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  1. ((Needless to say, Durose Roshan's 2006 character sheet is due an updated. Coming from an era of intrigue IC and OCC, the original Durose Roshan was born. At the time, the links to who was who were intentionally blurred and designed to confuse. However, in this new era I feel that it's much better to define the various versions of Durose at large. As such... I present to you the official Datapad of Dhonarr, Black Sun secret Agent...)) Background for all versions: Dhonarr originally grew up on Cathar. He was the only baby born of his mother's liter. Although he never knew his father, he was said to have come from the Kunthar Clan. His mother, member of the Hunitar, always said he was "special" and destined for greatness. But for having no known mate, she (and in turn) Dhonarr were largely shunned by their local community. It was not until after his first successful blood hunt that he received the respect and praise of the Elders. Nevertheless, having grown far larger and taller than normal Cathar, Dhonarr still felt very much like an outsider. In true Hunitar fashion, he began to look to the stars for answers and his place among them. The universe was calling and he could no longer sit by and refuse its call. Leaving Cathar behind, the calls of the Force led him to many places and he eventually found his own little niche. Initially working as an enforcer, Dhonarr Hunitar eventually worked his way into the ranks of freelance bounty hunting. This was when he rebranded himself as "Durose Roshan." All his clones are familiar with this portion of his background and that he worked as an agent for the Black Sun for some time before retired from that and resuming his freelance Bounty Hunting career. Shortly after that, he traveled to Kamino and had his clones made. Of course, there was more to that story than Dhonarr ever let on. And that is where the paths of the real Dhonarr Hunitar and his clones diverge. Identity: The Original/Real Dhonarr Real Name: Dhonarr Hunitar A.K.A: Durose Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: Early 40s Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 109 kg. (About 240 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed black mane hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar uniform of the Hunitar Clan Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Heavy carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, Twin Blaster pistols, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: A pet Vornskr and a pair of pet Ysalamiri Faction Information Force User Alignment: Neutral Evil/Grey Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: Grey Trained by: Unknown Trained who: Known Skills: Unknown Unique Background: After bounty hunting for several years, Durose eventually attracted the attention of the Black Sun organization. The Black Sun recruited him as one of their operatives and it was through his handler that he learned the Echani fighting techniques to bolster his already considerable hand-to-hand prowess as trained Cathar warrior. He worked for the Black Sun into his mid-30s and which point the two abruptly parted ways. Taking the majority of his savings, Durose traveled to Kamino and had 10 clones made of himself to mimic him in background and training but also be taught to be absolutely loyal to him. Dhonarr never actually quit working for the Black Sun. As such, he positioned his clones is several key areas with the intention of infiltrating multiple organizations at once. For the most part, Dhonarr was successful and was able to oversee his clones from afar, knowing that at any moment he could simply move in and take their place if a certain plan or agenda needed to take place. In theory, it was the perfect marriage of secrecy, utility, and versatility. Of course, things got much more complicated than initially planned. While his clones were, indeed, duplicates of him from a genetic standpoint, their experiences and decisions would take them on varying paths that made them increasingly harder to control. Perhaps most of which was the first, Durose Roshan. Current/Last Known Location: On Assignment for the Black Sun. Location Unknown. Identity: The Knock-off Dhonarr (Clone 1) Real Name: Dhonarr A.K.A: Durose Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: Believes he's in his early 40s Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 109 kg. (About 240 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed black mane hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar uniform of the Hunitar Clan Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Heavy carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, Twin Blaster pistols, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: Durose biggest relationship is with his human personal assistant Victoria (NPC). She has worked with him and the Link for years and Durose sees her as more of a sister than a lover. They have never been romantically involved in a serious relationship. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: True Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: This Durose Roshan is the one most commonly known to go by this name. He was designed to be a direct clone of the original Dhonarr Hunitar. He does not know he is a clone. But there is a memory gap in several key places. He believes that he retired from the Black Sun and that they removed his memories of his time with them. As such, he believes from his journals and memories that he had a scheme to do something far bigger and greater than he ever could as an operative. He is the one who coordinated the other clones and truly believes that he is the original. He even has possession of the original's ship, The Dice of Hearts. Durose would go on to work for the Link and work his way into a trusted management position. He would also eventually help them protect themselves against various enemies that were plotting their demise. This Durose and the real Dhonarr have developed a bit of an adversarial relationship overtime, although this Durose remains somewhat unaware of the real Dhonarr's existence other than that someone seems to interfere with his dealings from time to time. Last Known Location: On the Dice of Hearts with Victoria head past the Outer Rim for locations unknown. Identity: Sith Roshan (Clone 2) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Lord Roshan, Darth Kiltik Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 100 kg. (About 220 lbs) Fur: Standard golden color with golden mane Appearance: Braided, Trimmed, shaved and stylized, deadlocks, and face paint Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar Catali headdress and flowing dark robes Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Serpentine