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  1. When Shiro awoke, he found himself caged once again, this time a sensational tingling vibrating through his entire form every time he struggled against the cuffs that bound him. Rage and pain boiled within him at the thought of having been caught yet again as he resisted his reality and fought to free himself until his muscles ached and wrecked under numbness and electrocution. And then he just laid there in defeat, his form fevered against the cool durasteel flooring he found himself upon. "What's this?" He questioned to himself as he heard the whirling echo of air against steel. "Are we in space?" Struggling to his feet, Shiro realized that he was aboard a small prison transport heading toward an unknown destination his cell having no way to view his outside world. And then his weight shifted as the transport exited hyperspace and he could feel the extra gravity of a planet begin to pull upon his form and that of the ship's, his nostrils flaring with both anticipation and realization that this had became his reality. And when the ship landed and he was led from the ship to Onderon's slaver's market, he fought and struggled with everything he had, causing the guards to bound him in chains and a poled collar. "Ladies and Gents, Our most honored guests, we have a humanoid of the highest caliber. A Force Sensitive of unknown origins with eyes as crimson as the hair that adorns our Dark King's..." Shiro could hear a voice speak from beyond the sheathed hut, his gut twisted in knots and his bloodlust as rampant as the wild beasts he found himself allotted with. If he could just get his hands free... "After killing two members of the Black Sun, adding more murders to his bounty, he displayed the powers of our beloved Masters and took down my own men. If the act had not been so tolling on his own form, I would not be standing here before you this day."
  2. Before Shiro had a moment to think clearly, the security forces of Nar Shadaa had descended upon him and forced him into a quick retreat. Grabbing the fence behind him, he twisted and scaled the nearby wall with his feet to the other side and took off into the night. Nar Shadaa had quickly lost its appeal and safety and he was back on the run yet again. If he was to escape yet again, he would need to find a quick route off of the moon and back into open space. That however, would prove as difficult as it seemed to be easy considering the world's history. On Coruscant, he was able to lose himself amongst the crowds of refugees and become one with them. But here, his face was known and would soon find its self postered across the holonet for every hunter and lawman to access. And even then, with his history on Odik II, it wouldn't be long before it gained creds now that three bodies laid upon his charges. And the biggest question of all was were would a boy of his age be able to disappear to without notice? He couldn't think at the moment, so Shiro ran. He ran like he had never ran before, turning down every corner he came across, his mind focused on the freedom before him and oblivious to the trail he was leaving behind him. He knew the security force was hot on his trail, but he cared not to remember, instead, losing himself in searching for his way off this damned moon. And that was all he focused on, his mind blank of everything else. And when he turned a narrow corner and saw his path had been cut off, his heart stopped for a brief moment. And it was in that moment, that an echo seared across the Galaxy, a singular ripple turning itself into a tidal wave as it ventured outward from Nar Shadaa. It was in that moment, as he put his hands up out of fear and surrender, the Sensitivity within him awakened and a invisible wall of telekinesis shot forth and swept his opposition off their feet. And for Shiro, a darkness took hold of his mind as his form fell forward into unconsciousness and utter despair. He was unconscious, unable to defend himself, unable to understand or comprehend what happened next as he was lifted up and was dragged away...
