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  1. Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act.. The accident, under his watch, was something that he would have to fix and at least live with for the rest of his life. Do or do not, there is no try. He felt the power cell come to rest back into place between the opposing blades. Then remounting the top hilt to the rest of the staff. The other pieces, and the lower saber had already fit back into place. The dozen parts of the top saber floated around him. The Force is all things, and I am the Force. With great care and attention, the dozen pieces came together and became one piece and his saber was once again complete. The meditation didn’t end immediately, his mind felt through the weapon to make sure it was in perfect working order. His mind rolled along the various hidden buttons that were through the handle- feeling the power cell feed its energy to the appropriate places. Up through both field energizers, up through the blade controls and to the activator switches. The crystals aligned with each focusing lens perfectly, and the triple check was done. In unison, Vos and the sabre floated down to the floor where he had originally sat down to go through this process. As he took a second deep breath, he focused on the light switch, and the room was illuminated again. His mind wandered back to his ship and the array of holoprojectors- he imagined himself there- working through the plan slowly fermenting in the back of his mind. He was figuring out how exactly to leave the ship, the droids and everything else behind. Everything else… his mind froze on those words and automatically it was translated to ‘Adenna.’ A spike of anxiety rolled over him before it crashed against the techniques to settle the agitation. All this happened within the blink of an eye- then, upon working through his thought processes, he felt three force users enter the firing range. His eyes adjusted to the last bit of light in the bay, once his vision cleared- there were three Imperial Knights standing in front of him. So many images of what could happen flowed through his mind- if he handed over his blade they would attack him for some sort of perceived phantom of darkness within him? Or should he just start to attack them right now, taking them out with surprise? Was the knights who held their hands away from the lightsabers a distraction for one of them to make a move on him? Should he give them his blade, and just kill them outright with the Force? Should he take them on with just his fists? He did want another round of training….All of those thoughts were pushed out of his mind, finding humor in how each one would play out; he at least could improvise still. His eyes connected on the lead Imperial while one started to make a mess of the range. He let a frown of disapproval show on his face, then unclipped a saber hilt from his belt- floating it over to the lead. “As you wish, I was hoping you would join me for a moment though?” Tobias finally moved something other than his eyes, his left hand braced against his left knee and his right made an invitation to the floor space in front of himself. “I want to show you something, something that might make this whole process much quicker and easier. Or might not, regardless it is harmless.” Tobias shrugged his right shoulder, and smiled warmly then brought his hand to his right knee; his staff rocked slightly on his lap. Tobias projected warmth and friendship into the Force, not as an act of duplicity- he had nothing to hide, everything he was doing was genuine- but also to protect himself.
  2. (TL/DR: Vos is meditating/practicing/reflecting. Just a character building post.) Midway through a one-handed cartwheel, he felt the flicker of another being coming to see him. While he did have time to shut down the exercise, he figured it would be better to just let whomever it was come in and trigger the shut down of the simulation. The perverted blue light connected with red blaster bolts with a reverberating ‘wung’ or a sharp chirup noise sending them in a different direction. Internally, the figure knew that the remotes were learning, and they were going to try something different at any moment now. Completing the cartwheel, he deactivated his blade and flipped backwards three times, staff in hand. Landing fifteen meters away he landed on his feet crouched over in what was a sprinters pose. His left hand holding the staff, he started to reconstruct his defence. The maneuver positioned all of the remotes in front of him, a good move on his end but the downside was that there would now be too many bolts coming at him for just one blade. That was precisely why he had made his staff in the manner he did- another layer of deception, another tool in his arsenal. With a small amount of pressure through the Force, part of his staff fell away and there was a green blade opposite the viridian one. Adopting a two-handed approach, as well as taking a knee. The three colors came together in such a blur that any non-force user would see a prolonged flash. To many this would be a stressful training exercise, to Vos with his apprenticeship this was nothing too complicated. It would have been even more fun to be stuck on spires above lava or water. Since neither were present he did have a few moments to think, ponder, and reflect. There was so much that could have- should have been done differently. Surgical strike, for starters. Tobias should have infiltrated with some banking scheme his allies in the banking clan would have assisted with. Or even La’Quaine, and her resources. Next would have to be a better intelligence agency, where they would have been able to scout out the position and see where fleet assets were and the probability of enemy reinforcements. Better calculating the enemies capabilities, next. Then standard operating procedure to halt reinforcements. Perhaps some hyperspace mines? They would need some specific programming, to be sure but that would not only hamper reinforcements- but also a retreat. The remotes were spreading out, it had only taken them a minute to re-evaluate their tactics. Vos had a tendency to overthink; it was like a snowball tossed down a slope that ended up growing and growing until it became