dagger, Echani vibrosword, Sith Tremor Sword Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, sith holocron Faction Information Force User Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Sith Current Faction Affiliation: Unaffiliated Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: Darkside Trained by: Darth Hel (Trained from July 2006 to February 2007) Trained who: Known Skills: ...???... (Probably a mod discussion to be had at some point and time) Unique Background: Originally left behind to watch over Dhonarr's investment, Roshan fateful meeting with Darth Hel redirected him on a new path. Training under Dominique and learning a variety of useful information before he was released from her tutelage, Roshan defied Dhonarr by leaving Kamino behind seek answers about the Force and his place in it. He eventually stole a sith fighter that he renamed the Ragnos and sought out Dominique once again. He eventually was reunited with his Master on Ishvara and continued to operate on the planet, creating a small cult following for himself. That was the last time that he was officially ever heard from on the galactic scene. Last Known Location: Training and causing mischief on Ishvara before coming in contact with Darkwatch Securities. Identity: Refuge Roshan (Clone 3) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Ro or Da'wynn Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 113 kg. (About 249 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with golden mane and stylistically dyed hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Thorpe Corp Uniform, a set of refuge clothes, and a variety of formal and casual outfits for various occasions. Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: EE-3 carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, WESTAR-34 blaster pistol, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: He considers Noola his love and desired life partner. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: Da'wynn Roshan's story began with his arrival by transport to Coruscant. There, his assignment was to seek out Lycus Thorpe as a refuge and look for employment. Once inside, his job was to work his way up the ranks and put himself in a leadership position. After some time, Ro (under the fake identity, Da'wynn) was able to position himself in control of a large amount of Thorpe properties and represented the Thorpe Corporation as a fleet commander and field marshal. During the rise of the Black Dawn, Da'wynn lead a fleet of Thorpe Corp forces to aid their allies against the Black Dawn. He was last assigned to Bespin to oversee the construction of a shipyard before Lycus Thorpe's untimely demise. Last Known Location: He has since disappeared from the universe's scene in search of his love, Noola, who had disappeared from Bespin by the time he had returned from his fleet duties. Identity: Ro, Watcher of the Link (Clone 4) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Ro or Watcher of the Link Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 150 kg. (About 330 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed brownish red mane and body hair mixed in Appearance: Untrimmed and largely shaved, muscularly bulky, steroid-ish build Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Link Uniform and a variety of formal and casual outfits for various occasions. Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, Twin Blaster pistols, two Echani vibroblades Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Link HQ security clearance badge, Giant Horned Hopper Charm Necklace (gift from Victoria) Relationships: He got very close with Victoria in a short matter of time and formed a bit of a crush on the lady. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: As the Watcher of the Link, Ro was set up to be a stand-in for Dhonarr when he left on his "mission" with Victoria. As such, Ro was personally trained by Victoria in everything that he would need to know to assist with daily operations and make the important decisions that would be vital to the continued operations of the organization. Stationed on Coruscant as they daily worked together on the "project," Ro and Victoria became rather close. However, Ro never pursued something romantic. After Dhonarr and Victoria left, Ro continued to what as the Link's chief of operations on Coruscant until a moon was slammed into the planet. Running errands at the time, Ro was lucky to survive but only so lucky. It was not long before he found himself locked in mortal combat with a Mandalorian named Rose. Surprisingly, he was badly wounded in the fighting but his life was spared. What happens beyond that remains to be seen. Last Known Location: He was recently scene in Upper Coruscant battling with a Mandalorian before being taken to a shuttle. Identity: Dhonarr of Cathar (Clone 5) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Dhonarr of Cathar or Dhon Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 105 kg. (About 231 lbs) Fur: Dirty golden with a painted brownish red mane and body hair mixed in Appearance: Manually trimmed and shaved and a little mangy, muscularly and toned, face and body paint Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Hunitar Tribal Warriors garb and other Clan and hunting outfits Armor: A suit of Chitin armor made from Kiltiks he's hunted. Weapon: TL-50 Heavy Repeater, two Echani vibroblades, Cathar Honor Sword Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, Kiltik trophies Relationships: He prefers to live out in the wild but comes to visit Dhonarr's mother, Norina, and care for her at regular intervals and as necessary. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Lawful Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: Sent as the one to return and watch over his mother, Dhon was implanted with a facsimile of Dhonarr's young life and memories up until crossing paths with the Black Sun. He is aware that he is a clone but still feels like Norina is his mother. During his time on Cathar, he has looked more into his father's Clan and leads on what ever became of his dad. Over the last few years, Dhon has grown increasingly interested in Force users and understanding the Force itself. He knows he is Force sensitive but doesn't know much more about the Force outside of the stories the Catali tell and the legends of the Aether that are part of traditional Cathar religion. Last Known Location: On Cathar running random odd jobs and always looking to find and meet new Force users and training from them. Identity: Clones 6-10 Unique Background: Currently, the remaining clones are primarily backup clones for existing versions of Durose and/or are not notable active or worth being included in this file at this time...
