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  1. "Forgive me" Kari spoke aloud, having realized her outburst and past both having came out into the light without intent. Fury boiled in her eyes as she clinched the mask she held in her palm so tightly that her orange skin turned bright pink before she sighed and released her grip. "It seems that my sister wishes to continue her torment of me even into the afterlife. it seems I may have a personal job for you after all." Kari glanced down at the mask, reaching upward toward her hip and placing it into her own satchel, her curiosity peaked as much as her skin crawled with leeriness. Ventra had never been one to do things simply out the kindness of what little heart she still possessed, and with the realization that she had been involved with Faust during her training under him only made her cautious. Part of her wanted to simply discard the artifact in the nearest receptacle bin, but the other wanted to know what it was that Ventra was exactly up to with this ploy. "Same pay as mentioned before, only that I'll add additional credits from my own personal account and you're welcome to any artifacts we come across when we reach Shili." After having said that, Kari realized she had said what the job retained. She shook her head in disbelief that even after all she had been put through, Ventra could still affect her so. "This Mask belong to Darth Ventra, my sister. Last time I saw it, it was left behind within the catacombs that belong to my family. If I'm to find out what my sister is up to, our best bet would be to start there and follow what clues present themselves. Normally, I would undertake this task alone, but given that Ventra was a Sorceress and that my emotions are easily manipulated when it comes to her and my past, I need someone there to keep me in check as well. Up for an Adventure Jeet?" The smile that encompassed Kari's face was sincere, but there was hurt in her eyes.
  2. @ObliviousKnight, @Aidan Darkfire, @Sandy Sarna --Genesis-- It was a bittersweet moment to grasp as I rounded the corner toward where Master Armiena had positioned herself to me earlier. I had heard her talk of her son before, but laying eyes upon him and noticing her blotched face and elevated heart rate spoke volumes for what I was witnessing. I said not a word, but instead simply placed my hand upon her back and nudged her forward with a nod, toward the one she had ached so hard to see a smile upon my face and a tear streaming down my face. If only these two truly knew how lucky they were. ______________________________________ @Jeet Ulfsban --Kari Koi-- Kari bent down and reached her hand into T3's small compartment in haste, her hand almost instantly finding the mask within as he face went as completely ghost white pale as it could for her species as she pulled it out from within. "Ghost.... what is the meaning of th..." All Kari could manage to get out as a holovid of an aged version of Kari shot to life before them. "If your recieving this, it means that I am dead Kari and my plot, as well as Lusef's, to turn you to the darkside, failed. Yes, I knew of Faust's true identity and his purpose, and aligned myself with him solely to free yourself from chains that bound you in both life times. Faust wanted an Apprentice, I wanted my sister happy, two paths with the same outcome. So in the event that we failed, I programmed Ghost to retrieve the Sith Mask I wore. There is a secret to it, a secret i hope you can discover. Just know it will make you whole and both lives will become one. Good luck sister dearest." And with that, Ventra was gone, leaving Kari angered and confused. With a growl in her tone as her cuspids clinched, she questioned aloud. "What are you up to this time Ventra?"
  3. Kari smiled as he spoke, a sign of good faith encompassing her face. With her hand still extended out, she questioned one last time. "So it's a deal then?" As she awaited for his answer, Kari's gaze shifted about on her own toward the direction behind him. After arriving here with the Jedi Tobias, Kari had sent Ghost back to Borleias to retrieve her ship, and he had yet to return. But as if on cue, the small and ancient T3 droid came rolling around the corner of an offset ship toward her direction, a bit of dust and scraps adorning his metallic form. Curious, she wondered what he had been up to and what mess he had gotten himself into this time, but would leave those questions for another time. Yet, she felt a familiar presence residing around him that surely even Jeet would pick up on, a certain darkness... "Ventra?" She spoke beneath her breath in an almost scowling tone as she approached the T3 in haste.
  4. "Neither did I." Kari chuckled in return. "And normally, I would agree with you. But this new Sith Empire is different. I can feel their pull on the Force, like a siphon sucking the very life from it and everything it touches. And until they are stopped, it will continue." She sighed. "Or so my Masters suspect. Think of it like a tidal pool, constantly shifting from one end to the other with no stillness in sight." She pondered momentarily about mentioning Faust, her former Jedi Master, having started this constant shift. But she felt it best to conceal that bit of information for now, just incase he recognized the name. Only Slaughter, and possibly Armiena of she had recognized her face in the meeting above, knew of her background in such depth. Brushing it aside, she focused back on his offer. While it was true that there was work to be found here, especially after the events at Dark Sun Station, she felt an uncanny pull toward him. It was as if the Force had brought them together for a separate purpose, and given their similar views, it must pertain to that. "I'm sure Admiral Slaughter or those leading the Imperial Remnant could easily provide work for you." She spoke, having brought her fingers up to her chin in thought. "But I have a feeling that our meeting was not coincidental. Especially given our similar views. I could be mistaken, but perhaps the Force wanted us together, whether it be aid you in your endeavor or another purpose is revealed. Now I cant pay what either of those can, but I can provide the necessities and even give you a grunts wage if you're interested." She gazed him in the eyes and stuck out her hand in greeting. "What do you say Jeet?"
