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  1. Durose watched for a moment as she began to undress. However, as she started to unzip her flight suit, Durose quickly spun around and kept on the watch while giving her privacy. He could still hear the clattering of armor and rustling of clothing but he otherwise focused on making sure the coast was clear. His attention shifted back to Rose only when he heard the muffled groans of pain. Alarmed, Ro looked back to see the woman flaying her arm. Roshan reached out to say something but it was already too late. He grimaced at the sight. In fact, he was so preoccupied what she had done to her arm that he wasn't even the slightest bit embarrassed to look upon her now scantily clad figure. Truth be told, she was what would be expected for a human. They all had a general figure. Some of them had larger or smaller lumps here and there. Others hid their figures under rolls of gelatinous fat. But their basic structure, (the proportions of their bodies, the legs to torso ratios, where hair grew, the shape and position of their eyes relative to their mouths and noses, the way they smiled, the shape of their jaws and teeth, the shape and density of their muscles and where and how they formed) those things were all more or less predictable depending on whether their anatomy was male or female. It was shocking that such a small little being could have beaten him. Of course, her armor gave her a plethora of advantages. Still. “We are all human or other species, the mandalorians were wiped out eons ago.” She was right. And that had been his point. But there was no use in belaboring it. He had meant it in almost a joking manner as if trying to use small talk to lighten the mood. But that wasn't necessarily a strong suit of his, and he knew as much. “Well, there you have me. Not very impressive is it? Lets go eh?” Ro shrugged, "It's not the way I'd have imagined having you strip down in front of me. Your form is pretty, as is to be expect. But judging you was never my intention." As she walked by, Durose grabbed her by the wrist and put out his other hand. "Stop. Hold on a second." Working his way out of his synthetic cloth shirt, Ro offered it forward. "I know. It will look like an over-sized dress on you. But I can tell you are cold. Don't deny it. Humans have a tell," he smirks pointing to the funny little bumps on her skin. Looking down at her feet, Ro added, "And between you and me, we both know this place isn't safe for you to be walking. Lots of sharp debris and rubble and who knows what. You are small enough. I can lift you up and carry you on my shoulders or I can hold you in my arms and carry you that way. And I don't want to hear it being beneath you or whatever. We both know you aren't a damsel in distress. But right now, the more sympathy we can draw and the less threatening you look the better. For all they know, I rescued you and you are a refugee just like everyone else." Pointing back towards the discarded items, Ro adds, "And is there anything you want from that? I think I could play the weapons and knife off as mine. Considering the circumstances, they might let me keep um. I could even keep the helmet... play it off as a trophy from a Mandalorian I killed rescuing you... if you wanted a keepsake or something..." ___
  2. “I am a clone too..." Sincere shock splashed across his face for a split second before he resumed his suddenly stoic demeanor. He contemplated whether or not to engage her further on this. How disappointing. Perhaps that is the source of our consonance. She is pleasing company because we are both just molds from the same soup masquerading as different creatures. But in reality, we are both broken and inferior replicas of our "parents." But I guess at least I got the chance to meet and somewhat know mine. The clone shook his head in silence. A flood of negative thoughts rolled around in his mind like lapsing pockets of shadow on a partially cloudy but increasingly windy day. Aren't we the pair! Poor girl. “You aren’t alone you know. Errr, you don't have to be alone.” Ro was only half listening at this point. As he more clearly began to see the shapes of the refuges ahead, Durose shifted into a work-style focus. The goal was to get them off the planet safely. And that was now his top priority. Maybe even his only priority. Without warning, Ro's arm swung out to stop Rose in her tracks. Thankfully, instead of clotheslining her, he had aimed low enough to rest it against her breastplate instead. Turning to the woman in a rather serious manner, Ro looked her up and down before opening his mouth. "We will have plenty of time to talk on the ride to the Jedi, I am sure. But we have a problem," Durose began, again looking her up and down as if to further emphasize her current attire. "If boarding one of these transports is your intention, I'm pretty confident you can't do so dressed like this. I thought you were taking us to some sort of private landing pad or something." Durose sighed as he looked around to tactically survey their surroundings, "Here's the thing. That cavalier Mandalorian attitude may have worked on civilians on Coruscant, but you aren't the victors this time. And by now... well... I'd venture to guess that everyone knows it. Which means..." Ro released his arm from in front of her before making a sweeping motion towards the lines of refugees in the distance, "Instead of one angry Cathar, there could be a mob of angry civilians, private security contractors, former soldiers, or who knows what looking for someone to take their frustrations out. They only just lost their homes, jobs, quality of life, and their world because of the Mandalorians! We shouldn't give them the chance to make that someone you, Rose." Durose shrugged as he looked her up and down once more, "I guess the one beauty about not being an actual Mandalorian is that out of your armor no one is going to know your face or that you are anything more than another human." Looking away now, Ro glared at the rows of people waiting to leave the planet. His eyes remained fixed on them as he added one last comment, realizing that he should probably stop monopolizing the conversation so much and allow for her to get more than a sentence or two in at this point. "You know you aren't alone either. My word may not mean what it used to after Coruscant. But I'll fight for you just as hard, for what its worth... as long as you are willing to meet me half way and we approach things honorably... come what may..." Roshan concluded as his voice trailed off into the ambiance of freighter engines and burning buildings. ___
  3. WHAT... THE... As Ro slowly came out of his panicked daze, he found Rose at his side. Although he may not have openly admitted it, there was a definite sense of relief having her there. Helping him into a sitting position, Rose tried to lighten the mood while Durose took a few deep breaths. “Now my cooking can’t be that bad could it?” “No,” Ro replied bluntly with a straight face. He was already on his way to his feet, in fact. In that moment he had decided to deal with this situation the only way that made sense: pretend like it never happened. “Come, Rose. We have a transport to catch.” Stepping around the ash covered vomit, Durose silently shuddered a little bit. Then he resumed walking in their original direction, not waiting to see whether Rose decided to follow or not.
