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  1. Just as Tu'can'ra began delving deep into the files the BS had on Rose Cariadus, an alert flashed upon her screen, causing a grin to cross her hidden face. She was alive, here on Tatooine, or at least, was now. She turned to Rru, waving him over as the screen displayed the awakening Mandalorian. ********************** Hello? Came a voice deep within the hidden Black Sun outpost amidst the Dune Seas, buried and covered like all of its ancient history. Long had it been buried, laying in limbo until an Operative was found deceased and in need of reviving, usually via implants into cloned forms. Such was the case of Rose Cariadus. Swaav was its caretaker, a blind operative and likely the oldest one within the organization, at least this side of the Colony Worlds. Hearing the voice, he began following its tone, grabbing various gear that he had memorized so well he didn't even have to touch in order to know its place. When his blinded gaze met that of Rose, he smiled and approached, laying the items at her feet. With a chuckle, he poised a question. "Of whom do I have the pleasure of visiting with today?" He stroked his hands through his long peppered hair, gathering his appearance at the scent of a woman's presence. "Don't be shy dear. Though I've been known to bite, I promise it isn't hard." **************** Tu'can'ra chuckled at the appearence of her Elder companion, the Keeper of Life as she called him. She shifted her gaze to Rru. "Looks like you may have some serious competition. Swaav is quite the ladies man to be so old and dirty." She closed the feed with a teasing chuckle. "We could make it by nightfall if you wish to go right now?"
  2. For the unsheathed, the winds and sands of Tatooine were a harsh welcome, especially on that of a speeder. But for those who had lived and adapted to such a place from birth, it was as simple as riding through the rain, exhilarant and thrilling, a welcomed enjoyment as the kicked up sand pelleted their forms softly through the fabric of their garments and the wind soared through the intertwined threads and cooled their heated skin. This was one of the reasons Tusker welcomed technology whole heartedly, embracing the bad as much as the good. When they pulled into town, their first and only stop was the Black Sun outpost, her men quickly in tow. "You can't beat the thrill of it though." She replied in jest, reaching around to pat Rru upon the back as she walked around to him and led him toward the innards of the small duplexed outpost, her men returning as they walked inside. Above their heads upon the second floor was her Office, mainly filled with computers and holovid feeds meant to keep her in touch with the other outposts here and abroad, as well as the higher ups. Below them was the storage area, filled mostly with necessities, armaments, and 'acquired' goods like those they received from the farm where she found Rru. and here, upon the main level, was mostly rooms where shifts were taking for sleep, a co-ed refresher, and a small kitchen; basic amenities. "Welcome to my home, the gateway to the skies." With that, she began to access the computer terminals, researching this Rose that Rru was so enthralled by.
  3. Tusker chuckled as he spoke, pulling him up on the first step with her hand before leading him out. When he gaze fell upon the sun lit sands, she smiled beneath her garments, realizing that for the first time since her orphanage, she was among at least one of her people, even if he was of another tribe. No matter though, for she would see him and her forge their own tribe of outcasts and heretics if he would choose to walk such a path with her. Shifting her gaze, despite the reality of his own plight could have been and was at one time her own, chuckled at his hesitation. The transition for her had been an easier one, a Tusken child hidden among farmers and miners behind masks that were a commonality for Tatooine, few memories of her life before and vague. But for him, his own life having been a polar opposite,and now being thrust into a whole new truth. She chuckled not because she found it funny or ironic, but because of the road ahead for him likely laid with pain and sorrow, and it was moments like this were the subtle joy of humor would last through the darkened ones. Climbing aboard the speeder, Tu'can'ra turned to him as he spoke, the others slightly fearful as they loaded their own with what valuables they could muster, the poor sods that fell victim to Rru no longer having need for them, including some of the droids he had taken out. That, and it would be a shame to let the Jawas have it all. "You will find that we differ very little from one another, all of us simply trying to survive." She spoke with a hidden smile as she pulled back on the throttle fully, taking Rru on one hell of a ride, passing farms and mines that laid outside the small outpost they were heading to. "These were the ones who raised me, so I know them well. Hopefully you will come to know them as I have, if only you look past the differences of days past." With a chuckle, she shifted gears and hit near sonic speeds as her gaze fell upon him, hoping she wasn't scaring him half to death. After all, Technology did have its advantages, and sometimes, it was even fun.
  4. Tu'can'ra could only smile with understanding as he spoke, evidential tears flowing from her eyes when he questioned her childhood even though the smile remained. Unlike him, she did not get to grow up around her people, a mere child of barely three when her mother spared her the fate of their tribe. So in a way, he got to know the stories better than she could ever hope for. "I can understand that." She spoke finally after a momentary pause upon his conclusion, her mind drifted upon what would have had been if she had lived the life that he had. Yet, the only life she knew was the one she had lived, and it made the stars, and even Tatooine, seem so small and insignificant compared to the Galaxy around them and that war that rage on even if Tatooine had always remained her heart. "Though Tatooine may be my home, my heart, it is but a grain of sand of the larger dune and the farmers and travelers who visit it no more than Bantas to the real enemies that infest it." She began grabbing her gear, wrapping her face once again as she began to turn toward the stairs, offering for him to follow. But as she placed her boot upon the first step, she turned to him with a warning. "Here, on Tattoine, it is simple for us. Offworlders are the enemy and Tatooine is all we know. But out there, in the sky amongst the stars, Tatooine is but a dot on a dark blanket formed by the shadows of demons, and we are the offworlders." Extending her gloved hand, she wanted to make sure he was ready for make his wish a reality, no matter how cursed it may be.