  3. The brooding metropolis that was the cityscape of Nar Shadaa seemed like a vast ocean for the young Shiro as his time here turned from hours into days. Yet, like on Odik II, he still had to steal and struggle to survive this new world he found himself upon. But at least here, few paid him hardly any heed. He was just a face, unknown and rarely paid attention to. But the struggle was real all the same, strength and fortitude, speed and finesse, all pushed to their max as he evaded those that did choose to pay attention to him. And those were mostly vendors and citizens whom fell victim to his hunger and thirst, his urge to survive. And most of the time, he was lucky. But other times... Darkness fell upon his sight as he felt a sharp blow to the side of his head, the feeling in his body almost leaving him instantly before he fell into the void of the darkened abyss as the sounds of mumbled voices faded into nothing. And when he awoke, he found himself tied up upon a fence. Before him stood two Trandoshans and a single overly chubby and grotesque Human male. Gripping his fists, Shiro struggled against his bindings, alerting the trio that he was awake, the human chuckling as the Trandoshans approached and started beating away into Shiro's ribs and chest. "Dont kill him boys." The human spoke as he lit a cigar and drew in a deep inhalation of its spice laced aroma before exhaling. "If he thinks he can steal property from the Black Sun, then he becomes property of the Black Sun." Shiro winced in pain as he felt ribs break and his jaw begin to shatter from the blows that were forced upon him, his glowing red eyes staring straight forward amidst the darkened shadow that laid upon his face, blood spewing from his mouth with each lick that was landed. Yet he said not a word, his anger at the three steadily boiling at their cowardice, his vision blurred by the memory of the day he was publicly lashed for speaking out against the Elders. No matter where he went, people would always be the same, and no matter the reason, the weak would always hide behind the strong. And Shiro smiled.... His bindings came loose during the beating, being overlooked by the cowards before him. Before they could even noticed, Shiro let forth his fury as he slung his vibroknuckler into the throat of the Trandoshan to his right with enough might that crushed the being's wind pipe and startled the other long enough that Shiro pounced upon the beast with crazed eyes as he scratched out its eyes. And when Shiro turned his gaze toward the human, he was gone, leaving Shiro behind with two more bodies at his feet. Shiro was becoming a mass murderer whether he wanted to or not.
  4. Nar Shadaa.... it was as unknown to Shiro as the rest of the Galaxy when he disembarked the transport he had escaped upon. His cuffed hands hidden beneath his duster, his red gaze shot around amongst the refugees he had taken refuge with as his lungs took in a deep sigh of relief beneath the blackened yarn that wrapped itself around his face. He had finally found solace, a sense of momentary peace from both those who had arrested him and the chaos he had found himself in upon Coruscant. He didnt know whether to be thankful or frightened by it, but he took the moment for what it was as he stumbled forward, grabbing a bag of items laying alone, and disappeared into the alleyways that littered the moon. Coruscant had left a chaotic mindset within the young humanoid. When he first arrived, it seemed a paradise to spend the rest of his days to be locked away in. But then when the ground shook and the cityscape began to crumble, Shiro felt fear for the first time in a long time. Chaos erupted and ensued as prisoners attacked guards, and guards attacked prisoners, and all Shiro could do was run past both into the dust and darkness. And everywhere he went that followed, it only showed more, his feet slipping from beneath him quite a few times from railings twisting or blood pooling as people acting as if beasts in an attempt to survive. And even when Shiro found the small ship he had came to Nar Shadaa on, it was the same, people murdering people just to gain passage, the only reason Shiro slipped past being that no one seemed to notice him. And now he was here. Finding a place to settle in and rest, Shiro slid down against a tucked away wall, digging into the small bag he had taken and taking inventory of its content. Inside there wasn't much, just a few tools, some food and water, nothing noteworthy. But with the tools, he was able to release himself from the cuffs that bound his hands, and the food provided a fulfilling meal. And as he took a sip of water to chase the meal, he looked upward toward the looming planet above him and for a brief second felt homesick. For Odik II seemed so far away now, and on a galactic scale, it most likely was. There was so much of the unknown for the young humanoid, the one known only as Shiro Seven of the Seventh Dissident Ward, and in that moment,a tear strolled down his cheek. Feeling the wet droplet, Shiro's hand touched it, feeling its coldness upon his fingertips as he looked upon it in disbelief. Why did he cry over Odik II? Why did he suddenly miss such misery? It was their fault he was in this mess so far away from home. It was their fault he held no home to go home to. It was they who made him suffer so. And it would be they who would pay. Replacing the scarf around his face, Shiro rose to make his way once again. He held no clue as to where to go, but he knew if he kept going, he would find a place to belong and a place to forget his past. And so, as upon Coruscant, he disappeared into the shadows once again, searching for his place to belong.
