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  1. Tobias nodded in acknowledgement of her offer to help fix the programming error within in the droids. Idly, he threw out a barrier, mentally wanting to protect the trio- or be possessive of them. Which, a moment later, he realized was silly and he should trust Aurora and her abilities. If she said she could do it- she could. If Tobias' face was anything to go by it would show how delighted he was with Auroras control of the Force- and the elements. He beamed with a ear-to-ear smile. As she hydrated and answered him a sense of pride could be felt from him to Aurora. "You're getting stronger with the Breath, The Force. Good Job, and nice choice of beverage." Tobias winked, and toasted Aurora with his own beverage. After another sip, he sighed as she answered about the Aing-Tii. "I suspected not, but I was just curious. A species typically doesn't shelter themselves away from others unless they are extremely xenophobic or trusting. Typically there is a moment in time where the species has learned from their error and retreated back to themselves. I spent a lot of time with the Aing-Tii in my journey Beyond the Veil... and I still know little about their history. Their ways of manipulating and interacting with the Force simply fascinates me, and I've been emulating them more and more- and even you are now by proxy. And speaking of proxy..." Tobias hung his head after another longer sip. He pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose, pinching it. A expression of pain crossed his face as he rose up from his seat and walked out of the room. But he was still there- sitting across from Aurora. Tilting his head to one side at an extreme angle, he kept his eyes closed and pressed the bottle to his lips again. "The Aing-Tii would be very impressed with your use of the Force just then. The trick I used to get this drink was a technique they taught me. Well, one, but that is another story. I was just hoping to learn more about them. Once you they trust you, they will let you learn from them. As long as they trust you, which doesn't happen often, and not as deeply as I have. There are different factions of dark and light side Force users, they view the Force as a rainbow- the path from light to dark is shaded by that of-" Tobias set his drink down on the table between him and his apprentice and lifted his hands with the palms up indicating their surroundings. "-a Prism." His hands returned to the drink and he winked at the young woman across from him. "Which makes all this... quite the unique experience as my views are more in line with the Aing-Tii 'Rainbow Theory' but we'll keep that between you and I for now." Tobias shrugged. ~~~ Avatar Tobias-- Standing down from the common room, the avatar reached out to Kota. As it was a nearly identical copy of Tobias it was doubtful the young lad would detect it. Afterall, the doppelganger was link to Tobias, it was just easier to have two separate conversations like this. It reached out- "Yes, Kota?"
  2. Vos nodded a reaction to Auroras' remark about the PIT Droids. "Yeah, the droids... *sigh* yeah... their programing had a flaw in it- I can't fix it and I think it will be better if the loop snarl they inadvertently got programmed with isn't engaged. So fair the personality deactivation seems to have worked. They were gift and designed to assist me with another project- but since that hasn't happened, their original programming hasn't changed. Something I should have been proactive with instead of brushing it aside all the time." Turning the corner into the common room, Tobias found his customary spot- and sat at the table. "Fair point. You've been keeping up remarkably well- with everything not just learning to utilize the Force. I wish I had a better structure for you, Kel and Kota to learn in. The only other trainee I've had was Sandy Sarna, who Adenna had already laid most of the foundation and structure. I just-" Tobias caught himself, as he remembered the bloody scene aboard his Space Station. Visibly, he shuttered. "-helped her through one of her last trials. and became a Knight." "To be blunt, I think Kota is feeling like any teenage- angry at the world, feeling alone, stressed. But I will, we will hopefully help him through some of that. I know I wasn't a great teenager, but... that was peculiar circumstances." Scratching the side of his face- he let his eyes wander- off to the cooler. He held out his hand, wrist resting on the table- and imagined a Ithorian Ale in his hand. Remembering the weight, feel, and looks- he imagined it in his hand- and with a pop of displaced air, the cooler door bumping against itself- he was set. The cold glass resting in his hand with all twelve ounces of liquid in it still chill to the touch. Twisting off the cap, he took a drink. The rush of satisfaction at the first gulp was like a teetertotter. On one hand he was elated to have a drink, on the other side he knew he shouldn't have this drink. Putting the drink back down on the table, motioned for Aurora to get something to drink as well while they chatted. He meant with the Force- as an exercise. He knew she would not be able to do the same trick as she did, but... actually... he didn't. He blurted out his question- "Tell me, what do you know of the Aing-Tii? Anything at all from your life before?"
