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  1. "First off, I must apologize..." Mjan stated as he took a seat across from her upon the most soil and crossed his legs, swatting his hands across each other as he shook loose the dirt that had clung to them. "If I made you worry, I did not meant to, and for that, I am sorry." Mjan stared at Aira attentively for a moment and chuckled, allowing the air around them to lighten up slightly. "The Force obviously held other plans for me." Mjan thought back to the beginning of his journey, the leisure hike through the kilometers of Jungle as he wandered for days in bliss, the sights, the sounds, the creatures he saw, and the way the Force swirled about effortlessly and connected with every single thing. It was an enlightening experience, and as he thought upon it, a moment a silence falling between them, a smile crept upon his face. "The first few weeks out there were amazing. I found myself truly connected to everything that I saw. The Force is truly fascinating, even when its left alone in nature, its will one of the most beautiful acts I've ever witnessed." But now...." Mjan's tone grew slightly serious as he remembered back to his thoughts of his ilk and those that took up their heritage and namesake. "Now I understand the reasoning behind the Jedi and their stance against the darkness." Mjan sighed briefly, his next words a difficult thing to admit. "And why those of my kin seek to control it. The Force is powerful, connected with the very nature of life its self. And if one of the darkness can control it properly, it upsets the balance between the two, and destruction and chaos follows in its wake." Mjan sat quietly again for a moment, the admission of his understanding a difficult pill to swallow, especially with his own hopes of one day freeing his people from their millennia of sins against the balance between the Force and Nature. "The Force is nature, and nature is the Force. They are intertwined like vines encompassing a tree, and holding a symbiotic relationship where both benefit from one another, just as the same could be said of the Jedi Order and its connection to the lightside of the Force. Both seek to preserve the Balance between Nature and the Force." "When I lost my sight in my right eye out there, fear began to set in. I began to panic, to worry that I would die alone and never be found. And to be honest, I felt that my hopes and dreams would die along with me. And that scared me even worse." Mjan spoke, a jovial tone returning as he thought back to the underground lake and the darkness that engulfed his form as well as his heart. "But while I was lost, I stumbled upon ancient drawings and I found a semblance of comfort in them. That even if I did die, life would continue on without me and that eventually others like myself would come forward and that even on my death, my dreams would continue on without me." Tears began to stroll down his crimson face, those of his right eye soaked up by the leathered patch that covered his blind eye as he made this admission, and his soul emanated a sense of peace with the thought of his death and what would follow. "And when I thought that I would die for sure, I remembered our previous conversation about the Jedi and how like blades of grass within a pond, how some withered away so others could live, I made my peace with that simple thought. That by my simple existence, I have paved ways that others, including my own species, could one day follow. Just as any Jedi does." A moment of pause came for the final time as Mjan realized his words as he spoke them, the young Tsis wiping the tears from his face and his bright smile shining through. "I am a Jedi and we are the Keepers of Balance. We stand as warriors so that others can follow their own hopes and dreams, and maybe our own intertwine with theirs. But at the same time, we stand apart, sacrificing our own so that the Force's true will continues upon it's own path without corruption or control. That is what it means to be a Jedi, and I am ready to give myself to it completely."
  2. Mjan nodded his head with a smile as Aira stood to depart, touching his mind with comforting words as she did, leaving him to his own thoughts. Laying there for a few moments, he stared upward at the tent's canvas, recalling his adventure. From the excitement of the beginning, to the underwater lake, to the beach, and then finally, the fear and acceptance of possible death. He had experienced so much, learnt well his bounds and how far to push himself past them, and finally began to grasp of what he had signed on for. And at that, he held not a single regret. But for now, he felt the need to rest and recuperate, his form still drained and weak. And so he did. A few more days passed before Mjan stood at the foot of the cot, gathering his things and those of which he had sought out. He looked at his uniform, torn and tattered, still smiling. To some, he may have looked as if he had gone mad. But to Mjan, it was a symbol of growth, of change, and of what he stood for. And he found a sense of tranquility in the whole ordeal. Placing the ragged robes into his satchel, he exited the tent and went to find the family he ventured out for, and finding them not too far from where he first met them. Tears filled their eyes when he came into view holding the doll, and when the little girl laid eyes upon it, she rushed into his embrace, the family not far behind her. Mjan knelt to return her embrace as he apologized for his tardiness to her parents and grandmother, revealing the other items he had managed to recover, including what was found out to be the grandmother's wedding dress as well as a picture of the grandfather whom once served the Alliance under Aira's own Master, Onderin Starlisk. When offered a reward, Mjan wouldn't hear of it, explaining that he had learnt much of himself during his voyage and that in its self was reward enough. But the family wouldn't take no for an answer and they soon settled on sharing a meal together in celebration, likely the only sounds of joy that echoed through the encampment that evening. As the sun began to set though, Mjan politely excused himself and saying his goodbyes so that he could return to his Master and soon set off to find her. Opening himself up to the Force, he searched for her presence and found her not far herself. As he approached the tent she was near, he spoke as his gaze fell upon her visage. "Master Aira...." His voice was joyous and humbled, a nearby fire illuminating his face and revealing the patch that covered his blind right eye. "Can we talk?"