  5. Identity Real Name: Shiro Armegedon A.K.A: Shiro 7 Homeworld: Odik II Species: Humanoid Physical Description Appearance: Age: 19 Height: 5'7 Weight: 150lbs Hair: White Eyes: Glowing Red Skin Tone: Bronze Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Black Leather Duster, Black Yarn Scarf, White Cloth Tee, Cargo Pants, Black Leathered Steel Toe Boots, Handmade Bone Necklace Weapon: Vibro-Knucklers Common Inventory: Clothes, Weapons, Assortment of Fruit, Herbs, and Vegetables, Water Canteen Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Unknown Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History Force Side: Unknown Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: N/A Personality: Shoto is a bit rebellious, filled with hatred for others due to his family being casted out by the other Dissenters that have remained on Odik II, as well as toward his own family in the same breath. Curious by nature, he tends to search for truths, especially when it comes to why he and his family were mistreated so. But due to this, he doesn't trust very many beings either, causing him to be a loner and have a bit of a brooding attitude toward life. Distinctive Markings: Due to his life on Odik II, like everyone who has remained carrying on the tradition of tattooing their ancestor's original penal number upon their bodies, Shiro carries the penal number of his great grandfather upon his right cheek. Scars: Living the life that he has, Shiro carries many scars upon his form. Most are subtle cuts from a rough childhood, but two stand out above the rest. One is seen upon his left arm where he attempted to block a vibro-blade during a fight. But the other set rests upon his back where he once defended his family name to the Dissent Elders and was disciplined in public view. Background: Shiro is a fourth generation member of Odik II's long forgotten dissent wards left behind by the Galactic Empire of old. Like his father before him, and his father's father before he, the only life he has ever known is that of servitude and disgrace. The natural residents of Odik II resent those of the dissident wards, but even worse for him is the resentment of even of the original dissidents toward his own family. Because of this, Shiro shares a resentment not only toward outsiders, but toward his own family. Shiro spent most of his child as a loner, visiting the local spaceport and listening to the adventures shared among the many travelers in secret, whether hiding beneath the local tavern or walking about the many alleys and paths that crisscrossed the small port, hiding the Penal Number of his great grandfather upon his right cheek beneath bandages or cloth as to not alert the local natives. It's most likely that this was the happiest moments of his childhood and the only time that Shiro felt as if he belonged. When Shiro was around fifteen, he lost his family in a fire to their residence. There was no investigation by the local authorities, nor by the Elders. Enraged, Shiro approached them, demanding the reasoning why the fire that killed his family wasn't being investigated, claiming the Elders likely had something to do with it. This led to a brief imprisonment and public lashing, followed by his being cast out from the Wards forever. Orphaned and abandoned, Shiro would spend his remaining days on Odik II wondering around the local spaceport. On occasion a spacer would see him sleeping in the dirt and offer a meal, but few rarely did. Most of the time however, Shiro had to fight for survival, stealing whatever wasn't nailed down. And when he was caught, he never spoke in his defense or resisted. Onlookers would speak of him as a caged beast, broken and needing to be locked away forever. Emotionless in silence, Shiro would do his time under the local authorities until he would be thrown back out into the streets again. And so his life would go on like this until he saw one of the Elders near the spaceport one day, that same enraged feeling coming over him as the Elder smirked at him and stated that he should have been in the fire that claimed his family. Shiro attacked the man, continuously beating the man until he could not longer lift his arms when the authorities arrived and arrested him. Due to vibroknuckles, Shiro was arrested with assault with the intent to kill and was sent to Coruscant for trial. But as they arrived at Coruscant, so did the Mandalorians and the destruction that ensued. Amidst the chaos, the Last Armegedon in existence disappeared just as his assault charge from Odik II turned to murder. Ship Registration Name: N/A Class: N/A Model: N/A Manufacturer: N/A Length: N/A Armaments: N/A Armor: N/A Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: N/A Appearance: N/A
