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  1. "I can fight the Sith, I can do it, but I am so lonely, Everyone I cared for is with you now. In that space beyond us." Her voice faltered as she choked back a vicious sob, every breath a spawning a violent coughing spree that misted pink blood onto her already blood covered bare knees. "You said I should wait for you. And I did..." She sobbed again, whatever shields had kept her regal appearance in check for the interrogation fully broken now as her heart searched the force that spun around her in a cyclone of anger, remorse, and sorrow. "I know I need to press on, but I- -I am afraid to Kirlocca."
  2. Pale hands freckled with bright crimson blood closed tightly against their restraints. The pain that ricochet through her legs from the skinning pulsed with every beat of her heart. Her amethyst eyes looked up to meet the pale blue eyes of the once Jedi Grandmaster. She moved her head to meet his touch, imagining for a moment the comfort that touch would have brought. Tears came then again, leaving crimson stains in their wake. “I have lost everything. Everyone. I can't even use the damn force, I failed there too.” Her voice was a sob, wracked by every breath she tried to take. Her eyes were wide. “I want to die. Why can’t I die?” Her eyes stared back at his.
  3. Raven sat still bleeding, in and out of consciousness, drifting from one world to another. He voice was tired, soft, and echoed in the empty prison. As blood dripped like water from ice down the chair to which she was tied. "Kirlocca, are you there?" She knew there was no answer, but she yearned for anyone. For anything.
  4. Raven slammed back into the chair, her back feeling like it was on fire and she could not breath, but painfully weezed, wishing she had free hands to hold to her smarting chest. THe pointed heel of the boot had pierced and cracked a rib right below her left breast, and though it was slow, the blood still stained her undertunic, but the patch of crimson on the fabric did not spread far. When the Empress had recovered her breath enough to be able to look back up, the woman of the black sun was gone, and in her stead was the astromech. And evil looking astromech if she had ever seen one. Red glowing orbitals, likely of Sith design. Oh how she hated the sith in that moment. The sith and their rabid dog of a criminal organization. The Empress gritted her teeth and set her face into an opaque mask of calm grace. She had been tortured before in the halls of the Sith under Cathlye, but she knew she could only keep that up for so long, so she focused her gaze on the unseeing crimson photoreceptors and smiled as the circular saw spun to life. Metal bit into the skin on her knee, burrowing up through the skin tight armour mesh and tearing it away. The Droid was precise as he traced it up to the top of her outside thigh, curling up skin like the peel of a fruit. Revealing nerves, muscles, and adipose flesh until the saw ground into the bone of her hip. It was then that the shaking started, as blood pooled and the droid started again, this time from the knee down. Her mask began to fail as tears welled up unbidden at the corners of her eyes. 'Why are you doing this?" She gritted out as the saw continued to peel away her flesh.
  5. Raven forced her shoulders to shrug, the muscles twitching painfully and she let a half smile fall listfully over her lips. There were of course a myriad of insults to toss at the woman, but none that would stick to a woman such as her. They type of woman that got to the top of a criminal organization like the Black Sun had to be made of durasteel and teflon. Not to mention be capable of sleeping her way to the top, which the thought of made Raven’s eyes narrow. She hated the woman for that, for being able to go through that kind of life so easily. To dispense love and credits as she desired. Raven closed her eyes and forced a sigh. Love was a bitter thing for her, for anyone that she had loved had been lost. Cadio in his bright uniform with an easy laugh and wide heart. Now long dead, killed in the reformation wars that formed the Galactic Alliance. Kirlocca with the stern and stoic outside, but a heart that felt and loved. His warm embrace, it all flew by her as if at hyper speed. Good memories now gone. And now here she was, the last of the old imperials that had fought against the Rebellion a bitter mid twenties woman who had lost her crown to the Sith and their criminal pets. “If you deign to conquer the outer rim when the Core worlds with its wealth of business, slaves, and resources with open before you then you are more of a fool than I. As for information, I have none, and I know that no matter what I speak I will be send before the Emperor none the less. For pets you are and pets you remain. Now kill me or sell me, I care not.” Her voice was braver than she felt, but she kept the sloppy smile on her lips and stared with purple eyes up at the leader of the Black Sun. Defiant to the end.
