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  1. First Impressions As Karys stood observing the sight before him, silent as the other sith moved about around him, he couldn't help but smile a little even if inside he boiled with a silent rage, the wounds of Kuat ever evident. The thrill of war was a scent he could never ignore, forever it would draw him and entice him like a fine wine, forever would they be linked to the other. As the massassi observed the flanks of enemy ships before him from one of the observation ports on the Scarab, he couldn't help but chuckle. He had to admire the gall of the jedi and indeed all those who stood opposing them. They had walked willingly to their doom, knowing this might be their end and all to rescue one person. It appeared the Empress had more value than he had initially fathomed, that they would risk destruction for her sake. Yet if it was death they wanted, he would not deny them. Indeed he had hoped it would come to this. He was owed vengeance, at this he saw it that way...death for the taking of his arm and the humiliation they had caused him to suffer since that day. Only a month ago had he awoken from his coma, the visions that had woken him still seeming fresh. He was still unsure what they meant only that they were important and were not to be ignored. But that was something to dwell on later for now he had a battle to help win. Without another moments notice he marched towards the hangars, purpose in his steps. Although he didn't tend to fly often, Karys was a excellent starfighter pilot, years as a mercenary before his life as a sith had honed his skills in that arena, and today he would put those skills to use laying waste to his most hated of enemies. The Jedi were here in force and he intended to inflict countless suffering upon them. The wrath of him and his people would be known. Finding a suitable craft he was soon airborne and joining the fray outside looking, at first defending the Scarab before getting a bit more aggressive as things were developing. Soon defense became offense as he glided between the dark of space and the many stars around them. It wasn't long before the first of many victims fell to his laser fire and pinpoint accuracy, expertly guided by his own hand. At least for now, he knew if needed he could always call upon the force to assist him. And yet as he fought he felt the wave of pain, death, destruction, chaos around him. And the boosting affects of the battle meditation likewise boosted his proficiency. Like a dark vengeful demon, he stalled his prey. And yet among the chaos he was sure he felt something strange, familiar and yet not. He put the thought aside, it was probably nothing important and besides now was no time to dwell on it. Not during a time of battle at least.
  2. Karys facial jowls quivered slightly when the voice of the mysterious Sith he had felt before finally revealed themselves. Being this close, he could feel the Darkness surround and encompass the apparently human male much more prominently...in fact it was almost intoxicating and bore testament to the power of the one who controlled it. Few ever got the Masassi's attention but this particular individual seemed to do just that. He became rather curious, who was this man that felt similar to the old lords back home? A feeling reminiscent of the Darkness that often clung to the tombs in the valley's on Korriban. He finally got a good look at the man when he threw the spear towards Karys. Karys noted that the strange man had elected to wear not much other than some type of shouldered brassard and buckskin strappings that covered his upper body. Which was telling of his confidence in his abilities. Karys also became aware that whoever he was, this man was well informed...even so far as to know how he got his prosthetics. This placed him at a distict disadvantage, in that this man knew much of him and yet he knew nothing of him. He would seek to change that during the course of the bout between men and beasts. Karys chuckled a little at the comments, speaking calmly before his more serious nature came to the front as he considered the man's other words. He offered a quick bow of the head even as he took the spear. "So you decided to show yourself, I was beginning to wonder who it was hiding nearby and if you would ever show yourself. I could feel you but not see you, a rare thing indeed. It is a credit to your skills. As to your advice, if what you say of these creatures is true perhaps we can use their anger and confusion against them to our advantage...afterall someone desperate is far more likely to do something stupid, and act irrationally wouldn't you agree? Although that also has it's downside but I think in this case it's worth the risk." Moments later and the man spoke again, this time informing Karys that company was on it's way, and it wasn't friendly. "As to Kuat, I believe I have. It was a lesson hard learnt, my arrogance...my overconfidence cost me dearly against that droid monstrosity. I shall try not to make that same mistake. Korriban and my trip to Mustafar thereafter has taught me much I was unaware of before. Where before my path was unclear now I believe I have started the way towards bettering myself. And after I find out what went on down here, I shall show the Empire what I am truly capable of free of those chains. But first these creatures, it is a worthy challenge."