  6. Luna listened attentively as the group's conversation transpired, having long pulled herself from the ship and placed her back against a portion of it's hull. Her head still found it's self in throbbing pain from her fall, and the air around them choked at her lungs with the stench of sulfur and ember. Beneath her cloaked face, she gazed into the distance through of gift of force sight, seeing what most of the others could not- this was a place of true darkness, a place even the Sith would surely fear. "Nhagathul, you say?" Luna speaks as her gaze shifts back to the others, the youthful hybrid lifting her form from her propped position and some what stumbling back toward them. "My father once told stories of this place,but i thought it to only be a Jedi Legend." The air picks up a minor gust, swirling around her form and revealing a face that Vesper would find some what familiar. Her face, though disguised by her jet black hair and her father's features, still held spoke of her mother's lineage- and with it, spoke of her Uncle, Canderous Bralor. A slight grin creeps upon her bruised face, a trail of blood snaking from her busted mouth, having realized her rudeness. Where were her manners? "Forgive my manners." Luna replies to Vesper's solemn request, the girl bowing with a slight curtsy as she presented herself despite her injuries and slight loss of balance. "I am known as Luna Armegedon, former Alliance Lieutenant and sister of the recently passed Jedi Knight known as Scorpio Armegedon." Turning back to gaze upon the horizon, it's city like structure looming in the distance, it's barren earth lined with cracks and crevices that gave off the resonances of it's living darkness, Luna felt it's cold dead touch tugging at her very soul. Surely they all would feel it's pull just as they had toward the ship, their reasons for boarding and following yet to be known. All Luna knew was that they were here now, and the only way back was to discover that reason. Without turning back, she spoke. "I think it's time we found what it was that brought us all here, for it may be our only way home." Speaking in a low near silent whisper as she passed Armiena, purposely falling upon her as she passed to lift suspicion if anyone had caught her speaking to the Master Jedi, Luna delivered her message. "I need to speak with you when we are alone."
  7. ((Continued from the Space Thread.)) "You know them?" Luna questioned, her eyes bewildered and confused as she thought in horror upon the impact that one of the others had been here before. "Which ones? The Jedi?.... Or the Clone Trooper?" "They were aboard the ship i was on when it was taken..." She spoke in horror, almost as if she suspected these to be her last words. " I cannot say.... It's too late. I've said too much. They'll get me soon enough.... Save yourself......" Before she could say another word, Luna felt herself lunge forward as her leather attire caused her form to slide across mangled bodies and into the walls lining the corridors. Her vision faded in and out, her head throbbing from the impact and the screams and cries echoing in unison as the floor beneath her felt as if it gave way. Her blurred gaze shifted toward the girl, but she was no longer there. And as Luna passed into an unconscious state, fear clouded her thoughts and dread crept across her heart. "One of them is among us?" What seemed like hours only lasted mere minutes as Luna came to seconds later, her limp body being thrown about as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere and the feeling of safety and survival slipped from her list of emotions. The planet's call, it's presence, seemed to devour any feeling of hope or happiness in one's heart. And as Luna managed to get to her feet after landing, it seemed a lifetime away. She hurried back toward the others, holding herself up on the occasional railing when her knees grew weak and her body seemed to want to give way. It was rather apparent she likely had a concussion from her previous fall. But it didn't matter. She had to warn the Jedi, Armiena, of the little girl's words. They had a traitor amongst them, one of those who wished them harm. She could not rest until then, nor would she allow herself. Such stubbornness was a habit of any Armegedon. It was rather awkward that Luna, who was first to board, was also the first to gaze upon this mysterious planet. She held no clue of where they landed, nor if this was even within their own galaxy. Maybe the Jedi would know more, Luna remembering their flight to the ship's command deck when she parted ways wit them. But for now, Luna looked out the cargo bay doors onto the dead planet with dread. They were trapped like rats with no way out. Still looking out as the corpses rose and pointed their exit, Luna couldn't help but feel the irony of the information she had just found out. "Welcome back they say. But which one of us are the welcoming back?"
