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  1. As Nia and Beth walked away, Mjan stayed close to the shadows, careful to suppress his presence as much as possible. Rose, however, gathered most of the supplies she felt that the group would need including rations, weapons, hygienic products, new identifications, the works. And as usual, after batting her eyes and flaunting herself, she came out with a few credits to spare without touching what they would need for their ship. About an hour or so had passed when she returned to gather Mjan and the two disappeared back aboard the ship. When the two emerged, Mjan looked almost completely different. Aside from his usual four digit hands and golden eyes, he wore a new flight suit, second hand of course, sporting a small vibro-dagger and a T-21 hanging from his shoulder. But the most drastic change was his face, hidden by a well placed flex-mask that gave him an uncanny human appearance that could vaguely distinguish him from Beth. As the two walked up to Beth and Nia, Mjan half expected them not to recognize him, at least at first, which was the point. "Nia." Mjan spoke, his familiar voice giving him away as he handed her a new identification card that was left blank to place a name of her own choosing. "Rose has a surprise for us. Come. You as well Beth." There was self evident excitement in Rose's expression as she led the group toward the outskirts where a large ARC 170 sat in almost near mint condition. Aside from a few scorch marks as well as some scratches to its undercarriage, it still held it's original coat and even the Republic Insignia it was designed to adorn. Excitedly waving her arms about Rose gleefully spoke. "Ladies, and gent." She made sure to single out Mjan in retrospect. "I present Vao's Prize." Of course, named largely after herself as usual, but given Rose, it didnt surprise Mjan. Ignoring Rose's rambling about the overall history of the ARC 170 line as well as the history of Vao's Prize as he pulled Nia to the side and left Beth subject to it, Mjan spoke plainly. "I know its customary to called your Master 'Master', but from here on out, we have to be careful. I've taken the name Sado Krayt and the file places me as an Ex Imperial Lieutenant and gun for hire. I left your's blank for your own choosing, but your file will state you as an missing orphan originally hailing from your homeworld. That way, if we ever do get caught, you can play dumb and likely receive leniency." Mjan smiled, noting not to touch her this time, as his familiar smile managed to pierce the veil of the flex-mask he wore. "Are you okay with this?"
  2. Mjan strolled down the boarding ramp, his Jedi Robes shed long ago and the Robes of his former Order adorned beneath a dark cloak. He gazed out across the horizon, his golden eyes glimmering in the sunlight. He felt a tad bit awkward to Nia after her reaction to his touch, but had often heard of Twileks and Togrutas being similar in fashion, as touching their Lekkus and Montrols were considered an intimate act. If that was the case, then he had certainly crossed a line and would find time to apologize later. But for now, the mission was at hand. Listening to Beth explain the procedures to Nia, Mjan stayed to the back cautiously with his hand holding down the top of his cloak to hide as much of his tendrils and crimson skin as he could. Even as secretive as his species had been in keeping their existence unknown, he had to be careful on the off chance that someone on this world knew of them and recognized him for what he was. Walking up behind Beth and Nia casually, he spoke just loud enough for only them to overhear him. "It would probably be best if we also acquire something to cover my face. You hardly see one of my kind out this far from Sith Space, and if you do, it could cause unwanted attention." That, and if someone who held close dealings with his father or knew who he truly was, this mission could become jeopardized. After all, it's not every day that a Royal bastard is within your midst. It's why he went by his Father's name of Sadow, rather than exclaiming to all that he was a descendant of Adas. "Once we're established Nia, I want to take a moment to evaluate you. If we're to begin your training properly, I need to gain a feel of your current knowledge." That said, Mjan walked away from the group and chose to stick to remaining as much out of sight as possible. As he did, Rose approached the group, the Elder Twilek tossing her arms across Beth and Nia's shoulders. "Now the fun begins." She spoke with a quick chuckle before heading off to haggle for supplies, turning to give a nod to Mjan before walking completely away. She was one of the only two who knew that Mjan was of royal blood and what it would mean if he was truly found out.
