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  1. As he slowly came back to the grips of reality and his surroundings- he became aware that the fight inside the library was not going well. Gritting his teeth, he relaxed into the Force- letting it flow around him as if it were a body of water. It surrounded him, enveloped him. The pain in his left shoulder was gone, the ache in his neck vanished as well. He knew what that entity had meant, upon reflection. He was one with the Force, and he would save his companions. Outside of the first greeting he and Frond hadn't spoken- they hadn't needed to. Tobias trusted the Neti, and they functioned along the same mindset; mostly. His staff slung across his back, he pulled out the two lightsabers he had lost so long ago. Clicking them together to form a double blade, he looked to Frond and nodded his own head. Just as Sandy called the two apprentices- the pair rushed into the room and they became part of the cyclone of activity in the Library. These were primal beasts- one mindset: devour anything. Seeing the strange Force aura color emanating off the beasts- he reached out to touch it. It was like a string on a loose garment- you could pull and pull and keep on pulling. That’s what he just did- the mongrels all stopped in their pursuit of the three younglings in the room and focused on the doorway that Vos walked through. Those immediately engaging Aiden, Kel and Sandy continued their assault- Vos even had to put a blaster bolt in one rushing Aiden. The corpse slammed into a terminal and toppled over it with how fast it was moving. Holstering his blaster, Tobias welcomed the onslaught. Feral mouths bellowed at him, yet he remained calm- keeping ahold of the force tendril with his mind. He turned all the aggression towards him. Pulling and pulling them towards not his death- theirs. Their release from this tormented reality- this corruption. There was a flood of ghouls here and his blades were thirsty for blood from dark side entities. He would indulge them- but he gave a small signal- and then knelt- and what appeared was a large tree leaping over Tobias and bisected the creatures rushing them. Frond has just entered the fray, and now it was Tobias’ turn. A trip of loud pops filled the room and purple blades came to life. The power cell was a tad unstable as there was an odd crackling emanating from the hilt- worse than the last time he had used these. A song poured from the blade as Tobias pulled these creatures into the purple radiance. Each one they were able to neutralize equaled the less of a hold the dark side had on Gala. The strings binding the energies here would be severed and the natural balance could be established. With efficiency Vos launched into a complicated tumble; he spun, taking out two; a kick spun a creature around, momentum carrying it away; a somersault forward sliced a few pairs of legs off. Spinning up, he guided the blade in a low whirl around his waist- finishing the creatures who lad lost their legs. Finally planting his feet and coming to a halt- he pumped his fist out and a force wave shot out carrying two others; their bones breaking against the wall. Bringing his elbow back, he knelt and spun into the elbow- the varmint crumpled over his blow- and fell back; but not before a cut landed across its chest. The smell of seared flesh filled the room; he didn’t notice. From one tumble to another Tobias pulled the creatures on their strings- letting his companions assist or fall back as they saw fit. As he had space- he drew his blaster and fired off two shots into the closest beast, holstered- and made a vicious overhead spin with the next group that rushed him. The blade sang a passionate song that Vos barely understood- but he didn’t have to know what the words were. In fact there were no words, the blade had belonged to a exorcist- and there was something those Jedi always whispered about. The songs of the light side- or whatever. He didn’t have to completely understand it to know it was a beautiful melody, to know it was a song to be heard- this was its last song- its last reason for hanging on. Sizzling through the air and through the gang of creatures flooding the room- Tobias tried to focus the creatures attention onto himself; the blade sang a beautiful song within the Force. That was all he could focus his eyes on at the moment; the others were nearby but that was it- the song and the flow of battle was everything to him in this moment. He hoped Sandy would pick up on his strategy, he didn’t have time or the concentration to reach out to her.
  2. Something was watching them. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up, a slight breeze could be felt out of the one corridor that came into the library across the room. Fixing his eyes the entry, he slowly meandered over towards the threshold as the others made their way into the room. This was a corridor he and the others had not entered into previously. Which would mean… Realization hit him as if it were a cold bucket of water thrown onto his face. “Kriff…” He cursed to himself. As Aiden got to work and he, Sandy and Kel spread out just far enough. Tobias pulled a toppled chair over to block the entry into the room from his hallway. “Trip ‘em up!” He shouted- and pulled his blaster and started to burn holes into the ones leading the charge. Kel and Sandy were similarly engaging the corpses- and Sandy yelled out just as Tobias put his first bolt into a rambling corpse. Five shots into it and that appeared to be all of them, at least from his own hallway. He took aim at a one rushing at Sandy and burned it through the throat and its inertial carried it into a terminal beside his former apprentice. Taking aim at another one going for Aiden- he burned that one as well. Looking back to his hallway- he noticed that there were only four corpses crumpled- the fifth had disappeared and was probably the reason why his danger