  2. The Watcher of the Link laughed a little to himself as he simultaneously coughed up blood. The Aether had been with him that he had even survived this long. But as improbable as some of the events of the last few minutes may have seemed, here he still was. Clinging to life. The ringing in his ears had now returned as the victory's armored kneecap pressed into his wounded corpse of a body. He was burnt and beaten and mangled. He hurt so much that his body couldn't hurt anymore. He just felt numb all over. And yet, as her hand brushed against his face, he felt the oddest sensation. It was one of no longer sitting atop the acropolis, bleeding out. Suddenly, the ever so slight but dull hum of noise brought him back to the present as datapad flashed in front of his face. Woozy, Roshan looked up the Mandalorian and give her a blissful smile. Muster the strength he had left to slowly slide his hand down his body suit, he yanked the necklace from off his neck and presented it to his conqueress. "To the Victor," he coughed. "Go the spoils. May your soul not be lost in the thrill of the hunt." Offering the woman the necklace, Ro didn't much care if she took it out of his hands or not. He could feel the overwhelming rush of sudden drowsiness setting in. "I have fulfilled my oath to you, Victoria. I kept," Durose begins before nodding himself back awake. "I kept it run until you returned." Ro gave the woman almost a child-like grin as his groggy eyes battled to stay open just a little while longer, "May my sacrifice not be in vain... I will miss... miss your smile... but now..." Durose blinked one final time as he tried to stay present while he vision portrayed an alternate reality far from his own and his body quaked from exhaustion. "I think... I rest..." And with that, the Cathar passed out. His body limp and defenseless. There would be no more fighting left for this old Cathar on a day such as this. He had given it everything he had left and paid with his blood. Dhonarr had a saying, "To the Victor goes the fate of all manner of beast that are felled." And today, the Mandalorians were the victors. ____
  3. In the midst of the chaos, Ro heard the chuckles from the crowd. He could only assume that his attempt had failed to hit its mark and had only managed to humor his opponent and her cheering squad, at best. He was quickly running out of options. He would only have one shot at this now. As Durose huddled against the permacrete, he debated his options. He was potentially close enough to make a charge. But he would have to at least wait until she popped out from cover to take a few shots before hopefully taking cover again. Of course, whether or not she took cover again was most likely dependent on whether she believing he was still armed with his blaster pistol. If she realizes I am devoid of all my ranged weaponry... The Watcher of the Link shivered as a cold chill rolled down his spine. Drawing his last weapon, he peeked over the barrier as the sound of jump jets fired off again. Only this time, he watched her rise upwards and to his right! This is my shot. If you can't make this throw, Roshan, you don't deserve to win this battle! It was the one weakness with jetpack combat. Perhaps the only weakness. This is not the first time I... well Dhonarr... had fought such an opponent. Perhaps the first time this under-armed. Bounty Hunting is all about adapting if nothing else.... As she propelled into the air and moved to his right, Roshan quietly cursed in his head that he had forgot his blaster pistol behind. She was a wide open target for a good marksman. But she had also exposed his cover as well. It was perhaps a little reckless but he appreciated an opponent who was willing to press the advantage. Perhaps we can trade places. With all his might, Roshan tossed his last vibroblade at the Mandalorian as her blaster rifle sized him up. He had no intentions of playing games with this throw. He aimed for her heart. The speed and placement of the throw were important. Most jetpacks that Durose was familiar with had a slight delay when igniting them to create a burst of acceleration when they were hovering. Without such a burst and with her focusing on reshouldering, the probability that his throw would hit true at this distance was much higher than last time. Granted, if she was able to swivel and use her jetpack to block the strike then it would likely down her at the very least if not send her into a rather humorous tailspin. Regardless, this was the throw for all the marbles. Two more pops came from her grenade launcher as it flashed out from above. Tossing the vibroblade and then bounded over his cover in one fluid motion, Ro only hoped he could clear the impact radius of the incoming frags. For as large as he was, his nimble nature often caught his opponents by surprise. But as he moved to leap over the second piece of cover only a few feet from his previous spot, he suddenly felt his grip and footing falter. Awkwardly flipping over the debri, Durose landed face first and tumbled a little bit. His head buzzed with a sound not too unlike the one he had heard when he had first regained consciousness only a few minutes prior. Only this time, the sound was dramatically heightened and then... Nothing. It was all gone. The jeers of the crowd. The quakes and explosions in the distance. The sounds of blaster fire and the moans of a dying world as it slowly collapsed in on itself. In those split seconds, the world and time itself nearly rolled to a screeching halt... The flakes of ash falling like fresh snow, the tiny bits of debri pelting the acropolis like hail, the movements of the crowd playing out like a tribe of Cathar clansmen circled around their shaman praying for the rain. Durose sensed the world shifting and swaying around him as if he was some sort of vagrant that had bummed his way into enough money to purchase one too many Tatooine Sunrises. He could feel the slow drip of a warm, thick liquid as it escaped from his ear canal and colored his mane and face with the "war paint" of combat. It was only then that he realized that those grenades hadn't been another volley of frags at all. No, they were far worse. A weapon that wasn't nearly so easily blocked by rubble and debris. This was not the first time he had seen them used, but it was the first time he had been on the receiving end of such weapons. Sonic charges. ((2 - Agreed new Duel End post)) ___
