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  1. Commander Sanderson looked at the now piling up Jedi recruits for his boarding operations. His glare came to focus on the Kel-Dor and he rolled his eyes. But there was no time to pedantics, or even time to troll the poor little jedi that were about to be fed into the all consuming maw of battle. So he raised his voice so that the bridge crew and the rest of his officers could hear him. “We will be going in the second wave, after the initial starfighter clash we will be boarding Gamma Class assault shuttles in the shuttle bay. We will then go en masse to the Imperial Star Destroyers owned by the damned Black Sun, board them. Then seize or destroy the ships. Is that clear little Jedi? All of you will be with me in shuttle 349. You are not to disobey my orders or run off ‘cause the force told me so!’ Do I make myself clear? ” The Templars began their slow burn towards the Enemy ships as every ship in the fleet began to disgorge their fighter wings with gusto
  2. Beth cocked her head to the side and triggered the line cable comm to Slaughter’s console. Being piped along the fuel lines from the communications and munitions hookup at the bottom of the TIE Defender, it could not be intercepted. At least until the fighter broke from its docking location and ejected the fuel and power transmission line. “Acknowledged Steadfast Actual. Templars beginning flight pattern.” She flipped the communications to shortband with a flick of a switch and nodded to the flight deck controller who waved his glowrod. Deck crew got behind cover stations, and the TIE fighter squadron shot from the hanger into the cold depths of space. They would be flying recon until the engagement. Beth smiled as she watched the black painted Star Destroyer Misericordia emerge from hyperspace alongside the Galactic Alliance fleet. Standing in stark contrast to the rest of the fleet. The last imperial capital ship that had survived Kuat. This would be a fight to remember.
  3. Commander Sanderson’s eyes flickered to the approaching Jedi and he raised his hand to silence his subordinates. He appraised her swiftly, deeming that she might be of some use since she had obviously had quite significant military experience from the scars and prothstetics she had all over her body. “Jedi Knight, are you here to take part in the hand to hand fighting of the boarding parties or are you here to get a report for our gracious teenage commander Knight Sarna?” He treated her respectfully but with an air of imperial supremacy, that put any question of subservience far out of mind.
  4. The Imperial special operations pilots ran briskly from their cockpits, each holding a small luggage bag with civvie clothes. But for now they were all dressed immaculately in the Imperial Remnant white dress uniform, with the red bloodstripes and shoulder boards of the special operations unit. Led by their lieutenant, they crisply saluted the deck officer in charge of the flight deck and marched into the turbolift. Which carried them to the bridge, upon exiting the lift, Beth and her crew saluted the Admiral of the Fleet. Their eyes looking from the wolflike companion and the admiral himself. The fact that the 12 person team was entirely human was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb. But Raven's adjustment's to recruitment hadn't filtered up to the elite forces yet. So you could say the remnant was trying to get better. “Imperial Templars reporting for action sir, where will you have us?”
  5. The flight of TIE defenders arrived beside the vectoring Galactic Alliance fleet transmittign a friendly Templar IFF. These were the most elite special forces unit in the Imperial Remnant’s Navy. They had fought and killed Sith on Kuat, and were now joining the fight for returning their empress. Their Commander, Beth, signalled their intention to dock on the capital ship to preserve fuel and coordinate with the GA military strike teams. “Prepare for harnessless landing on the flight deck boys and girls. No racks like on the Star Destroyers.” Her voice was a bit hoarse but she had recovered mostly from the wounds she had suffered on Kuat. When the Templars with their red painted solar panel’s had received permission from the GA, they landed on board the Steadfast.
