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  1. Not caring at all for royal blood, for she herself was a bastard, Beth stood near the young apprentice as the burly Twi’lek walked away. Beth nodded to the girl. “Solid copy on that Nia. I’ll follow your lead if you ever need a hug or anything. I think we got off on the wrong foot, and that’s my fault.” She jerked her head towards the bazaar, near where the alliance pilots were haggling with the starship dealers. “For now, let's see if we can get you outfitted in flight kit. Are you hungry at all?” She motioned towards the vendor stalls that sold everything from old imperial flightsuits to prepackaged rations, all likely salvaged from downed star destroyers over the decades. They looked cheap enough, and Beth held up a credit chip. "You game Nia?"
  2. Beth and her crew of lanky imperial pilots strode down the ramp, one of the rougher looking ones took point and walked off to talk to a starship dealer. While Beth herself stayed nearby Mjan and his apprentice, who was looking quite a bit shy. Beth wondered if she should address the issue, decided that the nice approach was best and slinging her hood over her short trimmed hair, strode over to the Jedi Apprentice. She tried her best not to sound motherly. “First Hotep there-” She pointed to the rough looking man talking to the trader. “Will track us down some leads on second hand starfighters. There will be some bargaining then they will come to a deal, or we will look for more vendors.” She smiled softly and lowered her voice. “How are you liking it? You look a bit out of your element, is there anything I can do to help? Other than to stop being annoying? ‘Cause I can’t stop being myself.” She considered if there were any good food vendors that could interest the Girl. But Beth found herself at a loss. She never had a normal childhood, what would even help the apprentice?
  3. Beth spoke to her remaining Templars for a few minutes before heading aft to meet again with the two Jedi. She forced herself to play her calm demeanour as she saluted Mjan. “Sir, respectfully, that is why training exists. You overcome emotions by force of habit and maneuver. I saw many friends die in the last few months and you cannot let that deter you from the mission at hand. It hurts, a lot. But it is better to have friends and lovers and loose them, then to never have had them at all.” She grinned a sloppy lopsided grin. “Sorry I was rude and direct back there.” THe hyperspace alert sounded for their arrival at Ord Mantell. “But spast to your unemotional lack of attachment. It ain’t healthy for anyone.”
  4. Beth’s voice dropped to a low and very dangerous tone. The other pilots and their voices hushed in response, most eyes tearing away from looking over equipment and bunks to stare straight at the trio. The jedi apprentice, knight, and imperial Lieutenant who if this had been a holofilm would have been flushed dark red with rage. “Lack of attachments in a fighter squadron? Perhaps it's that lack of attachments that led your people to kill a billion of mine on Kuat eh? That separation from reality that led your people to stand bye as we fought all alone. I have never in my life heard such Boshtet” Her eyes flashed wide as she realized her outburst and she stepped back shaking her head. Beth was in no way masking her mind as they had been taught in the special forces training, if the Jedi could feel anything in the force, the vision of watching rings full of billions crash and burn over Kuat through the eyes of a child would be playing brighter than a neon holograph. Parents, brother, everyone. Dead. She had been forced into the life of an orphan at the hands of some Jedi General she never knew. The rage boiled off her and flashed away, leaving behind an empty pit of sucking void. She simply blinked and laughed to shunt away the horrible pain that was burning away at the back of her mind. Trying her best to shake off that horrid feeling of hopelessness that had come over her at that outburst. She blinked rapidly and spat out a stream of apologies before her voice became steady, “I apologize for that outburst, you are on our side. I know this. I appreciate you being here.” Her shoulders slumped. “Just know that when we are on the ground, or in a mission, segregation isn't possible and we should be training to the environment we will be in.” She turned to Nia and nodded, the pain beginning to cut through her usually strict and calloused demeanor, which had been very obvious at her outburst. "I'm sorry, this is no way for me to introduce myself. You didn't deserve that. I am Bethany Cour de'Andromina, of the minor Kuati royal house of Adromina. I was raised in Moff Hohenlohe's service, after my family was destroyed on the rings of Kuat." She saluted the Jedi Knight as he walked off aforedecks. Calling out another apology. Before she sat down next to Nia and put her head in her hands. Feeling the caress of her leather gloves, cool her burning blushed face. "I'm Sorry." She sighed again and wiped at the edges of her eyes. “You can’t think that way about your squadmates. You can’t just not care. You don’t go and kriff them mind you, but you don’t just say that. Not when there are people that look up to you, and depend on you.” She looked back up at the fragile looking girl, then back at her own gloved hands. She made a disgusted sound and pulled her gloves off, and ran her fingers through her short cropped hair. “I don’t know what you were expecting here, but probably not that eh? This is a military operation, we can't just go and do our own thing on a military, op.”