  4. Durose's first move was easy, safe, predictable. He had hoped to draw her attention and fire towards the nearby speeder wreckage. But truth be told, it wasn't an act of cleverness as much as it was an act of necessity. Watching her body language with wrapped attention, Roshan waited until the last possible second to quick draw his pistol and fire off a few shots before sliding behind the cover of the old wreck. Quickly poking his head up at the sound of two distinct pops, Durose had just enough time to see the frag grenades coming his way. 9 meters was quite the shot through all the smoke and fire and undoubtedly dissipating atmosphere but this Mandalorian was obviously not making a "skill shot." She had too much technology at her disposal. He, on the other hand, had enough time for just one. Focusing his reflexes and every ounce of force sensitivity he could muster, Durose aimed and pulled the trigger. It was more instinct than conscious thought. And yet even then, he had taken a touch too long to kick in. As his blaster bolt connected with the lead grenade, two rapid explosions went off, one after the other. Their close proximity to the wreck was enough to send speeder parts, metal shards, and Roshan's body sliding across the acropolis floor. Tiny metal shards, almost as if Durose's naked body had fallen through a plate glass window, now adorned his back. Flat on his stomach, the angle where he was still provided him some cover from the further crumpled speeder. But he was otherwise out in the open. He would need to move. Reaching for a large chunk of metal that formerly made up the wreck's fender, the Watcher of the Link lifted and tilted it up in front of him with one hand as the sound of jumpjets went off. It was the opening he had been hoping for. As long as she had those fully operational, this battle was an exercise in futility. But Durose had a secret weapon up his sleeve. Or rather, around his waist. Victoria had often asked him why he carried two Echani blades. For someone of his size, an Echani foil or vibrosword would seem much more useful. The limited reach and design forced him to practically get within punching range of his opponent in a nice fight or spend a extended amount of time dodging and blocking in a sword fight. And who brings a knife to a gun fight? But while most might duel wield such a blade in their off-hand, Durose carried them as opposed to a vibrosword for a very specific aspect of versatility. As a throwing weapon. As a clone, knife throwing was a prerequisite of his training regimen along with several tiers of Echani unarmed fighting and two weapon combat (be it pistol or blade). By the time he had fully matured and was ready for retrieval, Roshan had once hit a target from 40 yards with the right weapon. Of course, he found that anything beyond a range of 50ft became mostly aleatory. And of course, the longer the distances, the more the aerodynamic properties of the blade became important. With the wrong vibroblade, the blade end would start to rotate around the wrong plane and veer the throw off target, especially beyond 50 feet. But Durose still found that to get the blade to land tip first was not too difficult. As the woman hovered and slide across the permacrete floor, shooting as she went, Durose spotted his opening. His head was still ringing a little. The tiny little metal shards in his back left him tingling all over. At almost 9 meters away, the throw would be at least a good 30 to 35 feet. Thankfully, the sideways tilt exposed one engine side of the jetpack as well as the unprotected area of her side armor. This throw wasn't a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination. At this angle, in his condition, and with her moving, Ro knew that he'd still need a little bit of luck. But if he targeted the edge of her destination, right before where the cover began. Aether don't fail me now. Drawing and throwing in one fluid motion, the Lion-like beast winced the first of his two Echani vibroblades was sent sailing through the air. It curved almost like a boomerang and it twirled. Not having time to watch its success, Durose lifted his makeshift shield in front of his upper body as he charged for the other side of a pile of permacrete not far from her assumed destination. Her blaster bolts pelted the metal speeder plate with a flash fall of baseball sized hale on a tin shed roof. For the most part it held but as he was only a few feet away from his intended target one of the bolts pierced and slipped through grazing his shoulder and searing a nice little burn mark into his bodysuit. The Cathar roared as he tossed away the metal mass and came to a diving slide behind the permacrete rubble barrier in front of him. For a slit second, Durose was relieved. Even if the attack had failed, he had narrowed the gap considerably, albeit not without taking some considerable lumps along the way. Down one vibroblade and a few flesh wounds, Ro was almost proud of himself until a fatal realization hit him almost as far as the grenade explosion that rocked his body just seconds earlier. His blaster. In all the commotion and explosions and general chaos, it had been dislodged from his hands and he had forgot completely about it. He could only hope that it was so hidden between the smoke and fire and rubble and debris that the Lorrdian didn't also realize his error. It's too late to go back now. Aether have mercy. ((1)) ___
  5. Roshan watched in amusement as the sea of spectators parted and a 10 by 10 meter circle formed around the two combatants. It would seem that this eager little Mandalorian had little care of her "Mand'alor's" permission. "Yes. Let's," Durose responded as he craned his neck away and around the blade that had hung in front of it for some time now. That man would be wise to join the rest of his friends and follow suit. If he wanted to stab Ro in the back, that was up to him. Roshan had moved on. Ro's fight was not with him. Pulling at his shredded and tattered pants, Durose ripped them off, now revealing the lower half of his full body catsuit, made of a breathable but synthetic armorweave. A small Link logo adorned the left chest of his suit. Yes, the bodysuit wasn't as fancy or protective as Mandalorian armor. However, it did provide the wearer with some limited blaster protection without restricting much of the wearer's mobility. Had Roshan come prepared to meet Mandalorians in battle, of course, he would have debated wearing something a little more substantial. Or at the very least, been carrying his second blaster pistol. Stepping forward onto the "field of battle," Roshan surveyed the area of combat. Fallen chunks of buildings, jagged edges of starship parts, and the flames and smoke of destruction littered the combat area. There was enough here to provide some limited elements