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    Mjan gazed softly at Nia as she poised her question, the realization of his words upon her own situation causing him to feel remorse and regret for even having brought it up in the first place. But now that he had, there was no turning back. He smiled a soft smile and placed his hands upon her head with genuine care as his gaze shifted back between her and Beth as he spoke. "Its not that we aren't allowed, but it is a dangerous path to walk. When my Master had me research the Order to understand it, I came across quite a few marriages within the Order." His face contorted briefly as he searched for his next words carefully as to not cut her already sensitive nature. "There was one family in particular that I came across that spoke the very danger of which I speak, and that was Master Aryian and Armiena Darkfire, the latter of which was at one time a Grandmaster of the Jedi. There was a Sith by the name of Vladimir Faust who constantly used one to get to the other simply out of spite, and from what I gathered, it didn't end well, causing the two to walk separate paths to protect the child they had." He sighed, removing his hand and hoping she would gather the intent of his words as he turned to Beth as the Klaxons resounded around them, the brief and subtle lunge of exiting hyperspace shifting beneath their feet. "Forgive me. I am just weeks out of my training as a Jedi, and I only speak of what I was taught. I am nearly as new to this as Nia here, so i will trust in your words and guidance as you have experienced more than either of us combined." Turning once more to Nia, attempting to reassure the young Nautolan with his gaze, he spoke to both her and Beth without removing his gaze. "I suppose that I still have much to learn as well. Shall we learn it together?"
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    Mjan sat in near total silence at the edge of the hangar bay, staring out into the vast emptiness of space, his mind wandering across a vast assortment of subjects. Part of him ached for his own Master's guidance, wondering where she had disappeared to in the far off reaches. He couldn't even grasp the emotions that Beth had let roll off her form, let alone fathom the events that led to such a outlook. Yet Mjan himself was still naive. It seemed like just yesterday was the day he was taken in as a Jedi Padawan himself, the only world he ever knew being left behind to understand the truth of the unified Force, his leaving to join the Jedi sealing his fate among his kin, his father included. Grabbing a lose screw he found near his sitting, he tossed it across from him, watching the flickering of blue as it clashed with the hangar's atmospheric shielding. He was truly at a loss. He thought across the flashes that Beth had given off, her life unlike his own where he had been sheltered and raised by a community of like minded individuals, hidden among their own kind as members of the Tsis to hide away their heretical beliefs. His leaving was the hardest thing he ever faced, and it only ended with his disowning. He could fathom her own strife. He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. There was truth in her words, he would admit. He was a Jedi, and as such, carried the weight of being a role model more than most of the seasoned veterans that were about. But the Jedi that Beth had spoken of was before his time, or weren't even of his knowledge. The Jedi he had been trained to be was one of balance, understanding and fierce. He was trained to walk the fine line between the dark and the light, a vigilant for the meek and helpless. Not one to stand idly by while innocents suffered. This much he did know. But to think Jedi capable of being anything other, well, it pitted a knot within his stomach. Mjan knew he would have to prove himself, not only due to his Sithly lineage, but because of the past transgressions. Yet, at the same time, he knew he also needed to set himself as an example for those to see and follow behind. That was one of his purposes. But the question was how? At times, he could be as timid as young Nia. Other times, the darkness that his ilk embraced could flare like wildfire. So how was he to balance those around him if he couldn't even balance himself? Placing his stave across his lap, Mjan closed his eyes and delved himself into the Force, searching for an answer within himself. And he would stay this way until Nia and Beth arrived. "Forgive my ignorance Commander Andromina." He spoke when the two arrived. "For a Jedi, we can sometimes get lost in a world of light and dark, incapable of seeing past the two distinctions. It's not that we distance ourselves from others, or at least in my case it's not my intent. But we live by the will of the Force, and attachments can sometimes be used against us. As a pilot, my loyalty stands with my squadmates. But as a Jedi, it stands alone beside the Force and its will, often seen as uncaring and heartless. But it's because of who we are that we are forced to walk such a fine line between the two aspects, one singular mistake costing us not only thousands of lives, but places us on a path that could claim billions more." Mjan sighed, hoping his words didnt incite more anger from the small woman as he searched his heart for the right words before he settled on a simple explaination. "Say I was to grow a deep attachment to you, find myself seeing you like a sister... or even deeper, as a lover. And picture I was to feel harm coming to you through both the Force and my emotions. Naturally, I would want your safety, and rush off to your aid rather than sticking to my assigned position. It could very well cost us the mission, and likely lives. And if you were to die and anger began to take root within me, I could easily fall to the darkside and through its corruption, become the very thing we fought to protect against." Mjan stood up, a smile adorning his face. "Its not to say that we can't be friends or even close like siblings. But we also have to understand the nature of ourselves. Especially those like myself and Nia whom use the Force. We are more susceptible to our emotions due to the power we possess and weild in battle." Mjan scratched at the back of his head with a awkward chuckle. "Are you beginning to understand what I meant? I hope I'm explaining this correctly."
