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  1. His head tilted to one side, the reverberation from the thermal detonator sounded down the hallway the Jedi were in. As soon as the flash and noise subsided, his eyes fixed on the hole in the floor it had just left. Instantly there were Jedi leaping through the hole and down another level. Tobias let the others jump through first, taking another moment to check in with everyone. The Barabels were pressing forward towards the prison level after the 9-9 crew started to flank the enemy. Shuttle 5-5 crew has fended off the last of the security forces and had the credit vaults secured near the bottom of the station. Distracted, he jumped down the new hole to the level below. He was caught off guard with the drop, it was a longer drop than he anticipated, but he recovered quickly. Rolling to mitigate the fall, he decided to evaluate how close they were to Raven. They were right on top of her. One level left to go, it seemed. Odd, but a welcome de He checked in with the Barabels and shuttle 9-9, despite casualties, the level below the prison block was secured. The others were moving through the vaults to take on engineering. He ordered the Barabels to make their way to the main entry point for the prison block, Tobias would meet them there. ~~ The guards heard the knocking at the door from the turbo lift, and the hissing. The reptilian crew of Jedi were trying to spook the guards, and it was working. The guards were scared, a dozen in the main chamber. More down the corridor, and the other prisoners were also scared, they could vaguely hear but the effect was universal. Vos reached out to the Imperial Head-of-State, gauging her situation. Stable for now. The thermal detonator flashed, and the deck piece separating the last of the Jedi forces on the level above, a flash grenade went off. With a Force suggestion from Vos, they all swarmed the prison level. He and nearly sixty Jedi dropped into and throughout the prison level. ~~~ Shuttles 3-4 and 2-2 went to assist with the crew of shuttle 5-5 in the banking levels. Those 150 or so Jedi and soldiers would hold the area and make sure any attack the station defenses couldn’t breach their perimeter. Once that was accomplished 3-4 and 2-2 would make their way down through the vaults and into engineering. As it happened, right as Vos and crew were dropping into the prison level, both crews were moving to engineering. ~~ Shuttles 4-4, 6-7 and 8-6 were keeping pressure on the upper tiers of the station. Swarming the Officers Quarters, Briefing Rooms and Armories. Constantly putting pressure on the station defenses. Just enough to keep the bridge crews in place, unless they surrendered, of course. ~~ A contingent of 5-6 made sure to keep an eye on the hanger, from the shadows of course. The battle outside was turning, and it would be good to see if the Black Sun and Sith tried to reinforce the station. ~~ Tobias sighed as the few sounds of fighting died away. Any padawan could feel that the other cells were full of people, scared and defeated. There wasn’t any choice in the matter, they would be coming with the Jedi. Dishing out orders for the Jedi to escort the prisoners back to their shuttles, Tobias decided to risk resetting one of the shuttles. If it was his, they’d all die of decompression sickness with the breaches they had cut and blown into the station, but there was another option. Calling over the comm, he got shuttle 8-6 to reposition to the prison level. As the craft latched to the hull and bore into the station there was a wave of panic and terror from the civilian prisoners. As soon as the hatch was sealed to the shuttle, the Jedi began to open the cells, using lightsabers or the force to open them and escort the prisoners to safety. Discussing it briefly, Tobias and his small crew decided to come in from all angles on the prison cell that held Raven and… others. After everyone was moved onto the shuttle, Tobias knocked on the final door- Raven’s. Tobias pinched the bridge of his nose and then gave a signal to move forward. A barabel reached out to activate the door controls and it slid slowly to the side revealing the interior- Raven was on some man’s lap with a gun pointed to her head, along with four other guards their weapons pointed in the same direction. As Tobias entered he stretched out his hands in a non-aggressive stance, he took one step into the room - without making a sound- careful not to startle or come off as too hostile with his body posture. . “Head of State Zinthos, good to see you again. Your friend must be… the commander of the station? With four of your closest guards? My terms are simple; let her go, right now; and give me the command codes for the station- all of them. If you do that, each of you will be allowed to leave here alive.” Jedi inside and outside the station were taking loses, and if the commander was so concerned with his own fate he might give in gracefully and enabling Tobias to turn the battle in a different direction. He knew there would be a silent battle going on as each of the four guards would contemplate shooting Raven right off the bat, or shooting the commander to secure their own fate. TL:DR- Black Sun station(18 levels total); Command Structure/Private Hanger (4 Levels) Officers Quarters/Briefing Rooms/Armory (2 Levels) Prison Level (1 Level) Hangers (1 Level) Banking/Security (1 Level) Scrooge McDuck Credit Vaults(8 Levels) Engineering (1 Level) Jedi Forces within the station are taking loses, but securing key positions. Office Quarters/Armories, Banking/Security, Prison levels belong to Jedi. Two shuttles of Jedi (80 after casualties) are moving to engineering. Jedi Sentries are moving to observe hangar bays. Three shuttles worth of troops are putting pressure on the top 5 levels of station defenses. Contact with Raven established.
