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  1. The chamber doors began to creak as they slowly parted, a crepid old form draped in dark garments slowly pacing out of the inner catacombs, her face hidden by the cloak's hood. But there was no mistaking the montrols and lekku that it covered, nor the presence that emanated from it. Almost beastial, Kari's snarled at the form, her carnivorous cuspids exposed as she spoke. "Ventras" "Greetings Dear Sister." She spoke as she lifted her face to greet her gaze. She chuckled, and poised Kari a question. "Why do you still despise me so after everything I've done for you?" Kari's eyes lit with fire at Tori's words, as if capable of lighting her sister ablaze with hate filled intent. Spinning her tonfas within the palm of her hands, Kari gazed upon the decaying flesh that shown under the light from above, not nearly as rotted as Lynn's and Angela's, but just as sickening for Kari to see, and just as sickening as the hate she felt swelling in her heart for the former Sith Master. Tears still plagued her eyes, but her gaze remained void, fueled by the rising darkness within her heart as she stood there, a statue of her own making. "You're unnatural, an abomination. You should have stayed dead after Lusef..." Kari's voice stopped mid sentence, realizing she still called him that despite it being a false name he chose to bare, something they both knew all too well "When Faust slew you." "Death isn't permanent, sweet Kari." Tori spoke in return, taking the seat by the pond where Lynn and Angela had resided, a devilish grin crossing her face. "You of all people should know this. After all, your form now, your new life, is a product of my work. I made you dear sister, brought you back to life after it was ended so abruptly, gave you a second chance. That is the love of a sister, is it not?" "You call what you did love?" Kari's voice spat back at her sister, spit spewing as her words escaped her hate filled mouth. "You stole the life of an innocent infant, and replaced its soul with my own, brought back from where it should have remained. And because of it, Angela suffered the same affliction that mother did, hating me for my existence and me not knowing why." "Yes, yes. And then you killed her when she snapped and tried to take your life." Tori spoke, her words irritated and emphasized with the shooing motions of her hands. "I thought our dear baby sister stronger than that, but that was a miscalculated consequence of our mother's abuse." Tori stood up and made a cautious approach to Kari. "But that won't happen again. This time I can make it right. This time we can all begin anew. And we can use this body of yours to do it. All I'd have to do is erase the memories of Mother's attack and replace them with memories of love." "No Tori. No." Kari pulled away, causing Tori to flinch back as well, Kari staring at her sister with almost horror now at such a suggestion. "How could you even think that? How could you think that I would even begin to consider letting you destroy more lives than the ones you already have? I have to live in this body until I die, a body not of my own, stolen from a soul that will never know the joys of life." As Kari began to back away, a vague mist began to creep into the cavern and surround them, not limiting sight, but eerily creeping in around them from the catacombs below and empowered by the wound that resided before them. But Kari could not see this beyond the scope of her own disgust. All she could see was her sister and the foul creature she had become. To Kari, she was pitiful, pathetic, downright sickening. And her intent was to cause more of the same pain that she had inflicted upon Kari through this life and into then next not only to her, but to her sister and mother? Kari could no longer stand to see Tori like this. She had to be put to rest, here and now. Walking toward Tori now, she raised her blade out to her side, intent to strike Tori down when Tori screamed, causing Kari to stop. "Kari, look out, behind you. Tori screamed in horror, her form bent down to one knee with a look of fear that even caused Kari to pause, the skin of her form catching a chill as she went to turn. "How is it even possible?" Kari questioned as she saw Faust behind her as she turned, those unmistakable blue eyes glaring back at her. "Quick. My mask. It will protect you. I can't have him kill you." Looking upon her former Master's gaze sent chills up Kari's spine, his sheepish grin glaring back at her with intent. She knew he was still alive. That was her reason for leaving Tython. But meeting him hear of all places? Perhaps he knew more of Tori's intent than she thought and came to end it once and for all. Kari looked down at the mask in her satchel, briefly contemplating letting him. But as she deactivated one of her tonfas and reached in to grab it, she knew she had no choice. Tori may be misguided, but she knew Faust as pure evil with malicious intent. If she didn't kill him here and now, there was no telling what he would do with the knowledge Tori held. Placing the Blade upon her face, Kari reactivated her blade and readied herself. Faust would die here and now, by her hand, and Tori would find the rest she needed for eternity. "Your mine finally Faust." Kari yelled, charging in with the feriosity of a wild beast, leaping into the air with the intent of her right hand dropping the first of her blades downward at his head. "Today the Galaxy is free of your reign." Her voice echoed as she fell downward into her strike. (5 post spar with predetermined outcome as agreed, no deaths, with Chris and Tim overseeing)