  5. She chuckled coyfully as he spoke, finding humor in his ways of speech and the riddled ways of her own past life and knowing what truly existed beyond the veil that their people blindly hid behind. Her green eyes gazed at him, the few features that differed between them being what separated them in looks. "The oppressors of our ancestors have long died out, our fear being the only thing that truly holds us back now." She moved away, finding a box to sit down upon as she tried to find the words to speak to him that would help him understand what she meant, what he truly could not imagine and yet was the true reality that she had saw with her own eyes as a member of Black Sun. "Perhaps they feared others like them, maybe that is why we live so primitive. I cannot say with truth. But I have seen worlds that our ancestors would cherish. I have walked on worlds that we would fear without reason, where our ancestors would have thrived and not hide away." "There is so much you do not know, so much that you cannot even imagine, above, Rruror’rur’rr. And I would gladly take you on my ship." Tu'can'ra spoke with sentiment, her happiness in meeting another like her being the only payment she would require. But she was curious of what laid beneath his own garbed mask. "All you have to do is show me the real you, beneath your mask. If you truly wish to embrace the skies, then forsake your past and become one with me and my clan. Though we do not show ourselves to them, we must know each other in the sense of our tribes, the past that separates us from them." Her facial expressions grew serious for a moment, a request not taken lightly, a call for respect to their true ancestors. "Can you do this?"
  6. As he spoke, Tu'can'ra began to understand him more, understand his reasons and reactions, and listened to his tale. It was common knowledge and something that all Tusken knew, that stories could be told without a single word, movements of the body and expressions telling more than words ever could. And for Tusker, this had been a solemn truth for her as she grew. So as he spoke, she watched him and learned him, even as he leaned over and pleaded with her. "Leave us." Tusker commanded, her men looking at her inquisitively as her gaze met theirs from beneath her robes. A moment of silence passed and they departed, leaving only she and him alone. Her gaze shifted back to him as her hands motioned toward the garb that draped over her hand, Tu'can'ra unraveling the veil that hid her true Tusken face for so many years now. As she allowed him to gaze upon her face, she smiled and spoke, a harsh truth coming from her lips. "We are only bound to this planet by fear and old wounds. But I sense you know this as much as I do." Her eyes stared into his beneath his own faceless mask, almost as if piercing the veil he hid behind. He may not look like she, his own heritage different from her own. But his heart was Tusken and that was all that mattered to her. "I have walked among worlds that looked like the world of the Ancients, seen the lush flora, smelt the salty vast oceans, and have seen what the stars above look like as close as you and I are. You do not need me. But I would aid you if you truly wish."
  7. Tusker grew even more intrigued as he spoke of her saving his life, the Mandalorians a complex religious cult that even she had trouble understanding, the blood of warrior ancestors running through her Tusken veins. As he disregarded the offer of the datapad, she sat it aside and listened as he spoke, taking note of the way he phrased himself, the way he still clung to his ways despite wanting heartedly to find her. In a way, Tu'can'ra found it slightly sweet. "I cannot..." She responded in basic, leaning up against a nearby corner, her gazed fixed upon the Tusken before her. In truth, she was slightly excited to have met and conversed with one of her own like she had always dreamed of. But there was something in him that differed even for her, and she could not completely place it. Calmly she spoke, choosing words she felt he would understand. "She disappeared into the skies with her own kin.... no word of her since she answered her people's call.... no longer part of us." She made sure her words rolled off her tongue truthfully, not wanting her men above, whom stood astonished at two Tuskens conversing in basic before them and surreal reality it was offering them, to mistake any actions as hostility toward her should he grow frustrated. But to be on the safe side, she held up her open hand and closed her fist that signalled them to relax and let the situation ease, their guns lowering but not off target. "I am Tu'can'ra." She spoke as she turned her attention back to him. "Last of my tribe..... and you?"
  8. Tu'can'ra smiled beneath her garbed rags as the Blackened Raider stood down, the Tusken herself hitting the retract button that caused the baton to sheath its self before she placed it upon her hip and pulled forth a datapad, her men still aimed at his midsection should he make the dire mistake of attacking their commmander. Holding up the datapad with the blue haired Mandalorian, Rose, strewn across its screen, Tusker spoke this time in basic. "You searched for her in our archives. Why?" She poised, searching to see if he could understand the language of the basics before she continued. "She is a former asset of my Employers, no longer amongst us. What are your ties to her?" Tu'can'ra placed the datapad in his hands, allowing him to see her picture, watching him react to both her and the technology. She was curious, wondering why he differed from the rest. With that, she stepped back and watched, waiting to see how he truly responded. He was searching for her, defying his beliefs to do so, even if he, like herself, was the last of his tribe. The only thing that separated them being she was raised around technology where he wasn't. And yet he sought it out. This intrigued her more than words could even begin to express.
