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  1. Tobias Vos

    Jedi Conclave: Borleias

    A heavy sigh came from the Kiffar. He was tired of waiting. The title of Jedi Master gave him some authority here, and he decided to push it just a bit. There was work to be done, and this wasn’t time for a cocktail hour. They as a whole group needed to decide what was to be done about their future. He took a proper seat now, his affairs were now complete. With the help of the Force, he called out to the other masters, and others whom would like to have a say in this meeting. Six other masters had informed him of how they would like the Jedi to move forward, and trusted Tobias to represent their interest as they were out on patrol or otherwise engaged. As he touched each Jedi Master present, he put some seriousness and urgency into his message. Words would not easily translate into the Force so the emotions he projected into the message was. Seriousness, obviously for the topic at hand. Then urgency for them to start the session and settle this matter. He pressed his clothes down, the non-jedi attire- it was better not to appear like a bum especially since he was not in Jedi robes. Then took a proper seat, and waited for the others to arrive.
  2. Tobias Vos


    The Prism appeared in the appropriate shipping late, at an appropriate time, with no inappropriate red flags to Taris Flight Control. Completely inoffensive in every way. Unobtrusively, the YT freighter fell into a stable orbit and would stay there for an appropriate amount of time. Tobias had deactivated the personality subroutines on the PIT Droids- so they were finally behaving. If they, the collective they of all organic and the three droids on board, got in a fight he had a macroprogram to reactivate the droids personality. Ni was stationed in the cockpit, Tobias gathered @Kota Ni and @The Architect in the main hold on the YT as Apprentice Kel (@karyu128) flew in formation next to them. Idly, Tobias wanted to get a bigger ship so that he could collect the Kel'Dor, but he had made this his home- this ship. To abandon it like his old N1 was unthinkable. Besides, with the Peregrine Cirlce starting back up, and the Order's increasing hostile stance on the Sith and Black Sun, with the Mandalorians on the rise- the communication capabilities of this craft would be invaluable. "Kota, I'd like for you to meditate for a moment- do you sense your sister here?" Tobias questioned his apprentice. "Clear your mind, and try to feel for something familiar." While they all had come into the system with no remarkable maneuvers or eye catching classifications, Tobias would burn their way to the slavers that took youngling female Ni.
  3. Tobias Vos


    Tobias pulled out a datapad and typed away on it, just one question came from him as he was obviously looking at news sources and reports. "You last saw her on Taris, right? Well, we should head there and see if we can trace where she might have been taken. Think about this for a bit- any other information you may have might prove valuable."
  4. Tobias Vos


    A wave a nausea rushed over Tobias, but it wasn't connected with what Kota had just said. However, he was impressed that Kota has had so many visions in a short amount of time. The Force was strong with him, indeed. A somber smile crossed Tobias' lips, and nodded. "I suspect it's time to go find her. This is not your first vision of her recently, the Force is trying to tell you something. Do you know where she is or how we can track her down and get her?"
  5. Tobias Vos