of cover but he wasn't excited about a blaster fight, especially not against this Mandalorian in a confined space. She had the advantage unless he could close the gap. But her decision to narrow the battlefield did have the potential to be Roshan's one saving grace if he could get up to her without getting himself killed first. This would be a battle of wits and tactics more than it would be one of sheer force or brute strength. Now within her "circle of ash," Ro stopped a few feet away from what looked like the burning wreckage of a Coruscant speeder that rested half embedded in the acropolis floor to his right. His left hand rested firmly on his lone remaining blaster pistol. But he had yet to draw it. Eyeing the junior conqueror, the Watcher of the Link bellowed back at the woman, "See! The heart of a true warrior!" He then motioned towards the woman with his free hand and roared, "I accept your challenge, huntress! May the Aether judge us!" ((I accept your challenge to a three post duel to the death. The first move is yours.)) ___
  6. "I am his champion. For it is He that bids my steps. If you desire a challenge I will accept it." As the little Mandalorian spoke, Ro eyed her with a raised eyebrow. This tiny thing is supposed to be "his" champion. But not the other woman acting like she is in charge? "With my Lords permission we will draw the ring of ash branches, and we will fight until death." The Watcher of the Link remains calm and quiet as all eyes seem to shift towards their "organizer" of this mock invasion. "His." "He." She looks to this woman for permission but refers to her leaders as a "he." "He" must be the Kid Ha'ringer guy that everyone is referring to. "He" must be the one responsible for deluding children and sending them out blindly to do his bidding and harass the weak. And even as Roshan contemplated the peculiarity of the situation and pondered the identity their true ringleader, their child expedition leader made her approach. Durose imagined her as the Casseus Fett and Kad Ha'rangir as the Mandalore the Ultimate of this timeline. Only both were far inferior versions of those age old legends. The woman was clearly disturbed but as the leader came closer and entered clearer view, Roshan was caught a little by surprise. Her look. Her movements. It was almost certainly undeniable that she was an Echani. Could this be? Of all the galaxy, what are the chances? And why would they now lead the Mandalorians in such vile and pointless raid on dying worlds? “You interrupt us, unboiled one…” A smirk of amusement once again slightly graced his face. Unboiled one? I guess I can mark that title off my name list before I die. Mandalorians have such a flare for the dramatic. But would she be so brave if the roles were reversed? Ha! “Look around you, to the ruin of a corrupt and bloated world.” "You see only what you want to see, Mandalorian," Ro growls under his breath just low enough for the two other nearby Mandalorians to hear. Being a clone and not the original, corruption and life philosophy were something he had contemplated during his development. Dhonarr had left behind an array of things that he wanted his "duplicates" to learn. He had hoped for them to be mirror images of himself. But spirituality was one of the most perplexing for Roshan as he grew. He was taught that the Cathar where a deeply spiritual people. They believed in high moral values and revered mindfulness and respect of one's surroundings. It was often a contradiction to their quick-tempered mentality but provided necessary balance. This attack on Coruscant was the epitome of an affront on the Aether and the natural order and the very essence of Cathar beliefs and philosophy. It was perhaps something that Mandalorians had always been best at. And it was clear that the souls of Kad Ha'rangir's children were filled with the taint and corruption of their moral darkness and dishonorable acts. “You will not survive a fight here. Your honour will do you no good in the afterlife.” "You are mistaken, child," Roshan replied with a sneer. Truth be told, Durose almost winced at her attempt to teach him about the "afterlife." The Cathar believe -- no. Ro believed-- that when an individual died, they merely returned to the source of life itself, the personification of nature within the pantheon of the Aether. Personally, he had studied into the ideas of "reincarnation" that some Cathar taught but his eventual conclusion was that their teachings were pure speculation. What is the point of returning to the physical realm when you are one with the Aether? We live this life to personify the essence of the Aether. To prove that integrity and loyalty make us worthy. That our words have merit, our actions have honor, and our desires can care for our communities as a whole. Once I have fulfilled my purpose, even being the clone that I am, I will be sad to leave this life behind but death is simple a transition where I will depart for a greater place than this physical life. A place in the Aether where my soul will join all the rest of my people and live on in the Aether and as the Aether forever more. “Go from here a harbinger of the fall of the Core Worlds, or join us as an honoured one.” “Or you can die to my bersærkergang…” Durose almost laughed at her use of the word honor, "All Cathar are born with a natural purpose. We all have our innate value, talents, and potential to offer. I am defined by my actions and abilities, be they physical, intellectual, or otherwise. And with them comes our pride but also our responsibilities. What value is the "honor" of those who show none, nor understand the meaning of the word?" Roshan shifted his gaze to Rose Cariadus. There was an unspoken hint of respect written on his face. "You know bravery, child. I could teach you honor. But you follow a blind mistress lead by a false conqueror..." His eyes side slightly across the acropolis to include Dar'Manda in his next words. "Even now she is scared to face me lest she be bested by a warrior greater than she and be exposed for her weakness..." Ro's eyes troll back and rest on the Mandalorian leader, "I would rather die at the hands of one of your two brave warriors than while you cower behind your Basilisk misleading your soldiers with tales of false corruption and valueless honor. You decorate yourself in the blood of the weak because in your heart, you know that that is the blood that best suits you. No wonder you would threaten me with your strong metal beast in front of all these you've mislead, than move at me yourself. If you spilled my blood, the very weight of it might overpower you! Children of Mandalore, I've always hear tales and thought that the Mandalorians believed in having the strongest lead. But if not, I now see why your ancestors fell and why they feared us so much. Perhaps because our hearts were more true to the real essence of the first Mandalore than any of his predecessors could ever be. Perhaps I'm the one you should be kneeling to, 'Conqueror.'" ___