  3. As Karys approached the Nabara Forest face, following in the wake of the Dark Lord and missing search party before him, he couldn't help but smile a little. Even as he trudged through the muddy forest floor, the constant rain pinging off his armour and robes, he was excited at the possibility of newfound combat...a chance to prove his worth to the Sith Empire after his previous failings. Some of which cost him far more than he intended, his robotic arm and leg were a constant reminder of that fact. Following the signs left behind on the floor, the tracks left by the speeders, Karys moved forwards. Fearless of whatever or whoever lay in these woods. He lived for the thrill of battle and welcomed the chaos it brang. Soon enough and the massassi lost the trail, the speeder tracks disappearing into mud. Further along, he noted several jagged pieces of wrecked speeders...a sign something happened here that was not to the previous parties favour. This made him more cautious as he continued following the trail of what remained of the carnage towards something and someone he never thought he would have the chance to lay eyes upon. Up ahead he could hear the sounds of fresh battle, a sound he knew well. Before he was close he could feel whoever it was, was strong in the Force...the darkness seemed to gather around him like a thick fog. A familiar darkness. It became clear whoever it was, was a Sith. As such, Karys caution was well deserved. He knew never to underestimate any Sith, even if they were allies that didn't necessarily mean they were your friends. Deciding to see who it might be, a survivor perhaps? Karys approached the scene only to be met with equal hostility. A spear shot towards his feet, forcing Karys to take a step back as he sensed the projectile come towards him. Another smile crept beneath the full face mask he wore. It appeared combat may well have found him. Calling out, he would not be denied his fill. "Your warnings do nothing to disway me of my goal. Whoever you are. I eagerly accept the challenge and any who offer the chance to hone and test my skills."
  4. Karys listened carefully. Although he didn't much like taking orders from others he decided to place a certain amount of trust in the two Mandolorian's who took lead of the situation at the current moment, a trust based upon a silent agreement that had been made between the group to each others mutual advantage for the time being. A trust built upon the circumstances they had been placed into. Soon enough and various members of the group started walking away in other directions. Karys was soon left with just the Zeltron and a couple of others, on closer inspection he noted the Zeltron and he shared the same skin color and color eyes, which amused him a little. As did the internal monologue he heard in the Force. Mr squiddy indeed. With no other options available Karys set about following her, his keen senses and hearing picking up the sound of blaster fire ringing out which insighted him to ignite his saber, once removed from its hidden compartment. The crimson red soon lit up the hallway, allowing additional light for them to see what awaited them. And perhaps ward off any potential would-be attacker, unless of course they were just that stupid or incredibly sure of themselves. Tangling with a Sith Lord rarely ended well for the one on the other end. Moving along, Karys asked they stop at a door along the way after stepping over various corpses. A door that happened to belong to his room, entering he quickly changed to his proper armour and was soon prepared and looking every bit as menacing and fear inspiring as the various images of Sith in armour often depicted. This was made more evident by his newest weapons picked from the cart which sat comfortably in the positions he gave them previously. Albeit this time atop the armour instead of his skin and prosthetics. He spoke as he stepped out and the two continued to walk down towards the kitchen, the Force guiding him. He became aware that the closer they seemed to get the stronger the dark feeling felt. Stronger and stronger it got. He was only distracted from the feeling by his new found companion and by what he next saw. Stopping briefly he looked to what should have been a escape pod bay that apparently lacked a escape pod. Ad the two went along he noted more of the same...which didn't bode well for the group. And so he decided to check and see of the others had encountered the same problem. If so then it would be clear whoever was responsible had no intention of letting the group out alive along with the rest of the passengers. Turning briefly to the Zeltron he spoke. "Well that's not good. Look, no escape pods...I think someone wants to keep us here. Permanently for some reason. I think it's time we found someone to have a chat with. I am done playing with these people and have no intention of them sending me to an early grave. First things first let's see if it's the same picture elsewhere." He commed the two Mando's "Karys here, we have encountered something