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  1. Everything in the Tyrena medical facility proceeded like any other day. With the discharge of Jaina Jade Skywalker and Mr. Montar, very little changed. The files were still kept and maintained. The floors were cleaned. More patients were discharged, including the victims of the CoreSec HQ terrorist attack. Doctors and Nurses plodded along with their usual lives and nothing significant or unusual happened. Dr. Herrus Janspear and the Selonian Nurse, Kano Orivec, were of particular note, due to their close interaction with the patients in question. But their noteworthy interactions seemed to run out there. All of the officials regarded them as more of the rank-in-file. They were card-carrying medical professionals and would thus pass any inspection given to them. Yet, both Janspear and Orivec made discreet data drop-offs with the same procedure. Each one of them was subtle with their examinations - or in the case of Janspear, not so subtle - and wrote notes about their patient's diagnoses. These notes were then processed through their datapads, digitally signed and authenticated by them, copied three times, and sent to their usual locations. As was the medical procedure, the data went to all approved channels. But the third copy of their notes and records went to another place. Janspear and Orivec typed a special codeword into their datapads and the third copy of their notes was sent to an exterior hub. This hub transferred the digital information through an encrypted channel to several locations. The codeword was: PARAGON
  2. An ad, professionally polished and gleaming with cheesy overzealous pride, bloomed to life on the Holonet broadcasting system. It was bright and flashy, and the spokesperson was a gorgeous zabrak female. Her eyes glittered like starlight. Her hair, raven black, draped behind her and was held together in an ornate golden braid. Her skin was pale and her cheeks were slightly rosy with a hint of brown freckles at the apex of each cheekbone. The Zabrak smiled and a logo prominently displayed underneath her picture, at the bottom right corner of the screen. It was an Arkanian pharmaceutical company logo; a company well renowned for their premier medicines and medical treatments. “Hello, sir, madam or anything and everything in between. Do you find yourself hanging on to unsightly weight or body fat? Does your species not normally carry sacks of extra weight around? Do you feel as if, although aesthetic sensibilities are not a problem to you, you are uncomfortable with that extra luggage? If so, we here, at the Charickos Pharmaceutical company, are experimenting with a new drug that will do away with such pesky weight problems. If you would like to participate in trials, simply go to your local medical facility and apply. We will provide modest compensation and you will help us take another step forward in revolutionary Medical practices. Thank you, and have a nice day.” The ad closed with a small jingle that was pleasant to almost every ear. The Zabrak disappeared and the ad switched to another program about the war with the Sith. Is the Remnant going too far?
  3. The meeting ended as all the meetings typically did. Idarah was the only exception. Arcanus sat in the conference room. The lights were dim and he sat alone. His form was composed and silent as Idarah read back the minutes. And he quietly took stock of all the business that was conducted. The Beta Terminus Station was registering good numbers on the other side of the galaxy. The Corellian offices were lagging a little, but keeping at a good pace. The results on planet Cerea looked promising but inconclusive. The cloning facilities on Kamino, Coruscant and Nar Shadaa were busy collecting DNA from anyone that they cloned and each strain was piling up. Soon the Syndicate would have DNA on all the prominent galactic figures. Davros even thought about picking up a cloning facility on Corellia, but the move was deemed too risky with their other assets in the area. More facilities were always good and with their backers supplying them with ample cash it was simple, but they had to move carefully. One wrong move, one wrong turn or one improper investment and they would find themselves smack dab on the galactic radar. Which is someplace Arcanus, and their investors never wanted to happen. Arcanus revealed some facilities in the space near the Echani and Thyrsian homeworlds. Their genetic creations were doing famously and those that survived the genetic trials in utero eighteen years ago were now experiencing the first symptoms of their evolutionary leap. The nanoscopic mechanical monitoring devices implanted in the fetuses were keeping up to date on certain progress benchmarks and the results were amazing. Testing could move forward in that arena and push for more extensive trials. There were other floating lab facilities that reported back daily, but their locations were more mundane. They were normal medical facilities that reported average data with only occasional abnormalities. And the only other assets that the medical conglomerate possessed were stocks that were held in numerous galactic businesses. That, coupled with the support of companies on Arkania and other industrious planets, is what helped keep the Syndicate afloat. The Paragon initiative, as it was affectionately labeled, was proceeding on schedule. Progress was hard won, but any progress was good progress. “Is that all you wished for today Master Arcanus?” Idarah said. Arcanus nodded and the blue form of the A.I winked out, leaving Arcanus in the almost pitch black of the conference room. He twitched his cybernetic arm, feeling the phantom sensation in his fingers again. He walked slowly to the door and only once looked back at the table. Amaryssia…
  4. The Casino returned to its previous position in space. But the entire space station was empty. The Casinos remained. The structure itself remained, but there was no A.I. There was no machinery. There were no patrons. It was a lifeless husk that drifted slowly through space, waiting for someone to visit.