  4. Ro felt like he was going crazy. Literally like he was losing his mind. He had gone from unusually apathetic only a few hours ago to melodramatically emotional to suddenly going insane. He could feel his hands and legs trembling, his stomach lurching as he tried to catch his breath. It felt like he was buried underneath the rubble on Coruscant again; as if some crumbling building component had made a nest on his chest. Only they were in a clearing. and it was just the two of them and the burnt Chandrila air. Durose careened forward, catching himself with both hands. The woman had refused to leave him in peace but embarrassing himself in front of her was the least of his worries now. He couldn't breath. It felt like he was suffocating. Lost in a daze, Durose was still present but more of a helpless spectator than an actual participant. Reaching for the brownie she had offered, he snatch it off the plate and stuffed it down his throat. He gobbled it down so fast he almost choked. Anything to escape this moment. This feeling. Help... He had hoped eating something would somehow make him feel better but it had the opposite effect. The dizziness he initially felt was replaced by a violently disconcerting nausea. It was coming back up. He was panting with each short breath, trying to hold the food down. But it was. There was no stopping it. Help. Help. Help, help, help. He wrenched viciously. The uneasy terror he was experiencing from suddenly going absolutely insane was almost as unnerving as the sight and smell of the chunks of mucus-y poop-colored vomit that now decorated the ground in front of him. Help, help, help, help, HELP! The shaking had only gotten worse. Was he dying? Had he come in contact with some sort of poisonous object without him knowing it? Was there some sort of biological contaminant lingering in the air? He wouldn't put it past these barbarians crusaders and their lust of murder and death. Breath, breath, breath, breath! His heart was racing. He was going to die. He was sure of it now. He was going to die and Rose was going to watch. Rose. He closed his eyes and reached out his hand in the direction where she last was, waving it out hoping to grab hold on someone familiar. He didn't know what else to do. He felt faint and the trembling just wouldn't stop. Tears started to trickle down his face, mixing with the fur of his mane. A proud warrior reduced to a powerless child by some illogical and irrational sudden bout of fear! And yet, in these moments that fear was just as real as anything he had ever experienced in his short life, the massacre of Coruscant notwithstanding. Come on. Come on, Ro. Please. Please! But that was the real gist of it all. This was just one more piece of proof that he was a fraud. He was molded after a proud warrior but he was little more than a weak and frightened child in an overgrown Cathar's body. Those experiences and memories were not his. They were not earned and did not belong to him. Maybe this was where he would and should unceremoniously die. And maybe he deserved it. I surrender. Take me then! He had completely lost track of everything else around him. He had no idea if his hand had found Rose or if there was a comet of debris headed straight for him or if someone had even lit him on fire. His senses had betrayed him. He could only hear the ringing of his ears. His hands and body felt physically numb, almost as if someone had suddenly pressed a button and switched his exteroception off. I can't stop you. Do it. I can't... Unfortunately, it would seem that his olfactory senses were the one thing grounding him to this moral plane, the one sense that had chosen not to abandon him in his time of need. Of course, it was also the one sense he wish that had. Regurgitated food particles. Burning metal and electrical wiring. Chemical fumes. And then... Something familiar. Focus on the familiar. Durose squinted harder, while his eyes remained firmly shut. In what seemed like endless moments, he centered his mind on the one thing that still instilled a sense of pride, safety, and comfort. Soo'Gah'Wae. He could smell her, his Cathar senses allowing him to rather efficiently pick out different smells. Whether the wind had also decided to take time out of its busy schedule to prove useful, for once, in this endeavor was beyond him. All Ro knew was that he could pick out her scent and it helped him feel centered. It was the smell of battle. The one that held him as he faded. The one that saw to him being nursed back to health. The one who sought to teach him her ways. The one that had ultimately brought him here. And the one he had hiked this treacherous terrain with. Some might have called this response little more than a side effect of capture-bonding, but that didn't seem fair. She had earned her place of respect as far as Ro was concerned. He had nothing else left anyway. Just the blue haired little human and what little that was left of his self-dignity. “Thank you Roar Roar. Sleep.” The words began to played in his head on a loop as he relived those final moments and the sudden sense of relief he felt before losing consciousness. The relief. You are safe. She is here. Focus... And then, all of the sudden, it was all over. The entire traumatic experience abruptly passed and the most terrifying few minutes of his life ended almost as quickly as they had overtaken him. Maybe focusing on Rose had helped or perhaps the feeling had simply run its course naturally. Regardless, the former Watcher of the Link now found himself able to finally breath normally again as his visual, tactile, and auditory sense all came flooding back to him.