  5. Beth was shocked, and it marked across her face with a flash. “Wait you guys segregate your quarters?” For ever since the time of Emperor Blacks reforms, the Imperial military held no distinction. Believing that any kind of barrier between their crews would adversely affect them, forming faction and getting in the way of unity in squadrons. A look of disgust stretched across her pretty face. “How are you supposed to get to know one another and work as a tandem unit? Mealtimes? Surely lieutenant, privacy is something that the Jedi reject as well?” Her eyes actually showed real concern as they boarded the Maelstrom. “It’s not like we have orgies or something you Rebel. And any impropriety is very strictly punished.” She looked to Nia and shook her head. “If you wanted privacy, the military is the last place you should have come. I am afraid private cabins are something of the past. No one gets special treatment here. When we get to station we will be divided into squadrons and of course separate bunks, but I think especially on an operation like this segregation of any type should not be allowed.” But the rebel corvette was divided much like the Red faced Jedi had said. Two wide segregated bunk rooms. Causing Beth to pout. She tossed her baggage on the bunk near Nia’s as the ship launched into the trailing lines of hyperspace. "Tell me about yourself little Jedi." ((Post in space boys))
  6. Beth clapped both Nia and the Sithari on the back as the briefing ended. Never in her short life was she so happy to have a Jedi along for the adventure than she was right then. Her imperial brain wished they had one of the special operations Imperial Knights along for the ride, but this jedi would certainly do the job. If perhaps with less fervour than one of those sworn to the imperial crown might have. Those men in red certainly had a knack for killing Sithies. Beth took a conspiratorial tone. “So what do you think? We gonna all fly old Z-95s? That’d suit the rebellion eh?” She looked over towards the viewport into the hanger, where the sleek set of TIE defenders were having their red striping removed to be placed back into routine service. “Spast i’m gunna miss that thing.” She let out a long sigh as they walked towards the Corvette. “Do you guys want to bunk together?”
  7. Beth let a blush crawl up her tired face and a pang of guilt for making fun of the Jedi stung her at the same time. She took the pike stave and gave it a lookover before returning it to the red faced man. “I have a feeling that we will all be flying X-Wings before the game is up. The GA and the Jedi lost a lot of good people over Onderon, I am so sorry.” It was with that line that Beth could feel the reason for this rebel alliance finally strike a spark. Both sides had suffered horribly at the hands of the New Sith Empire. And now it was up to the survivors to make a last effort. She spoke again, extending her hand again to the Sithari Jedi Knight. “I look forward to flying beside you. It's inevitable that the Starfighter commands get conjoined into one, so who knows, maybe X-caliber and Templar might fly together someday.” She looked at the Kel Dor her eyebrows raising. “If you are looking for the bright blond headed girl, she is probably with the imperial knights on floor seven like she usually is. But I haven’t seen her today.” A message popped up on the datapad attached to her belt and the vibrations caused Beth to glance at it absentmindedly. There was a call for Templars to head to briefing room one.
  8. Beth let the smile drip off her face like hot caf as the watched a Rebe- Galactic Alliance officer head their way, carrying of all things a pike staff. She nodded her thanks to the two Jedi and saluted the incoming alliance pilot before extending her non injured hand in greeting. Her imperial flight suit would tell this red faced man all he would need about her combat experience. The Imperials had been fighting the Sith since before the Galactic Alliance had gotten its lazy ass in gear. She did not care the slightest what species he was, even though he seemed ashamed. “Beth Andromina, Templar squadron commander, formerly of Carida, then Kuat, then here. Sith eh? A good one looks like it. Seems like everyone but myself is a jedi around here, but you are on safe ground. Not need to haul a vibropike around. Might scare the non commissioned officers into shooting someone.” Her laugh was kind, though very tired. “X-Caliber squadron? Never heard of it, from the name I assume you fly X-wings?” It was a friendly jab that only pilots would make to each other, though it might come off hostile to the younger jedi.
  9. Beth looked dully at the rag held by the Kel Dor jedi and frowned. It didn't look particularly dirty but she was not going to go and shove it in her mouth anyway. So she instead bit down on the corner of her flight jacket until she could taste the duraloid impregnated fibers like a bitter malaise on her tongue. She looked a the ‘not jedi’ jedi and smiled softly through the pain. She spat out the mouthful of flightsuit and looked at him with a weary expression. “I hunt Sith because they have killed everyone I have ever loved and cared for. Kuat, Cardia, Dark Sun.” She shrugged and flexed her healing arm. “Those are only the latest in a campaign of terror that stretches back beyond memory for those of us on the front lines. I have been in the fight since i was five, when chaos and death came to my homeworld in the form of a Sith Lord. My parents were killed in the hailstorm of fire, and I was left an orphan, it's a common enough story.” She flexed again and smiled, “Will eight hours of rest do the trick master jedi?”
