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  1. A brief moment of silence lingered upon the air after her exclamation, the smile upon his face hidden by the elongated fingers that stroked at his chin, his green gaze still falling upon her form as he slightly teased at her before he finally revealed the hidden smile. A slight chuckle could be heard snorting forth that resembled a Gamorrean grunt as he turned, placing a palm upon her shoulder to turn her with him. "I see child." He spoke, this time a more serious tone echoing within his gentle voice as he began walking away from the Temple's Entrance toward an inner courtyard where a handful of Initiates and Padawans were, some studying, some meditating, a couple sparing. "Tell me why you wish to become a Jedi young one. Why be so willing to give up such a long life ahead of you for a life of servitude and sacrifice?" Motioning for her to sit, his hand reveales a small pond with various fish swimming within, a duracrete barrier running its course around it, as he took a seat and motioned his hand across it's still surface, small ripples following its wake. "We Jedi are like these fish, confined to our duties, making sure the murky waters of darkness does not overcome our beloved Galaxy, and like the ripples my hand have caused to the water..." Just as he speaks, the fish within rush toward his hand, nipping at the path his hand made. "The Force is our only way of knowing when our Galaxy have been invaded."
  2. Despite the recent beefing of the security here at Felucia, it was still a relaxed atmosphere outside the refugee camps and within the Temple grounds for most travelers. Most were scanned and allowed entrance while Jedi Masters roamed its many halls making mental notes of each that visited, even some requiring the occasional probing approach if one's mind seemed too well guarded. One of these Masters was a Jedi Instructor by the name of Tre' Vo, a unique Kaminoan with green eyes whose slender form seemed to almost glide through its many halls as he walked amongst those seeking refuge, aid, or even medical help. It was during one of these visits when he felt a ripple of emotions pulsing about, his gaze shifting and falling upon a human girl that had recently walked in, the look upon her face echoing it both amazement and of confusion. With a smile, he made his approach. "How can I help you, little one?" He poised in question as he approached Solestran, his longer slender fingers intertwining as he clasped his hands together and bowed his elongated neck. "I am Jedi Master Tre' Vo, but you are welcome to call me Tre'." As he spoke, his green gaze fell upon her in his own wonderment, curious questions as to what had brought her to Felucia and what it was that she sought, tempted to but reluctantly not allowing himself to prowl about her mind as a small few would do, and instead choosing to let her reveal herself as she wished.
  3. As soon as Mjan climb aboard the blackened X-Wing, Rose' voice came across the comm, Mjan unsurprised by the gargled static that echoed through with her voice. His hands gripped tightly upon the fighter's controls as he gained a feel for it as he listened to her words. "Alright Mjan, our formation and maneuvers are simple. I'll take the head, you will take my left with Oden on my right and the twins will take up the rear." Her voice was sweet, and yet stern, but he understood the necessity for it. This was war, and everyone wanted to make it home. "Orders from the top are that we are to remain on a defensive standby until we are needed or engaged. Otherwise, let's enjoy the view as we kick some Sunner arse. Are ya with me boys?" The comms filled with a mixture of roars and screams as their excitement reached maximum, but Mjan remained silent as they began to lift off and set out into space, Mjan's control on the X-Wing a bit questionable until he exited Justice's Mandate and the ship leveled out in the vastness void of space. It was slightly different from his own, but the general concept was the same, albeit with it being slightly more touchy. Still, it didnt take long for Mjan to get a subtle feel for it and settle into formation. "It is an honor... Mjan finally spoke as they watched the distant expansion unfold. "I thank you for allowing me to accompany you in your Captain's fighter." The comms were silent for a moment before Jax spoke up, his tone more of a growl than a voice. "Dont mention it. Just survive."