  5. Durose reflexively curled as he dropped to one knee. It definitely wasn't the hardest punch he had ever taken. But perhaps it was the startling nature of her attack that had truly thrown him off guard. Raising his head with a low rolling growl, he was met with a wink. What an odd species they are, these humans. Very odd indeed. Of course, that punch does probably serve me right for sharing my feelings with anyone, much less someone so capricious and volatile as this little lady of blue. Ro made no immediate attempt to rise back to his feet as the woman began babbling in something clearly not Basic. Only half paying attention, Roshan found himself unexpectedly amused by the fact that with their height difference, even when kneeling before her, it still did not change the fact that he had the height advantage over her. Granted, they were almost positioned eye to eye now. He sighed as she continued to speak. He found it ironic that she had "bowed" him with her blow in order to tell him to bow to no one. It wasn't something he was going to complain about out loud. But perhaps he was still a little hung up on the fact that she had just punched him. Maybe it is some sort of weird, playful Mandalorian thing. Her wink suggests as much, right? Or maybe she was hitting on me... literally? Or maybe it's a test to see my character? But it was a cheap shot. If he had been on guard or looking up even, it is doubtful that she would have been able to fit in that punch so easily. Not against a clone such as himself that had been trained in the fighting arts of the Echani. Yet she had somehow managed to find a chink in his armor yet again. As she spat on the ground and her hands started "spasming" in a likely intentional manner, the oddity of this whole situation focused him back on the content of her vitriol. At least she had a cuteness to her when she got passionate about something. It was fair to say that her levity and exuberance wasn't completely lost on him, especially in this tense moment. “Walk with me, or fight me to prove yourself if you must. Your shame has no place here. If it means anything, I release you of it and name you strong and worthy.” If he was being honest, there was a part of him that wanted to take her up on that offer. He had half a mind to pounce on her right then and there and pin her hard to the ground and do who knows what to her. There were so many emotions pent up in his soul that he was just now addressing. Pent up rage and frustration and a general sense of anguish were top among them. As hard as it may have been to believe, Roshan's entire emotionally inner-makeup had been dimmed since the events of Coruscant. He had been consumed by an intense and uncharacteristic apathy and indifference that was out of place, even for him. In fact, it was this numbness that had made him feel even worse about everything. Ever since Coruscant, he couldn't seem to feel the emotions he knew he was supposed to feel. And it made him feel that much more like a monster. Psychologically barred from grieving but mocked by a knowing sense of impending emotional turmoil, it wasn't until he watched Mandalore die that something switched back on inside him. At first it was a just flicker. But it seemed like the closer and closer they got to their exit point, the more intense the emotions began to resurface. And now he was drowning in them as if he had been pushed off a high-dive board without any flotation devices. It wasn't just his feelings about Coruscant or the Link. It was as if he had become a beacon for a lifetime of grief. It was like the sensation of falling asleep in a bad position and having your arm go numb only to suddenly shift and have the stabbing sensation of thousands of little needles hold your arm and your pain receptors hostage. Like fresh, new blood reviving starved tissues, everything came rushing in at Durose all at once. And it hurt. It hurt really bad. I find myself kneeling here. Helpless. Doing everything just not to break. Just not to embarrass myself any further. What is wrong with me! What is this!!! As he leaned against his knee for support, he found himself overwhelmed. His emotions felt raw but now his body felt numb. He attempted to process her words and form a sentence. Closing his eyes, Ro tried to let his breaths flow slowly in and out. After a few more moments, he opened this eyes again, his eyes now resting at Rose's eye level. "I wish I could explain. It's not shame. It's much more complicated. And if I could prove myself in a fight against you then I wouldn't be the one on a knee right now. You win yet again, Warrior Priestess of Blue. I shall walk with you. Only tell me where we are headed next and I will catch up with you in a few short minutes. I think the smell of all this dead flesh and burnt metal is going to my head. I need a second or two to recenter myself. I will catch up. I promise." Durose was doing everything he could to hold himself together and look properly strong in front of the little lady. Inside, he felt like he was suddenly losing his mind. You can do this. Hold it together. You are the imprint of a warrior! Dhonarr would not carry himself so pathetically if he were here! You are the Watcher of the Link! ... ___
  6. “If I could apologize for those Neo-crusaders I would Durose.” "Which ones? The ones that nearly massacred my people into extinction and destroyed our home... or the ones that nearly massacred my planet into extinction and destroyed my home." The phrase itself should have been a question but the way he spoke it sounded more like a general statement. There was bitterness surrounding the whole subject. But can I really hold a grudge against an entire people? That hardly seems right. "The truth is, Rose, if I hold a grudge against an entire people for the action of some of their leaders and some of their soldiers then I am no less bigoted than they are. I believe people can become more than what they are... more than what they were born to be or told they must become. I don't believe it is easy. But I believe it is possible. You, too, can become more than the mindless minion your masters wished to mold you into. I can see that potential in you as clear as day. And what greatness it is! But it's also a choice." Durose let silence fall between them after he finished. They had ran into a rather treacherous stretch of shale and debris and he didn't want to lose his footing and take a tumble. But more than that, he felt like he had said all that needed to be said about the subject. It isn't for this little one to apologize or feel sorry for him or his people. He needed no one's pity. Remorse was only as good as the change it affected. She was still young and impressionable. She wasn't the first or the last that would be strung along by the whims of the powerful, charismatic, and megalomaniacal. In Ro's opinion, this group of Mandalorians had failed due to the profligacy and destructive arrogance of their leadership and agendas. But that was more of a fortuitous misstep on their part. Their fanatical religious devotion blinded their members in so many dangerous ways that they could have become a true scourge, reminiscent of the monsters who sought to wipe out his race for the sake of their own moral depravity. “Did you have a life mate on Coruscant, Durose?” The former "Watcher of the Link" suddenly had his train of thought derailed by her comment. The Cathar don't really blush in any visibly notable way with so much fur