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    To be honest, Mjan was taken aback by Beth's outburst. He wasn't sure how the Empire did things, but during his time training under Aira and as short life a pilot, this has been everything he knew. Even after the Battle of Dark Sun Station, Captain Rose always slept alone, usually in her fighter. "Its not that we segregate Commander." Mjan spoke, his gaze shifting to young Nia briefly before turning back to Beth. "As a Jedi, we must separate ourselves from any and all attachments. There is a strong bond formed between Master and Padawan, and given the case with Nia and myself, it could be develop into mixed feelings for either of us. So the Order suggests separate quarters." That, and in truth, with Nia being his first Padawan and her level of innocence, he felt it best to allow her to have some privacy. He didnt want or need her distracted during training with worries of it being invaded. In this regard, he planned to bunk with his fellow male compatriots while allowing Beth and Nia the comforts of an all female refresher. Thankfully, when they arrived aboard the Maelstrom, Mjan was relieved that the higher-ups had thought of this beforehand, actually segregating the crew in general. "Forgive me Beth. I meant no disrespect nor insinuation..." Mjan began to speak, hoping to calm the young Commander down despite Captain Rose' gossip mill. "Although my Captain surely would." A hand slapped the back of his head as Captain Rose passed by and heard what he said, a glare of death being recieved by Mjan as her gaze pierced his soul. "I was merely requesting to respect our general differences during moments of privacy." Not sure if his words had done any good to quell Beth, Mjan turned to Nia. "Join the others in your section of the Barracks and meet me in the Hangar Bay once you've settled in. I'll meet you there around 0300 and we'll talk more." Turning back to Beth, Mjan extended the invitation. "You're welcome to join as well Beth. I may need your insight, or you can just watch to pass the time." And with that Mjan excused himself as Nia and Beth went toward their opposing barracks. It wouldnt take long. Mjan rarely carried anything but what he needed, so there was no need for unpacking. But he did take the few minutes to hit the refresher, his robes full fuel oders and sweat. Once he finished, he threw on a fresh change of clothes and headed toward the Hangar Bay, arriving just a few moments before the intended meeting time. Taking the spare time, Mjan walked about and examined its interior, asking questions about a simulator being aboard.
  6. Mjan stood up from his chaired position, a chuckle erupting under his breath as he his grip lifted the brief's datapad from the table. Rose was known as a jokester, a memorable moment of a prank played upon Mjan crossing his mind. His gaze shifted toward Nia and his chuckle subsided as he noticed her still face. He knew the look of troublesome thoughts. Next chance alone, he would ask her about what bothered. Feeling a slap across his back, Mjan winced predictably out of reaction as he turned to gaze Beth again, a smile across his face. She was definitely a well defined pilot, her actions reminding his alot of his own Captain. A feeling of ease washed over him knowing that so many veteran pilots would be a part of this project, his own infancy as one apparent. He knew he was lucky to have survived Dark Sun. "I was considering an old 170 myself. Nia here has no training, so I'm hoping the Maelstrom has an on board simulator she could study with." Mjan spoke, looking past her toward a weeping Oden Sun as the oaf watched his X-Wing being stripped, an emotional sorrow filling up Mjan in response. "If not, the co-pilots chair is as best a place as any to learn. You're welcome to pilot if you want to join us and I'll take the rear guns." It was more of a jest than seriousness, but Mjan wouldnt turn her down if she chose to create a crew with him and Nia. If not, he knew Captain Rose would, her favorite aspect of the ARC being the tail guns. It's how he had came to know the ship as well as he did, the Twilek obsessed with it and the Y-Wing. At that thought, he chuckled in silence. Mjan's reddened face turned a briefly deeper shade when Beth poised the opportunity to bunk together with her, his mind to have yet even consider that aspect, his gaze shifting to Nia and realizing that it would be unbecoming if she and he had even bunked together. His four fingered hand reached up and scratched at the back of his head through his blackened hair in slight embarrassment. "You ladies are more than welcome to if you wish. But I'm afraid I'll have to bunk with the guys." Mjan's gaze shifted toward Rose, the woman's gears already turning at the overheard conversation. "Captain Rose has a tendency to let her active imagination run wild." Mjan chuckled as Rose's face pouted at her overhearing his response. "I do not!" Rose yelled as Mjan turned back to the two, Jax and Oden nearly choking on their shared laughter beside her.