  4. Once the Justice's Mandate entered hyperspace, Mjan left behind the Duros and started wandering about the ship. It was a strange feeling to say the least, as for the first time since starting his training as Jedi that the young Tsis had found himself not knowing what to do. So he walked aimlessly about, the clank of his saber like against the durasteel flooring of the ship drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the life that swarmed around him. Soldiers were preparing weapons checks for boarding parties, pilots running preflight scans on the fighters, and Jedi preparing themselves for the stance they knew they had to take. But Mjan was aimless, unsure what to do. So the young Tsis thought back to his time under Aira, remembering his training and the trials he had faced as he walked the halls and the hangar. Aira had been a guiding light, a hand to grasp when he was unsure. But when she wasnt around, he had always reacted upon instinct and the Force's will. He had always known what he was meant to do. But these Black Sunners were nothing in the grand scheme of things, at least in his mind, and this battle was nothing more than what he originally felt was a political ploy for the Jedi's behalf. Yet, as Aira had pointed out, a life saved was another blade of grass to settle the ripples of the darkness that threatened the serenity of the pond known as the Galaxy. But where was his place here? What was it that the Force had willed him here for? Mjan stopped, closing his eyes and stretching his mind about as he let the Force flow around him, feeling its intertwine with the nature of man and machine, searching for its reason. And that was when he heard it, felt it even. Opening his eyes, Mjan followed his flow, turning down hall after hall until he found himself back inside the hanger, a fighter before him. "Can we help you?" A feminine voice poised from beside him, a young Twilek girl gazing upon him with a rather confused look. "Who's ship is this?" Mjan questioned baxk, placing a hand upon the blackened X-Wing as he marveled at it before shifting his gaze toward her. "Is it yours?" Mjan noticed a look of sadness encompass her face as she turned back toward her three companions. "No. It was our Captain's. We... we lost him during the battle at Onderon." Mjan lowered his gaze in embarrassment, feeling as if he had overstepped a boundary by poising such a question. "Forgive me. I didnt mean to impose. I've recently finished my training and came here after my Master made my Knighting official and was lost about where I should be...." "So you're a Jedi?" Mjan heard her question, a sense of her mood perking up as she made the realization. Mjan smiled briefly, but only due to her excitement as he realized this couldn't have been where the Force had led him. "Only recently. That's why I feel so lost. So I searched the Force for my purpose in the upcoming battle and it led me here, or so I thought. But I can see your pain and I wouldn't impose..." As the girl heard Mjan and realized what he was meaning, her gaze shifted toward her companions, and Mjan turned to walk away, oblivious as to their shared nods and what would happen next. "Wait... are you a good pilot?" "I can fly, but I've never fought anything more than a couple encounters with pirates near my homeworld." Mjan spoke honestly, his face puzzled by her question. "Why do you ask? "Good enough for us Jedi." She spoke with a chuckle as she approached the young Tsis and wrapped her arm around his neck. "We're the X-Caliber Squadron.... cheesy name I know.... but I'm sure the Captain would be honored if you flew in his place." Taken aback, Mjan stood there in silence, unsure of what to say, but the girl drug him over to her companions and began introductions right away. "I'm Rose Vao..." She began, pointing toward her self before shifting toward a tall scruffy human. "This is Oden Sun, named after some silly God that his people worship...". Then she shifted her gaze and finger toward two male Cathars. " And these are the twins, Zac and Jax. Zac is the runt by the way." She laughed before turning toward Mjan. "And you are?" "Mjan....Mjan Sadow." Mjan spoke with a grin, nodding his head toward each of them. "Pleased to meet you." Just as Mjan spoke, the ship shifted beneath them as the klaxons began to blare with anticipation. Rose, Oden, and the twins began gathering their things as Rose slapped Mjan's shoulder with a smile. "Welcome to the X-Caliber Squadron, Mjan. Let's see what your made of. Lift off is in five." As the four departed, Mjan was left alone staring at the scarred blackened X-Wing, his gaze sincere and slightly saddened that he was taking the place of their fallen comrade. But a smile graced his face once again as he realized why the Force led him here. Five more blades of grass to deter the ripples of darkness set forth by those claiming the name of his kin. His mission of redemption was beginning.