  6. The Templars and their imperial remnant had been sorely beat, though the battle was nearly won in the hanger in favour of the Empire, there was little hope of salvaging the station, the rings, or even the empress. Her comms had gone silent, and the last thing that had been heard was that assassins were striking at her position. Beth blinked back the tears that were blossoming at the corners of her eyes from the acrid smoke that had filled the hanger. She fluttered her eyelids to clear them and then swiped at her eyes with the back of her glove. The stinging didn’t depart her eyes so Beth just rolled her eyes and dumped the rest of her magazine at the last of the Sith in the hanger. Empty plastine carbide shells spat against the side of the supply crate that had been her cover from the ejector port of her rifle. The smell of cordite filled her mouth again as she checked her chest rig for extra magazines. There were none so her hand found her dump pouch and found it empty as well. She cursed and drew her E-11 carbine from its holster on her right thigh. With well practised, if tired hands, she flipped down the carbine’s folding stock and after locking it in place began to search for more targets. Then her eyes caught sight of the Imperial Knight in his battered armour, signalling for her and her men to begin the retreat. Sadness splashed like a wave over Beth Andromina as she passed the signal on to her men and they formed a firing line and began to fall back alongside the Imperial Knight. Beth herself beside him in his red armour and she held her blaster at the ready in case more of the Sith began their assault. But for now they edged towards the Caridian Pride, a Lambda shuttle whose ramp was lowered for cargo that would never come. More stormtroopers were following them, and Beth beckoned them onboard as she and her men began to fill the crew stations. She gestured to the Imperial knight and motioned him to sit on the jumpseat behind her. She began to flick ignition switches as she grabbed her water bottle from her backpack. She took a long drink and passed it to the dark haired knight. “What’s your story ser knight?” It was absentminded conversation, but it was comforting as she hit the sensor relay switch and saw that there were no gravity wells outside of Kuat proper. It would be a burst of sublight until they could pull hyperspace.
  7. Beth let a laugh escape her lips as she pivoted her heavy slugthrower rifle to concentrate on the leftmost flank of the approaching Sith forces. This Imperial Knight had a way about him, a cockyness that hinted to noble birth. He was no son of a Moff though, or some Kuati noble’s son, as that would have been seen far and wide in the holos as a recruiting tool. ‘Look guys even the children of Moffs are fighting. You should too!’ Would have been a great line to use, and his face seemed meant for the holos, not very many scars, handsome lines. A young imperial girl's dream. Even she could feel a stirring in her seeing him fighting beside her, but she kept herself fairly focused on the fight at hand. She still had men that could die in the fight, and letting someone die over a pretty face was literally the last thing Beth Andromina would stand. But she knew that she would have to ask the young man about his past over drinks perhaps when this was all over. She pointed to a landing ship setting down in the hanger and twisted her hand in the air towards it. “Can you like keep that door shut with the force as my men pour missiles into it? Save us a lot of trouble later!” Her voice was both begging and commanding the young man to do it, and as his master fought on in the other side of the hanger, it could do him good to flex his force muscles to help the Empire.
  8. Imperial troops died in droves as they began to repulse the first beachhead. Beth watched as the Sith pushed to retrieve the Cathar’s body and Beth was happy to let them do it for it cost them heavily in casualties and the bodies of the Sith began to stack two deep on the floor of the hanger. Beth was momentarily thankful for the rebreather built into her helmet as she ran by a stormtrooper from Foy trying desperately to scoop his entrails back into the cavity that was his stomach. He was screaming for his mother and had pulled off his green helmet to help him breath, revealing matted blonde hair and pale skin that was growing paler as his blood spilled onto the concourse. He held his innards in both hands, and Beth wanted to start towards him, to hold him in his last moments, but she could not and he slowly fell forward. His forehead touching the flightdeck and causing a ripple in the blood he had spilled there. There he remained as he heaved out his last breath, looking for all the galaxy like an acolyte bowed in prayer. Beth looked back at the battle and triggered a heavy burst of High Ex into the floating E-WEB and was knocked backwards from a bright red blaster bolt that scored through her helmet and slashed across her temple. Her HUD went snow white and she grimaced, laying back behind her cover to press the three key code on the back of the helmet to both release the helm and keep her throat mic activated. It was an imperial way of stopping those who wanted to grab a fallen trooper’s helmet and listen to comms. Without that code the comm would not work at all. When she pulled the ruined helmet from her head, letting her blonde hair spill out in a sweaty blonde braid, the smell of battle hit her hard. The acrid smell of cordite from slugthrowers first bit her nostrils, followed by the messy smell of blood. She coughed then sat back up, picking up her rifle from where it had fallen, only to duck back down at rockets fired from the Grenadiers of Foy splashed into the floating E-Web emplacement. It was then that her eyes caught the red armour of an Imperial Knight, the chevrons on his armour betraying him as an apprentice. But still he far outranked her and the six Templars who were gathered around her in a chevron of their own, laying down accurate fire into the diminishing Sith troopers. But more men were boiling out of yet another landing craft, and they would separate the Apprentice from his unit unless he moved right now to the same cover that Beth herself was behind. She waved to the Imperial Knight, who was only a few years her junior and called to him and she lay down suppressive fire again as bright crimson trails of disruptor bolts filled the air around the Imperial Knight. “Sir, get to cover sir!” She gestured to the fallen crate next to her. She had a plan and if the Templars had an Imperial Knight with them, then this counter attack would go easily in their favour.