  3. Tobias had come to that conclusion a moment before Aurora had voiced it, she was picking up on social queues better now a days. The frozen being was learning how to read social body language. "Kota, call if you need anything, think on it for a bit. We'll resupply and check in with the Jedi Order." he quietly said, exiting. He nodded a 'good job' to Aurora and the pair turned to walk away in unison. The door to Kota's cabin slid silently shut behind them. In front of the pair was a PIT Droid, offering a datapad to Tobias. As the droid had its personality matrix shut off it didn't engage either of the organic beings in conversation, it just moved along to its next task. Tobias looked at the device to see that there had been a momentary black out of communications, but Kel had left to join Sandy on Chandrila. Precisely what Tobias was going to mention just before Kota had screamed out. The droids were currently working on getting the communications back up and running. As the pair started to walk down the hallway into the ships common room, Tobias looked down at his apprentice. "I should have turned their personalities off a long time ago, its much less stressful." Tobias chuckled. "Anyways, is there anything on your mind Aurora?"
  4. Vos shifted in his seat, an unconscious movement brought upon by the awkward moment he found himself a third wheel in. Best not to say something- what could one say in this situation? Silence seemed like the best option. Idly, he looked at his datapad.
  5. Tobias flexed his shoulders back for a moment, trying to read what exactly was going on. Physically and through the Force. He would focus on that for the next few moments, debating what to do.
  6. "Good." Tobias said, inclining his head. "Now, focus on parts of the hurricane- the debris floating in the torrent. The rain and hail. The cloud and lightning. Down to the swirling of the clouds. At this moment you can pull the pieces apart from one another- look to see if there is something familiar there. Your sisters scarf floating by, carried with the wind? A necklace she wore on the ground, hidden away from the winds that would pick it up? If you know one of the aspects- like rain, for example. That would be an emotion you don't need to worry about- ignore the rain. Ignore anything that wouldn't help you see your sisters scarf or necklace. Those things are there, you just have to push aside what will not help you for what you seek. Examine each part of the storm- and block out what would not be helpful." Tobias hoped @Kota Ni would understand the metaphor.
  7. Tobias inclines his head in greeting to Master Draygo. A warm smile crosses his face. Should I stand and greet her? Should I remain seated? Whats the proper way to greet a Jedi Master in a place like this? These thoughts race through Tobias' mind. Best to just sit here and welcome her, He decided. "No apology necessary, Master Draygo. It is good to see you again. I wish I had had the foresight to get a cup of caf or something before we started, but hindsight is always 20-20." He chuckled for a second, accented with a shoulder shrug. "Yes, we will have to wait for everyone to get here. In the meantime, have you ever met Knight @Sandy Sarna ?" Tobias motioned to the pale girl with blonde hair sitting next to him.
  8. Hugging the Jedi Knight back, Tobias smiled broadly. Sandy was such a magnificent young Jedi Knight, and she was a good friend. The moment was done however, and the discussion of the day had begun. Where was everyone… indeed… Letting out a controlled sigh, Tobias gave his assessment. “I do not know. I want to get this gravtrain going. I almost just want to press the timeline. We all know we need a leader, but right now... “ His displeasure was conveyed with a low-groan he gave, implying displeasure at the state they were in at the moment- stalled. “...for now we are wasting time, energy, resources and fuel in orbit. The longer we wait here for everyone to gather the bigger of a target we will be.” Tobias tilted his head to the side, almost as if the epiphany that he just had made the side of his head heavier. A mischievous grin spread across his face. “I suppose I will press the agenda and we can begin this discussion now. I know this might irritate people, but we all have our burdens to bear.” Tobias chuckled, and pressed a few buttons on a datapad then spoke- “All Masters please report to the Hall of a Thousands Lights. Jedi Knights who had prior permission may join as well. Thank you.” His voice could be echoed through the hallway- his voice carrying on the public address system as well as through individual commdevices he had overridden. Hopefully the discussion would be soon underway and their business here would be done. Tobias leaned over to Sandy, “How much trouble you think I will be in?” The man chuckled in a manner that implied he wasn’t too worried about the ramifications of the address he had just made. @Adenna Alluyen @Aira Cadan
  9. A heavy sigh came from the Kiffar. He was tired of waiting. The title of Jedi Master gave him some authority here, and he decided to push it just a bit. There was work to be done, and this wasn’t time for a cocktail hour. They as a whole group needed to decide what was to be done about their future. He took a proper seat now, his affairs were now complete. With the help of the Force, he called out to the other masters, and others whom would like to have a say in this meeting. Six other masters had informed him of how they would like the Jedi to move forward, and trusted Tobias to represent their interest as they were out on patrol or otherwise engaged. As he touched each Jedi Master present, he put some seriousness and urgency into his message. Words would not easily translate into the Force so the emotions he projected into the message was. Seriousness, obviously for the topic at hand. Then urgency for them to start the session and settle this matter. He pressed his clothes down, the non-jedi attire- it was better not to appear like a bum especially since he was not in Jedi robes. Then took a proper seat, and waited for the others to arrive.