  2. The group had traveled far enough into the station that Tobias had them stop. Looking back, he discovered that of the 52 warriors that followed him into battle, there were only around 30 that had followed him this far. The six barabel had left his group first thing, two others were dead, three had been injured and retreated back to the shuttle- exchanging the guard along the way so the injured were closer to their escape craft than the healthy ones. That left ten others who were guarding specific points along their path into the station, covering the escape route to the black. With a nod and a hand gesture at the floor, the team scrambled into action. Four moved further down the hallway from the rear sentries and started to pull anything they could from the rooms connected to the hallway. The defense Black Sun had put up was weak at first, but no doubt with the arrival of the Sith, plus the enemy actually knowing where the Jedi and their forces were, they would start to attack en masse. Ergo why they were now constructing simple barricades.They would have to re-enforce this area, dropping down level to level and eviscerating the forces standing in their way. Tobias took a moment and checked in with the status of the fleet, letting Tom check in with the shuttles. The news wasn’t good from them, but after exchanging information related to the shuttles, that was exponentially better. Five-Five had discharged their warriors and were engaging the security level of the casino. Five had been killed, but the distraction was vital to balancing the odds to the Jedi’s side. Other shuttle squads were softly engaging the forces within the station, the bait and ambush strategy was working well. The Barabels were ripping through staff throughout the station, well, on the levels down to the prison level. All throughout the briefing Vos toyed with a thermal detonator, inactive of course, but he left his eyes drift with the Force-guided motion of the explosive. He sighed, the expression hidden from his crew, they had lost 30 warriors all together. Finally he got the signal that the crews setting up all the barricades. Reaching out to sense what was directly below them, he let it play out in his mind- the flash grenade, the entrance, the death, the repetition. A blue-green light filled the corridor, a snap hiss echoed up and down the hallway. Tipping the blade into the floor he cut a beveled section out. It settled into its new position as he pulled his saber out of the floor. Using the Force he pulled it up and out, Tom dropping the flash grenade down, Tobias setting down the floor away from the hole, flash grenade detonating, Tom dropping down, Tobias dropping down, three bodies fell into pieces around Tom, two around Tobias. Other warriors followed them down, and the cycle continued for another six levels, each time moving the place where they made the bevel. The warriors were spread out even further through the levels, but they were close. “Vos.” A scratchy voice echoed in his ear, the shots of blaster fire could be heard on the other side of the commlink. “Tarri, this is Vos.” He called back, patching Tom into the channel. “Barabel squad intact. One level below prison level. The prey… there are many. Almost too many.” “Where is shuttle 9-9?” A raspy voice hissed its displeasure, “Not here…” Looking up at Tom, he knew the Chiss Jedi Master was on the comm. Connecting them to his own channel, he heard their chatter. Apparently, they were making their way to the Barabels, completing a flanking maneuver. “Hang in there Tarri, we don’t need anymore dead heros today.” Tobias ordered. Silence for two seconds then Terri acknowledged the order. Vos sighed, apparently 9-9 had been holding back waiting for this. Tut was a good planner like that, but it still irritated Vos. Maybe it was the fire they were under, but they shouldn’t be doing this logistical stuff now. The Barabels and Shuttle 9-9 were going to be coming up to the prison level, and Tobias with 20ish warriors were still making their way down. The process would start to speed up as they would now being using thermal detonators to remove the floor for the next few levels, then they would be above Raven. TL:DR Vos's shuttle (6-4) crew is moving down, Barabel squad plus Shuttle 9-9 crew moving up from below the prison level. Shuttle 5-5 engaging Vault Security. 6 other shuttle crews are running around, playing cat-and-mouse games with internal security. Will clarify later. OOC: Apologies for not formatting.