  7. Mjan listened attentively to Nia as she spoke, hearing her words and noticing her forcable trouble with the Galactic Basic language. Mjan looked away for a moment as she finished speaking and thought back to his days as a child. As a youngling in the his former Order, he was taught Galactic Basic along side their native tongue of Tsis, to which their Species had derived their identity from when the exiles first laid claim to their former. He remembered his own struggle with it, the garbled sounds his tongue made as he struggled to learn it where his native tongue came so easily. He understood her own plight perhaps even more than she did. Turning back, he smiled. "Indeed. But the Force is both more simplistic and complex than that in the same notion." Mjan and Nia exited the lift and turned toward their destination, his hands interlocked behind him as he walked, his saber stave now hung across his back and held together by a simple sash. "My own people, the Sorcerers of Tund whom believed in a unified Force often taught that the Force is neither light nor dark, that is the nature of the species wielding it that determines its alignment." Mjan stops briefly, his face showing simple signs of thought as he carefully chose his next words. "But I believe that the Force is both Nature and separate at the same time. It flows through all things, and yet, has a will of it's own, symbioticly speaking. Like a ivy growing upon a tree so to speak. The tree is nature, simply existing as life. But the ivy, although the same, has direction and purpose." "My Master and I often held similar conversations during my tutelage under her..." Mjan spoke as he began to walk again and turned down the hall toward the briefing room where Captain Rose and the others stood in wait. "Especially what it meant to be a Jedi." He turned his gaze toward her and winked with a subtle chuckle. "I believe being a Jedi is simple to blades of grass in a shallow pond. The pond represents the ripples of chaos and darkness and the blades represent the Jedi who stand firm against the ripples, slowing them and even stopping them as needed while each protecting the others from being overcome by the ripple should it prove to be too powerful. And when the blades eventually wither and die as nature intended, the ones it protected are strong and sturdy to repeat the process just as a Master does for his or her pupil." Reaching Captain Rose and the others, Mjan nodded his head as the twins opened the door leading inside. "But all the while, the blades of grass also have a separate purpose that stems to all of them and that is protecting the life that hides beneath the water and within the grass." Mjan finished as they stepped inside. Taking their seats, they watched the events unfold, a certain uneased posture taking hold of Mjan's face as they were briefed. He did not like the idea of espionage nor pretending to be something he was not. But Mjan had began to grasp the subtle concept of war and what it took to prevent casualties. He may not have liked it, but he understood the necessity. As the Officer concluded and questioned the group, Mjan simply nodded his head without saying a word, Captain Rose standing and speaking for her crew. "Understood. But be warned, my assumed identity better be cute." Jax and Oden could be heard chuckling under their breath as she spoke.
