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  1. For the unsheathed, the winds and sands of Tatooine were a harsh welcome, especially on that of a speeder. But for those who had lived and adapted to such a place from birth, it was as simple as riding through the rain, exhilarant and thrilling, a welcomed enjoyment as the kicked up sand pelleted their forms softly through the fabric of their garments and the wind soared through the intertwined threads and cooled their heated skin. This was one of the reasons Tusker welcomed technology whole heartedly, embracing the bad as much as the good. When they pulled into town, their first and only stop was the Black Sun outpost, her men quickly in tow. "You can't beat the thrill of it though." She replied in jest, reaching around to pat Rru upon the back as she walked around to him and led him toward the innards of the small duplexed outpost, her men returning as they walked inside. Above their heads upon the second floor was her Office, mainly filled with computers and holovid feeds meant to keep her in touch with the other outposts here and abroad, as well as the higher ups. Below them was the storage area, filled mostly with necessities, armaments, and 'acquired' goods like those they received from the farm where she found Rru. and here, upon the main level, was mostly rooms where shifts were taking for sleep, a co-ed refresher, and a small kitchen; basic amenities. "Welcome to my home, the gateway to the skies." With that, she began to access the computer terminals, researching this Rose that Rru was so enthralled by.
  2. Tusker chuckled as he spoke, pulling him up on the first step with her hand before leading him out. When he gaze fell upon the sun lit sands, she smiled beneath her garments, realizing that for the first time since her orphanage, she was among at least one of her people, even if he was of another tribe. No matter though, for she would see him and her forge their own tribe of outcasts and heretics if he would choose to walk such a path with her. Shifting her gaze, despite the reality of his own plight could have been and was at one time her own, chuckled at his hesitation. The transition for her had been an easier one, a Tusken child hidden among farmers and miners behind masks that were a commonality for Tatooine, few memories of her life before and vague. But for him, his own life having been a polar opposite,and now being thrust into a whole new truth. She chuckled not because she found it funny or ironic, but because of the road ahead for him likely laid with pain and sorrow, and it was moments like this were the subtle joy of humor would last through the darkened ones. Climbing aboard the speeder, Tu'can'ra turned to him as he spoke, the others slightly fearful as they loaded their own with what valuables they could muster, the poor sods that fell victim to Rru no longer having need for them, including some of the droids he had taken out. That, and it would be a shame to let the Jawas have it all. "You will find that we differ very little from one another, all of us simply trying to survive." She spoke with a hidden smile as she pulled back on the throttle fully, taking Rru on one hell of a ride, passing farms and mines that laid outside the small outpost they were heading to. "These were the ones who raised me, so I know them well. Hopefully you will come to know them as I have, if only you look past the differences of days past." With a chuckle, she shifted gears and hit near sonic speeds as her gaze fell upon him, hoping she wasn't scaring him half to death. After all, Technology did have its advantages, and sometimes, it was even fun.
  3. Tu'can'ra could only smile with understanding as he spoke, evidential tears flowing from her eyes when he questioned her childhood even though the smile remained. Unlike him, she did not get to grow up around her people, a mere child of barely three when her mother spared her the fate of their tribe. So in a way, he got to know the stories better than she could ever hope for. "I can understand that." She spoke finally after a momentary pause upon his conclusion, her mind drifted upon what would have had been if she had lived the life that he had. Yet, the only life she knew was the one she had lived, and it made the stars, and even Tatooine, seem so small and insignificant compared to the Galaxy around them and that war that rage on even if Tatooine had always remained her heart. "Though Tatooine may be my home, my heart, it is but a grain of sand of the larger dune and the farmers and travelers who visit it no more than Bantas to the real enemies that infest it." She began grabbing her gear, wrapping her face once again as she began to turn toward the stairs, offering for him to follow. But as she placed her boot upon the first step, she turned to him with a warning. "Here, on Tattoine, it is simple for us. Offworlders are the enemy and Tatooine is all we know. But out there, in the sky amongst the stars, Tatooine is but a dot on a dark blanket formed by the shadows of demons, and we are the offworlders." Extending her gloved hand, she wanted to make sure he was ready for make his wish a reality, no matter how cursed it may be.