  3. The path they chose wasn’t clear though, and a member of Hornet Squadron, their escort, took a hit and exploded. The pilot somehow survived, that much Tobias could feel. There were others who weren’t so fortunate, one of the enemy fighters exploded off on their flank, Hornet Squad taking revenge for their destroyed craft. One after another a flash of light would flare up. Turning his back to the view port, he looked over the beings in the shuttle with him. The nine Barabel, one Noghri, three Wookiee’s and the various human and humanoids, too indistinct to stand out in their armored vac suit, save for the Nautolan at his side, focused on the fight ahead of them. “Brace for impact!” One of the pilots said, and Tobias called to the force to help steady him. As did all the other Jedi in the shuttle. The vessel spun and it did lessen the impact of the missile that impacted the side of the shuttle. Sliding sideways towards the station as if drifting sideways on a race track. Tobias had briefed the others in the shuttle and described a vague battle plan. Currently, their presences reverberated with anticipation of the coming fight. The warriors in each of the shuttles didn’t have to wait long, as they just heard the call out from the pilots. “Boarding party, stand ready.” The forty five others in the shuffling from foot to foot and started to check their weapons and equipment. “Ten seconds!” They braced as the ship swung to the side, the station looming in the forward viewport. Showing the battle going on outside, the fleet pressing further and further towards the station, ion batteries still firing a stream of blue bolts into the station. The port side of the shuttle came to life as magnetic grapples shot into the station and the boarding tube shot forward, torching a hole into the station with plasma torches around the pod. Tobias made his way to the front of the crowd. After all who was he to ask others to lay down their lives if he didn’t do the same? He was a leader, not a boss and he’d chosen to lead by example. Pulling the burst rifle from his back, he checked the power pack and it was still charged to capacity. With an exertion from the Force, his face shield slid shut and he was sealed inside the suit. A brief moment of darkness and he seized the moment to breath and flood his presence with satisfaction and pride. They were about to dive into the fight. The laser cone finished, and the internal iris spread open to reveal the station interior, and their welcoming committee as well as a section of bulkhead on the floor. A fire team of Black Sun enforcers awaited them when they surveyed the scene. Tobias snorted as he pulled the trigger twice and let loose six shots. The four bodies hit the floor, holes burned into their flesh. “Go!” Tobias shouted into the comlink and the 46 warriors charged into the station. Not blindly, and not foolishly. There were fireteams stationed at intersections and critical points. Or at least there would be once they progressed further into the station. The Barabels on the other hand started to sprint forward, leaving the others behind. They had their own mission. Tobias and crew moved forward and reports came in one at a time that each shuttle had discharged their contents, fifty or so warriors, into the station. As the barabels turned left and disappeared, Tobias turned right and soon came to find himself looking at a dozen Enforcers. They were ready, and Tobias didn’t even try to duck back behind cover. He just vaulted across the intersection and into the other side of the hallway. A dozen others followed suit and the firefight ensued, brief but bloody. One of the Jedi fell to a bolt through the shoulder from popping out too far from cover. Two others escorted the injured man back to the previous checkpoint and they would follow suit all the way back to the shuttle. The dozen plus Tobias made their way forward. Occasionally bumping into enforcers or other resistance. While they had been on the station less than five minutes, it was still quick enough for the Adi-Wan to go down. Tobias was so informed by one of the shuttle pilots relaying updates. A quick check with the Force and he could feel Adenna’s presence still. And healthy. Gritting his teeth, he fought the urge to run back into the shuttle and rescue her. Or even call the Prism in to retrieve her. Tobias has both loved and hated the plan Adenna proposed and went with. Tobias did not relay the Adi-Wan’s destruction, making such announcements would only distract the boarding parties. If they wanted to pull the odds back in their favor, they would have to win this part. His team was almost at their mark, and the final part of the retrieval would commence. ~~~ Shuttle 5-5 had gotten to the ‘top’ of the station a little battered, but otherwise healthy and intact. Once it had gotten there the shuttle corkscrewed down the length of the station, maneuvering towards the bottom. Once there, the boring lasers latched onto the station and discharged its complement of infiltrators. ~~~ Elsewhere the shuttles managed to find a spot to latch onto and spill their contents into the station. While each shuttle did make it, there were some casualties- mostly their fighter escorts but some attacks on the shuttle found their mark. Most of the healthy warriors made their way onto the station.