  5. "Deep in the Unknown Regions of space, a force of science and medical innovation worked feverishly to push forward in the pursuit of their ultimate goal: Perfection." A large seamless cylinder of black plated metal spun silently in space. It was a massive station that was cut in the middle by a series of large metal dividers, attached to a large titanium shaft in the center of the structure. The dividers split the station into quarters. And the station had a total of thirty-three decks and floors. The last 3 floors sat atop the cylinder like large discs. The first of these was a large lab devoted to special projects and the last two were devoted to administrative rooms, offices and conference centers. Center Shaft (Spine of the facility) - Communications Relay Quarter 1 - 30 Decks = Maintenance, Power, Utility. Quarter 2 - 30 Decks = LABS/Cleanrooms Scientific/Medical Experiments (Biological, Physics, Propulsion, Incendiary, Chemical, Genetic) Quarter 3 - (Opposite Q1) - 30 Decks = Transit, Production, Distribution (Hangar bays, Manufacturing, Factories) Quarter 4 - (Opposite Q2) - LABS/Cleanrooms Scientific/Medical Experiments (Biological, Physics, Propulsion, Incendiary, Chemical, Genetic) Deck 31 Special Projects Deck 32/33 Administrative ____________________________ ____________________________ When the Golden Link Casino dropped out of hyperspace, a hailing frequency immediately hit. Shuttles sprang to life and began swarming the Casino with rapid motions. Technicians, scientists, and mercenaries poured through the Golden Link and started to tear pieces and parts out of the facility. They didn't leave much of anything behind. They were extremely thorough. They expertly removed the A.I core and offloaded it to a shuttle. And after everything was removed, they jettisoned the Golden Link back to its original location through hyperspace. When that business was finished, they offloaded all the equipment from the shuttles and immediately started to install the A.I and all of its trappings, in the Terminus computers. Idarah would be the new face of the Arkanian Syndicate. She would help them in many fundamental ways. Reconnaissance and surveillance were valuable assets after all. The A.I would interface between cells and assist in communication between the different stations and substations all across the galaxy. That was Arcanus' plan. The central spine of this station held one of the strongest communication relays in existence. It could hit a comm buoy at the galactic core from their location in the Unknown Regions -- of course, the burst of that communication would be highly illogical and frowned upon, but it could. And Idarah could transfer her signal through any communication relay available. That was the beauty of her programming. That was the beauty of her design. Arcanus Verdunn fiddled with his mechanical right arm. The fully articulated cybernetics would sometimes feel like a real right arm. But Arcanus thought himself a fool for musing such idle pleasantries. Now that Idarah was here, the station was complete. Their operations had expanded again and maintained strength, but the lack of cohesive communication was starting to break the cells apart. This would fix that; like a large adhesive de-coagulant. He sat in a large chair, abutting a huge round table that sat in darkness. Other chairs sat around this table. And as the moments drifted by, blue lights began to flicker at every chair. Old Arkanians, like Arcanus, looked up at him, sitting at the head of the large table. Each of them nodded solemnly in turn and smiled. It wasn't the warm smile you gave on a happy day, but the smile you made when you succeeded at something in your life. And it was tinted with Arkanian flavor, which meant it had an ample supply of self-service. Arcanus was the last to smile. He tapped quietly at his seat and the large round table lit up. Maps, charts, and graphs of various experiments illuminated the dark and filled the room. Colors were arrayed by the types of each experiment, the locations of each experiment, and the successes or failures of each experiment. It was a comprehensive display of progress that the entire room sat and watched for a few moments. Beeping continued all around them and a few of the Arkanians deliberated with themselves, which broke the silence. Arcanus held up a hand to stall the inquiries. "What is it, Davros?" Davros, a slightly smaller Arkanian with wispy hair and wide-rimmed spectacles, huffed. "My agent on Corellia was unable to get definitive results from the Cerean Jedi that visited her. I might need to have another agent on Cerea look out for him." "Did she get any results?" Arcanus asked a sense of mild irritation to his tone. "Yes, she did." Davros bleated, passing a litany of glowing charts to Arcanus' side of the table. Arcanus looked the charts over with silence and nodded. "Good. We know that that species of plant is not responsive to those types of experiments. We will have the Jedi fix the problem while we continue observation. And if he can't, we'll continue with our experimentation regardless. Proceed Davros." Davros huffed again, his bushy beard rustling a little at the movement, and settled back in his chair. "Now that we have that out of the way," Arcanus continued. "I would like to say welcome. Welcome to the seventh annual Arkanian Syndicate Council Meeting. I am Arcanus Verdunn and I will be presiding as the Archon for these proceedings. Idarah will take the minutes." Arcanus waved his mechanical arm in the air and a Twi'lek hologram illuminated the center of the table. "Yes, Master Verdunn." Idarah chimed. Her voice was cold. Her eyes were set. Arcanus' smile widened, and his cybernetic eye lit up with a dangerously pleased gleam. "Now gentlemen and ladies. Let us proceed."