interesting. It seems there is a distinct lack of escape pods in the bays along the route. It's suggestive that we are to be permanent guests here, what's it like on your end? I'll keep you posted of we find anything else." Just as he finished, Karys attention was brought to the sight before him by Scorpion. A ballroom which appeared to have become something of no man's land on the ship. A self contained war zone. Thinking upon all he saws Karys felt nothing but disgust at what he saw. His disgust was visible both in the Force and on his face under his armoured mask. For one who felt emotions they would also feel his distain. Weak fools and cowards. They would do anything to save their skins, they at unworthy of the life they live. He spoke out. "The feeling is mutual. Look at them...the snivelling cowards, weak minded fools who would sell their own grandmother to save their own skin. Such beings as these I would happily cleanse from the galaxy. They are unworthy of life. They lack a strong will and have no backbone to do what must be done. Not like you or I. That said our goal is clear. Our target lies at the other end of this room, and they are stopping us from getting there, experience teaches that sometimes the easiest solution is a straightforward line. I say we fight our way through and do the galaxy some favours in the process. Don't worry I'll try and ensure we stay alive as best I can, and I look forward to seeing you work. It should prove quite educational, for us both I think. That said shall we?" On that note Karys set to work. His Darth Akheron persona coming out to play, like a great wrathful tide of hate and rage. A beast let out of its cage. Something that was very likely to be noticed by whatever the dark presence was that awaited them. Within moments a cowardly, human noble became victim number one. He thought that firing at the Sith and sending three of his guard to start shooting was a good idea as the pair traversed the room. The Massassi was quick to prove that it would do little to change his fate. Moving quickly he used his saber to deflect two bolts back to their owners, before impaling the third victim and gripping the noble in a vice like grip with the Force, the sound of bone and sinew breaking was audible for all to hear in the room. His body crushed into itself before the lifeless corpse was sent careening nto another noble cowering in one corner. His screams brought a chuckle as blood and guts coated his clothes while bone shrapnel pierced his skin. Every moment was like a blur of other movements, as each saber and Force move bled seamlessly into one another. Body after body fell. And yet more remained intent on death only to have their fates reversed and to suffer greatly. Karys however was seemingly enjoying every moment, revelling in the bloodshed and sheer terror he wrought. This was unbridled fury, this was true Wrath. The Lord of Wrath earnt his namesake.
  5. Karys listened as the woman jabbed her angry finger at him. Withholding his rage, he remained silent listening as she continued, revealing his purpose among all this. As the weapons crate spilled over, Karys remained back, allowing others to go before him. Like tu'kata after scraps a table...weak of mind. He thought so at least. It was then events took another turn. As the lights went out Karys stretched out his senses within the Force using it to see, hear and feel what was going on. His mind piqued with interest as suddenly he felt the chilling wave of fear that swept the entirety of the ship. It was among the panic, chaos, anarchy and feelings of utter helplessness he felt, that he felt something other. A darkness that was something even more. Decidely not Sith in orgin. This much he could tell as he felt it. This felt ancient. A colder ice than the Darkside. This made him curious yet cautious...what could be more ancient than the Sith? It enthralled him slightly, as a follower of the Dark. He felt the ancient terror as it seemed to swirl in the suddenly still air, uncirculated by the shipwide air processing system. Hearing what he thought to be a maniacal cackle radiating through The Force and then just as suddenly it was gone. He attempted to find it again as it moved along the dark lines of chaotic fear and terror but failed his venture. Now he was certain the Force and the Dark called him here for a reason. To help or hinder he would soon find out. As others in the room spoke up, Karys likewise spoke after picking his own weapons once everyone else was clear. Rummaging through he saw several items that he liked the look of. Grabbing one, he was surprised by its appearance here of all places. A Sith Lanvarok made of phrik with several razor sharp discs. Three of which were already pre-loaded. It spoke of how deep this mysterious benefactor's, pockets went. Attaching it to his organic arm, and placing the spare discs in his belt, he next picked out a serrated edged, durasteele Parang which he put between his belt as well. Next up, he picked out a Dissuader KD-30. He recalled it's history. He remembered