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  1. Kail's hand hovered over the girl's head for a moment as he self-deliberated on whether or not to pat her on the head. However, his hesitation only lasted for a second or two before he reluctantly followed through and smiled awkwardly at her as best as he could. "You betcha, kid. I'll see you around, okay?" If he was being honest, the whole slaves with cybernetic units and all the extra bells and whistle creeped him out a bit. In his opinion, it should be illegal. But then again, the Black Sun was a criminal organization to begin with. So how they got away with functioning at all in the Core Worlds was beyond Kail. As Kyle made his way towards the ridiculously-sized skyscraper and its "Blue Cabana" club, he could sense the tension from the crowds of travelers and natives. With every new report, the situation regarding Coruscant kept looking more and more tragic and the latest reports suggested that a Mandalorian infestation had begun to fester in what was left of the once proud world. They were undoubtedly not real Mandalorians. Those that carried true Mandalorian blood in their vains were few and far between. Outside of his father's world and the occasional unknown lineage of perhaps a few stray Rimmers, the real Mandalorians bloodline was lost long, long ago. But what morally flexible group of individuals doesn't like a good excuse to wreck havoc on the weak, the wealthy, or those who have wronged them? Especially when they can dress it up as a cause, a legacy, or their destiny. The Elevator dinged as the doors opened with a "whoosh" and Kyle was usher into a hallway along with a handful of other guests. He pressed forward partly with a purpose and party out of sheer curiosity. What was the "Blue Cabana"? Kyle decided that he'd follow the directions of the any attendants and then survey the establishment once he was inside before trying to spot his mark. It never hurt to get a good "layout of the land" before formulating a plan. Taking a deep breath, Kyle cracked his knuckles before muttering to himself, "Here goes nothing..."
  2. "There are many dining establishments on this beautiful world of Chandrila, but sadly I cannot accompany you though like everything from my owners, I am for sale if you have the credits. Is there anything else I can assist you with good sir?" Kyle raised his eyebrow and looked her up and down again. Then looked up at the sign above his head in a puzzled manner. Then he looked back at her and squinted an eye at her. "Look, kid. That's a cute trick. I should probably be flattered that you can mimic my voice. Or concerned? I don't know. But cut it out. It's creepy." Kyle pinched his eyebrows a little and took a deep breath. Then he sighed and continued. "Here's the thing. Let's cut to the chase. Senator Godfrey D'Outremer. I'll make you a deal. I have in important business deal with the missing Senator. It seems he got lost. If you can direct me to his location, I'll buy you after the meeting is done if your information is really really good. Deal?"
  3. "Tah tah!" Kail pauses for a second. He looked over towards the woman and then up at the neon sign above her. It would seem that subtly was not the strong suit of the information broker he was sent to meet. But she definitely fit the look and profile of the contact he was supposed to meet. Jinx, what in the world have you gotten me into. Squeezing his way through the crowds of commuters, traders, and what looked like tourists, Kyle soon found himself standing in front of the scrawny, amethyst eyed female. "You look lost traveler, need directions to a hostel to stay in?" Kyle looked up at the sign and back at the woman again. He gave her a half smirk in a Han Solo type of way before tilting his hips and posturing a little bit. "And you look like you could use some time off. But I'd think you'd at least offer to buy me dinner first?"
