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  1. Good point about Daft Punk, HoT, but i was merely using them as an example. I am really know a connaisseur of the "electro" genre and you are right that the quality of sounding "timeless" is not something that's easy to come by. I do like the Blade Runner soundtrack although it is a little too aggressive at times. I think the bottomline that everyone seems to agree with is... Episode 7 should be symphonic with John Williams, or inspired from John Williams, and the spinoffs can be whatever the director wants. I would really be interested to see where those spinoffs will end up. How they will influence the future of the franchise!
  2. Of course, no poster has been released yet. All we know is that Drew Struzan who used to make the posters will not make the next one. On this note, I came across these beautiful fan-made posters. Actually, I came across the first one thanks to our old friend Darth Jade. Enjoy.
  3. Bear with me for a second... Imagine a Boba Fett movie on Nar Shaddaa or in the underlevels of Coruscant where the sound track is made by Daft Punk à la Tron: Legacy. Imagine the possibilities. Like I said. I love John Williams, it just nice to think of the other possibilities of the universe.
  4. Here's a thought. I think Episode 7-8-9 should follow the path and continuity set by the previous movies, including Using John Williams and his score. However... spinoffs! I would love to see Star Wars spinoffs try new things, and that would also include the freedom to have different music. Don't get me wrong, I love John Williams, I think he has composed almost every well known movie score ever.
  5. Another bruins fan, yay. *high five* I am excited that it is back, but I have pledged to boycott the first 10 games as part of the "Just Drop It" initiative. Not sure it'll have an impact, but I'll stand by my word. Not that it'll change much, considering I live in Vancouver, and the Bruins probably won't play the Canucks during the regular season. As for being excited for the actual hockey, I'm excited to see the two new youngsters that bruins have in store. First, there's Dougie Hamilton and I heard Jared Knight's going to be pretty good too. I hope Rask can pull the team, and that Thomas stays in his bunker.
  6. General Zod. Who will be played by Michael Shannon with an evil goatee.
  7. I used to be a huge superman fan as a kid, so I was all over this trailer when it came out... yesterday? Although I thought it looked beautiful, something was missing. It didn't feel epic... maybe what was missing was the John Williams score which to me, has always been a big part of the movies. To me, this feels very similar to a star wars movie without the star wars theme. I'm still excited about this movie, but the pressure is on.
  8. No. He dead. Seriously, I don't see that as possible because... #1 - Lucas has said numerous times that Mace Windu died when he fell from that window. #2 - I don't really see how he could come back a force ghost unless they're having a force ghost party and every one is invited... I mean he would have to come "visit" someone he knows, and the last connection to Windu would have been Kenobi or Yoda. #3 - I like the man, but he's had his turn, and a pretty good turn it was. Okay okay okay... if he insists, he can have a cameo where he's dressed up like a funky alien.
  9. A book was brought to my attention recently and I went through it like Rosie O’Donnell with a pan of lady fingers. The book is Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. It was described to me as “Speculative Fiction” and I heard it was about a dystopian future, which is something I usually like to read about… Although confusing at first, the book had a very interesting narrative structure. In the end I came out intrigued and eager to hear more stories like this. I highly recommend this book in particular. As a sidenote, I usually “read” books as audiobooks which requires that the reader be a good narrator; otherwise it’s just a pain to listen to. In this instance, I was fortunate to have the story told by Campbell Scott, who you might know from his 30second appearance as Peter Parker’s father in The Amazing Spiderman. Grrrreat narrator. Anyone knows any book of that genre they’d recommend?
  10. When he acted "darkly" he was overselling it a bit, in my opinion, but overall I'd say he was good. Not great. But good! I just read that he'll be playing Harry Osborn in the next Spiderman though. So that rules him out of the unknown actor category. He also plays in the movie Lincoln.
  11. I just watched a movie called Chronicle. The movie is like Blair Witch Project meets X-Men First Class. Long story short, the characters have telekinetic powers not unlike the force, and throughout the movie I felt like the lead actor looked like what Luke Skywalker's son could look like. The actor's name was Dane Dehaan.
  12. The Ebon Hawk! That's where I chose to play. Is that good/bad/doesn't change a thing?
  13. I read it earlier this year... "in preparation" although i nearly forgot it all, again. However, I think i'm glad I forgot most of it. By knowing the book by heart, it feels like you expect things to go down exactly like in the book, which never happens. Peter Jackson stays pretty faithful to the original work, but there's always some deviation! ... and sometimes ignorance is bliss!
  14. Haha, yeah, that should have been my first question. Hopefully its not too late. Its "free" but some features seem to be "exclusive to subscribers". So far it doesn't seem to impede the gameplay though, except that the inventory is so small, its ridiculous. I'll find out what my server is, so I can get some company!
  15. I have just joined this thing. So far I'm not so ecstatic about it! I'm Azaell on the server caaaaalled... hum... I don't quite know, how do I find that out?!
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