  5. As Fazon spoke, Mjan took his words to heart and listened with attentiveness, letting the wiser Jedi's words linger in the air. The Duro was quite different from Aira, more militant and blunt than his Master had been. Not to say Aira didnt have her moments where the warrior within had shown through, but that she had a softer and gentler side, albeit a bit coddling if one such as Mjan had been outside looking in. Not to say she pacified the young Tsis, but as a Teacher, she was extra encouraging and softer upon his mistakes during training. And truth be told, outside his Jedi training, his scope was limited. So as he sat there and listened to the Duro speak, he realized his own weakness. He had been trained to be a Jedi, but not to be a warrior within the Fleet. And as Fazon spoke of his feeling worthy of such a title and the honor that came with it, Mjan questioned himself just for a moment. "I dunno if I would say worthy..." Mjan out loud in retort, mostly to himself that Fazon. "But Master Aira felt that I was." Only time would tell if Aira was right in her convictions about Mjan. But the young Tsis trusted her judgement and the sheathed pike he held in hand as a walking staff spoke of his own in volumes. An Apprentice may have been able to forge such a weapon, but only Mjan could attune it so precisely. It's aura matched his own with such strength that there could be no denying it. It was a weapon truly forged for a Jedi Sentinal. But what path would the battle ahead bring for Mjan? When presented the options, Mjan grew confused. It wasn't that he was perplexed by the Duros or his choice of words, but what path would be the Force's will. He had yet to even think upon his next choice of actions, only being led here for this moment. But now that he was given the choice, it was unclear. Even as he opened his mind up to the Force, it remained undecided. "Understood sir." Mjan finally spoke to Fazon, a deep sigh following his words as his gaze shifted aside as he heard the Justice's Mandate frame wail and shift as it entered hyperspace. "May the Force guide me well in the coming battle." He only hoped it would provide a clearer path as they grew closer to the moment when the Jedi brought the war to the enemy.
  6. As the Starfang landed gently within the flightdeck of the Justice's Mandate, Mjan let out a sigh of relief. Space was still a thing for one of his kind to get used to, himself having rarely stepped foot off Krayiss II but on two occasions during his lifetime, and the last lead him here to the Jedi Order. Grabbing the metal stave that hid his saberpike, he disembarked his ship and met with the elder Duros Knight with glee, the Tsis's golden eyes soft and kind, only amplified by the hue of his crimson skin. "Lt. Mjan Sadow reporting in". He spoke with enthusiasm as he stood firm and saluted the Jedi that stood before him with his left hand perching the spurred brow of his only seeing eye. "Forgive my tardiness. I only recieved the comm to report here when Master... I mean Aira Caden... dropped me off at Felucia to retrieve my ship after Ilum." As Mjan gazed toward the elder Knight before him, he could sense a bit of confusion upon the air, even for the Jedi before him, causing the young Tsis to wonder momentarily if Aira had reported his Knighting on Ilum to the Order. Returning his own confused look, he questioned. "My Knighting at Ilum was sanctioned, correct?"
  7. A small Starfang fighter exited hyperspace after having left Felucia and instantly hailed the Jedi fleet stationed above Borelias, notably @Adenna Alluyen. "This is Lt. Mjan Sadow, former padawan to Aira Caden, requesting permission to land." Already the realization of his new status was beginning to truly set in and he felt the loss of Aira deeply. But she had chosen to raise him to Knighthood for a reason and now he pushed himself forward to honor her hope in him. As a newly appointed Jedi Knight, as well as a Lieutenant in its naval fleet, Mjan needed to report in.