  4. The Ad Hoc war council dissolved, and Tobias was left to look around at the beings crammed in the assault shuttle with him. The few Jedi Knights that were assigned to him, two Jedi Masters, two apprentices, and the pilots. While he would have rather been on his tricked out YT ship, the assault ship was made for this entire situation- taking hits in combat but still being able to deliver infiltrators and survive the clash. To his relief the YT ship was flying along the outskirts of the battlefield, neither engaging or actively helping the Jedi. They were there just in case something went catastrophically wrong. And within the first few moments of the battle- it did. He felt the whirlwind as it arrived, and his heart broke as the sudden ramifications flooded his mind. Scenarios played out a dozen a second. Despite being crammed into the box, he never felt so helpless. He wished he could be in two places at once, and that DuVos had never left with Sarah; that was in the past now and there wasn’t any changing that best to focus on other things. The other Jedi in the shuttle looked at one another, uncertain. If this was how the Force wanted to play things out, this was how he would play them out. He would not ignore his role in the situation, nor the Jedis role. A moment later, Tobias flooded his presence with confidence and determination, and settled into his pre-fight meditation. Collecting the Force around him and drawing it in. It was as if the Force was a hurricane and raining power into a reservoir that he had full control over the button that determined the release of the power. He was the storm and he was the release. They would retrieve Raven, but at what cost to themselves? A very high cost, apparently, as the Sith fleet pulled into real space right then and there and started their assault. Tobias could feel worry and fear in the Force. A black tidal wave of darkness had just crashed upon their battlefield. He stood his ground in the Force, fighting a wave of fear and panic the Dark side had brought or enhanced. Not giving mental ground, he started to push back, and the wave receded. The other Jedi were quickly replacing their shock with determination. The big, scary Dark Lord was here, and each Jedi would fight him if it came to that. Perhaps even Vos, but he had his mission- they all had a job to do. Part of him tried to forget the nightmare he kept having these past few months, the one where he eventually faced him, not that he was scared of fighting him- but his recent victim at his feet.. “Alright.” He said aloud to the others around him, snapping himself out of the daze. “Here’s the plan; the pilots are starting to see an opening in the battlefield and they want to try a run on the station. Hornet Squadron is covering us in this region and is going to follow us in. I want shuttles 4-4, 6-7, 8-6, inset down the middle. Shuttles 3-4, 2-2, 5-6, sneak around the other side of the battle, don’t stray too far, we still want to get in there intact.” Tobias stressed that last word, and he didn’t just mean the shuttles. “Here after you’ll be called Lefty Squad and Pounder Squad. Lefty, the shield generators, artificial gravity pumps, communications, armories- those are your priorities. Pounder- Power Generators, preferably the biggest one if there's multiple. Hook Squad, ours, will break right and go around- a Trident pattern. Regardless of where we are we’ll be able to get some back up one way or another. We’re still under the cover, but we need to move. Squadrons, Reek, Hornet, Moria - Lefty, Pounder, Hook cover them respectively. That covers our sector, Shuttle 5-5, ready?” Awkledgement lights winked on his helmet. “Begin count. The Ion Barrage is looking good, almost looks like a wave of hyperspace is hitting the station.” He and this small force was about to move into the fire zone. He waited, knowing no one would move until he called out. Suspense was building, and he felt that and the anxiety from the pilots around him. Tobias let out a heavy sigh, reflecting on his life and the responsibility he was now going to incur. He wrapped his hand around the loop above him and felt the right moment; “Go!” And felt the ships engines roar to life. They were all pushed back into one another, most were standing but holding onto hand loops. Barabels fit in vac suits, but not