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  1. Primary Account: Genesis Discord Username: ScorpioArmegedon#3930 Real First Name: Chad M. Active Characters: Mjan Sadow iv-Adas, Genesis Stormhelm, Mythos Von Howlster, Mi'lan Ziza, Shiro Seven, R3-M0, Kari Koi
  2. I was taken aback by Master Armiena's disbelief, her tone shallow and blunt. If she had not known me as well as she did, it wouldn't have stung as deeply as it did. But as her words resounded within my mind, a sense of pain and betrayal withered its self into my heart. After all, when I spoke, I spoke from my very core, the essence of my being. And in a single line of words portrayed by an indifference expression, had drove a figurative dagger into it. All I could do was look back at her in shock and disbelief of my own. This was a life I had chose, even if it had been forced upon me in the beginning in a manner of speaking. Ours paths did not cross in mere coincidence. And as such, I would face whatever hardships came my way like I had my entire life. I carried many scars across my spiritual form, some that would drive most to the brink of darkness, and despite having crossed that line briefly, here I stood before ready to stand against it with everything that I was. But her words, as much as they were meant to make me see the picture she saw, felt more like a spat to the face than anything. And I could not grasp why she would do such a thing. I hung my head briefly, unable to look at her as I sorted through reasons for the why, unable to grasp at the knowledge from the shock. My chest felt hollow as my hand reached up to it and tugged at my shirt, an emptiness aching within that I haven't felt in many years. And in that brief moment, that moment of hurt, sorrow filled anger flushed forth in my words. "Why? ... How could you?... Do you think?... My words were scrambled, incoherent. My thoughts were jumbled, coming across as blank slates. So I took a deep breath, focusing my mind and taking a second to get past the initial shock before my gaze turned my singular eye toward her, my composure returning as evident upon my face. And for the following moments, all I could do was stare at her, studying her face and body language. Was she testing me? Did she take me for a fool? Such questions crossed my mind as i sat there in silence, attempting to even comprehend her bluntness. I knew in my heart what life i faced, and what it could lead to if i wasn't strong enough. But not everyone is the same and life had a way of designing sentients for the challenges they were fated to encounter. So does she just not trust me? "Then you are as foolish as you believe me to be." I said when I finally spoke, the tension around me so thick a lightsaber blade could barely slice through it. "I may be a child, but I am not innocent to the world around me. I was at Coruscant with you. I saw what it brought to Borleias and Nar Shadaa. You may think my stance to be young and naive, and perhaps it is. But to me, right now in this moment, it's as true to me as you are. I want to be, no, I am a Jedi. And I will follow my duties into the darkest abyss if I am called to do so. It's as simple as that, believe it or not."
  3. Why am I doing this? It was a question I had often asked my own self, even beyond this moment. I did not relish the moment of betraying my beliefs of building a weapon, let alone, use it. I attempted to justify it behind tradition, which partially felt right. But the truth of the matter laid deep with my own psyche as well as my own heart. And as I found out, it held no simple answer. As Armiena question me this day, I realized how much I had betrayed my own beliefs. But in the same aspect, I had grown to understand the singular truth. As a Jedi, I was expected to uphold the integrity of the Order as a whole, not simply my own. I was not required to weild it, but I was expected forge it in my trials as a Jedi to show my resolve, that if it came to it, then I would defend the freedom of all life even if it meant my own. This was a risk I had now found myself to trust and believe in, even if deep down, i held a notion to disobey. If i, as a Jedi, wasnt willing to walk the extra mile, then how could i set an example for others to follow. This was my reason for choosing to take up arms, to be willing to take a life as much as i was willing to give up my own. If I was to be a Jedi, I needed to present myself as one not just before the Order its self, but to any that saw me as one. That was the simple truth of my reality. It was something I needed to come to terms with. As I gazed across the savanna, the realization fresh upon my mind, I thought back to the day I took a life out of anger for the death of my parents, a spot not too far from where we had made land fall. I was but a boy, and misguided by my emotions as much as my pain. But now that I had matured and grown not only as a person, but as a Padawan, I realized the truth of the moment, a moment brought to clarity by Armiena. It was simply a natural reaction, nothing more, nothing less, and for it and though I was to carry such a burden, the innocence of the moment was corrupted. I sighed, my gaze shifting to meet her own. "Why am I doing this? Not just for own redemption, but the redemption of those who came before me, those whom faced my life and could not overcome it alone. I do it for them, with hopes that one day they will not have to. If I am to be a Jedi, I must accept my duty and responsibility, even if I disagree with it, because i must lead them by example, not just focus on my own transgressions."