reading this particular slugthrower was a highly specialized design. Produced by Kelvarek Consolidated Arms and used during the reigns of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire and the New Republic he recalled. The weapon fired hollow slugs filled with acid, which were capable of dissolving armor, flesh and bone. Something he found appealing. The only drawbacks were it required reloading after every ten shots, and fired to a maximum range of 100 meters. Bit he didn't mind. He had need of such a weapon to counter those infernal lizards. He would try and hold onto this. Along with a holster he placed it to his right robotic leg, just above where his saber currently was hidden inside. Finally he picked a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, which he strapped across his back for now. Along with placing a mix of 2 EMP grenades, 2 Thermal Detonators and 1 Flashbang grenade in a bandolier across his front. Now he figured all he needed was his armor. "I am Karys Narat iv-Adas, a Massassi of Korriban. You will find no disagreement from me...the plan is sound, I too want to get to the bottom of all this. I will not be made a pawn either. Whoever 'hired' us has no idea what he has unleashed. As to what happened to him." Karys said looking at the stupored man. "I may have an idea. I am strong in the Force, highly sensitive to it's ways and flow, connected and attuned to it some might say, trained in its use. As such when it went dark I stretched out my senses to see, hear and feel what was going on. I too at that moment felt the same surge of chaotic emotions. And more. I felt something. A presence in the Force briefly among the chaos...or thought I did. A strong one, it felt different to the Dark I am familiar with, more ancient. More maniacal. And now all this happens, it cannot be a coincidence. I have the feeling this is all connected. There are never any coincidences I have found where the Force is involved. We were all brought here for more than just to play bodyguard I feel and brought together for whatever that reason is. As such, as much as I dislike working with unknown variables, I will work with you so long as I am not betrayed at any point and we have a shot at whoever is playing me. Do we have a agreement?"
  6. Karys smiled as several of the guards passed him by, so far so good. And then it all changed. Looking up, as he stood out of the hide hole where he had placed himself, the Massassi found eight security guards pointing an array of weapons at him...all drawn, ranging from the less-lethal to molecular dissipating in levels of ferocity. Looks like they were being serious and were aware of the level of threat he posed. Which spoke volumes about their mysterious benefactor. They were smart to use such an array of death dealing devices to bring him in, and to have prepared a file, it made him chuckle a little at just what they might find in it. “Yeah. We seen your file. They warned us you might cause a scene the minute you showed your ugly mug on the loading docks. Cap’n wants you on the Lido Deck with the others.” With a less than friendly nudge of the barrel of what could only be a D-93 Incinerator flamethrower, another of the security guards urged Karys forwards along the walkway. “Best to not make a scene that the scrubber droids’ll be cleaning for weeks. I’ve heard Sithy goo is murder on carpet fibers.” The Massassi suppressed the intention he felt to rip the man apart piece by piece, at least for now. He would play his part for one reason alone...to find out what was really going on here. An answer which required he kept his rage at bay for the time being, until the time was right. When upon the Lido Deck, Karys couldn't help but chuckle at the scene that eventually unfolded. Now this was entertainment. And yet between it all several revelations had come to light, concerning revelations about what part he would play in events. No he would not be another's pawn, his loyalty was to his people and the Sith alone. The question he asked was why would the Sith and by extension he want to assist. He had no need for credits...and his services were not for sale. What lay upon the planet that was worth his time. He posed the question. "I agree with the others, something isn't quite right about this. Something has felt off ever since I got here. I suggest you chose your next words wisely...you and your employer are well aware, me and my associates will not be played as pawns in someone else's game. You do so at your own peril. Why should whatever is down there be of concern to us. What is it worth to us. And what have you to offer other than credits...neither myself or my associates have such need of them. Also where is our mysterious benefactor? Who are they and why do they not reveal themselves." As he spoke, Karys was sure he felt something, a brief spark of light probing him. Coming from the water or so it appeared, briefly gazing over, he saw a Givin (Ficcabin). He paid him no mind until his sudden outburst, it amused him. However he had other concerns right now.