  6. The growl of Raven attempting to speak against the gag was cut off as it was removed from her mouth. The woman in front of her was pretty in her own way, but the glint of criminality reflected off her every feature. Designed, made, corrupted. Evil. It made Raven sick to be in the captivity of one such as her but fate had its own designs. Her voice was soft, but carried with it a steely resolve that came from the years of service within the Sith and the Empire. “You are but pets of the Sith and nothing I say will stop you from handing me over when the Master calls. So..” She spat a mouthful of blood to cover the woman’s chest. “Do your worst.”
  7. Breathing turned to coughing, which turned to a trail of blood dripping down her chin to splat onto the grey uniform the Empress wore under her armour. She cursed her captors though she could not currently speak due the gag that filled her mouth. Where am I?
  8. Chalcedon grimaced, as the news of the first few evac shuttles landing was played over loudspeakers and the din of it echoed through the hall. He looked at the young girl and waved his hand dismissively. Indicating that she should not feel distracted by his own distraction, though believing an explanation was necessary, he finally spoke. “This order is sworn to serve the Imperial Remnant and its Empress. You can feel the sickening dread filtering throughout the moon no?” For there was darkness that was drifting in like wind through an open window. The smell of fear was rank on those refugees that had escaped the slaughter of Kuat, and its stench came even through the white halls of the Imperial Mission. Driving joy before it like game to the slaughter. “That fear.” He tapped the side of his head with a gloved finger, “Comes from the loss which you can see on the viewscreens. Our holding in the core have been obliterated, and millions have died at the hands of the Sith. I am afraid that the Galactic Alliance, to which the Jedi order is sworn to will fall with the core. I fear for my brothers and my sisters, but I fear most for our Empress, who now lies captured among our enemies.” He looked the girl in the eyes. “What do you truly fear little one? For we should always strive to confront fear where it rears its ugly head.” ________________
  9. Raven and the guards fired several rounds into the room where the Assassin should have been running out of but when no Black Sun affiliated people came flying out of the room with blasters bared they ceased their fire. The hiss of the jets of clingfoam could be heard in the silence but nothing from the Assassin herself. The Guards of the Empress knew their duty and since the flushing tactic had not worked, the creme of the Imperial army went on the offensive. The two sides of the chevron collapsed into two stacks of three that rushed the doorway with the Empress in the rightmost column, placed between Lieutenant Kavindrennos and Corporal Tenerfis a blond woman in her mid twenties whose hairstyle resembled Ravens. Tied back neatly to tuck into their discarded helmets. Raven had enough time to take a single breath that burned with ozone as the three stormtroopers ahead of her stormed into the room, Raven’s group stacking up beside the entry way in case the Imperial troopers needed any assistance in cleaning up a trapped and encased assassin. However unlikely as that was, Raven was still ready to charge in with blaster spitting fire. The advance stormtroopers were however, stopped by the glop foam that had covered half the room, with no sign of the erstwhile assassin. “Negative Contact.” When the cold clear voice of the stormtrooper echoed back to Raven, she wrinkled her nose in disgust, crouched by the entryway behind Corporal Tenerfis. How could she have escaped so easily? The men in the room, having fanned out, froze in place, their eyes searching the foam for any sign of the woman. Eyes that were used to seeing through the HUDs of stormtrooper helmets, scanned for footprints and upon finding none began to glance up. It was then that the small shockball sized metal ball hit the side of the ventilation shaft at the same time that Raven heard a scuffle from the ceiling above. She brought her rifle up, making a clicking sound in her mouth by forcing air out of her mouth along her teeth and gums. Scanning for a possible threat from above. The three troopers alongside her Instantly followed their empress’s rifle and began to fan out, their backs to the wall of the doorway. Raven could feel her heartbeat pounding in her ears as she knelt in the room, her blaster rifle finally settling at the grating of a ventilation shaft as the source of the noise. It scared her, something dropping out of that shaft with murderous intent. It had been too long since she had fought over Coruscant, and too long since she had fought beside Aira against Piccolo. She was well practised but practise didn't make up for real life