    It happened just as they pulled back into real space. A shiver within the Force. As if someone made it, ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. Tobias knew the feeling. He had experienced it several times within his life; he knew what it meant. Telling Aurora to not touch a thing, Tobias set the ship into a stable orbit and settled back into the pilots chair. Silently, he drifted off- his mind wandering through the numbers and the verbal sequence… he soon saw he was drifting away from his body. It took an eon to drift down the hallway, or was it a second? Time mattered little in the Beyond, but time mattered in the real world so he tried to hurry. There was the purple light, but he didn’t want to venture to the Shadows- he wanted the blue light- the Veil. Tuning into the subtle way Frond impacted the Force, Tobias was able to track the Neti for a moment. The Neti and Givin were there to stay. The council demanded the pair, and they answered. Tobias could only spare a glimpse then had to pull himself away. Retracing his path back to the Blue Lights, he made sure to lock his eyes and move forward. Gliding past old acquaintances and friends Within the Veil. Pausing for just a moment as he saw DuVos, Sarah, Sabatin, Rar, and others move towards their new visitors. They shared a nod- and went about their tasks. ~~ Breathing wrecked Tobias’ throat. The meditative trance he was in always left him dehydrated. Coughing hard once, twice, then a third and final time, he regained his composure. Sitting straighter in his seat, he looked at Aurora with bleary eyes- blinking rapidly to rehydrate his eyes. “Well… I suppose we need to change our plans.” Tracking the Kel’Dors ship to the surface, Tobias knew he had found Kel. Reaching over the dashboard his hand slapped a button. A commline clicked open and Vos spoke, “Apprentice Koon, this is Vos. Frond and Ficciabin have gone into the Force. Please return to Orbit so we can proceed with our next task.” Tobias was unsure of exactly what that task would be until he heard Kota scream his name. Ensuring the ship was in a stable orbit, Tobias bolted back to Kotas cabin. Apparently the young lad had been practicing holding in his force presence. Idly, he wondered if he could split his presence again. Reactively, his mind pinged with pain. He knew not to do that so soon after splitting three ways earlier on Felucia, and with a hangover. He slid to a stop and opened Kotas door with a wave of his hand.The teenager was sweating and looked like he had seen a ghost. Despite that, the boy looked fine. Within the Force he was a agitated and nervous. “What is it Kota?” He questioned with sincere worry.
  6. Tobias Vos


    Tobias sighed as the PIT Droid folded up and went dormant with a clatter to the floor. "Phew! Huh?" Apparently he was catching his breath as Aurora asked him something. He replayed the moment in his mind, using the Force to enhance his memory and hearing and then answered her. "Oh, no! Aurora... I apologize- the error is on...well... my shoulders and their programmers... You did nothing wrong- these droids were heavily modified for combat and serving as crew for a...different mission and their programming is not as ironclad as one would like. You did nothing wrong- are you hurt? No? Good. Your danger sense must be coming out- that's good, not many can dodge a blaster bolt up close... albeit a stun bolt, but still..." He sighed and pulled his hair back into a knot. Looking first at the deactivated droid, then at his padawan. "This was not a test I had planned, but you passed it all the same. You did well, Aurora. I'm sorry, all the same." A chime started to go off in the cockpit. Sheepishly, Tobias grinned and slid his way past Aurora and into the pilots seat.
  7. Tobias Vos


    In a vile, booming, angry tone Ni barked at the the obtuse human EATING IN THE HALLWAYS ON HIS SHIP! It was his masters, he knew, but he was still the one the clean and fix any thing. "DO YOU WANT ANTS?! BECAUSE THAT IS THE EXACT WAY TO GET ANTS! AND DON"T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SPACE ANTS! THOSE ARE THE WORST! WHAT IS PROCESSING IN YOUR SLOW ORGANIC MIND, YOU MEAT HUSK?!?!" The voice and the tone would have been something to startle even a Gamorean Soldier, but from the vocabulator of a PIT Droid the voice was a bit... lack luster. As well as he could, he glared at the human with loathing. Trying to stare her down and focus a laser out of his one eye. If the wee droid had been made of flesh and bone- his posture would certainly have a pulsating vein all over. Agitation was at it's height, and breaking point. "YOU SING AND SEW DISCORD ON MY SHIP?! YOU EAT IN THE COMMON ROOM OR YOUR CABIN!" The droids' voice quavered for a moment as it sputtered to a new level of rage. He had found her in the cockpit- his cockpit- EATING! STARGAZING! This was the last gundark. His voice tried to rise, but only reverberated with menace. "AND CERTAINLY NOT- I REPEAT NOT IN THE COCKPIT!" Then as he stood at the exit point from the cockpit back to the rest of the ship- Ni had her cornered. His wrist raised- and a blue flash shot forward towards the meat husk that was spreading crumbs throughout the ship. If his shot missed- it would be absorbed into the shielding around the cockpit, actually just the main artificial gravity computer. Damage was likely minimal if he missed, but he was five feet from Aurora.... ~~~ Tobias left his room just in time to hear Ni yelling about something. 'This is wonderful for a hangover...' he thought, sourly. Placing his dish into the common room sink he felt a flash of danger, analyzed it, and was trying to circle around the wall when he heard Ni shouting again and shooting?! Before he knew it, his foot was shooting out to kick the PIT Droid in the eye- the way to deactivate that model. He looked over to see Aurora was alright. Internally kicking himself not foreseeing this happen, of course the droids were unstable... was it time to finally get rid of them? He better get the scoop of what exactly happened first.
  8. Tobias Vos