  8. Mjan thought back to when he first arrived at Borleias, his nervousness upon first entering the Jedi Temple there, his ecstatically notion at what he could learn and behold from their vast collection of knowledge and wisdom. But as he talked, he kept a close and watchful eye upon young Nia. You could tell alot about a being by their first interactions, how they respond, hesitation, movements of their body language, etc. And that was what Mjan had been paying close attention to this entire conversation, her stature very close to his own when he first came to the Jedi. Though, back then he had just left the only thing he knew in life, a former apprenticed Sorcerer of Tund in search of understanding the lightside of the Force in order to learn to truth of the Unified Force his former Order stood to practice. He chuckled under his breath at the thought. "Mjan, please. I'm not big on formalities." Mjan spoke in return, trying to calm her uneasiness and nerves with familiarity. "No need to worry about that at the moment. My X-Wing is of the Tandem variant if we are deployed. The former Captain of X-Caliber squadron liked to train his pilots the old fashioned way rather than in a simulator, and with me being a Jedi Knight, Captain Rose felt it would better suit me should I ever take on a Padawan." Mjan winked, hoping his actions and words would ease the young Nautolan. His gaze shifted briefly to Captain Rose and the others as they began to head out of the hangar before turning his gaze back to both Nia and Beth, whom he hoped had read her datapad by now and would be joining him and Nia as well before he turned to Kel. "It was nice to meet you Kel, and I hope our paths cross again in the future. Unfortunately now I must report in for duty, which means you as well Nia. Commander Beth, I shall see you there? Mjan awaited each response before he bowed, motioned for Nia to follow, and excused himself. Once upon the lift, Mjan turned to young Nia with a general curiosity. "Tell me a little more about yourself Nia. What are your views upon life and the Force?"
  9. Mjan's hand reached up and began stroking the tendrils that hung from his chin, similar to a human stroking the hair of his beard, as Kel provided answers. He knew Nia's plight all too well, her reasons having turned to Kel becoming obvious, especially his mentioning her Father's lightsaber. He smiled most kindly to the young Nautolan. "I see." He spoke to the two. "Following in your Father's footsteps and becoming a Jedi?" Mjan questioned inquisitively, his gaze fixated on Nia alone now. "If you have no objections, as a Knight within the Order, I can take you on as my Padawan. But that would require you to join X-Caliber Squadron as well." As he waited for her answer, allowing the thought to truly be processed, Mjan turned to Beth. "Onderon was before my time, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same and return it as well." Mjan spoke as he placed the sheathed stave back to his side with his hand upon the grip, noticing the sorrow that filled the pilot's own eyes. He may not have been there, but he could tell she had been, or atleast knew more about it than he did. Extending his hand and accepting her's. "I look forward to the day that we see who's Squadron is the better." Mjan spoke in jest in his last statement, but as he did, Captain Rose made her approach and Mjan turned his head as her voice whispered in his ear, Beth talking to Kel about his Master as this transpired. He turned back, his gaze shifting straight to Beth. "Maybe sooner than we thought. Better check your Orders." With that, Mjan turned back to Nia. It was time for his departure, and he hoped she would accompany him. But only she could choose this path. He only hoped she had reached a conclusion that was of her own volition and not one pressed upon her by him, her hopes, or time itself. "Have you reached a decision Nia?"
  10. "Templar Squadron eh?" Mjan spoke with a glimmer in his eye. "You guys have been making quite a name for yourselves. I heard of you guys before I even joined the Jedi Fleet during my tutelage under Master Aira. It's a honor Commander." Grabbing his pikestave, Mjan presented it to her, letting the Force flow throw its contents as the two ends spun out of place and hovered, revealing the cylindrical outline of his lightsaber before he briefly activated the amber blades. "A Jedi is never without his or her weapon, but it gives the reasonable appearence of a unorthadox walking or combat staff for most." Mjan deactivated it and let the parts return. With that, he winked. His gaze shifted toward Rose and the others and chuckled. "You'd be right in the assumption, my own X-Wing being the former Captain's who perished over Onderon. But I was only recently transferred into it during the battle at Dark Sun. I suppose they thought it sounded cool, but they're truly devoted to their mission, so you may hear of us more and more in the coming war." Just then Nia spoke up, causing Mjan to shift his gaze back toward the young hopeful with a smile. "Please, Mjan." He requested as he placed his hand over his chest and bowed. "There's no need for apologies. When I first joined the Jedi, I was constantly nervous over my race. Still can be, though for different reasons. You will fall in when the right time comes, and will blossom in your own way." His gaze shifting about, having noticed that the two were alone without their trainers, he poised a question in general concern. "Where are your Masters, Nia, Kel? Though these may be safe grounds, it's not wise to stray too far from them."