an unstoppable force. Internally, he sighed as he now twisted and split the single hilt into two separate pieces, regaining his posture on his feet and started to move once again. It was quite a large bay, so there was plenty of room to maneuver. Oxygen came in, refilled his lungs and fueled his muscles therefore his defense. He exhaled through his nose, letting his breath exit slowly. Allowing the Force to use the oxygen in the most efficient manner within his body, he could do this for hours. Blades spun independently of one another and there was plenty of the windmilling action going on. He had already lost track of the exact time, but it had been almost an hour since he left the War Council. His blood pressure spiked at the memory- everyone was held up over casualties. Did they expect anything different? None of them even read Nel’Pi’s report before condemning the actions. Unlike typical shield generators which the wiring was fiberglass and gold wiring, the stations had been copper and wireoptics- they served the same function but were two totally different mechanics- copper would build up the current, where as the gold would melt. Copper allowed for the bigger discharge before failing but the gold would last longer but fail sooner- in practice. The charge was too big and was one of the reasons the station had it’s incident. Besides- the Black Sun would inflate the numbers of dead because it was the Black Sun, propaganda was one of their tools in their arsenal. Regardless, Nel’Pi shouldn’t have gone against the parameters of her mission goals. Had the designers of Catnip Station still wanted to work with Lord Peregrine, the engineer on the mission would have been tested and have passed clearances into the combat mission. Alas, that whole crew was not speaking to him as the station suffered catastrophic failure within the first few months and hadn’t even put to the test of full capacity. It wasn’t his fault that it failed, or he wanted the Jedi’s money back under warranty, it was business. He even recycled the money back into the company stock portfolio, but through one of his puppet companies. ‘Oh the webs we weave.’ His old master had once said to him. Through a fleeting fit of frustration, he decided to throw his lightsabers in a complementary arc across the bay- slicing all but three of the remotes in half. The remaining remotes opened up in earnest and dodging would only allow him so much time. He let the sabres fall to the ground, deactivated, with a loud clang. After another backflip- he completed three quarters of second flip, his feet landing on the wall that was behind him. Using the Force to anchor him to the wall, he built up the power in his legs and launched himself between the remotes and into a somersault- sliding to a stop facing the wall that he had pushed off against. His hands crackled with energy, the arcs flowing up and around his forearms, his fists balled into fists. One remote tried to shoot him, but he punched the bolt and it fizzled out against the energy barrier around his fist. The simple programming reevaluated the situation and fired again, and again. Now, Tobias was punching the bolts as if he were in a boxing match, or a martial arts display. He didn’t need his lightsabers for this small feat. He was called a Jedi Master- he earned that role, as well as when he earned the title of Sith Lord. He earned domain over a section of the galaxy- Beyond Shadows. He was so much more than these mortals, why had he come back? That was a layered answer... With labored breaths, he continued to punch the bolts from the remotes. The red light from the bolts and the blue-white light from his hands were the only illumination in the bay. His mind wandered once again, this time to the fundamentals of the Force and the narrow views both Jedi and Sith dabbled in. There was so much more to the Force than just what they saw. As far as he could tell, there hadn’t been anyone except for Frond and Ficcibin that had been interested in the powers not attributed to the light or the dark, the other aspects of the Force. ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ The former Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Yoda, had once said. What if one got so wrapped up in doing- they wander into the wrong path- then you commit to rectifying the error- you did your permanence for whatever wrongs you did. Then why was it when people make an error they were never forgiven? Spinning to the side, he pinwheeled his arms and batted back the latest flurry of bolts. His mind wandered more into something he had once read- Flowing through all, there is a balance. There is no peace, without a passion to create. There is no passion, without peace to guide. Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act. Power blinds without serenity to see. There is freedom in life. There is purpose in death. The Force is all things, and I am the Force. A chill ran down his spine, causing a small disruption in his form. Luckily, he saw the bolt coming, but it was slowed down to a noticeable extent. Then, the remote blinked into existence from where it was to where the bolt was going. Realizing he had just used the transportation power subconsciously, he shut the remotes off as soon as that one was fried by its own bolt. Baffled, Tobias straightened his posture and let the energy from his hands dissipate. Internally, he recited a mantra that complimented both old sayings he had just mulled over. It wasn’t until the twelfth repetition that it happened- a slight puff of air and he opened his eyes. He was just past the firing range corrals where people stood to fire down range. His heart started to race; Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act ran through his mind. Regardless, he had done it. It was time to clean up the mess he had made so he could reflect on what just happened; cleaning up was quick the droid parts were disposed of, his lightsabers and pieces of his staff collected, and putting the actual remotes back into their housing drawer. Vaulting over the firing stage, he floated the pieces of his staff around him, as he sat down to meditate and put the pieces back together. The room returned to darkness, and he focused on his tasks at hand. First the saber, then the necklace..