    He sat there, wishing he was anywhere else. Glass bottles are scattered across his floor, empty. Fingers grip the sides of his head as if that would hold it together- but wanting straining to find an edge to tear the skull open. Almost as if there was a demon calling out to escape. It wasn’t as simple as that, however. Images raced through his mind of Knights Li'Atholo and Rafanta; but it wouldn’t stop there. Unnamed Stormtroopers who had been approaching an outpost on Kashyyyk- discovering the Thermal Detonator trap that laid inside. They were cut in two, lengthwise. Their fronts burned away, while their backs were untouched by the orb of death. The shocked expression of Lieutenant Trar- who had part of his head removed by a vibroblade. Trars’ expression would forever haunt Tobias- one of a man who knew he should be dead but wasn’t . Everything there on Kashyyyk would. For eternity. It would all rattle around in his mind. Moisture collected in his closed eyes. Why couldn’t he concentrate? Anytime he tried to meditate these scenes would appear and play out on repeat. He knew ordering the Jedi into the fight would cost some of them their lives, why was it so hard to cope with? Was there something he could have done differently? The Stormtroopers haunted his memories less often than the Jedi whom had died- but still they were there. Straightening, he pressed a cold bottle to his lips and drank the liquid inside. His mind was just now starting to relax, to distance itself away from those images. He needed to find a way to get through this; to start sobering up. He should be reading the survey report from Dantooine, seeing if there were any viable sites there for his real estate project. Should have been, anyways. He was still at the foot of his bed, drinking. Perhaps drawing would keep his rage in check. Before he even moved, he dismissed the idea. Reaching out with the Force he pulled a fresh bottle to himself. The bottle was cool to the touch, moisture collecting on the glass frame. Through the glass one could make out the movement of the liquid inside, barely. Pressing the bottle to his lips, he felt the cold beverage trickle into the back of his throat. Five minutes later the bottle was done; he was forcing himself to remember Adennas’ face and how he wanted to kiss her right now. He tried to flood his mind with memories of her. Rotating on the bed so that his back was against the wall now, he let his head lean back and take in the room. Tears trickled down his face as his mind was a hurricane of thoughts and debris. He knew he needed to come to terms with this mental nightmare, but how? It’s not like he wanted to suffer through these memories. What was the Force trying to tell him? What were the Elders trying to show him? The consequences of not returning to Beyond the Veil? Why? The mission was successful… His mind drifted, he knew why The Elders were forcing these visions into his mind. They thought he sent back DuVos to try and escape punishment for his coming back to seek out the Orb, and killing Sabatin. It was going to be a long, long, long night. Eventually the night had come for the tormented Force User, and so had sleep. It was now on the morning- hypothetically. He suddenly realized he didn’t check to see if Kota was in his room- and as he awoke and sat upright- he fell back to the bed in pain. Oh the folly of drinking. Thankfully the remedy was more of the same. Concentrating, with half of his head in the pillow and his hand outstretched, his flask appeared in his hand with just a small sound of displaced air. He took a sip, balancing the pounding in his head versus the stinging burn in his nostrils and throat. His stomach rebelled, or at least tried to; be forced last nights remnants back down to settle. Taking a rasping breath, with three coughs later he felt like the hangover was banished. Immediately he went to the refresher and started to gulp the water from the sanisteam down to rehydrate. This was foolish, he was about to into combat- at any point! Why was he doing this?! Then the memories flashed and he remembered…. He sighed, steadied himself and made his way to the common room- calling on the Force to aid him as he processed the booze out of his system. Part of him didn’t want to, the other part ordered him to. Within two hours he would be sober….ish…. Fixing a morning meal for himself- he scanned the ship for any anomalies. Nothing, no rogue Force presences. ‘Good, we should be making good time to wherever Frond is. And Kel…’ he thought. A flash of anger ran through him- quickly repressed. Tobias has been appointed a Jedi Master and he would continue to act like it. He banished the anger as quickly as it has come. Kel wasn’t to blame, Tobias had known his fair share of brash apprentices, he was one once. He was still brash- and they still called him Jedi Master. As the palpesause and some fish warmed in the cooker, he thought about it for a moment- he didn’t really think of himself as a Jedi. He was still a Seeker… the buzzer for the meal went off, but he was lost in thought. He was masquerading as a Jedi Master. Off in the distance he felt all the eyes that had been on him since Dahars funeral relent. The Seers and Seekers- The Circle of Elders- they had turned their gaze from him. They had been waiting for him to discover that for himself and possibly to even come to grips with that crushing realization. Dahar has shoved him into the position before Tobias was even on terms with it himself; being a Jedi. Tobias didn’t and hadn’t wanted that but he was still acting the part. That’s what they needed, they as in the Jedi, they needed him. There were so few Masters- and while Tobias didn’t count himself as a Master, really, he was a strong Force wielder- and working within the light side. Kirlocca has even appointed him to remain on the council. It was- suddenly an electrical current shot through his mind, eyes widening with realizations! It was so clear all of a sudden! Why he was doing all this. A slow clap came from the archway towards his quarters- Sabatin. Tobias’s shocked gaze settled on the Trandosian leaning against the arch. A smug grin on his face. Blinking away shock, Tobias looked at the lizard. Spreading his hands as if to say ‘Well, come on! Out with it!’ The smile turned from a smug self-righteous grin on the lizards face. Vos shot at him “Don’t you start in on me, you kriffing cruffing shembit!” The words laced with venom. He pointed his finger as the buzzer sounded again. Sabatin meerly chuckled. If looks could seriously injure someone- that would be the expression Vos had on display. The Sith Master turned Seer found it amusing and chuckled for a few more seconds. Then shrugged and turned to walk down the hallway out of Tobias’s field of vision. Pressing the button to eject his meal and collecting it from the machine, he sat and ate. Playing through his current thoughts, he knew his role now- even if he didn’t consider himself a Jedi, he had been named a Master. A weight had been lifted off his shoulders- he would fight the evil the Sith and Black Sun represented- he would help the Jedi until they succeeded or ended his involvement entirely. He was to assist with anything he could to further the Jedi Agenda. After a few moments of contemplating the meaning of it all, Tobias finished his meal and went back to his quarters to see if he could meditate peacefully. They were still a little ways from Frond so they had time.
  9. Tobias Vos