  4. She chuckled coyfully as he spoke, finding humor in his ways of speech and the riddled ways of her own past life and knowing what truly existed beyond the veil that their people blindly hid behind. Her green eyes gazed at him, the few features that differed between them being what separated them in looks. "The oppressors of our ancestors have long died out, our fear being the only thing that truly holds us back now." She moved away, finding a box to sit down upon as she tried to find the words to speak to him that would help him understand what she meant, what he truly could not imagine and yet was the true reality that she had saw with her own eyes as a member of Black Sun. "Perhaps they feared others like them, maybe that is why we live so primitive. I cannot say with truth. But I have seen worlds that our ancestors would cherish. I have walked on worlds that we would fear without reason, where our ancestors would have thrived and not hide away." "There is so much you do not know, so much that you cannot even imagine, above, Rruror’rur’rr. And I would gladly take you on my ship." Tu'can'ra spoke with sentiment, her happiness in meeting another like her being the only payment she would require. But she was curious of what laid beneath his own garbed mask. "All you have to do is show me the real you, beneath your mask. If you truly wish to embrace the skies, then forsake your past and become one with me and my clan. Though we do not show ourselves to them, we must know each other in the sense of our tribes, the past that separates us from them." Her facial expressions grew serious for a moment, a request not taken lightly, a call for respect to their true ancestors. "Can you do this?"
  5. As he spoke, Tu'can'ra began to understand him more, understand his reasons and reactions, and listened to his tale. It was common knowledge and something that all Tusken knew, that stories could be told without a single word, movements of the body and expressions telling more than words ever could. And for Tusker, this had been a solemn truth for her as she grew. So as he spoke, she watched him and learned him, even as he leaned over and pleaded with her. "Leave us." Tusker commanded, her men looking at her inquisitively as her gaze met theirs from beneath her robes. A moment of silence passed and they departed, leaving only she and him alone. Her gaze shifted back to him as her hands motioned toward the garb that draped over her hand, Tu'can'ra unraveling the veil that hid her true Tusken face for so many years now. As she allowed him to gaze upon her face, she smiled and spoke, a harsh truth coming from her lips. "We are only bound to this planet by fear and old wounds. But I sense you know this as much as I do." Her eyes stared into his beneath his own faceless mask, almost as if piercing the veil he hid behind. He may not look like she, his own heritage different from her own. But his heart was Tusken and that was all that mattered to her. "I have walked among worlds that looked like the world of the Ancients, seen the lush flora, smelt the salty vast oceans, and have seen what the stars above look like as close as you and I are. You do not need me. But I would aid you if you truly wish."
  6. Tusker grew even more intrigued as he spoke of her saving his life, the Mandalorians a complex religious cult that even she had trouble understanding, the blood of warrior ancestors running through her Tusken veins. As he disregarded the offer of the datapad, she sat it aside and listened as he spoke, taking note of the way he phrased himself, the way he still clung to his ways despite wanting heartedly to find her. In a way, Tu'can'ra found it slightly sweet. "I cannot..." She responded in basic, leaning up against a nearby corner, her gazed fixed upon the Tusken before her. In truth, she was slightly excited to have met and conversed with one of her own like she had always dreamed of. But there was something in him that differed even for her, and she could not completely place it. Calmly she spoke, choosing words she felt he would understand. "She disappeared into the skies with her own kin.... no word of her since she answered her people's call.... no longer part of us." She made sure her words rolled off her tongue truthfully, not wanting her men above, whom stood astonished at two Tuskens conversing in basic before them and surreal reality it was offering them, to mistake any actions as hostility toward her should he grow frustrated. But to be on the safe side, she held up her open hand and closed her fist that signalled them to relax and let the situation ease, their guns lowering but not off target. "I am Tu'can'ra." She spoke as she turned her attention back to him. "Last of my tribe..... and you?"
