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  1. I like what I am seeing here. We have swung too far back and forth between cooperative storytelling and PvP over the years, and both have caused suffering. A good balance is something I think will help the site. As you said multiple times: inactivity is killing us. It makes it hard to invest in any character when it takes weeks to get a response. I know that is by far the number one issue I have getting invested. Dilution of factions is another issue. We have way too many, and I think we need to consolidate for sure so people have fewer characters and can therefore be more focused on them and thus more active to move plots along. I understand the need for official faction status as it is tied to the ability to maintain and field a fleet and armies. That is the only real reason why I would be less than interested in merging the Jedi with the GA/Rebellion. Were a fleet re-balance be put into place, then it would be something I would absolutely be willing to talk about because I see little reason to have so many natural allies be separate.
  2. The Nebula-class Star Destroyer Justice's Mandate is complete over Felucia. It will join the Jedi forces over Borleias until that fleet departs.
  3. Modified CR-90's Coruante and Promise and the Carrack class frigate Makashi were lost over Coruscant during the Sith/Mandalorian attack. Construction has started on a Nebula class Star Destroyer over Felucia. Completion time: March 9, 2019.
  4. I have fortunately never had such a creature attack me. I have accidentally slept in a pile of ants before (out taking a nap in the woods). That was a lot of fun.
  5. I definitely agree with all of your points, though I would also add that we definitely didn't need any of the political messaging that were very un-subtly put in.
  6. I am deeply offended by the presence of Antarctica. Seriously, why does that continent need so much of our fresh water? I mean, it has almost no population (penguins don't count in my book) and no agriculture. Despite that fact, that continent has frozen up a disproportionate amount of the world's fresh water. So offensive.
  7. I wouldn't use a tomahawk, I would use my Viking ax.
  8. The entire Jedi fleet over Felucia is now at Borleias. That includes: Jar-Kai (Carrack frigate) Soresu (Marauder corvette) Ataru (Marauder corvette) Shien (Marauder corvette) Shii-Cho (Lancer frigate) Niman (Lancer frigate) Lei Kim (CC-7700 frigate) Solari (CC-7700 frigate) Ara-Lai (Corona frigate) Adi-Wan (MC90 cruiser) Crystal Heart (Nebulon-B frigate)
  9. Hey man, how are things going?
  10. I agree with Tim on this: special exemptions by the mods (or anyone) allows for favoritism and potential abuse from "insider trading" type stuff. Then again, I would also like to expand a gradual elimination of other powers, abilities, gear, and tech that already exist that are overpowered, but that is a whole new can of worms and I don't hold out much hope in that.
  11. Steve was a solid roleplayer who, back in the day, helped serve as a master to Adenna and as a frequent, hilarious addition to the site and roleplaying. He was instrumental in reviving this place which breathed in new life and brightened so many of our lives through the renewed connections and friendships we share now. I also remember his corny jokes and quirky humor in the Firesides we had and will miss that in the future. Let us all remember him on this site and never let his memory fade.
  12. If a mod could rule on Kashyyyk, I do not think anyone else is posting for or against the incap shot.
  13. The list at the start is out of date in that there should be a Sith/Black Sun Golan I recorded over Kashyyyk. Nal Hutta is also listed as Black Sun when it was conquered by the Empire. Kashyyyk is not even on the list.
  14. Ahh, I checked and didn't see the newer ships, and also saw no "edited by" beneath the topic like most posts get when actually edited, so I thought it was default original.
  15. A suggestion, and please direct me to where if it is already done, but is there a central location where all ships, AP points, and locations are kept updated constantly so people don't have to sort through every post here?
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