  7. Karys continued to listen to the ebb and flow of the Force until he finally picked up something he deemed of value. It appeared some kind of burly Zabrak was giving cryptic warnings to several other passengers...and that peaked his curiosity and suspicion even more than it was already. Given the circumstances of the trip and the ticket. The Massassi had learnt long ago there were no coincidences where the Force was involved. It was becoming increasingly obvious, some things just didn't up about this whole deal. The cryptic warning from the Zabrak with the butcher knife confirmed it...although it appeared some didn't seem to take the warning seriously. Or if they were they had a strange way of going about it, he found the whole situation rather amusing despite it. He needed some entertainment. Hearing the announcement, Karys sighed. That was annoying, things were just getting interesting. And this guy seemed far more interesting than most other passengers so far, aside from the small group gathered around the man. On probing, Karys was sure at one point he felt several flourishes of strong Force energy from some of them but for now he decided to ignore it. Deciding to see what else this amusing man might do, despite the arrest, the Massassi subtly, followed him and his escort...it was bound to be more amusing than hearing some long winded speech by a overpaid sales executive he imagined. Being ever careful to avoid notice, he trailed behind. If someone got suspicious he knew what he was capable of, besides he doubt anyone would think of one or two lost security personnel who chose to tangle with the Sith Lord.
  8. Karys was not in the best of moods...not that he was ever in a grand mood, but he had more reason than most to be sour today. He detested this sort of thing, having to wait in the lines upon lines of passengers all just to get inside the ship at the Phu dock. A ship that had caught his attention or rather it's benefactor. Most gave him a wide birth, but a few got a little too curious and were rather quick to run away soon after. He was still curious just who had sent the mysterious invitation, more so how they had learnt of him. He wasn't one to let such information fly freely after all, considering his profession and known associates, so whomever had sent him the invitation had clearly done some deep digging at high cost. Questions with answers he was here to find out and perhaps if need be silence them. For now, he would mingle, drink and maybe even enjoy himself a little. If one thing was certain, Karys realized this break was needed....he needed time to think on things, revelations told and time to decide how he would handle them. Eventually inside the gargantuan craft, his belongings in his private apartment, Karys made his way towards the reception area. He was glad the security were so far pretty lax, they hadn't even checked out his new prosthetics, which suited him fine. He had hidden his saber in the leg and it wouldn't do if they found it. For now, he opted to wear nothing too fancy, a black and red number that hid armour beneath it. Noting a few individuals by the bar, Karys decided to slip himself nearby. Ordering an obscure ale from unknown parts, the Massassi did his best to fit in. Not attracting attention where necessary...as he took a swig of the drink, his ears were listening, as was The Force, Karys stretched his focus outwards to see what he could pick up, if at all. Maybe in doing so he might learn something of who was in charge.
  9. Can I get 'King of the Emoji' please. Makes sense with how much I use the things lol
  10. Several things happened that Karys did not expect or anticipate. The first of which he found himself flung from where he was and that he had lost his personal duel. The next thing he noted was the numbness, a complete and utter loss of feeling along one side of his body. Turning to the side he saw why as a wave of pain hit him. Pain he used to sustain himself in his current predicament, combining it with his immense will power, hoping to use it to survive. Blind in one eye with a great scar striking across it, several broken ribs, a disabled arm, another missing and a leg....he knew he was in trouble. And yet despite this he managed to move himself from where he was, crawling out the crater and clinging just barely to life. Left to die in his current humiliation, alive but mutilated. His condition was critical, and yet somehow he had crawled all the way to Nok Morliss and his new-found companion. It was a testament to his power over the Dark and his will power as a long drag mark lined the path where he had dragged himself out. Several times did he yell out in a rage, screams filled with anger, hate and above all a desire for vengeance upon the one responsible only for several troopers having to drag him back away from trying to crawl back after the cyborg. Eventually he knew that was not going to happen, that this was to be his new fate. From what he could tell out of his good eye, the Massassi noted how Nok had also suffered an injury, in fact the Sith and Black Sun around them were all suffering. It appeared the Imperials were far more dug in than they had anticipated and now they paid the price for that underestimation. Even despite the fact they had won the battle in space. In that regard he at least had a small reprieve...he would not he blamed alone for this failure. Two troopers held Karys up to Nok and Snake once he had crawled enough away from the enemy lines. His voice was raspy and filled with blood, which he soon spat out. “I see, I was not the only one to suffer this day. We all have suffered greatly, we have underestimated the Imperials...they are more dug in than we thought. No matter, they shall still fall. Bring me to the medics, as they attempt to steady me, tell me how you came to your predicament. And who is this creature you bring before me, one who reeks of such hunger. And above all, what lesson did you learn.” ((OOC: Sorry for the delay guys, been one hell of a week. As agreed Karys is alive but critical condition and might need help. ))