  11. "No. I don't mind..." Mjan said with a chuckle as his gaze met first with Nia, the young hopeful withdrawn but inquisitive. It was a good quality to possess, curiosity often led many out of their shell of shyness and presented topics for open discussion without realization. With a bow of his head in presentation, Mjan finished his sentence. "I am Kissai, of the Tsis... or Sith in basic... species." As he spoke this, his gaze shot toward Beth with sorrow filled eyes as her realization, if she hadn't already, would likely rub suppressed memories in a horror filled manner. He was not proud of his heritage, especially the little known fact of his Adas bloodline, but he had long ago accepted who he was for better or worse. And as a former Sorcerer of Tund, the darkness that plagued his species had slowly been displaced over the generations since their exile. It existed, but they had long fought to suppress it, and with the aid of the lightside, Mjan had managed to nearly rid himself completely of it. "Well met Kel Koon." Mjan spoke in return, quickly adjusting his gaze from the Lieutenant toward the other Jedi in an attempt to levy the tension he felt mentioning his species. Quickly searching his satchel, he pulled forth a few herbs for pain and a small container of salve made from roots he had gathered during his time on Borleias. "Its not much, but the healing properties are outstanding. I found that by increasing the natural flow of the Force through the roots, I was able to enhance not only the soothing capabilities, but increase its healing potency as well by mixing mud to act as a bonding agent." Mjan found himself intrigued by the two, Kel's presence nearly mimicking his own even as a mere Padawan, and Nia's presence though untapped, presenting grand skill in healing even as a Hopeful. Handing over the herbs and salve, Mjan laid his pike staff to the side and took a seat. "Forgive my intrusion. I have socialized much with other Jedi since I was taken on as Master Aira's Padawan and was thrust into combat at Dark Sun shortly after my Knighting. My Captain over there felt it would do me some good to introduce myself while we were stationed here."
  12. X-Caliber Squadron arrived in the hangar bay with a subtle yet irritated thump as Captain Rose and the group powered down their engines and climbed out of their infamous X-Wings. Oden threw his helmet across the bay in disgust as Zac and Jax tried to console the angered Human as Mjan and Rose chuckled away, removing their gear and setting it aside. It seemed like the battle of Dark Sun Station had been months ago by the way the group seemed to click and its memory dissipated, but in truth, it had only been but a few days, Mjan fitting in perfectly. "So Master Jedi..." Rose nested as she climbed upon a few crates near her ship, plopping down and laying her lekku back in the artificial wind. "You think you're enjoying your assignment to the crew of the X-Caliber?" "I cant rightfully say..." Mjan jested back as he placed his palm over the eye patch and pressed against it to check the suction against his blinded eye. "Are you enjoying your rise in stature, Captain?" After arriving at Nar Shadaa, Mjan had requested permanent placement in the X-Caliber squadron as well as a rise in Rose's rank due to her saving his life during the battle at Dark Sun with Fleet Command, and after two grueling days of waiting, recieved a welcoming agreement just a day prior. Mjan's gaze shifted toward Oden Sun and the Cathar twins, the previous having problems with his X-Wing and allowing his temper to gain the better of him. They were a rowdy bunch, but each of them had aided him during the battle in more ways than Mjan could count. And once more, they had taken him in willingly as one of their own, placing him in their former Captain's X-wing which now adorned his own name. The battle had been a gruesome ordeal for the Jedi Knight. He went in with little experience outside his own fighter, felt the atrocities that transpired in waves through the Force as he fought both the enemy and his views as a Jedi during the engagement, and now he stood amongst the group as an equal even in skill. And there was even a part of him that pondered leaving the Order and becoming solely a member of the X-Caliber Squadron despite his original goal of joining the Order. But Rose had talked him out of it for the most part, reminding him that he was a Jedi first and foremost. He smiled and shifted his gaze again as he joined his Captain upon the crates. But as he settled, something caught his eye in the distance and caused him to tap Rose on the shoulder and alert her of their presence just as Oden, Zac, and Jax walked up. At the other end of the hanger were two Jedi and what appeared to be another pilot (@Beth Andromina, @karyu128, @Nia Doarr) badly injured, but standing. He could feel Rose's palms digging into his