  5. Her eyes squared and her lips pursed into a smirk as he spoke of his Order, Kari's own beliefs reflected. It was quite interesting that others existed, first in Tobias, and now this Jeet. Truly the Force was beckoning for balance, aching for restoration. Perhaps, in its nature, it was calling for a culling, and its charge was beginning to be answered. As he finished, she spoke. "Indeed. It seems the Force is calling for its scales to be balanced." Bringing her hand up to the bridge of her nose, the Togruta sighed. Her former Master has caused more damage than she suspected. Yet, she suspected that the spirits of Tython already held knowledge of this, which is why she was likely sent. "What have you brought upon the Galaxy this time Lusef Aryan." She spoke beneath her breath. "Like it's natural symbiotic relationship with all life, the Force is neither light nor dark. It simply is. It is the Kath Hound eating the Iriaz, or the grass of the marsh protecting the eggs of the unborn fish. It is life and it is death. But now it is being weilded for war and massacres, its will ignored for personal gain or glorification. And at the forefront, this new Sith Empire has became the snake's head in its misuse. This is what I've came to correct."
  6. After her credentials were verified and returned to her, the Apprentice apologized and soon the crowded security began to disperse as she turned toward the man that had identified himself as Jeet Ulfsban. She smiled as she returned her ID card to her pocket and gave him a quick once over before her gaze met his in return. She knew that the Force worked in mysterious ways, but a man emitting this much pull upon the Force without being known as Jedi or Sith was as rare as she and Tobias seemed to be. But then again, she hadn't met these Imperial Knights as of yet either. Was he one of them? Just as the thought crossed her mind, he spoke. "I suppose you could say curiosity got the better of me. I felt your pull upon the Force, but it didnt hold any malicious intent behind it. So I came to investigate." She jested with a chuckle, placing her hand upon her hip in a restful posture. "Kosai? Can't say that I have heard of them, but then again, I've been away for nearly a decade studying under the Je'daii of Tython. I was only recently dispatched to aid the Galactic Alliance and help restore the imbalance the Sith have recently caused."
  7. Kari chuckled briefly as Ghost displayed his disruptor pistol with a semblance of pride, the droid's binary tweets indicating he held no fear over man nor droid as he eyed Tobias in a curious fashion. As Tobias turned to Kari, Ghost boarded his ship to take a look around and make up his own mind about it's build. "Don't mind Ghost. He's as loyal as they come." Kari jested before she replied to his words in earnest. "My reasons for coming here may not have been fulfilled as meant, but the Force did bring us together whether for good or for ill. I must trust in its guidance, so I will be accompanying you, hopefully for the better." Kari smiled and boarded his ship.
  8. As Tobias deactivated his blade, so did Kari in almost unison, the twin Tonfas finding home in their usual spot as he motioned her to follow, her mind curious as to what this test of his had truly been about. One does not simply activate combat simply to test reflexes. Or was it something else he wished to see that delved beyond simple reflexes. Still open and alert to the Force's movement, she listened to his words, feeling a sense of his turmoil flowing upon its currents and slowly began to understand. "You are correct, Master Tobias." She spoke, the curling of her tongue's Shilian accent echoing her Je'daii teachings as they stood before his ship. "There are indeed times where actions are more powerful than words. But that is neither my or your decision to make, only the will of the Force's." Her gaze shifted to his ship, wondering about her own path now that she knew Master Darkfire to be dead and her original mission now hanging in the Balance just as that of the Force. It was the spirits of Tython, the aged Masters of the ancient Order whom no longer dwelled within the realm of life that urged her to seek him out, here, among the Jedi after making contact with the Alliance. Silently she wondered if they knew then of his passing or if the Force had a change of plans for her and her stumbling across her kindred spirit in the process its true goal. And then she gazed at her own ship, mere yards away and wondered if this choice was a test placed here by the Force to truly test her resolve to bring balance back to the scales. She sighed, letting the Force swell around her, letting its touch grasp at her very soul and feel for its pull upon her fate. And when the answer revealed its self, she opened her eyes and brought her hand to her ear, activating her comm. "Join me, will you Ghost?" She spoke, the binary code of a droid responding as her gaze shifted back to Tobias, finishing her words from before. "To truly understand the Force and its will is to first understand Nature. Like the circle of life, from predator to prey, whether you are fauna or flora, each must understand their place within each moment." As Ghost arrived, the small T3 unit rolling up beside his Master, Kari smiled. "Just as I now know the Force has brought us together for a reason, I know I am to accept your invite."