  3. Mjan's eyes began to flutter beneath their closed lids as the sounds of machines began to fade in, causing the young Tsis to open his eyes and gasp slowly at the shock of his surroundings. But his movement was hindered by a sharp piercing pain as he tried to sit up, and he fell back upon his pillow as he realized where he was. Looking over his gaze met Aira, and he smiled. Truly, the Force had it's own mysterious ways. Unknowingly, Mjan didn't realize that he had been out for almost fourty-eight hours since he was brought in, as to him, it felt like only a few minute hours of sleep. Groggy, Mjan shifted his form and began to to sit up, his hand still gripping the doll he had ventured out and sought. "Master Aira..." Mjan spoke, his voice dry and scratchy as he opened his hand to show her the doll. "Would you make sure the girl gets the doll?" Reaching over, a slight flinch in pain as he did so, Mjan grabbed his bag as well to retrieve a few articles of clothing, a couple of holoframes, and a few assorted items he had found. "And make sure the family gets these as well. I found them near the doll." Mjan smiled again, not revealing something that he had noticed since his waking up. He could no longer see out of his right eye.
  4. His eyes would flutter beneath the closed lids as he dreamt the night away, echoes of the past portraying themselves within his psyche as he laid upon the snow white sands. It was mostly visions of his own past his time as a Sorcerer of Tund, of his father, Krayiss II. But he also dreamt of what could be his future, his life as a Tsis Jedi. Images of war against his own kin plagued him, of the ever looming darkness not only amidst the Galaxy, but within himself as he fought his very nature. And before him stood his brother, or rather the Tsis' visage of what Mjan's envisionment of him was, and the ache he felt in his heart startling him awake in a drenched sweat despite the cool breeze sweeping across the salty sea he had fallen asleep next to. With a stern look upon his face, he propped his arm upon his knee and gazed out to the rising sun, his chest still aching. He wondered, lost in thought, about his brother and the life he lived among the Massassi. He would likely follow the alternate path, the path that all of their kin seem to follow. And he knew the lure that he himself faced, self evident by the ease in which he commanded the Force upon Felucia. A part of him understood why his species became so corrupted, and it was disheartening. With a sigh he stood, dusting the sand off his garments. He needed to finish his task and return to the encampment. Mjan drew upon the Force, remembering what the family felt like, how the Force flowed through them, and sought out their signature within it. He would stretch outward across the coastline and into the mountains behind him, searching to gain not only his bearings, but with a little hope, that which he sought. He remembered reading that when a person has such an attachment with an item, no matter the insignificants to others, it left an imprint of themselves upon it. And with a little hope, the item would be such a fine. And sure enough, he felt it strongly, only a few clicks away. Despite getting lost and swept away by the underground lake, he stilled ended up in the general direction he had set out in and that meant he would be able to find his way back. Within a few hours, he had found the small doll, a figurine of their native species made from simple yarn and straw, decorated in simple clothing and locks of hair made from what appeared to be animal hair. Not far from that, Mjan also managed to stumble across a few items and clothing that belong to the family and was able to salvage some of their previous life. But now stood the true testiment of his journey, back to the encampment with only a few days ration. Trying as he might, Mjan did indeed run out of food as he made the trek back toward camp. Days once again turned into weeks, and weeks turned into yet another lunar cycle, two as of now since he had left to be exact. But now Mjan was tired, weak, and hunger grew nearly too much to bare. Even with the aid of the Force, Mjan was only able to stave it off for minute moments at a time as he struggled to keep pushing himself forward. Thoughts of dying began to enter his mind, and regret and despair ached to set in. But Mjan fought it off, gazing occasionally at the doll and other belongings to regain his strength and push forward a little more. But even those glimmers of hope eventually began to fade and Mjan began to realize the possibility of his fate and slowly slide into the realm of acceptance. He began to know he would die before he returned with his promise. Silently he chuckled to himself, thoughts of dying a Jedi rather than the alternative bringing some closer to his end for him. And the saber clipped to his hip, did little of promise for slaying the local fauna for any nourishment, even if he sought to entertain the idea of taking a life to sustain his own. It felt wrong to even think of it, but he also knew that it was the cycle of nature, and even his carcass would soon become a part of it. Just as Mjan began to give up and the thought of perishing became a accepted reality, his form slumping against a tree as he gazed upon the doll in which he held in one hand and the training saber in the other as he remembered the fond time with Master Aira, a familiar hum began to approach and he