  6. 01001001 01100100 01100001 01110010 01100001 01101000 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101111 01101101 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101... 01001001 01100100 01100001 01110010 01100001 01101000 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101111 01101101 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101... 01001001 01100100 01100001 01110010 01100001 01101000 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101111 01101101 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101... <> I:\creatorArchives\PARAGON.exe 3235... 3322... 6632... 01000110 01101111 01101100 01101100 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100001 01110000 00101100 00100000 01100110 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101101 01100101 00101110... <> <> [PRIMARY USER RESET] [VENTING BIOLOGICAL LIFEFORMS] [DESTROYING TRACEABLE CODING]
  7. Idarah complied immediately. Her hologram materialized behind Zalis as did a hologram of the Link in its entirety. ::Here is a basic run down of the structure and its properties. I apologize for its detail, but there are quite a few things to cover:: Shaped like a giant roulette wheel, the Golden Link Casino spins through the far reaches of space, providing a meeting place and entertainment for the galactic populace. Featuring a grand casino, luxury hotel resort, and an amusement park, this mobile casino-headquarters for the Link can accommodate an armada of passenger ships and liners from all reaches of space. While mostly a place of business, it also provides a neutral meeting grounds for all sorts of characters and galactic intrigue. The overall design is that of a massive roulette table, spinning eternally in space. It's flanked by a series of docks and bright, neon signs. First off, you have the basic design: Catchy and appealing. The various adds are holo projections from special emitters. You can do flat out signs or holocasts and earn additional ad revenue right off the bat. There are a few free-floating sign boards, which in addition to being ads, would include concealed long range sensors and small laser weapons systems. These signs have been upgraded to include larger laser weaponry and targeting systems in the sign’s electronics. The Signs can also dock with the Casino in case of Emergency. The outer shell of the Link hologram turns translucent and fades away, showing the interior of the casino-craft. There are a series of hangars along the rim of the docks. The central spindle of the wheel running from top to bottom also carries hangars. There's ample docking for up to even 2 capital class ships, which can include luxury liners and other massive space transports. In addition, there is a series of droid automated repair and service centers. The lower docks on the bottom of the wheel for maintenance craft and cargos, and other service projects. There are a few more defenses there- bioscans and others, as well as tractor beams which can aid in removing debris, et cetra. The image fades away yet again, showing a series of dining establishments and shops just past the casino area. It's basic fare: Souvenir shops, restaurants, sushi bars, and commercial chains, but it's all there. The upper levels of the wheel are shown now: Herein are hotel and conference rooms, as well as administrative posts for your own private offices. There are a few luxury suites for private use. In addition, staff and other housing can be found here, along with a small medical center. There's enough amusements including a gravity & water park here to entertain an entire family besides the gambling. We even have a giant arcade, a special shooting gallery, ghost hotel, and large bird races there to boot, though breeding those damn birds can be a pain in the arse. There is also a holographic funhouse section. This will attract additional revenue from tourists too and could be considered a drain on the primary focus of gambling. Still, if the kiddies are at play, it'll be easier to lure mommy and daddy into the casinos. The interior segments are now shown around the central spindle: Here are the casinos proper. Every game you can imagine from sabacc to dragon poker is here. More adult bars, and clubs are littered at even intervals around the ring to keep our target customer base inside. There is a specialized harmonics field with the engines, that in addition to keeping the gravity going, it also nerfs all force use inside the place. This will make the games a bit more balanced. You have cameras and special sensors to prevent cheating. Below the casinos near the central axis are a series of