  9. Tu'can'ra was found as a child by a mining family that happened upon her tribe's encampment, the sole survivor of a cleansing brought about by her own after their Storyteller passed with no heir apparent. Such was tradition among her people. Yet, she was spared because her mother could not do it, her father already lost to the sands a few years before. The family that had found her raised her as one of their own, but the few years that she had lived among her tribe remained embedded within her, and she spent most of her time out amongst the dunes that was once her home, her face covered not only to hide her origins, but to protect her from the harsh sands of Tatooine. Because of this, she had always been able to walk amongst both worlds that had made her. But as she gazed upon the Tusken below her, she felt a kindred spirit looking up at her. The sorrow in his movements, what words she could make out from memory speaking of dead wraiths and a loved one, and his being alone spoke volumes of her own experiences. As his attack came, she twirled around him and struck the Tusken across the shoulders just hard enough to wind him as the shock tore through his respiratory system briefly. Backing away, Tu'can'ra spoke what little of their language remained in her memory, only capable of expressing her will not to fight but to understand, and letting him know that if he pursued the path of the warrior, she would not hesitate to end his life here and now as her comrades leveled their laser sights upon his form. All she had to do was give the order. In silence, she awaited his reply.
  10. In the intermingling of the nefarious depths of the Holonet, a coded stream could be invitingly found, a call for all Black Sun Operatives and Agents to, as the message foretold, Rise. Before long, this trojan horse of a message would briefly invade any holonet port or computer linked to the darkside of the holonet before all existence of its self would disappear just as quickly as it came.
  11. An alert had long informed the Black Sun of information having been gone through concerning a former asset and an investigation team had been sent. When they arrived at the origins of the search, they were met with a massacre. Tu'can'ra, or Tusker, was the lead agent, the Tusken draped in a black and white variant of her Tribe's garb and carrying a stun baton rather than the ancient weapon of her ancestors. And hanging from her back was a modernized slug rifle. Even before she dismounted the speeder, she could tell that it mimicked the actions of her people, but something was quite different this particular attack as she scanned the movements and directions from which it originated. It was too quick, too focused. Reaching down her hip as the others dismounted, Tusker swung open the stun baton, its clanking surely signaling the one inside as the electrical currents sparked and hummed with activation. Slowly moving toward the farmhouse' entrance, her gloved hand opened the door. ((@Wyvernfall))
  12. Tusker Real Name: Tu'can'ra Aliases: Tusker Homeworld: Tatooine Species: Tusken Age: 24 Height: 5'2 Weight: 125lbs Hair: Black Skin: Bronze Eyes: Green Sex: Female Alignment: Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: Tu'can'ra, or Tusker as she is known, is an adopted Tusken from Tatooine who was found after her tribe wiped themselves out after the unfortunate loss of it's storyteller. Due to having been raised amongst a family of miners, Tusker has very little knowledge about her people and has conformed to the life she was raised in. Joined the Black Sun as a Hunter to help support her family.
  13. Swaav Real Name: Swaav Ga'rell Aliases: N/A Homeworld: Coruscant Species: Human Age: 43 Height: 5'11 Weight: 185lbs Hair: Peppered Skin: Caramel Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Alignment: Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: Swaav originally hails from Coruscant, but long left behind his homeworld to travel the stars. A smuggler by nature, Swaav is likely the oldest active Agent within the Black Sun, having began his career within the Syndicate at the young age of 22.
  14. Krexel/Co'bo Real Name: Krexel Videl/Co'bo Alterian Aliases: N/A Homeworld: Onderon Species: Human Age: 34/29 Height: 6'0/5'8 Weight: 220lbs/155lbs Hair: Black/Red with Blonde Highlights Skin: White/Black Eyes: Brown/Hazel Sex: Male Alignment: Chaotic Faction Rank: Black Sun Agents Status: Active History: These two Onderonians originally joined the Black Sun during Smash's era, the two went inactive for many years and worked several of those as muscle for a local Pirate gang based on Coruscant. During its destruction, they were relocated to Borleias with the others before managing to make it to Tatooine. Rarely seen apart.
  15. Zepex Real Name: Z-3PX Aliases: Zepex Homeworld: Etti IV Species: Protocol Droid Height: 5'11 Weight: Roughly 300lbs Material: Ultrachrome Photoreceptor Color: White Programming: Masculine Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Faction Rank: Black Sun Agent Status: Active History: A personal protocol droid assigned to R3-M0 by the Intergalactic Banking Clan during his negotiations, Z-3PX, or Zepex not only serves as a liaison, but as a personal speaker for R3-M0 as well. Usually found in the company of R3-M0.
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