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  1. They say that before battle, there comes a calming moment, a moment where truths are realized and decisions made, and a moment where instinct overcomes thought and at the right moment, action overtakes instinct. For Mjan, this was that moment, his golden gaze staring into a blinding light from dozens of Imperial Troopers standing before him, and in that moment, he understood defeat at it's very core. And in this moment, Mjan found a semblance of clarity in the calm. His grief had blinded him, Rose and Nia both having disappeared from sight and touch, and he had cut himself off from it, pushing back his attachments to the two in an attempt to prolong the feeling of such pain. But now, here, in this moment, he let it grasp his mind in remembrance, as he readied for whatever decision this Commander chose to be his finale. And taking a deep breath, he let the mental block he held go. If he was destined to die here this day, then he had so much to look forward in the afterlife. But if not, and they chose to capture him instead, at least he would have lived up to the Jedi that Nia believed the Jedi to be. And in that, he smiled. But as that smile graced his lips, a shiver twisted up his spin as the Force flowed back into him, a breath of fresh air flowing into an unconscious soul with Aira's wise words of the Force echoing in his mind as he went to react, knowing their intent of the former and that Sara had been included. "The Force is whatever you make it, it can be anything you wish it to be." As the sounds of fire lit up the narrow tunnels, Mjan swirled his hands circularly as he called the Force to his aid briefly at the front, the first few waves of the sonics and stun bolts deflecting off of the Force and crashing into the stone around them as he stepped into a turn hearing the stone begin to crack and crumble, using what energy he held left to push Sara out of the way and to safety as the tunnel behind him collapsed. Knowing that Sara was safe, the others were safe, the smile still graced his lips as the barrier around him seceded against the Troopers fire and he fell into oblivion. No matter what they did to him, he no longer cared. Death would give him Rose and Nia. And capture would give them nothing save the seemingly last Adas. But as his form hit against the floor in unconsciousness, the flex mask that covered his Tsis lineage drooped against the floor, the tears revealing the red skin and barbed tendrils that were hidden beneath, a prize worthy of any well machined Commander. <<Capture Shot Resist Assist on Sara Corion, Capture Shot Successful on Mjan Sadow iv-Adas>>
  2. Mjan listened inquisitively as the voice spanned the entirety of the expanse, the Tsis troubled by the intent he heard in its tone. His gaze shifted toward the others, his existence placing them in peril because of whom he was. He didn't care for the idea no more than he cared for facing his darkness, but even as he followed away, it didn't quite sit right upon his conscious. And yet, he knew if he was caught, a Tsis Jedi wouldn't likely bold well for those who knew. He sighed, lowering his head. As Leena dropped back from the group, he turned in an attempt to persuade her not to. But he went unnoticed as she passed, the others turning down a tight and narrow passage to the side. Looking back one last time, he followed quickly and caught back up to the group as they entered another expansive room, this one littered with soot, corpses, innards. And the stench, it recoiled Mjan even through the rebreather. And yet, his mind was elsewhere, the echoing march of the Imperial War Machine, an inevitability that had always haunted even the best of his dreams. Shaking his mind loose from the fear, he gazed over the edge of the ravine, looking down the caves in shaft to find a hidden area, the emerald green glow coming from below illuminating his reddened skin and golden gaze. Mjan couldn't do it. He had to face the greatest of his fears. He had to go back, no matter the outcome, whether he faced death or imprisonment as the last of the Adas bloodline. He wouldn't let a youngling face the darkness alone, even if he was susceptible to it. Just as he turned the acute passage to follow behind Leena, he found Sara standing there, her hand shakingly gripping tightly a slugthrower, the echoing march growing ever closer and he heard her words resound of her conviction, it outweighing his own moments before. Reaching up, he placed his hand upon the slide, his gaze meeting hers as a humble smile crossed it. "You might need those later. Go and rejoin the others. This is my fight. I'll protect Leena." He spoke in a soft but subtle tone, almost as if he expected to never see her again. With that, he nodded, and moved in front of her between her and the Imperial Troopers. Standing there, in the darkness between Sara and the Darkhand, Mjan had readorned the flex sleeve that gave him his human appearance and hid the Sith lineage that ran through him. If she wanted to get to the Sith, she would have to put the slug through him, the same going for the Darkhand members before him. Grabbing his stave, he firmly planted it in the cortosis rich soil and stood firm, presenting his hands for capture. He knew that without the Force, he was no match for them. But just perhaps, he could buy the others their freedom. "You wanted the Jedi? Well here I am. I will not resist, but only if you let the others go."