covering his body, but the comment did make him squirm just a little. It was a rather personal question. It wasn't fair to say that it was off-limits, but at the same time, it was very complicated. (Truthfully, the answer wasn't actually that complicated. It was a simple "yes" or "no" question. But in true Roshan fashion, such one word answers would not do the answer proper justice.) "I..." Durose chuckles a little nervously to cut the tension. "Well..." He pauses. It wasn't like him to feel this nervous. But it also wasn't like him to discuss his feelings or his love life. These were not things he did. They were not part of his job description. They... Taking a deep breath, Durose let it out slowly as he began, "I have to be honest with you, 'Soo'Gah'Wae'. You deserve that much." There was another pause. This was more difficult than he thought it would be. He realized that in the oddity of this moment, what he was about to say was something he had never told anyone. After all, the real Durose and Victoria already knew. "What I mean to say is," he swallowed hard before continuing. "Me... I'm... I mean..." Just get it over with RO!!! "I'm a clone!" he finally blurted out. "There. You have it. My master was an ambitious Cathar. He schemed and sought to manipulate the galaxy and leave his own footprint. He was adventurous as well. But he trusted few more than himself. And thanks to such paranoia, he commissioned the creation of clones in his likeness that were trained to mimic and embody him and allow him to be at all sorts of places at once. For the most part it worked for many a scheme. And I was the result of one of his many attempts." Ro's eye dropped to the small pile of burned metal at his feet. "So yes. I am a monster. A beast. An abomination. I was created for the purpose of watching over the going-ons of the Link on Coruscant. I was never supposed to leave there. There was once a woman that I loved or at least was in love with. But she was never mine. And though I think we shared a brief connection, I would have never been worthy of her. She was real. My DNA may say that I'm a Cathar and I may be proud of the Cathar people. But they are Dhonarr's people. Just as she was Dhonarr's. And the Link was Dhonarr's. And this life is Dhonarr's. I am nothing more than an imposter. A test tube creation fashioned in the shape and likeness of something great, but lacking the full depth and breath of that greatness..." In those moments, it felt as if all the emotion that Durose had been holding back for the past several years had all came flooding into his chest and head like a rush of pain and emotion. It was choking him up. But he would not embarrass himself in front of his little woman. He refused to show more than the smallest hint of this laughable self-anguish. "So no. I have no life mate, nor am I worthy of one. I wasn't even worthy of the duty I was entrusted with," he frowns as he glares downward and shakes his head. "I did not evacuate the Link in time. I did not protect it. I did not stop their Mandalore as that Jedi did. And because of me, the headquarters I was commissioned to watch... my one job... because of my failure it now burns. My home and all there have been lost." Durose takes in a deep breath before letting it out at a slow and metered pace. "Worthless..." he grumbles before trailing off. ___
  7. The large alien creature took a hold of her gloved hand for only a moment. There was an unusual wave of familiarity that washed over him. She had been there by his side as his whole world came crashing down. Now he found himself at her side while her world began falling apart. Granted, the situations were quite different. But there was a sort of tragic symmetry to it all. Shared tragedies. Perhaps that's how the strongest of bounds are formed. Now everything was about to change yet again. It very much looked like Rose was going to become his ward. He had no idea how the Jedi might react to their arrival, but he could only hope that they would accept him and, in turn, allow her to stay as well. Deep down, Durose had feared that it would be nothing more than a commensal arrangement. But now that she had agreed to be his Soo'Gah'Wae, there was a newfound sense of optimism. The walk wasn't so bad after their exchange. Ro's gruff exterior did well to hide it but he was, in fact, delighted. It had been so long since he had connected with someone in any meaningful way. So long since he had unburied his head from the sand that was his work at the Link. It had been his hiding place since Victoria left. And his excuse. His cross to die on. He had forgotten what the world looked like outside of those shiny metal walls and its white sterile corridors. Yet the longer the silence lingered between them, the more his excitement turned to melancholy. As his thoughts were allowed to wander, the more he was reminded of the past he had left behind. With each step he took, the more his heart steadily filled with hiraeth. There was no better word to describe it. It felt like he was drowning in a dark, deep pool of hiraeth, trapped by the weight of his memories of a home he could never return to or have back. Coruscant. Suddenly, the sounds of jet engines shook him from his disquieting thoughts. They were surely close to their destination now. “So tell me of your people Durose. What made you the way you are?” Looking over at the woman, Durose raised an eyebrow. "The way I am?" He chuckled a little before responding to her in a very matter of fact way, "I didn't realize I was a certain 'way.' You'll have to elaborate more, Priestess. As for my people, my people... what would you like to know? We have retractable claws. We are obviously covered in fur. I'm taller than the average Cathar male. Your 'ancestors', the Mandalorians of old, attempted to commit genocide against my people and almost succeeded. But we survived. And our traditions of honor, loyalty, and combat have continued to this day. On Cathar, we live in trees and our cities are governed by Elders. And once we mate, we mate for life. Oh. And as I'm sure you've already realized, we can heal at a rapid rate compared to most species in the universe." ____
  8. "GGrrraahhh..." Ro blurted out in surprise as they slide and he tried to maintain his balance. "Cat-like reflexes" or not, this terrain had him feeling completely out of his element and made him very uneasy to say the least. He watched her in amusement as she tried to stay upright. For some reason, the image of a fledgling fawn first learning to walk played in his head as the little woman wobbled. Then came the silence. It made him nervous. Truth be told, he was already expecting the worse. This whole idea was little more than a shot in the dark. Maybe it was simply born out of desperation. But perhaps he was hoping to drag things out just a little bit longer. Perhaps he wasn't ready to part with this Warrior Priestess of Blue quite yet. “No.” And there it is. The rejection. "I would never join the--" “Revenge is dishonourable. If anything, we should seek the Jedi out to serve them.” Durose was taken aback by her words and visibly stunned as he bobbed his head backwards reflexively. Almost immediately recovering his senses, the Cathar coughed a little, trying to play off this initial reaction while she glared up at the sky. “The signs point that there is a greater enemy to fight. Would you oppose such a direction?” He was at a loss for words. Gathering himself, he cleared his throat. Then