  7. Tu'can'ra smiled beneath her garbed rags as the Blackened Raider stood down, the Tusken herself hitting the retract button that caused the baton to sheath its self before she placed it upon her hip and pulled forth a datapad, her men still aimed at his midsection should he make the dire mistake of attacking their commmander. Holding up the datapad with the blue haired Mandalorian, Rose, strewn across its screen, Tusker spoke this time in basic. "You searched for her in our archives. Why?" She poised, searching to see if he could understand the language of the basics before she continued. "She is a former asset of my Employers, no longer amongst us. What are your ties to her?" Tu'can'ra placed the datapad in his hands, allowing him to see her picture, watching him react to both her and the technology. She was curious, wondering why he differed from the rest. With that, she stepped back and watched, waiting to see how he truly responded. He was searching for her, defying his beliefs to do so, even if he, like herself, was the last of his tribe. The only thing that separated them being she was raised around technology where he wasn't. And yet he sought it out. This intrigued her more than words could even begin to express.
  8. Tu'can'ra was found as a child by a mining family that happened upon her tribe's encampment, the sole survivor of a cleansing brought about by her own after their Storyteller passed with no heir apparent. Such was tradition among her people. Yet, she was spared because her mother could not do it, her father already lost to the sands a few years before. The family that had found her raised her as one of their own, but the few years that she had lived among her tribe remained embedded within her, and she spent most of her time out amongst the dunes that was once her home, her face covered not only to hide her origins, but to protect her from the harsh sands of Tatooine. Because of this, she had always been able to walk amongst both worlds that had made her. But as she gazed upon the Tusken below her, she felt a kindred spirit looking up at her. The sorrow in his movements, what words she could make out from memory speaking of dead wraiths and a loved one, and his being alone spoke volumes of her own experiences. As his attack came, she twirled around him and struck the Tusken across the shoulders just hard enough to wind him as the shock tore through his respiratory system briefly. Backing away, Tu'can'ra spoke what little of their language remained in her memory, only capable of expressing her will not to fight but to understand, and letting him know that if he pursued the path of the warrior, she would not hesitate to end his life here and now as her comrades leveled their laser sights upon his form. All she had to do was give the order. In silence, she awaited his reply.
  9. In the intermingling of the nefarious depths of the Holonet, a coded stream could be invitingly found, a call for all Black Sun Operatives and Agents to, as the message foretold, Rise. Before long, this trojan horse of a message would briefly invade any holonet port or computer linked to the darkside of the holonet before all existence of its self would disappear just as quickly as it came.
  10. An alert had long informed the Black Sun of information having been gone through concerning a former asset and an investigation team had been sent. When they arrived at the origins of the search, they were met with a massacre. Tu'can'ra, or Tusker, was the lead agent, the Tusken draped in a black and white variant of her Tribe's garb and carrying a stun baton rather than the ancient weapon of her ancestors. And hanging from her back was a modernized slug rifle. Even before she dismounted the speeder, she could tell that it mimicked the actions of her people, but something was quite different this particular attack as she scanned the movements and directions from which it originated. It was too quick, too focused. Reaching down her hip as the others dismounted, Tusker swung open the stun baton, its clanking surely signaling the one inside as the electrical currents sparked and hummed with activation. Slowly moving toward the farmhouse' entrance, her gloved hand opened the door. ((@Wyvernfall))
  11. Tusker Real Name: Tu'can'ra Aliases: Tusker Homeworld: Tatooine Species: Tusken Age: 24 Height: 5'2 Weight: 125lbs Hair: Black Skin: Bronze Eyes: Green Sex: Female Alignment: Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: Tu'can'ra, or Tusker as she is known, is an adopted Tusken from Tatooine who was found after her tribe wiped themselves out after the unfortunate loss of it's storyteller. Due to having been raised amongst a family of miners, Tusker has very little knowledge about her people and has conformed to the life she was raised in. Joined the Black Sun as a Hunter to help support her family.
  12. Swaav Real Name: Swaav Ga'rell Aliases: N/A Homeworld: Coruscant Species: Human Age: 43 Height: 5'11 Weight: 185lbs Hair: Peppered Skin: Caramel Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Alignment: Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: Swaav originally hails from Coruscant, but long left behind his homeworld to travel the stars. A smuggler by nature, Swaav is likely the oldest active Agent within the Black Sun, having began his career within the Syndicate at the young age of 22.