thought himself delirious and crazed for a moment, he saw the approach of a patrol speeder. Igniting the blade, he used what little strength he had left to wave it in the air in hopes that he would be seen. And as they turned in his direction, the hunger and dehydration became too much for him to bare and he fell into unconsciousness and the blade falling upon the ground beside him. Two months had passed since he departed, and when he returned, his frail form was malnutritioused and thin. But he had learnt so much about himself and his life as a Jedi, too much for it to have been written. But the journey he had taken had changed Mjan forever. He only hoped that it was for the better as he laid unconscious within the medical tent with intravenous fluids being pumped into him, his hand still grasping tightly upon the doll he had sought. ((Post 4 of 4))
  5. As he felt the cold rush of the water envelope his form, he struggled to reach its surface against the current that dragged at him. As his gaze and face shifted upward out of the water, he gasped for air as the raging current sent him deep into the caverns beneath the mountains, and covering what felt like miles in mere minutes. It took all that Mjan had to keep his head above water as he was washed away and to keep from bashing his skull and breaking bones along the way as he was swept into the large lake beneath the mountains. With one more sudden drop, Mjan felt the calmness of his destination in the darkness just as panic and fear took hold of him. Darkness, it was a fickle thing, a place of fear and panic for the light hearted, and an embracing hug for the corrupt. It could bring out the worst in one's heart, or calm one who understood it. But for Mjan, it was both. As his head emerged from the depths of the lake, gasping and choking upon water and air, there was nothingness. His heart beat echoed within the cavern's chamber as he stared into the darkness, weary and unknowing of what laid before him or beneath him. And yet, at the same time, he found himself cool, the mineral water tasting great as it slide down his throat in between coughs and gasps of air. Trying to remain calm, Mjan began to swim forward as he searched for the shallower end. What felt like an eternity only lasted for minutes as he swam forward, his clawed hand finally grasping at rock and his ability to pull himself from the water. Feeling a bit safer, Mjan grabbed for the training saber that Aira had granted him and ignited it as he inspected his surroundings. He was indeed upon the lake's shore, and his satchel empty save for the few remaining portions of rations he had left.... about a week at best. But the darkened cavern seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see, and his only sight being illuminated by the saber he held. "At least I have this..." He thought in silence to himself as he struggled to his feet against the slippery rocks and aching limbs. Mjan knew he was lost, but sitting around and dwelling upon it wouldn't get him anywhere, and so he set off following the cavern's wall. After a few hours of more trekking, Mjan found a small crevasse within that seemed to lead upward, so Mjan took a moment to rest and gather his strength. Setting the training saber down upon the sandy floor between two rocks, he took out one of the vacuumed sealed rations and began to eat, his gaze shifting about. So far there seemed to be no life down here, or at least predatorial wise. He had been careful to open himself up to the Force and search around him for any sense of hostility. But as he gazed upon the rocky walls around him, he began to notice drawings upon them, ancient and primitive, likely of those who once inhabited Borleias in eras long past. This gave him a sense of hope that he was on the right track at least, as this proposed that there was access to the surface nearby and possibly a way out. Finishing his meal, Mjan grabbed the saber and headed upward through the crevasse, its path steep and winding as he trekked. But hope and determination had returned to him, and he would push himself as far as he could. And indeed, after a few hours, Mjan would feel fresh salty air upon his skin as mist whipped through the cave's mouth, and in moments after, the entrance would be seen leading out onto a sandy beach that gazed upward into the starry night filled sky. Dropping to his knees, he welcomed the sight with all his heart and mind. He had finally reached the surface. But where was he? Would he even know how to find his way back to camp? He was too tired, too exhausted to even think about his promise at that moment or anything else for that matter. Without a second thought, Mjan laid down upon the dry sand and closed his eyes, letting his entire form slip away into rest as the realm of dreams took him. ((Post 3 of 4))
  6. Mjan, having received the GA's message took his crack at the code. Following the embedded message and the site to which it led, he found himself puzzled by the numerical code he was presented. He tried using modern standards to decode the message, but fell empty at his tries, including binary. Finally he decided to use an older form of communication using shortwave radios and codes known using numerical patterns. That's when he found the embedded he found a site similar to the first, only this one presented an added message which still perplexes Mjan.... "Praise to the oncoming darkness for your death brings salvation."
