joining the ranks of the Imperial Knights, he hadn't done much self reflection or care...except when he ran into her before their mission on Nar Shaddaa. That was probably the thing that kept drawing him back to her instinctively, she allowed him to be himself. Encouraged it, even. No other member of either Force order treated him that way. "I...don't really know. I haven't thought about that much; I guess I've kind of just been going with the flow of things. It feels like I'm doing okay, but it's more like I'm finally figuring out who I am. Who I want to be, and more importantly, who I'm comfortable being. And it's a slow process that's just starting, but any kind of progress is okay, right? So, uh...yeah." There was a long awkward silence as he didn't really know how to follow that up. He'd appreciated her asking, but when it came to small talk Aidan always fell a little short. As he finished his food however, he felt a sort of pressure building up in the back of his mind. A familiar feeling, but not a great one. It was hard for him to even localize it, but it was unmistakable: a sudden surge in the energies of the Dark side, at the perimeter of the Temple grounds near where he was moments ago. If he had felt it, likely others would have too. "I think we should check on Frond sooner rather than later. Like, now." Leaving the rest of his plate, he stood up from the table, waiting for Sandy. "I might have seriously underestimated Frond's problem."
  3. Aidan looked up at the hopefuls Sandy had pointed out, stifling a chuckle. "Uh, not really. Believe it or not, most of my youngling training was conducted by my grandmother and Master Kirlocca. I was never officially part of the Order, my parents were careful to not allow the Order to dictate the future of their child. Which makes sense, the Jedi often take children that show potential simply so they don't learn the wrong way, but they're still taking kids from their parents. Mom was the Grandmaster, at least for a bit, so it was easy to get others who might disagree to back down." Aidan reached out in the Force, gripping at the fork on his plate, trying to poorly get a bite of food to his mouth, eventually managing. As he finished the bite, he continued. "And then I ran away. The next actual training I had was with the Imperial Knights many years later. Most of what I know is more...instinctual? It's certainly not the orthodox methods of either the Jedi or the Knights. Maybe my last name carried weight somewhere it shouldn't. I feel like I've been in a lot of situations I wasn't really prepared for, and I've had to unlearn a lot of adapted habits." He took another bite, this time using the fork in his hand instead of the Force. His gaze returned to the hopeful, still struggling at their task. "Maybe I should have been put through that kind of stuff. I don't know. I'm really starting to understand how I don't know a lot of things I thought I did. It's getting easier though, I think." He paused, reflecting, before a sly grin crept across his face. "You never told me much about your apprenticeship. What was the worst thing they made you do?"
  4. “What is on your mind?" There was a long pause of hesitation as Aidan struggled to get the words out. He was thinking heavily about what had just happened, but frankly he wasn't quite sure what exactly happened. "I don't know. Frond, I guess. I thought he needed a bit of help, and I tried to be there for him like you were there for me. I guess I didn't really do a great job, though." Aidan sighed, trying to clear his thoughts. He really thought he had made a bit of headway reaching out, trying to understand what Frond's problem was, but the vision he shared was fairly clear: he didn't understand. Aidan knew Frond was struggling with the pull of the Dark side, he'd felt it just talking with Frond, but nothing he'd said had helped. And Frond had even tried to give him his saber...a very strange spontaneous act with almost no explanation. Maybe eventually Aidan would understand, but right now he simply didn't, and it gnawed at him. "He tried to give me his lightsaber. I've barely known him...it...what, a few hours? I think he's just going through some rough stuff. I'm kind of worried about him, to be honest, but he seemed pretty set on the idea that I wasn't helping. At least I think that's what he meant...he's a little hard to understand. Maybe you can talk to him later? He seemed to recognize you and Master Vos when we were back on Gala, so I'm guessing you guys have history?" Aidan's eyes wandered, scanning the temple, looking for something, anything to get his mind off this, but it would likely just take time. "I don't know. I just wanted to help, is all. I think I'm going to get a bite to eat if you want to join me. The rations you guys have on the ship don't quite sit right with my stomach, so I'm hoping they have something a bit better here."
  5. Aidan's brow furrowed, and he pulled away. Clearly what Frond had shown him the big tree fully believed in, but it wasn't a vision the Imperial Knight shared. "I'm sorry...I just...don't agree." It saddened Aidan to know that nothing he'd really tried had had any effect on Frond's problems. It also hurt him a bit to think that Frond would rather him feel the tree's hopelessness rather than try something, anything different to drag himself out of his emotional pain. "If you want me to hold onto that, I guess I can. I just don't think such a small action like that will stop what's going on in that head of yours. Of course...I guess what I said didn't either." Aidan stood, looking back to the temple. He could feel Sandy back there where he'd left her, and he suddenly had an urge to spend some time with her. When he first met her she was overbearing and annoying, but it became clearer over time that she actually cared about him in more than just the capacity of a simple crush, and that was refreshing. Right now, he could use that refreshment. Hopefully Frond understood Aidan was fine being there for him in the same capacity, to reinforce and to calm. "Just leave it in my things on the ship if you're serious about getting rid of it. I'll take care of it. I, uh...I need to go for a walk." Giving the tree-thing one final look, Aidan walked back towards the temple. He'd tried, and he hoped that it mattered to whatever cosmic entity that was keeping score of things.