  2. Kari could hear his words, feel his serene sincerity, and nodded in agreement. But as she took a step forward, the rotting carcasses of Angela and Lynn both stood, arms reaching out as they called upon Kari. Kari, frozen by fear and want, could do nothing as they made their approach, tears flowing from the Togruta's eyes even as they embraced her, the feel of their rotted flesh upon her skin sickening her and yet she still could not move. "Join us Kari." They spoke in unison, their voices like whispers upon the wind as they crossed the veil into the living world. "Come with us. Tori awaits us. We will be a family again." "No!" Kari shouted in disgust and anger, her shout reeling with the Force as it shoved her mother and sister backwards, her sobbing hindering her thoughts and her heart breaking as her gaze fell upon them. "You're dead. You're all dead. Please. Rest in peace." But despite her pleas, despite the begging she gave and the ache she longed for to return them to their graves, she couldn't, nor did they relent upon their calls to her and their reaches for her form. And all Kari could do was sob, one hand on her aching chest while the other grasped at her forehead. For most, this simple sight would be enough to drive them mad. But for Kari, it was worse. It was driving her to the point of wishing her own death just so she didn't have to choose. Despite what her mother and sister had done to her in life, they were family, and because of that, she loved them dearly, long forgiving them in her heart. "Come Kari. Step through the wound." Angela whispered into her ear, a subtle caress of Kari's montrol. Lynn leaned over, kissing Kari's forehead like a dutiful mother would, only causing Kari even more pain as she had ached for such a thing her entire life. "Let us join Tori on the other side, like Lusef intended." As Lynn spoke these words, a cold aura set upon the atmosphere around them, chilling the air nearly into crystals. Kari's sobbing quit, her form limber as her gaze lit with fire. The two rotting corpses squealed with unfelt pain as the twin indigo tonfas blazed to life through their forms before they slunk to the ground, seemingly lifeless once again. Her tone was void as she spoke, as was her emotions, as she stood there in her stillness, her gaze as lifeless as the two at her feet as it shifted past the wound and into the chamber beyond. "What did you say?"
  3. For Kari, the crevasse was familiar and full. But for Ban, it would likely be a dark and dank cave littered with bugs, humidity, molds, and algae. Basically any old cave he would trek through. But this passage had been trek more times than could be counted by Kari's people, a holy and sacred place where they buried their dead with hopes that their souls would rejoin the Force that gives life to all. But as they grew closer to the cavern within, an unnatural aura would begin to surround them and attempt to persuade them. Kari walked with slight fear in her heart, and it seemed to grow as their trek drew them closer. However, it wasn't the aura that Kari seemed to notice, but it was something darker that laid deeper within, a power not of this world. Some would call it a scar, others would call it a wound. But the tear in reality that laid at the entrance only spoke of the unnatural feeling that Kari had spoken of earlier, something that her former Master was great at creating. But this wasn't a creation of Faust, at least not intentionally. No this held the presence of another, a presence very similar to that of Kari's own, only more sinister. Kari stops briefly, the echoing voices calling at her name in unison as they neared the cavern's entrance. At first, she seemed spooked by it, but in a brief second, a happier aura emerged from within her and she dashed toward it. "Mother? Angela?" She questioned as she darted ahead, tears flowing from her eyes leaving their imprints upon the stones that surrounded her in her dash. But what laid in the cavern wasnt possible, at least not in the natural order. For as Kari came into the opening of the large cavern, with it's natural display of light that reached in through the cavern's open ceiling, sat Angela and Kari's mothers rotted forms upon the pool of water that collected the rain. Kari gasped and screamed. "No Tori. What have you done?" It seemed Tori wasn't just a Master of Illusions.