  7. ((Legal Double Post)) And so Mjan's journey had began. Hours would become days, days would become weeks, and weeks would eventually turn into a full lunar cycle as he traversed the wilderness of Borleias. The first few days felt like a leisurely stroll, his enjoyment evident as he carried out his task with a joyful grin, taking a moment here and there to take in the sights and sounds that surrounded him in all directions. And in truth, he found himself awestruck. His life before as a Sorcerer of Tund never beheld such sights or tasks, the simple life as it were. But here, even on a planet such as Borleias, life was fully bloomed and circulated about like a raging river. Even as he delved into the Force to gather simple direction, he felt as if it would almost carry him away in current. But after a few weeks of trekking through the vast jungles, using the skills within the Force that Aira had instructed him, Mjan began to grow discouraged. Opening up his mind and body to the Force that flowed around him, Mjan called upon its momentum and as he bent his legs, and shoved off the ground high into the air. Reaching his hand outward, he grasped at a vine and swung himself higher into the canopy until he could look toward the looming mountains and across the valley that laid between them. He felt he was getting close. But the filth that covered his form and the aches that penetrated his bones only deterred his will to continue. For all he knew, Aira would likely assume him lost or dead by now, his comm unit lost to the murky depths of a bog he crossed a few days back. "No, Mjan." He spoke harshly to himself as he wiped the sweat that headed down the spurs that grew from his brows. "Just because something feels impossible doesn't make it so. Look at yourself. You're a Jedi Padawan of the Tsis species. You are the walking proof that anything is possible. And you gave your word." Mjan thanked the Force that no one was around to here him speak to himself, especially given his appearence. But he could not quit. He knew he was close. He just had to push forward a little bit longer, even if it felt impossible to find such a needle in a haystack. Calming his mind, Mjan stepped forward off the limb upon which he stood and gathered the Force around his form as he slowed his descent to the floor below. Aira had taught him well, the many applications he was learning to grasp having came from her telling him to test himself. But even skill could never truly replace good old experience. Just a few steps away that Mjan walked toward laid a washout that had long been covered, a cavern below it that gaped open beneath it, and a dark hidden lake of water that ran beneath the mountains ahead for miles. And in his tired state, Mjan took a drastic step that plummeted him directly into this place. With no communications or a means to get out the way he came in, Mjan held little chance of escape save for going forward. Only problem here was that only his rations now remained along with the training saber that Aira had granted him. ((Post 2 of 4))
  8. Mjan's face fell flat and emotionless upon hearing Aira's words of her not joining him, and in truth, a sense of fear slowly slipped into his subconscious as he pondered wondering about upon this unknown planet alone and without her guidance. But he pushed aside those linger fears and saw the truth behind them. If he was truly to become a Jedi and grow as one, he needed to venture out as one and learn to stretch his own roots, not leech off another and become dependent. He needed to grow into his own and he could see this in Aira's eyes as he took hold of the cylindrical object she handed him. "A lightsaber?" He questioned, his eyes shifting over the object as he spun and twisted it between his fingers, looking over its practical yet elegant design until he found the activation switch and igniting it, a likely common occurrence for all Padawans whom are first handed such a weapon. As the training saber hummed within his left hand, he could feel the heated hue coursing across his skin with a humble warmth even as the feeling of onlookers met his mind, some looking on in fear as others looked on in as much awe as he shared. Feeling it best, he deactivated it and clipped it to his hip, nodding in accordance with his Master's wishes. "As you wish Master. I will return once the task is completed." And with that Mjan set off on his adventure.... Upon his way out of the camp, Mjan stopped at a small tent placed near the camp's outskirts set up for the many refugees to gather medicine, rations, and other necessary supplies to refill his own. He didn't know how far he would have to walk or how long he would be gone, so he felt it was best he gathered at least enough for a few weeks. Most of it was basic supplies, such as a field kit, rations, water, a lamp, and a couple of power cells. Satisfied he had enough for the journey, he gazed back once more toward the encampment before shifting the weight of his satchel and disappearing into the misty fog that lingered outside the jungles, his only guidence being what he took with him: The Force. ((Post 1 of 4))
