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  1. Knight Gupta Fazon was a calm and calculating man, not one to overreact or let emotions sway him. Still, he was slightly surprised to find that the new Knight he was meeting was of a species he had only read about. There had long been records that there was an ethnic Sith among the Sith Order, but he had only recently heard rumors that one had joined the Jedi. Apparently those rumors were true, because there was no sense of darkness coming from this young man, and his authorization code as well as that of his ship checked out. It was theoretically possible that he was a Sith infiltrator, but the Jedi didn't operate on racial suspicion alone. There were plenty of Duros among the Sith Empire, he wouldn't want himself always questioned. "Lieutenant Sadow," Fazon said clinically, "It is not for one such as myself to question your status or place in the Order. Whether you are a Knight or not is more up to yourself than any other. If you feel yourself worthy of such a title and honor, then you likely are. If not, then that is something that you must determine on your own. "Until then, I can only validate your military title and confirm that you are indeed a naval lieutenant. You clearly can fly a fighter so you may elect to attach yourself to a squadron and fly in battle. As a Jedi, you could also join with whatever assault force that will be attacking the station to rescue the Empress. Commodore Neldis is a wise man: did not give me a preference of where you are to be assigned because he knows Jedi go where they are best rather than into a mold." * * * * * * * With the last stragglers boarding their assigned ships, the ships comprising of Jedi Fleet Group Two formed up and made the jump into hyperspace. ((anyone who wishes to be part of the fleet has until battle commences at Black Sun Station to show up there and will be assumed as part of this jump))
  2. The deck officer on the Justice's Mandate received many messages from various ships trying to gain access to the Nebula class-Star Destroyer. Most were simply supply shuttles or ships ferrying up crew from shore leave. On occasion, there was something a tad bit more interesting that came his way. There were a few members of the Jedi Order on board, mostly Padawans and a Knight or two. This was one he hadn't heard of before, so he did a quick check of their records. There wasn't anything about a Knight by that name, but there was something about a naval commission assigned from Felucia attached to this name and ship. Those codes were checking out, but just in case, he sent a quick message to one of the Jedi on board that one of their Order was landing. Permission was given to Mjan to land, and a male Duros Jedi Knight named Gupta Fazon was there to meet him.
  3. Above Borleias, the rest of the ships that composed of Jedi Fleet Group Two began to power up their engines and do last minute checks on all systems. They had received orders to join the rest of the Jedi fleet outside Black Sun Station. A message was sent out to select Jedi still on Borleias who would be best suited for combat and the recovery of the hostage Empress. All Jedi were given one hour to join the fleet or be left behind. Among those Jedi who were sent a message were Masters Draygo and Gloth.
  4. A full holomessage came through to the Ara-Lai for Sandy from Grandmaster Alluyen. Just in case, a voice only version was sent to her comms. "Knight Sarna, I am very proud of your work on Chandrila, but your work is not yet complete. I truly hate to place this weight upon your shoulders, but the Jedi Order needs you once more. We have located a substantial Black Sun fleet protecting the station holding Empress Zinthos. I am therefore forced to summon the entirety of Jedi forces so that we, along with our allies, may be able to take this opportunity to rescue the Empress, crush our nemesis, and deny the Sith some of their allies. I need you to gather whatever Imperial allies you can and come to these coordinates as soon as you can. We can't risk the fleet departing or them finally tiring of the Empress and executing her."
  5. A light hour away from where Dark Sun Station was hovering, a series of flashes interrupted the blackness of space. A half dozen or so Jedi ships emerged from hyperspace and reoriented themselves around the large MC90 cruiser. Adenna was on the bridge with Admiral Antilles as the streaks of hyperspace coalesced into small points of light. As soon as the fleet reverted, the bridge erupted into a dull roar as various officers began coordinating among each other with short range comms. The officers were nervous, excited, and full of anticipation mixed with a bit of dread that Adenna had become very accustomed to being around in all of the ships and squads facing apparent combat. It was a sense that she had grown to appreciate and enjoy because it kept her on edge and finely honed. Scouts in stealth ships were deployed and made a micro-jump to get a closer look at the station before the rest of the fleet went in. It didn't take long for them to realize that their hopes for catching the station unguarded were wistful. As soon as word reached the fleet that a large Black Sun force was there, the mood on the bridge began to change to one of apprehension. Even if their Imperial Remnant allies were able to arrive in sizable numbers, this would still be a large battle and many would inevitably die. It did't take long for Adenna to realize that they would have to bring even more ships than expected. She had hoped to catch the station without defenses, but that clearly wasn't going to happen. Now, instead of having a second fleet to enact the second part of the grand strategy she and the other officers had formulated, she would need to summon those ships as well to join the fight here. "Contact Commodore Neldis," she said. "Inform him that he is to bring his entire task force to join us here. We will need far more ships than originally planned. Perhaps, if the Force wills it, we will be able to trap and crush the Black Sun's forces before their Sith masters can rescue them."