shoulders through his robes as she shoved him to go socialize, which Mjan resisted at first until he felt himself fall forward once Jax aided her. He could tell the two Jedi were strong in the Force like himself, their level of aid flowing around them. But Mjan had never been one to make unwanted approaches, especially when other Jedi were busy attending, but Rose was a bit of a instigator. "That's an order Lieutenant." Rose jested with a forced stern, Mjan looking back with his own forced chuckle. "Yes ma'am" Grabbing his pike staff, Mjan began the trek over. "Unfortunately, those of my kin have lost themselves to the darkness within their hearts before they were even born, a trait spanning our entire recorded history." Mjan spoke in return as he walked up, the Tsis Jedi Knight bowing with regal. "Forgive my manners. I am Jedi Knight, Lieutenant Mjan Sadow iv-Adas of X-Caliber Squadron." Though he was Sith, the very creatures they had fought in the previously mentioned battles that the Pilot mentioned, his yellow eyes shown with kindness unexpected as he met their shared gazes if they were but to look past the crimson of his skin and the tendrils and spurs that adorn the Kissai's face. "Can I offer any assistance? I'm not proficient in healing, but I do have some salve and herbs for burns."
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    Before the Great Schism, not much is known about this unknown humanoid species outside of speculation and hearsay. Said to hail from a long destroyed planet in the Deep Core, a world known in basic as Armegedia, this species take on and derive their last name from it in remembrance. A near humanoid species in appearance, their only tell-tale differences are glowing eyes and silver to white hair atop their bronzed skin and strong sensitivity to the Force, traits that dominate genetics no matter what species they interbreed with. Outside of this, their history and truths are lost to the ages of time. The Great Schism The first recorded appearance of House Armegedon took place during the Great Schism where two brothers, Ojin and Tor Armegedon, were mentioned to have been a part of the Jedi Order until Tor Armegedon followed Xendor and Arden Lyn away from Ossus to Lettow. It is recorded that Ojin was forced to slay Tor at the Battle of Columus before he disappeared without a trace from recorded history. The Second Great Schism The next recorded appearance found in the Jedi Archives of House Armegedon takes place during the Hundred Year Darkness where a Jedi Master by the name of Scorpius Armegedon is noted as a highly decorated War Hero and Jedi High Council Member, as is his nephew, Sune Armegedon, a Jedi Knight who was present at the Battle of Corbos where the Dark Jedi were finally defeated. Another Armegedon, presumably Sune's sister or perhaps a cousin, was recorded amongst the defeated Exiles before their shipment to Korriban. Great Hyperspace War Two other Armegedons are recorded during the Great Hyperspace War. One is Lunus Armegedon, a Jedi Knight whom fell during the first Battle of Korriban and another is an unknown Armegedon overheard to be called Yan, a Sith reported to have been spotted during the second Battle of Korriban - however, it's unknown as to whether or not this variant of the Armegedon Bloodline actually existed or if it was speculation that was recorded. Other Known Armegedons Krell Armegedon - Republic Officer during Gank Massacres Yan Armegedon - Actual recording of the Sith Armegedon as a Naddist during the Beast Wars of Onderon. Shun Armegedon - Jedi Knight; Third Great Schism Leonis Armegedon - Jedi Knight, Revanchist; Krath Holy Crusade, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, First Jedi Purge Lunari Armegedon - Republic Officer, Jedi Knight; Great Galactic War, Cold War, Galactic War, Revolt against the Eternal Empire, earlier parts of the Third Galactic War Septus Armegedon - Jedi Master; New Sith Wars Odin Armegedon - Republic Officer; New Sith Wars Cyrus Armegedon - Jedi Knight; New Sith Wars Jinn Armegedon - Jedi Knight/Master; Huk War, Clone Wars, Great Jedi Purge Rin Armegedon - Sith Inquisitor; Great Jedi Purge, Galactic Civil War Sun Armegedon - Alliance Officer; Jedi Knight; End of Galactic Civil War, Second Imperium Crisis, Yuuzhan Vong War, Dark Nest Crisis, Swarm War, Second Galactic Civil War, Lost Tribe of the Sith Emergence Ra'kel Armegedon - Jedi Knight; Sith-Imperial War, Second Imperial Civil War, Third Jedi Purge Ragnar Armegedon - Brother to Ra'kel Armegedon said to have settled down on Dantooine after the loss of his sister and his family's long history with the Force, also known as the last surviving member of the Armegedon lineage. Phantorius Armegedon - Self Exiled Jedi Master whom married the ex Sith Lord Marie Baldor and fathered Jedi Knight Scorpio Armegedon, New Republic Lt. Luna Armegedon and The Pirate Odin Armegedon.