  3. As he was relieved of his roles and responsibilities, a heaviness lifted from his shoulders and he could breath a little easier. However, this still looked back on Adenna as well. He nodded in acknowledgement of Adenna's orders and agreeing to her suggestion of a Imperial Knight scan of his aura, dismissing himself from the meeting moments after Sandy had left. Leaning on his cane as he walked, he left the room all-together. One mistake was all it took, apparently. He visited Nel'Pi briefly, neither of them was in a talkative mood so it was back to the hanger for him. Making all the necessary copies and briefings Master Hazgel would need for his tenure as the War Master. As soon as all that was done, he purged his local copy of the records so there wasn't anything that could be said of him tampering with files that he no longer had a right to. The hanger bay was quiet, save for the emitters and their gentle humming tone. His ship was empty, save for the PIT Droids, who he stripped of their personality subroutines again. Unsettling. He thought, and left to go down towards the armory- to an open area where he could properly meditate. Since everyone was in the medical wing of the ship- or taking care of the wounded; He felt a sense of guilt for not being there himself, but he needed to take care of his mental state right now- or as best he could, while on a ship. While en route, the shape of a trandosian came into his field of vision- but before it could solidify, it was blown away by some unfelt wind. He didn't want to deal with Sabatin's ghost anyways. When he exited the turbolift- there was Master Maris, but no words were exchanged. Maris bowed, and Tobias nodded his head back to him, then walked right by him. Maris's hurt could be felt through the Force, but onward Tobias walked- into the armory, into one of the firing ranges, activated the training drones and watched them take to the air and hiss around. Walking into the center of them, several things happened at once- his lightsaber sparked to life, training bolts erupted from the emitters on the drones, and the lights went out. And so began his first round of meditation. There was no anger, no sorrow in his aura- there was regret and frustration, but nothing that wasn't in check or could be exercised out. Nothing would linger, other than his long-term mission here- that determination he would keep.
  4. By now, you should realize you don't speak in these situations, Vos. You idiot. They're too proud to realize people, supplies and ships cost money and that a reliable source of income would only help. Nope, he was the jerk who brought it all up to money. A-yup. Soldiers are paid for their services, then they pay for the food they eat... Vos scratched the tip of his nose, letting the internal argument go. Someone had to take their anger and so he let it wash over him, recognizing the catalyst in emotion even within himself- like a wave against a shoreline. He didn't lash back, despite the desire to- verbally of course. Silent he would remain, and work under the same conditions. It wasn't until Slaughter spoke that he didn't reach for his datapad. The card vibrated in a specific pattern- a message, he was waiting on arrived and a second one a second apart. The lead engineer's report- quickly he read down it. Paused, then read the bottom paragraph again- then a third time. He scratched the top of his nose, pondering. No, he'd tell them if they asked, he would inform Adenna. In-fact she had access to the message as well- but she didn't operate like he did. He'd take messages in the middle of meetings, regardless of if anyone saw it as rude. He could pay attention to both. Quit overthinking, Vos. His mind shot at him. The duel idea... His mind started to go on before he shut down that line of thought real fast. It persisted though, and squashed the idea down with the sentimental item in his pocket. He needed a distraction- and another message arrived. The Prism has landed in the hanger. Perfect, he thought and started to listen in again just as it started to sound important again. Thennnnn Sandy walked in, and he decided to share the datachip. With steel in his eyes, he locked them on Sandy. He had such pride in her- she was an excellent being, but she still needed to learn a few things. Timing, being one. Second was bluntness. Then Adenna said it... "War Crimes." Shit, now you're in it, Vos. Don't say anything, other than the absolute minimum. His mind ran a sprint- quickly settling on a course of action. Taking the chip that had a copy of the messages out, he glided it through the air to Master Draygo. Now, he spoke- "Master Draygo, the lead engineer of the boarding party, Nel'Pi, has submitted her post-engagement report." He didn't like how it happened- but still... the operation was his, he bore some responsibility- he knew she got carried away at times... Stop, no self reflection right now, do it later. Purchases for both ships and medical supplies were already pilling up and have two commas in bills already- but as long as they are saving lives and such. Some some ships might be better of just scrapped. Why am I being so crass right now? He briefly scratched the tip of his nose again, listening to the conversation. In the back of his mind the chain inside his pocket hung heavy. He knew he struck a nerve with Adenna; to himself, he made a vow to be one of the first ones out of the room when the group was dispersed. He needed to meditate before talking to her. And file his own report. And send a letter to the families, as he had done previously on Kashyyyk. And five dozen other things.... but the chain was a steady topic on his mind, and he started to fill his heart with regret. Not that it would show in his face or aura- he was locked down. Only two others could see through his barriers, and they were both in this room. Idly, he wondered if he had walked under any turbo-scaffolds, or broke a mirror, or if he had passed a black nexu: his luck was rotten.