  3. Her words were cheerful, but fell upon worried ears. Despite the smile he presented, deep in his psyche, Mjan had begun to wonder why he felt the Force slowly wandering away from him. Even as he attempted to stretch out his mind, search for dangers ahead and behind, above and below, he felt nothing. Not even the push and pull of the ever flowing stream that was life in the Force. So instead he stayed quiet, lingering in the back, even as the chasm presented its self. Mjan chuckled briefly as Leena presented herself in an attempt to humble the egotistical droid at the head of them. And even Sara's explicit finger waving only added to the fact that he was disliked. But for Mjan, he simply followed the group, unsure of what good he could be without the Force's touch. When it came his turn to cross, Mjan stepped forward, using his stave to stabilize his footing with each step until he, and the others, were fully across. Hearing Leena, Mjan replied. "We've no choice but to keep going forward." Mjan slammed his stave into a crevasse near their junction, and with a twist, the bridge broke apart and fell deep into the ravine. "Better to face what's in front of us than what could lay behind us." The gaze Mjan gave wasn't one of hostility nor was it one of knowledge. With the death of Rose and possibly Nia, whatever took them could be what she heard and he didn't want to face what could very well bring about his fall to the darkness within. With that, Mjan pointed to Xar. "You want to lead, lead."
  4. Leena's powers of persuasion were lost upon Mjan, his presence within the force growing voided and empty, like a black hole in the depths of space, replaced by a hunger to fill its emptiness. But he smiled in return, nonetheless, and began to follow, using his cylindrical stave as a means to move about in the dark. It wasn't his first time fumbling around in the dark, but unlike last time, he had grown smarter, relying on his other senses to atone for what he lacked in sight within the pitch black. With each step he took, he waved the metallic tip back and forth a few centimeters above the floor in his path, moving around anything it touched with a subtle clink until he drew close enough to see with his own sight what the droid illuminated. Shifting his gaze about, he felt an uneasy settle upon him, especially after his gaze fell upon the deceased Quarren. Stepping closer to get a better view, or as best as one could get in the dimly lit room, a voice whispered from below. Like the spirits of old tales, the annunciation of death foretold, it started afar as a whisper before it rushed forth to a booming overtone, causing the loose rocks and tunnel behind them to rumble. Out of instinct, Mjan settled in a defensive form, waiting for an attack. And yet nothing came, only the chanting of an unknown tongue lost to the ages of Dac and beyond. Relaxing, but remaining alert, Mjan continued his look around, even inspecting the Quarren's corpse. "Something dark happened here, and not recently." Mjan spoke for the first time in awhile, his finger tracing a considerable amount of dust from the overturned furniture. "If I was a betting man, given this dyslexic chanting and the poor sod there..." Mjan pointed toward the Quarren corpse. "I'd say whatever lies below has something to do with above." Of course, Mjan couldn't prove it, nor could he see any signs of evidence to back his theory. But he knew darkness. He knew the consequences of it. And he knew what his people had done with it for thousands of millennia. His gaze shifted to Nox briefly. "Nothing good ever comes from Darkness." With that being said, his gaze continues to shift briefly to the droid. "And Darkness consumes all who walk willingly into it, so yeah, I've got your six." As Nox and Xar began the trek farther in, Mjan looked to Leena and briefly to Sara. The deeper they got, the more he felt the pull of the hunger below. But he wasn't sure why. In truth, it worried him, especially considering that he was beginning to notice that it was all he was able to feel, the Force almost completely untouchable by him. And within him, a separate hunger was beginning to grow, a hunger to fill the void and pain he felt. Whatever laid below was powerful, and it was feeding on misery. And in return, something within Mjan was beginning to change. And because of this, there was fear evident in his gaze at the two.
  5. The stench that surrounded Mjan would have been almost unable to bear had this not been his first sewer or given that he was nearly dead to the world around him, unaffected even by the globs of fecal matter and cortorsis run off that managed to splat themselves upon his flight suit as he stood there nearly chest deep in the muck with each adventurer that chose to follow. Instead he just stood there, like the living dead laying in wait within the caverns darkness, his gaze fixated on nothingness and yet everything. The thing about staring into the darkness of no light was that eventually things had a way of staring back. Shapes and shadows moved, his hearing heightened by the lack of his sight adjusting to the noise around him that fell upon his absent hearing. Instead his mind drifted upon the currents of his past, remembering memories of his interactions with both Nia and Rose. He chuckled in silence to some, and others nearly sent his soul into the hereafter with pain, but through it all, in wept in silence, his heart shattered and broken. And as the moments past until the droid sent a wave of the gunk into his opened mouth, it only ached worse. It was a pain he had never known before, and it felt like his entire form wanted to fall to pieces from the pressure of being pulled down. Spitting out the sewage and cortosis run off out, the taste of it setting his tongue afire with something worse than smell and his gagging reflex reacting despite his inability to react at all, his mind came back to reality, the pull of something present yanking at his mind even in despair, like a slap that simply added insult to injury. Shifting his vision toward the droid's own gaze, watching the others dredge themselves toward what Sara described as a fissure in the cavern walls, Mjan obliged, and followed suite. In his hour of own darkness, Mjan could feel another feeding upon his own. It felt ancient, demonic, almost as if it enjoy his misery and fed upon his grief, and in that moment, Mjan's own darkness began to boil. As he lifted himself over the fissure's ledge, the last to climb atop, the combination of the gases were almost incapacitating. With each breath, it felt like his throat and lungs were going to boil away, causing the young Tsis to reach into the rear of his flight suit after unzipping it and pull out its rebreather, latching it into place. Grabbing Nia and Rose's own from his satchel, both covered in the gunk they had been submerged in, he looked toward Leena and Sara as he offered them. Despite the pain he felt, despite the anger swelling within him, he knew they needed them more than their owners. Turning to follow the group, there was one minor problem that Mjan had begun to slowly notice since he began to feel the presence feed upon his misery... his grasp upon the Force was beginning to linger and lose touch.