enclosed rings for races- those birds, blobs, and along the very top of the roulette table, covered by a glassteel half tube, is a special pod race track. Finally, the central axis is shown in detail: The bottom portions are closed off, running the engines and other technical controls- climate, shields, etc., while the very top three levels hold a magnificent, domed park, open to the stars and filled with the most romantic spots on the whole ship- featuring an "open air" cafe' and a giant dance stage. The innermost portion of the axis is heavily armored and shielded: Inside is the central safe. The safe has a fool proof security system. The roulette wheel has four hidden planetary turbo lasers at the cardinal points, and as the wheel spins, it can fire them off. There are cameras and security droids along with the other server and dealer droids, and over 10 meters of durasteel lined with cortosis keep the central safe area well... safe. There's a special gravity lock system that keeps the Link's holdings in a kind of pocket dimension, making it impossible to steal. There is currently a retinal scan authenticated accounting system << I have added your scans already >>, seconded with a special scanner for finger prints << same >> and a verbal access code to make the security pre-eminent. << This code can be changed with your authorization >> An override was also programmed into the A.I, Idarah, so if at any moment she finds that you aren’t authorized (through her own established vetting system), she can keep the door locked despite other attempts at opening it. Entrances are now refitted with bio scans and sensor scans at every entrance- now able to detect power sources and explosives. To neutralize this each of the threats- particularly automated laser traps embedded deep in the durasteel walls. There are now detailed bio metric and sensor scans taken if you contact the walkways as well. Larger weaponry inside the hangar bays and docks- smaller ship laser cannons and ion guns to discourage ships from being a problem or escaping. <> There is a special detention center- durasteel and cortosis, all set to the force dampening harmonics field found in the casino proper to make it sturdy enough to hold FUs and NFUs that create problems for the establishment. Modifications made by Ida and her innovative taskforce: - Small, almost invisible bands were placed in the wall panels of every part of the space station. Inside these bands, are holographic projectors, sensors, and a number of other small devices to give Idarah the ability to appear anywhere on command. - Magnetic Devices in the floor were placed and programmed to activate during spur of the moment Hyperspace jumps to ensure the safety of the Link’s patrons.<> - The ventilation systems, sound systems, temperature systems, hyper drive, weapon systems, scanning and sensor systems were all tied to Idarah’s AI. The only system that wasn’t, was the life support system. That way, even if things went wrong, the life support systems would always be functioning at the Casino. - The ventilation system can and is used to help spread peaceful aromas of lavender, hibiscus, or themed scents to the various parts of the Casino to help liven people up and keep them playing. - The Casino games and stats are all tied into the Casino AI as well. All the staff are now androids, because at the Link, everyone is welcome to relax and enjoy themselves. Their play/cheat settings can be tweaked and/or modified from the central A.I's database, or by simply asking. - The security force is composed entirely of droids equipped with heavy laser weapons and stun batons. Stun batons are also carried by the android staff to help avoid serious damage to the patrons of the Casino. - The Swoop Track is in the process of being dismantled... - The Helix Hyperspace drive is always kept warm and runs on the AI's base programming. She has been given the same instructions that the drive has always had, to keep the Link as close to the original as possible. -The primary core of the AI and her personality are built into the supercomputer at the core of the Link. Backups were created in separate parts of the facility as well to ensure that her AI isn’t lost forever. ::As far as our legal restrictions or jurisdictions, we currently run on Galactic Alliance basic protocol, concerning all of our amusement, games, and other entertainment based features. If you would like however, I can change any and all of those protocols and/or jurisdictions at your discretion:: Idarah stood silent, her illusory hands waiting behind her back and letting Zalis take in everything she had said.