regular chairs. So most of his crew was standing and feeling the push. The internal compensators were just sluggish enough to make them feel the ship go. The shuttles started their run, and Tobias hoped they would all make it. Especially 5-5… He would see what this little crew could do. His, and the other teams. “This one is impressed as well, Master Vos!” A Barabel hissed behind Vos. Smiling, he nodded at the Knight. “By this little rag-tag company and what we're about to do? Or by fitting into a Vac Suit?" He said, playfully. He nodded his scaley head, baring his fangs in the alien smile. “This One meant the former, but is also amused at the Vac Suit." Scanning the alien and the others in the shuttle, Tobias nodded with confidence. He scanned the crowd of about fifty for his apprentices. Not finding them, he checked his equipment. Combat Vac seal was still good, obviously. Blaster, A280-CFE, utility belt, and of course a few other things, he was ready. And so was the warriors in the shuttle with him. TL:DR Assault Boats heading in with cover, except for one who is climbing 'above' the battlefield. (But still covered.) Assignments for shuttles/battle groups.
  5. Vos's image appeared next to Master Draygos own. He was currently still aboard his own ship, flying in formation. This meeting was too important to miss though, so he made sure he chimed in, after encrypting the transmission to match the others as well to chat in private. "This feels like a stalling tactic. However if they are sincere about trading Raven, perhaps that is our chance to deliver a strike team inside the station? My team could land, retrieve the Empress, and get her out and to safety. Once she is aboard my ship- the ship leaves. That would leave the strike team in the hanger to..." He gestured to convey 'you all know what I mean' "In any event if we attack after we secure Raven, it might demonstrate that we cannot keep our promises. Which could come back to bite us in the future. They wouldn't expect us to break the promise now though, which is nice. Gives us the option to retrieve her."
  6. Trying to describe this feeling was best left to a metaphor; it was like being on a rough sea, and you know there is another ship out there but you can't spot it yet. Then- you identify one another and make a straight line to each other. That was how this was working out- Tobias in his ship was making a straight line to Adenna and her ship. Keeping his heart from leaping out of his chest, he tried to play it smooth and not get too excited. Playing the part of a Jedi Master, he needed to act like it too. Standing there in the cockpit of his ship, he felt the hazy field of an interdiction gravity cone they were about to hit- and he slapped the controls. The PIT Droid, Ni, looked at him like the human was invading the droids personal space. Not the case, but still... he was overreaching. "We were about to be pulled out anyways..." Tobias shrugged at the droid. Ni apparently just shrugged it off. And there the ship was- the guiding light of his existence held within. "Transmit our clearance codes to the Adi-Wan, then form up as best we can. Try to make speed to the Adi-Wan until we receive orders otherwise." The little droid nodded his head and the ship started to speed up- into the Jedi Forces. Clearing his throat, he walked back to the common room where his apprentices were there- he was caught flatfooted, he didn't know what to do with the pair- they had only started to cover combat situations. Combat situations with pirates and smugglers- were not good for them to learn the first time around. Pirates could be treacherous... especially these ones- Sith allied ones. After boarding the Adi-Wan, and seeing his love momentarily for just moment, Tobias was back aboard his YT-2000, contemplating his next move. Should he really go to the surface? Could he make a difference if he were to go out and command another ship? The CC-7700? The Lancers Frigates? There was very little time to meditate. The surface is where his apprentices were heading, he should look out for them. Adenna was in space though- and he could cover her from his ship, or a fighter. No, he would do better to head dirtside, well, station-side. Silently, the YT slipped back into space and positioned itself to follow the others to the station. Where was Raven in