  9. To truly understand Kari was to truly understand the will of the Force, and that she does not weild it as a weapon, but as a part of herself. Like the Togruta of Shili, her body acts like her species' feet upon the ground that is the Force, one with it in a natural symbiotic state. To grasp at it is to alert her to its pull of imbalance as it flows around and within her. So when Tobias disappeared around the corner, she felt a sense of alert creep across her mind. Following him onward, her mind remained blank for the most part, her form feeling upon the swirling energy around her, aware that something was amiss but unsure as to the exact root of the cause, and focusing on her surroundings without hinting toward her sudden feeling of duress. After all, she was among the Jedi, protectorates and saviors for all that was good in the Galaxy, as well as a kindred spirit, a being of her own caliber who just proposed a test just moments previously. She could feel no malice intent either way. In truth, she was curious above all else. As he began to speak, her gaze shifting from the landing area he had led her to toward him, she began to pick up the slight pull of the Force from his form, a curious endeavor indeed and one she had never crossed before nor heard of, causing her own curiosity to grow even more. And upon reaching for the cane of which he offered up, her eyes fell prey to his visage disappearing before her and catching her briefly off guard. And when his attack came, it came in many angles within her sight. For one inexperienced in its use, it would resemble a broken mirror reflecting one scenario at multiple angles, showing it mere seconds before the actual act. So when Tobias truly stepped forward, Kari had already known it and simply stepped to side, swirling her coat to cover her direction as the twin Tonfas sprung to life and twirled vibrantly within the palms of her hands, a smile adorning her face as she stared toward Tobias with even more curiosity. "I'd rather not be tested in such a way." She spoke, her tone stern, yet friendly. "I prefer talking over combat."
  10. Kari watched attentively as Tobias inspected her Tonfas, a sense of violation creeping up her spine as her gaze continued onlooking. It was an uncomfortable sense, but one she had obligated in hopes of each one understanding the other during these talks, so she simply shrugged it off as the Tonfas returned and she placed them back in the crease across the small of her back with a grateful nod. She chuckled briefly at his joke, but her smile turned into an awkward look when Tobias rose, her unaware of his need for a cane catching her briefly taken aback. But the awkward look soon returned to it's original smile as she remembered that not all scars were emotional like the ones she carried. For some, they were in appearence only, not so easily hidden like her own. "A test?" She questioned as she began to follow Tobias out, her mind wondering along the lines of questioning he had presented, a curious look upon her face. "What kind of test."
  11. "I see." Kari spoke with as much a smile as she could muster, the mixture of high emotions and the ale beginning to affect her. She wondered if Tobias had been there that day so long ago, but her memory of it was as lost as the date to her. She only remembered the pain of Faust, the help of Aryian and Dashal, and her departure from Gala. The rest was a distant haze that could not be grasped so easily. "Then you are not so different after all, just that we started on different sides." Kari chuckled, setting her glass down, and rose to her feet clumsily for a brief moment, her head spinning briefly and causing her to grasp the table. Slowly she made her way to the window she had been gazing out off and on during their conversation and stared out of it attentively. "My Masters have said words very similar to that to me before, but even here, now, there is some doubt of mine in its wisdom." She opened the viewport and let the brisk air rush against her face and feel it's cool breeze flow over her sweaty face. "I suppose it's only part of nature to wonder about the what ifs, the what could have been, if only we acted differently or sooner." As she stood there, the Force swirled around her as if it felt her pain, tenderly encompassing her form as it enveloped her in a gentle embrace, and through her eyes, she saw the nature of it intertwining with the lives of those around her. She saw the symbiotic course that was carved between both nature and the Force, and she felt its need to move forward despite its misused direction. It's almost as if it wanted her to see it so that she could understand her own path. She turned back to Tobias. "When I left the Jedi Order, yes, I was a mere Apprentice on the verge of my Knighting when my Master revealed his true side. But through the Force and the Je'daii, I have long attained the equivalent of a Jedi Knight." She spoke with a smirk, her form leaning against the window's railing as she stood there. "Powerful? I can not say, as I'm only as powerful as the Force allows me to be, just as Faust quickly found out at Gala, even if I have lived two lifetimes. But yes, I do know a thing or two. What do you have in mind?"