  5. A short turbolift ride back from the bridge to the medical wing aboard the Mandate was the next step. They had jumped from the battle around the station and made it back to Nar Shaddaa. There would be plenty of work to be done in the aftermath, a lot of number crunching as well as the tangible losses and looking at two shuttles that had been in his convoy- he chuckled with short yet cold mirth. Leaving Adenna in the medical wing to to tend with Raven, he passed Sandy on the way out as well. She was distracted; she was walking with purpose. He was glad to see she survived the assault on the station. Sealed up in the turbolift, he pulled one of the datapads from his bag. Reporting out dead, injured, or missing personnel. Those plus the damage reports resulted in pinching the bridge of his nose. Was it all worth it? They’d have to see what everyone brought to the table in the after-action review. The lift chimed, and he was back out on the hanger deck. As the doors parted, his senses were hit with the smell of burnt electronics, flesh, and hot metal. What he heard was a mix of metal grinding and settling, as well as some wounded moaning. He oversaw the security team- the six Barabel Jedi Knights and two wookiees- take the Black Sun prisoners to the brig. Then touching base with Nel’Pi, the lead engineer of the boarding party. He was pinching the bridge of his nose as she told him what her crew had done to the station- and backed it up with the readings from the station as they had left. The station was a wreck, and he didn’t know what had come of it- in any event, it was bad. As he dismissed her to file a report- he received the summons to meet with Adenna, the Council, Masters, and the Imperials. He made sure to forward the summons to Sandy as well, but made it known it was optional. Reaching the briefing room, he filed in quietly after Master Draygo. Admiral Slaughter broke the silence and then it was Vos’s turn to chime in. “Well, that will be a little easier with the Black Sun Station neutralized for the moment and their Kuati prisoners rescued. Kuat won’t pay any blackmail or hostage fees on them for a while. Their station is on it’s way to being crippled- if not destroyed. Lead Engineer Nel’Pi, in our impromptu meeting, told me of the damage she and her crew inflicted on the station. We left their reactor without any coolant, and no life support on the bridge; as well as several electrical problems. We swiped two of their vaults of credits- and the rest is up to the fate of the station. The Black Sun commander and his guards are in the Mandate’s brig. I’ve already given the medical folks a wide operating window for buying any supplies needed. The ship triage is going to take a little longer, as folks do have to spacewalk for some repairs. I am only speaking of Jedi ships- but am willing to coordinate for the Imperials and Alliance’s ships as well.” He paused to take a breath, “We can subtly spin this as Black Sun cannot safely guard their customer’s interests- as in their banking structure. Their customers will look elsewhere- places we, hypothetically, have influence or interest in. Their customers and revenue stream become ours, hypothetically of course. I know this sounds crass, but these are the ramifications and the situation we are in. There are several fallouts to consider- a number of situations that we are the heroes, and others where we are the villains. That’s for our Publicity Officer to tangle with.” Tobias nodded at the Chiss Jedi Master, Tom - for short. The red eyes narrowed at Tobias’s label. With a smirk that faded quickly, “But there is also the possibility of a counter attack- but I’ll pause here.” Motioning with his one hand towards the rest of the room, he took the pitcher from the nearby table and poured a glass of water- he made a disgusted face quickly, then it was gone- and he took a drink, sitting down at the table, across from Raven. There were several empty seats along the conference room table they had commandeered as well as two other pitchers with drinking glasses around them. A typical debriefing/conference room setup all around, he observed.