all that? Where would they go? The three of them were combat vac suits, along with the other Jedi strike team members. Tom and Tut, for starters. Three Barabel Jedi Knights, a Noghri and another two human males. The Noghri was in the top quad cannon, the human on the bottom quad. A Barabel was also staffing the Cannons, from the cockpit. Knight and Ikky were in engineering, ready for something to go wrong. They were ready. They kinda had to be. There wasn’t any other options. Forming up behind the Templar’s, the Corellian Freighter lagged just behind a touch- and Tobias felt the familiar touch of Adennas presence and welcomed it. “Droids, Execute Programming Two-Two-One. Standby…download local packet DSS-Five-Tactical.” Vos gave the programmed call out order to his droids. “WELL ITS ABOUT KRIFFING TIME! AND WERE IN A COMBAT FORMATION?! What are you trying to do to us?! This isn’t good for my health. Especially yours, for all of you meatbags.” A droid voice started over the ships comm. Vos places his head in his palm, regretting he didn’t have time to tone the programming down on the Droids. Embarrassed, he called through the comm; “Ni, knock it off. We have company, time to be serious.” There was another response but Vos ignored it and tried to settle back into a combat mindset. He felt Adennas presence once again, letting it flow through him. The road ahead was going to be long- and the Wookiee’s would be avenged- slavers would die. Jedi would die. Raven would be rescued, and Adenna would be there at the end of it all, one way or another. He promised himself that much. Not unexpected, Tobias found his friend and confidant Jedi Master Tut Maris alone, near the loading ramp. Dressed in his combat Vac suit, he just stood there, waiting. “Tut…” Tobias softly questioned. The green nautolan just stood there, still looking out past the hull. Tobias put a gentle hand on his friends shoulder, noting the new lightsaber hilt next to Tuts old one. “Tut, are you with us?” He blinked, shaking his head clear. His head tails shifted subtly with the movement. The green alien still didn’t look at Vos, but answered the question with arms folded. “Last time we were on a space station, my best friend died- and I watched it happen…” His voice was barely above a whisper. Tobias dug his fingers into the muscular shoulder, gently. It was a sign that Tobias knew would convey his sympathy. “I carry his memory with me every day, along with all the others we lost on Kashyyyk. But the wookiees are free, my friend. Chal’lar gave his life to free them- and even to protect some Imperial Stormtroopers. You know I’d trade places with him if I could, I’m sorry my friend. I really am.” Tut let his head roll for a moment, then nodded, his gaze still locked forward. “I carry more than memories now, but your condolences are appreciated, my friend.” Tobias let his hand drop back to his side. “Yeah, I just noticed your new lightsaber. Very honorable of you. You brought him back from the Dark Side, bonded, fought together- and still fight together. We’ll continue on, and you and I both know he’s watching us now. Cheering us on. I’d say you can sit this one out, but thats not what you need is it? Of course not. Just… don’t get too lost in your emotions- we will have Sith to fight soon enough.” Tut had shifted his gaze to look at Vos, who winked and they each nodded there affirmation at each other. Tobias left him there, knowing he’d be back in a moment. Welcoming Adenna’s presence once again and he started to see a little clearer. Time to go check on his apprentices...
  7. "Several. But..." Tobias sighed, collecting himself all over again. "Unfortunately, we are being called elsewhere, my young padawans." He finished the datapad message he had just received under the frequency between he and Adenna. The PIT Droid walked away right after delivering the message and was going to program a course to the rendezvous point. "I'm sorry..." Tobias whispered through the ship- and the hum of the hyperdrive answered back. @Kota Ni would have to wait. @The Architect Aurora would be introduced to a few more Jedi soon enough.
  8. "Where do the feelings call you to? It doesn't need to make sense to me, you are the guide- you are the one invested in this more than Aurora or I. I will trust you, @Kota Ni" Doppelganger Vos replied back.