  10. The Prism appeared in the appropriate shipping late, at an appropriate time, with no inappropriate red flags to Taris Flight Control. Completely inoffensive in every way. Unobtrusively, the YT freighter fell into a stable orbit and would stay there for an appropriate amount of time. Tobias had deactivated the personality subroutines on the PIT Droids- so they were finally behaving. If they, the collective they of all organic and the three droids on board, got in a fight he had a macroprogram to reactivate the droids personality. Ni was stationed in the cockpit, Tobias gathered @Kota Ni and @The Architect in the main hold on the YT as Apprentice Kel (@karyu128) flew in formation next to them. Idly, Tobias wanted to get a bigger ship so that he could collect the Kel'Dor, but he had made this his home- this ship. To abandon it like his old N1 was unthinkable. Besides, with the Peregrine Cirlce starting back up, and the Order's increasing hostile stance on the Sith and Black Sun, with the Mandalorians on the rise- the communication capabilities of this craft would be invaluable. "Kota, I'd like for you to meditate for a moment- do you sense your sister here?" Tobias questioned his apprentice. "Clear your mind, and try to feel for something familiar." While they all had come into the system with no remarkable maneuvers or eye catching classifications, Tobias would burn their way to the slavers that took youngling female Ni.
  11. Tobias pulled out a datapad and typed away on it, just one question came from him as he was obviously looking at news sources and reports. "You last saw her on Taris, right? Well, we should head there and see if we can trace where she might have been taken. Think about this for a bit- any other information you may have might prove valuable."
  12. A wave a nausea rushed over Tobias, but it wasn't connected with what Kota had just said. However, he was impressed that Kota has had so many visions in a short amount of time. The Force was strong with him, indeed. A somber smile crossed Tobias' lips, and nodded. "I suspect it's time to go find her. This is not your first vision of her recently, the Force is trying to tell you something. Do you know where she is or how we can track her down and get her?"
  13. It happened just as they pulled back into real space. A shiver within the Force. As if someone made it, ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. Tobias knew the feeling. He had experienced it several times within his life; he knew what it meant. Telling Aurora to not touch a thing, Tobias set the ship into a stable orbit and settled back into the pilots chair. Silently, he drifted off- his mind wandering through the numbers and the verbal sequence… he soon saw he was drifting away from his body. It took an eon to drift down the hallway, or was it a second? Time mattered little in the Beyond, but time mattered in the real world so he tried to hurry. There was the purple light, but he didn’t want to venture to the Shadows- he wanted the blue light- the Veil. Tuning into the subtle way Frond impacted the Force, Tobias was able to track the Neti for a moment. The Neti and Givin were there to stay. The council demanded the pair, and they answered. Tobias could only spare a glimpse then had to pull himself away. Retracing his path back to the Blue Lights, he made sure to lock his eyes and move forward. Gliding past old acquaintances and friends Within the Veil. Pausing for just a moment as he saw DuVos, Sarah, Sabatin, Rar, and others move towards their new visitors. They shared a nod- and went about their tasks. ~~ Breathing wrecked Tobias’ throat. The meditative trance he was in always left him dehydrated. Coughing hard once, twice, then a third and final time, he regained his composure. Sitting straighter in his seat, he looked at Aurora with bleary eyes- blinking rapidly to rehydrate his eyes. “Well… I suppose we need to change our plans.” Tracking the Kel’Dors ship to the surface, Tobias knew he had found Kel. Reaching over the dashboard his hand slapped a button. A commline clicked open and Vos spoke, “Apprentice Koon, this is Vos. Frond and Ficciabin have gone into the Force. Please return to Orbit so we can proceed with our next task.” Tobias was unsure of exactly what that task would be until he heard Kota scream his name. Ensuring the ship was in a stable orbit, Tobias bolted back to Kotas cabin. Apparently the young lad had been practicing holding in his force presence. Idly, he wondered if he could split his presence again. Reactively, his mind pinged with pain. He knew not to do that so soon after splitting three ways earlier on Felucia, and with a hangover. He slid to a stop and opened Kotas door with a wave of his hand.The teenager was sweating and looked like he had seen a ghost. Despite that, the boy looked fine. Within the Force he was a agitated and nervous. “What is it Kota?” He questioned with sincere worry.