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    Mjan's eyes widened as Aira spoke, this day having been the farthest from his mind. He was motionless, speechless even as the saber fell to his side, deactivated, and Aira stepped up to embrace him. "I dont know what to say Master..." He managed to finally stutter out, a smile encompassing his tendrilled face. "I'm speechless." But as the words sank in deeper, his gaze reflecting the realization, it grew to become a bittersweet moment. He had passed his trials, had became a full fledged Knight of the Jedi Order. But it also meant that his tutelage under Aira had came to it's close and that the two no longer stood as Master and Padawan, but as two Jedi Knight, equals among rank, but only in that. A tear strolled down the Tsis face as Aira gathered her things, prompting Mjan to do the same. Throwing his satchel across his shoulder, Mjan turned to face Aira as she poised her last question, the clink of the saber walking staff echoing within the Temple's walls. With sadness and joy both filling his heart in abundance, Mjan spoke only a simple choice of words. "I suppose we should return to the fleet, Aira." Again Mjan smiled. Everything has an end as much as a beginning, and he - as well as his writer - has enjoyed this experience with everything that they are.
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    Mjan heard her words, and the chill upon his form disappeared as he took solace in her knowledge. He had began to wonder if he had seen a spirit of the past while in the chamber, but perhaps the spirit he saw was no less mortal than he, a being of no name and no face, only servitude until they were reclaimed by the Force. Instead of asking any more questions, Mjan simply gazed downward and echoed his thoughts out loud. "There is no death, only the Force." Raising his gaze as Aira returned and handed him the satchel of parts, he gazed at her with confusion as she spoke. He knew that Jedi built their own lightsabers and that it required the Force, at least from rumors he had heard in passing and what little Intel he had gathered from his studies. But the look he gave was one that questioned for further instruction. Surely Aira would offer some guidence in this task. Or so he thought to himself until she gestured him away. Shifting his gaze away, he felt tested, wondering if he could truly do it alone, as he turned toward the room's center where the light was the brightest. Sitting upon the chamber's floor, Mjan crossed his legs and poured the contents out before him, laying the amber crystal to the side as he looked through the parts. A firm look on his face, his eye shifted about as his mind raced through the possibilities that he could create. And indeed, the possibilities were endless. But what would fit him? Which would fit him the best? Mjan grabbed a few parts and began testing them against one another as if he was searching for the right connection, but couldn't quite figure it out. Placing the parts down after several minutes, Mjan sighed. Remembering Aira mentioning the Force's guidence, he opened himself up to it, beckoning for its aid. And it answered... To Aira, it was as if Mjan simply got still. But inside Mjan, and within the Force, the connection between the two delved deeper in unison than it had ever trailed before. Mjan had long been searching for what Jedi he would be when his training grew complete, his mind wreaked by so many possibilities and never having fully understood what was calling to him. But now, with his chosen crystal beside him, it began to fall into place like small pieces of a spoken puzzle. Mjan was Tsis, whom revoked his kin's path of the darkness within. So he chose to become a Jedi and leave his life as a Sorcerer of Tund to better understand the unified Force. And within the lightside, he found the answer which his former Order had always sought: The Force was nature, and Nature was the Force, two symbiotic Forces that relied upon one another to strive and flourish, and that the darkness within all disrupted and imbalanced the harmony of both. And Mjan knew that he, as a Jedi and a disciple of the Force would need to take up arms to defend it from such imbalance. He would be both a Warrior of the Light and a Philosopher of the Symbiosis, a Jedi of its truest nature. And his weapon would need to reflect such a path. This is why the amber crystal had called to him. But what weapon would he forge? Mjan's form began to move again, almost involuntarily. First the crystal lifted up before him, his eye closed to the world around him and his mind only open to the will of the Force as it guided his very soul. Next came the inner workings of the blade, two of each gathering on both ends of the crystal as the lightsaber began to slowly take shape. And then came the casing, long and cylindrical as the pike began to come together. But there were small differences that very few lightsabers held, especially for a pike. For one, the ignition switches were incased within rather than outside, signifying it could only be actived using the Force. Secondly, it was sealed tightly, showing that it could be used in any environment, even under water. And lastly, it held a duel phase emitter on both ends that would extend or decrease the blades length at will in the same fashion as its activation. But most importantly, two additional pieces were placed upon each end that closed off the saber's look and as it settled in Mjan's hand, it gave a simple appearence of a simple and yet elegant walking staff. And in that moment, Mjan's eyes opened and his gaze shifted downward. Using the staff, Mjan stood up, and turned toward Aira, a gaze of seriousness upon his face as his golden eye caught hers. With a clink of the metal staff, he stepped forward. "I've made my choice, Master..." He voiced in a humbled voice. "Though this weapon is made to defend against the dark, it will stand as a beacon of hope for all, even for Tsis like myself. I chose the pike as a semblance of protection and aggression, sheathed as a walking staff unless otherwise needed, and only as a last resort." With that said, Mjan removed the extended casings from both ends and held out his saber before Aira. "And now the moment of truth." He spoke with a smile as he placed both hands upon the staff and activated it, amber blades igniting on both ends, its subtle hum vibrating vibrantly as it illuminated his form. "What do you think?"