sense just spiked- and the pain in his left shoulder spiked. He was close to the threshold of the tunnel when he blacked out as the corpse used both arms to slam Tobias into the wall. Part of him knew he should have just used his saber- instead of a blaster. However, just like his sight- his thoughts were swallowed up by the darkness. A lingering part of his consciousness knew that none of the others had seen him go down. ~~~~ Suddenly, he found himself in the mechanical room where he had fought the Monolith. No idea how much time had passed since… He sprang to his feet- adrenaline rushing through him. His staff on his back and his blaster in its holster on his right leg. He clenched his fist and smacked it into the palm of his left hand- his left shoulder still hurt like a kathhound bite but he needed to see right now so he completed the ritual- and with an underhanded pitch to the center of the room- a flare of light illuminated the dark room. Forcing himself to remain calm- he held his lightsaber in his hands, but not ignited. If this were another ill timed vision… Moaning, gurgling and a shriek filled the room. As awareness re-surged in his mental capacity, he knew there was a creature in the room- but one that didn’t mean him harm so he dimmed the flare and looked for the entity. Briefly scanning the room- he tried to spy where exactly this other being was but no luck in pinpointing it. It also seemed as if he couldn’t reach out further than this room. As if he and the Force were locked in this room. Things had just gone from good to bad to good then worse in a rapid succession. Once again, he reached out to the Force and tried to feel what was around him. Again he couldn’t stretch beyond the walls of this room. “Alright, you have me- show yourself.” he called out. A slight breeze rustled past his ears carrying several indistinct whispers. “Enough of the games.” As he walked he found the crack in the floor where he had landed after catching Xae-Lin. Grunting, he shifted his gaze towards the back of the room- he held out his hands and called the objects into his grasp. The cool metal slapped into his palm and he pressed the activation button. Three loud popping noises filled the chamber as violet light bathed everything in its radiance. Having enough senses to be grateful that his psychometric didn’t go haywire right off the bat, he decided to deactivate the blades and clip them to his belt. Another brush of indistinct whispers; he listened intently but still couldn’t make out any specific words. It was frustrating, he wanted them to get to the point so he could go back to the group. As he walked around the room, he felt as soon as he was close enough to this entity it would somehow disappear and run away from him. It brought him here, then was trying to run from him? That didnt make any sense. He sped up his search, darting from one rubble pile to the other at an increasingly faster pace. Darting around the room, determined to find it. After about six tries, he was growing impatient with this little game. That's when he sat down, crossed his legs and began breath as if he were about to enter into a meditative trance. He knew he needed to express patience, trust, and knowledge. Rather than trying to chase this entity down- he was wasting time. A moment into the calming trance he cracked his eyes open, just to see there was some sort of… ethereal light. “Hello.” It said. “Greetings.” Tobias said, opening his eyes fully. A smirk crossed his face. While the entity was in the shape of a human- there were no discernible features of its face. “Why have you called me here?” The shape tilted its head. “You have unfinished business here, Tobias Vos.” Tobias tilted his head in the opposite direction. “That business… is…?” A short chuckle, “Think on it...” “Right… sadly, hindsight is twenty-twenty…” Tobias sighed. Another chuckle from the shape. The man raised an eyebrow, “Well… I know…” he remarked to its implied retort. As with so many other times, his mind started to race- some how guided by the . Questioning everything that he had done or said. “It’s not about what you have done- or have said- its how you accept it, fix it if need be, but make amends. Regardless of your personal feelings towards them. Stay true to yourself- stay true to her, stay true to...what you really want to see come of your actions. Don’t be afraid to commit...” The entity said before bursting into a cloud of light and enveloping Tobias. Caught off-guard, he looked shocked for a moment as the gas fell to the ground and dispersed. "But... this place- you need to..." A chuckle, "Don't worry, your friends are clearing out the last barricades of the wound- the Jedi will be welcome here again, the light side is strong here..." and the voice trailed off. The conversation was at an end. A brief vision of a dozen futures flashed through his mind, all in blazing clarity. The one that got to him was back at the lake where he and the Inquisitor had ventured. The wind had left his chest and he was unable to catch his breath for another longer moment as he was left reeling from the emotions that the vision had left him. Wiping a tear away brought upon by the vision, he stood up with a fresh determination and he knew where to go- back up the lift shaft until he got to the hallway they were supposed to have entered through and to the fresh path they had just traveled. As he ascended the lift shaft- he refined his plan so that after they retrieved the EV, he was going to come back to Gala and fix this site. He jumped from side to side, climbed where he could- and finally reached the hallway. A short jog down two hallways- and he stopped in his tracks. It seemed to him that Gala was always full of surprises: “Frond?!” Tobias said in stunned disbelief. “What in blazes… wait, nevermind- come on!” Tobias waved a hand to the walking tree and beckoned him to follow as he lept down to where they had fallen earlier.