  6. When everything was ready, the engines on half of the Jedi fleet began to glow brighter as the ships edged forward. Millions of tons of durasteel accelerated away from the planet and cluster of civilian ships that might get in their way. As soon as they were out of the planet's gravity well, the ships aligned themselves on a new course, one that would allow them to make the first jump into hyperspace to their new goal. Adenna stood on the bridge of the Adi-Wan in her favored blue robes, patiently watching the hushed commotion of the crew preparing for their jump. It would take a day and a half in hyperspace to reach Dark Sun Station, and when they did, there would be a reckoning. Though some of the Jedi she was now in charge of leading were less than pleased with the path they were now taking, she believed it was necessary. There were times when less than gentle methods were needed to rectify injustices and diminish evil. She knew that such actions left a dark mark, but that was a burden she would have to shoulder. She did it in Thalassia, she would do it again on a larger scale. Those few Jedi who were willing to shoulder that burden with her were all aware of what they were doing and choose to accept that responsibility so that the innocent wouldn't have to. Admiral Antilles sat beside her in his chair with steepled hands, for all outward appearances the picture of calm and control. Only that she had access to the Force was Adenna able to sense his nervousness. He was a man who signed up under the old Jedi ways because he was tired of fighting the traditional way. Though he understood the necessity of what they were doing, he was still reluctant to enter another war like times of old. He much preferred to be the peacemaker and travel the path of non-violence where possible, but such times were long over. War was here and it was time to fight. Once every ship in Jedi Fleet Group One confirmed final readiness, the order was issued to make the jump to hyperspace. Stars streaked like falling rain for a split second, then the hazy swirl of hyperspace enveloped the fleet as they finally set out to business. ___________ ((Jedi Fleet Group One consisting of the Adi-Wan, Solari, Jar-Kai, Shii-Cho, Crystal Heart, and Ataru leave for Dark Sun Station to rescue Empress Zinthos. Any Imperial Remnant or GA allies wishing to join should post as such.))
  7. Even as a small flotilla of ships left the assembled Jedi fleet to rush to the aid of Chandrilla, a large, new ship joined the fleet. The Justice's Mandate, a Nebula-class Star Destroyer was outfitted with modern, state of the art weapons of war for a new era in the Jedi chapter. Though not technically a ship of the Jedi Order, her commanding officer, Commodore Neldis was here to follow the Grandmaster in the fight against the Sith and now Mandalorians. Though he respected the Jedi, he wasn't one. He had been in the New Republic and later the GA for a short time before retiring. The recent war brought him back out of retirement and put in command of a Jedi affiliated capital ship constructed on Felucia with funds and resources from several pro-Jedi planets. Most of his crew were either local planetary defense officers or former New Republic veterans. On the Adi-Wan, Adenna was still working towards organizing the Jedi and getting used to her new role. It was difficult as there was so much more going on than she was used to dealing with, but she was getting the hang of it. She had been slightly waiting on the arrival of the Justice's Mandate as Admiral Antilles had made it clear how valuable having a second ship of the line would be in splitting the Jedi fleet into two useful components. Several potential options had presented themselves to her and she was still trying to decide the best possible route to take. The military commanders were fairly adamant about waging a traditional war along the traditional rules and standards. While Adenna definitely sympathized with them, she knew that she also had to represent more than just the status quo and that the Jedi weren't just another military force. The Jedi had to fight to certain standards and that sometimes limited themselves from being able to do what other military forces could. With things rapidly escalating in the Galaxy, it was clear to her that she needed to decide just how involved the Force using Jedi would be in the prosecution of this war. Could she justify reigning in the military commanders to fighting a restrained war even if it meant opportunities, battles, and planets were lost that could have otherwise been won? Or, would it be just as bad to unleash them and partake in the violence and carnage of war hoping that the ends justified the blood filled means? Could she stand back and allow the military commanders to wage their war without directly involving the Jedi, or did that still make the Jedi just as culpable even if it was blasters instead of lightsabers doing the killing? Despite it all, there was one area in which she felt completely comfortable and confident in pursuing: rescuing Empress Zinthos. The surviving members of the Remnant had been regrouping here for some time, but now were getting restless. They needed to take action, and with their ships and some of her own, she was confident that they could carry off a rescue. If they couldn't bring the Empress out of captivity into safety, they could at least give her an honorable end to her suffering and deny the enemy a trophy. Adenna sent a series of messages out to the gathered fleets. To the Jedi fleets, she divided them into Fleet Group One with the Adi-Wan at the center and Fleet Group Two with the Justice's Mandate at the helm. Both would have different tasks in front of them. To those ships gathered here but not under her command, she made it known that she intended on going after the Empress within the day and that any ships that wished to join the mission should form up with Fleet Group One. She figured the Imperials would join, but wasn't sure how many of the GA's fleet would join up. Some of them may still wish to remain on Borleias as the rest of the refugees disbursed. Either way, she aimed to head out and take the fight to the enemy and hopefully throw them off balance long enough to slow their advance.