  6. Frankly, Aidan didn't really understand much of what Frond was trying to say. The tree-thing spoke in riddles with a strange vocal pattern. He'd heard stories of some species who had to speak that way even when they knew Basic simply because that was how their brains worked, but witnessing it firsthand was something else. He sat on the log with Frond in confused silence, trying to piece together what he meant. At the end, though, when he brought his hands together, or rather...branch-hand-things, Aidan finally got it. "Balance must be found." "Aaaaaahhh. One of those things. Well, I'm not going to presume I know your problems or what you're going through, but um...I kinda went through something similar lately." Aidan shifted uncomfortably, hesitating before he continued. He hated talking about this, even admitting he'd had issues, but deep down he knew it was okay. It was just a wound that needed time to heal, was all. "I had, well, have...anger issues. Not exactly kosher for an Imperial Knight, or a Jedi. I'm lucky master Kyrie decided to try and work with me instead of excommunicate me from the Order, which would have been her right. But finding balance, even within ourselves, it isn't easy. I think...I think we can fight back the darkness and be righteous in our cause without falling to it. We make mistakes, and we get back up. It's part of life. I had a hard time accepting my own imperfections for a long time, always being held to a standard that didn't fit me, and I internalized a lot of it I think." He sighed, picking up a rock and throwing it at a much larger one a little ways away, trying to fight through the urge to keep his problems to himself. "I mean, we're all here to lean on each other. Not like literally, you'd probably crush me, but I mean help out with what we're feeling and going through. If you bottle that stuff up and make rash decisions it usually just hurts you and those that care about you." Aidan looked back at Frond, taking a moment to look into the big tree's eyes to try and tell if Frond understood him. He put a hand on Frond's saber, and knew a bit better what he meant, the darkness in the saber reaching out to him. Dipping into the Force, Aidan pushed his senses out like he had when he went through the mental exercise with Sandy. In Aidan's exercise, he had pruned a mental tree that represented his own thoughts and mind. Not to kill it, but to trim away the bad branches so that the rest of him would be healthier. "I don't think the darkness in this was just naturally here. I think it's yours. It belongs to you. You can try to deny its existence, forsake it, cut it away from you, but you're still just cutting off your nose to spite your face. Sorry, human expression...uhh...hurting yourself more than helping. But that's okay. It's okay to know yourself, what you're capable of. For me it was a manifestation of something else, a pain I wasn't even aware of. And as I became aware of it, I learned to know myself better, and how to heal that pain. My balance comes from accepting who I am and what I can be, as well as what I can't and must never be. Sure, the dark side tempts me. Anger and rage are easy outlets to deal with it all, and in the wrong settings like this galaxy is so full of it's easy to just give in." He sighed again, pulling his hand back. "But that's not me. I don't think that's you. We can embrace our pain and be defined and consumed by it, or we can fight it, get ourselves to a better place, and help others get there too. We're all in this together, anyways, and it helps to have friends to lean on." Aidan looked up once more into Frond's big eyes, smiling. Whatever happened, he wanted the Neti to know he wasn't alone. "Gods, I hope you understood all that."
  7. "Uhh..." Aidan didn't exactly know what to do, nor what specifically it was that Frond held out to him. He spied some kind of metal poking out one end, and realized it might have been a kind of lightsaber. Aidan didn't really understand how Frond spoke all that easily, but it was clear that the big tree-thing wasn't really in the best of moods. "Look, you don't need to give me that. Not if you don't want to. I'm not quite sure what you're going through right now, but I just figured...well, sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to. You know, to work all this stuff out. It helps. Well...helped me, I guess. Do you understand?" Aidan caught the patronizing look that told him Frond understood him just fine. "So...uh...do you want to talk about it? Maybe sit down on that log over...uhh...is that even okay? That's not like a relative or anything, right? Look, I'm just trying to not be offensive and I've never encountered one of your kind before or anything..." He stopped, grasping for words, realizing he probably looked like an idiot. A while back that would have frustrated him, he wouldn't have tolerated it and he'd loathe himself for it, but right now he just felt silly. Taking a deep breath, he centered himself, continuing. "I'm sorry, let's start over. I'm Aidan. You're Frond. Nice to meet you. What's troubling you, bud?"