  4. "Darkness and Light are but two sides of the same coin, existing within the nature of every living creature. It's as much a part of the Force as it is with you and I." Kari spoke, her gaze fixated upon the mountainous range and the caverns that ran below it, the catacombs where her people had buried their dead for millennia upon millennia. However, it was severely evident that what she felt was against the laws of the natural order, the Togruta curling and expanding her toes in a repetitive fashion. "I cannot put in words the unnatural aura that I feel, only that I feel it, cold and crepid as it may be." Kari shifted her gaze back to Ban, a look of hesitation and subtle fear in her eyes. "It is familiar, yet unknown. And it calls to me, asking me to come to the Catacombs. I won't deny that it scares me, Ban, a sense of fear that I have never felt before in either life I have lived." Yet despite the fear and unease that Kari felt, both she and Ban knew it was going to lead them straight down the rabbit hole so to speak, and while they still could turn around right now and leave, it would plague Kari worse than even her past two lives ever could. As Ban was left to briefly ponder on her words and what emanated from within, Kari's gazed shifted back toward the Catacombs, small bumps rising up upon her soft orange skin as her emotional state made her vulnerable to the fear she felt. Perhaps she wasn't ready to truly face what laid ahead of her, but she still had to tread forward even if Ban chose not to follow. But if he did, perhaps because he was there, she might just overcome it. Perhaps this was why the Force brought the two together. "I am going in." Kari spoke without looking back, her fists clenched despite the trembling that engulfed them. "Prepare yourself if you follow, and remember my words of Ventras. She is a Master of Illusion and Manipulation. There is no telling what traps lay ahead of us." And with that, Kari began her trek down a long winding crevasse behind the hut that delved into the mountain's side and led to a large cavern just inside it. It was there that the entrance to catacombs would be found, and at its heart, the nexus.
  5. Kari smiled almost gleefully as her gaze shifted around, spreading her arms out as if she almost wanted to yell the thumping she felt in her chest as she stretched out her small toes in the sand that had risen from their landing. Just ahead of them was a small mountain range with a hut at its foot, the grass nearly as they were surrounding their sides and rear. Kari simply pointed in the direction of the small hut which mirrored in the distance just barely upon the horizon. Her worda escaped with both excitement as well as dread, perplexing as she uttered them. "We're home." On the outside, Kari mimicked a small girl returning home after a long trip that took her across many worlds, lapping up the smells, taste, and sight of home. But on the inside, there was hesitation, gloom, and weariness, like someone who returned to a darkened manor full of horror and spirits of the past. And in truth, it was both for her. Motioning Ban to follow, Kari slowly made the half hour walk to the hut. The hut sat in shambles when they arrived, much like it did when Kari and Faust came nearly a decade ago. As she approached the door to turn its handle, Ban could easily see her unwillingness. But despite this, she turned the knob and the door opened. The abandoned hut upon entry, sat a room to the left that held memoirs of Kari's past, mostly dusted pictures of Angela and what appeared to be their mother, none of them containing Kari or Tori and both standing alone. Kari's gaze barely adverted to it as she moved deeper inside, a room to the right past the living area that had been left untouched for nearly a century aside from the single impression that was left by Kari's former Master, his own dusted over since. And in the back stood a door with a lock dangling open, Kari's gaze fixated upon it. She stood before the door for what felt like hours, her breathing labored by the emotions she fought to withhold, tears still managing to fall before she finally reached her hand out to open it and reveal its dungeon. Like the other two rooms, it was dusted over as if it hadn't been touched in many years, the sun barely shining through the boarded windows. But what separated this one from the others was the cage within that replaced where a bed should have been. Bending down, Kari reached her hand out and slowly slid her fingers across its metallic frame before unlatching it and letting its door swing open before she stood back up and walked back outside. It was evident that a part of Kari did not want to be walking down memory lane, but there was also the part that knew it was a path she must walk if she was to figure out her sister's purpose. Outside in the fresh air, Kari was frantic in her pacing, running her fingers across her montrals and headdress before grasping at her mouth to fight back the tears. Kari may appear strong willed and full of purpose. But this place always held a deep emotional scar and imbalance within her, and it was noticeable. Taking deep breaths, Kari slowed her pace and looked off toward the mountains, distinctly the caverns that ran beneath it, the nexus within swirling with darkness that even the local fauna could feel. Turning to Ban, Kari questioned him, speaking for the first time, her voice slightly trembling with the emotions she was still fighting. "Do you feel it?" One could see why she had always worn boots, stifling her connection with both nature and her emotions that ran through her roots upon Shili. And in her barefooted state, the connection had returned with gusto, flooding her form with its entirety. But Kari felt the urge to feel it, to know it once again, and in return, become one with again. But this also posed a dangerous opposition for her, her hand tightly gripping the Sith Mask in secret through the lid of her satchel. "The nexus has grown unnatural."