  8. Ordered constructed after the massive Sith assault on Kuat, the angled red and off white Nebula class Star Destroyer Justice's Mandate was finally complete. After completing several test flights and two mock combat drills, its master, Commodore Lendran Neldis, deemed the new ship finally ready for action. With the realization that true war was now upon them, there were no attempts made to make this vessel anything less than a warship. Its weapons were not inhibited, its fighters were the latest, most advanced available from its XJ7-wings to its B-wing bombers and the quick strike E7-wings. The ship wasn't as large or intimidating as the Imperial II Star Destroyers, but they packed similar firepower. With the change in purpose, the naming scheme of Jedi capital ships changed from venerating its heroes to espousing virtues and goals. Once all troops and supplies loaded on board, its engines flared and it left port escorted by a small swarm of its starfighters. As soon as they cleared orbit, the fighters docked and the capital ship made its jump to hyperspace destined for Borleias to join the main Jedi fleet.
  9. There was always a complication to everything. Adenna nodded in acknowledgment to what the Imperial had said, but didn't immediately reply. She despised business and politics, but in her new role, she couldn't afford to ignore how crucial those were to how the Galaxy flowed. Now, more than ever, she wished Tobias was here. Despite his protests, he had a far better mind for business and manipulating things. "How much control over the station does Black Sun have?" she asked. She needed more information before she could even begin to formulate a plan. "Is it entirely under their control, or does it attempt to make some semblance of neutrality? I need to know if it is inhabited only by our foes, or if it is a neutral party with families and civilians."
  10. Adenna was glad to hear that the Imperials had located their empress, but it didn't take any use of the Force to sense that the Dark Sun Station wasn't likely going to be an easy or fun target. She had never been one to feel shame in asking when she didn't know something. Nobody was omniscient, and her recent ascension to this position had meant she had a great deal of intel to catch up on. It was always a stress balancing the needs of a mostly spiritual order with the secular needs. She wasn't sure how other grandmasters had done it, but she would do what she could. "I am unfamiliar with Dark Sun Station," she said simply. "I had not expected her to be kept in anything less than a highly secure location. What intel do you have about this, and what makes it more difficult than any other place to infiltrate or liberate her?"
  11. A lieutenant saluted their new arrival and responded, "Admiral Pilon, though I wish it were under better circumstances, we have been eagerly waiting your arrival. I am here to take you to Admiral Antilles and Grandmaster Alluyen in the briefing room." He took the Imperial officer deeper into the cruiser to a modest briefing room that was wrapped around a large holoprojector that was currently projecting the Galactic map displaying tactical and political information. The room had only five people in it: Antilles, Alluyen, two tech officers, and a Jedi Knight. Once the Imperial admiral entered, his previous escort saluted once more but did not enter the room as the door closed. Adenna looked up from the map and smiled slightly. "Admiral Pilon," she said in a quick, business like tone. "It is good to see you here. This is Admiral Antilles, currently in command of the Jedi Order's allied naval forces. On behalf of the Jedi Order, I wanted to extend our hand in an alliance against the Sith and their allies."
