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  1. I'm reading Bloodline and am about halfway through. It reads decently, although some parts seem forced and other seem like things are added just to name drop past people or situations to make the reader fel nostalgic. Nonetheless overall it is worth checking out.
  2. Recently read Darth Plagueis, Kenobi, and Dark Lord Rise of Vader. Loved all three. Plagueis really gets you into Palpatine's head like never before. I know they don't count as canon anymore, but it is fiction and I read it because I love the lore of Star Wars, regardless of what Disney says.
  3. I'll be around a bit more. My love of star wars never faded plus I did find myself missing it here every so often. Plus I need to finally get to 10000 haha
  4. Much easier to use than the old site was on your phone for sure.
  5. Hello. Been far too long. Wanted to see how things were going here.
  6. I had just turned 16 when I joined. Now I am 28, a police officer, and own a home. Still a couple years away from kids though. Hope every one is well. Getting to 10,000 posts sure is taking me forever.
  7. Damn, looks like everyone is back huh? I'm doing well, keeping it gangsta for sure. Life is very busy lately. Bought my first house, have a gf, and have been training to be a police officer. All in all I cannot complain. Looking forward to Episode VII.
  8. I am excited and scared for what Disney could do with SW. Either way it is something to look forward to.
  9. If I have a hot girl with me like 10,000 just enough to use if ever necessary. If I didn't 100,000 so I'd at least have decent cash when I came back. If I came back. How much money would it take for you to be a fan of your sports rival team for a full year? It must be legit too.
  10. $1 so I could buy a Gatorade to drink while I ban everyone. How much money would it take for you to wear an advertisement on your forehead for a week?
  11. 20 million. So long as I am given it in spread out increments over 50 years I think I'll be good and more than comfortable. How much money would it take for you to watch Gossip Girl every day? Basically saying you can never watch anything else at all on TV ever.
  12. So long as they also paid my expenses while I was in the field I'd do it for like $5,000 or so. Have to get some reimbursement. How much money would it take for you to quit your job?
  13. How much money would it take for you to eat a hot dog that fell on the subway? Pick a question of "How Much Money would it take....?" and go with it. Next person to post answers it and poses "How Much Money would it take....?" of their own. Keep it cleaner......
  14. Looks good guys. Can't wait to get my Stormtrooper background back though.
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