  9. ((Thank you Chad)) The sith was a dodgy one, and though he tried, the aim of the Templars found their mark. A highex slug hammered into his torso and through him backwards onto a crate, hollowing out his insides with a flash of bloody mist and fire. The initial punch of the bullet cavitated the young man's torso, and less than a milisecond later his innards were eviscerated by shrapnel and explosive power. Lacerating kidneys, liver, and internal organs galore. The Cathar boy’s blood coursed down across the crate and he was still, leading the Templars to think him dead. His purple lightsabre sputtered and died as it fell to the decking and deactivated. Another Sith for the books of the Empire. Another million dead revenged. So the templars next turned their focus on the counter attack as they left the body alone, not knowing that the force sustained him. The blow itself, though normally fatal was not so on Camik, and though he was surely dying, as the Templars moved on, pressing their attack, the Ysalamir bubbles let go of their hold of him. The force returned to the boy, his rage and anger, sustaining him, though not stopping the bleeding or allowing him to walk again, it was enough to hold on. To hold on until his master would return to fetch him. Camik was out of the fight. Beth and her few remaining men began to coordinate with the other stormtroopers in the hanger to press their attacks as Oni and the Imperial Knights fought. Their storm in the force, fierce and brutal to those without the magiks that possessed them. So the imperials fought on, turning the invasion upon itself, beginning to press the attack and driving the Sith soldiers back into the landing craft.
  10. The Templars shifted their aim as the Sith moved. Disruptors had idled off, and now only a few splashed into the cover that they maintained. Instead, there was a spastic shooting of regular blasterfire. Beth watched as private Ben-Halmon took such a blast to the back of the helmet as he turned his sonic rifle at the now blaster wielding Sith. The blast caught him right below the rim of his helmet, the dissipating energy splashing down his spinal column and sending the dead Templar into spastic twitching as blood coursed onto the decking. Another Templar down, a brave man and one of the first that had served with Beth when the unit had been formed. That was a painful sight to Beth and as she fired again she could feel the last high-ex round leave its magazine and the bolt of the heavy slugthrower rifle stayed back. Indicating the need to reload. “Reloading!” She called over her throat mic as she reached to her flight vest and grabbed another thirty round magazine from the three holsters that were secured to her black armour. An easy task that could be completed in seconds and she toggled the release swith with one hand as she pulled the fresh magazine from its holster. But before she could slap the magazine home, a blaster bolt skipped past her cover and smacked into the plastoid armour of her left shoulder. The bolt blew through the black plastoid, leaving much of its energy behind as it then touched and turned skin and meat below it to blaster and burns. Lieutenant Andromina hissed a curse as she crouched behind the food supply crates that made up her and her squad’s cover. She didn’t have time to examine the wound or even slap a soothing bactagel bandage over the burning skin, there was an enemy close at hand and she had a job to do. A job that would likely lead to her death and the death of every hope and dream that she had kindled as a kid on Carida. Perhaps she thought, if she made it out of here without having her head sliced off by a purple lightsaber she would try and see how far she could take things with Sophia. A good thought, but one that had the same probability of working as the Empire making it out of this fight in one piece. “Contact center!” Came Listra’s calm voice, which shook Beth from whatever daydream she was having. The Sith was very much still alive and very much in the center of the trooper’s double line. Her pretty face became a scowl as she finally slapped a new magazine into her Slugthrower’s receiver, and slapping the side toggle, she popped back up from behind her cover, bringing her rifle to bear. It was easy to find the forceless Sith in the direct middle of her men, so she brought the sight to center on his torso. She depressed the trigger as she steadied the rifle against her crate cover, dimly aware of the sharp pain in her left shoulder as she released well aimed triple bursts of high ex slugthrower rounds at the Sith’s center of mass. Her men and women did much the same. Though he was seeming impossibly fast, even without access to the force, the young cathar Sith was now surrounded by the well trained, Templars. The possibility of an errant round shooting over cover to smack into a black helmeted templar was moderate, and the Templars accounted for this, their training dictated their moves. All nine remaining Templars focused their fire on the threat from all angles. A classic and desirable outcome for their training. A Sith or Jedi could not defend himself in the from 360 degree assault from a mix of blaster bolts, flechettes, sonic, and slugthrowers. And as the Templars and their Lieutenant emptied their magazines at the Cathar Sith, they praised the force for the presence of the duel Ysalamir whose bubbles covered the them all in their malevolent embrace. ((3)) ((Really well done man, I look forward to fighting you again next time!))