  12. [[This is a Jedi Conclave set on Borelias two weeks after the fall of Coruscant to the Mandalorians. Events here take place over around a day or two, but I didn't want to clog up everyone's time or storylines for a month or so. Here, all Jedi (or allies) who wish to be present may do so without disrupting what they were otherwise doing or dragging this out for IC months. Any member of the Jedi Order has been sent an invite via holocomms. That invitation has also been extended to all members of allied forces in the Galactic Alliance/Rebellion and the Imperial Remnant. Special invitations have been sent to any Imperial Knights who have been given preferential treatment and access over other allies. Taking place on Borleias in hastily constructed prefab structures well outside one of the larger refugee camps, the Jedi Conclave was called to determine the path that the Jedi Order would take in response to the rise of the Sith Empire and Black Sun. All members of the Jedi Order have been summoned from the newest of Initiates to the most senior Masters. The primary agenda here is the selection of the new Grandmaster and Council, but a consensus on the overall direction of the Jedi Order going forward is also important. Along with developing the internal future of the Jedi Order, allies have been invited to cement plans for how to prosecute the war. In the event of an emergency, a large number of shuttles and fighters are on standby to evacuate the members, and AA defenses have been established around the perimeter and on the roof. The area is constantly patrolled by several squadrons of fighters at all times with the bulk of the Jedi fleet in geosynchronous orbit providing cover. The grounds are fairly simple due to the haste and limited resources. A large square building approximately 150 square meters was constructed in freshly cleared ground. A smaller second story 50 square meters is in the center of the main building. Around the building, the forest was cleared for another 250 meters on all sides, with an even larger landing strip on the north end. Tents have been set up outside to provide shelter to those not inside the main building. There are three areas where meetings and gatherings can and will take place. Please specify where you are at the start of all posts. 1. The Hall of a Thousand Lights: The second floor of the building is restricted only to Force sensitive members of the Jedi Order, though Force sensitive Imperial Knights may be individually invited in by any Jedi Knight or Master. This is where all internal matters pertaining to the actual Jedi Order will be discussed and decided by Jedi leadership, so there may also be times when even Jedi Padawans and Imperial Knights will be asked to leave. 2. The Hall of Peace and Harmony: The first floor of the building is reserved for all members and allies of the Jedi Order who have been directly invited (ie, gained IC permission to join) where they may discuss the general anti-Sith/Black Sun and Mandalorian alliance and coordinate appropriate responses. There is a makeshift Holo communication and command center here so individuals who aren't able to be physically present can interact with those who are on Borleias. 3. The Gallery of Inclusion and Friendship: This is an open to the public area surrounding the two halls. Anyone who is not openly hostile to the alliance is welcome here. It is patrolled by both Jedi Knights, Jedi allied and GA soldiers, and battle droids in case of infiltration. Neutral individuals not part of allied factions may come here and petition to be admitted to the Hall of Peace and Harmony, or they may simply watch and learn of what is going on inside. Feel free to interact as you wish without pressure of holding your character back elsewhere. This Conclave will last as long as needed until everyone gets their say. Many things will be decided OOC, but I wanted to allow for some IC playing out to give people's characters a chance to interact and coordinate. Any rules governing multiple aliases interacting are suspended here. Any attempts to cause violence (esp without IC agreement) will be very quickly crushed by heavy security (pretty much the entire Jedi Order and fleet is here). This does not stop any voluntary sparring if various Force users wish to test their skills against others.]] ________________________ Adenna Alluyen took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she stood at the main north entrance of the Conclave's prefab structures watching as shuttles began landing. Jedi had begun to arrive for the Conclave earlier this morning and were getting settled in. She had requested the Conclave be called after faced with Master Draygo's suggestion that she become the Grandmaster. She was not entirely comfortable with the idea so she had pulled all the strings available to her to get as many of the Jedi and other allies here to discuss the issue. If someone more suitable was found, she would happily support them. If the consensus was that she was indeed the best choice, she would accept the will of the majority. It wasn't that she refused to be the leader of the Jedi as much as she was not wanting to simply take over and create division and anger from those that didn't respect her or acknowledge her authority. The Jedi needed leadership, not division, and in her opinion, a Conclave was the best way to do that. It would give the Jedi an opportunity to unite with one will and also interact and work with their allies to decide what they were going to do next in this war. She was nervous, but also glad to see things beginning to come together. There was a lot of pain and suffering from recent losses in the air, but there was also a growing sense of purpose and hope as more and more arrived. Already, there were dozens of the Jedi fleet captains and officers in what some brilliant PR person had dubbed the Hall of Peace and Harmony on the main floor, all busily setting up and testing the holocomms suite temporarily stripped from the Adi-Wan that would enable people all over the Galaxy to interact with those on Borelias. Soon, she would join the other Jedi in the Hall of a Thousand Lights to start discussing the future of the Jedi Order. Until then, she was waiting for more attendees to arrive.
