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  1. Tusker, Swaav, Operative Dusk Tu'can'ra chuckles briefly, turning to nod at Swaav before the Elder blind man walked off, leaving Dhon, herself, and Operative Dusk standing there in waiting. Staring at his blade, she bows her head again, and speaks plainly from behind the mask that hid her face. "As you wish. Swaav will retrieve the Mandalorian. Feel free to take a seat until she arrives." That said, she motions her hand toward an offset bench near the refresher area and turned to walk away with Dusk as their forms disappear into the darkened area and out of the ill-lit blue of the cloning tanks littering the room. Dusk had other preparations to make. And when Tu'can'ra returned, she took a seat upon the bench herself. "Tell me about yourself?" Meanwhile Swaav had located Rru and Rose. "Take the weapon if you wish, Tusken, but remember my warning." He spoke in heed, his blind gaze shifting toward Rose beside him. "There is a Cathar here requesting your presence Blue Rose. He holds your helm in his hands." With that, he went to turn away but spoke one last time before he returned to his duties. "The Master is on his way." Operative Draven Silence was a bittersweet experience, both calming and lonesome. But few rather held a taste for both. Draven was one of those few. The Sands of Tatooine presented it perfectly, especially for a seasoned Veteran like himself, his feet pressing deep into the softness of its pressure with each step. Just ahead laid his destination, a small outcropping settlement long abandoned for the larger established where safety ran in numbers. The wind howled through the small openings and crevices that littered the crumbling buildings, and as he stepped up to the one that once played its Central piece, he coughed beneath his helmet and dusted the sand off his armor before he reached slowly for the pad. With a press of his hand, the door hissed open and revealed the darkness lingering within, soon enveloping his form as he stepped within. Within were the hauntings of its glory days, a small bar against it's back wall, a stage to the left where music and song once played. Dusted tables laid half buried beneath the sand that attempted to reclaim it for its history, and to the right stood a darkened form standing before a ghostly fire that no longer burned brightly. With a small chuckle, Draven stepped up beside the man, his hand offering up a gift, a familiar .48 caliber slug pistol forged of ultrachrome and its grip set with the ivory Mythosaur bone, a beautiful piece to say the least. Once it was accepted, Draven rubbed his gloved hands together and breathed deeply into them despite the lack of a burning fire as he chuckled briefly before ending the solemn silence with his deep toned words, the tone of a Mandalorian echoing beneath his helm. "The days of old are but distant memories. And the future calls whether we wish to hear it or not. Are you ready to answer his call?"
  2. Operative Dusk "Who do you think I got this gem from?" She spoke with a wink as she climbed into the speeder, firing it up as a plume of exhaust fell upon their forms, slightly encompassing them with soot. Placing her foot down upon the clutch and disengaging the drive, she shifted it from neutral into drive and chuckled. "And to answer your question, there are as many hours in the day as the twin suns decide to linger." With that, Dusk hit the gas and they were off. Banthas could likely move faster than the speeder with Dusk behind the wheel as they made their way outside of Anchorhead, but once outside and facing nothing but the open sands, it zoomed faster than Rey Palpatine's backflip when she cut down Kylo's ship in the latter part of the First Order's reign. Dusk was a ferocious driver out upon the Sands, revealing her skills as a former Pod Racer even as they reached and began to cross the Dune Sea. It did take long before they converged on the others location where Tusker and Swaav remained with Rru and Rose. After arriving and revealing the false plateau that hit the facility, Dusk bowed to Tusker and Swaav, presenting both the Cathar and his mission, as well as updating Tusker of Krexel and Co'bo's current mission. With a shift of Tusker's gaze at Swaav and Dusk, she smiled. There were only a few more pieces to come together and for 'him' to arrive. Stepping forward to Dhon, Tu'can'ra bowed, the Tusken presenting an uncharacteristic mannerism of her kind as she spoke in basic. "Welcome. Rose will be out of the refresher in a few moments. So your mission was to return her armor?"