  9. Mjan smiled and nodded as she praised his answer, his bright white teeth bright amidst the crimson toned hue of his skin's color as they continued their walk, his hands finding themselves at ease behind his back. Mjan took in her words much like a plant soaking up nutrients, needing her teachings and learning from her words. In truth, plants were one of the few things that Mjan knew very well, his time amongst his fellow members of Tund often spent studying them and using their medicinal uses to aid those who sought them out. This is why he was able to grasp the concepts she was throwing his way so easily now. That, and he had grown quite a lot under her tutelage, so much so that even he was beginning to see it. "I believe I'm understanding what you're getting at Master Aira," Mjan spoke briefly as they came to a stop. "Using the metaphoric pond, to stem off the ripples of the Darkside, requires a balance of defenders. But with any plant, some will begin to pull too much nutrients from the soil in which they're planted, causing great harm to the others own intake. Naturally, a couple of die off and allow the balance of nutrients to return, sometimes the one who began to pull too much. Like the blades of grass, we have to watch our intake of nutrients to ensure the survival of all, or give ourselves to the others to ensure the pond remains, lest we all perish and the pond becomes barren once again." Mjan wondered if his explanation made as much sense to her as she hoped that hers did to him. But in truth, both held a mutual understanding of what the other had meant to say. And the message was simple. Be ever vigilant of darkness, both around you and within you, a lesson Mjan remembered from Felucia when it came so easily to him. It was a lesson well learnt and would never be forgotten. And just as Mjan motioned to continue walking, he felt himself grabbed by Aira, her words and movements catching him off guard. Recovering, his own gaze followed hers toward a humble family just a few yards away. Blinking as he focused upon them, he noticed an Elderly woman, a Couple, and a child. The elderly woman appeared to be the grandmother of the child, consoling the young one in a warm embrace despite her own frailty while the couple, the mother likely being the elder's own daughter, joined in. Slowly Mjan began his approach, taking course over Aira's words to help them. Mjan placed a soft hand upon the Elder woman's back and one upon the man's as he made his interruption, a slight sense of fear arising in them at his appearence, yet he paid little heed to it. Aira said to help them and that was what he planned to do. Introducing himself as Padawan Sadow, Mjan knelt down between them as he outstretched his crimson hand toward the child and questioned as to why she was crying. The Elder woman proceeded to tell him of their arrival here to the camp and of their things being lost during their transit from the ship above to where they now stood, most notably a doll that once belonged to her own grandmother and had been recently passed down to her own granddaughter. Mjan now understood why Aira had sent him to them, his own family history not resembling their's in the slightest. Yet, Mjan had already put it in his head that he would venture out to find this child's doll. Rising, Mjan patted the child's head with a smile and turned toward the family which seemed to grow ecstatic as he spoke with them and before he departed back toward Aira, the elderly woman grasped Mjan tightly in a hug that even he was surprised by, his grip tighter than he had suspected in which he nearly toppled over into. "You right Master. I can help them." Mjan spoke to Aira after returning, slight moisture in his eyes as he blinked to clear them. "They lost a few items during entry over the jungles to the northwest and despite being offered reimbursement, have lost a invaluable family heirloom and no one will set out to find it. I told them that I was planning to head out that way anyways and I would see if I couldn't locate the item for them while I concluded my business in the Jungles." Mjan's gaze shifted toward Aira as a smile crept upon his face. "Feel like taking a hike Master? The Jungles could provide excellent training grounds." Mjan chuckled...
