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  1. Sitting in an old uncomfortable office chair was not at all pleasing to Soln. Half of the chair's cardboard stuffing was missing and there was a rip along one side. The left armrest was loose, making a squeak every time he moved, not that he moved much in the hour that he sat there. The chair had an unsightly brown hue due to the lack of flat black paint that peeled off, rust had began forming from an unknown source of moisture. That and the smell gave a slight hint that there was mold in the cardboard. In the last ten minutes he had became restless, lifting his feet up and putting them on top the desk he was at. No reports yet. An hour has gone by and no reports. That sergeant better have a good excuse for being a little I am an idiot. Disobeying orders was not a good way to start off a relationship with a commanding officer. Soln smiles. Its only laying mines, the Petty Officer should have no real update for him, if he does it means that he'll get replaced. He probably delegated the task to other enlisted men by now, handing out plans and provisioning resources. A straightforward and dawdling task of deploying mines. I should be training soldiers. That Captain is only seeing if I can manage men. I can do that, anyone pretty much can. That reminds me, I haven't had a genuine conversation with him yet. Soln puts his feet back on the floor, *Squeak* and then slowly, pushes himself up from the armrest. *Squeak* *Bend* *Snap* The left armrest breaks off sending him crashing to the floor headfirst. *A loud metallic thud* Lying there for a brief moment Soln, even more slowly, stands up a little more than a bit dazed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Entering the room with a swish as the metal doors close, Soln peers around the headquarters seeking Captain Hale. Sigh. Not here. He motions to a fairly short Petty Officer wearing the usually black trimmings. "Where is Captain Hale?" ”œHe left for Coruscant a while ago. Emperor Black himself summoned him”
  2. Soln left the Briefing Room and went to the Main Control Room where he found a Master Chief Petty Officer that was responsible for all the ships in the Garrison. "How many mine laying ships does this garrison have?" "Two, Lieutenant." I guess I'll have to make do and convert some other ships. "How many ships do you have that can be converted to perform as a minelayer? "12 frigates." Good, this might be easier than I thought. "Coordinate with the flight controller to follow the direction of the chief engineer's previously planned mine field layout. Send updated reports to me regularly, I will be in here or in the Briefing Room. You are directly in charge of this operation." Soln sat down at an empty station and let the Petty Officer perform the man-to-man directing with his men that was going to be necessary with this task.
  3. Insight slowed as it entered Ryloth's atmosphere. Soln saw the garrison and flew his ship to it. Training exercises were beginning, and as far as he could see, they did not need any reinforcements to their ranks, only structural advancements. Even with the finest troops, the soldiers were doomed to failure if they were ever attacked. Orbital bombardment was a weakness that was unacceptable to this planet, because this planet housed a key training facility that could become the shatterpoint in any war with the Empire. Soln Solos landed his starfighter in one of the hangers and headed to the headquarters where his supposed Captain Hale would be organizing the advancements. I wonder what he'll have me do.
  4. EDIT KNOCK IT OFF!!! ~ the Management
  5. CHARACTER SHEET Realname: Soln Solos Nickname: Soln Age: 21 Species: Ranth Height: 6' 3”
  6. The day was coming to an end, the sunset highlighting the city as his starfighter approached the city. Los had been wandering, and now he decided to become even more lost. The hangar was empty with everyone at casinos or bars. As he walked down mainstreet to the latter place the surrounding structures dorfed him. Los sat down next to a wookiee at the and ordered a drink. He just needed to relax and find a ship going to the outer rim.
  7. I decided to use a different character right now so here's his sheet. CHARACTER SHEETÂ Real Name:Â Los Sol Nickname:Â Lost, but people call him Los or Sol Age:Â 21 Species:Â Ranth Height:Â 6' 6”
  8. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1782388 I want to do this. But I'll be very, very careful. Here's a some funny homework had to do for school, look at the answers http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t260/stevenskovranek/Untitled-2.png I was so tempted to pick one of the first two.
  9. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3616&st=0&p=345675entry345675 A helpful site with free software. Testing out my new screen snapshot program- Fun!
  10. Smith landed the Sin's Insight in a public hangar and went to a local cantina. He wasn't interested in booze or women; he was looking for something to do. Ever since he monopolized his father's company he had nothing to do, the business was self-sustaining now. It had been hard to change it from a bankrupt bureaucracy to a complex, lucrative network. The company was spread out across the galaxy making a bureaucracy useless and inefficient; the network of the smartest scientists, mechanics, and businesspersons had rendered the old hierarchy defunct. The new leaders had been instructed to use staticians and simulations to manage its stocks, and to let the scientists work with the mechanics in an environment almost free of instruction and restrictions. He entered the cantina and went to the holonet to look at the job offers; he wanted something to do, nothing behind a desk, something hands on and in which he could get some adrenaline. "The Bloody Dragon, sounds like a humbled and defeated Dragon, and thus smarter and deadlier from the scars it had received. I hope the captain is the same way." He then sent a message to the ship saying who he was, where he was staying; the Journeyman's Inn, and that he was interested in joining its crew.
  11. Smith skipped docking and headed back into hyperspace.
  12. Smith signaled to the fleet as he decelerated from hyperspace. --Comm-- This is Smith; permission to dock? --End Comm--
  13. He had finally found it, the graveyard. He had been looking for it for days. The wreckage, which was rumored to be the remnants of a Jedi and Sith battle, was a perfect place to find a lightsaber. The battle was won by the Jedi, but at a high cost. Ships of every kind were floating in the abyss of deep space. Smith hid the Sin's Insight in a hollow haul of a capitalship and went inside. As he worked his way around the debris in the hallways, he spotted what he thought was an armory. He then proceeded to open it. In it, he found what he was looking for, a stock lightsabers. The ship seemed so old that, he presumed that it was a hundred years old, but they [the light sabers] looked fairly new; preserved in space and protected from the battle. He grabbed all of ten of them; he reasoned that they might come in handy. He retraced his steps, boarded his ship and jumped into hyperspace to finish his mission.
  14. --Comm-- Make your way to the ship and dock in its hangar bay. Someone will meet you there. Come out of your ships with no weapons or armor. Anything of this nature will be treated as hostile and will not be tolerated. --End Comm-- Smith did what he was told and docked in the hangar of the ship. Not wearing any armor or carrying any weapons he opened the ships hatch and walked out. He then waited for the someone.
  15. The Sin's Insight exited out of hyperspace near Kashyyk. Smith was to find the Black Sun fleet, the organization was rebuilding itself. He sought to advance in it to become a Vigo one day. But that was a long time away, he must focuse on the task at hand. "Smaller than I expected," he thought as he spotted the fleet. "All the more advantage for Black Sun in a actual battle, the enemy wouldn't send in all of its forces at once if it thought that the fleet was bigger. Black Sun could destroy the main force and then reserves one at a time." Signalling the fleet he waited for them to get him, following some advice he was given. *Smith reporting to the Black Sun fleet* was the message he sent.
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