  4. Dantooine.... my homeworld, if you wanted to call it that. It was the world upon which I was born, upon which I was raised, upon which I watched my family murdered by local fauna and in which I first felt the pull of my own darkness. But more importantly, it was the world of which I had ran to escape from, my very arrest here my first grasp at freedom from it. And here I was, a Jedi Padawan, returning to it. So many mixed feelings of sadness along with happiness, mostly the previous rather than the latter betraying that i had not even glanced at Armiena until she spoke, my own fixation upon the marbled world before us. My hands trembling less now, most likely due to my knowledge of Dantooine and its wide open savannas, I nodded and began entry. I remained careful, rarely moving my hands against the planet's pull and keeping the ship leveled once the atmospheric pressure began to pull upon us and gravity took its hold, keeping the ship like a pebble upon the air streams and flowing with the currents. Something I had picked up here years ago while listening to visiting spacers. But as we cleared the upper atmosphere and hit the stillness of the air, I gazed out the viewport over the plains in the direction of home. It was a small farming estate, likely in ruins now since my orphanage. But it wasnt far from the ancient Conclave the Jedi once held a presence within. Part of me wanted to visit it, and perhaps would once we were done with the caves. But for now, I focused on keeping the ship level as we neared our touchdown. With a deep breath and slow exhale, I pulled back on the accelerator and let our decent drop slowly until the ship's landing gears settled with a near soft thump. Letting go of the controls, I turned to Armiena, finally seizing a chance to speak. "You know the crystal shards we both possess came from the caves you brought us here to visit. So what is our real reason for visiting?"
  5. I always enjoyed watching Maater Armiena wonder off into her incoherent mumbles of techo-babble, the Elder Miraluka obviously holding vast knowledge where I held little to none. For the most part, I simply tried to keep up and gather what little I could from what she discussed, finding subtle hints to what each part meant by simply following the discussion in bits and piecing it together in my head. Such was the difference between us in such areas. But I still found it enjoyable nonetheless. The scratching noise of her artificial prosthetic caused me to flinch and lose the imagery within my head, but thankfully Armiena quickly boarded and I followed just a foot behind. There were major differences in the ship that I noticed as we made our way to the cockpit, certain sections sealed off and taped for reasons oblivious to me that made me slightly weary, but I shook it off as damages sustained during its fleeing of Coruscant and likely whatever Misal encountered afterwards, continuing onward to the cockpit which I could definitely see a major improvement in, my gaze shifting toward Master Armiena as she inspected, the obvious signs of their mother and daughter relationship abundant in their shared fields of study. She was definitely Misal's daughter, of that, there was no doubt. Shifting back to the conversation we were having before, I tried to get a word in edgewise about there being no need of visiting the Khoonda plains nor the crystal caves located there, my hand slipping into my pocket to bring forth the very object she sought, but when she got like this, it was just best to sit back and go along for the ride. Perhaps she had other reasons to chance the kinrath and visit them, so I simply nodded and followed her lead. Or at least as best as I could. My stomach was in knots and I felt the urge to regurgitate as she handed the controls over to me, evident by the trembling of my hands as they slide across and gripped the ship's controls. It felt weird, a good weird to be honest, like something I could enjoy once I gathered the hang of it. But in the here and now, with my hands trembling like a man with tourettes, there was no enjoyment to be found and only caution plagued my thoughts. But somehow, some way, I managed to usher the ship out of the hangar with only a minor groaning of metal against metal as I etched a hairline scratch into the ship's thick hull, before we hit open space and I engaged the hyperdrive, memories of Dantooine encompassing my mind.