  8. Aidan scratched his head at the remark that his father's credentials were needed, almost like it were twisted fate he'd even come along on this mission. What if it were given to someone else? But it wasn't...it was his, just as it was everyone else's in their little band of misfits. "That shouldn't be an issue. I used to, ah...use his login all the time. Hopefully, it still works. I think it worked back on Gala because the systems hadn't been updated in forever, but...you never know." He turned, watching Frond leave the group. Honestly, it was the one person - or rather, being - he was highly curious about. He'd never encountered a Neti before, and the large tree thing had really caught Aidan's attention. Sure, the prophecy of doom and struggle was nice and all, but the Jedi were always on about their doom and struggle. In the here and now, people mattered. He leaned over to Sandy, pointing it out. "Is he going to be okay? I...I think I should go and check on him." He quickly keyed out a message to her with his father's login credentials, before following after wherever Frond had disappeared to. It took a few minutes and a bit of his Force senses, but Aidan finally caught up to Frond outside the Temple grounds. A small tornado of dust and dirt swirled about, and it was painfully clear the Force was tumultuous here, uncertain of itself. For a moment, Aidan stood there, uncertain himself what he should do. His training with the Exorcists told him he needed to extinguish the darkness present. His experiences with the Jedi told him that nothing what he did here would ultimately matter. And then there was his experiences with Sandy in his own self reflection... Aidan instead made a choice that he hadn't made in a long time: he needed to be himself. "You know, you could just ask for help. Trees withstand storms by relying on the ground to hold them in place. You feel like you need a friend who can ground you a bit."
  9. Initially, Aidan tensed as a huge tree...thing...rounded one of the corners Master Tobias had returned from, wondering if Tobias was fleeing from it, if it was potentially the creature or even Sith behind these attacks, or specifically what its intentions were. That was all answered in a few seconds when it joined the fray against the reanimants, even wielding a lightsaber against them. There would be time for questions later, Aidan was just glad it wasn't another enemy for them to face. This place was dangerous enough as an architecturally unstable ruin, to say little of the Dark side Force zombies that now supposedly infested it. With haste, the Imperial Knight logged off the console and took up his lightsaber, igniting both silver blades as he took his position helping to guard the rear as the group began to move. They would live to see tomorrow, but they would need to work for it.
  10. The sounds had caused Aidan to look up from where he was working briefly to find the ghastly nightmare fuel sight of reanimated corpses trundling toward the group. Swearing audibly, he dove back into his work, panicked fingers pouring over the aged keypad. Error. File unknown or access restricted. The six little words were quickly becoming the bane of his existence as every search string he put into the console returned either no results or a denial of access. Eternal Vigilance. Access Restricted. Vigilance holocrons. Access Restricted. EV location. Access Restricted. Anything directly relating to the ship or its location was locked down tight, and not even Aryian's credentials as a Jedi Master and former council member would unlock them, meaning the information was confidential to the Grandmaster and potentially directly to any council members involved in secluding the Eternal Vigilance away. Aidan knew from stories heard around the temples when he was a kid that the ship held ancient Jedi knowledge and was hidden many times over its history to safeguard the information, but this was bordering on ridiculous if the Jedi didn't even trust their own Jedi Masters with the knowledge. But the ship existed, controlled somehow through special holocrons, and often hidden in the same manner. The sound of one of the shambling corpses roused him from his thoughts, having risen in the unguarded corner of the room, hidden behind another bank of broken consoles. Without thinking, his saber was in his hand, one end of the staff saber igniting into brilliant silver. His first slash made the ambulatory corpse stagger, but interestingly enough it merely bounced off the chest as this particular one was wearing a chestplate of woven cortosis alloy. As Aidan recovered, he sized up his opponent in a more serious manner, noting a weak spot under the zombie's severed left arm. A quick spin later and Aidan had severed its leg, following up by burying his blade deep in the weak spot, working it in a circle until the innards were a charred mess. And in an instant, a brilliant thought struck him. He could attack his computer problem from the side. Extinguishing his saber, he returned to the console, running a search string for a list of offworld holocrons. The query returned a database listing several holocrons tracked by the Order, all listing their hosts or purposes, even Sith holocrons that had been captured. That was, all except a few lines which were conspicuously blank, listing only the location. Ossus. The holocrons were on Ossus. "Ossus. Ossus! The holocrons are on Ossus!"