  6. Arching an eyebrow, he examined the squat T3 unit. "The three discers will love and hate you, my new friend. I hope you have an Ion Torch or Arc Welder on you somewheres. But, all the same- I will instruct them to respect you and your programming." Tobias said, with a edge of dry humor. Turning to Kari, "If you wish to travel in your ship, that's fine- I'm not forcing you to come with me." Tobias said, pausing at the entry to his ship.
  7. Completing the movement without interruption, the blade sliced where Kari had once been before she nimbly dodged out of the way. Regaining his posture, Tobias let out a low chuckle. Then in practiced form, he deactivated the blade and placed the hilt on his belt. Smiling, he motioned for her to put her weapons away and to rejoin him in walking back to his ship. "There comes a point when all talking fails, and you must take action. Actions speak louder than words, or so they say." Internally, he slammed his head against a wall. Why was it that everyone was afraid of combat?! Reflexively, he clenched his right hand into a fist. No wonder Corusant was attacked, Onderon was taken over, Sith and Black Sun were running rampant! Everyone just wanted to talk things out! All the time! He wasn't a warmonger, but he could handle himself in a fight. That was how he was brought up after-all... While he needed people and assets, he needed them to be of the similar mindset. Outwardly. he was calm and collect as ever. "You passed part of the test. You are welcome to journey with me and my apprentices. I'll warn you of the three insane PIT Droids I own though... they won't be thrilled at another organic coming aboard, but they obey me."
  8. "One moment." Tobias said, acting as if he had just forgotten something. He ducked out of the entrance, waving a hand to tell her that he'd be right back. Walking around a corner, he came right back around it after less than a minute. Padding his pocket and stopping next to the girl- he motioned for them to start walking towards the landing area. "Sorry, had to make sure something was set before we left." Five steps away from the entry arch, he sparked the conversation up again. "So the test, it's much like the one I was put through when I first began to travel with Jedi. My friend, Dahar, he put the test on. Caught me by surprise, but I passed it." He chuckled, stopping and peering out one eye at his companion. "Let's begin." he held out his cane for her to take. Except when she moved to touch the cane, her hand passed right through it- and Tobias who had been right in front of her was gone. Vanished. Into thin air! A sound came from behind Kari- the thudding of a cane. Attached to the cane was Tobias, a calm expression on his face- but his eyes blazed with intent. He swung a yellow lightsaber from his right hand- the blade coming straight for Kari. This of course was all meant to see if her training was conditioned into her, as well as how she reacted- with the Force? Or outrage? When Dahar had attached him on Tython, Tobias was caught off-guard completely- and had made a fool of himself to everyone watching- but he had passed. He didn't lash out with the Dark Side, he didn't react with violence at all- and Dahar had become one of the most beloved of his friends. He hoped Kari wouldn't make the mistake of countering the attack with gusto. Hopefully she'd just defend herself- there wasn't any real danger, this was a training lightsaber he picked up when he ducked around the corner and made the doppleganger for Kari.