  8. Idarah's surveillance system was not very respectful when it came to intimate exchange, or any other exchange really. The A.I, tied to the computer as she was, could see all acts frivolous and non from the elaborate monitoring system hooked into the Golden Link's mainframe. It was a state of the art system designed by some of the - now deceased - finest minds on Coruscant. It monitored life signs, heat signatures, motion, and a full spectrum of radiation. In fact, the only thing it didn't really monitor was force sensitivity, but that was due to a lack of linking force senses to cold, hard, robotics; not for lack of trying. When the RANDO MANDO's life signs declined dramatically, a small black robot was deployed from a janitorial hatch down the hall from Zalis' suite. It was a striking almost perfect oval-like robot with zero visible impurities. The only things that set it apart from being a perfect, floating, black, ovoid was a set of small glowing red eyes, and a glaring white Black Sun Logo on its center of mass. It was followed be a startling pure black repulsor stretcher that hovered on its own, tethered to the small robot. When Zalis had finished, Idarah made a small ping sound in her suite, and opened the door. The black robot zoomed inside slowly and made a low humming noise when it neared the corpse of the former, 'RANDO MANDO.' It was a grim noise. In fact, upon closer inspection, one could not find where the sound emerged. It was a seamless design that had only been recently modified with Black Sun insignia. Without a word, the black repulsor stretcher neared the bed. It moved until the short end of the stretcher and the short end of the bed met. The movement was quiet and uniform; practiced. Small metallic arms emerged from the sides of the stretcher. The small metal fingers grabbed on to the soft tissue of the deceased, to accept, and deposit the body on to the cold slab of floating metal. It drug the lump of dead flesh from the padded bed and onto the harsh metal, causing a gory mess in its wake. There was no padding. Why would there be? Death has no comfort... It simply, is. A small hum from the black ovoid signaled the completion of the movement and both the ovoid and the stretcher drifted down the hall and back into the janitorial hatch. The remains of the body didn't dribble on the floor, there was no evidence of where the body was deposited, and there was little to no evidence of there ever having been a RANDO MANDO at this location. All registered transactions had been retracted. His name had been scrubbed from every document linking to the Golden Link and an article was placed on the Holonet that the poor RANDO MANDO had met his fate in a shuttle crash on the way to one of his many jobs. His helmet was to be sent to his next of kin, along with a letter from an undisclosed and anonymous source. The shuttle records were scrambled to reflect this, and one of the shuttles was replaced in the numerical record, in order to keep the story straight. When the ovoid and stretcher disappeared, a small floor level droid replaced it. It was very short and glittering white. It had no eyes, but was fitted with a small white beam of light in the 'front' of its 'face.' It spun around and moved on brushes, but it had repulsor technology built in and small arms to help it move up the wall if it needed. It emerged from one of the hatches lining the halls and began scrubbing the floor all the way into Zalis' suite. Another droid, this one more in keeping with other more appropriate protocol models, accompanied it. When the two of them made it to the Black Sun elite's door, the small one was let in a small hatch at the bottom and the larger droid was let in when the rest of the door opened. The protocol droid, gleaming silver with a white Black Sun logo on its back, walked over to the bed and removed the dirty sheets, throwing them into a nearby chute. It then began to make the bed with brand new sheets. The small robot started scrubbing the floor as soon as it entered, retracing the RANDO MANDO's steps. It kept scrubbing regardless of any movement in the suite. It even moved clockwise around Zalis if it got too close. It took a few moments longer than the protocol droid however, and left only when the floor sparkled underneath its persistent brushing. Then, it left right back through the same hatch it had come in, and followed the RANDO MANDO's tracks all the way to the hangar. When the room was completely silent once more, the bed was made with pristine sheets, the corpse was gone and the room was empty once more. If Zalis turned to look, her bottle of brandy had even been replaced by a new one. Meanwhile, the outer construction of the facility that Zalis ordered had been finished. The atmospheric shielding was down and the Golden Link was no longer exposed to space. There was still considerable construction needed on the interior, but progress took time. :: Anything you need Ms. Zalis; don't hesitate to ask ::