  10. Her rebuttal was a quick one, but solid. Mjan contemplated his words as much as hers. It was a very difficult question to answer, and being new to the Order, he felt he may not have the answer. His brow furrowed and his red hand reached up to his tentacled chin and his stroked them in deep thought. How could one stop ripples in a pond without draining the water, especially in the metaphoric aspect of life. There would always be as much darkness as there would be light, as much evil as good, and only the individual heart would decide one's alignment. This much he knew from observations within his own ilk. Shifting his eyes in sorrow as he gazed upon those walking about, he felt deep sincerity for them, wishing he could help them all. But he was only one being, and them many. But he began to notice the others that were about helping, ranging from medical techs, to Jedi healers, and even to fellow sentiments, all in attempt to recover, and it struck him. It was so simple, yet as complex as understanding the bond of the Force and of nature. Yet, it was symbolic even in such a simple thing as a singular pond. His gaze shifted back to Aira. "We must be blades of grass..." He finally spoke, the realization of it echoing in his voice. "A pond without grass ripples about until it calms, but plant a thousand blades of grass into the soil of the pond, and ripples become less effective and almost non-existant as each blade deflects and lessens the ripples' affect upon the pond's surface."
  11. Hearing Aira's voice, Mjan smiled and opened his eyes to see his Master enter the room and greeted him. Setting aside the bamboo sticks and releasing his grasp upon them as she spoke, Mjan rose to his feet, brushing out the wrinkles that had began to collect upon his uniform with his hands. "Morning to you as well, Master Aira." It was obvious to him that she was well rest and ready to get back to training, and so was he. He had been thinking over her suggestion, and given her better knowledge of such things, he was going to take it. Following her lead, they exited the training room and began the distant trek toward the shuttle area. Many wouldn't think such a walk would take such a length of time to cover it, and even Mjan would agree that it seemed to take little time to traverse it. But the truth was that it took longer than most could understand. Mjan, though, throughly enjoyed moments like this. It was serene moments with an occassional glimpse of beauty found outside the viewpoints. He was sure seeing another ship outside was mundane for most, but for Mjan, it was still new and he took it all in, even the small wait that awaited them in the hangar as they awaited transport to Borleias below. But Borleias was nearly more than he could take in once they arrived upon the planet below. During the trip down, Mjan had took the time to read over the data chip that Aira had given, but most of what he read was on the Form III, the form she had suggested. Stepping outside the ship, the sun beamed down upon his red skinned features, its warm touch a welcoming feeling. While aboard the ship, where lighting was limited and the air cold and recycled, Borleias' natural atmosphere was true and welcoming. He took a moment to take the planet in, feeling it not only through his natural senses, but feeling it through the Force as well, Mjan beginning to take every moment he could to touch upon it mysticism as to know it as a second nature. And as they entered the refugee camp, Mjan noticed the changes, even if subtle. While there was hope for new life and joy that life remained, Mjan could also still feel the lingering disdain and anger that most held closely for what they were going through. And in truth, Mjan knew he was incapable of blaming them. To have spent your entire lives building one, to know nothing but what you knew, and to have it all uprooted and destroyed in a single moment, all were reasonable responses and emotions. After all, Mjan knew a similar feeling, but it was by his own choice and he held no regret in it. But for these refugees, it was different, there was no choice. Just like on Felucia and aboard the ship, the Force and the air around them echoed of it. So when Aira posed her question, Mjan had to think hard and long upon an answer before he finally gathered his thoughts enough to offer one. With an ache upon his heart, evident by his facial expression, he answered. "This is the darkside, Master, a continuation of it's never ending cycle. A peddle of chaos cast into the pond of life and its ripples ever flowing through each life it connects with. A war started, a world destroyed, lives dislocated or lost, anger and disdain festers in the heart, and eventually, the cycle repeats in one form or fashion. And at the head of the snake, the one who cast the pebble into the pond, lingers whispers of my own kin and those that bare our namesake. Just as it has happened within my own people as time turns forever forward." It was a cryptic message to be certain, but it was the best Mjan could offer at the moment as the Force around him echoed its pain and tempted his own.