  9. Tobias leaned forward, resting his right elbow on his knee- but reaching his left hand out to Kari to accept an item. "May I see your lightsaber? How long have you had it?" ~~ Kari nodded her head, pulling the twin Tonfa Sabers from beneath her Indigo coat. "Through both my lifetimes" And it was indeed true. The twin tonfas held imprinted Crystal's within them that flowed with her auras from both this life, and of the one before. It held her memories of her first life from when she was but a child on Shili, the memories of the abuse inflicted upon her and her sisters, Tori and Angela, by their mother who bore them out of rape by her Master, a Sith of old, the memories of Rai Teal'c who eventually apprenticed Kari until they became involved and she was apprenticed to another Jedi Master who eventually raped and killed Kari in a fit of lust. And it held the memories of her second and current life, of Tori's revealing of her fall to the darkside in bringing Kari back to life, of Kari's abuse at the hands of her sister, Angela, whom had taken her place as Kari's mother and of Kari slaying Angela during a fateful fit of defense. But most importantly, they held her memories of Faust and his treachery, of how he first bore the name Lusef Aryan in an attempt to misguided her and train her to become a Sith under his rule as Luciferian and the battle at Gala where he broke her spirit and her mind, causing her emotions to spill uncontrollably in waves of kinetic energy, and after subtly planting a skill into her head, almost blew away the temple at Gala with a Thought Bomb just to end his life. "Careful with those. I imprinted myself into those crystals many years ago, so they carry the auras and memories of both." Kari warned with a stern expression, but also one of caring. "Only a handful can stand simply touching them without losing themselves in the memories." ~~ Collecting both items, he carried them back to his lap with deference to Kari. Then, he took off his gloves, chuckled as he looked at them, then dove in. Hands connecting with the hilts, he let his mind dive into the memories- so much family entanglement, so much betrayal and downright monstrosities. Tobias tried to absorb all this in the few seconds of actual physical contact. A cold shiver ran down his spine despite the warmth of the whiskey he had just drank. Only a minute passed in real time, then Tobias broke the contact with the weapons and floated them back across the table with a shuddering breath. Not before rolling them around in his hands still- feeling the grooves and buttons on the blades. There was almost a subtle smile before the pair went airborne back to their owner. Tobias returned the gloves to his hands. “One must know where they are going if they don’t want to get lost.” Standing up, he rested his left hand on top his cane and leaned into it. He motioned to the door and they started to walk after leaving the glasses on the table. Limping along on his cane he looked back to Kari. “Theres just one more test for you here, are you ready?” He asked, then proceeded down the stairs until walking a dozen feet out the main entrance to the prefab conclave structures.
  10. He sighed. "I was on Gala too...right when it all went down. I was working for the Sith, my master died there- I was..." Tobias shook his head to clear his mind. "I was supposed to do something there to sabotage the base, but...I didn't. Either I was cut off or whatever- I don't think I would have done it anyways. I was in..." he broke off, his voice still heavy with memory. His eyes looking off into the distant past. "... I am in love. That's what brought me to the lightside, or at least as close as I can get to it." Tobias snorted with amusement and was brought back to the reality here and now. "I returned to Gala- that's a long story but basically I met up with Dahar, who became Grandmaster for a time. Then Kirlocca and Xae-Lin. The two masters are dead, the exorcist is gone back into the shadows. Don't know if we will ever see her again." His lip curled with disgust, his aura flashing with anger, but only briefly. The names of the two masters brought about sorrow and a sense of loneliness. "We all got into a fight with a Dark Side Monolith- and I tore it apart with abilities I had gained... Beyond Shadows. The Force Scar that was there has been somewhat healed." Tobias took a sip of the whiskey, then looked at Kari. "We can mope about the past evils we have done, or we can get to work fixing what we've done and make sure that others do not make our mistakes. There comes a point where you must say 'yes, I did those things, but I am not that person.' I am two lifetimes away from the Sith Knight I was. I am willing to face what I have done, those events still haunt me to this day. But I am trying to do better. And so are you. You will get there in time, trust me." Tobias took another sip and smacked his lips together. "So you're still of apprentice rank? Or what? How much do you know? You're powerful, so... I assume you know a thing or two?" He chuckled, his cheeks red with the booze he had drank. His knee started to bob up and down, a sign of restlessness. He had been wanting to spar for quite a while now...
  11. As she broke out into a fit, Tobias lazily let his hand fall to the staff across his lap. Then she broke out the good stuff. Tobias longed for the bitter taste- he resisted. Adenna had gone to considerable effort to make sure there was no booze here. He tried to resist, he really did. But the visions of Kashyyyk sprouted in his mind as if it was a valley of wildflowers in spring. He pulled the whiskey bottle to his own glass and let the liquid flow into his glass. Placing the bottle back down, he took a sip after the liquid had a chance to breath. The aroma hit him like swallowing a pill that set off serotonin through his whole body. Sighing, he let his gaze fall on Kari once again. "I did not know who was behind the attack. I applaud your efforts on Corusant, however your helped I'm sure it was appreciated. I wish I could have been there, but I cannot really be in two places at once across the Galaxy." He paused, considering his next statement. But then Kari toasted, he raised his own glass- "May you find what you seek." The words felt heavy as he spoke them, they were Sabatin's last words to him- or at least they were supposed to be, the Trandosian now haunted his consciousness. Then downed the amber liquid. "Have you been back to Gala since that battle?" Tobias was probing now, trying to figure out this Ranger...he knew there wasn't anything there, not anymore. Dahar's face flashed in front of him for the eightieth time in this conversation, he blinked it away...he missed his friend.