  11. Karys cursed his rotten luck and the internal lizards nearby. He had missed his target with the duracrete slab, albeit he noted it was not a total loss...many enemies had been unceremoniously crushed beneath the gargantuan spinning construct he had thrown. The Massassi was impressed at the cyborg's tenacity, he surely was a worthy opponent. Yet he knew a solemn truth, no matter if he won the battle, the war belonged to the Sith. Even if he died it changed nothing, or, so he thought so...even as he danced with death. Karys eyes were now a deep black, the darkside enveloping him as best it were able. Wrath was his fuel and the Pain he felt even now, even as another bolt pierced his armour and stumbled him as it hit the nerves. It was troublesome, for now he had a crippled left shoulder until he received treatment. “Very good, but this stops nothing. You attempt to protect and prolonged merely the inevitable. The Empire will fall regardless of my fate.” Karys managed a laugh, taunting his enemy. As Ambrose rose, up in the air after avoiding his obstacle, the Massassi began running as fast as he could. Again the Warrior zig zagged, attempting to avoid being vaporised. Dirt, mud, splinters and blood marked his body and armour as he passed by bodies and debris in the hell scape the two had made of the area. As the cyborg unleashed a barrage of duel-duos blaster cannon fire, Karys rolled away from the first succession, allowing several new craters to form where he had previously stood. It was then he attempted to use the Force and telekinetically pull this deviant half man, half machine to the ground using his functioning arm. Hopefully breaking both allowing him to move closer and cut him to ribbons up close and personal. His favoured position. ((OOC: At last, 2. Sorry for the delay guys, but finally a post for Ambrose. ))
  12. Karys was unamused as the half droid, half man refused to give a real name, despite the fact the Sith Lord had given as close to a real name as he was willing to part with. Instead the cyborg rattled off a generic sequence of numbers, a designation he had no doubt been given at one point or other followed by the usual threats of destruction. He expressed as such even as hell was unleashed, a attempt to taunt and make him angry. After all a angry man made mistakes. "Is that all you have to offer? A designation? Surely you can do better, surely you wish to be remembered as more than just a generic number. Or was the man you were too weak for rememberance...a man that failed to live up to his potential and now he makes up for it with this monstrousity before me." It was then he saw it. Five barrels of plasma spewing hell, the second it starting powering up he was already moving. Even as he ordered his men and women to likewise take cover and return fire. Zig zagging, weaving, ducking and weaving between tree's and whatever cover was available, including between his own troops he moved to hopefully place himself in a strategic position by placing the enemies own troops in the crossfire of the five barrels and the rockets. He attempted to make it difficult for the cyborg to gain a lock on him, a moving target was far more difficult to handle. He wondered would he sacrifice his own men for a shot at him. Losing several men, Karys grimaced as a leg flew past his face, half melted by the exploding rockets and another ran past alight in flame screaming. He barked orders out before putting the unfortunate out of his misery. He was a Sith but not without mercy for his own men and woman. No-one deserved to burn alive unless they were the enemy. "Launchers and E-webs to the front! Keep moving men! Blast that cannon and the cyborg with everything you got! The rest of you concentrate fire on the Yslamiri and surrounding troops!" Hoping he was out of range of the lizards Karys applied his own help, as best he was able even as he caught a fletchette round to the left arm, luckily it went straight through. But the pain would not be easily dismissed. As such the Massassi used that pain, it would fuel him. Remembering Myrkr, Karys became as a killing machine. His target Ambrose. He reached out hoping to grip a large duracrete slab that had fallen from the fighting nearby and hurled it at Ambrose like he were throwing a frisby, a jagged speeding frisby, with any luck he hoped it would make it past the lizards as the momentum carried it onwards and if not at least he would end some lives when it landed on the enemy. ((1 - good luck ))