  6. There was a coldness that encompassed Mjan's soul as he sat there, chest deep in muck and feces, his heart shattered and his mind lost in blank emotion. Inside, he felt numb, almost as if he had been cut off from everything he knew or held to be true even as the darkness around him attempted to swallow him up. And yet, he didn't care, couldn't care, because he was incapable of it. Even as the heat of the flames bared down on the group, his soul grasped at it, wishing to feel anything in that moment. But even then, he couldn't feel its warmth, even before it was extinguished. And so he rose to push on behind the others, his eyes blankly staring into the abyss of darkened corridors and endless pipes as he trekked on only to move. It was a scary feeling, to feel empty and pointless, existing to only exist. He felt Rose's final moments, her death as the flames consumed her soul. But now he couldn't even feel Nia, his purpose a failure. Was she dead? He didn't feel it, so she couldn't be. But why couldn't he feel her at all? Was he that pathetic? So many questions filled his mind. So many with not a single answer. And that left him voided, left him worthless. But even in this state, something keep pulling him forward, keeping him going. But it was as unanswered as the rest. And so he chose to heed its call, to follow it forward, to keep going until it revealed its self, even if hope was lost upon him, unphased by what was said around him and even as the structures around him rumbled. He was just there, holding out, existing. And then there was nothing, his body reacting to Leena's falling in a way that was simple reaction. As she slipped and fell into the darkness below, he dove behind her without thought, his broken soul unable to grasp why he even did. He could feel her pulling the force to herself, and yet he did not, simply staring at her blankly as his form passed hers until the moments after when he landed in a slush of liquids and foul odors. And as his laying form was enveloped by it, he remained a blank slate. What was wrong with him? As his lungs attempted to hold back the tides of suffocation, Mjan found his footing and stood, covered in whatever mess he had landed in.
  7. Mjan Sadow iv-Adas Darkness... It seemed to seep everywhere he went, even within this drainage pipe he now found himself. The chaos above, the darkness lurking below, the entirety of the Galaxy at war, and the nature within himself he fought so desperately to rid himself of. It was woven into the very fabric of his life. And now his Padawan, even with good intentions, saw him as nothing but. Perhaps he was nothing but what she saw, trained to be a false hope of Light in the encompassing darkness, a soldier of misfortune destined to pretend to be something he wasn't. Or so these thoughts and doubts crossed his mind as he trekked the muck and feces, wallowing in his own self excrement as he wished the advice of Aira, his own Master, where she may have been. Turning a corner, Mjan's gaze shifted about, his nose smelling the familiar scent of gas, whether it was from the waste he treaded in or another source, he wasn't quite sure. But he knew using his saber as a light source was pointless and possibly deadly. So instead, it remained strapped across his back as he ventured further downward. Whatever the voice that called, it was unlike anything he had ever felt before, even from his own ill gotten ilk. No it felt ancient, dangerous, consuming, as if its greatest joy was chaos simplicity, and it was powerful. And with the current chaos above, it was perfection for its hunger.... and that's when Mjan heard the chaos take a turn for the worst. Captain Rose Vao Chaos... It simply escalated ever more as the manholes and grates began to rocket about the Cathar from earlier making a solemn attempt to speak just before he shoved her and Nia out of the way as one collided with his towering form. In that instance, Rose knew more than most the confusion and hesitation that Nia had been feeling all along as her form was flung across the lot's pavement with little friction to stop her until she finally slid to a stop, scrapes and maybe minor bruising being the worst of her sustained injuries. But as she achingly rose from her spot, shifting her gaze from Nia to Ro just seconds before shots rang out, something in the distance caught her attention and nearly turned her blue skin pale white. Activating her personal shield and drawing her blaster, she drew the shield across her front and returned fire as best as she could in the direction of the snipers until she reached Nia and Ro, shielding them as best she could behind it and her, as she briefly shot her gaze back out into the distant seas. Sure enough she recognized the tell-tale signs of incoming propelled warheads coming right at the them and when she looked at Nia, there was horror in her face. "There is no time." Rose blurted as she unclipped the active energy shield from her wrist and clipped it to the backside of Ro's belt, covering his form and leaving Nia and Rose briefly exposed. "Run Nia. Now!" Mjan Sadow iv-Adas Run.... That is exactly what Mjan did the second he heard the blaster shots begin, his mind only concerned for Nia and