  11. Disruptor rifles were amazing sniper rifles that were excellent at removing long range targets from the fight, but with such long recharge times measured in five second intervals, they were not suited for close range engagements against opponents with automatic weapons. In the time it took for a single disruptor to recharge, a Templar could magdump thirty rounds downrange at the exposed Sith positions. And though Beth could not tell the Sith’s exact numbers, they were being attacked on two fronts with little or no cover, so the Templars began their deadly work. E-22s sounded their roar of discharged energy as they spat high powered blaster bolts into the Sith troopers and towards the charging Sith himself. Cover was exploding into ash around them and Beth ordered her men to pivot their dual firing lines, moving backwards, continuing to pump Sonics, Flechettes, Blaster bolts, and slugs into the enemy force as the Templars began their slow pivot. “Sithy charging, front line fall back to second cover, concentrate fire on the exposed troopers and the charging Cathar.” Solid copies came through the helmet comms as the front Templar line began to fall back as their cover fell to pieces around them. One unlucky Templar, Lesel Basili, from the red filigree on her back caught a disruptor bolt in the arm and fell screaming as the entire limb disappeared into ash. The loud screams were automatically muted on the helmet comms and Beth felt a pang of sadness for the poor corporal as she vaulted over another stack of rations and pointed the barrel of her rifle at the Sith apprentice with his purple lightsaber. She took a millisecond to steady her aim as he began his vault over the first line of crates and brought his sabre to slice through private Valkin’s hemet. Ending the poor man’s life and driving him into the decking without a sound but the crashing of plastoid armour on durasteel. Corporal Keel, a few meters away with several crates between him and his now dead friend, leveled his E-22 at the Sith’s exposed side. He was conscious to keep his backpack filled with the force eating reptile out of enemy fire as he let loose a dozen red blaster bolts at the Sith. Then along with lance corporal Listra who was beside her on the firing line, Beth depressed the trigger and sent two three round bursts of high ex rounds at the sith apprentice’s center of mass. Where they would explode into shrapnel on impact with the Sith, his lightsabre, or the crates behind him. Listra, with her Ysalamir tucked safely in the backpack slung on her back, fired her flechette rifle as fast as her finger could depress the trigger. Sending hundreds of razor sharp flechettes in a three foot spread at the Sith apprentice. Other Templars, identifying the closest and most deadly target, also turned their weapons on him as disruptor bolts began to fly again. Beth counted ten Templars still alive, and many dozens of regular stormtroopers in the other side of the hanger, engaged in a deadly dance with the invading Sith. It would be one hell of a fight. ((2))
  12. Bethany and her Templars moved in unison towards the sound of the fight, their mag plated boots making a horrendous clattering as they sprinted through the hall. Comms were fierce now and voices were crying out before getting extinguished in cries of static. They were fighting the Sith, and so the Imperials were ready for heavy losses. They had been ordered by the Royal Guard to hold the bastion and join the Imperial Knights in the fighting. It was a last ditch attempt to stop a Sith beachhead that would overwhelm the station and perhaps if they had killed enough of the monsters there would be terms offered. But it would be death for the Templars either way. The Remnant was tossing all of their elite units into the fray now, comm channels were local green for the Grenadiers of Foy, Kildare, and the Imperial Knights as well. All that were missing were the Imperial Guard itself, the Empress, and the Caridian Rangers. The Templars stacked up beside the tertiary entrance to the main hanger and Beth held up her hand, counting down from three. Three The Templars all held weapons in eagre hands, their faces under their modified helmets grim and focused. Beth herself held a Slugthrower rifle, its large bullpup style magazine protruding under her right arm. Loaded with contact explosive ammo, small shaped charges that cavitated enemy armor or in the event of a miss, would explode into shrapnel. She also carried her flight issue E-22, which was slung in its holster on her lower back, and her regular flechette pistol and bayonet on her hips. It would be a tough fight but it was for the Empire. Two That glorious future which was just out of reach for the Empress, for the Empire. This was the last hurrah, the final stand of the Empire, and its soldiers would make it a glorious and bloody affair. While