  3. As Xar's comm came across, only static was heard on Krexel and Co'bo's lines, giving the impression that either something had happened to the two or communications were down or blocked. But the reality of it was that Krexel had returned from his side mission and both were safely tucked away in quarantine, neither of them wishing to even attempt escape after Krexel witnessed the ship being shot down, let alone leave Xar behind. For the time being, they would remain idle, awaiting Xar's return and this quarantine to be lifted so they could be rid of this blasted planet.
  4. Operative Dusk Dusk chuckled briefly behind her usual demeanor, raising her finger to her chin as she grinned. "My. You're a funny little kitty, aren't you?" She poised as she stood there, her mind racing across his words with her memories of whom he spoke. As her face turned stern, she replied to him. "I know of who you speak. She's recently return to our fold so to speak. I can take you to her.... if that is your wish?" Her arm stretched out and she pointed toward an old beater of a speeder, dents formed all along its chassis, with different patterns and colors forming them together. "Its but a half a day's ride from here, over Tusken territory and across the Dune Sea." She smirked, opening her hand in offer. "Perhaps you'll get to see what a Jawa looks like if we meet any to trade with in our journey." Tusker & Swaav As the two departed, Swaav turned to Tu'can'ra with a worried look upon his face. "There is much darkness in the boy. Are you sure he can be an Agent?" He questioned the young Tusken, Tu'can'ra's own fixated upon the refresher they had disappeared within. "He has much to learn of the world outside, but he will. As for the darkness within, you know better than anyone the choice he will have to make Swaav." Her gaze shifted toward Swaav. "Or should I say Darth Oculus." Swaav glared at Tu'can'ra for a moment, then back to the refresher himself, a grave look on his face. "I've warned you all about using that name. That's no longer who I am." He spoke sourly, almost as if he wanted to spit upon his own grave. "But I get your point. I only pray it doesn't cost him his love, like it did me." His gaze shifted toward Tusker again, and Tusker laid her head upon his shoulder as he embraced the young Tusken, draping his arm across across her shoulders. With a sorrowful smile, she replied. "I'm sure it won't. There is a strong spirit within her. She may not have her memory, but she still has her skills. If he crosses a path she's not willing to follow, she will remind him of it, Papa." With that said, Tusker began to redress and shield her face behind her garb, memories of her childhood with Swaav and Helga sweetly crossing her mind as Swaav went back to his duties.
  5. Krexel & Co'bo As the freighter exited hyperspace, Xar still at the helm, Krexel opened a comm to the city of Morjanssik. Moments passed as Krexel placed his palm upon Xar's shoulder, having the droid hold position as they awaited approval, and after a few hesitant breaths, approval was given. With a pat on Xar's shoulder, giving the go ahead to land, Krexel and Co'bo left the cockpit and began preparations for the loading. Once landed, Krexel caught up with Xar near the loading ramp with a chuckle. "I've got a Farium contact nearby that I need to meet up with while we're here. Co'bo has been ordered to remain with the ship. I need you to meet our contact in Morjanssik's lower levels. His name is Hamilton Alexandria. Just look for the human with the twin Twilek dancers at the Raging Revan Cantina." Before Krexel departed, he opened a holovid of Hamilton just to be sure he met up with the right man as well as handing him a small datapad with the location of the Raging Revan Cantina. With a slap on the shoulder and a thumbs up as he departed, Krexel chuckled. "I've got faith in all of you Xar. Show me what you can do."
  6. Operative Dusk A cloaked figure steps out of the shadows of a nearby alley, removing the hood to reveal her almost silver white hair and eyes that was only eclipsed by her pale skin as she smirked with a subtle chuckled. "Looks like you owe me a drink, stranger." "Operative Dusk at your service." She spoke, a heavy accent curling her words as she spoke them that would mimic real world spy movies from the 1950's and 1960's. "My name doesn't match, but it works. It was given to me due to how I shine beneath the moonlight... or at least part of it." She chuckles again, although her eyes narrow in a serious gaze. "So they tell me that you're here to deliver the belongings of an operative. Which operative do you speak of?" Tusker & Swaav Swaav's arm stretches out and compresses against Tusker's chest, the older man's tone growing serious at his comrade's words of warning being completely ignored. With a subtle sigh, he stamps his cane upon the floor twice as a wave of energy rushes forth toward Roar Roar. Whether the Tusken avoids it or not matters little to him, but his simple display would only knock him off his feet and take his breath away. There was more than met the eye where Swaav was concerned and even Tu'can'ra knew well enough not to envoke his anger. "The darkness you feel inside Tusken is wild and untamed. You hold no hope if you do not weild the advice of allies." Swaav spoke in likeliest the most serious tone he had since their arrival. "Your aid is welcome, but you would do well to accept our own. Your companion knows well exactly that of which I speak. If you do not believe us, simply ask the Blue Rose yourself."