encounters of war and battle. And the nerves grafted into her bionic arm which had been affected by the earlier grenade were beginning to scream in protest as she moved the arm to steady her blaster rifle against her shoulder. Then her eardrums were assaulted with the squeal of a sonic grenade going off and her eyes watered with the pain. It had been thankfully muffled by being in the different room out of direct earshot as well as from falling into a sea of sticky foam from the glop grenade which acted as a sound dampener, absorbing the waves of sound. She blinked the tears away having to physically restrain herself from covering her ears with her hands. Loud and annoying noises were nothing new to the Imperials in the room. The three troopers in the same room as the sonic grenade did not fare too well however and were taken out of action as their eardrums burst, causing them to vomit. Raven looked back at the grating as it was forced outwards and like a demon the assassin emerged. Raven and the two stromtroopers beside her depressed their triggers at the woman letting crimson bolts streak like arrows at the falling woman, if it had been a trap it was now working for both sides equally. Raven trusted her aim even as Tenerfis’ body jumped like a crazed marionette from a high powered round. The Empire would not fall like this, it would not die with a whimper like Black’s reign, or with a sob like Detons. It would die an honourable death in battle, not to some assassins bolt. ((3)) ((Thanks man loved it))
  10. The entire Imperial Fleet except for the Misericordia have been destroyed over Kuat and Coruscant
  11. The woman was a master of dodging attacks and her lithe body made her agile enough to move easily from the doorway to attack at one of the close guards. With a flick of her knife the guard’s trachea was interposed by jittering durasteel and Raven let loose a storm of curses and continued to fire away with the dual barrelled E-22 as the woman began to again move out of the doorway back to cover. The comms in her head were momentarily overcome by the gurgling death of Janisar, the trooper that the woman had stabbed, before the comms were cut by his helmet’s sensor systems. Raven herself knelt beside one of her Guards as she scanned the smoke thick room for any signs of movement by the Assassin. By her count she had something like six guards left alive, and they were all busy jabbering to each other about escape routes as they panned the doorway hiding the assassin with their blaster rifles. The cryoban grenade seemed to have little effect so raven took the moment to toss another grenade from her belt. First arming it with a push of her thumb as she kept the other hand filled with her blaster rifle She set it with a three second delay with a pivot of her depressed thumb on the cylindrical device and then underhand tossed it through the open doorway. It was a flushing technique, and one the glop grenade she had just tossed into the room was particularly good at. If the assassin came running to escape the sticky foam, she would be gunned down with impunity. Then the electronic storm of an electromagnetic pulse grenade hit the room. While not capable of shutting down the simple systems of a blaster rifle, the grenade could completely destroy the systems inside a helmet. Electric arcs filled the room as the grenade pulsed out its EMP load in a massive blast of static discharge. The bodies that littered the floor started to spasm as the holes in their armour gave the electricity easy entry to the vulnerable flesh underneath, causing the tendons and muscles to move on their own accord. Making the bodies writhe like they were still alive and cooking inside their armour. Comms instantly died with a hysterical whine in Raven’s ear and she cursed into the stilled helmet’s rebreather. With her free hand she pulled off her helmet, which though it gave her lungs a bit of the smoky air, gave her to chance to see clearly in the room as she struggled to clear her eyes with blinking. She cursed at the whirring servos on her mechanical arm as it struggled to adjust to the recent elecromagnetic pulse. It held her helmet easily enough but it was sluggish. She was down the dexterity on that arm until the internal systems decided it was a good idea to work again. Probably a little less than a minute before the hand would be fully functional again. Keeping her blaster trained on the doorway with one hand, Raven listened for her men and the grenade she had thrown, her purple eyes searching for the assassin as her men began to sound off as they pulled off their own helmets. “One six mobile. Where is One One?” Her callsign, so she called out a response as she heard the glop grenade go off with a pop hiss. “One One here. Covering fire, now!” It was a command, and the Imperial Guard followed their empress as they began to place rounds through the open doorway where the Assassin was hiding as they maneuvered themselves to cover their Empress. Spreading themselves in a reverse chevron towards the door. ((2))