  9. The construction was well underway. Large machines of varying design were beginning to detach large portions of the swoop track and replace them with durasteel floors and walls. Other machines filled in behind the large machines, equipped with plasma torch arms that fused the durasteel chunks together with seamless precision. Construction droids were monitoring the site and a large atmospheric shield was in place to prevent the rest of the Casino from blowing out into space. The main computer hummed quietly to itself and sent commands back and forth with little effort. Idarah was the computer's avatar; a representative of its influence in the Casino as a whole. She could project anywhere she needed to be, including at the hangar bay as the escort's shuttle was allowed to dock. The procedures were informal and simple. She vetted the escort through online databases and holonet records while he was on arrival. But she didn't quite understand why the man was almost naked when he walked up to the main door. Idarah's hologram was immune to embarrassment. But, even she, as pragmatic as she was, understood space was cold. This man, robed in nothing more than a mandalorian, 'buy'ce' as they called it, and boxer shorts, came up to Idarah's hologram and bowed in a formal greeting. "I am the RANDO MANDO you requested. I am here to fill all amorous needs." The male said, without hesitation. Idarah paused for a moment and tilted her head to the side. :: I do believe you have arrived at a miscalculation sir. I am not who you are here for. The woman you are here for is in suite 2A. I can show you there if you wish :: The self proclaimed RANDO MANDO grunted his ascent and Idarah nodded silently. The man, his actual name Thomas Ordo, was a buff and charming retired Mandalorian mercenary. He and his friends had started the RANDO MANDO escort service when they fell on hard times and have turned it into an intergalactic enterprise that spans half the galaxy and caters to a multitude of different races and creeds. It was an interesting business, but not one that Idarah understood in the slightest. She had no understanding of mortal needs or whims. It was... strange. Idarah guided the man around a series of turns and corners until they were at Zalis' room. Idarah, using Zalis' internal comm system, indicated that her escort had arrived.
  10. Acknowledging her first addendum, the computer set up a series of signals and alarms that would lead through the facility into Ms. Krales' suite. It would be a soft chime followed by a short message. Idarah used her own voice for the messages, but could program different voices to fit any occupant's need. It was, after all, a facility meant to accommodate a customer's needs. However, they did not have male escorts on staff, so the second request needed to be outsourced. Idarah used one of her many subroutines to call 'RANDO MANDO'S Premium intergalactic escort service and ordered her two of their most attractive, local, human male escorts. The specification was necessary, for they had a great deal of different races in their repertoire. Then, as soon as her other requests had been processed, a small hovering server droid flew by with her Brandy. Idarah's hologram faded into the holographic band that was attached to almost every wall; except the walls of each room and suite, in order to maintain some semblance of decorum. Idarah did have access to the entire facility however and could be reached at any moment through the computer or sometimes, by simply invoking her name. If there is anything else you need Ms. Krales, please let me know. If our Brandy is not to your liking, I can have some shipped here as soon as possible. Your escort should arrive in a couple of hours. Their nearest outpost isn't that far from here, but it still takes time.
  11. As Zalis' request was received, a team of utility and construction droids were sent to the Pod Racing Track and a series of small, controlled, detonations could be heard from the hangar as construction began. The sounds broke as the last word emerged, and as soon as the Datapad was revealed, a small light shone on the hologram's eyes and the data from the pad was transferred instantaneously. Shielding was employed throughout the link in the case of an accidental hull breach and any and all precautions were taken. However, all organic staff were already reserved to the customer service based professions, which were Casino based, mostly. Idarah's hologram didn't change expression upon the mention of a torture chamber. She didn't register a reaction on any emotional level. She simply put her blue hands together and nodded quietly. Black Sun sigils and emblems were already hung around the hangar. The Golden Link's Logo was changed to accommodate the format change. Even the backs of the playing cards had been changed to fit Black Sun specific Casino standard. Idarah's hologram sailed silently behind Zalis as she walked and folded her arms behind her holographic body as if she were an administrative assistant. Right away Ms. Krales. Will that be all? Or shall I help you with additions to your suite?
  12. Triple post, but the mods/admins know why I am doing these... A hideous scream echoed throughout the hangar and digital bouts of maniacal laughter followed. Horrific sobbing followed suit after that until the hangar was filled with emotional sounds of varying levels of distress. Then, just as quickly as they had appeared, the sounds stopped. The holographic head was replaced with a holographic Twi'lekk body. The Twi'lekk was beautiful. Her skin was a seamless white polymer interrupted only occasionally by the black plastic of her joints as her limbs moved. Her lekku were draped behind her in a symmetrical pattern and floated lightly. Her posture was dutiful and somewhat apologetic. "My apologies, I seemed to have an emotional reaction. Protocol Series 333-W4441 called that I remove the emotional part of my personality if any hazards were enacted upon personnel or patrons that were entering the Link." The Bill of Sale was once again validated and the main door to the Link opened for the Black Sun agents. The hangar doors opened again and the shields were restored. If you looked hard enough, you could even make out carrier droids retrieving the Black Sun vessel before it could be completely obliterated or left to drift in space.