  6. As my breathing began to slow and I took notice of my surroundings, my gaze fell upon a familiar form. McShipface. It wasn't the prettiest or admirable ship around, but it had been there for the first leg of our journey from Borleias to Coruscant. My gaze shot around, half expecting to see Armiena's mother Misal somewhere nearby, but the excitement soon left my face when I realized she was nowhere around. A bit disheartening considered I liked the elderly Miraluka and wanted to show her how much I had grown since that day on Coruscant. With a sigh, I leaned up against the ramp's hydraulics as I listened to her words carefully and attentively, only to have my jaw drop at the last of them. Dantooine… the place of my birth, the place of my orphanage, the place of my arrest. It was a place that held no fond memories for me, nor a place I could fathom ever returning to. But by now I had long come to find that coincidences weren't a reality, and in this case, it seemed to come full circle. The very place I ran from would now be that of which I began the truest of my first steps as a Jedi. The irony was almost astonishing. Reaching my hand in my pocket, I ran my finger against it's cooling surface, the memories of my life on Dantooine plaguing at my mind as I thought it over. But, in truth, there was really nothing left to thing over. I had already made my decision and I needed to stick by my convictions. Even that in which I chose to build a weapon. Pulling myself off the hydraulic bar, my gaze shifted entirely upon Armiena, my cycloptic eye filled with intent. "You know my history with Dantooine, what life I lived upon it's plains." I spoke with a instructive tone, it coming off as soft and almost understanding as the words departed my lips. "I suppose it would make a good enough place as any." I hadn't carried much since Armiena and I first met, so I didn't need anytime to gather anything up. I wasn't sure about her, but I was as ready to depart as I could get. But I shifted my gaze around one last time, taking in the sights, smells, sounds, and even the aura of life that emitted from this small moon. I took in a deep breath, letting my mind flow upon the currents that swept around us before reeling myself back in with a content smile. If I was going to set foot back upon Dantooinian soil, it was best that I returned with the heart and mind of a Jedi. And now that I had fully chosen this path, I was truly ready... ready to face whatever was to come. Turning back to Armiena I poised one last question before we would embark McShipface. With an inquisitive eye, I asked... "Do we need to gather any materials before we head to Dantooine?"
  7. I blankly stared at Master Armiena for a long moment before I blinked, half expecting her to shout to the heavens like she did the day we met upon Borleias, a memory that felt so distant to me now. I shook myself from the thought, or rather, my writer wrote me as such before he wrote me reaching up to accept the dataslate. T'was a weird experience to unknowingly and subconsciously acknowledge that my actions were not of my own, but the figmented imagination of another. But I digress. I nodded and began to walk away, the ship we were aboard being as alien to me as the next. I could only follow my gut and the imagination of my writer's as I searched this eclipsing destroyer for a singular room of knowledge as my writer subtly prayed that what he described was as adequate as possible for believability. Leaving our location, I wandered its many twists and turns, occasionally stopping to ask directions here and there to no avail. Everyone I spoke to held no knowledge of an archival room that held basic knowledge of that was readily available, most directing to the archival rooms that held data about past missions, personnel files, and redacted classified materials. In truth, had the ship been designed for training rather than war, it could have possibly easier to find such a room, but as a warship, it was limited to militant records. And as a Jedi Padawan not affiliated with its military, even the archival room I managed to finally reach was off limits. I was, however, directed to a nearby terminal by a scruffy gent with a medium build that oversaw the militant archives. Accessing the terminal, I was able to find most of what I needed, most of the basic Jedi files converted to the terminals for quick access during downtime. Scrolling through the different types and configurations, I had to admit that I was fascinated with the many concepts and materials listed. It seemed that it listed a type for every Jedi that ever existed, especially on the few sites my writer had incorporated, most notably Wookiepedia's Legends tab. Fitting name actually. Downloading the concepts and materials that caught my interest, I unplugged the dataslate and began my trek back to meet up with Armiena, simultaneously realizing that I had took more time than required and was running late for our rendezvous. Thirty minutes since I departed, I ran up to her, knots still in my stomach. "Forgive me Master." I spoke, slightly out of breath after running most of the way back in an attempt to meet the deadline despite doubling it, mostly due to my inquisitive mind reading through most of what I did download, including a lightsaber form i had found that struck my interest. "I was able to find what I needed.... most of it basic concepts and material.... did you know that the crystal shards we share are Adegan crystals?" Catching my breath, I finally stood up and released my grasp from upon my knees. "It states that I need to meditate and imbue the crystal with the Force before I can begin construction of the lightsaber. Can you teach me how?