  3. “Indeed. Sometimes the resulting cataclysm from a battle heavy with the Force- there's sort of a wound that develops in the fundamental flow of the Force. It was a festering pit of despair and ruin. These- beings lingered too long or were too foolish to make their plungering goals faster. Some of these were regular people that were trapped in the lower levels when the battle reached its climax and were caught up in the wave of fallout energies. The Force can corrupt as well as create and that is exactly what happened to these beings.” He sighed and took another breath. “Believe it or not this feeling right now is a parsec better than what it had been three years ago. As to why the Jedi have never come back to repair this place…I know that there were two plans made but to be blunt: both plans were stopped by separate Grandmasters before anything came to fruition.” His voice was salty on the last statement but that was it, it wouldn't be good for him to go into further details. He'd start to ramble soon, if he didnt stop now. The group had found the hole in the floor as Tobias remembered it- but when they leapt down the next passage had crumbled right as they landed. It wasn't a surprise, or at least it shouldn't have been. The whole structure was fractured and thus- unstable. As the group leaping in rapid successionwas what finally set the floor into a crumbling mess. The fall was longer than what the hallways were designed to be tall; another structural failure. Reacting instinctually he reached out with the Force and did his best to cushion the fall for Aiden and Kel- he trusted Sandy to look after herself as she was a Jedi Knight and stronger with the Force than the two apprentices. At the last moment he switched his attention to his own wellbeing, but he still hit the concrete hard. As if it were a magnet, his left shoulder connected with the fallen slab first. Nerves told his brain that something definitely cracked in the bad way on his shoulder, but he bypassed those distractions and reached out to the falling debris. His right hand was extended towards where they had just been and called out to the building material and turned most of the rock into dust. Thus, they were coated in a thin layer of gray dust rather than being pelted with rock and metal. He lay there, resting his head against the slab where he and rolled. Letting the pain roll through him, he briefly savored the feeling in a perverse way he thought that any and all the pain he felt was his due for what had happened in the Empress rescue. Then he realized something: there was no rubble around him. The hallway was intact and lit. No longer did he have his staff either. The clothes he wore were different and not coated in dust. Pain in his shoulder was not there either. Confused, he rolled to his belly and slowly got to all fours and resting on his knees for a moment looked up and down the hallway. From where he was he could see each end of the hallway clearly and as if the battle here had never happened. Up and down the hallways he looked. Three times he had rotated his head but on the fourth scan, rotating his eyes to the left he knew someone was there. It wasn’t who he expected: Dahar. Tobias jumped up to his feet in alarm, speechless. Dahar chuckled, his medallion swaying with the motion. Slowly the old Grandmaster pointed behind Vos and spoke. “The beacon is down there. May you find what you seek, my friend.” Tobias’s eyes bulged with shock. When Vos turned his head to look he received his second shock that jolted him- Sabatin. Then he was back in the collapsed hallway, his hand- his bare hand- was touching what had been concrete floor. He jerked his hand away with a gasp and all the pain came flooding back. Groaning, he repeated the motion he had just done in his dream… vision? Slowly to all fours, then slowly up. First his left leg then his right, but significantly slower. Grunting, he put his left hand into his belt to not jostle his shoulder. He took a pained breath through clenched teeth then turned to see the other three dusting themselves off but, to his glance, fine and healthy. Tobias coughed, pointed, and took a hesitant step forward his cane absent from his grip. Briefly he looked around for it but it didn’t matter. Reaching out with his left hand, he held his palm at an angle. With a good look at the limb, he closed his eyes and reached out to the Force- the staff smacked into his palm and a small puff of air was exchanged from where it had been to where it went to: his hand. Blinking rapidly for another moment to readjust his eyes to the lighting and he rested his right leg as he leaned onto his cane. ‘Kriff, I am getting old.’ he thought to himself. “Well, that was fun. Let’s move along if we’re all fine?” Then waited for the group to move along again.
  4. So he was back. Back to where it all began- the resurgence of the Jedi Order. Keeping his emotions in check, or as best he was able to, he fit into his combat suit and donned his clothes over it. Again with the regular outfit, as he still could not wear the robes of a Jedi. A few last minute conversations occurred in the common room. Now he was here, at the top of the boarding ramp. Rolling his shoulders to stretch them out, he just stood there zoning out, his gaze upon the grass and other vegetation. Since he and the other fought and lost against the monolith, and inevitably winning the fight when Vos reached into the Force to rip the abomination apart the wound in the Force had been healing. The battle still sent a shiver up his spine, even in the warm air coming up from the planet’s surface. Eventually, the others had come and started to walk down the ramp. Tobias followed, but when it came time to step onto the dirt and the planet itself- he braced himself. His boot hit the dirt and his stomach lurched. ‘Fantastic’ he thought. Leaning on his cane, he hobbled forward. As they were about to come out from under the ship, Tobias was walking just behind Sandy. The two padawans were blazing the trail- the same trail he and Dahar had blazed earlier into the crack in the temple structure- when he subtly held Sandy in the Force, just enough to bring her alongside him. This was the first chance they had to chat privately. As the pair stood there looking at their companions Tobias looked down to Sandy and caught her eye. There was an unspoken conversation that happened so fast you’d just assume it was just a glace between the pair. Because the pair had a connection beyond regular Master/Apprentice they each knew what the other was saying. Tobias placed a hand on the shoulder closest to him, he gave a lop-sided smile and a chuckle. ‘I’m proud of who you’ve become- but you are still learning your way. Don’t overreact to situations, see them for what they are. I’m speaking of the scene back at the Mandate, and a little bit ago. I am your loyal friend, and forgive you for those instances because I know you are still learning. Just… be careful. You’re doing a great job in finding your place in the galaxy, don’t forget where you come from though.’ At this point Sandy would feel the pride and respect coming from Vos. Another chuckle after a moment and he nodded his head in affirmation of the conversations end and sealed himself back up, his defenses a little heightened due to his past experiences with this planet. As they walked in relative silence- he shivered as he saw the broken pillar where he had found the two purple lightsabers that had belonged to a former friend of his. A shiver ran through his body- his psychometric abilities had started to really go haywire. Unconsciously, he flexed his free hand, pushing the stitching of his glove- his remedy to the whole situation. The group angled towards the cracked doorway Tobias pointed out earlier. Then the corpses started to appear as they started getting into the hallways. It had been a few years since he and Dahar had to slay the feral beasts. There hadn’t been any predators that dared brave the tunnels of the ruined structure so whatever flesh was here and just...dried up. The air was warmer than it had been the previous visit, a breeze was coming in from the entrance. There were changes, positive changes- he still kept his guard up. With the surroundings pretty much pushed to the back of his mind, he refocused on the other three living beings in the tunnel with him. ‘Everything changes, but remains the same.’ The old saying rang through his mind. Last time he had arrived with one companion, and left with three. This time he was arriving with three- he hoped they wouldn’t be leaving with just two living beings. Tobias broke the eerie silence… “You each see how a collision of the Force energies can impact a site years after the initial conflict? A few years ago there was nothing but yellow grass that grew near this compound. The battle of dark and light side forces injured the Force. This is a classic example of how the Force is connected to everything, flowing through each individual being in the entire galaxy and interacts with more than just Jedi and Sith. As a Jedi, Kel- you should be aware of this torrent of energies, Aiden, you as well. Every time we touch the Force - it's like a ripple in a pond. Touch it gently and there won't be lasting results. Force two tidal waves into collision in the same pond and that energy has to go somewhere. The waves shatter against each other- and there no control over who or what gets caught in the energies. In such a catalyst of energies sometimes it can fester into something terrible. There are things that can be born of Force energies or influenced by the energies. If we make it that far down- I'll show you the reason some of these humanoids were feral...” he stopped the conversation on a ominous note, just as the crew came upon a trio of feral corpses, and Tobias knew the first drop would be just around the corner up. After a minute or so of walking they would turn left and find it.
  5. There was an emotional struggle going on within Vos. One that would only settle down once they actually reached Gala, despite what could be his best efforts. He was eager to find the ship- not quite as eager to explore Gala once again. Certainly not happy that he had been conscripted into this- but he could see the reasoning behind his path in this. Regardless of all those sentiments if they were going to make it in and out of there alive and in one piece- they all needed the confidence and trust each of them could muster. While Sandy was being bombastic, Kel along similar lines but with a distinct Jedi influence, Aiden was trying to move forward despite obvious inexperience and lack of confidence. Tobias knew he should act more... appropriately of his presumed station. Draining the last of his bottle, he chuckled. 'He said three Jedi... heh... might as well act the part I suppose...' He thought. "Sometimes that is a good thing- Imperial Knight Aiden. Sometimes some people might be so stuck in their ways of thinking, acting, believing that the situation warrants a set of fresh eyes- so to speak. We each have different mindsets on what exactly should be the next actions here. Sandy is right- we need to find the EV, but Kel is also correct- the fate of the ship is to be left to the Jedi. Empress Zinthos is trying to help solidify the... Rebel Alliance..." He said the name as if it were something that-if it were a food that it was upsetting his stomach. He really just disagreed with the naming of the groups; he pressed on. "...We need to..." A pit droid burst into the room- walking briskly to Vos and handing him a datapad. Tobias took the device from the droid, read it- punched a few keys on the tablet and gave it back to the droid who scurried out of the room back towards the cockpit. "We need to get ready for planet fall- we're five minutes out. I will stress this again- Gala is still recovering from the Force Scar, the Force is a shifting sand dune we need to watch that we don't fall into any traps. We all should have blasters and lightsabers- no explosives. I'll be right back- but please, continue the discussion. I'll just be down around the corner anyways." Tobias rose from his seat- motioned with his hand and traced the bottle with one finger in the air- then again with two fingers- the bottle vanished. His mess taken care of, Tobias rounded the corner to his quarters to get ready for going back down into the Gala pit.
  6. After another drink, and Kel’s addition Sandy apologized and Added her own bit. Tobias was glad she realized manners mattered, but it was time to get to business. As she explained, a smile crossed his lips. Clearly pleased, he chimed in. “Gala would make sense. I think there was a beacon there that could have been able to ping a paired beacon on the EV. It wouldn’t be at...home, but the system should’ve been replicated on Ossus... but the EV was gone at that point so there was no chance to pair a set of beacons...” His eyes flickered to Aiden when he danced around Speaking aloud the name of Tython. While they were all allies now- each faction would still have their secrets. But Tobias was getting excited now, if this was the same way Sandy wanted to pursue- perfect. If not, they had options. “But there’s not much at Gala anymore other than collapsed ruins, feral humanoids, and a scar in the Force. I know a way down through the underground structure, unless you had a different plan? Also, is there any indication of the Sith trying to find the ship as well?” Memories of the fight he and Dahar has of getting down to the engineering bay- only to then have Kirlocca come crashing into the room just in time for a Force Monolith to start attacking them. Letting his mind roll over the memory of reaching through the Force and tearing the behemoth apart with his bare hands... He fiddled with his datapad for a moment and then the holoprojectors around at the ceiling projected a 3-D map of where the temple had one stood- now collapsed in on itself. The map was recently scanned from his old contract with the Scanning crew. The apparition hovered in the middle of the room for everyone to see.