  13. Krexel/Co'bo Real Name: Krexel Videl/Co'bo Alterian Aliases: N/A Homeworld: Onderon Species: Human Age: 34/29 Height: 6'0/5'8 Weight: 220lbs/155lbs Hair: Black/Red with Blonde Highlights Skin: White/Black Eyes: Brown/Hazel Sex: Male Alignment: Chaotic Faction Rank: Black Sun Agents Status: Active History: These two Onderonians originally joined the Black Sun during Smash's era, the two went inactive for many years and worked several of those as muscle for a local Pirate gang based on Coruscant. During its destruction, they were relocated to Borleias with the others before managing to make it to Tatooine. Rarely seen apart.
  14. Zepex Real Name: Z-3PX Aliases: Zepex Homeworld: Etti IV Species: Protocol Droid Height: 5'11 Weight: Roughly 300lbs Material: Ultrachrome Photoreceptor Color: White Programming: Masculine Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: A personal protocol droid assigned to R3-M0 by the Intergalactic Banking Clan during his negotiations, Z-3PX, or Zepex not only serves as a liaison, but as a personal speaker for R3-M0 as well. Usually found in the company of R3-M0.
  15. Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix is a modified hyperspace transmission relay commissioned by R3-M0 during his rise to leadership over the Black Sun, modified to contain his AI, and connected to real space via receiver mainframes based at each of his Vigo headquarters. A decommissioned R3 unit is stationed at each of these mainframes, preserved to serve as temporary hosts to his AI in the event of his actual presence being needed in real space. Uploading and downloading the AI of R3-M0, like any computer, takes time to properly decompress and unload the vast amount of files that make up its memory, and as such takes sole priority during its transmission and is incapable of transmitting anything outside the AI its self. For this purpose, R3-M0 had black boxes installed into each R3 unit, operating separately from the unit with it's own backup power cell beneath a nearly indestructible casing as to ensure that his AI can properly stream its memory to Dark Phoenix without interference when the unit is destroyed or falls inactive. As described above, due the sheer amount of time and functionality it takes to collect and process the data during uploading and downloading of the AI, R3-M0 rarely transmits himself, instead choosing to transmit his motives to his Vigos and work through them as the mind behind the scenes, remaining within Dark Phoenix.
  16. Summary You want to know the secret to the Black Sun? It is a simple one really. With war, comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes wealth, with wealth comes influence, influence comes power, and with power comes infamy. Infamy is where most of the criminal underworld dies out. But for the Black Sun, the eternal eclipse, it remains in the dark, hidden amongst the shadows, unknown. Their power is in the everlasting tides of war, profiteering from the underworld and ensuring that the conflict never ends. They forego the need for power by using their influence to keep prying eyes away with conflict and their wealth flowing. Greed is a fickle thing, but rise above it, and you will see their path more clearly. Unknown Philosopher History After the utter defeat at Dark Sun, Zalis and R3-M0 turned their attention toward their shared past with that of the Black Sun. For too long had it attempted to remain a militia capable of taking on the likes of the controlling governing bodies. This had not bolded well for their profits nor for their consumers. So instead, they chose to let it die and find its rebirth in the shadows. Disappearing from the Galactic front, Zalis and R3-M0 began to reestablish old contacts and allies. Through them, the networks began to slowly and silently realign. Smuggling, Slavery, Piracy, these were their greatest strengths and as such, would be their main focus. But this wouldn't be their final act. Once the Operations were up and running amidst the Galactic Backdrop, they would turn their eyes to further the conflict between the Sith Empire and forming Rebel Alliance, playing one side against the other, ensuring the cash and supplies would keep flowing and their influence growing. They knew that as long as the conflict remained, they could capitalize on the need for supplies. And rather than portraying themselves as a military might, it would better serve them to simply remain profiteers. And this would open more doors for them in the future. Hunters could be hired out for bounties or contract assassinations. Smugglers could be hired out for their ships or for acts of piracy. And with the Rebels and Sith Empires at each other's throats, crime could grow rampant and profitable. This would be the rebirth of the Black Sun, rising from the ashes like a phoenix from what once claimed it. Active Roster Leader R3-M0 Remo - Roleplayer X Vigo of Operations Zalis Krales - Zalis Krales Assets Titan (Space)* - A Black