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    Mjan gazed down upon the crystal, its surface smooth, but its form jagged and elongated as he felt it's warm and soothing touch upon his healed hand. Its presence within the Force felt familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. It felt almost as if it was but a stranger who sat in solice and had waited many of millennia for this singular day to arrive. But at the same time, it felt as if it was kin, a long lost relative of no memory. It was hard for Mjan to describe the exact feeling in his mind, only that it felt that it had waited all this time for him and knew him more than Mjan could ever imagine. It was as mysterious as the Force, this feeling, it was. Mjan turned to begin his trek back, unsure of the exact path that had brought him, but his mind was clear and he could feel Aira's own presence in the distance. Feeling the cold air beginning to return, Mjan bundled himself up in his coat after removing it from his waist and placed the crystal into one of the pockets. But as he went to turn, he caught a glimpse in the distant darkness. It was a figure, clad in white and what appeared to be Gold trim with a similar mask adorning its face as it held a rather unusually long lightsaber hilt. Moving briefly in its direction, Mjan noticed it disappear, stopping the young Tsis in his tracks as the hair upon his form stood and small pimples raised with them causing him to shiver. Shaking it from his mind, Mjan turned back toward Aira's presence. A few minutes later, Mjan arrived before his Master, a grin upon his face from ear to ear as he pulled the crystal from his pocket and offered it up to Aira for inspection. But remembering what he had seen, Mjan's smile quickly disappeared, his gaze turning toward the direction he had came from briefly before returning to Aira. "Master?" He spoke, poising a question. "Are there Temple Guards down in the caves below?"