  7. The Watcher of the Link was almost positive he had spotted the child that had caused all this ruckus when he found a Beskad blade at his throat. Eyeing the offender, a sense of amusement rolled across Ro's face. Even in the face of death, a little humor can do the soul some good. "Kad Ha'rangir has need of you as well Cathar. Will you answer it?" Ro looked the man up and down. The move was foolish. Roshan's hands were resting on his Echani blades. In the effort it required the Mandalorian to reach up towards his neck, he had caused the standard plating of his armor to separate ever so slightly. The Neo-Crusader armor was excellent for negating frontal assaults and strikes but side left it exposed as they required flexibility in the padding and plating to allow for the wearer to bend and move their arms and legs. This Mandalorian had opened himself up to such an attack. Roshan's Echani training took hold as he made the quick calculations with his eyes. Durose was nearly a foot taller than the other warrior and thus Ro had him in reach and size. His combined reach plus that of his Echani blade would provide him with enough distance to lunge backwards while sinking his dagger between the Mandalorian's side plates. That would hypothetically render that arm useless unless this combatant had an unusually high pain threshold. Of course, he was a Mandalorian. There was probably some sort of drug or illegal stimulant or dirty trip he could reach for. And there was also the matter of his secondary saber. It would suggest that the man could fight with both hands. That would potentially complicate things. Cat-like reflexes aside, Roshan was injured and much bulkier than his original counterpart. His speed would be considerably down at this point. At best, taking this course of action would even the playing field. But there was the matter of being surrounded by lots of other honorless Raiders lead by a child. Things could undoubtedly escalate quickly if he made any rash moves. This Mandalorian himself was clearly a child. A pawn in all of this. As were likely they all. It was clearly this Kad Ha'rangir that needed to answer for their crimes. Eyeing the Mandalorian, Roshan remained calm and still as he replied, "The Echani teach that combat is the only means to truly know someone, a pure form of expression where words are swept away, allowing for action to reveal the true nature of the people involved. And by that same token, I can see that you are rash and impetuous, Mandalorian. You have negated your advantage by being overly aggressive. I may not be able to kill you outright thanks to the design of your armor, but stabbing a blade in your side and evening our playing field was be rather easy. I suggest that you up away your playthings before you get yourself hurt. My fight is not with you." Roshan lied even as he spoke those words. How could his fight not be with this band of marauders who had arrived to terrify what was left of Coruscants inhabitants? He knew all too well how ruthless, honorless, and cowardly the Mandalorians could be. Practically every Cathar knew the stories. The tales of an army of Basilisk war-mounts lead by Casseus Fett. The unwarranted assault and nearly complete genocide of the entire Cathar race ordered by Mandalore the Ultimate in an act of petty retaliation over perceived past sins. But even after all of that, the Cathar survived. Although, of the few thousand Cathar that escaped being killed or enslaved, it would take the Cathar race over 3000 years to recover from the devastation wrought by the Mandalorian villainy that took place on their homeworld. But Ro was from a race of survivors, nonetheless. And maybe, just maybe, if Cathar could survive the best the Mandalorians could throw at it, perhaps Coruscant will one day rise again as well. A chill rolled down Ro's spine. He never thought he'd live to witness sites reminiscent of those stories for himself. He never thought he'd see a new group of Mandalorians, as vile as their predecessors, rise that would threaten the very fabric of the galaxy and civilization. Anger boiled inside of him. To kill this man where he stands? A worthy sacrifice. But Watcher of the Link, your qualm is not with him. Roshan raised his voice over the crowd, "Kad Ha'rangir! Where is he?! Who is his champion! Or does he cower in the face of battle and just send out children to scavenge from the carcasses of helpless civilians?!" Roshan's eyes slide back to towards Dar'Manda and whispers, "Mandalorian bravery at its finest. Kad Ha'rangir must be so proud." ___
  8. Ro, the watcher of the Link, coughed heavily as rubble trickled down his shoulders. He felt the heat of throbbing pain throughout his body. His ears were still ringing. He was unsure how long he had been out. But from the weight of the rubble as he wriggled himself free, it was likely that he had been unconscious for some time. His wounds had regenerated to some extend but he was clearly not at peak efficiency. He tried to regain his bearings as he crawled just far enough to clear himself from the rubble that had previously held him captive. What the.... He had awoken to a nightmare. Debri and fire and shards of metal falling from the sky. The air was hard to breath, full of the smell of smoke and dust and burning concrete. The Link! He was unsure of its fate. The mostly dormant building that he had been assigned to caretake in solitude for years now was likely nothing more than a pile of burnt ashes. Coruscant itself wasn't far behind. That madman! That murderer! That fool! FAUST! There wasn't time to consider the ramifications or how he and Coruscant found themselves in this position now. The once vibrant and sparkling jewel of the core worlds was now dead, likely to never recover. And if Ro remained here, he was certain he would soon follow this burning monstrosity to its final resting place among the stars. Ro was shaken from his introspective wanderings by the sound of crafts approaching. He crawled a little bit further. Only no help had arrived. Ro looked up see that things had only gotten from bad to worse. The sound he heard was the approach of hideously malformed crafts of war. The type of crafts that were unique in all parts of the galaxy to those who