  7. Black Sun Outpost - Anchorhead As the encrypted comm came across the wires, the Black Sun Outpost at Anchorhead picked it up. The Facilty it was trying to reach was technically cut off from the outside world, save for the viral feed that feed directly to the Anchorhead outpost where Tusker or Tu'can'ra was in command, but with her displacement at the moment, her second in command responded. And with that, the transmission went silent. Krexel & Co'bo Krexel smiled as he tossed the datapad to an Operative, placing his arm upon Xar's shoulder as they made their way back to the ship, Co'bo quickly and silently in tow after grabbing his mission stash. Once aboard the freighter, the door closed, Krexel turned to Xar. "It isn't often that we travel to another world for our shipments. We usually take what we need." The Pirate said with a gleeful smirk. "But we've been tasked with retrieving a batch of Blue Bacta, a spice so rare, that it tenfolds our usual take. And it just so happens to be on Mon Cal. That's our mission." Even Co'bo smiled with glee, obliviously for other reasons, as he heard this, barely able to contain his excitement. One could already see the wheels in his head turning at the thought of the credits and the samples he could hoard entered his mind. So much so Krexel had to remind him that they were hired for this mission, not stealing it for themselves and he could not take any, evident in the younger Onderonian's visual heartbreak. Tusker & Swaav Tu'can'ra squinted her eyes at Rru as she turned back, or Roar Roar as he now called himself, with a glare that seemed like it could kill on mere sight. He had alot to learn of the Galaxy at large, and she was growing tired of trying to express this to him. He may have knew more of the Sands than she, an orphaned child of few memories before. But he was stepping into the world she knew, and that outlook would get him killed. "The sands be damned." She spoke in frustration, her Tusken gaze shifting away as she brought her fingers to her snout and eased the tensive headache forming. "To be Black Sun isn't the Warrior's path. That isn't our path anymore. Do we kill? Yes, for the right price. But only to further our overall agenda. We leave the war to those meant to fight. And we profit from it. That is it."
  8. Krexel & Co'bo Krexel brieflt smiled when he saw Xar exit, the elder Onderonian's facial expressions and waving of his hand quickly dismissing the Droid's worry about the cloning outpost. With a chuckle, he replied. "Aye. But they haven't met ol' Swaav yet either." Behind Krexel Co'bo chuckled and added his own brief two cents. "The old man is one of them wizards. Blind as a bat but can see a Greater Krayt at a thousand kilometers." Krexel slapped Co'bo on the back of the head with partial disbelief at his counterpart. "Shush. You know he doesn't like bringing up his past and you know he can hear you even here." "Forgive my compatriot. Easily excitable, but bad manners." Krexel apologized to Xar, the uneasiness evident in his shifting of his weight. "Are you finished with the registrar? If so, I just recieved updated orders. We're going to get a brief retreat from this hell hole and enjoy some sea air. You up for it?" Tusker & Swaav Tu'can'ra smirked at the Blue Rose Swaav was obsessed with as she spoke, seeing the Warrior's spirit within the woman but also a hint of loyalty. It was no wonder her status as an Agent was still active. Her gaze shifted to Swaav briefly before turning back to Rru and then to Rose. "I understand. That decision is solely upon both of your shoulders then and either way I will respect the outcome." She spoke, hesitant to choose her words wisely given her counterpart's reactions toward her lately over the woman before. Not that she feared him, but caution was a step one must always tread lightly upon when it came to matters of the heart, especially given their situation. Her gaze shifted to Rru as she finished. "I have returned her to you, just as promised. But if the two of you do join the Black Sun, you must tame the wildness within you. The Galaxy is larger than Tatooine and not as forgiving." With that said, she turned to Swaav, and with a bow briefly excused herself as the blind one briefly grabbed her arm in departure. "Co'bo is blabbing about my past again. Be a dear and correct him for me." The old one whispered before turning to Rose and Rru. Reaching out with his hand, he summoned the Armor for Rose to his hands and handed them over and he turned his blind gaze to Rru specifically. "The Tusken is right, my lad. Here, on Tatooine, your kind are Kings. But out there, amongst the stars, you are no more than a wild animal. Act like one, and it will put you down like one." His gaze shifted and he winked at Rose. "Careful with this one. He may be like your people, but his spirit is more primordial."