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    ((Legal Double Post)) As saber met blade, sparks erupted, the two Tsis engaged in a battle as old as their species. A tear streamed down his cheek as he realised the irony of it before him, the knowledge that even though he followed the light, he was still pitted against his own and those that took up the mantle of his kin. But this being before him, this God-King know as Adas, he was the worst. He may have labeled Mjan as betrayer, but it was he who truly betrayed the Tsis. And the glare that Mjan held upon his eye beneath the sparks and glow of the saber said more than he realized. "You are the betrayer Adas. Mjan finally retorted aloud, spitting the words through his gritted teeth. "You slaughtered our kin by the hundreds of thousands as you brought each of our houses under your banner! And for what? A meaningless title? "I am the chosen, the Sith'ari. I brought our people together, unified them under what was rightfully mine." The charcoal skinned being spoke with conviction, his hatred for Mjan fueling him as he pressed his axe down upon Mjan's blade, forcing Mjan backwards. "Look at me. My very skin speaks of what was foretold. It was my duty... a duty you have disgraced by falling to the light, by following your pathetic Jidai code." "No. Your legacy is stain in blood, a legacy that I, your descendant, carry in shame. I could follow the light for a thousand years and still not wash it from our name." Mjan spoke as he struggled to press back, his knees aching to buckle as he pressed harder against the axe's hilt with his own, the strain evident upon his sweating face. "And in the end, you died, leaving behind only a name and failure. As soon as you died, the unification broke and the infighting continued... even now. You accomplished nothing. Such is the path of darkness." "You know nothing of the darkness, Jidai. It was because of that our people remained free, even against the mighty Rakata! Adas spoke, reeling backwards and away from Mjan as he drew ready his blade for another attack. "And it will end you just as well Isdavy!" Mjan closed his eyes briefly, letting the Force flow through him as he realized that even in death, his kin of both past and present were bound by their very hatred and ignorance, letting the truth of his sight see things for what they really were. And in the moment he opened his gaze, tears streamed from them in sorrow, just as his blade clashed once again with the alchemic blade of his forefather. "They are not free. Hate binds them, just as it does you. Peace is the only way to break the chains of their emotions. "Hahahaha." Adas chuckled as he released his pressure and spun upon his heels and lowered his stature using the weight of his blade to spin attack Mjan's abdomen. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion." Mjan dodged his attack barely, the blade of the axe tearing at his robes. "Only the ignorant would truly believe that. There is no emotion, only serenity and harmony." Adas attacks again, this time attempting to bring the axe's blade straight down upon Mjan's head, causing Mjan to react by pressing his saber against the attack, Adas spewing more words in contest as he bares down upon the Tsis Padawan more and more. "Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through Power, I gain victory." Mjan still streams tears of sorrow as Adas presses forward, the young Tsis realizing how lost the soul has became. And yet, even with the Force's aid, he knows himself unable to defeat him in truth, only postpone the inevitable. Digging his feet into the darkened dirt beneath him, gathering all the strength he and the Force could muster, Mjan manages to catch Adas off balance and forces the blade upwards as he places his hand upon the burning training blade. With one final effort, fighting through the pain, Mjan pushes Adas backwards one last time. Mjan deactivates the blade, lowering the hand that wields it, accepting his fate as he said he would so that others may one day know his story and follow it. He didnt want to die, but he would this day so his newfound understanding of the Force would become a part of its whole, that his will and it would become one. Just as Adas' final attack, all of his anger and hate for his descendant becoming a Jedi fueling his rage, Mjan stood firm in accepting his fate as the Force wills it. "There is no death, there is the Force." And silence filled the air.... Moments would pass as Mjan stood there, waiting for that final blow. But all he would feel was warmth, a pulsating call tugging at his very soul, and as he opened his gaze, that was when Mjan saw it floating before him. No longer was Adas or the corpses surround him, the cavern as black as the night's sky save for the singular glowing yellow crystal before him. And as Mjan reached his shaking injured hand forward to grasp it, a whisper carried itself upon the wind as his hand began to heal with the touch of the crystal. "Jidai" ((Post 4 of 4))