  8. Hours had passed, days even it seemed, as Luna trekked through-out the ship's entirety. The Miralukian hybrid found a weird feeling of comfort emanating from her as she scouted each corner and crevasse, determined to keep her mind sane within thoughts of logical reasoning. But if there was ever a place that wasn't capable of logic, she was no aboard it. The smell of death, the dry peeling of blood that littered the walls and floor- to even have ventured aboard was beyond logic. Yet something still puled her farther in. Suddenly chills ran up Luna's spine, causing her to flinch and seize furiously as anyone did when a sudden fear made it's presence among them. It was as if Death it's self had poured it's cold musky breath down upon the back of her neck as she hear the pitter-patter of small feet running across the mangled bodies and blood covered metal plates. Luna, though fearful of her own insanity, couldn't help but proceed behind it, as if praying something was truly alive aboard this ship besides those that came across it at Onderon. "Excuse me" Luna nearly tripped in her panic, never a sight seen before as hers as she jumped from fright and began trying to clear the bodies in a single bound. Her face pale and her heart pounding away faster than the pistons of a SSD, she gathered herself long enough to turn and view a fragile girl step from the shadows and into the light. Again she spoke. "E-Excuse me." Luna wanted to reply, but could not find the words past the lump that held it's own within the middle of her throat, forcing Luna to merely nod to show the girl that she held her attention. The girl seemed as frightened as Luna, her startled dashing of her gaze at every little noise suggesting at it. Her clothes were torn, and her body covered in the same dried blood that coated the walls. She couldn't have been no more than twelve or thirteen years old by the looks of her, but with the logic of where they were completely confused that suggestion. Finally the girl felt safe enough to speak, but as she did, Luna nearly gasped in complete horror. For where an innocent voice should have came, a hoarse groan of an old woman's erupted. The voice from before was so different, what Luna concluded was hers. It was so faint, so eerie- the first voice. But the child's, so old, so demanding of attention. It couldn't have been the same voice... could it? "You... Blind Warrior." The child spoke, Luna still freaked out by the voice as the child's finger came upon her standing. "Those that boarded after you.... I.. I know them." ((Continued in the Nhagathul Thread))
  9. The constant passing of the blood red circular lights as the lift scurried to the heavens gave the surroundings of the four a deathly aura of sorts, a sacrilegious standing within a ring of cold fire as the timely gasp of compression came and went with the passing of the lights. Luna stood solid, her back nearly pressed against the other's as they readied for the unexpected, unknowing of what laid in wait for them just above. It was here that the other's begin to act strangely as well, first with Delta's sudden outburst that nearly took her head off. Luna, startled, looked around at the other's, noticing that Armiena had ducked as well, the projectile no doubtingly crossing her path as well as it was flung toward them by the once unwavering commando. What would make a soldier act in such a way? Even Luna would admit she was a tad bit freaked out right now. The lift arrived at their destination, the doors shooting open with an horrifying 'hiss'. Luna's gazed peered out into the darkened corridor as the other's grew to the ready, a lump of fear gathering within her throat as she viewed no one but themselves- no one to call her name as they had done. And as the Padawan reacted and ran toward an seemingly unhurt Master, Luna's paranoia strengthened tenfold. Luna had had it. She soon disembarked the lift, slightly weirded out by the others and glad to leave their side. Her mind wandered, wondering if this hellish place had driven them mad, if this ship had conquered their minds. Was her's next? Armiena was seemingly the only sane one left besides herself, and in her mind, Luna was doing her a favor by going off on her own. It would be one less to worry about. Blastsword in hand, Luna turned around the corner and disappeared alone into the shadows. "What have i gotten myself into this time?.... What a day." Straight out of the hands of an assassin and into the frying pan. What a day indeed.