there was a pause. It was clear from his face that he was processing things. And then it was like a light went off in his head and a smile suddenly followed. "My people. The... I guess you would call it the clan or tribe... They... well, we have a saying. Or I guess you could call it a belief. It is thought that when two warriors face one another honorably in combat and they both draw blood they are said to be forever bound together in the universe's life force like two links in a circular chain... if that makes any sense..." Ro shakes his head a little bit, totally feeling foolish. "Forgive me. I'm probably explaining it terribly. But the point is... we call those people 'Soo'Gah'Wae', which doesn't quite have an exact translation into Basic that I know of. If I was to attempt to roughly translate it, I'd say it means something like 'brother of blood' or 'blood brothers' in your human terms." Durose momentarily shrugs. "Regardless, it pleases me that you are agreeable to the idea. The life force that binds all things has seen fit to preserve us both yet again, Soo'Gah'Wae," Ro replies as his eyes meet hers and a warm grin rolls across his face. "We should not let this opportunity go to waste. Where you go, I will follow... for now, at least. Lead the way, mighty little one. It sounds like we are off to meet our destiny." ___
  9. Ro watched Rose with amusement as the weight of her armor sent her falling to the ground. The ground was now as much of an adversary as anything else in this uneven wasteland. Durose wasn't keen on joining her as the ground was unsteady and he was arguably heavier, even without the added armor she had. “Look, when we get to Kyr-Allei, you can be finally rid of this stupid indenturement. I should never have brought you with me on this crusade of misery. We only have a little ways to go, then you can leave this behind.” Ro looked towards the city uncertain of what she meant. Was that the city name? Was that the name of her metal dragon beast? Was that the name of her ship? He had never had the need to visit Chandrila and he was probably more of a fish out of water here than most. Her words had hints of bitterness to them. Of course, maybe he simply perceived bitterness. Reading humans wasn't a science he had perfected. But he had learned the importance of reading between the lines. Truth be told, she mumbled something but he missed it between the noise of explosions and the sounds of crashing rubble and streaking debris. It almost looked to him as if she was crying but it was hard to tell if it was tears or sweat or dust in her eyes that lead to her dirty face. Granted, he couldn't help but quietly wonder what the point of wearing a helmet was if she was just going to take it off in the midst of every hazardous location. Especially if it was going to make her all sweaty and then she was going to take it off in the middle of so much smoke and falling ash. She might as well have made her head a sponge for soaking up all this planet's misery. "Where do you want to go Durose?" "What? No more, Roar Roar?" Durose replied attempting to lighten the mood before sighing to think. The thought of where to go next was not something he had even remotely processed. In fact, this entire situation was something he hadn't really begun to fully processed. Coruscant was the real answer to her question. But the last he overheard, it was or would be soon teaming with Sith. And if not Sith, then surely whatever was still left of these Mandalorians. And if neither, it still wouldn't be any more habitable than when he left. That option had been removed from the table, at least for the time being. So where? Ro paused for a few more seconds as he tried to looked in the direction of Kyr-Allei -- whatever that was -- and seem stoic. The Mandalorian homeworld was something of interest to him now. After his short stay with their people, Ro felt like there was a lot more layers to their culture than this bastardized version of glory and honor that this failed faction presented. Perhaps there was something of value to their organization in general. Perhaps they could be used as a blunt tool to liberate and rebuilt Coruscant if given the right direction and guidance. But who? The Former Watcher of the Link was a manager at best. He was no leader. In his mind, his version of "leading" was when he personally took action and pursued his own form of justice, regardless of the costs. That was not the same thing as convincing others to join his cause and follow his orders. At least... not as far as he was concerned. He was no Mandalore. But what of the Jedi? When he watched that Jedi fight he felt a calling. It was almost as if he was compelled to reach out and chase after them. It was ever so faint and he had maintained his distance instead. It wasn't the first time that he had felt something like that. But it was perhaps the first time that he had ever truly entertained the thought. Durose glanced at the woman beside him. She was a war criminal. Surely the Jedi would reward him handsomely if he apprehended her and turned her over to them. Perhaps they would even allow him to join their ranks. It wasn't all that unusual for Cathar to be force-sensitive --maybe they had the ancient Mandalorians' near genocide of their race to thank for that narrowing of the gene pool-- or unusual for them to become power Force Users. But even if it turned out that he wasn't force-sensitive or "worthy" of joining their order, perhaps if he got in at the foot soldier level -- did they have those? -- he might be able to eventually encourage the brass to liberate Coruscant. He looked back towards Kyr-Allei. Then back at the Mandalorian. She was just a child. Perhaps not literally -- and who was he to speak -- but her story was not written. Dhonarr had seen plenty of evil people in his life. The Watcher of the Link had also dealt with his fair share. Perhaps his bias was blinding him, but he refused to discount her so easily. She seemed lost. Not irredeemable. Durose twitched rapidly, shaking the bothersome ash from his mane. His 6'11 frame then slopped downward, the Cathar offering Rose his hand. "Well... if I've taught you one thing, mighty little one, it's that you can't win them all, no matter your size or conviction," Durose began with a smile. He paused to see if she would allow him to help her up before continuing. "But what if we did something crazy? What if we sought out the Jedi? You could lay low as my attaché. I have strong reason to believe that I may be force sensitive. And if they accept me for training and allow you to stay, you'd have a home for the time being. You could teach me what it means to be a Mandalorian while I attempt to learn what it means to wield a lightsaber and use their fancy space magic. And if it gets too much for you, we position ourselves just right, you kill that Jedi that took your Mandalore's life and we make a break for it." Durose let out a sigh and a shrug before turning back to the burning cities. There was a solemn expression on his face but his eyes were almost entranced by the flickers of fire. "After all... what do we have to lose at this point..." ___