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    As Mjan traveled deeper into the caverns beneath the Temple, the mist began to grow thicker, the air warmer and stifling. But the humid air was nothing he was unfamiliar with. It was much like the climate of his people's homeworld, humid and dusty despite the frigid appearence of the real world above. Or so it seemed to the young Tsis as he derobed the coat that Aira had given him and tied its arms around his waist. Continuing onward, Mjan could feel the call growing closer and closer, its presence as if shouting his name, visions beginning to cloud his mind. It was a history he knew all too well, the history and lineage of his true mother, the heritage of the Adas. Visions of war, brutal and vast began to play before his eyes, a armored leader at its head through countless battles and bloodbaths, a product of the darkside portrayed and rallied behind as the armored warrior held it highly and weilded ot deadly, as the chosen carved out his legacy. But for Mjan, it felt as if he had walked into a dream amongst the most, the visions portrayed before him upon its lingering translucent form as it grew thicker. Slowing his pace to a walk, unsure of what he was walking into, Mjan made his way forward with caution. More battles were envisioned, as each of the clans were conquered one by one until the armored being sat above all, his kingdom immortalized by his Godhood and he took upon the title of Sith'ari, his blade sharpened by bone and blood and his magic as powerful and adept as any before him. And Mjan only watched, his golden gaze trying to figure out the purpose of what he saw, its history known for nearly thirty millennia. Yet, here, it was unedited and raw, truth revealed where history changed. "Why is the Force showing me this evil legacy of mine?" Mjan questioned to himself, part of him trying to understand the lesson presented while the other half wanted to look away in shame. "I've already chosen to be a Jedi first and Tsis second, becoming a bridge as much as a beacon of hope for those who follow. So why show me this?" As he questioned this in his mind, the most engulfed him so thickly that he couldn't see his hands before him as he reached out to find the walls of the cavern he had walked into, and with a single step forward, Mjan felt the ground beneath him disappear and gravity took hold as he plummeted as good twenty to thirty meters before he landed in what appeared to be a pool of crimson blood. Horrified by the gore he saw covering his form as he stood up, Mjan's eye natural darted about. And before him sat a new field of battle, the twisted and grotesque forms of a nearly forgotten race laying upon the ground around him, and in the center before him stood a charcoal skinned mirror of Mjan himself wielding the very axe the armored God-King Adas once weilded as he turned to face Mjan. Snarling, the Tsis charged toward Mjan as Mjan activated the blade he still held clipped to his side in a mere matter of seconds, his hatefilled words lingering in his traverse. "Isdavy.... Jidai" ((Post 3 of 4))
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    ((Legal Double Post)) The cave and its crevasses and caverns were infinite and winding, turn upon turn as the Tsis followed the call he felt. Blind to the darkness that surrounded him, Mjan could only follow a tendrical sense that wrapped itself around his mind and pull him toward it, his own gaze occasionally loosing focus as other things caught his eye here and there. One such thing was the blackened stone of which the walls were formed from, capable of absorbing the very light that shown upon them. He stopped briefly, touching it, and wondering its properties and why it acted so. That was when Mjan heard the chuckle, his gaze shifted toward its direction as he saw the translucent figure of a Kissai child running a few meters before him, puzzling the Jedi Padawan. "A Tsis? On Ilum?" Mjan questioned to himself without uttering it aloud as he fastened his pace in its direction. Turning the corner it trekked, Mjan followed, hearing its laughter and inaudible words echoing in the distance, catching a glance of its figure occasionally here and there as it crossed from cover to cover ahead of him. It wasn't until he came upon a large chamber that Mjan saw the figure full before him. And what he saw, his eyes couldn't believe. It was his living chamber back on Krayiss, from the mortared fireplace to the meditation chamber down the hall. And the figure before him was that of his own self, back during a time when ignorance was bliss and he still held the innocence of childhood. Confused Mjan approached the child he once was, and knelt beside it, placing a hand upon his shoulder as he went to turn himself around. But as he touched it, he found himself seeing through the eyes of his childhood and what the day he was seeing stood for him. Around the corner, Mjan gazed toward the meditation chamber as a Tsis Royal Guard stood before his father, questions and words being thrown about a child of royal blood having been born out of wedlock, words of an illegitimate bastard son who threatened the rightful heir to the Adas Dynasty. And his father denying his existence, saying that Mjan lost his mother during childbirth and that he held no clue as to whom the guard spoke of. Dissatisfacted, the guard left, and Mjan's father saw Mjan watching. As his father approached, he told Mjan of who the guard