  10. Luna found it a little odd that the woman offered a handshake only to quickly remove it, a slight feeling of uneasiness settling among the group as the ship began to rumble and awaken from it's hollow slumber. She 'gazed' around a bit, her white blind eyes barely visible beneath the blackened veil of shadow that returned upon her face as she placed her cloak back upon her raven haired head. The unliving had begun to move, lifeless forms shifting beneath their feet as if all were being called to into place. "I do not know about the current happenings outside in the Galaxy..." Luna began to speak, a voice within her mind bringing slight distraction to her thoughts as the unsettling feeling grew stronger. "But there is indeed a presence aboard this ship.... Something unnatural.... Something helli..." Before she could finish speaking, the others reacted. A bit hasty for Luna, but by instinct. As an ex Alliance soldier, Luna knew all too well that instinct was the reason most survived even the roughest of battles. Quickly, Luna followed suit, her hand now grasping tightly the blastsword she had grown so fondly of. But unlike the others, Luna's advancements were more of a stroll rather than a frenzy, her mind carefully observing her surroundings as she trekked forward. The unholy Trinity's attack at Gala had taught her that much. As the other's approached the turbolift, Luna quickened her pace. So much so, that as she grew near the others, Armiena's surprising scream caused Luna to lose composure and soon found her own form laying upon the floor, her footing lost due to a puddle of blood laying within her path. "Damn it!" Luna exclaimed, her own cursing exploding out into the open air before she realized what it was she had spoken. Rising, Luna attempted to dust herself off only to realize it was to no avail. She would wear the color red for quite awhile. "Where is a refresher when you need one." To Luna, the dead twilek was just another body among the masses. A regretful experience and innocent life lost, but another corpse none the less. Such was a soldier's conscience. So it was understandable when she merely walked by it without a second glance, not because her heart was cold and dead. She would pray for it's afterlife, but it was all she could do. Muttering a silent prayer for the twilek's lost spirit, she stepped through the door and onto the lift with the others, her cold white gaze peering out into nothing but the Force. With her weapon at the ready, she awaited Armiena's next move. But silently, in the back of her mind, she couldn't help but hear the voice from earlier speaking over and over. It was the same one that called her here. "It's time. It's time to go home."
  11. "Who are you?" Were the words Luna spoke as she found herself engulfed by the bitter darkness that lurched inside. Songs of lost souls, the stench of death and decay, all drew her evermore toward the center of this damnation. "Why do you beckon me?" Light found no home within this unnatural darkness, the ever present void dead as the materials from which it was made. But Luna found comfort within the dark, her natural affinity to the sight of the Force never lost from her even in the presence of evil. She could see the evil for which it stood, see what laid around the next bend, as if nothing could escape her sight as she disappeared inside. Lights came on suddenly, revealing to all the contents of it's manufacturing. Red was the color of the blood that coated it's interior, as was the color of the 'vegetation' that lined it's corners and corridors. Death was the new car smell that erupted from it's bowels, and as the heat of Onderon came blowing in, it only worsened. Luna, scarred by this encounter, only hasten her resolve as to find it's purpose for existence. It was true that she felt fear over this place, as would any normally sane person. But curiosity held it's hold firmly, and Luna was never one to let fear control her. Her mere existence had taught her that. Voices and footsteps exploded around her, causing her act. Her hand found it's way to the blastsword, the crushgaunt that covered it tapping lightly upon the hilt. 'Had she gone crazy?'.... 'Was this place a trap?'.... 'Or were there living beings aboard?'.... 'Had other's boarded?' Her mind reacted as did she, the ever possibilities ensuing the logical. Silently she moved toward it's location, wary of what laid ahead. She could feel other presences in the Force, but could not decipher yet whether the friendly. That was when she first noticed her. A being existing just as Luna did. One may not normally be able to tell the difference, especially in hybrids such as themselves. But Luna felt the oddly pull to Armiena, a pull she had only felt among her kind or among her brother and father. Stepping forward from the darkened corridor, Luna lowered her cloak, revealing her whitened hybrid Miralukian eyes as she smiled and bowed politely. "Master Jedi." Luna spoke, her tone soft and girlish as one expected from someone her age. Raising upward Luna noticed her padawan and a man clad in armor, causing Luna to realize she was slightly improperly dressed. Rose still possessed her Armor, leaving Luna to only her spare clothing. Shy and timid as Luna was, she slightly blushed at the notion. Turning to feel around, she noticed other's on board as well. "I did not realize this strange ship had called so many. I take it that you have felt it's unearthly pull as well?