Sun Front, originally a Star Liner commissioned under Zalis to act as HQ for the Black Sun, retailing to Clients and Allies as a Luxury Cruizer for the sole purpose of being a legitimate front to discuss business without notice. Smuggler's Den (Hutt's Palace - Tatooine)* - Originally the Hutt Palace on Tatooine, R3-M0 has acquired it for the more back door dealings and official HQ of the Black Sun. Vigo Headquarters* - Planets or Stations within the Vigo's assigned regions that become their havens, similar to the Smuggler's Den. Scipio (Other Worlds) - The Capital World of the InterGalatic Banking Clan, Zalis and R3-M0 were able to obtain a laundering Operation within the IGBC. Mines of Kessel (Spice Mines of Kessel) - The Infamous Mines of Kessel that sparked the initiative behind the Kessel Run, the Black Sun has its fingers in both the mining of spice and coaxium via smuggling operations and laboring the mines via slavery. Mechis III Outpost (Mechis III) - The automated world of Mechis III, R3-M0 managed to obtain a small outpost operation dealing with the automated manufacturing and smuggling of weapons as well as the necessary droids needed for the Defense and Operations of the Black Sun Infantry. (Locations with "*" are exclusive to the Black Sun network. Other Assets are outsourced.) Ranks and Classes Operative - These are the NPCs of the Black Sun. They can be found nearly on every world, unrecognizable from your average citizens, outside their underworld dealings, and laying in wait for their activation. When you join the Black Sun, your automatically upgraded to Agent status, your background updated as a past Operative. Agent - This is the ground floor in within the Black Sun. Whether you choose to be a Smuggler of Spice and everything not nice, or a Hunter of bounties and assassinations, or a free-for-all Pirate of the Skies, is completely up to you. But this is where you start your journey, whether working under a Lieutenant or Overseeing another Operative in need of guidance. Will become an official Lieutenant after 3 months RT. Lieutenant - Now that you've learnt the ropes of being an Agent of the Black Sun, you are at the top of your game. You now only answer to Vigos and the top brass. Other than that, your free to corner your own little slice of the market and profit. Vigo - Only way to become a Vigo is to be selected as one. There are a total of three lower Vigos and one higher Vigo. The three lower Vigos manage the Regions, separated into the Core, the Rim, and the Unknown Wilds, and answer to the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the Vigo of Operations. Vigos Vigo of Operations - This the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the head Vigo who answers only to the Leader of the Black Sun. They are usually stationary aboard the Titan, rarely venturing out as the true purpose of the Titan is for Black Sun dealings. VoO Headquarters: Titan Vigo of the Core - This Vigo controls the Core Worlds, include the Deep Core, Core, and Colony Worlds outward to the Rim Worlds. VotC Headquarters: Vigo of the Rim - This Vigo controls the Rim worlds, including the Inner, Expanded Regiod, Mid, and Outer Rim Worlds from the edges of the Core to the reaches of the Unknown and Wild regions of space. VotR Headquarters: Vigo of the Unknown Wilds - This Vigo controls the Unknown and Wild regions of Space from the edges of the Rim to reaches of the Galaxy's edge. VotUW Headquarters: Classes and Operations Smugglers - As a Smuggler, you are the initial Life Blood of the Black Sun. Whether smuggling goods from one planet to another or smuggling troops and/or slaves through faction territories, your job is to keep the flow of the the operations as smoothly as possible. Hunters - As a Hunter, you are the initial Enforcement of the Black Sun. Despite usually delving into Bounties and occasional Assassinations, Hunters can also be used as guns for hire to other factions, solidifying temporary relations. Pirate - As a Pirate, you are the initial Heart of the Black Sun. You are the terror of the skies and open space, usually meant to instill fear and terrorize those whom openly oppose the Black Sun. Whether through attacking enemy supply lines or terrorizing the competition and/or citizens who won't conform, your job is to ensure that opposing governments and corporations are compliant. Duel Options During a duel with an official PC or NPC of the oppositional side, you are given four options to execute depending on OOCly cooperation. Always offer these options OOCly before the start of a Duel. Kill - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses death or refuses to cooperate OOCly, then a win reverts to a Kill Situation and the three day rule applies without question. Ransom - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses the Ransom option, the three day rule applies but death is overlooked and the Black Sun acquires a hefty sum for the return of the PC and/or