Rose as he turned away from the presence and aimed to return and help, hoping the two could hold on just long enough for him to reach them. The Force flowed around the Tsis Jedi like air, increasing his speed as his feet left waves behind in his wake, his mind hoping for the best and expecting the worse. But which turn did he make? Left or right? Panic was setting in and confusing his direction and he felt as lost as the day he left Krayiss II to locate the Jedi only to find Coruscant in flames and nearly destroyed. It wasn't long ago, but had felt like a distant memory for quite some time now, when he first found the Jedi at Felucia in Coruscant's aftermath. It was there he met Aira, the Jedi that awaited his arrival at their temple and eventually trained him as a Jedi Padawan and inducted him in the Alliance Navy. And now he was a pilot and a Jedi Knight with a Padawan of his own, one that he did not feel like failing a second time. His brow furrowed as he tried to shake the doubt and anguish from his mind, attempting to focus his thoughts and find them through the Force, hope filling his heart. But it was brief, that moment of hope as he finally found Nia and Rose's presences within the Force, the strong desire to help found in his Padawan despite the fear she felt, causing Mjan to smile with a humble sense of pride. But Rose's presence was filled with hidden horror masked by urgency to depart their vicinity as quickly as possible, causing the smile to leave Mjan's face as the reality behind her horror filled his own. Was it true? It felt so. Could they truly go through with it? There was no doubt. Just as Mjan turned the last corner, he came face to face with Leena and Sara from before, the horror and sadness of what he felt from Rose emanating from him so vibrantly that it took no questions asked as he slid to a stop and grabbed the Mon Cal by both shoulders. "Come. We need to go as deep as we can as fast as we can." His gaze shifted toward her companions, his golden gaze filled with the horror that emanated. "Now." Captain Rose Vao Horror.... Rose was almost shivering with it when she felt the subtle but warming touch of Mjan's presence upon her own as she fired another round, nearly clipping one of the snipers and causing the Quarren to take a brief moment of cover, and giving Rose and Nia that same brief moment to get Ro up. Adrenaline was pumping through her form as fast as her heart was beating as she gazed into the Cathar's eyes with sorrow before she lifted the towering beast up onto his feet and wrapped his arm around her and motioned for Nia to do the same as she grew close to his pained side. There wasn't a moment to lose. Tears strolled from her eyes in secret as she lead the three into the chaotic masses, feeling the pain of each death as if it was one of family or crew, knowing she was leading them to slaughter by her, Nia, and Ro's presence and tell-tale energy shield painting a target upon their backs. But it was the only way she could keep her promise to Mjan. It may have been wrong, and Nia may never forgive her. But it was the only way and a regret she could live with no matter the outcome. There wouldn't be any time to get low enough in the sewers with Ro in his condition, at least before..... 3....2....1..... Just before the explosion hit, Rose felt as if she almost knew the moment of detonation, her reaction to push Ro onto Nia and both just barely out of harm's way as the heat flashed against her back and she stumbled forward, her arm reaching out to Nia and Ro. Pain wrecked her body only for a brief moment as tears of pain and anguish flooded her face, and after a moment, it fleeted, as her head fell forward and revealed the ash riddled backside of her burnt corpse. And in that moment, Rose smiled. Nia was safe, alive, and her promise kept. And the only sadness that remained was that of leaving her Lieutenant behind along with her crew, their last mission incomplete. Mjan Sadow iv-Adas Sadness.... It gripped Mjan as he realized that he wouldnt be able to reach Nia and Rose in time, and it shown through even the horror filled look he gave Leena and the others as he led them downward. He could only hope that they would be safe as the horror of the shots rang out even down here below. And so, he put up a brave and silent face, turning a corner that led them down toward the lower levels and toward the presence emanating below, toward the voice that called up from within the deep. In silence, Mjan kept a subtle eye upon his Padawan and Captain despite the pain inflicting his mind as each death and the pain that Rose and Nia felt emanated through his connection to them until... Mjan stopped just before an explosion rocked the levels above, grasping at his heart with disbelief. It felt as if his heart had stopped, a crippling realization grasping at his very soul. He didn't move, couldn't breath, and all he could do in that moment is exist. He felt it. Rose was dead. His Captain, his beloved. And in that moment, Mjan simply collapsed, falling to his knees as hundreds of deaths were blinded to his ears by a singular death so dear. His fists gripped tightly beneath the sewage he sank into, he could do nothing but ache. "No." He whispered.