  14. Tobias sighed as the PIT Droid folded up and went dormant with a clatter to the floor. "Phew! Huh?" Apparently he was catching his breath as Aurora asked him something. He replayed the moment in his mind, using the Force to enhance his memory and hearing and then answered her. "Oh, no! Aurora... I apologize- the error is on...well... my shoulders and their programmers... You did nothing wrong- these droids were heavily modified for combat and serving as crew for a...different mission and their programming is not as ironclad as one would like. You did nothing wrong- are you hurt? No? Good. Your danger sense must be coming out- that's good, not many can dodge a blaster bolt up close... albeit a stun bolt, but still..." He sighed and pulled his hair back into a knot. Looking first at the deactivated droid, then at his padawan. "This was not a test I had planned, but you passed it all the same. You did well, Aurora. I'm sorry, all the same." A chime started to go off in the cockpit. Sheepishly, Tobias grinned and slid his way past Aurora and into the pilots seat.
  15. In a vile, booming, angry tone Ni barked at the the obtuse human EATING IN THE HALLWAYS ON HIS SHIP! It was his masters, he knew, but he was still the one the clean and fix any thing. "DO YOU WANT ANTS?! BECAUSE THAT IS THE EXACT WAY TO GET ANTS! AND DON"T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SPACE ANTS! THOSE ARE THE WORST! WHAT IS PROCESSING IN YOUR SLOW ORGANIC MIND, YOU MEAT HUSK?!?!" The voice and the tone would have been something to startle even a Gamorean Soldier, but from the vocabulator of a PIT Droid the voice was a bit... lack luster. As well as he could, he glared at the human with loathing. Trying to stare her down and focus a laser out of his one eye. If the wee droid had been made of flesh and bone- his posture would certainly have a pulsating vein all over. Agitation was at it's height, and breaking point. "YOU SING AND SEW DISCORD ON MY SHIP?! YOU EAT IN THE COMMON ROOM OR YOUR CABIN!" The droids' voice quavered for a moment as it sputtered to a new level of rage. He had found her in the cockpit- his cockpit- EATING! STARGAZING! This was the last gundark. His voice tried to rise, but only reverberated with menace. "AND CERTAINLY NOT- I REPEAT NOT IN THE COCKPIT!" Then as he stood at the exit point from the cockpit back to the rest of the ship- Ni had her cornered. His wrist raised- and a blue flash shot forward towards the meat husk that was spreading crumbs throughout the ship. If his shot missed- it would be absorbed into the shielding around the cockpit, actually just the main artificial gravity computer. Damage was likely minimal if he missed, but he was five feet from Aurora.... ~~~ Tobias left his room just in time to hear Ni yelling about something. 'This is wonderful for a hangover...' he thought, sourly. Placing his dish into the common room sink he felt a flash of danger, analyzed it, and was trying to circle around the wall when he heard Ni shouting again and shooting?! Before he knew it, his foot was shooting out to kick the PIT Droid in the eye- the way to deactivate that model. He looked over to see Aurora was alright. Internally kicking himself not foreseeing this happen, of course the droids were unstable... was it time to finally get rid of them? He better get the scoop of what exactly happened first.
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