NPC. Capture/Interrogation - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses the Capture/Interrogation option, the three day rule applies, death is overlooked, and OOCly information is exchanged ICly before release at the end of the three days unless otherwise pre-plotted for additional interaction before release. No-Matter Release/Informat Release - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses either the No-Matter Release or Informant Release, the three day rule will apply depending on the OOCly agreement. If the No-Matter Release (also known as a walk away ending) is chosen, the PC and/or PC is instantly released via either pod or walking away, leaving the opponent severely wounded. If the Informant Release is chosen, then the three day rule is applied ICly to implement the cover of the capture before being released in semi-healthy form. This way the informant is released without suspicion, and able to continue on with their usual duties. (For other character ideas, please refer to Darth Nyrys' BS world building guide located below) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XAbr6DtqeZJ2kT8JUh-DWLBOT-WIi7M_9dxeF8J-ZF8/edit?usp=drivesdk
  17. The Setting All across the Galaxy, war is raging on. The Galactic Alliance has all but tumbled after the fall of Coruscant. The Zinthos Empire and fabled Imperial Knights felt the Sith Imperial might at Kuat. And the Jedi self righteousness has face scrutiny after the slaughter of the Dark Sun Station and dealt the Black Sun a devastating blow. Only the Sith Empire remains strong amidst the crumbling backdrop that has became the Galaxy we live in, even as the Jedi, Zinthos Empire, and Galactic Alliance attempt to join forces and reclaim their stance. Yet, there is still a spark of life left in the criminal underworld, whispers in the shadows echoing a rebirth of the Black Sun, forged from the flames of chaos and etched in the minds of the diabolical. Old Alliances became renewed, transgressions of the former war drawn era corrected, and the criminal underworld began to flourish once again even as the war between the Sith Empire and Rebel Alliance waged on. Distracted, the underworldly economy was ripe for the taking. Career Smugglers, Slavers, Hunters, Pirates… all found a new freedom outside the Galactic war. Opportunities were abound. And this where the Black Sun reclaimed their ancestral rights as Kings. With such opportunities ripe for the picking, they struck, claiming all in one fell swoop. Former Operatives and Agents from around the Galaxy would amass under the Black Sun banner once again, claiming territories and Markets as the flames swept across its map. Nothing was sacred and all was for the taking. With war, there was profit. And in the current Galaxy, it was abundant, lest someone grow too hungry for power. The Rise After the fall at Dark Sun Station, the Black Sun fell into disarray. Its military was absorbed into the Sith Empire under its former Commander, Delta, leaving Zalis Krales to pick up what remained. It was during this time that she met R3-M0, and together, began putting the pieces back together. She had the knowledge of old contacts, and R3-M0, more commonly known as Remo, had the workings of a calculated droid and a personality to match. Together they sought out not to just rebuild the Black Sun, but to ensure its existence for another ten thousand years. So began their journey together. Zalis was a woman of wonder, seductive and cruel, capable of getting what she wanted with little effort. But she was made for the more luxurious life, not as the head of a Crime Syndicate. So as R3-M0 and her travels to rebuild carried on, she began to see the prospect of legitimizing herself and serving as a Corporate Face and someone with cold and calculated thoughts like R3-M0 being more fitted to better serve as leader. A win/win for the two, if you will, and consummating a symbiotic relationship between them. Through her ways of getting what she wants, and Remo's artificial nature, the Black Sun could truly rise from it's former ashes and return to the top of its purpose. Are you ready to follow in their steps?
  18. The Agent laughed loudly and slammed the drink down upon the bar. Fegelein had to give the furry girl some points, but this was definitely not the agreement. But she had gotten the point of the adventure, and the meeting between Black Sun and the Gangaglow conglomerate could be brokered through this third party. “Be careful girl, lest you tread where you are not wanted. We do not care for gels applied to alien behinds, but a proper arrangement between them and the Black Sun to the benefit of all of us can be made. We want his expertise in medical and biological matters for a future expansion into Bacta production.” She slapped a large denomination credit chip down on the table again. “Make it so then hunter. But be careful in the trails you walk lest your fur gets burned off in the blaze. Have him and him alone meet us here.”