  9. Krexel & Co'bo Krexel grinned as the droid wiped off the vacant blue blood of the Rodian he already held orders to exterminate, his gaze briefly shifting from the sands ahead before returning. Yelling over the roar of the ship, he replied to Xar. "Honestly, we're not completely sure ourselves, only that he saved the life of one of our higher ups during the battle at Dark Sun Station." With Mos Eisley appearing up ahead, Krexel pushed forward on the throttle and the engine began slowing down, the deceleration causing the noise to lessen. "Not only that, but he helped capture the Zinthos Empress. Rumor has it that he even filleted her out of sheer fun before he departed with Vigo Zalis." As the ship came to a rest at the small outpost, Co'bo was slowly beginning to return to reality and began helping unload the cargo as Krexel led Xar into the small outpost and handed the droid a 'official' registration form. "But if the rumors are true and Black Sun is indeed going to have a droid at its helm, even if it's an R3 with a deadly reputation, then we are going to see brighter days for years to come." Krexel chuckled and walked away. Tusker and Swaav Tu'can'ra observed heavily the exchange between Rose and Rru, taking note the Tusken's emotional display as much as the Mandalorian's. Before she and Rru left the outpost, she had taken the time to briefly overlook her file, and while she understood Swaav's fascination, Rru's seemed a bit more complex. He acted as if he had known her for an eternity. She, on the other hand, acted as if she had seen him before, but couldn't place where or when. Looking over the file Swaav held, she began to get a better picture. Her data was over five years old. That was alot missing for her, and obviously Rru wasn't a part of the backed up variant. She sighed, feeling his pain, as she handed the file back to Swaav. Removing her own vestiage, revealing the true Tusken face that sat beneath it, she returned Rose's salute before speaking to both. "No. You haven't been a member of the Black Sun for a long time now. Last known rumor places you with the Mandalorian Crusaders who sacked Coruscant during its latest destruction...." Swaav stepped forward, briefly interrupting Tusker with his own information. "The Crusaders disappeared shortly there after. I'm not sure if you died with them in battle or later on, but with the time lapse in known data, the memories are lost to your former life, your cloning automated by your recent death." Tusker patted Swaav on his shoulder, signifying her seniority, as she gazed upon the both. "Rose Cariadus.... Rruror'rru'rr..... neither of you are bound to the Black Sun any longer. None of us are in truth, as it stands in transition from one leader to the other. And my aid to the Tusken here was only out of kinship..." Her gaze stare at him as he covered his face once more. "And with you found, it is done." She let her words settle briefly, her hand gripping tightly the vestige that formally hid her face, showing that Tusken formalities were lost upon her and her loyalty laid solely with her organization. "But it's not to say that you can't find purpose..." Her gaze sat briefly upon Rru before shifting to Rose. " Or even repurpose within our ranks as we rise from the ashes of old, just as my ancestors did here on Tatooine."
  10. Krexel & Co'bo Krexel studied the droid as he awaited his answer, the Elderish Onderonian having a somewhat of a blindside when it came to such artificial Intelligence. In truth, they mesmerized him like anything mechanical would like a small child. Shifting his gaze briefly to Co'bo, whom at Xar's mused draw upon the titles played out, seemed as if he understood it on a metaphysical plane, Krexel grew quite embarrassed by his fellow sentient. "Wonderful news." Krexel exclaimed, landing a semi hard hand across the droid's back in excitement as he drew him away and toward the ship, Co'bo still lost in transition before he snapped to and began to catch up to them. With a laugh, Krexel continued. "There is a new storm rising over the Black Sun. Rumor has it that an R3 unit is transitioning over into its top leadership role, and to be honest, I think it's about time. Nothing more calculated in my opinion." And with that, Krexel, Co'bo, and Xar loaded aboard the ship and began to brief trip back to the Mos Eisley outpost.