  8. I could hear Master Armiena's words and feel her intent behind them as she sat down beside me, my mind contemplating my own thoughts and intent. And I had noticed that she walked a very different path than most of the Jedi I had came across during my mine under her tutelage, so it made since her views differed. Yet my life as one had just begun, still a mere infant compared to her own and so my mind still sang the chorus of the Mantra we quoted on a daily basis. There is no emotion, only peace. There is no ignorance, only knowledge. There is no passion, only serenity. There is no death, only the Force. This was something I had embedded and embued into my very soul. And because of it, tradition rang through my heart to it's very core. Perhaps in time, it would change, as all things do. But in the here and now, it was firm within my spirit. "I understand Master." I spoke, my hand pulling forth the crystal shard that I had carried since my arrest on Dantooine, its aquatic blue hue glimmering in the lighting that fell upon our forms. It had always felt alive to me, its presence intertwined with my own as if it felt a part of me and my connection with Armiena. "But if I am to become a Jedi, I want to become one in the truest sense of the word, the Order's tradition carved into me to the very core." I smiled after I said that, my eye gleaming upward to her. It was the first real decision that I had truly settled on since being taken on as her Padawan. And in truth, a natural sense of humbled pride swelled up within me at the thought. I was finally beginning to grow. And as i thought that, my mind began to concept what i would forge as my blade, a blade that deep down, i still hoped that i would never have to truly use. Most of what i saw amongst the Jedi were pretty standard parts, availability common almost anywhere. But i never really cared for standard hilts, including the ones Armiena carried. They were bulky and looked uncomfortable to even hold. Yet, perhaps that was the point, to never truly get comfortable to their feel within your hand. But still, I felt what I could only describe to a call, to forge a sleek and comfortable handle, perhaps even curved slightly. Or at least, what I pictured in my mind. "You mentioned a junkyard moonside?" I questioned inquisitively, the knots still churning within my stomach despite my mind being fully made by this point. "When do you think we would have time to visit such a place?" In honesty, part of me was excited like a child waiting on S. Claus, while the other half was as shaken by the realization as I was the day I woke after my parents had been killed, which tore at me. It felt natural and unnatural all at the same time. It was as confusing as it was revealing, and in truth, I wanted to rush past this part of my training as fast as possible to simply have it done and over with so I could focus on what was to come next. As I waited for her words of wisdom to reach my ears, I looked down at my hand and pondered on what the weapon would feel like while memories of the last still phantomly plagued the feeling of my hand as I gripped at it and pulled my hand from around its invisible and unmade form. Only one questioned remained. Was it truly ready to weild such a weapon again? It was time to truly find out.
  9. I had been sitting there, watching the hall in silence as I listened to the music player, lost in ignorant bliss that was it's tantalizing orchestra, when I caught Armiena's figure out my perifial. Jumping up, I pulled the small ear attachments out just in time to catch her sincere smile and her unneeded thanks. I smiled and shook it off with a wave of the hand, my gaze shifting offhand to Aidan as the two others disappeared before shifting back to my Master as she finished speaking. "Firstly, there is no need for thanks. If I could see my mother or father one last time, I would consider it a blessing. And from what I've seen, he has grown largely in part because of you whether or not you know it." "Secondly...." My face frowned as I replied to the rest of her words, my dreading this day apparent as I began to finish speaking. "I know you mean no harm by instructing me, and I honestly have no idea what I could do to replace such a tradition... or whether I should or not if I am truly to walk the path of a Jedi. Jedi have always been known by simple glance of the blade whether it was activated or not, and as such, I feel I would only shame the lives given by the Jedi if I dont do the same." I sat in silence as I brought my gloved hand up to my face as thoughts crossed my mind, the thought of creating such a thing tearing at my soul, but my mind lost upon any other options. Finally I finished. "So, unless you have any other ideas, I think I should create one. Just because I do still doesn't mean I ever have to activate it or use it." It had crossed my mind during our travels alot, and Armiena had always been respectful to my wishes. And despite my idealogy of walking the path of the Jedi without a weapon, I had begun to realize its futility as well as the lineage that I was now becoming a part of. Jedi gave their lives, but not without meaning. So a part of me felt that I should open myself up to what they stood for, even if it infringed upon my own thoughts and feelings. It was hard, but it was a choice I had to be willing to make in order to grow as one.
  10. I nodded my head in the direction of the Jedi that had been spending time with Master Armiena's son, as well as Aiden, before exiting the room. Despite having been summoned, I felt my presence here was a bit intruding, so I opted out of the encounter. In truth, it was just good to see her smile after hearing stories of her son. Just outside, I found an ammunitions crate to prop up on, taking a small device I had acquired back on Borleias out of my pocket and placing its comms into my ear as a ambiance melody began to play through its connection. The Doctors back on Borleias used these inexpensive devices to help calm their nerves and steady their hands, and while meditation would likely do the same for me, I felt it best if I couldn't hear the on going conversation between the two taking place. As much as it was intrusive, it was also rude of me to eavesdrop. On occasion, my glance would wander back to them, but for the most part, I delved into small meditations while I enjoyed the sounds of waves upon sandy shores and the chirping of forest birds resounding within my ears. When Master Armiena was ready to introduce me or have me follow her, she would let me know. Until then, I kept up with my studies within the Force.