  12. Tobias toasted Kari with his glass, he wished it was a stronger drink, he wanted to state his respect at her being on Corusant and her reflection of the battle. But what did he have in mind? What was the Force telling him? What should he do now? Could he help this girl? Should he? Afterall, he wasn't a Jedi, and she wasn't either. Yet she had come here to try and become part of something larger. Trying to remember what Sarah should have done, he let his eyes close and then let his body sink back into the chair; his mind was racing. "Yes, we shouldn't ever be caught off-guard like that. However, the moon, of all things, decided to kiss Corusant, it's odd don't you think? Ah, regardless." He brushed aside the beginnings of his rambling with a wave of his hand. Taking a deep breath he leveled his eyes at the alien. "I can't suggest anything for you. The Force is telling you something you must do, and you are to follow it- while it is not a precise path you have managed to come here and speak with one of the only people who are with the Jedi Order, but not a part of it. Admittedly, this is not what I wished for when I started on my own path towards my own goals, but here I am. And I am even now given the title of Jedi Master, Leader of the Shadows- and so many others. What I can do is make you an offer to come with me, I don't know where I am going next, but I need people who aren't Jedi- or Jedi that bend the rules a little bit here and there. Depending on how experienced you are- I can use you. Our goals align, and we could teach one another about our respective orders. You, of the Je'daii. And I, and my order. What do you think?"
  13. He sighed... "Interesting theory and all that. I was thinking if you pull some from each side into another aspect of the Force it would tip the scales in another direction. But as far as your idea of becoming an ambassador I'm afraid its not as simple as that..." Grimacing, as if he didn't even want to hear the words spoken out loud, he decided to just come out and say it. "The Alliance is in shambles and have more immediate concerns on their mind, so do the Imperials, and the Jedi as well. The past few months have been hard on the beings in this galaxy. All the ships above us are full of people we just pulled off Corusant, where a moon just scratched the planet. It's chaos there. The head of state for the Imperials is also missing, for the moment. The new Grandmaster of the Jedi is... brand new. The previous one died on Corusant saving people..." He trailed off, the expression on his face growing harder, "And I don't think Aryian is alive anymore. I could be wrong, but I think he was killed during the Battle of Onderon. I know he was captured by the Sith there, but I think he's one with the Force now... I'm sorry to tell you all this..." Tobias was getting a little thirsty, so he decided to point at the table in-between the pair talking and snapped his fingers once, closed his eyes, twice, opened them, and the third time there was a sharp 'pop' from the little table, and a pitcher of water with two glasses appeared. He leaned forward and poured himself a glass of water, then filled the other, then filled another, then set it on the table. Taking his seat back, he gestured to the glass for Kari to take it if she wanted. "But...the Force led you here. This is one of those instances where the Force mandates you taking a different path now."
  14. Imperceptibly, he tensed. She had been at Gala as the temple fell. That was so long ago, those memories were bit of the Tobias today. So all she wanted to do was tip things back to balance... he had his own thoughts on that subject as well, but the most sensible way to balance the Force was also unthinkable. “It’s true, the Force is out of balance at the moment. What way would you choose to balance the dark and light?” He chuckled, “What if you introduced another aspect into the mix- forcing each to donate energy to this third movement? Perhaps not even just three, maybe several different movements to balance the scales.” ”Let’s table that conversation for now. Your goals are clear, but what do you wish to accomplish here, right now, Je'daii Ranger Kari?”
  15. Tobias smiled, broadly. She had a back bone, and was blunt. A point for her, indeed. Lips parted, showing his smile, his pleasure with this conversation showing. A Je'daii, oh? How interesting. And she thinks me a Jedi, well...well... "You? You're wondering about me?" He guffawed, mockingly, pressing his hand to his chest. Of course, it was all jokingly over done. "So you're a Je'daii Ranger? Interesting..." he scratched his chin scruff with a skeptical expression on his face. "I've met a few Rangers in my time, they've never been anyone's favorite bunch. Walking the line between Ashla and Bogan. But, something is wrong- I do not recall you belonging to my order, and I would know- I am the only Kiffar among them and they are all of the same race. However, you do not know what path I have walked, but you speculate. Interesting for a Ranger, who has not confirmed anything... A question, if you will,, please tell me what you, as a Je'daii Ranger, think about prophecy, visions, and destiny?" Tobias was eager to hear what Kari had to say. This was all a test though, making sure the girl was who she said she was. Double checking if she actually believed the Je'daii tenets or if she was just getting a cool name and label.
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