  10. Beth let her smile slide off her face like ice on a griddle. The open air was starting to penetrate the exposed wound and was prickling at the bone underneath. Causing flashes of pain that felt like thin knives getting drawn up the length of her bones. She shuddered and sat down beside the two of them, feeling a little light headed. She sighed and lowered her head, taking the whole scene in with shallow breaths. “Exactly, i’m trying to avoid the bacta tank, can’t let them take me off the flight line. Not when there are Sith to blow up.” She looked at the non jedi, jedi and shrugged softly, her flightsuit rustling. “You will do your best no doubt I-” Then she groaned from the pain, biting onto her lower lip until it bled. “Gods this hurts.”
  11. Beth slid the glove from her hand reflexively and she looked at the red and cracked skin near the seals of her EV suit. The lacerating viewport of the TIE defender had left her in dire straights for the two hours it had taken to pick her up after the battle had concluded. Some tie down tape had saved her life, but significant layers of skin and muscle sinew had burned first in the explosion then had been thoroughly iced over in the vacuum of space. Her bright yellow eyes caught sight a few jedi (@Nia Doarr and @karyu128) in robes and she hurried over, pulling off her TIE pilot helmet and shaking out her short hair that was soaked in sweat. She looked at the two apprentices as she neared, her eyes taking in their youth as she spoke. Her high kuati accent betraying her heritage more than the nameplate on her breast with ‘Lt de'Andromina’ emblazoned on it with imperial Templar red ever did. . “You guys are jedi right? Look, i cannot afford to be taken off the flight line and if they see these burns I am one hundred percent going to be put in bacta for a month.” She leaned forward conspiratorially, “I will do anything for a bit of Jedi Magic to help these wounds.” She grimaced, “I will give you my entire damn paycheck if that’s what it takes. Seriously.” Her voice lowered again. “Please.”
  12. Commander Sanderson looked at the now piling up Jedi recruits for his boarding operations. His glare came to focus on the Kel-Dor and he rolled his eyes. But there was no time to pedantics, or even time to troll the poor little jedi that were about to be fed into the all consuming maw of battle. So he raised his voice so that the bridge crew and the rest of his officers could hear him. “We will be going in the second wave, after the initial starfighter clash we will be boarding Gamma Class assault shuttles in the shuttle bay. We will then go en masse to the Imperial Star Destroyers owned by the damned Black Sun, board them. Then seize or destroy the ships. Is that clear little Jedi? All of you will be with me in shuttle 349. You are not to disobey my orders or run off ‘cause the force told me so!’ Do I make myself clear? ” The Templars began their slow burn towards the Enemy ships as every ship in the fleet began to disgorge their fighter wings with gusto
  13. Beth cocked her head to the side and triggered the line cable comm to Slaughter’s console. Being piped along the fuel lines from the communications and munitions hookup at the bottom of the TIE Defender, it could not be intercepted. At least until the fighter broke from its docking location and ejected the fuel and power transmission line. “Acknowledged Steadfast Actual. Templars beginning flight pattern.” She flipped the communications to shortband with a flick of a switch and nodded to the flight deck controller who waved his glowrod. Deck crew got behind cover stations, and the TIE fighter squadron shot from the hanger into the cold depths of space. They would be flying recon until the engagement. Beth smiled as she watched the black painted Star Destroyer Misericordia emerge from hyperspace alongside the Galactic Alliance fleet. Standing in stark contrast to the rest of the fleet. The last imperial capital ship that had survived Kuat. This would be a fight to remember.
  14. Commander Sanderson’s eyes flickered to the approaching Jedi and he raised his hand to silence his subordinates. He appraised her swiftly, deeming that she might be of some use since she had obviously had quite significant military experience from the scars and prothstetics she had all over her body. “Jedi Knight, are you here to take part in the hand to hand fighting of the boarding parties or are you here to get a report for our gracious teenage commander Knight Sarna?” He treated her respectfully but with an air of imperial supremacy, that put any question of subservience far out of mind.
  15. The Imperial special operations pilots ran briskly from their cockpits, each holding a small luggage bag with civvie clothes. But for now they were all dressed immaculately in the Imperial Remnant white dress uniform, with the red bloodstripes and shoulder boards of the special operations unit. Led by their lieutenant, they crisply saluted the deck officer in charge of the flight deck and marched into the turbolift. Which carried them to the bridge, upon exiting the lift, Beth and her crew saluted the Admiral of the Fleet. Their eyes looking from the wolflike companion and the admiral himself. The fact that the 12 person team was entirely human was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb. But Raven's adjustment's to recruitment hadn't filtered up to the elite forces yet. So you could say the remnant was trying to get better. “Imperial Templars reporting for action sir, where will you have us?”
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