  11. Tusker & Swaav Tu'can'ra nodded her in reply to his thank you, following him in as their journey began to come to a closure, her promise kept. She stayed farther back as she watched his movements and reactions, observing in silence whom she herself could have become, and in the largest part, was thankful she had not. The distrust, the paranoia, it was not a life to live, and one she was hoping this Rose person could turn him to and away from the primitive ways that had entrapped their kind for millennia, her only escape being the offworlders who had found her. ****************************************** After Swaav dropped off the set of armor and weapons, he walked off to continue his observations, a meaningless task for even those who held the power of sight. But for Swaav, it was a task that had long moved from being a challenge. Black Sun, in cooperation with Czerka, had long developed a braille datapad that dimpled up words and images that he could use to access what his sight had failed to grant, and casually went to work. He could smell the newcomer even as he entered the laboratory, but smiled as the familiar scent of Tu'can'ra followed him, rising from his desk and walking away into the shadows as he flanked the Tusken he had always held a fondness for. With a quick emergence, and a hand placed across her mouth, Swaav pulled Tusker out of sight and out of frame. "Swaav, you old blind mynock" Tusker spoke in a whisper as she removed his hand from around her mouth, spinning to meet his blind gaze. "Its good to see that this post hasn't hindered your skills any." "Once a Rogue, always a Rogue." Swaav jested with a simple, yet, prestigious bow, placing a kiss upon her gloved hand. "And how about yourself? Who's the newcomer you brought with you? His smell is similar to your own, yet wild and tainted." "His name is Rruror'rur'rr." Tusker provided, her own gaze shifting toward him from behind the hall's corner. "A Tusken survivor we found at the old Qu'xun homestead, the Qu'xun slaughtered." "And you didn't kill the human Tusken?" Swaav questioned with intrigue. "Usually you kill the wanderers without hesitation when they invade those we protect." "He was looking for someone. It's how we found him, using their holonet no less." Tusker replied, her words piquing more of Swaav' interest as he pulled upon his grayed chin hair. "He was looking for your newest arrival." "Interesting." Swaav replied, turning his ear toward the Tusken as he eavesdropped. So he knows the Blue..." Before he could finish that, a ruckus breaks out, causing both to shift their gaze and for Tusker to react, only stopped by Swaav's well placed reach holding her in place. "Give it a minute." He speaks as he blindly looked at Tusker. "Guess that answers that." ****************************************** Krexel & Co'bo "Interesting." Krexel spoke, pointing his finger up and in the direction of Co'bo to hinder his urge to speak, the older of the two finding himself piqued by the droid before him, especially given its history. "That explain Krake then." Co'bo, oblivious to what Krexel meant, simple stayed quiet and enjoyed his brief moments of euphoria, gazing out into the Dune Sea as if a parade of La Femme Twileks were passing by. Krexel, however, began the introductions with gusto. "I am Krexel Videl of the Black Sun, an organization of equal opportunity employment,..." He bowed as prestigious as a man of his size could, before rising up and tossing his Z-6 over his shoulder with the arm it was strapped over. "Whether your an Ug or a Droid, we hold no prejudices outside of particular talents." Krexel extended his free hand in greetings. "Well met Xar, and on behalf of the Black Sun, we thank you for your handling of Krake for us in our stead." Taking a relaxing stance as the men loaded up their own ship, one reminiscent of the infamous Jabba the Hutt's own barge, he turned to Co'bo and told his fellow Onderonian to board as well before turning back to Xar. "As for what comes next, I'm leaving that up to you. You can either explore the endless sands of Tatooine at your leisure, careful to mind the Jawas of course. Or if your up for a life of adventure, I offer you the chance at a little piracy. You certainly have a natural knack for it, and with your cold calculations, you'd make a fine Agent. So what say you, Xar?"