  13. As soon as Karys received a reply he was taken back a little. He hadn't really expected someone to answer all things considered and that someone had was worth noting, he would not forget it...he repaid his debts in full. He didn't have to wait long for reinforcements to arrive and when they did they were met by torso's, arms, legs and everything in between strewn all over the place. The sounds of blaster fire and multiple armed shuttles emblazoned with the Black Sun logo marked the arrival of the troops he had requested. Enough troops to counter the numbers he expected to encounter, which from what he had sensed numbered somewhere between sixty or more. Not including something that gave off a weird feeling in the force...which had intrigued him and those he couldn't find due to the infernal lizards. As soon as boots were on the ground the Sith Lord started issuing orders. “Alright ladies and gents, I want this done quick and clean as possible. They got a Moff holed up around near here and I fully intend to capture him and hand him over to whoever is in charge...they asked for a momento let's give them one! Form ranks, half of you concentrate fire on those holding the yslamiri lizards, that should allow me to assist your survival better, the other half concentrate on the Moff and those protecting him. Other than that feel free to let loose as you please but whatever you do don't hit the Moff! Now let's go show these imperial sons of a bantha how we do things where we come from!” Following cheers in light of the speech of sorts...Karys begun the no doubt soon to be bloody assault. He led them towards the Moff's general location, and as soon as they approached the firefight began. Taking a blaster bolt to his armour Karys snarled before ordering the man shot on sight, he just hoped they got the blighter. He was careful to not stray too close and step into the field of protection the Yslamiri afforded the enemy after the fact, for now he attempted to pull any within range of his abilities into an area where his troops held the advantage, ducking and weaving between cover as they and the Massassi hidden beneath the armour and masked/hooded robe he wore attempted to avoid blaster fire if possible as they made an advance, concentrating fire on both the yslamiri troopers and those protecting the Moff. It was only when the group approached closer that the real danger became apparent. There stood the by far largest cyborg (Ambrose) Karys had ever seen in his life. And yet the thing before him did not phase him...in fact it amused him greatly. He had hears rumours of such a thing, stories from the wars. As he recalled they were a secret project meant to counter the rise of force sensitive. But last he heard it had been shut down, yet here one stood. The thrill of such a challenge excited him. This would be a true test of his skill as both a warrior and a Sith, he couldn't wait. Pointing his sabre towards the mammoth beast of a cyborg he beckoned him, and to make his point he attempted to drag a trooper out from next to him...but instead found the man resisted the attempt and the yslamiri preventes it from occurring....much to his chargrin. Regardless a challenge had been issued, now he would see if it went unanswered or not. To further make the point he spoke, attempting to cut a enemy down as he got ever closwr to the walking tank of a manbot. “At last a challenge worthy of my pursuit. Come cyborg let us dance the dual of death, tell me your name that I might know my enemy as I strike him down in honourable combat. Hold nothing back...for I shall no mercy to you and yours. The enemies of the Sith Empire are unworthy of such sentimentality.”
  14. Karys observed as the scene before him unfolded, even as Ekros attempted to hide his fear he could not hide it...at least not entirely. The force lifted the veil and allowed the powerful Sith Lord to see with unrelenting clarity as events unfolded around them. He was unamused by the man before him, his actions he thought were the work of a coward...a snivelling schemer, just as he had proclaimed of Lady Hyla. And yet the Sith saw through him, like he were reading a book. His soul was laid bare and was found wanting. In the end Karys had enough of it all, in fact by the time the man was done speaking he no longer had need of them. The force revealed where the Moff was more or less. Not an exact location but it did reveal the presence of a blank spot in the force and beyond that 'blank' spot a large gathering of men or women. It was an obvious assumption to make this was where his target was. As such he acted, no longer putting on any kind of show. His hate and anger...his Wrath made known. He spoke out. Even as tendrils extended in the force to crush all three of them. The force acting like a crushing vice upon their necks van as Karys removed Ekros hand with his sabre in a movement that was as quick As it was deadly, still holding the blaster. Lady Hyla was first to perish having been made subject to the pressure for some time already. But yet Ekros was not to die yet, he bore witness unaware of his fate to come. The fate of the Weak. All had failed to provide an answer to his questions about the Moff, and so he had his answer in his mind. Now, Ekros was being played as much as he was attempting to play the Sith but had underestimated just how much he was needed if at all. The noose tightened around Lady Hyla's neck until the pressure became a crushing force. All present could hear the telltale sign of her neck breaking. Next came Ferios. The