  8. Mjan Sadow iv-Adas Mjan nodded his head in greeting, reaching out to turn the young Mon Calamari around to face him despite her emotions overwhelming her, a trait that he shared with her. This wasn't supposed to be the assigned mission he was given, but thanks the Force... and his Padawan, plans had now suddenly changed. But instead of reaching her form, his hand was intercepted by the rushing embrace of an ally to this Leena, causing his hand to recoil and a smile to cross his face. At least she had someone who cared enough to be there, and in times like this, it was severely needed. Briefly his gaze shifted out toward where Nia had stood, perhaps she only needed the same thing, a failure on his part, and briefly he doubted himself, wondering if he had truly been ready to become a Jedi Knight, to take on a Padawan, or if could truly be anything but what his nature made him. But Leena's query snapped him back to reality. Captain Rose Vao (Nia) Rose followed Nia and the Cathar outside, the slender Twilek capable of maneuvering the crowd swiftly, but unable to yell Nia's loud enough for the young Natuolan's name as she criss-crossed through the gathering crowds and among the infected. Mjan may have been willing to give the young girl her space, but Rose was hot-headed and she was intent on having the last word even if it meant going against Mjan's wishes. Yet, when she finally caught up to them, the Cathar was delving into a story, his injuries backing it up. And so she stood there, quietly amongst the crowd, listening. But the more she listened, the madder she got. And before she could catch herself, she struck the sitting Cathar open handed, recoiling her throbbing hand as her gaze shot back and forth from him and Nia before settling on Nia alone, her eyes narrowed and furious. "How dare you?" She questioned rhetorically. "You have lived your entire life sheltered and safe, everything you know about the Galaxy from books you read and the few planets you visited. You know nothing of the stigma that Mjan carries with him. "He is Sith, Nia." She points out rather obviously, unworried about the Cathar knowing or what repercussions she would endure for slapping the large beast. But she was here to make her point. "His kin are outcasts, traitors in hiding among their own people because they view a different outlook of the Force, a unified Force that is neither light nor dark." She sighed briefly. "And Mjan is a traitor in their eyes, disowned by his own father because he wanted to study under the Jedi and found himself among them. "But he's still Sith Nia." Rose spoke, her anger fading slowly as she poured his story out to her because of how bull headed Mjan can be. "He fights to control his nature everyday, a nature that has darkened the hearts of his ancestors for thousands of millennia." She smiles at Nia. "And he's a soldier, torn between duties between his heart as a Jedi and his mind as a Lieutenant as well as his attachment to you, his Padawan. Nothing is ever black and white, and even the greatest of Jedi's had their struggles, especially during times of war." Rose grabs her right arm, intending to turn away. "You do what you want, but don't judge someone you know nothing about." And so she does after saying what she had to say, taking a few steps back toward the warehouse when the ground spews forth and an ominous feeling grips her tightly, sending chills up her spine and raising her skin. Mjan Sadow iv-Adas As soon as Leena's words left her lips, Mjan's mind was wrecked with pain as the voice intruded it, causing Mjan to fall upon his knees in excruciating pain, the veins beneath his forehead bulging. It was all he could do to inhale and exhale air as his form sank upon the grate beneath them as he called upon the Force in an attempt to blow the two to safety as he was launched into the air, the smell putrid and noxious as it sprayed him in the face. Reaching out blindly, he beckoned saving as he felt a beam of the rafters above connect with his hand and when he was able to see, found himself dangling above the open hole leading downward. "What was that?" He questioned himself silently, feeling the ominous presence seeping from below, his gaze shifting toward Leena and Sara to insure that they were alright. "Are you two okay?" Letting go, Mjan swept the Force from below and caught himself, guiding himself down to safety as he shifted his gaze from them to the hole. "I suppose that answers your question, Healer Leena." He spoke, dread in his eyes. Grabbing his saber, he draws himself to the hole's edge and peers down into it's dark abyss. "Looks like I'm going down a dark hole. Great." He jokes half heartily with a sense of sarcasm. Reaching into his pocket, he comms Rose. "I'm going down to the next level. Don't follow. Keep an eye on Nia." And with that, he jumps. Whatever laid down there was dark, and it felt like it was calling him, almost as if it knew he was here. It could very well be the cause of this pandemic, and if so, it was his duty. Captain Rose Vao Rose looks toward Nia and Ro as the added chaos ensues, a grave feeling washing over her and the look upon her face giving it away. All around them, the sewer ways and manholes erupted almost in unison as if the seas themselves washed away everything beneath their feet. And then the familiar chirp of her comm unit being activated mere moments later as her gaze knowingly shift to Nia. Turning it on, Mjan's message is played. "I'm going down to the next level. Don't follow. Keep an eye on Nia."