  7. "I gave orders to a Jedi Knight and her apprentice- Xae-Lin and Jaina Skywalker to take the ship and hunt down some artifacts of significant Force power or history. They effectively disobeyed me and started a little coup against then Grandmaster- Dahar Raikanda. That started a schism that has resulted in a fallout in the ranks within the Jedi. Dahar resigned- and then sacrificed himself by obtaining an artifact I had sent those others on- Xae-Lin was an exorcist and Jaina was an apprentice- Xae-Lin knew how to handle dark side objects while Dahar's strengths lay elsewhere. I watched him breath his last painful breath as he became one with the Force- and yeah- I am angry because those two disobeyed orders and hid the ship away until Grandmaster pretty boy took it to Corusant! Now it's popped back up again. You know how many holocrons are on that ship? How much knowledge those two squandered? How much effort and time and resources did it cost us in the end? You know how long it's been since that crew got any relief? Too much and too long. There you have it. Now, are you going to over analyze everything I say and do from here on out? Did you commandeer me and my ship just to babysit me? You forget your past too quickly, Jedi Sarna. Now, are you going to explain why the Imperials want to chase down a Jedi Asset? Or are we going to keep pissing out our territory? Because now that I know we're going after the EV- I'm determined to find that ship and I'll do this with you and follow your lead- or we can go at it separately." As Tobias gesturing with his hand along with his speech, he placed it calmly transitioned into a shrug and a doesn't matter to me attitude. Inwardly, he thought of how much she had changed recently. Most of him approved of it. She was a strong young female Jedi- but she needed to remember her own mistakes. He hadn't wanted to do this in front of the padawans it would go to demean Sandy- but that was the last thing he wanted to do. Which is why at the end of his little rant he made sure the two padawans knew Sandy was in charge and that she could even command an angry person who was once even her teacher. "They stabbed me in the back and look at where we are now. Look at where the galaxy is- not saying that the Jedi would have made a difference if those two hadn't done that- but all the same- I'm pissed at them and the memories it brings up. I'd like to close this little chapter- find those on board and get them off the ship- and see what Grandmaster Alluyen would like done with the ship and Holocrons aboard- but like I said you came to me and we're here together or I can stop at the next spaceport and we'll part ways." He also wanted to make sure he stated that Adenna would decide what to do with the ship- not the Imperials or their Empress. Kel was a Jedi Padawan, Aiden was an Imperial Knight Padawan- Sandy was a mystery. Tobias was unsure of where her loyalties or priorities lay. At the end of it all he took a drink and was quiet once again. He hoped she'd take the hint that he was pissed at dredging all that up- there was no need for Kel or Aiden to know about any of that. Then, he sucked in a deep breath. Closing his eyes and straightening his back- he held the breath in for a few seconds. Exhaling, he relaxed into the wall and was seemingly at peace again. Aiden and Kel weren't tuned to Tobias as Sandy was; he would have to double down on his defenses with her in the future. They wouldn't have felt him angry, but Sandy would have- and did.
  8. Tobias snorted in disbelief. Not only was it ludicrous that the Empress ordered Imperials to go after the EV, it was damn insulting. Another side to this situation brought back memories of when Xae-Lin, Jaina and a few other tried to lead an informal coup d'état and hid the EV from the Grandmaster at the time- Dahar. A brief moment of sorrow as he remembered this as the beginning of Dahar's fall and passing. Dahar- on his death bed- coughing up blood and bile from the artifact that Tobias and Sarah had been sent back to retrieve. He had fallen from such grace because of those shevorks. Dahar...Eternal Vigilance... a dozen memories from around that time played through his mind. The time he slid down the banister to see Adenna for the first time in years- his outburst at a room full of Jedi whispering about him- the honor of Dahar naming him a Jedi Master. The latter he had never fully embraced- while there was a point in his life where he wanted to be a Jedi but that was before he had become one with the Veil. He used the title and tried to lead by example of a Jedi Master- he never said he was a Jedi. He suppressed his emotions; the anger and rage at losing Dahar, The whole EV situation, the betrayal from Xae-Lin and Jaina then the divide and issues those two created within the Jedi Order. Finding that ship would close a infuriating chapter in Tobias's past. Shifting his gaze from the boy to Sandy now- he awaited an explanation and details. His lip curled into a near snarl at the memories the EV had dug up.
  9. As he lounged there on the boarding ramp, idly watching the bay and reading an interesting message that was on his datapad; then he felt her coming. There was another presence with her so he wasn’t surprised when a young boy flanked Sandy as she walked in. As Kel angled toward Tobias, Sandy quickly matched his trajectory and sped up to catch the experienced apprentice. Just as Kel greeted Vos, Sandy and the young boy joined them. Still lounging on the boarding ramp, propped up on his elbow- he waved his right hand towards the droids who quickly finished their work- whatever they were doing- and boarded the ship. Feeling a little nonplussed by all the hustle- and apparently he was now conscripted into helping this trio. This was what the Force was telling him to wait for? For Sandy to apologize then immediately sweep him up in whatever mission they were going on? While he didn’t move from his lounging posture to show them inside his ship- they all ended up making themselves at home eventually but not before they each passed by him. He looked over the curious entity, the Darkfire boy. Part of him wanted to expel the boy for being an Imperial Knight; another part wanted to kick Sandy off as well. She was quite bombastic, and rushed- so he would play along. There was a lesson she needed to learn- several in fact. They made their way in without Vos- even a little R5 unit came aboard. There was no indication of his irritation- he kept it well hidden. Best to just see how this played out… After a few minutes he got to his feet and decided that he would get the ship into the black and then into the blue. He could always decide to part ways with them- let them use his ship while he traced this message back to its sender. About twenty minutes later he was in the common room of the ship with the holoprojectors on- he was tracing a line- a shipping lane- out to several spots in what was commonly called the 'Southern Quadrant' of the galaxy, out towards Naboo and Sullust, when Kel walked into the room. He subsequently deactivated the map when Sandy and the boy entered. Thankfully, Kel asked the obvious question while Vos sat in his usual spot- his back to the wall and legs straddling the bench at the main table. Holding out his hand on the table he summoned a beverage from the refrigerator. Though the door never opened- there was a *pop* as a drink appeared in his hand. He gestured with his hand for Sandy to go ahead- but still Tobias did not speak. A bored, unconcerned expression on his face as he took a drink.