    Felucia - Jedi Temple

    Tobias shrugged as the pair ascended the ramp just in time as the ramp started to close. "He might be in his quarters, or not. Training multiple apprentices is harder when their skillsets are so different. In the time it will take to reach our objective- you should best learn how to levitate and control the movements of..." Tobias dug around in his pocket and gave a victory grunt, producing a grenade with a gloved hand. "...this. Don't blow a hole in my ship, so be careful." It wasn't live. Tobias had made sure to get a dud so that she could practice- but have her used to its weight and capabilities. Making a mental note to not let her go into battle with it, Tobias nodded and left to his cabin. To his drawing board and... an empty bed. He let his eyes drift around the room- wish Adenna was here. After the moment had passed he tossed his bag onto the bed and activated the drawing board. Then felt the hum of the hyperdrive kick in- and they were on their way.
  10. Tobias Vos


    And so they won another contract- this one with more planets in the list this time and more money. And more time away from his wife... whose thirst for fine wine and jewelry stretched his paychecks thin. Tommin snorted with amusement- a thought played across his mind; what if she were to meet the Maw? The cluster of Black Holes that was sucking anything and everything. A black void- just like his bank account and her appetite. Alas, love made all sorts of beings foolish so he shrugged the thought away and refocused on the task at hand- sending out the probes and drones as well as settling into a negotiated orbit so that the ship could collect geological and astronomical data from the planet below. Maybe one day he would survey the Maw... that would be one heck of a endeavor. For now though, Dantooine.
  11. Tobias Vos