  12. Luna had listened long and hard to Mandalore's story, the notion that her brother had fallen before a bit of a stretch. Reports had noted his fall being linked to a Sith named Yue, it's presence coming to fruition after his Knighting under Jedi Master Nom Anorus. But nothing had claimed his failure before entering the Jedi Order. Possible, but unlikely. It was also possible that she would never fully know about Scorpio's past. Turning to Joreel, she made sure to reveal her Miralukian heritage as her blind sight caught his. "As i told Master Starlisk, it is possible he may have returned with the others as the reports spoke of." Luna spoke, a tear of hope strolling down her youthful cheek. "But i can no longer feel him within the force. As Miralukian siblings, we both held a strong bond to each other. And through it, knew each other had survived my Uncle's carnage that ripped us apart. I felt his death when the twin suns went supernova. If he is alive, he's no longer connected to the Force nor me." Luna turned away for a moment, wiping away the tear that had so idly hung to her chin. She had hoped her feelings were wrong, so she had visited Tatooine personally in search for him once before. She found nothing, only the the ship he had stolen along with the crew he had massacred. Even if he was still alive, he had shamed himself and Luna did not know if she would hold compassion or hatred for him. It would be best if he stayed dead as far as she was concerned. "I'm sorry Master Jedi..." Luna said, turning back to gaze upon Mandalore once again, this time pain and anguish apparent upon her face. "But if Scorpio still lives, he is no brother of mine." Suddenly a presence within the force appeared, it's taint the darkest she had ever felt. No mortal she could think of held such power, and curiosity took over her thoughts. Voices spoke like the seductive voice of a siren, pulling Luna to it's location, like the cries of a thousand dead souls mourning for peace. Turning away from Mandalore as she stood up, she questioned him as she made her exit. "Do you feel that? That presence of death and despair?" Before Mandalore could answer, Luna had exited the Cantina and now made her way toward the starport. Pulled toward it like a lamb to slaughter, she simply marched on, making her way through the crowded streets that gossiped about the recent appearance of a strange spacecraft. Unhinged from reality, she walked on, not knowing what awaited her. She entered the spaceport, ignoring the local judicial forces to stay away and approached the ship(Nhagathul). Consumed by curiosity, and her mind solely focused on the dark taint that resided within, Luna entered. "Who are you?" Could be heard in Luna's tone as it trailed off into the distance. Luna Armegedon was the first to board.