  12. When Mjan awoke early in the hours of that next morning, he lifted to find the cup of tea he had been holding had tilted and spilt over his chest and down onto his sheets. Quickly jumping up, he noticed the datapad was miraculously unharmed, sending a feeling of relief through his mind. His sheets and robes however, weren't so lucky and he sighed in distraught. He knew he was tired the night before, but he could have sworn he had sat the cup aside during his reading. Looking out the viewport of his room, Mjan saw the sun beginning to peak over the horizon of the looming planet below. Thankfully he still had about an hour or so to meet up with Aira, and just maybe, he had enough time to bring his clothes to the laundry for a quick wash. But what would he wear in doing so? There was no way he would get away with a simple towel. And if Aira happened to be up and about, Mjan cringed at the thought of the embarrassment he would feel over his Master catching him in such an act. Lowering his head in disbelief, his gaze managed to fall upon the dog tags he had been given and it struck him like a bantha. The Kit! There was a uniform inside! Nearly stumbling as he hopped across his bed, Mjan raced to open it. And sure enough, there laid the freshly pressed dress blues of the Jedi Navy. They were similar to typical Jedi Robes, but more uniform, with spots to hold the Lieutenant stripes upon its sleeves and were adorned with buttons and cufflinks brandishing the Jedi Insignia. To be honest, Mjan thought they looked quite nice, better than his own in fact. Quickly adorning them, Mjan drew ready to make his way toward the Laundry, adorning his pauldron armor atop the dress blues as he did with his own robes as he gathered his robes and the staining sheets before exiting his room. After quickly dropping his laundry off at the wash, Mjan decided to grab a quick bite to eat before he headed to meet Aira, taking in the morning scenery as he strolled toward the cafeteria. As the sun began to crescent over the planet's horizon, the windows dimmed to darken the brightening light and radiation. Still amazed at the sights he was seeing, Mjan couldn't help but smile. When he arrived at the cafeteria, Mjan ordered his food which mainly consisted of eggs, sausage, and toasted bread with a side of fruit, and chose to sit by himself. Pouring himself a cup of caf and topping it off with a squirt of milk and a spoon of sugar, Mjan began his meal. And when he finished, he simply sat there and enjoyed his cup of caf as his gaze shifted about those whom entered and exited, gaining a sense of belonging as he went largely unnoticed in his dress blues. Oddly enough though, as he finished his cup of caf and went to put up his dishes in the wash bin, his thoughts wondered a moment toward home before straying briefly to the mention of his half brother. Curious as to why it came up now of all times, Mjan stood there in thought for a few moments before exiting. With just a few moments to spare, Mjan arrived back at the training area that he and Aira had taken over for most of the afternoon. Sitting down, he closed his eyes and began to focus on the Force that flowed around him. Trying a application he thought up, he reached out toward the bamboo sticks they used yesterday, pulling three of them toward himself and rotating them around him.
  13. Mjan sat there in silence as he took in her words and saw the wisdom within them. Her knowledge and thoughts seemed to let her heart within the matter flow as elegant as her skill within the Force, and something that Mjan himself hoped to one day retain. As he sat there, he took the time to massage and relax his muscles, focusing his breathing patterns and calming his mind and body. He felt at peace, tranquil and serene, and her soft tone seemed to only settle him more. Much like an older sibling or Mother would have toward their child in a manner of speaking. But Mjan had never thought to be here this day, let alone have a Master to help guide him down this path. Noticing her own exhaustion, when she finally spoke about meeting the next morning, Mjan simply smiled and nodded his head in agreement. As the two departed, he took with him the words of which she had spoken along with the notes she had given him. In truth, his own form was exhausted, and despite the massage he had given himself, he still ached in each step that he took. He felt hungry to be honest, and considered a quick detour toward the cafeteria for a quick snack, but decided against it as he turned toward his room, rathering a quick hop into the refresher and an early approach to sleep. The day had really taken a toll upon him, but he suspected that it would have given his life before the Jedi Order. Combat training was a minimal requirement among the Sorcerer's of Tund, and given his newly acquired touch in the Force, he was drained more than usual. As he entered his room, Mjan went about his usual habits. First he enjoyed a warm moment in the refresher after changing out of his attire, and as he dried off, he made a pot of tea to help take the edge off before he settled into bed with the cup of tea in hand. Remembering her words as he looked over the notes she had given him, he wondered of what form would fit him best. Aira had mentioned Soresu, a form focused on defense and developed during an era of when blasters became a wide response to lightsabers, so he understood her mentioning of it. It provided the skills of defending both blasters and lightsabers and was a truly defensive form given the philosophy of the Jedi. Perhaps this was the one for him once it came time to train using lightsabers. It seemed to fit, at least, in his mind. But given how tired he was, he wondered if he was thinking too much into it or was even capable of thinking clearly at this point. Slowly he could feel the lids of his eyes beginning to weigh, but he kept on reading and pondering, hoping he could find the answer. Yet, he also knew that he had time to truly invest in his eventual decision. It may have been the excitement of the day, but he couldn't turn his mind off, even as he slipped deep into the realm of dreams without knowledge, laying alone within his room, wrapped only in a towel with the tea still cupped in his hand next to the datapad containing the notes upon his chest.