  6. The intricrate web of a woven dream was as mysterious as the concept of life, its knowledge sought by all, but understood by none, at least in a true sense. For Kari, it was but a distant memory, one of the few in a handful that she had managed to make, but for the outside world, it was anything but. As she laid there asleep within her bunk, a darkness began to stir about her like a misty fog, unclear and impenetrable. It rolled about her form like a bank, seeping from its origination in a trove of black cloud. Her form sat up, her hands removing the boots she generally wore to separate herself from the life she used to live, and when she stood, the flesh of bare feet stood against the cold flooring. Kari looked out across the horizon toward the setting sun, her feet dug into the sand and wiggling her toes as her gaze shifted toward Tori with a smile. The two were around fourteen or fifteen years of age and Tori smiled back toward Kari before the two shifted toward their Masters swimming just off shore. It was a time of peace and tranquility for the two, their life upon Shili but a distant memory save for their promise to return and free Angela from their mother's wicked grasp once they had finished their training and became full fledged Knights. But by now, Tori had begun to see the feelings in Kari's eyes change, her sight lost upon the older Knight that had taken her as his Padawan. Tori reached over with her exposed foot and caught Kari's calf, a serious look in her eyes as Kari turned in disbelief. "You know as well as I that it will never be Kari." Tori spoke with general concern for her beloved sister. "The Order barely approves of those who have no connection, let alone Master and Padawan." Kari's gaze turned toward the view of their Masters, a look of sadness rushing to her face as the wind blew against it. "I know Tori. I just can't help myself. He's kind, caring, sweet. He even rushed over to me last week when I fell from that blasted tree." Kari spoke, her hand running across the nearly healed broken ribs that laid beneath the field dressing around her waist. "Its not like he'll ever return it. He's nineteen and I'm his Padawan. And even if I wasn't, and stood as an equal, I doubt I will ever be more than a younger sister." Kari sighed, her hand secretly grasping a handful of sand out of Tori's view. "Its probably for the best." With that said Kari threw the handful across Tori's form, squealed, and sprinted off even in pain. The two dashed across the sands in playful manner that continued even into the night, through training and past dinner of which consisted of a local delicacy, and almost until bed time when the two laid out from exhaustion with pillows still hand. The two Masters outside chuckled, knowing the sisters had finally given up, causing both to smile as the final remnants of consciousness slipped away. But outside this delicate dream, Kari's form roamed the halls of her ship in a darkened daze. Her lifeless eyes hid behind the Mask of Ventras as the cloak of dark mist covered her form, seeping downward and into the air as it landed and swept outward upon the durasteel floors. From beneath the mask came an unsettling moan from beyond the veil, Ghost carefully following his Master with delicate and weary protection. Kari's eyes shot open when the klaxons blared upon their arrival, the Togruta Je'daii nearly leaping her feet as she gazed out the viewport of the cockpit toward Shili. Grabbing the controls, Kari quickly and out of instinct began running the numbers for reentry as the shields came up to protect against the searing heat, the mixture of blue and orange not your usual sight to awaken to. It wasnt until they had landed that Kari realized she was far from her bed and held no recollection of how she managed to get to the cockpit. "We're here Ban." Kari spoke after knocking on the door of his quarters, her gear strapped across her shoulder and hip. A few moments later she disembarked and as her feet touched the dirt of Shili, Kari realized that she was barefooted. Keeping this to herself, she wiggled her toes in the risen sand, felt its welcoming warmth as she turned to gaze toward Ban. "If you haven't been here before, let me be the first to welcome you to Shili."