  12. Chalcedon’s kind face melted into a soft smile of comfort as the imperial squire struggled. When she returned from her journey his kind face was smiling encouragingly. He extended his hands towards her to steady her from the swaying and extended a cup of hot chocolate drink that another squire had brought at his beckoning. When she had drinken fully and some pallour had returned to her gaunt face, he gestured for her to sit beside him on the bench. “What did you feel little one? What so frightened you?” His voice only came softly and without contrition. He was not criticising her, that would come in time. Years perhaps, when she was ready to begin the later part of her training. His eyes flitted to holoscreens that showed an imperial star destroyer on fire over Kuat. And he swallowed his own spike of fear that cropped up in his mind. ________________
  13. The Remnant was fighting for their lives on the rings of KDY and every trooper, civilian, and dockworker knew it. While imperial ISB agents worked on booting the Black Sun from the station’s computer network, imperial troops and civilian employees busied themselves with the repulsion of the multiple landing breaches that were busy being flooded by enemy troops. One such group of troopers, the Malphasians, also called the 223rd infantry regiment which was attached to the Empress’s 1st division, made their way to the mess hall which had been breached by troops under the command of Borsk. All of the Malphasians wore mite armour trimmed with green and carried a mix of heavy weapons. Upon seeing Borsk and his men they laid down a heavy wave of blaster fire. _______________________________ Raven walked beside her men, the E-22 rifle’s black stock snug against her shoulder as they moved, her hands ready to bring the rifle up for a snap shot against anyone who might attempt an attack. Ten men behind her, ten in front, fully armoured, fully armed and nervous. Captain Mael walked beside her, his arm outstretched to show the holo display that was grafted onto his armour. In the swirl of action in the hologram, Raven could see the fleet fight and the enemy beachheads they had made into the station interior. Templars, Knights, Malphasian Riflemen, Caridian Rangers, all deployed into the thick of the fighting. Casualties were becoming enormous as red lines swept through stacks of unit cards on the display as soldier after soldier’s vitals registered a spike then nothing. The computer automatically discarding them as deceased. Raven scowled under helmet and began to shout an order when in front of them the forward guard cried out a warning. “Contact Front!” A massive droid was in the doorway and Captain Mael pushed Raven to the side as he and his men released a wave of energy, sonics, and high ex slugs into the droid. He fell and as the front line backpedeled a good half of them were engulfed in a massive explosion that knocked the air out of the lungs of the young Empress and tossed her back into a crouch. Five guardsmen were flash cooked to death in their fine armour as the rest of the guard picked themselves up from the floor. Raven looked up as she picked her discarded blaster as Mael moved towards her to help her up and she caught the eyes of a startlingly attractive woman who was leveling a blaster at her from the open and slagged doorway. Kriff Raven swore as she pushed herself to move the same time her captain did. He threw his body in front of his empress and died a hero, the crimson bolts of the assassin’s blaster superheating his inner chest and killing him nearly instantly as he covered the empress with his body. Raven screamed in a mix of terror and rage as she snatched up her blaster and from a kneeling crouch let loose a stream of well placed shots back at the woman. Raven’s heart was pounding as she depressed the trigger, kneeling in the ruin of her friend and captain, as the rest of her fourteen men stirred and began to return fire back at the Queen of Vice. After finishing a burst of shots, Raven forced herself to move, crouching behind one of the many doorways in the hallway, her purple eyes searching for the assassin through the thick smoke. While keeping her blaster on target, supported by the doorway, she reached behind her to pluck up a grenade from her armoured lower back it was the cylindrical cryoban grenade which she knocked the protective top off of and slammed the arming mechanism into the plastoid of her thighplate. The arming mechanism triggered its three second countdown from the impact and Raven threw it into the doorway where the Assassin had been. Her men began to spread out in the hallway, taking up firing positions as they did so, the one trooper with the red markings of a Medic, crouching beside the Guard Captain and furiously shaking his head in disgust. It was already a costly fight. ((1))