  19. Black Sun Agent Cathryne Fegelein walked slowly through the musky bar, when her eyes caught her target, the black furred Chess, she grabbed a glass of blue milk from the bar and a heavy expensive whiskey for herself. The band played an obnoxious tune when she slid across the table from Chess, her Twi'lek teeth flashing sharpened points of silver. "So Bounty Hunter, did you hunt go well?" She fingered a high denomination credit chip under the table.
  20. Merit? He scratched his chin for a moment and took another long drink of his ale, “Well he and his boss are wanted by the Black Sun for cutting into our profits in the toiletries business. Which believe it or not we are very profitable from, and we want him alive so we can join our companies together. Plus…” He laughed softly as he looked towards the cathar woman drinking milk, “We like to give easy and high priced contracts out to newer bounty hunters that fit our diversity standards. As we in the Black Sun would like to invest in you and your future endeavors.” He slapped a large denomination credit chip of 10,000 credits worth onto the counter between them. "There is the first part of the payment to get you going, if you aren't interested simply leave the chip here. If you are, well best of luck, the Black Sun supports its bounty hunters."
  21. The bright blond haired Agent Liam Corlai pushed his way through the throngs of human onlookers at the appearance of the mercenary and bounty hunter that the Black Sun had summoned. He adjusted his bright red collar and waved at the feline, showing his badge of the Black Sun sponsored Mercenary/Hunter league. He shoved a datacard into her paw as he walked her through the crowd of onlookers into the shade of the outdoor cantina and appetizer place Mujabee’s which had half off their appetizers at this hour. He ordered a very expensive top shelf whiskey and a side of nef sticks and informed Chess that he would be paying for the meal and whatever she would like to drink. “As we eat, please feel free to tell me if you need any help in finding this bounty, this is the first of many that the black sun offers. Think of this one as a test. See how you do.” The card Contained:
  22. A message from Black Sun Agent Anna Corun came into Jefsa's comm offering a contact on the world of Tattooine, if he was interested in furthering his business opportunities beyond simple powders and fragrances for the asses of the galaxy. "You are invited to meet with the Black Sun in the Cantina on Tattooine. Send whoever you can, we are interested in expanding your opportunities."
  23. A job opportunity came screaming into Chess Ro's datapad like a divorced mother shrieking for child support from a rich if aloof father. "Bounty Hunting Opportunities available courtesy of the Black Sun, if interested please report tot he Onderon system for assignment."
  24. A soft chime of an incoming message arrives for Ajani Lainthok, the name displayed was from Technician Nath Corun. When answered, the small holographic figure bowed deeply. “Hello ma’am I see that you are looking for assistance in the technical department. I offer my services and the services of the Black Sun Organization to assist you should you require it if you sign a contract to work with us as a bounty hunter. We offer full retirement packages, ships for use or lease, ground support, 401ks, 403bs, and general terrorism coverage. Please respond if you are interested in this offer. Thank you, Nath Corun, BSA, Dubrillion." The holographic display cut out and was replaced with a large insignia of the Black Sun.
  25. Gabby rolled over to her side and looked down at the strange new friend of hers. She cocked her head to the side, “Yesh I'm here, are we theres yet?” She had taken the opportunity to raid the food locker that was next to their berth. She was currently snacking on a large helping of Biserandi Pudding, which unknown to her contained at least 12 percent alcohol per volume. As this was a Black Sun shuttle, most of the foodstuffs were filled with inebriants or drugs. Luckily she had not tried the soda bread. But she happily scooped another bite of pudding into her mouth and reached down to ruffle the hair on Kar’s head like she used to with the family Nek. She swallowed and took another large bite. The other passengers were mostly distracted by their other goings on, but she kept her attention split between Kar and the delicious food. She scooped him a bowl of it and placed it down in front of him, patting his head absentmindedly. She was almost done with half the 40oz tub. Delicious. And as a kid she didn’t have to worry about it going to her hips, like her mother always complained about. Munch
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