  9. In a fit of rage, Mjan slammed his forearms into a nearby table, slinging what parts and tools lingered upon with a sweep of his arms. He huffed with fuming anger, the scars of old ripped open by his Apprentice and her words. But more importantly, ripped open by her look of disappointment. It was a look he saw too many times. Not only from his Father when he left Krayiss II and the Sorcerer's of Tund to study under the Jedi in his search of the true Force. But from his own look in the mirror countless days during his pilgrimage to the Jedi Order and his first days as one. He was Tsis, Sith, and yet, he was now a Jedi. He knew better than anyone the potential to fall and the blindness to one's own darkness. Nia had never left her homeworld, never knew anything except the life she lived before. What could she know, what could she fathom, about what makes a Jedi? He felt Rose's forehead between his shoulder blades as she attempted to calm the Lieutenant and with a expansive sigh, he turned to look at his Captain. "Forgive me Captain." He said as the peace within him returned. "Its time she learnt things on her own." Rose smiled and punched Mjan hard in the shoulder, causing the Sith Jedi to flinch even under her frail looking frame. "Perhaps. Or perhaps what she envisioned the Jedi to be isn't what the Jedi are. She is young, inexperienced, reclusive. Similar to the Jedi Knight I took under my wing at Dark Sun. But look at him now." Mjan chuckled, his gaze shifting toward the crowd as a new ruckus began, his gaze meeting that of the Mon Cal's almost instantly, almost intuitively. Moving Rose aside, he trekked the brief distance just to see her point a blade toward the hilt of another's, the larger Cathar's, with the her voice strongly accusing murder. His golden gaze widened, and in a brief moment his own temper attempted to return, but Rose was there to place her hand upon his shoulder and subside it. His gaze shifted from Leena to Ro, then to Nia as Leena finished her words and trekked off in the direction he had just came from, a deep sigh being breathed from him as she passed. "Take the Blade if you wish Nia." Mjan spoke sincerely and calm, his face neutral in his reactions. "Whether or not the accusation of murder is true, perhaps it will bring you peace to hold another Jedi's weapon." And with that said, he smiled a saddening smile at her and turned to follow Leena, Rose staying in his place as she watched over Nia for him. When he and Leena were a good bit away, he finally spoke to the Mon Cal, his voice serene and full of sincerity, the persona he wore earlier disappearing with the false face he had removed to reveal his true identity. "Forgive my actions earlier. I am Jedi Knight and Alliance Lieutenant Mjan Sadow iv-Adas.... and yes, of the Sith species as well, Jedi?"
  10. Fear... it was a festering rash that was capable of spreading like wildfire given the right environment. Mjan stood at the beach head, his blade ignited and positioned to deter the infected and would be looters back to the chaos from which they had came, an empty threat meant to persuade. As bad as he felt standing there, preventing aid and harbor, he had to restore order. It was his job whether Nia understood it or not. He knew deep down that there were times that the best way to truly help someone was by protecting them from themselves. And yet, his Padawan was the first to stand against him, her words echoing of naivety and wishful thinking, one of the very things he had been trying to spell out for her. And yet, her gaze of disappointment, his own heart torn in two by his own persuasion, he gazed in return with his own look of sorrow. If his words could not reach her, then perhaps reality would. Before he could stand down, his weight shifting to do so, yet a familiar call bringing his defense back into the equation. His gaze first shifted toward the Mon Calamari Jedi Healer he recognized right away by the white shade of her chosen profession, her words lost upon his already chosen decision to stand down. Yet it was the brute Cathar that came pressing in that truly spread his patience thin. You think I want to prevent entrance? You think I want to..." His gaze shifted from Leena toward Ro. "Get into a lightsaber measuring contest? No. I am a Jedi." His hand reached up, pulling the flex mask from upon his humanoid face to reveal the Sithly Red Skin and Tendrils of the Kissai that hung below for those well versed in his description. "And it's my job to maintain Order in Chaos whether I agree with it or not." His gaze shifted to Nia just as she reached her own boiling point, her words cutting deeper than any he had felt before and as his golden eyes swelled with tears, his anger erupted in a burst of anguish. "You know nothing Padawan!" He barked back, the pain in his chest echoing an emptiness he hadn't felt in a very long time, her words tearing at it like a blade. "But I'll let you learn the truth your way." His words and following actions of deactivating his blade and sealing the cylinders upon each end fell upon distancing ears as he watched her depart. Rose, having climbed down from the rafters went to touch Mjan's shoulder knowing full well his own history, only found his gaze shifting toward her in tear filled disgust, mainly with himself. Slamming the end of his makeshift walking stave down, he too went to walk off in the opposite direction. But before he departed back into the opposing side of the warehouse, he left a mumble of words that only Rose and those within earshot could of heard. "Quarantine be damned."