    Felucia - Jedi Temple

    Tobias collected the last of the trinkets he would need, and some meerly that he thought he would need. Visiting the Temple Master to do a formal check-out session, the communications suite to send out a few last minute messages, and his temporary room within the temple, the Force User was ready to debark. Within moments he would return to The Prism and see if his apprentices joined him, or if Tut or Tom would have joined him. He wished he had kept the Peregrine Circle running- he wouldn't have lost Sarah, DuVos and Chal'lar. Well, he would have still lost them- but he would have had replacements available to install afterwards. As he ascended the boarding ramp he did notice there were four burn marks and fresh scratches on the boarding ramp. Dismissed the marked with an eyebrow raise, and settled in for take off. (Whether or not Aurora or Kota join Vos is up to each of you.)
  12. Tobias Vos

    Felucia - Jedi Temple

    “COME AT ME!” Ni shouted from the bottom of the cargo ramp of the YT freighter called The Prism, his stance spread wide as his gaze was fixed up inside the ship. A wrench flew down with such speeds as if it were fired from a cannon. His, masculine programming apparently gave the droids gender, arm was sheared off at the shoulder. Knight, the combat oriented PIT droid leapt down to continue the attack. As the two tumbled around the cargo ramp a chirp came from the intercomm at the top of the ramp. They immediately stopped their fighting. “Knock whatever you’re all doing- off. Prepare the ship- make sure everything is in in perfect working order. We’ll be seeing combat, and I want to make track reflective particle canisters- spare energy cells and… a harpoon missile…” “OH ARE WE GOING SPACE WHALING?” Ni interrupted, shouting up the ramp with obvious excitement. “Heh, I have something more crazy in mind for that tool. You’ll enjoy it, each of you.” There was playfulness and warmth in the words, then it turned cold as he continued. “Don’t interrupt me again.” He let the silence linger for a moment and continued with his instructions. “Also load up on medical supplies and have Knight install how to fix a Givin, as well as other recent medical developments. And before you say it- yes, I am a Jedi, but we will have up to five others on the ship and my healing abilities can only get us to far. Also- make sure we have combat vac suits, just to be on the safe side for these three- individuals. I’d like to take off within the hour. One last thing...Ikky, please transfer me over to personal comms.” There was a subtle click and his voice spoke to the three droids internally. With a quick authentication code, one that would unlock a string of other orders- the droids would have to focus and get their tasks done, as was their programming. When the droids got bored, they got destructive. Luckily, the limbs did pop off and on like a child's play toy so the damage done to Ni wasn’t time consuming. ~~~ Back at the Dojo, Tobias turned from his comm back to his two apprentices. They were sparing, gently testing one another. Aurora was a seasoned warrior and Kota was an ambitious teenager. Both complemented one another quite well. Tobias sighed inwardly and watched the two dance back and forth. He was not surprised when Tut and Tom took a seat next to him on the steps down into the sparring pit. In a hushed whisper among three masters Tobias continued his instructions. There were orders he had set in motion, and in behind his co-conspiritors, he needed them to catch up. “One of my...charges… is set to go on a rescue mission for two other apprentices. I have to go… make sure the situation doesn’t get worse and make sure no bad decisions are made.” Tut bellowed a laugh, his green skin peeling back into the widest grin the Nautolan had had since Chal’lar. Tom, in turn, snorted and smirked. Tobias rolled his eyes and cut them off before they had a chance to start- “Knock it off. I know how the tables turn. But- its going to be up to these two if they want to come along- if not I am leaving them here in your care. Hopefully, we will all rendezvous on Borleias…” Standing, he dusted off his clothes, made his announcement to the apprentices and then walked out of the Dojo. They had an hour to decide if they really wanted to see combat and be part of the mission. If they did, wonderful. If not, wonderful.
  13. Tobias Vos