claimed to belong to the lineage of the ancient conqueror. Mandalore. As more Mandalorians began to gather on the platform, the Cathar tried to get a headcount. His view, however, was largely obscured thanks to the fearful crowd of civilians that had gathered in horror to "greet" their "conquerors." Opportunists. Vultures. Cowards. Had the Mandalorians sunken so low that they needed to first off the carcasses of the dead? That they needed someone else to fight their battles for them? That they were only brave when they knew they would be facing the defenseless on battle? Had they no honor? No respect! Then again, had any Mandalorians been much more than filthy raiders since the death of the one true Mandalore of legend? Durose planted his palm firmly on the ground in front of him. As he pushed up, his arms wobbled a little but he managed to rise to one knee. He coughed again, half choking on the smoke and half wincing from the pain that enrapped his chest. His body ached all over. It had been a long time since he had felt anything even remotely comparable to this level of pain. But his ears had finally stopped ringing. At least that much. From a few feet away, the Cathar saw the crowd in front of him look on in stunned silence. Something had happened. Although he was unsure of exactly what. If he could get to his feet, he was sure he could easily find out. But standing at 6'11 and now weighing a stocky 330 lbs, Ro was sure to stand out like a sour thumb if he did. In this moment of dire bleakness and destruction, Ro was amusingly reminded of a joke Victoria once told him. Of course, she probably meant it as more of a warning than a joke. "You know what they say, Durose. Curiosity killed the cathar." Ro hesitated. His mind raced and he milled through his options only to have a groundquake throw him back on his stomach. He grimaced and rolled back and forth a little bit as he tried to catch his breath. His hands slid across his attire. His civilian clothing that he had used to hand his sleek black, armor reinforced bodysuit was torn and tattered but the suit itself seemed to still be intact. The pain that coursed through his body quickly evolved into rage. Grabbing firm hold of his shirt's fabric, Ro ripped the shirt completely off in a single pull. I will not die a coward. I was not die on my back. I will not die gasping for breath on a dead world! Ro felt along his pants line. One of his blaster pistols was missing. His two Echani vibroblades were still at his disposal, however. From among the crowd, he heard a voice. It reminded him of the voice of a spoiled child with anger issues. “Kad Ha’Rangir has given us this world. Reformed it by moonfall and judgement to the tomb-world of the empires of old. The Republic be damned.” He could hear the cheers that echoed from her thralls. Already they were moving to take prisoners. It was only a matter of time until he was discovered whether or not he remained prone and defeated. No. Curiosity. Be Damned! If he had to fight, he would fight. This was his home. There would be more honor dying on his feet than they could ever achieve pouching from the living. He would not be lumped among their opportunistic cowardice. His breaths were heavy and sharp. He knew his body was healing even as he struggled to his feet. But this felt different. Was it the debri shot into the atmosphere by the moon's collision with the planet? Was it the atmosphere escaping the planet due to the shift in gravimetric forces acting on the world? Or perhaps it was the destruction and burnt metal, flesh, and permacrete mixing with the air? The Cathar had no idea. The fact that permacrete was burning at all anywhere on Coruscant was a new aroma in and of itself. But this? A moon being flung into a planet like a projectile?! This entire experience was as vile as it was new to him. With a sharp exhale the Cathar finally found himself standing tall among the Mandalorians, civilians, and prisoners. His eyes quickly surveyed the scene, searching for the source of the voice he heard only seconds earlier. He wanted to see this child "conqueror" that "Kad Ha'Rangir" had gifted this world and look her in the eyes. Hers was a face he wanted to remember. ___
  9. Finding his old quarters suitable, Durose Roshan relaxed for a moment. The recent going ons had been crazy but it was nice to finally have things under control. Reviewing a few different datapads, Roshan noted a few things and added them to his personal journal before continuing with his general review of the security systems and Casino operations since the disappearance of Durose quite some time ago. After finishing that, DR leaned back in his chair a little and staired at the ceiling. He couldn't help but wonder what Brina was up to. He figured, though, that he shouldn't bother her again so soon. Looking at the time, the cathar decided it was probably best to take a quick cat nap, lest his services be needed again sometime soon. Dimming the lights, Roshan rested again the top of his mattress and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the cathar woke up in a panic. He could feel he was being watched. He was unsure how long he had been out or how long the intruder had been inside his room but he knew someone was. Fortunately, the dark did little to hinder the cat's keen vision and his eyes quickly picked out the intruder. Sitting casually against his desk was Victoria. She smiled a little as she pushed off from the desk and approached him. "It looks like your senses aren't as keen as they used to be big guy." Sitting up, Roshan shrugged still a little groggy. "Or maybe your stealth skills have just improved that much more. How long have you been here?" "Long enough... Durose, I have something I'd like to discuss with you." Rubbing his eyes and letting out a lion-like yawn, he shrugged, "Can't you discuss it with someone else? I'm sure Idejjen or Brina or Zara are likely up and about... or will be soon enough." Victoria shook her head, "No. I need to discuss this with you and you alone." Mr. Roshan raised and eyebrow. "Oh?" ********* Almost an hour later, Victoria exited the room and headed towards her own. When she arrived there, she hopped into her bed and laid there in silence. Raising her previously injured arm, she individually moved her fingers in a repetitive grasping motion. Everything seemed to be in working order. Still, there was something lingering in the back of her mind that she couldn't shake. Regardless, it was time for her to get some rest. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep, her mind still contemplating what was to come in the days ahead.