  9. "There are Masters that cannot hold that together- and you did so with a natural talent. Some would have tried to hold the liquid together at the base- or manipulated the individual atoms to hold it all together. Its hard to hold liquid together- and plasma is worse than that- but all things are possible with the right mindset and skill with the Force." Taking a sip to stall a immediate response- Tobias carefully considered how he would formulate his reply. With a second sip of his beverage he let the bottle rest on the table and held his hands palms up with his elbows resting on the table. A white orb appeared in his left hand- and a black orb in his right. Nodding to the white orb he began to explain- "The Jedi Order are servants of the Light Side- they hold themselves to a high moral ground- but do not look down upon those they are entrusted to protect and guide. They try to avoid emotions and instead to rely on the Force to guide them. A Jedi does not seek personal status or power, but will be inserted into such a role if need be. They also do not seek revenge, and dislike slavery. The Dark Side relies on their emotions and seeks control over the Force. They kill, seek revenge, hold slaves, and other terrible atrocities that are too numerous to get into." Tobias took a deep breath. "Now a days- Jedi allow themselves to feel emotions like Love, sadness, pleasure, so on and so forth. Like how Adenna and I are- she is the reason I turned my back on the Sith. But in between these two extremes are the products of a prism- red, orange, yellow, green, purple and all the colors between." the light between the two orbs shattered into a spectacle of smaller orbs floating around the table. "And there is a following for every interpretation of the Force." Slowly, the orbs started to wink out of existence- until a greenish blue orb came to settle in the space between Tobias' now empty hands. "This is the interpretation that I have of the Force- symbolized with colors, of course." He closed his hands, and sighed- he was getting better at the idle illusions through the Force. "Hopefully that fills in some gaps for you, or doesn't confuse you any worse than what you were already." Chuckling, he made a mental note to have his doppleganger try to reach Kota again, and did.
  10. Tobias nodded in acknowledgement of her offer to help fix the programming error within in the droids. Idly, he threw out a barrier, mentally wanting to protect the trio- or be possessive of them. Which, a moment later, he realized was silly and he should trust Aurora and her abilities. If she said she could do it- she could. If Tobias' face was anything to go by it would show how delighted he was with Auroras control of the Force- and the elements. He beamed with a ear-to-ear smile. As she hydrated and answered him a sense of pride could be felt from him to Aurora. "You're getting stronger with the Breath, The Force. Good Job, and nice choice of beverage." Tobias winked, and toasted Aurora with his own beverage. After another sip, he sighed as she answered about the Aing-Tii. "I suspected not, but I was just curious. A species typically doesn't shelter themselves away from others unless they are extremely xenophobic or trusting. Typically there is a moment in time where the species has learned from their error and retreated back to themselves. I spent a lot of time with the Aing-Tii in my journey Beyond the Veil... and I still know little about their history. Their ways of manipulating and interacting with the Force simply fascinates me, and I've been emulating them more and more- and even you are now by proxy. And speaking of proxy..." Tobias hung his head after another longer sip. He pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose, pinching it. A expression of pain crossed his face as he rose up from his seat and walked out of the room. But he was still there- sitting across from Aurora. Tilting his head to one side at an extreme angle, he kept his eyes closed and pressed the bottle to his lips again. "The Aing-Tii would be very impressed with your use of the Force just then. The trick I used to get this drink was a technique they taught me. Well, one, but that is another story. I was just hoping to learn more about them. Once you they trust you, they will let you learn from them. As long as they trust you, which doesn't happen often, and not as deeply as I have. There are different factions of dark and light side Force users, they view the Force as a rainbow- the path from light to dark is shaded by that of-" Tobias set his drink down on the table between him and his apprentice and lifted his hands with the palms up indicating their surroundings. "-a Prism." His hands returned to the drink and he winked at the young woman across from him. "Which makes all this... quite the unique experience as my views are more in line with the Aing-Tii 'Rainbow Theory' but we'll keep that between you and I for now." Tobias shrugged. ~~~ Avatar Tobias-- Standing down from the common room, the avatar reached out to Kota. As it was a nearly identical copy of Tobias it was doubtful the young lad would detect it. Afterall, the doppelganger was link to Tobias, it was just easier to have two separate conversations like this. It reached out- "Yes, Kota?"