  7. "Could use a bit of sugar.. Kari jested with a laugh as she propped her own self against a nearby counter, taking a sip as both hands grasped the warm cup. "But in truth, most prefer it's natural taste with a dash of milk to overcome the bitterness. Unfortunately, I havent had very much time to restock my supplies." Kari's mind wandered back to Coruscant and the Mandalorian invasion, then the attack at Dark Sun station after, which she purposely avoided. She knew how the outcome would be, the ties between the Black Sun and Sith Empire laid thickly upon the loose tongues of the underworld. She sighed as she stood there staring out the viewport of the hall that led to the room she had placed Ban in. Her time to cross paths with the Sith was coming closer, but it still had a bit of time before it arrived. Some could describe it as a feeling similar to when one knows the time of their own death, but for Kari, it was more a sense of divination. "I suppose one could say that I was never a Jedi myself." Kari spoke, her gaze falling back upon Ban as he apologized for not faring her news well. "I was never one to follow the rules even in my former life, quick to temper and slow to rationalize my actions. It wasnt until my mind was nearly torn apart before I grew as a person, and even then, it still took nearly a decade to completely overcome it." Tossing the last bit of tea into her mouth as she threw her head back, Kari refilled both her and Ban's cups before setting the pot aside off the burner, the tea now having reached it's full saturation. "What doesn't kill me and all that. Kari took a few more sips, goosebumps rising across her form as she shivered from the full strength bitterness that the tea had brewed to become. It was an uncomfortable taste to be sure, but its calming and relaxing benefits were well worth it as the aura around her grew completely mellowed and the tension she held completely withdrew. It nearly mimicked the effects of alcohol, but at a lesser degree and didn't affect one's motor capacity or reaction time. "I cant exactly say that I understand your role in all this myself." Kari finally spoke, her gaze staring down the cup in thought. "But given our unusual meeting and the timing of Tori's message, I felt it best to invite you along and offer the compensation for such a job. In truth however, I feel better knowing that someone is here to have my back, even if only for the credits." After a few minutes of silence, Kari finished her second cup and looked toward Ban. "We should be arriving in just a few hours, so I suggest we get some rest. It'll likely be day break when we arrive and we don't want to be lagging." Kari chuckled, excusing herself toward her quarters. As she laid down in her bed, she took out Ventra's mask, her eyes tearing up both in sadness and in anger. She had moved on for the most part, but Tori was her sister, and knowing that only returned the pain. How her beloved sister could fall so far was still a mystery even to her. Grasping the mask tightly against her chest, Kari drifted off to sleep.
  8. Kari chuckled at the forefront of of her pain, not realizing how the recount of her tale could throw someone off so well. To her, it was her life, known and lived. She never considered someone having any better than her own. After all, with the Sith, the Black Sun, slavery, murder, terrorism, war, and hatred having ran rampant throughout the Galaxy, tales such as hers seem to come dime a dozen. Some far less, but just grueling as the next. To know someone had lived a better life than her despite the odds stacked against them gave her a sense of enjoyment. It meant that there were still a semblance of balance left untouched. "You have nothing to apologize for." Kari spoke with a heartily smile as she activated Ghost who sprung back to life. Looking down upon her arms, gazing upon the Ashla and Bogan mural tattoos that adorned her arms, she again chuckled. "I suppose I do carry my life upon my sleeves more than most, but it is the life that made me. We would all do well to know each other's lives as such. Then perhaps we could truly understand one another better." Kari motioned Ban to follow her, originally intending to lead him to the beds he requested, but instead detoured into the a small kitchenette like area where she placed a pot of water on to boil and gathered some small herbs from a shelf to grind and add to the water when it began to percolate. Once it had, she added the leaves to it and gathered a couple of tin mugs as it sat there simmering. "Forgive me if my tale made you uncomfortable, but aside from preventing my never forgetting again, there was another reason I wished you to know it." Kari stirred the brew and poured it into the tin cups, handing one over to Ban as she blew upon her own to cool it before she took the first sip. "Where we are headed upon Shili is the crypt of my family. But it's also a small nexus within the Force. There's a chance you may see part of it just as Lucef did all those years ago." Kari carefully took a small sip of the bitter tea, feeling its calming effects flow over her as the warm water washed down her esophagus and hit the pit of her stomach, warming her chilled body up slightly. She never understood why, but hyperspace held an unnatural chill to it whenever she found herself traveling it. "But even if not, given the unknowing we're walking into thanks to my sister Tori, I felt it was best if you knew everything. Tori was a Master of Illusion and Deception, a Seductress among Seductors. She held a natural affinity to turn any situation into a benefit for her. So we need to be careful once we arrive. Once she was halfway through her cup, Kari pointed behind Ban. "Those are your quarters there, just down that hallway. Mine are just opposite. We've still got a few hours ahead of us until we reach Shili, so resting would be a good option if you need to. I, myself, plan on at least having one more cup before I turn in."