  12. Tusker Tu'can'ra sighed, realizing that he still had a long way to go in order to contain and control his beastial nature. But she would be there, especially if his intent was to bring their ancestry back into the Galaxy at large, helping to guide him. "Very well." Tusker spoke, shifting her weight aside and opening the door that led outside, the disappointment in him evident in her body language. "But a beast won't survive the harsh reality you're going to have to face when we visit the sky. There, you will have to become the ancestor in order to will it." She left her words lingering in the thin evening air as she walked to the speeder and cranked up the engines. The cloning facility wasn't too far, likely reaching it just after dusk. Once Rru was aboard, Tu'can'ra throttled the speeder and shot out toward the Dune Sea, an awkward silence draping them the entire ride. Just as the twin suns set and the stars pierced the veil of the sky, they made the final approach to the cloning facility, its entrance carved into the side of a cliff at its base. Hopping off, Tu'can'ra walked up to it and placed her hand upon the scanner, the rock formed door hissing with its atmospheric breach as it slid back and to the side. Offering Rru the lead, Tusker spoke. "Go. Find your Rose." ****************************************** Krexel/Co'bo As Xar offered the vial of spice, Krexel placed his arm out to stop the approach of his addictive friend Co'bo, as his gaze remained on the droid before him, the disappointment of Co'bo evident by his wailing of his arms. "No need." Krexel spoke in his reply. "We don't dip into our supply." With a motion of his hand, the men under Krexel's command made their approach and lifted the container from the droids grasp and set it upon the hoverlift, Krexel sending the remaining to collect the rest of the crates from Krake's ship, having Co'bo follow and 'do what he does best' by destroying the ship, the body, and all evidence. When all was done, Krake and his ship no more than a crater upon the sands, Krexel walked up to Xar and gauged him up. "Tell me Xar." He poised, the large man holding no qualms as his gaze seemed to pierce through its metallic skin and processors. "Who is this we that you speak of? All I see is you." ****************************************** Swaav "Bless you child" Swaav spoke as her heard her sneeze, a quiet grin upon his face as he squatted at her feet, holding the bag open as she gathered the things she needed from it and for disposal of what she used and didn't need, such as the towel. His ears peeked up when he heard her name however. "Rose Cariadus you say? The Blue Rose of Lorrd in the flesh... well cloned flesh? Marvelous. I managed to see you in action a few years ago before I lost my sight. I believed the men called you the Mandalorian Rose back then if I'm not mistaken. Breathtaking." With that, Swaav slapped his aging knees and rose up to wonder off with haste, but not before pointing off toward the left, where a showering area was for freshly cloned Operatives, co-ed of course, sat. His destination, however, was more prominent, as back in the armory deep within its catacombs of armor, weapons, and E-Webs sat a special forge where certain materials were made. Grabbing the items he sought, he returned and left them laying where she would see them at first sight. There, on the bench outside the shower would sit a set of Heavy Plasteel Armor, painted matte black with white lining, and on its pauldron a blue rose. Along with it sat a E-11D Blaster with the same design, and the infamous Mandalorian Beskad. How the last was forged, is one secret Swaav would take to his grave. Only that he had set these items aside for the day she returned.
  13. Tu'can'ra disbelievingly sighed before she stepped up within inches of Rruror'rur'rr, the symbolic stance she stood in a very threatening way should his outbursts continue, her own anger within beginning to boil. "As I said. I will take you there, now, if you wish. But you must calm yourself first." While her initial excitement of the Tusken before her had caused to be more open to his pain and their shared bond, she was still Black Sun first and foremost, and his blatant disregard for her men had made quiet a few of them uneasy and even some tightly gripped their weapons at his displays of anger. If she didnt do something quick, they wouldnt hesitate to put him down like he beast he was portraying. So in an attempt to dissuade the situation, Tu'can'ra placed herself in harm's way for both sakes. "I am trying to prepare you for what you may find, but letting your anger get the best of you will only hinder your cause." Tusker spoke, her goggled gaze staring straight into his. "But you have to remember that this is my Clan now, and you are a guest of ours, and are causing my men to grow weary of you. This won't bold well for me or you in my attempt to bring you into our fold."