  10. Dhonarr had a saying, "To the Victor goes the fate of all manner of beast that are felled." But today, the Jedi were the true victors. Ro grinned to himself. There was a certain poetry to the universe. What of their Mandalore the Harbinger now? And where is their Lord Kad Ha’Rangir? How predictable that their mighty arrogance and gluttonous blood-lust would be so easily cut back down to size by none other than the Jedi. How fast the faithful run and how quickly they fall when there is no pride or honor to be found among them. At least Durose had had enough honor and pride to fight until his body gave out back on Coruscant. In an odd twist of irony, it was thanks to that turn of events that he had been given the chance feast his eyes on the show he had just witnessed. Of course, the circumstances surrounding all this were far from the usual. Ultimately, Roshan had agreed to "shadow" Rose as an observer during their latest mission of conquest. The Mandalorians believed they were invincible. How could it hurt to allow him to learn their ways and see them in action before deciding to officially join their ranks? They had plenty more conquests to partake in after this one, did they not? Truth be told, this was mostly a stalling tactic. His fight on Coruscant had beat him up significantly. In fact, it was probably the closest he had ever been to death. And since his "hospitalization" there had been little opportunity to escape. Rose was clear. It was join or die. But it would seem that his captor had taken a liking to him and Ro had done his best to play that to his advantage. If he was being honest, he had a soft spot for humans, too, especially the strong-willed female type. He knew she was different in nearly every way other than her species and her sex... but something about her reminded him of Victoria. Or perhaps that was some residual effects of his delirium speaking. To be absolutely honest, he was a bit embarrassed about the whole Coruscant situation in its aftermath. Granted, Ro had a valid excuse. After all, he had been so badly wounded and lost so much blood that it was shocking he had remained standing for as long as he had. But now after making a full recovery and getting to know more about his captors, Durose still cringed when he thought back to those final moments on Coruscant. He had failed his oath. He had not defended the Link with his life. Instead, he had survived and given Victoria's gift away to a stranger. He felt almost as if he had cheated on Victoria even though they were never a thing. And who was this blue-haired, blue-eyed Mandalorian anyways? She reminded him more of a mischievous little Ubese running around in shiny armor than the grizzled Mandalorian warriors of legend. Of course, her skills told another story. He had made the mistake of underestimating her once. He knew better than to repeat past mistakes so soon after having just made them. So for the time being he had ultimately decided to placate this small, blood-thirsty humanoid. At least long enough to recover the necklace. Of course, the "how" of that scenario proved to be more complicated than he had anticipated. How does one say, "I was delirious, you reminded me of a past love in my hallucinatory state. And you two don't even really look alike! Not to say that you aren't a well-formed human female, albeit a little miniature. No offense, of course. You have real talent. It's just well... the necklace... that's kind of mine. And I want it back. And I'm not going down this path to crazy town with you." Human women were complicated enough. They were nothing like Cathar females. Saying the wrong thing could end in disaster even when dealing with the most rational of humans. But these Mandalorian women? They seemed even that much more unstable, if that was even possible. He could consider himself lucky to have been spared and only receive a "cute" but somewhat annoying "pet name." Roar Roar. Is she secretly mocking my warrior growls with every parting of her lips? Is she playfully attempting to remind me of the completeness of my failure of honor and duty and combat prowess? Is the name to remind me of my inferiority to her after being bested by a humanoid female near half my size? And yet it could have been worse. The way his new "nickname" rolled off her tongue seemed to lack the malicious intent Ro almost secretly hoped she harbored. Whether she looked at him as a potential lover, big brother, hulking bodyguard, furry friend, trophy slave, fuzzy teddy bear, loyal pet, or enemy to torture, it seemed that whatever he had done in his final moments of consciousness had bought him enough time to heal, recover, and reevaluate his situation. Unsure of how to proceed and without purpose (having already failed his assigned purpose so thoroughly), the defeated Cathar slowly came to the realization that the words on that necklace were more of a curse than terms of endearment. Perhaps it is fitting that this little one carry my necklace. At least it will remain in the hands of someone who is actually a victor and not a failure like I. Or so he had thought at the time. It was that thought that had ultimately haunted the sentient-turned-patient as he recovered from his injuries. All the while, the weight of his failure --one that not even he believed he deserved to carry-- continued to crush his soul like a heavy anchor. It wasn't long before his burnt fur had regrown and his broken bones had refused and his scars had faded. But the hole in his soul remained. The captive beast agreed to observe and learn his captor's ways. He knew Rose believed in the destiny and dogma that her Mandalore spewed. But He knew that such teachings would lead her down a path of disappointment. They were the words of a tyrant looking for an excuse to justify her blood-lust for death and carnage. He found their manner and methods crude. Their guise of reverence false. They had turned the Mandalorians back into the wild savages that Cathar children read about in their holonovels. The same crude monsters that even many modern Mandalorians had since admitted to being ashamed of. Or so Dhonarr's father had always taught him. In truth, the Mandalorians had long been a passing fascination of his. After all, they are an indelibly part of Cathar legend and lore. His entire species had nearly been wiped out in the Massacre of Cathar and even after the several millenniums since their rebuilding and repopulation of Cathar, all Cathar knew the name of Mandalore the Ultimate and Cassus Fett. So when rumors of their return to the galactic scene began to circulate in the bars and back alleys of lower Coruscant, Ro didn't hesitate to use the resources at his disposal to investigate. Sadly, it would turn out that the crazies that lead by fear and blood-lust ultimately won sway over the Mandalorians who lead by honor and example. And all that ultimately led him here. Another glassed graveyard. He had joined her "for the hunt." But he stayed in hopes that he could somehow redeem both of their souls. But in the midst of all the fighting and explosions and chaos, the two of them got separated. In fact, for some time he honestly thought he had lost her. But now as he waded his way through the glassed remains of a once civilized world of wealth and glamour, there she was. Rose. Her fragile 5'2 frame somehow still managing to hold itself up under the weight of her imitation Beskar armor. Ro looked upward as he approached, trying to figure out what had caught her eyes. Of course, it wasn't hard to see what it was. If it wasn't so tragic, the explosive balls of flames and streaking debris actually would have looked a bit pretty in a morbid but vibrant sort of way. Shaking his head, he refocused his eyes on the warrior in front of him. She did not gloat on her day of victory and he would not gloat in her day of defeat. Almost slipping but managing to steady himself, the former Watcher of the Link continued his approach as he spoke. "So then Warrior Priestess of Blue..." Durose began but quickly found himself at a loss for words. Instead of saying another word, he just stood there waiting for her response. What does one do in such a situation? Am I destine to receive a hug, a punch, a rematch? Is she in morning, panic, numb all over? Will she run, surrender, pursue the attackers? Or perhaps the two of them would just stand there in silence for a few moments more, staring at the balls of flaming ship components as they danced across the sky like an amateur fireworks extravaganza. Maybe in this moment in time that was the only right thing to do... at least for just a few seconds more... ___