  9. "Welcome to the Night Owl." Kari humbly boasted as she tossed her Trench coat aside, revealing the tube top that laid beneath and the tattoos that adorned her upper form, most notably the mural sleeves of Ashla and Bogan that covered each arm as well as the twin Tonfas strapped across the small of her back. "You're welcome to take up quarters wherever you like." When she reached Ghost, Kari gathered up a few splices and tools she would need as she worked away into the droid's AI and mainframe, backtracking the message and locating any other alterations made to its wiring. She wasnt so much ticked off that Ventra managed to pull it off, but that Ghost had allowed the vile sister to do such a thing. They may have been triplets, Ventra, Kari, and Angela, but surely the droid could tell age differences. "Sit down and enjoy the tale I weave for you while I work away at the blasted droid's memory banks." She said mostly in jest as she motioned for him to take a seat, her eyes never moving from the wires. "Where to begin? May as well start from the beginning I guess..." "It began roughly fifty or sixty years ago, maybe longer as I'm not quite sure how long ago I was originally conceived. Our mother was a slave to a small time Sith Lord that had taken up governing the world of Shili under the Imperial Ruling Body at the time.... Kari stopped for a moment of thought, the look upon her face one of deep puzzlement and conjecture before continuing with acceptance. "I suppose most of our kind were slaves to the vile creature, but our mother happened to be one of his favorites. And Darth Osmus, or at least I think that was his name, made her life a living hell as you could imagine, often summoning her to his chambers simply out of spite. Or so i was told." Despite Kari's solid composure and demeanor, her gaze stayed fixated on Ghost's mainframe to hide the watering of her eyes as she spoke of her past in such a casual way. But after the incident with Faust and Ventra, she vowed to never have her past hidden ever again. Wiping a singular tear from her face, Kari kept explaining it as she continued her work. "It wasnt long before Mother found out she was pregnant with the three of us, even on backwater world like Shili. And fast forward about a year, and we existed. Though, not by her choosing or her want. Yet, by then, she was stuck with us and our 'father' was dust and bones. And as you can imagine, due to our means of conceivement, we really didnt have much of a childhood, let alone a happy one. We were products of rape, and as such, treated like unwanted pests, especially when Mother drank. And did she ever drink. Think I got that habit from her, as did Angela. Tori... Ventra, never really did care for the taste." "We spent most of our childhood locked away in cages at night, sometimes at night too. But what little free time we did manage to get, we spent hunting and stealing just so we didnt starve to death, especially Angela. Unlike Tori and I, she lacked the gift that gave us our freedom from Mother. And when Shili was liberated, a Jedi managed to find us and take us with him to Coruscant. Angela, on the other hand, was stuck under Mother's thumb for the rest of Mother's life, which didnt help when Tori cloned me." Kari stopped for a moment, her form as still as her breathing, a subject she had to reveal to anyone outside those who already knew. She sighed, setting aside her tools and turned to face Ban as she slide against a bulkhead. "I died in my original life during my Padawanship. I was around sixteen or seventeen and me and my Master, a Knight barely the age of twenty, fell in love. We knew it was forbidden at the time, not as relaxed as the Order is now, but it couldn't be helped. And when we became liabilities for one another, he had us reassigned. He died a few months later in combat, and I did shortly after at the hands of a lustful Master." Ban could see the hurt in Kari's eyes as unnoticed tears streamed down her cheeks. She was intensely beautiful, even for a Togruta of nearly thirty, so a lustful Master wasn't much of a long stretch. But being a product of rape and dying during a similar encounter could put anyone through the ringer, especially someone of only seventeen. "So Tori left the order and became Darth Ventra after she murdered My Master for what he had done to me, and eventually cloned me a few years later. After that, I was given to my sister Angela to be raised, only unknown to Tori, Angela was more like our Mother than we bargained for. And because of that, it seems, my second chance at life wasnt any easier than the first." Kari leaned forward and gathered her tools, returning to work. "Tori cloned me using black market parts and Sith Alchemy, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that when one of Angela's rage filled attacks caused both my lifetimes to converge and skills that were forgotten became dangerous weapons in my untrained hands, and I ended up taking the life of our youngest sister. In an attempt to correct her mistake, Tori wiped my memory and I was left at the Jedi Temple at Ossus." "Fast forward a few years, and I was finally taken as a Padawan under a one Lusef Aryan, also known as Vladimir Faust. At the time, that moniker was unknown, so he was able to slip in as Jedi Master and play his little games. I held no knowledge of either, and he held no knowledge of my past or of Ventra." Kari spoke as she cleansed what remained of the commands Ventra had placed in Ghost and shut closed his paneling. "After nearly destroying the Temple at Gala, I wandered the Galaxy until I found Tython, my mind broken by my past life and my current one. Thankfully the spirits of Tython were capable in helping me to fix the damage that was done, and I now stand before you whole and complete. I just hope it remains this way as we investigate Ventra's final message." Stretching her arms upward as she stood, her back and arms popping with her movement, Kari looked back to Ban. "I know it's a bit confusing, so if you have any questions, you have only to ask. I made myself a promise long ago to never hide my past, even from strangers. This way, I'll never forget again."