  14. As Rruror'rur'rr smashed the feed in anger, Tu'can'ra moved briefly out of his way, shock in her hidden eyes, and causing her to react harshly for a brief moment and withdrawing her stun baton with a quick slide and activation. It was a natural reaction given the men under her command and his brief hostility. but as he made his way toward the door, Tusker quickly sheathed her weapon and caught up to him. "Why do you let your emotions control you so easily?" She poised as she placed herself between him and the door, her arms stretched outwardly to show that she held intent to stop him. "The Rose you saw is a clone, and copy of her former self from when she was in our service. Though she is still one and the same, just as I am, there are possibilities that she may not remember you. But even if she does, you have nothing to worry about. Swaav is blind and cannot see her, which is why he was placed over the cloning facility. There is a reason we call him 'the Keeper of Life'. So calm yourself." Tu'can'ra stared into his hidden gaze with her own, not in the way of intimidation, but of comradery, asking for him to trust that she was going to get him there. But first he would need to calm himself and begin to think before he acts. ************************************************************ "Yo... K, Check this droid out." Co'bo spoke, tapping Krexel on the shoulder with the back of his hand, a goofish green adorning his face as Xar made his initial approach, the larger of the two Krexel turning a serious gaze toward the newcomer. With a stern tone, Krexel spoke, the thickness of his Onderonian accent flowing within his question. "Xar? Where's Krake? He was supposed to be here over an hour ago." Co'bo giggled, approaching the droid and opening the small slide on it's top, quickly tasting the product, causing Krexel to forget his question and yell at him as the rainbow haired native shivered. "It's pure baby. Bonified Grade I Imperial Stardust, yeah." Co'bo spoke, tapping the droid on his upper shoulder with excitement. Krexel shook his head, tossing a purse full of credits toward the droid until he caught a glimpse of his stained hand. "So that's what happened to Krake. You made a big mistake 'Xar'." Krexel spoke, lifting his Z-6 Repeater to level at the droid, Co'bo excitedly jumping with giddily. "Guess you got caught red handed.... or would it more blue handed since Rodian's blood are blue?" With Krexel's Z-6 Repeater leveled at the droid, Xar, and Co'bo high as a kite but just as deadly, it didn't look good for Xar. At least, until Krexel freed his hand long enough to slap Co'bo on the back of the head and his gaze narrowed at the droid before he lowered it. " Shut up Co'bo. What's done is done. But that doesn't mean this couldn't be resolved without further bloodshed." Krexel spoke, an idea forming in his head. "How would you like to work for us and the group we represent? Better alternative, and less messy, seeing that your life would be wasted if we collected on the debt here and now that you took on the moment you took care of Krake. So..... What do you say Xar?'
  15. Just as Tu'can'ra began delving deep into the files the BS had on Rose Cariadus, an alert flashed upon her screen, causing a grin to cross her hidden face. She was alive, here on Tatooine, or at least, was now. She turned to Rru, waving him over as the screen displayed the awakening Mandalorian. ********************** Hello? Came a voice deep within the hidden Black Sun outpost amidst the Dune Seas, buried and covered like all of its ancient history. Long had it been buried, laying in limbo until an Operative was found deceased and in need of reviving, usually via implants into cloned forms. Such was the case of Rose Cariadus. Swaav was its caretaker, a blind operative and likely the oldest one within the organization, at least this side of the Colony Worlds. Hearing the voice, he began following its tone, grabbing various gear that he had memorized so well he didn't even have to touch in order to know its place. When his blinded gaze met that of Rose, he smiled and approached, laying the items at her feet. With a chuckle, he poised a question. "Of whom do I have the pleasure of visiting with today?" He stroked his hands through his long peppered hair, gathering his appearance at the scent of a woman's presence. "Don't be shy dear. Though I've been known to bite, I promise it isn't hard." **************** Tu'can'ra chuckled at the appearence of her Elder companion, the Keeper of Life as she called him. She shifted her gaze to Rru. "Looks like you may have some serious competition. Swaav is quite the ladies man to be so old and dirty." She closed the feed with a teasing chuckle. "We could make it by nightfall if you wish to go right now?"
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