thinking of that great mission, Beth reached up and slapped the access control panel, beginning the movement of the thick doors. One The bunched muscles in Beth’s legs sprang into action as her team burst through the door into the hanger bay in which the battle for the Empire had began. They spread out into a double firing line, establishing themselves behind long rows of plastoid boxes that had been stacked for loading onto some long forgotten shuttle. Nothing explosive luckily, Beth noted as she lay her heavy rifle across a crate maked ‘E4 Rations’ and brought the reflexive sight to bear upon the opening of the landing shuttle. They were on the flank of the enemy and had clear line of site of both the shuttle and the Imperial Knights. As her fellow men and women of the Templars set prepared their weapons, their firing lines firmly enveloped in the double bubbles projected by the Ysalamir. When they saw the form of the Sith Master’s apprentice and the troopers surrounding him they opened fire. Blaster bolts, flechettes, sonic, and high ex slugs ripped through the air from the flank, all headed for the Sith and their troopers. ((1)) ((Modded duel between Camik Rhonik and Beth Andromina))
  13. Imperial sounded in their blaring repetition, the normally stark white halls of the Orbital rings now tinged crimson in battle lighting as Beth Andromina sprinted through them, her black boots n the durasteel flooring making little sound above the din of the battle. She was followed by eleven others in black plastoid armour, their helmets carried in hand. The Templars. An Imperial Fleet Specialist unit, commando trained pilots that were some of the first operators to ground in the event of an infiltration mission. But for now they were making the long jog to their ready room, having been held back in case the Imperial Guard needed assistance to protect the Empress. The political decision rankled them, and they knew they would be more of use in the air but they had their orders. Their twelve TIEs were only a short jog away in the royal hanger anyway, so Beth and her men and women took the next turn into the Royal armoury and began to load themselves with weapons. Two of her strongest men took some of the Latticework Ysalamir and placed them in the armoured backpacks Then they crouched in the corridor towards the empress’s chambers. Beth herself held a heavy flechette launcher while two others stood at a mounted E-web, all within the bubbles of the Ysalamir, waiting for the Sith to arrive. Beth was nervous, and she wiped the sweat from her eyes with a black gloved hand, wishing for the vacuum of space instead of this soon to be coming hellhole.
  14. All across the planet the citizenry were nearly glued to their holoscreens. The news anchors stayed mostly silent as the scenes of absolute terror played behind them, only speaking to point out specific vital details to their eagre and frightened audience. The first scene was of the old capital of Coruscant, now controlled by the Galactic Alliance and the coming doom that threatened it. Thousands of ships fled from every departure angle, carrying the rich and wealthy or vital assets into the relative safety of space. Then there was the Grand Imperial Fleet, representing trillions of credits, hundreds of thousands of lives, the creme of the officer corps, and the Imperial Knights. All doomed to die and with them, the hope of the Empire. Fear radiated on the planet as wives, girlfriends, children, and parents stared intently at the screens, searching for ship names and comparing them against garrison cards and praying that their loved one was not among the five hundred thousand. But in the archives a message arrived for Sophia from a friend. “Hi its Beth. You may have heard but we are trapped here on Kuat and we might not make it out. You know Carida is next right? Please get out of there if you can, perhaps we can meet again and I can buy you a drink. Anyways, may the uh force be with you because another soldier wants to use this terminal. Best of luck!”
  15. As the campaign wrapped up, Beth blinked the salty sweat from her stinging eyes. Atmospheric flying was not her strong suite, but she had gotten hours of experience from this venture. And with a quick glance at the level gauges, drained the TIE Defender of its concussion missile array, most of its fuel reserves, and spun sealed tibanna reserves. Not enough to burn to the fleet. Which with another glance did not seem necessary as the fleet was coming to them. The Imperial Star Destroyers broke atmosphere with grace and the crackling of discharging static off the shield arrays. She watched as the shuttle bays began disgorging relief supply shuttles and troop ships packed with medical crews. The Imperial Fleet was here and had brought with it the Wookiee government in exile.
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