  11. ((Needless to say, Durose Roshan's 2006 character sheet is due an updated. Coming from an era of intrigue IC and OCC, the original Durose Roshan was born. At the time, the links to who was who were intentionally blurred and designed to confuse. However, in this new era I feel that it's much better to define the various versions of Durose at large. As such... I present to you the official Datapad of Dhonarr, Black Sun secret Agent...)) Background for all versions: Dhonarr originally grew up on Cathar. He was the only baby born of his mother's liter. Although he never knew his father, he was said to have come from the Kunthar Clan. His mother, member of the Hunitar, always said he was "special" and destined for greatness. But for having no known mate, she (and in turn) Dhonarr were largely shunned by their local community. It was not until after his first successful blood hunt that he received the respect and praise of the Elders. Nevertheless, having grown far larger and taller than normal Cathar, Dhonarr still felt very much like an outsider. In true Hunitar fashion, he began to look to the stars for answers and his place among them. The universe was calling and he could no longer sit by and refuse its call. Leaving Cathar behind, the calls of the Force led him to many places and he eventually found his own little niche. Initially working as an enforcer, Dhonarr Hunitar eventually worked his way into the ranks of freelance bounty hunting. This was when he rebranded himself as "Durose Roshan." All his clones are familiar with this portion of his background and that he worked as an agent for the Black Sun for some time before retired from that and resuming his freelance Bounty Hunting career. Shortly after that, he traveled to Kamino and had his clones made. Of course, there was more to that story than Dhonarr ever let on. And that is where the paths of the real Dhonarr Hunitar and his clones diverge. Identity: The Original/Real Dhonarr Real Name: Dhonarr Hunitar A.K.A: Durose Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: Early 40s Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 109 kg. (About 240 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed black mane hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar uniform of the Hunitar Clan Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Heavy carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, Twin Blaster pistols, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: A pet Vornskr and a pair of pet Ysalamiri Faction Information Force User Alignment: Neutral Evil/Grey Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: Grey Trained by: Unknown Trained who: Known Skills: Unknown Unique Background: After bounty hunting for several years, Durose eventually attracted the attention of the Black Sun organization. The Black Sun recruited him as one of their operatives and it was through his handler that he learned the Echani fighting techniques to bolster his already considerable hand-to-hand prowess as trained Cathar warrior. He worked for the Black Sun into his mid-30s and which point the two abruptly parted ways. Taking the majority of his savings, Durose traveled to Kamino and had 10 clones made of himself to mimic him in background and training but also be taught to be absolutely loyal to him. Dhonarr never actually quit working for the Black Sun. As such, he positioned his clones is several key areas with the intention of infiltrating multiple organizations at once. For the most part, Dhonarr was successful and was able to oversee his clones from afar, knowing that at any moment he could simply move in and take their place if a certain plan or agenda needed to take place. In theory, it was the perfect marriage of secrecy, utility, and versatility. Of course, things got much more complicated than initially planned. While his clones were, indeed, duplicates of him from a genetic standpoint, their experiences and decisions would take them on varying paths that made them increasingly harder to control. Perhaps most of which was the first, Durose Roshan. Current/Last Known Location: On Assignment for the Black Sun. Location Unknown. Identity: The Knock-off Dhonarr (Clone 1) Real Name: Dhonarr A.K.A: Durose Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: Believes he's in his early 40s Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 109 kg. (About 240 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed black mane hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar uniform of the Hunitar Clan Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Heavy carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, Twin Blaster pistols, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: Durose biggest relationship is with his human personal assistant Victoria (NPC). She has worked with him and the Link for years and Durose sees her as more of a sister than a lover. They have never been romantically involved in a serious relationship. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: True Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: This Durose Roshan is the one most commonly known to go by this name. He was designed to be a direct clone of the original Dhonarr Hunitar. He does not know he is a clone. But there is a memory gap in several key places. He believes that he retired from the Black Sun and that they removed his memories of his time with them. As such, he believes from his journals and memories that he had a scheme to do something far bigger and greater than he ever could as an operative. He is the one who coordinated the other clones and truly believes that he is the original. He even has possession of the original's ship, The Dice of Hearts. Durose would go on to work for the Link and work his way into a trusted management position. He would also eventually help them protect themselves against various enemies that were plotting their demise. This Durose and the real Dhonarr have developed a bit of an adversarial relationship overtime, although this Durose remains somewhat unaware of the real Dhonarr's existence other than that someone seems to interfere with his dealings from time to time. Last Known Location: On the Dice of Hearts with Victoria head past the Outer Rim for locations unknown. Identity: Sith Roshan (Clone 2) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Lord Roshan, Darth Kiltik Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 100 kg. (About 220 lbs) Fur: Standard golden color with golden mane Appearance: Braided, Trimmed, shaved and stylized, deadlocks, and face paint Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Tribal