force bent his ribs and bones inwards into the internal organs impaling many of them. But what was unseen was his heart being crushed into pulp. And finally came Ekros. He suffered most of all, having shown his true self. First his neck felt the same pressures as the two had felt, then his head, his skull began to pulsate, to go inward, and he felt immense pain as his skull was crushing into his brain but not before he felt as if he were being ripped in half and in truth he was. “All I see before me is Weakness. Three more alike than they would ever care to admit. I see through you like you were glass, Ekros, your soul is open to me...you are nothing but a coward. Spewing words I have no wish to hear. You reek of Fear. You told me only that I wish to hear or think I want too, thinking it would spare you. How naive of you, to assume you know me. And yet your failure is more. You failed to answer my initial questioning, this was your first mistake. Your downfall. And now I have no more use of you...none of you. The force has revealed all I wished to know. As such the price must be paid. I am a man of my word, only suffering awaits you, don't worry you won't be alone. Your family will be with you soon enough. As you descent into the realm of Chaos to eternal torture, think on this lesson you have learnt even as your death approaches.” As soon as Ekros was no more, Karys vacated the room quickly, he had no intention of being blasted. Cutting a hole in the window he jumped out and landed smoothly outside. Shortly after he headed towards the blank spot, no longer concealing who he was. There was no need, not when his brethren lay at the doorstep. He put a com through to whoever was considered in charge of the offensive (Zalis), requesting troops for an assault squad to help lay siege to the Moff using the highly secure Sith military channels he was familiar with. “Greetings whoever is in charge up there. Hope the fight goes well, this is Lord Akheron, I arrived before the fleet its an nice thing finally see some friendly faces at last. I request immediate reinforcements at my current position, I located a Moff and am en-route to dispatch him to the beyond but need some assistance on the matter. His somehow blocking the force in part, and protected by a large contingent of troopers, I can only do so much...so help would be appreciated. In the meantime I'll try to clear a landing zone for you.” With that Karys set to work. He allowed his Wrath to flow freely, as his rage, anger and hate focused it into action, assisting his sabre movements. He became an avatar of death and destruction to any in his wake, the Dark required sacrifice and Karys was only too willing to provide the victims it required. He would hold on for as long as he could until his reinforcements arrived.
  15. Karys was silent for a moment as Lady Hyla spouted her hateful words. He allowed her to finish before considering his next move...slowly he approached her laughing as he did. And yet something was definitely not right about the situation, he was too calm. In the Force something stirred, a subtle movement, one aimed at the old kuati. Within moments, she would find herself unable to move, as if a great weight sat upon her bones. And then the wrapping around her throat, starving her of oxygen as she was lifted to come face to face with the Sith. “I was not meaning to insult you, your loyalties or your intelligence in any manner. Let's start again....but only since I admire your gall, your spirit. Unlike some you have strength. However, do not mistake these comments for leniency..if you expect me and mine to respect you, to treat you equally...you must first pay the price for your disrespect towards my allies. They would choke the life from you if they had heard such a comment. Such talk. Insult them in any way again or myself and you know just why they call me the Lord of Wrath, do I make myself perfectly clear?" Allowing her to breathe again he spoke. “As we were discussing. I need information on the current location of the Moff, and his security detail. Give me this and despite your display and insufferable arrogance, you and your families will be spared from the carnival of slaughter that is currently taking place, I can hear it even as we speak. It has begun. The Force reveals it. Help the Sith and you help yourselves, and your families. You would thrive under our rule. Think on it, what we have done in so short a time. What has transpired at Onderon. They have thrived like never before thanks to us and never been so strong. We have exposed the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi for what they really are. Weak and filled with hypocrites The galaxy cannot be ruled by such weak entities. Sometimes it requires monsters to defeat other monsters and keep them in check. I offer immunity from persecution, wealth, power, influence and the chance to strengthen the nobility against threats. We would make a powerful ally. That is the offer, take it or leave it. But as I said I suggest you think it over quickly, for the others are in no mood to bargain. They come to claim souls today. You have until they arrive at the estate to consider the deal, for its merits. But remember my warning and choose wisely. “ Karys smiled at the comment, how little did they know how true that comment likely was.
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