  10. After being left alone for some time, he felt the need to move on. In a simple spin he rose from a seated position to standing straight up. Silently, he whispered another mantra to himself- "Light and dark, with everything in between. Though passion I gain focus; though knowledge I gain power; though serenity I gain strength; through harmony I achieve victory. I am one with the Force and the Force is with me." His cane stood there, still as ever until as he untangled his legs and standing up in one fluid motion. He grabbed the trusty tool and leaned on it. Making his way all the way back to Hangar Bay 12, where his ship had been relocated for outbound ships. There he found the trio of droids working on the main engine mount. As if one of them was splicing in a new conduit that came up into a spray nozzle. Frowning at this, he casually dismissed it and made his way to the boarding ramp where he settled back into the ship. Here was a good place as any to see if any fallout was heading his way. Making sure to eat a little bit after his exercise in the firing range- he then took a shower, shaved, and then when to sit on the boarding ramp. His bad leg bent up at an angle. Propping up on one elbow he was reading his datapad. The droids were aft making whatever modification they were doing, there weren’t too many ships or people hustling about the bay- just small supply shipments coming and going. Typical people traveling in and out of the bay. Nothing out of the ordinary, but something was telling him to stay there and be patient. Periodically his eyes scanned the bay, looking for whatever the Force was telling him to wait for. Then there was Kel Koon. Tobias waited until the Kel'Dor noticed him- he had survived the fight on the station, good. Him entering the bay must mean the young Jedi Knight will be following him shortly. Was it her that he was waiting on?
  11. Vos sat there- in his meditative pose. He wondered if the other two knights and anyone nearby were witness to the little vision quest he and the lead Knight went on- it didn't matter because this man was blind. This should have made Tobias mad; this man was judging him without understanding him. Instead Tobias pitied the man. He knew who he was- not a great person, but also not an evil one. He could be the bad person in the room but at the end of the day he would do as ordered and fight. So he sat there, the training saber landing where his inquisitor had dropped it. The fool took everything at face value- just with his physical eyes. Not as one analyzed it through the Force- not a good Seeker. But this wasn't home. For a brief moment Tobias longed to return back Beyond the Veil. A particular evening on Naboo was brought to mind. The Naboo Veil was just- he couldn't find the right word to describe the feeling under a full moon with the autumn breezes coming up through the gorge to the west of Theed, The way the little Skirups chattered at night- He collected himself and brought his mind back to the present. The wave of revelations that had come from what he had shown were making sense in his head. The future was always in motion- as were the knights who left moments earlier. There was more to contemplate, though. So he would stay for a few more moments- the Inquisitor was a fleeting thought now. If he didn't understand what Tobias wanted to do right then and there he would have remembered the third vision- all the Kiffar wanted to do was hide in a bottle- a brief escape of the knowledge of what had happened around him. He drank then because he led those people to their deaths- and the doubt of if it was the right thing to do was eating him alive. The station- the fallout from that had the potential to do far more than that. "When there is peace, when there is knowledge, when there is serenity, when there is harmony." he whispered.
  12. Tobias nodded once, a small smile on his face. “All that is needed to enter is just a simple breathing motion and a willingness to go where the path leads you.” A slight chuckle and Vos exhaled in a long-steady huff and closed his eyes. If one were looking closely, a sliver of blue light was seen between his eyelids. The big man heaved a sigh - “Anyways, let’s be on with your ritual- if I haven’t shown you all you needed to see. I wish to make that last vision come to fruition.” And then, the pair was once again back in the Firing Range about the Justice. Tobias, his eyes still closed, hands cupping his knees, and his staff laying across his lap- a vision of a man at peace with where he was at at that specific moment.