  10. Kari nodded her head in acceptance, reaching her hand up and lowering the ramp. It was time they leave. Once at the helm, preflight conditions were met, her ship cleared for take off. Once she had her heading, her ship cleared traffic and entered hyperspace. "First things first." She spoke as she turned to Ban, her voice yelling past the Kosai toward the droid that had resumed his duties. "Ghost! Activate protocol Delta-Romeo-Alpha-India-November!" Within moments, the T3 unit powered down and Kari placed the ship onto autopilot. With that, she motioned for Ban to follow and she walked toward the droid. "I wonder what other surprises we'll find in the little bugger."
  11. As Ban left, Kari sat alone in silence. Like he, she had felt the pull of the Force and what direction it had led to. But rather than follow it in person, she decided to meditate upon and let her mind flow upon it's current and see it through the will of the Force rather than her own eyes. When she felt the presence of Tobias, it didn't quite surprise her. Even when she had met him at the Conclave, he seemed a tad wreckless and brash. But to her, it was good qualities for a Jedi Master to possess. Letting her mind follow the swirling vortex that surrounded him and that of the Imperial Knights, she found herself unable to agree with their methods nor their intent, but she was Je'daii. It was the Je'daii way to stay out of the affairs of others, only intervening if it meant to tip the scales of Balance, and what they were doing held little consequences. Still, a part of her felt pity for the Jedi Master, a mere mortal just like she was and incapable of true balance between both light and dark. And in truth, it felt a tad bit like a witch hunt more than repercussions for the crimes that were discussed previously upstairs. While it was true that he needed to answer for his misjudgment, the Alliance needed everyone they could muster for what seemingly laid ahead. Slightly disgusted, she withdrew her mind from the ongoings and returned. She understood the need for balance more than most, both upon the Galaxy and within one's self. But she felt these Imperial Knights corrupted the idea and were pushing to police a person's morals. That didnt sit well with her. It was a dangerous game to play. Shaking her head, she turned her gaze to the approaching Ban in his own return. "Its a long story to tell." She attempted to jest as she focused on the task ahead and away from what she witnessed. "I'll tell you on the way if you'd like, or just give you footnotes if you'd rather." With that said, she motioned for both Ghost and Ban to follow her to her ship. It wasn't that she was in a rush to get started, bit more that she was in a rush to get away from the Imperial Knights lurking about before they decided that her beliefs were unworthy. In silence, she sighed. Admiral Slaughter was going to have his hands full bringing all of these Factions together under one united banner, and just in luck, she had been sent to help him do so.
  12. "Forgive me" Kari spoke aloud, having realized her outburst and past both having came out into the light without intent. Fury boiled in her eyes as she clinched the mask she held in her palm so tightly that her orange skin turned bright pink before she sighed and released her grip. "It seems that my sister wishes to continue her torment of me even into the afterlife. it seems I may have a personal job for you after all." Kari glanced down at the mask, reaching upward toward her hip and placing it into her own satchel, her curiosity peaked as much as her skin crawled with leeriness. Ventra had never been one to do things simply out the kindness of what little heart she still possessed, and with the realization that she had been involved with Faust during her training under him only made her cautious. Part of her wanted to simply discard the artifact in the nearest receptacle bin, but the other wanted to know what it was that Ventra was exactly up to with this ploy. "Same pay as mentioned before, only that I'll add additional credits from my own personal account and you're welcome to any artifacts we come across when we reach Shili." After having said that, Kari realized she had said what the job retained. She shook her head in disbelief that even after all she had been put through, Ventra could still affect her so. "This Mask belong to Darth Ventra, my sister. Last time I saw it, it was left behind within the catacombs that belong to my family. If I'm to find out what my sister is up to, our best bet would be to start there and follow what clues present themselves. Normally, I would undertake this task alone, but given that Ventra was a Sorceress and that my emotions are easily manipulated when it comes to her and my past, I need someone there to keep me in check as well. Up for an Adventure Ban?" The smile that encompassed Kari's face was sincere, but there was hurt in her eyes.