  11. "I understand your concern Nia." Mjan spoke in a gentle tone, his golden eyes portraying his own inner struggle to rip off his fake persona and aid however he could. But he shifted his eyes downward, Rose calming down as she saw the itch of her subordinate to be who he truly was. Before Mjan could finish, Rose stepped up and spoke for him. "He understands Nia. As a Jedi, he wants to help. But times are different, and this is war, the ugly truth of it. If he reveals himself, or you, then our mission to Bakura, our purpose in this war, is compromised. And it's an ugly truth we all have to carry." Before anything else could he said, an explosion down the way could be felt, causing Mjan and Rose to quickly arm themselves and gain a better sight of what it was that just took place. Rose, naturally, grabbed her blaster rifle and headed upward, her small and limber twilek frame quickly climbing the scaffolding of the warehouse they were quarantined within as she searched for a vantage point to not only see but defend if need be. Mjan on the other hand, grabbed Nia and quickly placed her behind him as he shifted his form beside the window he was gazing from. But all he could see were the smoldering flames a few blocks down as citizens and emergency crews began to react. Raking his hand up to remove the flex mask that hid his appearence, he was about to remove it and go to aid when Rose spoke down from her perch. "The locals can handle it Lieutenant. Going out there will only expose you, as well as us, to whatever they quarantined us for to begin with. Ride it out soldier." Despite the disgruntled look upon his face, he did as ordered, walking away from the window as Rose grew comfortable in her view. Turning to Nia, the look of anger upon his face slowly fell away. He wasn't worried about himself, but Nia was his Padawan, his responsibility. He could not place her in harm's way, especially with an unknown pathagen on the loose. If he compromised her, he would not forgive himself. "Look alive people. We got looters and infected plaguing the streets." Rose suddenly shouted from her perch. Before Nia could even respond, Mjan grabbed the young girl by her outfit and slung her up into Rose's arms as his amber blades sprung to life with a peaceful hum. "Watch her. I've got the ground covered." Mjan replied knowing that Rose had Nia at a reasonably safe distance should any dare to invade. He could feel the chaos, the darkness swelling around them as fear, doubt, and anarchy ram amuck through the city. And it was high time he started acting like a Jedi rather than a soldier and do the job he was tasked for, protect his Padawan at all costs. As soon as the doors swung open, Mjan headed in the group's arrival, twirling the amber blades out of reflex as he prepared himself for what laid ahead. Stepping out of the shadows before them, he gave fair warning. "This warehouse is under strict quarantine. Remove yourselves or force my hand."
  12. "Blast that idioctic droid" Rose yelled, kicking a small bucket in the corner of the room they had been placed in shortly after arriving on Mon Cal just a few days ago. "If it had just listed, we'd be on Bakura with the others, not dealing with some forsaken pandemic, and the hyperdrive wouldn't have short circuited." "Calm down Captain." Mjan spoke, quickly regretting his words as soon as Rose's demonic glare heard them. "And you... Mister High and Mighty Jedi Knight... can't even tell them who you are because of the forged IDs and that blasted disguise." Rose retorted with a stern finger shaking. With that said, she kicked the bucket again, stubbing her toe and causing her to curse even more. All Mjan could do was glare out the small viewport onto the barren streets, thinking back to when they arrived almost a week ago. When they finally exited hyperspace after the mishap with a short fused second hand astromech, they were above Mon Cal, a rich little world as far as tourism went. But as Rose suspected, their hyperdrive was fried and hoped they could find one here. Back then, it was as life normally was on the ocean world, or so Mjan suspected. But about three days ago, the entire city went into lock down and everyone was quarantined, one of the few ships that tried to escape being shot down before their very eyes as the public was ordered into their homes. Of course, being offworlders, Mjan, Rose, and Nia held no such luxury, so the Security Forces placed them in a small warehouse near the city's surface. And that's where they had remained ever since. Mjan looked over at Rose, and then to Nia. He too had to confess that he was growing uneased, aching to breath fresher air. But he held no knowledge outside of what was reported over the city's news broadcasts as the numbers of cases and fatalities rose exponentially with each passing day. As much as he struggled, fear had begun to set in, almost crippling as he worried more for Rose and Nia than himself. He worried that because of him, and his decision to take this mission that he could lose them both or even himself and add to their misery. But more importantly, he knew what giving into one's emotions spelt for someone like him and Nia, himself especially. He could feel it creeping at the back of his mind, that desire to wage a war for freedom. Yet instead, he fought the urge, mainly sitting in silence, his hand firmly planted on the stave he carried with him.