  13. Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act.. The accident, under his watch, was something that he would have to fix and at least live with for the rest of his life. Do or do not, there is no try. He felt the power cell come to rest back into place between the opposing blades. Then remounting the top hilt to the rest of the staff. The other pieces, and the lower saber had already fit back into place. The dozen parts of the top saber floated around him. The Force is all things, and I am the Force. With great care and attention, the dozen pieces came together and became one piece and his saber was once again complete. The meditation didn’t end immediately, his mind felt through the weapon to make sure it was in perfect working order. His mind rolled along the various hidden buttons that were through the handle- feeling the power cell feed its energy to the appropriate places. Up through both field energizers, up through the blade controls and to the activator switches. The crystals aligned with each focusing lens perfectly, and the triple check was done. In unison, Vos and the sabre floated down to the floor where he had originally sat down to go through this process. As he took a second deep breath, he focused on the light switch, and the room was illuminated again. His mind wandered back to his ship and the array of holoprojectors- he imagined himself there- working through the plan slowly fermenting in the back of his mind. He was figuring out how exactly to leave the ship, the droids and everything else behind. Everything else… his mind froze on those words and automatically it was translated to ‘Adenna.’ A spike of anxiety rolled over him before it crashed against the techniques to settle the agitation. All this happened within the blink of an eye- then, upon working through his thought processes, he felt three force users enter the firing range. His eyes adjusted to the last bit of light in the bay, once his vision cleared- there were three Imperial Knights standing in front of him. So many images of what could happen flowed through his mind- if he handed over his blade they would attack him for some sort of perceived phantom of darkness within him? Or should he just start to attack them right now, taking them out with surprise? Was the knights who held their hands away from the lightsabers a distraction for one of them to make a move on him? Should he give them his blade, and just kill them outright with the Force? Should he take them on with just his fists? He did want another round of training….All of those thoughts were pushed out of his mind, finding humor in how each one would play out; he at least could improvise still. His eyes connected on the lead Imperial while one started to make a mess of the range. He let a frown of disapproval show on his face, then unclipped a saber hilt from his belt- floating it over to the lead. “As you wish, I was hoping you would join me for a moment though?” Tobias finally moved something other than his eyes, his left hand braced against his left knee and his right made an invitation to the floor space in front of himself. “I want to show you something, something that might make this whole process much quicker and easier. Or might not, regardless it is harmless.” Tobias shrugged his right shoulder, and smiled warmly then brought his hand to his right knee; his staff rocked slightly on his lap. Tobias projected warmth and friendship into the Force, not as an act of duplicity- he had nothing to hide, everything he was doing was genuine- but also to protect himself.
  14. (TL/DR: Vos is meditating/practicing/reflecting. Just a character building post.) Midway through a one-handed cartwheel, he felt the flicker of another being coming to see him. While he did have time to shut down the exercise, he figured it would be better to just let whomever it was come in and trigger the shut down of the simulation. The perverted blue light connected with red blaster bolts with a reverberating ‘wung’ or a sharp chirup noise sending them in a different direction. Internally, the figure knew that the remotes were learning, and they were going to try something different at any moment now. Completing the cartwheel, he deactivated his blade and flipped backwards three times, staff in hand. Landing fifteen meters away he landed on his feet crouched over in what was a sprinters pose. His left hand holding the staff, he started to reconstruct his defence. The maneuver positioned all of the remotes in front of him, a good move on his end but the downside was that there would now be too many bolts coming at him for just one blade. That was precisely why he had made his staff in the manner he did- another layer of deception, another tool in his arsenal. With a small amount of pressure through the Force, part of his staff fell away and there was a green blade opposite the viridian one. Adopting a two-handed approach, as well as taking a knee. The three colors came together in such a blur that any non-force user would see a prolonged flash. To many this would be a stressful training exercise, to Vos with his apprenticeship this was nothing too complicated. It would have been even more fun to be stuck on spires above lava or water. Since neither were present he did have a few moments to think, ponder, and reflect. There was so much that could have- should have been done differently. Surgical strike, for starters. Tobias should have infiltrated with some banking scheme his allies in the banking clan would have assisted with. Or even La’Quaine, and her resources. Next would have to be a better intelligence agency, where they would have been able to scout out the position and see where fleet assets were and the probability of enemy reinforcements. Better calculating the enemies capabilities, next. Then standard operating procedure to halt reinforcements. Perhaps some hyperspace mines? They would need some specific programming, to be sure but that would not only hamper reinforcements- but also a retreat. The remotes were spreading out, it had only taken them a minute to re-evaluate their tactics. Vos had a tendency to overthink; it was like a snowball tossed down a slope that ended up growing and growing until it became an unstoppable force. Internally, he sighed as he now twisted and split the single hilt into two separate pieces, regaining his posture on his feet and started to move once again. It was quite a large bay, so there was plenty of room to maneuver. Oxygen came in, refilled his lungs and fueled his muscles therefore his defense. He exhaled through his nose, letting his breath exit slowly. Allowing the Force to use the oxygen in the most efficient manner within his body, he could do this for hours. Blades spun independently of one another and there was plenty of the windmilling action going on. He had already lost track of the exact time, but it had been almost an hour since he left the War Council. His blood pressure spiked at the memory- everyone was held up over casualties. Did they expect anything different? None of them even read Nel’Pi’s report before condemning the actions. Unlike typical shield generators which the wiring was fiberglass and gold wiring, the stations had been copper and wireoptics- they served the same function but were two totally different mechanics- copper would build up the current, where as the gold would melt. Copper allowed for the bigger discharge before failing but the gold would last longer but fail sooner- in practice. The charge was too big and was one of the reasons the station had it’s incident. Besides- the Black Sun would inflate the numbers of dead because it was the Black Sun, propaganda was one of their tools in their arsenal. Regardless, Nel’Pi shouldn’t have gone against the parameters of her mission goals. Had the designers of Catnip Station still wanted to work with Lord Peregrine, the engineer on the mission would have been tested and have passed clearances into the combat mission. Alas, that whole crew was not speaking to him as the station suffered catastrophic failure within the first few months and hadn’t even put to the test of full capacity. It wasn’t his fault that it failed, or he wanted the Jedi’s money back under warranty, it was business. He even recycled the money back into the company stock portfolio, but through one of his puppet companies. ‘Oh the webs we weave.’ His old master had once said to him. Through a fleeting fit of frustration, he decided to throw his lightsabers in a complementary arc across the bay- slicing all but three of the remotes in half. The remaining remotes opened up in earnest and dodging would only allow him so much time. He let the sabres fall to the ground, deactivated, with a loud clang. After another backflip- he completed three quarters of second flip, his feet landing on the wall that was behind him. Using the Force to anchor him to the wall, he built up the power in his legs and launched himself between the remotes and into a somersault- sliding to a stop facing the wall that he had pushed off against. His hands crackled with energy, the arcs flowing up and around his forearms, his fists balled into fists. One remote tried to shoot him, but he punched the bolt and it fizzled out against the energy barrier around his fist. The simple programming reevaluated the situation and fired again, and again. Now, Tobias was punching the bolts as if he were in a boxing match, or a martial arts display. He didn’t need his lightsabers for this small feat. He was called a Jedi Master- he earned that role, as well as when he earned the title of Sith Lord. He earned domain over a section of the galaxy- Beyond Shadows. He was so much more than these mortals, why had he come back? That was a layered answer... With labored breaths, he continued to punch the bolts from the remotes. The red light from the bolts and the blue-white light from his hands were the only illumination in the bay. His mind wandered once again, this time to the fundamentals of the Force and the narrow views both Jedi and Sith dabbled in. There was so much more to the Force than just what they saw. As far as he could tell, there hadn’t been anyone except for Frond and Ficcibin that had been interested in the powers not attributed to the light or the dark, the other aspects of the Force. ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ The former Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Yoda, had once said. What if one got so wrapped up in doing- they wander into the wrong path- then you commit to rectifying the error- you did your permanence for whatever wrongs you did. Then why was it when people make an error they were never forgiven? Spinning to the side, he pinwheeled his arms and batted back the latest flurry of bolts. His mind wandered more into something he had once read- Flowing through all, there is a balance. There is no peace, without a passion to create. There is no passion, without peace to guide. Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act. Power blinds without serenity to see. There is freedom in life. There is purpose in death. The Force is all things, and I am the Force. A chill ran down his spine, causing a small disruption in his form. Luckily, he saw the bolt coming, but it was slowed down to a noticeable extent. Then, the remote blinked into existence from where it was to where the bolt was going. Realizing he had just used the transportation power subconsciously, he shut the remotes off as soon as that one was fried by its own bolt. Baffled, Tobias straightened his posture and let the energy from his hands dissipate. Internally, he recited a mantra that complimented both old sayings he had just mulled over. It wasn’t until the twelfth repetition that it happened- a slight puff of air and he opened his eyes. He was just past the firing range corrals where people stood to fire down range. His heart started to race; Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act ran through his mind. Regardless, he had done it. It was time to clean up the mess he had made so he could reflect on what just happened; cleaning up was quick the droid parts were disposed of, his lightsabers and pieces of his staff collected, and putting the actual remotes back into their housing drawer. Vaulting over the firing stage, he floated the pieces of his staff around him, as he sat down to meditate and put the pieces back together. The room returned to darkness, and he focused on his tasks at hand. First the saber, then the necklace..
  15. As he was relieved of his roles and responsibilities, a heaviness lifted from his shoulders and he could breath a little easier. However, this still looked back on Adenna as well. He nodded in acknowledgement of Adenna's orders and agreeing to her suggestion of a Imperial Knight scan of his aura, dismissing himself from the meeting moments after Sandy had left. Leaning on his cane as he walked, he left the room all-together. One mistake was all it took, apparently. He visited Nel'Pi briefly, neither of them was in a talkative mood so it was back to the hanger for him. Making all the necessary copies and briefings Master Hazgel would need for his tenure as the War Master. As soon as all that was done, he purged his local copy of the records so there wasn't anything that could be said of him tampering with files that he no longer had a right to. The hanger bay was quiet, save for the emitters and their gentle humming tone. His ship was empty, save for the PIT Droids, who he stripped of their personality subroutines again. Unsettling. He thought, and left to go down towards the armory- to an open area where he could properly meditate. Since everyone was in the medical wing of the ship- or taking care of the wounded; He felt a sense of guilt for not being there himself, but he needed to take care of his mental state right now- or as best he could, while on a ship. While en route, the shape of a trandosian came into his field of vision- but before it could solidify, it was blown away by some unfelt wind. He didn't want to deal with Sabatin's ghost anyways. When he exited the turbolift- there was Master Maris, but no words were exchanged. Maris bowed, and Tobias nodded his head back to him, then walked right by him. Maris's hurt could be felt through the Force, but onward Tobias walked- into the armory, into one of the firing ranges, activated the training drones and watched them take to the air and hiss around. Walking into the center of them, several things happened at once- his lightsaber sparked to life, training bolts erupted from the emitters on the drones, and the lights went out. And so began his first round of meditation. There was no anger, no sorrow in his aura- there was regret and frustration, but nothing that wasn't in check or could be exercised out. Nothing would linger, other than his long-term mission here- that determination he would keep.
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