    Vos vs. Frond - Kiffu - Judge: TBD

    "Once the dam breaks, you cannot stop the flow until the reserviour is drained." Being on the overlook boulder, there was only one real safe path back onto dirt- and Frond was blocking it now. Tobias knew he could flip down the boulder to the ground way below- but it was a perilous journey down even for a bipedal Force user. There was still a chance to get him to move- or make him take the first swing. That wasn’t the Jedi way, though- and he knew it. Even if he bypassed the walking tree, Frond would pursue him and try to restrain Tobias. Come to think of it, even if Vos made the journey down the boulder- Frond would follow him down without real injury; he wasn’t like regular organic meat-and-bones being- he could make the jump without anything really breaking. So, Vos would have to go through him. Frond. Just leave me to my fate. He cried out in his head- mentally reciting it in his head, and mashing his teeth together. He had given the Jedi Master plenty of time- and urged him away. The tree was still there- testing him- the sentinel would have to be moved. There was a part of him that regretted this- but he would have to fight Frond. Silently, he knelt to tighten his boots first the left, then the right. His primary weapon was on the ground for a few moments, but Vos wasn’t worried- it was a test for Frond afterall. Seeing if the Jedi could be tricked into attacking while his guard was down, but he was a Jedi: he would not strike first. Letting his bare hands trickle across the scratchy boulder- he fed off the emotions that had been burned into the rock. Love, hate, joy, sorrow. A tear in his eye, as he stood- with his staff clutched in his left hand- his right hand wiped the moisture away. A settling breath as a breeze came up through the forest and Vos settled himself to the path he had to travel. “I’m sorry…” He whispered to everyone there- Frond, Adenna and himself. Setting his gaze on the path- Frond stood there with his unlit weapon. Best just to get to it. Vos approached swiftly closing the Jedi Master- and with just a moment to spare- ignited his blade- the gray blade came from over his left shoulder down- onto Fronds’ own blade- who blocked with a horizontal movement. Tobias had counted on this and used the blades as a pivot point when he had lept- it was risky- but taking Frond on with his height and weight advantages plus the cliff behind Tobias, it was the only move that could have turned the battle this soon into the fight. Tobias pinwheeled through the air over Frond, withdrawing his blade from the others as he did so- falling with skill back to the dirt- and on equal ground. Spinning his staff around as he took a step backwards allowed him to get into a combat stance- ready for the fight to come. He dropped into a stance that was best for engaging multiple enemies- not a single combatant. Frond wouldn’t be fooled by the gesture- he had seen Tobias fight before and whenever he was facing a physically larger opponent, he would adopt this pose to start with. His hilt was held high with his blade tip pointing to the ground and between his eyes- from Fronds point of view. A hanging guard, if a swordmaster identified it. This was the opening of the duel; the stage and pace would be set. Both of them were powerful with the Force, but Frond was constrained by barriers… Tobias was not. He let the rage fuel the fire within him, then brought it down to a direction with serenity; that was where true focus lay between the two extremes. That was the downfall to so many dark side users- they rage but never direct the rage. Some were bonfires, others were candle wicks. Tobias would be a welding torch- hot and focused. He shifted his feet into the ground turning up the leaves and dirt; settling in, gathering his strength.
  14. Tobias Vos

    Jedi Conclave: Borleias

    Vos pulled his shoulders together and heard a satisfying 'pop' from a vertebrae. Grunting with pleasure and satisfaction he resumed his pose watching over the grounds as ships came and went, Jedi arrived- Support Staff to Jedi Masters to even two of the reclusive Jedi Shadows. Not that they would ever divulge their true role- they would act as if they were sentinels- a class which was all rare. Tobias could see their impacts on the Force in ways that no one else could. A talent he had been forced into because of his time Beyond the Veil. What he saw in his minds eye was a different matter, he was reviewing the ships in orbit, calculating the cost of the upkeep and how they would pay for it all the way down to what assets the Jedi had as well as what their allies and enemies had. Space battles played through his mind, followed by ground engagements, followed by the communications and electronic warfare. He wished they had a Jedi Master Ace- but they didn't. His hands clasped behind his back, his left gloved hand cupped his right. The staff he used to help him walk was resting against the windowsill, a dark blue shirt was buttoned three down from his chin. A tan vest was zipped up about two inches up from the clasp. The Jedi Robes made him break out in such a vicious manner that sometimes meditation would help but overall it was more of a distraction that it was worth. Last time he had worn them was back on Kashyyyk and he had itched so much that he tore his skin open. Best to take the rebuke and glares that he wasn't in the typical robes and be about his day in comfort. Standing on the eastern facing window of the Thousand Light Room...There were only eight lights illuminating the small room. Here, he sat though- casually waiting for the others to show up. Enjoying the scenery. It was the little things that kept him going day by day, and the afternoon sun on Borleias was almost perfect. Briefly his eyes tracked two figures- a green natoulan and a blue chiss were heading out for a patrol. Tomalauin’kquintan’tus and Tut. As they started to become two blobs , Tobias resumed his survey of the surrounding area- thinking about how to play his role in this upcoming meeting.
  15. Tobias Vos

