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  1. I have fortunately never had such a creature attack me. I have accidentally slept in a pile of ants before (out taking a nap in the woods). That was a lot of fun.
  2. I definitely agree with all of your points, though I would also add that we definitely didn't need any of the political messaging that were very un-subtly put in.
  3. I am deeply offended by the presence of Antarctica. Seriously, why does that continent need so much of our fresh water? I mean, it has almost no population (penguins don't count in my book) and no agriculture. Despite that fact, that continent has frozen up a disproportionate amount of the world's fresh water. So offensive.
  4. I wouldn't use a tomahawk, I would use my Viking ax.
  5. Hey man, how are things going?
  6. Steve was a solid roleplayer who, back in the day, helped serve as a master to Adenna and as a frequent, hilarious addition to the site and roleplaying. He was instrumental in reviving this place which breathed in new life and brightened so many of our lives through the renewed connections and friendships we share now. I also remember his corny jokes and quirky humor in the Firesides we had and will miss that in the future. Let us all remember him on this site and never let his memory fade.
  7. Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Rogue One Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Being honest, the new movies are just getting worse and worse. Not just that they are predictable (excluding the whole killing Snoak, literally the only major surprise for me in the movie), but in terms of logic and character development. I simply cannot abide or suspend belief when movies are just blatantly insulting to their audience's sense of logic. Plus, I truly, deeply hate the changes to Star Wars that were made in the new movies (Rogue One excluded).
  8. Hmm, not sure what is up. I am on Chrome and it works just fine for me. I presume your Chrome is updated and you restarted your comp?
  9. Fairly certain he was perma perma-banned.
  10. Hey, I tried. I made a post in practically EVERY subforum other than fanfic. Let's bring back Archer and Scorp then put up a topic saying how awesome Christians and Trump are. There will be hundreds of posts back in forth just from the two of them spazzing out.
  11. Most of those topics are old, long archived, and had nothing to do with the roleplaying. There was a time when most of the posts were not about roleplaying at all, but now the site has evolved to focus more on the actual roleplaying as that is what unites us here.
  12. That is awesome, Stephen. Thanks for bringing it up. I have seen the main fight before, but not the whole thing. Very, very well done.
  13. I am an ENTJ (Commander). That doesn't surprise me at all. Didn't see any sort of breakdown or anything, it just went from questions to interpretation. My favorite quote from it: "The underlying thought running through the ENTJ mind might be something like "I don’t care if you call me an insensitive b*****d, as long as I remain an efficient b*****d."
  14. Travis

    My Life Update

    Okay, it has been a roller coaster of late. After my last post, fecal matter hit the fan and things were permanently ended with my ex (no possibility of us getting back, she moved on fully). That hurt a lot resulting in me all but severing communication. Job has been going great, I love it and am fitting in well. It has really helped get my bank accounts refilled a little and gives me a sense of purpose. I have been more active socially and spending less time alone which is great. I am now officially out of what I consider depression and am trying to get into an actually happy place instead of just living day by day. That being said, I hope to reengage here. Last time, a lot of my desire to get back into things was because my ex expressed interest in it and I wanted to have something to occupy my time and tell her about. When that relationship went to feces, it really sapped a lot of appeal out of me. Couple that with the heartache and depression and it was tough to get motivated to do much. Now, I am clear of that and want to get back into the fight.
  15. Travis

    My Life Update

    Yea, so my ex came down this week and we have managed to hang out a bit. I am quite pleased at the lack of problems and feelings I feel. I am quite fine with how things are, and seeing, talking, and being around her is giving me some perspective. I still think she is an amazing woman, but my head and heart have cleared enough to see a lot of issues that I had ignored previously that might have been a serious problem over time. Starting work this last week and a half has drastically improved my mood and how I am functioning. It is almost night and day how different and much better I am. I haven't felt this good in about four months which is great news and allows me to state that I am well on my way out of this latest depression cycle. I am networking more with some in person friends to join their social networks and start doing things with other people which may open opportunities for me.
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