  13. Luna's eyebrow rose tremendously when Mandalore spoke of Scorpio, and her heart nearly skipped a beat when he called him brother. How did he know Scorpio? She looked closer, her gift of Force Sight a strong one as she pondered who this man was and how it was that he knew her brother. Could this man be Oden? The other Armegedon Sibling? No, not Oden. Maybe he knew Scorpio from his days as a Jedi. Luna had heard her brother had became a Jedi Knight himself shortly before he fell from grace. "Yes, i know of him. He was my brother in another lifetime." Luna began to speak, her gaze shifting from his downward toward the floor, a bit of shame apparent upon her blind face. "But i'm afraid neither of us shall ever see him again. Reports speak of his demise when Tatooine was destroyed by the Arach'tar Invasion. I'm now the only one left." Her gaze fell back upon his, her white eyes staring blankly at his as if asking how he knew her brother. Questions flooded her mind briefly until of of her twin N-K droids approached and told her of Rose's findings with Van Isel. Luna nodded briefly in accordance, and the N-K Necrosis left as quickly as it has came. Shaking off the brief interruption, Luna proposed her question. "So tell me Mandalore. How is it that you knew my brother?" ************************************** Rose stood and allowed Van Isel to escort her outside his office. The All Species Replica droid had never been very fond of secrecy and it merely added reason to her Master's belief that Van Isel knew more than he let on. But what did it really matter. Luna had stayed neutral because of her family's heritage in the force and the curse i had brought upon them. She held no grudge against either philosophy. "Return to the ship and bring back the Master's lineage." Rose ordered one of the N-K droids. "As the last Armegedon, it is likely no use to her now. At least here, it will remain known." As the twin ran off about his duty, Rose returned to Van Isel's office upon his summons. What she found out though, spoke of an ill fate. "If i'm not mistaken, the HK units have been out of commission since the Galactic Civil War when the HK-47 Unit disappeared after the Battle of Koseyet" Rose spoke, her knowledge of droids rather extensive. "And you believe the Empire to be behind the attack? Is it possible that the Empire are planning to mass produce the units, or was this solely an isolated incident?" As the twin returned, Rose ordered the other to report their findings to Luna. Handing over the Armegedon lineage to Van Isel, Rose was shocked when the returning N-K unit reported of Onderin's departure. "It seems the Admiral has left Onderon and headed back to Gala."
  14. ((Quick explaintion.... Luna's not currently in her beskar'gam armor, only equipped in her crushgaunts.)) Luna sighed a silent sigh of relief when Onderin mentioned turning over Onderon to the Mandalorian's on a probationary period, hoping it would end the quarrels the noblewoman held for her people. Luna was well versed in one's notion to uphold it's people's right and herself feeling compassion for both sides. After all, it was a well known fact that her mother descended from the Bralor line, outcasted because her father was a Miralukian which sadly led to her family's turning to Bogan's worshippers. It was one of the reasons Scorpio forged his armor in the ancient Neo-Crusader form when he fell to the darkside. Ironic how the Force's touch affected many heritages. Luna's white eyes shot towards Mandalore when he began to speak to her, her gaze only momentarily leaving his armored face as she watched Onderin and his padawan leave. The immediate threat had passed, which should have ensured their safe departure. So Luna felt no obligation to escort them any farther. So she held time to enlighten Mandalore's company, and she too felt drawn to him in ways she could not explain. Within him she felt a calm, a certain aura she had not felt since her childhood as Scorpio watched her play. Removing the cloak from over her head, she let Mandalore see her true visage. "The name is Luna.... Luna Armegedon." She began, her voice as calm as the wind and as soft as the cushioned chairs upon which she had taken seat opposite the former Jedi Knight. "It's been a long time since i left the Republic, my days spent now chasing Bounties across the galaxy under my armor's visage." ************************************ "Indeed Professor, you stand correct." Rose chuckled, the young All Species Replica Droid finding amusement that a meatbag would show such interest that most protocol droids would merely dream about processing. "It would provide wealth's of knowledge even most Jedi would revel to understand." Rose stops a moment, pondering on a simple thought as she processes Van Isel's willingness to assist her Master. "My Master would very much appreciate any leads you might be able to provide." Rose begins, the Replica droid pondering on his possible interest on an ancient bloodline that dated as far back as thirty six thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. "In return, my Master holds a scroll of her families history that dates back to the finding of Ashla and Bogan. If i'm not mistaken, one of her Ancestors was one of the Founding Scholars. That may be sufficient, yes?"
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