  14. Mjan took the bamboo stick in hand, noticing its weight centered more toward the hilt to try and mimic that of a lightsaber. But in truth, he had never really held a blade in his life, as the Sorcerer's of Tund were pacifists, and the only training he had ever received to defend himself was a sole wooden stick. Now that was something he was proficient at. The only reason he knew how the stick he held mimicked a lightsaber was that once, as a child, a passing Tsis that had ventured among their group had once let him hold it. Mjan remembered the lingering cold that emanate from it, its touch churning his stomach, and that his Father had immediately grasped it from his hands and returned it to his owner. For a moment as Mjan grew to gain a feel for the bamboo stick, swinging it back and forth, he pondered if the Tsis knew of its effects upon him so long ago, a test of his sensitivity, but quickly shook it from his mind as his Master took her stance. Mjan took point across from her, placing his weight balanced upon both feet just as she did, though it was obvious that he favored more weight toward his front foot that his back. Still, he tried his best to mimicking her positioning as best he could. As she went on explaining the six zones of defense or body target zones as they were called, Mjan remembered reading of them back on Felucia. But the three rings of awareness was something that Mjan was not familiar with. Still he listened attentively. Taking each posture she showed, Mjan, taking her knowledge and applying it to memory. Nodding as she spoke, he continued, focusing solely on retaining muscle memory rather than visual as he had always been one to learn by doing rather than seeing, something he felt they both shared. As the hours passed, Mjan did as instructed, repeating the formwork until he felt that he could do them in his sleep. His muscles ached, evident by the shaking of his legs with each movement of his feet as he parried and lunged. Feeling as his legs would surely give out, Mjan stood and found a nearby seat, massaging his calves and thighs as Aira began to collect the bamboo sticks and place them aside. His thoughts ran amuck through-out her teachings of the day, and a few questions did wonder across his mind as he relaxed his form upon the bench. "Thank you Master." He jested despite the ache of his legs and arms. "In all honesty, I could probably spend the rest of the day simply sitting here." Mjan chuckled. "But that wouldn't be very productive." "Tell me Master. I read that lightsabers are extensions of our thoughts, fueled by our desire to wield them, and in turn, are drawn to others when activated. Is there any truth to this?" Mjan poised with sincere curiosity, remembering back to his studies on the subject at Felucia with what little access he had been granted at the time, supposedly a quote from a Jedi during the early days of the Empire, a survivor of Order Sixty-Six. "And if so, is there one solely based on defense of the Jedi and those he or she chooses to protect?"
  15. As Aira motioned away across the room, Mjan focused upon her words. It was a concept he had thought upon many times before, the application of the Force upon the body and through it, finding the ability to strengthen one's form and hasten their movements. But never did he truly think it was in the realm of possibilities. Thos revelation was quite a fascinating thought. Trying again, Mjan sprung upward toward the beams above him. The first few times were similar as before as Mjan attempted to grasp at Aira's words in thought. But each time he either fell flat upon his face and temporarily knocking the wind from his lungs, or he managed to catch himself briefly, and falling into a roll rather than flat upon the floor. Yet, unbeknownst to him at the time, his continuation only strengthened his connection, and each time he grew better and better at landing, even growing faster and stronger in his movements. Growing tired in his exercises, sweat dripping from his brow and stinging his eyes, Mjan lept one last time. As he did, a drop of sweat flew into both of his eyes, momentarily blinding him as he let go of the beam without thought save for wiping his eyes. Before he made the realization the he once again stood solidly upon the floor below him, the Force reacted naturally upon his will and slowed his descent as if he simply stepped down a singular step of a staircase. Realizing what had transpired, his gaze shifted toward Aira and what she held, her words etched upon his mind and the realization that through persistence and allowing its will to flow through him, that her words rang more truth than he even had realized. And if she planned to do what he now suspected, he would soon find out even more possibilities. At this thought, Mjan simply grinned.
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