  14. Tre' smiled toward the two as he stood up, his green gaze shifting toward the window overlooking Felucia's jungles as he stared out toward them and interlocked his hands behind him. "Yes. That is partial true. It does depend on how you use it, but it also depends on your nature." "The Force is like this planet, and in truth, all of nature. It is both light and dark, but neither at the same time. It simply exists, a energy that intertwines with nature as a whole." Tre turns back to the two, his mind lost upon his words as he tries to gather the right paraphrase to explain what he means. "In nature, it is balanced, neither light nor dark, a neutral element. But in the hearts of both sentients and creatures, it's characteristics are defined as light or dark, depending on their nature." Motioning his hand for both to sit, Tre glides past the past gracefully and kneels behind them. He reaches out his long and slender hands toward their shoulders and speaks. "Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply. Calm yourselves and listen for the flow that surrounds us. For some, it sounds of music, others, it sounds of a stream, and even rarer, it sounds like a bustling city. But listen for its call and tell me what you hear." Dreg sat there mostly in silence, doing as Master Tre instructed. He took deep breaths in and exhaled them slowly, matching the rhythm of his heart nearly to the rise and fall of his chest, his ears twitching to every single sound that was made. But the Force did not call to him. He sighed deeply as he opened his eyes and looked backwards to Master Tre before turning to Solestran and checking her progress, Master Tre's gaze looking upon Dreg with compassion. He had tried this exercise at least three times that he knew of and still had not heard or felt its call. His gaze shifted to Solestran as well, wondering how she would fair.
  15. "You're welcome." Dreg spoke with a smile, or his attempt at one, as beings like Cathars and Shistavanen lacked the muscle movements humanoids held to truly mimic such expressions fully. Still, his golden eyes revealed his intent with openness. "I'll see you in the morning then." And with that, Dreg departed, leaving the girl to her own devices. She could access most of the areas around her, as Dreg instructed. But outside of the quarters of the Temple, she would need the presence of a full fledged Jedi to truly explore. Thankfully, Tre' was taking care of that at the very moment, sending a comm message out to a specific Jedi Knight he had in mind for the young girl. It would be awhile before this Knight would receive the comm, possibly longer should something befall Mjan. But Master Tre' had a knack for pairing newly Knighted Jedi with purposeful Padawans, and he felt this would be the most promising of his works. With that, he settled in for the night with meditations and a restful night's sleep. When morning came, Dreg was awaiting Solestran where he had left her the evening before. Once she arrived, he would guide her to where Master Tre' had instructed them to meet him, leading them past the courtyard where Tre had brought the young girl yesterday evening through another courtyard, past a meditation chamber, and into a training room. When they arrived, Master Tre' would be kneeling within the center of the room deep into his morning meditations. Yet, despite his depth of meditation, one of his eyes opened and his gaze fell upon the two as they entered. Returning to his stature, he spoke. "Tell me what you two know of the Light and Dark sides of the Force." Tre spoke, with Dreg offering up his own explaination of the two standing for good and evil amongst Force Users, but most importantly, he paid attention to what Solestran thought about the two.
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