  4. Kail's fighter rattled a little as it entered the atmosphere. Chandrila, a planet full of natural beauty, a few large cities, and lots of small scattered settlements. Just the type of boring place a former Galactic Alliance Senator would hide out on. Checking his readouts momentarily, he then shifted his focus to the blinking red button on his console. A woman shrouded by darkness suddenly appeared on his screen. It was his informant, Jinx. He knew next to nothing about her. He couldn't even make out much more than that she was female because of the ambient darkness around her and cloak that she wore during all their communications. Jinx wasn't even probably her real name. But Kyle could care less. They had steadily become an efficient team over the last couple of years and their partnership had been more than lucrative enough to justify continuing with their arrangement. "Finally!" the voice exclaimed as the person on the other end appeared to fold their arms. Kail scratched at the patchy facial hair that now adorned his face after a few missed nights of shaving, "What do you got for me?" "I take it you are there?" "If there is Chandrila, yes. If there is killing Senator what's his name, no." "Kyle. Will you take this seriously for a second? The guy you want is Senator Godfrey D'Outremer. My sources say he was last seen in one of the larger cities off the eastern seaboard of the planet's largest continent. I'm sending the coordinates to you now." That was one thing that he appreciated about Jinx. She got her job done and never sent him in completely blind. All the same, she did not prepare him for that majestic buildings and pristine cityscape that awaited him as he neared his destination. Even Kyle could admit that made for a striking first impression. Paying his docking fee and landing his ship in the hanger provided, Kail pulled up all the information he had on the Senator. The way Kyle saw it, finding the Senator probably wasn't all that hard. It was the "getting to him" part that was probably going to be where he'd have to put in the real work. ((OOC: Any info on the character or where I need to go from here would indeed be welcome @Delta73))
  5. Kail watched from a distance as the visitor's vessel took flight and departed. Off-world travelers weren't a common site these days and he was unsure whether they were a welcome one, either. But they seemed to be rather harmless, after all. Several thoughts filled Kyle's head as he watched the ship disappear beyond the horizon. But now was not the time. Kail slowly lifted the hood of his cloak over his head and disappeared into the shadows once more.
  6. ((lol! Hehehe... the idea of this test is for you to give me an idea of where Dizzy's weapon skills are currently at so I can progress accordingly... )) Satisfied that Dizzy had paid attention to his lecture, Kyle stepped back. Watching carefully, Kyle noted how Dizzy held the blaster, the way she took aim, and how much overall confidence she displayed in her ability to take out her assigned target. He quickly glanced at the hologram and then back at the E-11. "Pheezz!"
  7. "All things considered, not bad. However, you missed all the important details. But don't get me wrong. It's not your fault. You haven't been trained to think in the mind set I'm about to teach you." Materializing another E-11 blaster, Kyle continued, pointing to the various parts as he went along, "As you know, this is a Blastech E-11 blaster that has good range and damage, ect. ect. However, while that is good to know, this is what you need to know about this weapon. It can be used one-handed in close quarters like a pistol for one. A definite advantage. However, even more special, the extendable sighting stock, the barrel's advanced galven circuitry, and the computer-enhanced scope which filters out smoke, haze, and enhances vision in low light conditions. In otherwords, if you find yourself in such a position this should probably be your weapon of choice. That and don't hesitate to use the sighting stock. Messing with the weapon, Kyle commanded, "Computer. Trandosian. 90 meters." As a still figure of a trandosian suddenly appeared in the distance, Kyle continued, "Even if you forget all that, don't forget these two things about the blaster: the weapon has an optimum and maximum range of one hundred meters and the power pack on the side of the E-11 powers enough energy for one hundred shots." Pausing to let it sink in for a second, Kyle repeated himself, "The blaster has an optimum and maximum range of one hundred meters and the power pack on the side of the E-11 powers enough energy for one hundred shots. Sure, the weapon has various settings and levels and buttons and gadgets. Those really don't matter. What matters is your range and shot count... that and counting your shots." Finished lecturing, Kyle quickly raised his arm and fired three rapid shots, sending the holographically generated trandosian to the ground. "Computer. One human. 50 meters." Kyle turned to Dizzy, "Let's see what you got. Now you try."
  8. Walking inside, the room was rather plain with a steady dark gray color filling the whole room. Size-wise, the building was massively large with a ceiling rising a good story or two above ground level. Leading Dizzy inside, Kyle moved to a console and hit a few buttons. Suddenly, a weapon materialized in his hands. "Remember this? The E-11 blaster I told you about when we first met?" Handing it to her, Kyle continued, "Tell me a little about it..."
  9. With a relieved smile, Kyle took Dizzy's hands. "You know, a wise man once told me something that has stuck with me for a long time. 'Fear is a natural part of life. Healthy fear is even good. But the second we lose control of our fears and let fear control us is the second we lose focus on what life is really about. Sometimes you have to take chances to reap the rewards." "Heh..." Kyle thought back reminiscently regarding that moment in his life. "And boy was he right..." Losing himself in thought for a moment before he even realized it, Kyle quickly returned his focus to the matter at hand, "The point is, who knows. Something could go wrong. But just please bear with me and control your fears as much as possible. We need to get you fighting worthy and the only way we are going to do that is inside there." Kyle grinned, "We gotta take a chance to get that reward. I love you." Leaning in Kyle kissed Dizzy on the lips before leaving her to walk over to one of the guards monitoring the training room. "I would like a detail of ten men watching this room while we are inside at all times. No one is allowed in or out except Dizzy and I. Understood?" "Yes, sir. Right away, sir!" "Good..." With that, Kyle quickly enter the dressing room and put on the gear. With a few minutes, Kyle was ready to go as he stood waiting for Dizzy in front of the large, metal double doors.