  13. Mjan could see his Padawan struggling with her thoughts, but this would have to be something she would have to learn through experience. As much as he wanted to express and nurture in her that everything would be alright, he knew that he could not. Such was the way of nature of the hearts of sentients. Like himself before her, she would eventually have to face ther darkness within herself to truly understand the light and what it truly stood for. As she nodded in agreement, Mjan turned back to Rose. "We're in." He spoke, taking in behind Rose as she turned and headed toward the malfunctioning ARC and motioning for Nia to follow as well. It wouldn't take long before they had climbed aboard and Rose was at the helm running preflight checks and readying the elder ship for flight, Mjan taking the moment to point out each of the tasks that Rose was going through and explaining their purpose. When Rose fired the engines and lifted the ARC into the air, Mjan looked at Nia. "Any questions? It would be a slightly bumping ride due to the malfunctioning engines, the small astromech that came along working overtime to keep up with Mjan's superior Officer and leader of his squadron as diagnostics were ran thrice. Mjan, having took the tailgunner's seat so Nia could observe, simply enjoyed the view from his stance as they entered open space and left Ord Mantell behind. But he chuckled softly, Rose's constant cursing enough that he was sure Nia's entire form was surely a completely different shade of color by now. But his chuckle was cut short rather quickly when he felt an unfamiliar disturbance shift across the Force just a Rose told the astromech not to connect some wire. Before Mjan knew it, the stars around them became blurred lines and he felt the shift of hyperspace, unsure of what was exactly going on.
  14. Mjan smiled at Nia briefly as she finished her words, a subtle kindness in his golden gaze before a full onslaught of laughter took hold of him, their distance between the town as well as Beth and her group too far to even be noticed by anyone but her and Mjan. Tears formed in his kind eyes and he apologized just as quick as he wiped them away and placed a hand upon his pupils shoulder as his gaze grew back to a semi-serious form. "Nia, you forget who I am, what my very existence here proves." Mjan's words spoke of his own heritage, a Sith Jedi where his very nature conflicted his own outlooks. Removing his hand from her shoulder out of respect, he shifted his gaze toward the others. "My people have always been able to touch the Force, and because of it, fell to their nature within in, just as the Dark Jedi who migrated to our world after the Great Schism." "The Order I was raised under, The Sorcerer's of Tund, are a secret sect of the Sith species, whom like my Master, taught that the Force is neither light nor dark, only the hearts of those who wield it defining the nature of it within themselves." Mjan spoke, memories of his time before the Jedi and of Master Aira fluttering to mind as he reminisced to his own tutelage as a Padawan not the very long ago, even if it felt like ages. "If it wasn't for the Jedi, or even my former Order, the dark nature of the Sith within me would have forged me into your enemy rather than your teacher." His gaze shifted back to Nia, tears of sorrow filling his eyes as his words reached home in his own heart. "We are Jedi, pillars of Light standing against the Dark. But if we stand alone, the Darkness will eventually consume us. So we teach others to defend themselves, to bolster our numbers not just in those who are sensitive to the Force, but even in those who aren't, aspiring hope where hopelessness thrives." "If we worry about the nature of someone, allowing the fear of teaching the wrong student blind us, then that hope is lost." Mjan wiped the streaming tears across his flex-mask, repositioning it in doing so to keep his human like appearence. "The hope I found in the Jedi would never had touched my heart." Motioning for Nia to follow, Mjan allowed her to reply briefly, the time of their departure growing near. Beth and the others were surely had acquired everything they needed for Bakura. But as they grew near, Mjan noticed a disturbed look on Rose's face. Asking his Captain what was wrong, she frowned and spoke of one of the ARC-170 giving out unusual readings and that she needed to test it out, but the others were busy transporting the remaining ones, so she needed Mjan and Nia's help. Mjan shook his head with agreement, but looked to Nia for her own confirmation. For Rose to run a full diagnostics on it, it meant a test flight in zero grav. It would be the only way to truly understand what the readings were giving, and it wasn't something he was sure his Padawan would be comfortable with. She would have to decide this herself.
  15. Mjan nodded, offering his outstretched arm for her to take the lead after he handed the girl a spare credit stick with a well rounded balance of funds just in case she needed or wanted anything as they explored. With a chuckle, Mjan spoke. "Here's a good fill of creds, just in case." After they were a bit away from the group and still a distance back into town, Mjan began to speak. "Tell me Nia. What do you know of the Force and how much of it has been taught to you? I'm trying to gauge your potential as well as your skills before our mission begins. It'll make it easier for when we arrive at Bakura to focus on what areas you need training in the most." Mjan gave her plenty of time to speak, walking rather slowly with his fingers intertwined behind him. But as they reached the edge of the township, Mjan brought up one of his single digits as a sign of gushing now that they were in earshot of anyone who could blow their cover. The few personal things that Mjan had to gather were mostly medicinal herbs, a batch of bacta, and a few other minor necessities that Rose had forgotten. Taking his time, Mjan gave Nia a chance to browse around, possibly finding something from her homeworld that she may come across or something new that caught her eye and drew her curiosity. Even Mjan found a small flute like instrument that he held no qualms about buying, and soon placed it within his satchel. Once it drew close to meeting up with Beth and the others, Mjan tapped Nia on the shoulder and pointed toward where the others were beginning to gather. With a smile, Mjan spoke. "Its time to head back. Got everything?"
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