  11. A place for, those of us whom want or require critiques of either our characters or our writing capabilities, to post said critique request and allow users to give them with impunity so that we can grow as writers and RP'ers. Please do not post here if you cannot handle severe criticism or are easily offended. This is meant to help us grow on a personal level and should be taken seriously, which requires us to take a look at our faults and weaknesses as much as we look at our strengths and skills.
  12. "There's an old saying that predates the Republic, one that many have used to justify whatever action they take. This battle was no different. And in the midst of this 'No deed goes unpunished' conflict, I found myself quite open and vulnerable to its logic, despite my own personal beliefs." - Genesis Stormhelm As our journey began, I was quite surprised and confused at the way Armiena was being treated. She was a Master of the Order, and Adenna had sought out her council before when we first arrived at Borleias. Surely she would have sought her out again, as rumors of the Jedi's dwindling numbers had began to circulate. But this wasnt the case as Armiena and I were escorted to a small briefing room resembling a lecturing hall. While I wondered about this, I stayed silent and attentive toward the Officer below as he displayed and call off our objectives and placements, my mind mostly paying attention to the forefront that what was going on with the Jedi Order as a whole. After affirming my stance to Armiena recently, I knew I needed whatever aid I could get if I was going to survive it, and the information given gave me quite the arsenal to ponder. Especially as I had chosen a non-lethal path to walk. I knew I had the Force to rely on, but the Force could only do so much. As the briefing was let out, I dismissed myself from Armiena's presence and went to my assigned quarters. This mission was going to be hard, as even I knew it, but I could not bring myself to ever take another life, even in defense of my own. So i needed to think, and afterwards, rest and relax. ................................................. The next day, i woke up and grabbed a few nutrient bars per my usual before heading out to catch up with Armiena. I had spent alot of time in thought last night, both planning a strategy for myself and remembering Coruscant. My best bet would be an unorthodox one, using a blaster with stunning capabilities should i need to defend myself. But Armiena seemed to have came to the same conclusion, as when i found her, she had an array of weapons and armor surrounding her. Climbing up next to her, i spoke. "Morning Master." That was all i managed to get out as she handed a blaster my way and started describing its features to me. I kinda smiled at this, the elder Jedi's memory likely on the fritz as i used a similar weapon on Coruscant. But then again, that was a most strenuous day for all of us, so there was a chance she likely didnt see. Just as i was about to speak this to her, klaxons began to blare as we all felt the shift of exiting hyperspace reveal its self and the hangar bloomed with frantic life. This was when I noticed the change in Armiena's demeanor, even her gaze shifted about with worry. In truth, this was the first time I had ever seen Armiena react in such a way, and it only made me worry more. What did she sense? Was it a trap? Was there an unexpected surprise looming out of view? My mind ran with questions as i grew alert, only half hearing what she spoke in continuing her lecture. I had already responded to her own display of emotions. It wasnt until she revealed the cause that I snapped back to reality and my face turned to hers, ghost white in comparison. "Your...your son?"
  13. "The life of a Jedi is neither dull nor ending, for as one crisis is adverted, another follows quickly behind. Coruscant, Borleias, war... no rest for the wicked which meant to rest for the we who stood against the Darkness that threatened." - Genesis Stormhelm "There was no need Master." I spoke in return to Armiena that day as she sighed. Even if she had asked, I still would have helped. I was just grateful that we had managed to stabilize her a bit so the others could take over and prolong her death, even if only for a bit. It may have been all we could do, but we did it. "I'm glad I was able to help this time." As the others began to take over, I followed Armiena as we began our trek outside, tossing aside the contamination scrubs for my own clothes and placing the patch back over my Miralukian heritage. I could see that something did not bold well and that something laid upon her mind, but I had never been one to push any issue, even now that I held a slight sway to do so. And like clockwork, she opened up to me as we neared the landing pads. "I see." I spoke, a hint of uneasiness flowing over my own form as I remembered back to Coruscant, how it seemed forever ago, yet wasn't as long as it felt. Climbing about the freighter, I turned to her. "If it's anything like Coruscant, we both have a right to be worried." And with that, we made our way toward the Justice's Mandate and onward to the plans of war. But despite the uneasiness I felt, all I had to do was look her way, and somehow, I knew that everything would work out for the better. Now if only Armiena could have such faith in herself.