    Felucia - Jedi Temple

    ~~Aurora “Then come to the Dojo, and spar with Kota. If you two decide you can handle it- and you both are capable- we will leave as soon as possible. My judgement is cloudy- and not the final say. Kota is currently sparring with a remote- so come down and I’ll see how ready you are.” Just as soon as he spoke, his brow knitted - displaying frustration. Perhaps at another of his conversations, or the splitting of his mind and trying to multitask. Tobias nodded. The frustration disappeared- and likewise the apparition disappeared. Leaving Aurora to her thoughts. ~~Kel Tobias watched the Kel’Dor leave. It had seem like twelve days instead of the twelve minutes that had passed as Tobias waited for an answer. Then, instead of an answer- he had received a ‘I grow impatient- and do not care about the big picture.’ retort from Kel. Like the sputtering of a adolescent upstart who found instant satisfaction, instant gratification. On the flip side of that he approved of the ‘Go get ‘em attitude’ the young alien showed, Tobias had been like that once. Back when Tobias choose to risk everything- he was only thirty years old, this body was pretty much brand new, why was he choosing to teach rather than take the Kel’Dor’s approach. Shaking his head, Tobias knew why- it was that he needed more Jedi in the Order that could fight the darkness, that is why he was teaching, rather than fighting. Here the Kel’Dor pushed his limits though- was the Givin a trap? Could Kel and Frond pull it off or just get in the way? Or worse, would they end up in prison or killed as well? Tobias sighed, mentally remarking in his head that the initiative he had was a good thing, while on the flip side Kel had not learned the lesson he was trying to teach- The Big Picture. First on Ilum with the corpses, then as they were leaving- and Kel said they should rush to Corusant. Now- rushing to rescue two Force Users from the Sith. Tobias sighed inwardly as the alien walked away, and he shook his head. Twelve long minutes had been wasted, twelve minutes that made his headache worse as he held the contact to talk with Kel, and this was the result. Tobias was vexed with that- and then he collapsed the second Doppleganger. Briefly, he was curious if the Kel’Dor would be at home within his Peregrine Circle, or even with the Imperial Knights, who could rely on Imperial Intelligence to plot out missions. ~~Kota As expected- Kota was stung by the remote, equally as expected he had blocked a few blasts from the remote. Then the young apprentice performed superbly. The only disappointing fact was that he thought Tobias’ approval was so hard to earn. As he sat down at the top step into the pit- he steepled his fingers and rested his chin at the top of his pointer fingers. A smile played across his face, warping the yellow tattoo that spread across his face and up across his eye. “Good!” Tobias clapped twice- collecting the pieces of the remote and put it in a cloth bag he had laid across his lap just as Kota started. He jingled the bag- and looked at Kota with a bit of a serious tone in his eye. “But do you know how many of these things we have? The number would surprise you…” He handed the bag off to an inventory droid as he made his way over to it about twenty feet away. The droid took the bag and scuttled away just out of sight. “Enough to break twenty a day and still be able to train the Jedi here- these remotes are cheap and easy to fix- perfect for training apprentices. Do not worry about it.” Tobias smiled with amusement, trying to comfort his apprentice. He returned to his seat and looked to Kota again- “If you had not blocked any of those shots, I would have put you in the helmet as I did- sometimes a Force User relies too much on their senses, and not enough in the Force. Tell me your opinion on the training blade? Or did you prefer your staff?” Tobias leaned back against the single stair he had descended, curious to see if Aurora would be down soon or if he should spar with Kota... Actually that didn't sound too bad. But he needed to get them ready to fight and retrieve the Given.