  10. Kyle laughed. "Of course. Let's get you into something more suitable for the situation." Leading Dizzy out of the messhall, the two soon reached the training room lobby. "Through those doors in front of us is the training room. Guys locker is one the left, Girls on the right." Kyle glanced down at Dizzy as he looked into her eyes, "I know what you're probably thinking... and yes... this is like the one in the plex. Military grade with some differences, but essentially all the same technology. I know you probably never wanted to go in one of those again. But hear me out. It's really the only way to provide the wide range of training options needed in a limited area such as a spaceship. Plus, there is no way the pirates or anyone else is going to invade our session. I'll post a squad of men outside the door if you like. I promise everything will be alright, k? You got to trust me on this." Kyle paused for a second, staring gently into Disra's eyes, "So we suit up? Ok?"
  11. Tasting it more carefully, Kail smacked his lips a little, "I'm guessing gekrel meat with japha and leeli root..." He took another bit. "And a hint of... reytan spice if I'm not mistaken." Continuing to eat, Kyle shrugged as he gulped down the last bit of his soup. "I really don't know. Maybe they know more. Maybe they don't. I'm actually wondering about Deborma myself. He's going on 200... well more or less... he's got to know the history of whatever's going on better than anyone. At least, I would think he would. But I really don't know." Placing his used napkins, bowl, and utensils on his tray, Kyle added, "I do think your idea is good, though. A little training might go a long way. If you like, I could take you to one of the field training rooms and we could go over some of the basics. It's up to you. Either way, I'm full and ready to go do whatever."
  12. Kyle shrugged, "I really don't know. They could be after you. They could be after me. They could be after neither of us. They could have a plant or plants. They could not. All I know is that they pulled off the plex scheme and now my dad has just disappeared. I know they've got to be involved. And if so, they must have a plant or something. People don't just disappear right from under your nose with no security footage available." Kyle rubbed his forehead, "I don't know what to think. All I know is that you need to watch your back and I'll do my best to keep you safe. That's all I can promise at the moment, unfortunately." Eating a little bit more and taking a sip of the soup bowl found on his tray, Kail queried, "What do you think of the soup?"
  13. Kyle glanced up from his plate at the comment, "Uh... I don't know. That's a good question. I guess I could see about aquiring a spare uniform for you, if you'd like. Outside of that, I'm not sure what can be done. We're nearabouts the edge of the solar system if I remember correctly." Taking another small bite, Kyle questioned, "How's the food? I hope it's ok. I'm sorry about this whole inconvience and all. Everything's been so crazy...oh... and I'm sorry I didn't mention the guards to you. They are there for your protection. I don't want to take any chances. I hope that's ok."
  14. Kyle released her hand as he straightened out his suit and looked himself over in the mirror. Moving to the door, he stepped out first. Greeting the guards, Kyle motioned for Dizzy to follow. Moving to provide accompaniment, Kyle waved them back, "She'll be fine as long as she's with me. Keep an eye on her quarters and allow no one to enter." The guards nodded and robotically replied, "Yes, sir!" as they retook their positions. Arriving at the mess hall, Kyle nodded and saluted various soldiers as he moved to get in line for a meal. When offered to cut to the front of the line, however, Kyle politely refused. "At the end of the day, we are all the same, right boys! We need to eat, drink, sleep, and eventually we all die. Me and Ms. Qwinn can wait in line just like the rest of ya. We appreciate the offer, though. Thanks." Glancing over at Dizzy as they waited in line, Kyle smiled, "On the bright side, the Mari One has some of the best food in the fleet from what I remember. I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed."
  15. Kail sighed, "You wouldn't understand. You can't just destroy long founded traditions on a whim. It just takes time. I didn't get things at first but I settled in fine over time. Whatever... we'll figure it out...later... for now... let's just get some food." Rising from the bed, Kyle stretched before getting to his feet. Reaching out his hand, Kyle motioned, "Come on. Let's get out of here. Food awaits."
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