  12. "No." She spoke with a sigh, filling her glass and taking a sip as she remembered back to Gala, the mess her Master had left her in, his toying laughter as he disappeared into the darkness as she receded into her own mind as the power within kept growing and growing out of control. She remembered Aryian's voice, and Dashel's touch as they saw both of her lives unfold before them. And then when she was about to explode, she remembered their comfort and the tears the three of them shared as she regained a semblance of control and Gala was saved. "Its been nearly a decade now, if not more." In truth, she had intended, or rather hoped, that she would spend the rest of her days on Tython. Faust, or Aryan.... whatever name he really went by, had utterly broken her during her tutelage under him, and Tython's spirits had brought Balance to her soul... the Je'daii most of all. But in her absence, her Master had came full circle and once again threatened the Balance of the Galaxy in its entirety. And as she looked past Tobias to the masses of refugees, she couldn't help but feel as if part of it was because of her. "You know, I spent all of that time hiding and healing from the wounds my Master inflicted upon my mind..." She spoke, pointing out the window toward the refugees, a tear strolling down her eye and causing her to take another sip. "And because of that, now trillions suffer. I should have just tracked him down and killed him myself years ago." Kari, realizing that she was letting her emotions get the better of her, wiped away the singular tear from her cheek and sat her glass down, reassessing herself and calming herself down. "Forgive me. I suppose that no matter how much I train, some things can only heal when they are ready to on their own." Kari chuckled half heartedly. "But to answer your question, i honestly dont know if I'll ever be ready to face that part of my past."
  13. Fury fired in her eyes as Kari tossed aside the glass of water, instead reaching her satchel and pulling for a bottle of whiskey as memories of her arrival at Coruscant and the presence she felt there that she knew all too well. Pouring her glass nearly full, she slammed the bottle down between them and gulped down the entirety of her own glass as her gaze shifted again to the side in what could only be described as disgust. "It wasn't odd. It was Vladimir Faust, Lusef Aryan, whatever name he goes by now." She spoke, the rage still painted across her face as she breathed deep to bury it, her cheeks flushed with redness. Reaching up to pour more into her glass but not drinking it, she spoke again. "It was my former Master, the man who infiltrated the Jedi and trained me simply to show that he could do it, and left me a broken weapon at Gala. His presence was everywhere." Kari chugged down what she had poured and sat the glass down upon the table, her finally able to release the anger that was beginning to boil within her at the thought of him and focus on what Tobias was offering. With a deep sigh, she calmed herself, her gaze shifting back toward the man before her, her hopes that he had yet to think her crazy replacing her anger as she did. "I am but a servant to the Will of the Force, and it guides me. It was what led me to Coruscant, to the Galactic Alliance, and now to you and the Jedi. Perhaps it now leads me down the path you are about to walk." Refilling and raising her glass, she spoke but a single sentence with a wink. "The Force's Will be done."
  14. Frustration crossed the Togruta's face as the man before her spoke. She knew about the chaos of Coruscant and what ensued in its aftermath. She was there. She fought the Mandalorians when they attacked the GA. She was a Lieutenant in its service under Slaughter. But she could also feel and see his own disdain, making her proposition all the more needed. Slaughter was a similar mind, knowing her former position among the Jedi, and yet, had agreed with her that an Ambassador was needed. Accepting the glass, she took a sip, her mind wondering what power he had used to conjure the water as she did. "I see." She spoke, setting the glass back upon the table and crossing her leg over the other as she sat back into her seat, her gaze shifting away. "I was at Coruscant, aiding in its defense under Admiral Slaughter. This is why I've come back to the Jedi offering myself as an Alliance Ambassador. We dont need to get caught off guard like that again. It wouldn't hurt to have a go-between for either faction." But the news of Aryian's death was a serious problem for her plans. The spirits of Tython had told her that he was the key to placing it all together, but if he was indeed dead, it was a major setback. With a deep sigh, she shifted her gaze back toward him, her hand reaching up to massage her aching forehead. "You suggest another path. What do you have in mind?"
  15. She chuckled. He was actually quite the funny man. But the scales had been tipped enough, and while she could not divine the Force's will, she still followed it as it presented its self. Some could say that she and the Je'daii should remain as merely observers, finally allow the Jedi and Sith Orders to destroy themselves within their age old war, once that should have never been. But that notion didn't sit well with her, the possibility of the scales becoming even more tipped, possibly forever. No. The Force, just as her Masters, felt this to be best course of actions. "Adding more aspects would only worsen the problem, as some view my own philosophy to be false despite it birthing the very philosophy that both Orders follow." She spoke with a saddened smile. "No. My only hope, our only hope, lies in the course that I have been pulled toward. The Force beckons me to aid the Galactic Aliance and become an Ambassador between the Jedi and Alliance so that both can pull together as one when the time comes. Until then, I will play my part and follow the Force's will." "Once I leave here," She added, "I must seek out the grey Jedi known as Aryian Darkfire."
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