  11. Aidan did alright with the fall, feeling Master Tobais help him with the landing gave him a good feeling about the Jedi Master. Obviously the man seemed irritated at something, and this wasn't typical behavior for a Jedi Master, but Aidan knew by now that bottlenecking people into expectations was a fruitless endeavor. He'd been the victim of it for a large part of his life, and it stung. The fact that Master Tobias wasn't taking out frustrations on him helped to alleviate his tension. Doing as he was asked, Aidan moved to one of the nearby consoles, attempting to access it. Of course, his credentials weren't recognized, but interestingly enough on a hunch, his father's were. Aidan used to use his father's login credentials to browse the holonet when he was bored as a child, and he was surprised they hadn't changed. Still, the system was an older one, even for the ones Aidan used to mess around on, and he had some difficulty navigating around the software. These units weren't exactly maintained regularly. "Okay...I'm in, but I think this is going to take me a minute." Right after he said that, the hairs on the back of his neck prickled. "...I...got a really bad feeling. Anyone else?"
  12. "I don't think I've ever really been here before...I don't know what to expect. Is there danger here?" Aidan followed the rest of the group, warily checking their surroundings. Though he didn't consciously realize it, he'd unhooked his staff saber hilt from his belt and was gripping it tightly in his right hand. This place...everything felt weird. Some of the shapes of the rooms seemed familiar though, but he couldn't recall any of it before he saw it. "No...wait. I was here before. I was...very young. This all feels so different..." As they came to the corpses, though, Aidan stopped and stiffened. Why would the Jedi leave this place abandoned for so long when it was so steeped in the Force? He pointed to one of the mostly decomposed skeletons, gaining the attention of the rest of the group. "What are those?"
  13. Aidan shifted uncomfortably, only opening his mouth after Sandy had decided to defend his position in all this. "Look, I might be sworn to the Empress, but the way it's looking she may not hold the title for long. The political system she represents is gone. There are fragments of the military and loyalists who follow her, but more importantly, like Knight Sarna said, we're all in this together now. If you still have qualms about her, or furthermore, me, just understand that I probably couldn't do anything to jeopardize this mission against the wishes of the three Jedi assembled before me, all of whom I might not be a match for should the situation devolve. If the Empress had ulterior motives here, why would she task this mission the way she has instead of just sending her Knights after the vessel? "If I was a betting man, I'd say she likely got the information from the Jedi, and enacted a plan based on it, but make no mistake this is a Jedi asset that belongs back in Jedi hands. The Knights...would likely not be so kind to it, if I'm being honest. Mant of them are overzealous to a fault with their beliefs, but that is unfortunately what is required of them." Aidan finally stopped, realizing he'd completely derailed where the conversation was going. Still, he felt the need to defend himself and his choices, and it wasn't a great feeling that he'd needed to do that. The Knights might not be perfect when it came to understanding and following the will of the Force, and many even said that the exorcists were similar to dark side users in their extreme views of wanting to extinguish the darkness. If there was one thing his Father had taught him, though, it was to keep an open mind. That one trait had saved him numerous times in his life thus far, and it allowed him to retain his identity and malleability in his beliefs in the rigid atmosphere of the Imperial Knight ranks. "I'm sorry. That... uhh...I'm done. Please, continue, I...I don't really have any experience or expertise planning the specifics here." And with that, the young Knight fell silent, leaning against one of the nearby walls as the adults talked. He didn't really feel like he belonged with them anymore, but he was still there and would do his duty. He also made a mental note to listen for the third Jedi's name, neither Sandy nor Master Tobias had really introduced him.
  14. Aidan stayed quiet during everything, except for when he was introduced to Master Vos, when he replied respectfully. He still was unaware what had happened in the council meeting, and didn't know what Sandy meant she she said she'd spoken too harshly. He still felt like the most junior member present in all this, and wasn't eager to speak up. He did hear a pop as Tobias did something, which briefly caught his attention, but the Jedi Master was only sipping a drink, so he paid it no mind. However, it did seem like everyone was waiting, and he did know why they were there. "The Empress has tasked us with finding the Eternal Vigilance, the location of which can supposedly be found somewhere on the planet Gala. Knight Sarna, might, uh, know more than I do."
  15. Aidan briefly thought about learning Sandy's stance in depth right then and there, but decided against it after checking the message containing their orders. "We'd better just get to our assignments. This is the first time I've really been given orders from the Empress herself, and I'm a little eager to get the job done." He moved in, giving his mother a quick embrace, lingering for longer than a brief moment. "It was good to see you again. When we get time, we should catch a meal together. Grandma too, assuming she's still out there." Aidan looked back to Sandy. It wasn't going to be an exciting assignment, but at the least they now had something to do. "Might as well get going, I can arrange to have all of this delivered back to the armorer. Squire Peltz owes me a favor. I assume you have command of this one?" ((Sandy, ready to go whenever, just drag Aidan where she goes in her next post. Armiena I know the invitation was extended to you OOC to go on this plot, but Aidan wouldn't have known that, feel free to correct him if you're coming with, lol.))
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