had been searching for, and that if he was ever found out, his half brother would have him executed to serve as an example. And so Mjan would grow up under the Sadow name, and forget all about who his mother was. And for a time, Mjan did, his servitude to the Sorcerer's of Tund being the only truth he knew. And as time passed, that was the only thing that mattered. Mjan came back to reality, quickly removing his hand from upon the visage of his younger self as it turned to meet his gaze. It reached it's small hand up and stroked his cheek and the patch that now covered his eye, saying not a single word as it smiled and slowly vanished into a collecting mist of steam as Mjan stood up. Collecting himself, and partially ignoring what had just transpired, Mjan searched for the call he had felt earlier. And when it came to him again, this time it was louder and stronger, aching for him to rush himself and come toward it. And as he quickened himself, Mjan's mind only remained on why he saw the vision of his past and why here would this place choose that memory to serve whatever purpose it chose. ((Post 2 of 4))
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    As soon as Mjan stepped out onto the plains of Ilum, not only did the fridged air nearly take away his breath, but the swirling vortex of energy emanating all around them began to pull at his mind. It called to him, like thousands of voices all at once, and it took all he had to guard his mind against it as he kept up with Aira amidst their blinded trek. Shifting his gaze toward the sky above, Mjan noticed the rumbling storms above, similar to what he had once read about the ancient planet of Tython and he wondered if this planet was similar in the aspect of the Force. It was only when he felt his Master's use of power and the display of lights that followed did his mind return to reality. Mjan was amazed by the wall of ice as it opened up before them, but he paid no heed as he followed Aira quickly inside to retreat from the storm. But once inside, even as the air grew warmer, Mjan found himself slightly distracted by the room upon which they had entered. The darkened walls, adorned with thousands of littered crystals reminded the young Padawan of space, or perhaps time, as it illuminated the chambers center and felt as if they stood upon a chamber that saw and knew all, even if it was unable to communicate. Only Aira's words shook him from his wonderment. "I see Master. And rightfully so. The Force is gathered here so strongly, and most of the crystalline forms here seem to only amplify it. Mjan spoke in a serious but humbled tone as he took the coat Aira handed him and bundled himself up with as his gaze shifted about. "I better get to it then. I'm not familiar with this planet, so I have the slightest clue when its sun begins to set. Taking a step toward the center of the room, Mjan opened himself up to the Force, allowing his mind to wonder about before he took anymore steps, many halls leading off in every direction, searching for the crystal that called to him. Mjan wasn't for sure if it was the right way to proceed forward, but as his Master had pointed out before, one only needs to open their mind to what is possible in the Force, and at this moment, this was the closest thing Mjan felt to being right. Suddenly Mjan felt a singular thought crossing his mind without his control, something that had been plaguing him since he returned from his adventure. He wasn't for sure why it came to him, but I flowed as naturally as the Force that surrounded him. What kind of Jedi did he wish to be? It was as if the path before him echoed of this singular decision and now the Force beckoned an answer. Mjan thought long and hard for a moment, realizing who he was and what it had always meant for him, and finally the answer came to him. Not only would he become a beckon of hope for those around him and those he swore to protect, but a beckon of hope for his own kind as well and for those who wished to follow the same path he now walked. Suddenly the path before Mjan was illuminated by the Force in his eye, as if it beckoned him to follow, and at the end of it, he could feel the soft and whisper call of the crystal that had chosen him. It was as if it knew he would come here eventually one day, and knew what path he had chosen even before he did. As for its call, it wasn't that of a sound or that of a voice, but rather a feeling of the heart that ached to follow a certain path. Turning to Aira as he stepped forward and off to the left, Mjan smiled a soft hearted smile before disappearing into the darkened hall and deeper into the caves. ((Post 1 of 4))
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    As the transport dropped out of hyperspace, Mjan took in the view of Ilum. Its pearl like atmosphere was unlike anything he had ever seen before, the mixture of white and light blue mimicking a desert like planet in almost every aspect except for the temperatures being way below freezing as he scanned the planet. Turning, his gaze shifting to Aira. "We've arrived Master." He spoke, pulling at his light clothing with jest. "I may have underdressed for this occasion."
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