  14. "And its through that understanding, experience, and knowledge... that we know the need for time and the lesson taught by it." - Genesis Stormhelm A million and one possibilities were racing through my mind in that moment, and I weighed every outcome as if it was as viable as the last with hope that this one or the next would be the best solution when I felt Armiena's familiar touch fall upon my tensed form, her presence bringing me out of the state of shock I had begun to fall into. She always seemed to have a way to ground my mind and heart whenever she was near and as she voiced her suggestion, I was secretly glad she had done so. As I gazed at her, I smiled briefly and nodded, her suggestion reminding me of the time we stood upon the precipice of Coruscant's destruction, and in that moment, our thoughts had became one. At least this time, I actually held power to truly aid. Feeling her conciousness open and her defenses fall, I followed in suit, tip toeing into the abyss that was her mind as I allowed her to meld with my own. Typically, I was never one to freely open myself so, but Armiena was the only person to have known all of my secrets and still remain unjudgemental. I trusted her above all else, not just as a teacher, but as a mother like figure as well, our time together binding is in such a way. At least, for me, it had became such. As had become accustomed, I followed her instructions, paying close heed to her words as we progressed and noticing her movements, following every detail in close unison. And as our senses joined with the woman's, I simply rode the waves of Armiena's divination. Slowly the woman's body began to shut down, organ by organ as we guided her body into it's hybernative state, keeping her heart and mind active the longest so that we could preserve her as best we could. In truth, it was a terrifying ordeal to witness and be a part of, but I understood its necessity even as her breathing shallowed and her heartbeat faded. And when it came time to lay the passphrase upon her still lingering psyche, my gaze shifted toward Armiena. This power, even as a passenger upon its pathway, had taken much of my strength. But it was the only viable option of saving her life, even if it required her feigned death. Hopefully the outcome was one we were hoping for. ((Post 2 of 2))
  15. "In time, comes understanding, experience, and knowledge. Without time, nothing is ever learnt or experienced." - Genesis Stormhelm As Armiena left upon my suggestion, I turned toward the fold before me. My gaze turned serious, remembering my Master's words as we went about saving the Twilek from earlier as well as the consequences of pushing myself too far. There were so many injured and very few hands to aid, even as more poured in every day. I wanted to help all that I could, but I knew I needed to pace myself. So I went about, offering aid in triage at first before I would attempt a more complex aiding. Minutes would turn into days, and days into weeks as I went about, offering my aid where it was needed. I started in triage, helping with minor injuries and gathering local and exotic herbs and medicines from the surrounding forests as well as medical freighters that poured in with supplies, taking in what i learnt and recording it to memory. Salvants, suppressants, antidotes for local poisons, all retained within my mind as many cases crossed my path in the weeks that followed. And from triage, i ventured into more complex injuries, helping to reset bones and makeshift splints as well as heal cuts and gashes, both with aid of the Force and with my own hands. And those weeks would become a month, taking my time to learn what I could without pushing myself. But as I trained and learnt, I also began to notice a stamina beginning to grow within me, noticing that it took longer and longer before I felt myself faint or weak. But still, as those moments would come, I would leave and find a place to rest, even if only for a few hours. In my moments of rest, I would take time to meditate on the day, letting myself wander about within the Force and let it flow through me, feeling its rejuvenation return to me. And then I would close my eyes in peace and serenity, letting exhaustion wane away into oblivion until it came time for me to wake. Except this day, when I awoke, a new challenge had presented its self. I awoke to screams and yells, causing me to jump from my cot. Barely awake, I hurried from the tent that many of us here at the medical units had came to call home to see a group of rescuers flowing into the critical ward of the hospice, a total of ten patients badly injured and in need of treatment. I didnt ask any questions and followed in quickly behind them, adorning a fresh batch of scrubs after sanitizing myself as I went. I didnt know it yet, but these were some of the numerous scouting parties sent out daily for local supplies, only this group found out the hard why the need for equipment checks were mandatory. It seems the speeders they took malfunctioned, and the patient that now laid before me was likely, multiple contusions and lacerations, as well as internal bleeding and a punctured lung. I stood there for a moment, locked in by fear, as I gazed upon the human female with horror. She was almost unrecognizable. ((Post 1 of 2))
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