  13. @ObliviousKnight, @Aidan Darkfire, @Sandy Sarna --Genesis-- It was a bittersweet moment to grasp as I rounded the corner toward where Master Armiena had positioned herself to me earlier. I had heard her talk of her son before, but laying eyes upon him and noticing her blotched face and elevated heart rate spoke volumes for what I was witnessing. I said not a word, but instead simply placed my hand upon her back and nudged her forward with a nod, toward the one she had ached so hard to see a smile upon my face and a tear streaming down my face. If only these two truly knew how lucky they were. ______________________________________ @Ban Ulfson --Kari Koi-- Kari bent down and reached her hand into T3's small compartment in haste, her hand almost instantly finding the mask within as he face went as completely ghost white pale as it could for her species as she pulled it out from within. "Ghost.... what is the meaning of th..." All Kari could manage to get out as a holovid of an aged version of Kari shot to life before them. "If your recieving this, it means that I am dead Kari and my plot, as well as Lusef's, to turn you to the darkside, failed. Yes, I knew of Faust's true identity and his purpose, and aligned myself with him solely to free yourself from chains that bound you in both life times. Faust wanted an Apprentice, I wanted my sister happy, two paths with the same outcome. So in the event that we failed, I programmed Ghost to retrieve the Sith Mask I wore. There is a secret to it, a secret i hope you can discover. Just know it will make you whole and both lives will become one. Good luck sister dearest." And with that, Ventra was gone, leaving Kari angered and confused. With a growl in her tone as her cuspids clinched, she questioned aloud. "What are you up to this time Ventra?"
  14. Kari smiled as he spoke, a sign of good faith encompassing her face. With her hand still extended out, she questioned one last time. "So it's a deal then?" As she awaited for his answer, Kari's gaze shifted about on her own toward the direction behind him. After arriving here with the Jedi Tobias, Kari had sent Ghost back to Borleias to retrieve her ship, and he had yet to return. But as if on cue, the small and ancient T3 droid came rolling around the corner of an offset ship toward her direction, a bit of dust and scraps adorning his metallic form. Curious, she wondered what he had been up to and what mess he had gotten himself into this time, but would leave those questions for another time. Yet, she felt a familiar presence residing around him that surely even Ban would pick up on, a certain darkness... "Ventra?" She spoke beneath her breath in an almost scowling tone as she approached the T3 in haste.
  15. "Neither did I." Kari chuckled in return. "And normally, I would agree with you. But this new Sith Empire is different. I can feel their pull on the Force, like a siphon sucking the very life from it and everything it touches. And until they are stopped, it will continue." She sighed. "Or so my Masters suspect. Think of it like a tidal pool, constantly shifting from one end to the other with no stillness in sight." She pondered momentarily about mentioning Faust, her former Jedi Master, having started this constant shift. But she felt it best to conceal that bit of information for now, just incase he recognized the name. Only Slaughter, and possibly Armiena of she had recognized her face in the meeting above, knew of her background in such depth. Brushing it aside, she focused back on his offer. While it was true that there was work to be found here, especially after the events at Dark Sun Station, she felt an uncanny pull toward him. It was as if the Force had brought them together for a separate purpose, and given their similar views, it must pertain to that. "I'm sure Admiral Slaughter or those leading the Imperial Remnant could easily provide work for you." She spoke, having brought her fingers up to her chin in thought. "But I have a feeling that our meeting was not coincidental. Especially given our similar views. I could be mistaken, but perhaps the Force wanted us together, whether it be aid you in your endeavor or another purpose is revealed. Now I cant pay what either of those can, but I can provide the necessities and even give you a grunts wage if you're interested." She gazed him in the eyes and stuck out her hand in greeting. "What do you say Ban?"
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