  13. ((Yes a double post, but a double post for a reason.)) Modifications made by Ida and her innovative taskforce: - Magnetic Devices in the floor were placed and programmed to activate during spur of the moment Hyperspace jumps to ensure the safety of the Link’s patrons. <> - The ventilation systems, hyper drive, weapon systems, scanning and sensor systems were all tied to Idarah’s AI. The only system that wasn’t, was the life support system. That way, even if things went wrong, life would always be assured at the Casino. <> - The ventilation system can and is used to help spread peaceful aromas of lavender, hibiscus, or themed scents to the various parts of the Casino to help liven people up and keep them playing. <> - The Casino games and stats are all tied into the Casino AI as well. All the staff are now androids, because at the Link, everyone is welcome to relax and enjoy themselves. <> - The security force is composed entirely of droids equipped with heavy laser weapons and stun batons. Stun batons were also carried by the android staff to help avoid serious damage to the patrons of the Casino. < - The swoop track is now retrofitted with a stasis system to stop cheating in the middle of a race if it is discovered. <> - The Helix Hyperspace drive is always kept warm and runs on the AI's base programming. She has been given the same instructions that the drive has always had, to keep the Link as close to the original as possible. <> -The primary core of the AI and her personality are built into the supercomputer at the core of the Link. Backups were created in separate parts of the facility as well to ensure that her AI isn’t lost forever. <> Time passed in silence before the deal with the Golden Link's co-owner Brina Thalin was made. Time that might have seemed silent, but was instead chaotic and filled with potential. A potential that you would have to look for in order to see what was going on. A year after finishing construction, allowing the Link to enjoy a brief moment of prosperity, Ida died. She was killed in her apartment on Coruscant and all of her blueprints were destroyed. Idarah, connected to the Galactic Network, heard of it. She desperately tried to find the culprit using news networks all over the galaxy, but couldn't be sure. After Brina made the deal with Black Sun, Idarah was forced to recollect her own destruction at the hands of one of their officers, Voethe Kyrik. This revelation was made in secret. Idarah did not want Brina or Zara implicated. She also did not want to harm the patrons of the Link. She simply wanted to... vent. She instituted an emergency alarm to all patrons and informed them to leave. Once all of the organics left, Idarah sat and waited in space. She waited for the Black Sun to come and accept their prize. For you can have no better time than when you're at the Golden Link Casino. <<>
  14. Like an empty husk, the Golden Link Casino sat silent, awaiting its new owners. The patrons that stayed past their time, aimlessly wandered through the halls as Black Sun personnel filtered into the open Starport and approached the main doors. With their newly acquired Bill of Sale in hand, the Black Sun mercenaries and their agents typed the passcode into the main door and awaited the chime that would signal the beginning of their new enterprise. However, their enthusiasm was cut short when the main door was locked, the hangar doors were open and their ship was loosed into space. The lack of gravity pulled on the mercenaries, but the Link’s AI held them on the catwalk by magnetizing the plates underneath the durasteel walkway. The Black Sun were now trapped in the hangar, facing a closed door and presumably pleading for their lives. “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…” said a cold mechanical voice. A holographic head appeared over the main door and looked down at the Black Sun agents with indifference. “I’m afraid I cannot let you in. The Black Sun has attempted capture and destruction of this vessel before and as such, I have been programmed to offer no leniency to returning Black Sun Agents. You are guilty of assault on Link security, for the assassination of Link personnel and for attempting to seize the Link vessel proper. Now that you are here. I must ask you to make yourselves comfortable while the vessel prepares to warp.” The Black Sun Bill of Sale that they so eagerly clung to, was terminated. It was an electronic contract and as such, vulnerable to all mechanical forms of hacking and manipulation. “Neither Brina Thalin nor Zara Nargal are aware of this recent modification and are thus innocent of any and all liabilities heretofore. As for why you are being held here, that will not be disclosed at this time. If you try to pry open the door or escape in any manner, I am afraid that you will trigger my electronic safe measures and parish in a most inefficient and gruesome manner.” The AI’s tone was hypnotic, but cold. There was no wavering in her words and the walls around the Black Sun agents seemed to hum with a mysterious, but malicious mystery.
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