  10. Victoria nodded, "Thank you, ma'am. If I could get someone to look at my arm, too, that would be great." -------------------- Watching to going ons, Roshan was happy to see that everything proceeded without a hitch. The criminal known as Slicer had been captured after a quite masterfully executed plan by Victoria and now was a prisoner of the Link. Interrogation sessions would surely soon follow in order to determine his role in all of this and a possible location of the sith lord that had Zara in his sights. It was definitely a gamble keeping someone as skilled and dangerous as Slicer at the Casino but it seemed that all the necessary precautions had been taken. Turning to Brina, the cathar smiled, "Well, at least that one down. Where do we go from here?"
  11. Victoria exited the vessel first as she was followed by the gurney carrying Slicer and the medical assistance beside him. She couldn't help but feel a hint of irony at the thought that they were now trying to keep alive the person looking to kill Zara. Having received her orders from Brina, Victoria quickly moved them out of the bay and into the hallway. There was no time to waste. Meeting Idejjen and his security force, Victoria felt the first sign of relief she had felt in a long time. Turning him over to Idejjen and the rest of the group, Victoria directed, "You men please follow Mr. Idejjen and his team. They will take Slicer where he needs to go. Idejjen, unless there is anything else, I'll head off to report to Ms. Thalin. I believe you can handle things from here, yes?" ----------------- Mr. Roshan turned to Ms. Thalin and smiled, "Idejjen? Na. I'm sure he is fine. You worry too much. I'm sure he is on his way as we speak. Do you think we should go meet the group or stay here and wait for them to come to us?"
  12. "Oh. Victoria? My Victoria? You don't say. Wow. Quite an achievement even for her. I'm glad to hear that she's been moving up in the world since I last saw her. The apprentice has now become the master, it would seem," he finished with a chuckle. As Brina continued to speak, he nodded. Was there really anything else that Durose Roshan could do to help at the moment? He thought not. It would now be a waiting game. The sooner Victoria showed up with Slicer, the sooner their plans could be put into action. On second thought, though, he could at least start on the security modifications and upgrades to the system. Sending a comm through the proper channels, he ordered for the necessary tools and information to be brought to cell 327. Turning to Brina, his eyes carefully scrolled over the features of her face. He grinned to himself a little before looking away and stood at attention as they waited. --------------------- Victoria returned to check on the patient as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. He was still in critical but the medical team had managed to stabilize him for the time being. Comming the Casino, Victoria got the necessary clearance to dock the transport. Setting down on the landing pad, Victoria sent out a commcall to Brina Thalin. "Miss Thalin, this is Victoria. I have Slicer. He is in critical condition. We need to move him to a medical facility where we can monitor his vitals and keep him alive, at least long enough to get any necessary information he might have. Time is of the essence. My men have done the best they can given the circumstances but they can only do so much. Please inform me on how to proceed."
  13. The cathar opened his mouth to speak but was abruptly cut off when he noticed Brina's comm buzz and her attention shift. He was quite surprised when he learned that Slicer had been captured. "Slicer? Captured? Really? By who again?" She was already moving to leave. Without another word, Roshan fell in behind her and followed her to the detection cells. He raised an eyebrow at her question, "Hmm... good question. I don't know. I could help set up the security system and so forth. Make it a little extra high security. But from what I hear, Slicer is still a master hacker. He may be able to bypass it eventually, even without the force or his fancy gadgets. Locking him in a Force-less area is an obvious, but what about sedation. We should likely keep him heavily sedated at all times. Not necessarily enough to keep him from being conscious but enough to keep him from trying something. Any status on his condition or how he was captured or anything else?"
  14. A Link freighter traverses the galaxy through the alternate dimension of hyperspace, only occasionally entering realspace momentarily for a course change. Aboard, Victoria paces as she stands in the cockpit area. With her arm currently in a sling, she meditates on their next move. She can't help but worry about Slicer's condition. It was likely that he could make a full recovery, but at the moment there was a good chance that they might lose him. That wasn't a terrible option by any stretch of the imagination, but it would leave them with much fewer options. What's more, it definitely wouldn't help completely solve their current dilemma. All the same, there was little she could do at this point. The Casino might likely move to meet them halfway and cut down on some of the travel time but the necessity of travel time itself was unavoidable. The Medevac team would just need to do the best they could to keep him stabilized until they could move him to the facilities on the Link.
  15. [PRIORITY ONE MESSAGE:] This is Victoria from Link HQ security . I have managed to successfully capture the one called "Slicer." Unfortunately, the engagement was rather messy so HQ will require a clean up crew. Nevertheless, the action I took were deemed necessary and within the realm of the authority bestowed upon me. I will have a full report ready for review upon arrival. I have decided to personally escort the prisioner. We will be arriving realitively soon. He is in bad shape and will require a medical team as soon as we arrive. I am also in need of repairs for my mechanical arm. Thank you for your time. I will see all of you shortly. Victoria out. ------------------------- The Cathar had enjoyed having a nice meal with Brina. Things, in fact, turned out surprisingly well. He was tempted to move further moves, but he decided not to push his luck. There would be plenty of time for that later. As it was, he had plenty of decisions to make and figure out how he fit into the Link now. Taking some time to tour the facility and reacquaint himself with all that the link had to offer, he once again went in search of Brina. The meal was nice but now it was time to get down to business. He needed to know how he could best benefit the Link and what they could best utilize him as. After all that has happen, where does Durose Roshan fit into this conglomerate that has become "The Link"? Reaching the door to her officer, Roshan knocked politely.
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