  13. Admiral Antilles on board the MC-90 Adi-Wan was quickly notified of the Imperial Remnant shuttle that had come into the system and made contact. With an eyebrow arched in curiosity, he gave authorization for the ship to dock. He was interested in seeing what the Imperials were here for and what news they brought of the Remnant. _______________________ There was a definite tingle down her spine as Adenna heard Master Draygo's words. She didn't like the idea, especially since there was no consensus, and no mandate from the Order. She glanced briefly at the young man with Master Draygo, but knew that he wouldn't be offering any sort of way out. With a sigh, she admitted, "I am working on coordinating the response, but that doesn't mean I can lead the Jedi Order. Perhaps if more Jedi were reached and gathered to give their approval, but I am not sure that, even in the absence of the Council, anyone can truly just assume the mantle of Grandmaster." It was a delaying tactic, one that might give them time for someone more qualified to step forward. At the least, if more and more Jedi were to come to the same insane conclusion that Master Draygo had, then at least it may make a little more sense. "Until then, if you are not wanting to take command of those gathered here, I will do so."
  14. Adenna took a physical step back in surprise at the notion that she could lead the Jedi. At first, she was wondering if Master Draygo was teasing or testing her, but when there was no laugh from the senior Master, she began to realize that the suggestion was not a jest. Her eyes darted back and forth rapidly as she processed the absurdity of that and quickly shook her head. "I-I have led operations and soldiers before, but nothing like the Jedi Order. I fought against slavers and criminals, not the Sith Empire. There have to be Jedi who are more qualified than I am, I am not even a Master, I don't think anyone would recognize someone like me as being any leader of the Jedi." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she did begin to realize that, in some small way, those statements didn't exactly hold up too much weight. Even as a freshly minted Knight, there were others who were willing to follow her to attack the Sith Temple on Coruscant. Before that, as a Padawan, she stirred a combined arms force to liberate her home of Thalassia. And there were some now answering her general call to take action in the current situation. Still, it was a far cry from working together to stand against the Darkness and recognizing her as the Grandmaster, especially as a mere Knight. It just belied logic to her brain, and shocked her to the core. In moving the Jedi fleet to Borleias, she had been simply setting up the stage to take action while she found someone with sufficient authority to take charge. The fact that there didn't seem to be anyone left to take charge was a heavy blow to her, but to think that she could be the one that she was looking for was crazy. She understood the truth of what Master Draygo was saying about stepping up, but she simply wasn't sure that she could ever simply assume a title as sacred as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.
  15. While Adenna waited for Master Draygo, she reached out into the Force to get a sense of her surroundings. There was so much changing in the Galaxy and the Jedi had to be ready for it before things were all lost. While she was focused on what the Force was telling her, a strangely familiar presence entered her perception. She struggled a moment to remember the odd Jedi she met long ago on Gala when both were starting their journey as Jedi. The melodical voice that filled her head was odd, strangely structured, and with even stranger meanings when she pieced it together. Then, without pause or opportunity to respond, Trushaun left and faded away. Adenna came out of her light trance and looked at both ends of the corridor, but didn't see the feathered Jedi. Part of her wondered if the Fond had even been there at all, or if that was something she sensed through the Force. She was left with a peculiar sensation, one of comfort and yet, a strange pressure as if a bubble had been forming and was about to burst. Shaking her head to clear it, Adenna made a mental note to track down Trushaun and see what she was up to. It had been years since they had spoken, but she had always liked the odd Fond and would like to find out where the Force had taken her. Adenna's own journey hadn't exactly been full of pleasant things, but there were worse paths she could have taken. At least now, she had rid herself of the constant threat of insanity and had found a man to love and who loved her back. The door she had been standing by opened and she heard her name called. Entering into the medical chamber, she noted that Master Draygo was recovering quite well, though still had some work to go. She hoped that her treatment of nanites helped and would continue to help. The news that the Grandmaster was stepping down was a blow to her. She had not always agreed with Darex, but she respected him as a leader. To lose his leadership now was devastating, especially with the Council dissolved. She had truly hoped to rally them and get support for taking action, but without leadership, that would be difficult. She agreed with Master Draygo that leadership was needed, but then was saddened when she claimed it wouldn't be her. Adenna's mind raced as she struggled to figure out who might serve well as the Jedi's leadership. She immediately thought of Vos, but realized that while he was a good leader, he was also a divisive member of the Order that many wouldn't trust. It was a shame, because the Jedi could use someone who was so skilled at building up a network of contacts and was able to fight as well. His work with Sandy and the other Padawans showed he was also good at teaching, even if he didn't see himself as such. Other names of Jedi who could lead ran through her mind, but she wasn't sure how many of them were even alive after the recent battles over Onderon and Coruscant. The Jedi were scattered now and definitely needed to be rallied. She also thought of Knight Cadan. She was a woman who had led troops and fought in war, so perhaps she would be suitable to lead the Jedi as well. "I understand," she said after several long moments. "We need to find someone who can lead the Jedi and bring us back together. There are many who would do well, but I do not know where they are or if they are even alive. Do you have any idea where to start looking for some of the other Masters?"
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