  14. “Admiral, they are preparing to engage us!” The TAC officer screamed this data and the top peak of his voice, fear permeating the bridge as the rest of the officers began to recall fighters, and bring shields to full. Ut it was far too little, too late. The swarming Mandalorian Basilisks were far too much for the gunnery teams to track in such short notice and though they were able to knock a few of the predatory fighters from the sky they were quickly overwhelmed. The Eventuality of Justice itself did not fare much better. Once the crown jewel of the Imperial Fleet, and likely the only surviving ship of its class after the battle of Kuat, the ship foundered under the combined arms of the mandalorian armada. The railguns of the mighty fleet blew through shields and armament emplacements like a hot knife through bantha butter. Admiral Jessica Kalistrinka sat in concentration as she studied the holoboard. It was far too much, far too fast, and as such they would need to make a fighting retreat to the Galactic Alliance positions three escape lanes away. She punched in an authorization code and her pretty face appeared before the Galactic Alliance Admiral Slaughter in grey-blue holographic form. “Admiral, we are beginning a fighting withdrawal to your position at mark two-two-” She would have finished her request for assistance had a lucky railgun round not blown through the front viewscreen and ended the life of the Admiral, the bridgecrew, and the chances of the imperial expeditionary fleet’s survival. She lurched forward in the hologramme and was replaced by static as a gout of fire erupted out of the nose section of the Eventuality of Justice. A few thunderous rounds later and the superstructure of the assault cruiser cracked, spitting life and fire into the void of space before rupturing into a massive ball of fire and unexpended ordinance. The Lancer Frigate, caught in the massive explosion, along with some two dozen smaller civilian ships died in the same manner. But two flights of TIE Defenders did make it out, and roared to meet up with their Galactic Alliance brethren in hopes of pushing off the crusade. _______________________________________
  15. Alarms blared loudly in the hallways of the Kuat Drive Yard’s orbital rings. These were alarms that brought dark memories flooding back to the mind of the Empress. Dark memories from battles a decade ago, of fighting for her life against the Jedi and the New Republic. Fighting for a wicked emperor that cared not for his people but instead served the Sith in their lust for power and war. So many good soldiers had died then in those brutal and useless wars, but here they were. Now. And no matter the good intentions, the idea of a right and good empire that would never again fight for the Sith, here the Empire and all of its spirit would die. The officer corps, the crème of the Imperial Military, would likely all perish here as with what remained of the Moff council. If they died here, when they died here, the Empire would be finished. And the last Empress would have brought all this death, all this destruction to the Remnant with nothing to show for it. Nothing to show for it except the blood of her people. The comms were filled with it already, and though Raven was not yet wearing her helmet, she could hear the comm reverberation coming from her bodyguard’s helmets. As they walked together towards the inferno, Raven adjusted the circlet of black iron that sat on her head. It was simple, but it marked her as the Empress and had been given to her from the Moff Council. She had not deigned to wear it on Coruscant, but now, when everything was falling about her, she would wear it till the bitter end. Once the crown was on, then came her helmet, black as carbon which sealed securely to her armourweave. She wore the black plastoid of a deathtrooper, and all around her were her guard in black armour but without the purple insignia on their breastplate. The insignia that Raven wore was the imperial crest of a darkened purple, and she wore it proudly as the Empress and her guards jogged towards the Sith and Black Sun beachhead. Raven carried the weapons she had used when she had trained as a boarding marine under Deton. A highrate fire blaster rifle, in this case the E-22, a folded force pike, which was hanging beside her lightsaber, a set of grenades in pouches at her belt, and her duel DL-44s. The grenades were frag, cryoban, and glop. While her guard carried much the same loadout, except for switching the main weapons for a variety of rotary canons, grenade launchers, flechette rifles, slugthrowers, and heavy blaster rifles in the case that they ran headlong into the Sith. But for now, Raven and her twenty men continued on, getting closer to the boarding parties, with weapons at the ready.
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