  11. Vos nodded a reaction to Auroras' remark about the PIT Droids. "Yeah, the droids... *sigh* yeah... their programing had a flaw in it- I can't fix it and I think it will be better if the loop snarl they inadvertently got programmed with isn't engaged. So fair the personality deactivation seems to have worked. They were gift and designed to assist me with another project- but since that hasn't happened, their original programming hasn't changed. Something I should have been proactive with instead of brushing it aside all the time." Turning the corner into the common room, Tobias found his customary spot- and sat at the table. "Fair point. You've been keeping up remarkably well- with everything not just learning to utilize the Force. I wish I had a better structure for you, Kel and Kota to learn in. The only other trainee I've had was Sandy Sarna, who Adenna had already laid most of the foundation and structure. I just-" Tobias caught himself, as he remembered the bloody scene aboard his Space Station. Visibly, he shuttered. "-helped her through one of her last trials. and became a Knight." "To be blunt, I think Kota is feeling like any teenage- angry at the world, feeling alone, stressed. But I will, we will hopefully help him through some of that. I know I wasn't a great teenager, but... that was peculiar circumstances." Scratching the side of his face- he let his eyes wander- off to the cooler. He held out his hand, wrist resting on the table- and imagined a Ithorian Ale in his hand. Remembering the weight, feel, and looks- he imagined it in his hand- and with a pop of displaced air, the cooler door bumping against itself- he was set. The cold glass resting in his hand with all twelve ounces of liquid in it still chill to the touch. Twisting off the cap, he took a drink. The rush of satisfaction at the first gulp was like a teetertotter. On one hand he was elated to have a drink, on the other side he knew he shouldn't have this drink. Putting the drink back down on the table, motioned for Aurora to get something to drink as well while they chatted. He meant with the Force- as an exercise. He knew she would not be able to do the same trick as she did, but... actually... he didn't. He blurted out his question- "Tell me, what do you know of the Aing-Tii? Anything at all from your life before?"
  12. Tobias had come to that conclusion a moment before Aurora had voiced it, she was picking up on social queues better now a days. The frozen being was learning how to read social body language. "Kota, call if you need anything, think on it for a bit. We'll resupply and check in with the Jedi Order." he quietly said, exiting. He nodded a 'good job' to Aurora and the pair turned to walk away in unison. The door to Kota's cabin slid silently shut behind them. In front of the pair was a PIT Droid, offering a datapad to Tobias. As the droid had its personality matrix shut off it didn't engage either of the organic beings in conversation, it just moved along to its next task. Tobias looked at the device to see that there had been a momentary black out of communications, but Kel had left to join Sandy on Chandrila. Precisely what Tobias was going to mention just before Kota had screamed out. The droids were currently working on getting the communications back up and running. As the pair started to walk down the hallway into the ships common room, Tobias looked down at his apprentice. "I should have turned their personalities off a long time ago, its much less stressful." Tobias chuckled. "Anyways, is there anything on your mind Aurora?"
  13. Vos shifted in his seat, an unconscious movement brought upon by the awkward moment he found himself a third wheel in. Best not to say something- what could one say in this situation? Silence seemed like the best option. Idly, he looked at his datapad.
  14. Tobias flexed his shoulders back for a moment, trying to read what exactly was going on. Physically and through the Force. He would focus on that for the next few moments, debating what to do.
  15. "Good." Tobias said, inclining his head. "Now, focus on parts of the hurricane- the debris floating in the torrent. The rain and hail. The cloud and lightning. Down to the swirling of the clouds. At this moment you can pull the pieces apart from one another- look to see if there is something familiar there. Your sisters scarf floating by, carried with the wind? A necklace she wore on the ground, hidden away from the winds that would pick it up? If you know one of the aspects- like rain, for example. That would be an emotion you don't need to worry about- ignore the rain. Ignore anything that wouldn't help you see your sisters scarf or necklace. Those things are there, you just have to push aside what will not help you for what you seek. Examine each part of the storm- and block out what would not be helpful." Tobias hoped @Kota Ni would understand the metaphor.
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