Cathar Catali headdress and flowing dark robes Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Serpentine dagger, Echani vibrosword, Sith Tremor Sword Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, sith holocron Faction Information Force User Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Sith Current Faction Affiliation: Unaffiliated Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: Darkside Trained by: Darth Hel (Trained from July 2006 to February 2007) Trained who: Known Skills: ...???... (Probably a mod discussion to be had at some point and time) Unique Background: Originally left behind to watch over Dhonarr's investment, Roshan fateful meeting with Darth Hel redirected him on a new path. Training under Dominique and learning a variety of useful information before he was released from her tutelage, Roshan defied Dhonarr by leaving Kamino behind seek answers about the Force and his place in it. He eventually stole a sith fighter that he renamed the Ragnos and sought out Dominique once again. He eventually was reunited with his Master on Ishvara and continued to operate on the planet, creating a small cult following for himself. That was the last time that he was officially ever heard from on the galactic scene. Last Known Location: Training and causing mischief on Ishvara before coming in contact with Darkwatch Securities. Identity: Refuge Roshan (Clone 3) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Ro or Da'wynn Roshan Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 113 kg. (About 249 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with golden mane and stylistically dyed hair Appearance: Trimmed and shaved Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Thorpe Corp Uniform, a set of refuge clothes, and a variety of formal and casual outfits for various occasions. Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: EE-3 carbine rifle, an Assassin's blade, WESTAR-34 blaster pistol, Echani vibroblade Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, an old Black Sun insignia, Holovid of his homeworld and family Relationships: He considers Noola his love and desired life partner. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: Da'wynn Roshan's story began with his arrival by transport to Coruscant. There, his assignment was to seek out Lycus Thorpe as a refuge and look for employment. Once inside, his job was to work his way up the ranks and put himself in a leadership position. After some time, Ro (under the fake identity, Da'wynn) was able to position himself in control of a large amount of Thorpe properties and represented the Thorpe Corporation as a fleet commander and field marshal. During the rise of the Black Dawn, Da'wynn lead a fleet of Thorpe Corp forces to aid their allies against the Black Dawn. He was last assigned to Bespin to oversee the construction of a shipyard before Lycus Thorpe's untimely demise. Last Known Location: He has since disappeared from the universe's scene in search of his love, Noola, who had disappeared from Bespin by the time he had returned from his fleet duties. Identity: Ro, Watcher of the Link (Clone 4) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Ro or Watcher of the Link Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 150 kg. (About 330 lbs) Fur: Standard golden with dyed brownish red mane and body hair mixed in Appearance: Untrimmed and largely shaved, muscularly bulky, steroid-ish build Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Link Uniform and a variety of formal and casual outfits for various occasions. Armor: Armorweave mesh bodysuit underneath and an armor weave cape. (Armorweave is an armored cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and with at least limited resistance to lightsaber attacks.) Weapon: Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, Twin Blaster pistols, two Echani vibroblades Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Link HQ security clearance badge, Giant Horned Hopper Charm Necklace (gift from Victoria) Relationships: He got very close with Victoria in a short matter of time and formed a bit of a crush on the lady. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: As the Watcher of the Link, Ro was set up to be a stand-in for Dhonarr when he left on his "mission" with Victoria. As such, Ro was personally trained by Victoria in everything that he would need to know to assist with daily operations and make the important decisions that would be vital to the continued operations of the organization. Stationed on Coruscant as they daily worked together on the "project," Ro and Victoria became rather close. However, Ro never pursued something romantic. After Dhonarr and Victoria left, Ro continued to what as the Link's chief of operations on Coruscant until a moon was slammed into the planet. Running errands at the time, Ro was lucky to survive but only so lucky. It was not long before he found himself locked in mortal combat with a Mandalorian named Rose. Surprisingly, he was badly wounded in the fighting but his life was spared. What happens beyond that remains to be seen. Last Known Location: He was recently scene in Upper Coruscant battling with a Mandalorian before being taken to a shuttle. Identity: Dhonarr of Cathar (Clone 5) Real Name: Durose Roshan A.K.A: Dhonarr of Cathar or Dhon Homeworld: Cathar Species: Cathar Physical Description Age: A few years old (Clone) Height: 2.1 Meters (Almost 6'11) Weight: 105 kg. (About 231 lbs) Fur: Dirty golden with a painted brownish red mane and body hair mixed in Appearance: Manually trimmed and shaved and a little mangy, muscularly and toned, face and body paint Eyes: yellowish-brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing: Hunitar Tribal Warriors garb and other Clan and hunting outfits Armor: A suit of Chitin armor made from Kiltiks he's hunted. Weapon: TL-50 Heavy Repeater, two Echani vibroblades, Cathar Honor Sword Common Inventory: Datapad, comlink, food, multitool, credits, Phonga Disc, Kiltik trophies Relationships: He prefers to live out in the wild but comes to visit Dhonarr's mother, Norina, and care for her at regular intervals and as necessary. Faction Information Force Sensitive Alignment: Lawful Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: N/A Current Faction Rank: N/A History: Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: Known Skills: N/A Unique Background: Sent as the one to return and watch over his mother, Dhon was implanted with a facsimile of Dhonarr's young life and memories up until crossing paths with the Black Sun. He is aware that he is a clone but still feels like Norina is his mother. During his time on Cathar, he has looked more into his father's Clan and leads on what ever became of his dad. Over the last few years, Dhon has grown increasingly interested in Force users and understanding the Force itself. He knows he is Force sensitive but doesn't know much more about the Force outside of the stories the Catali tell and the legends of the Aether that are part of traditional Cathar religion. Last Known Location: On Cathar running random odd jobs and always looking to find and meet new Force users and training from them. Identity: Clones 6-10 Unique Background: Currently, the remaining clones are primarily backup clones for existing versions of Durose and/or are not notable active or worth being included in this file at this time...
  12. Finding his old quarters suitable, Durose Roshan relaxed for a moment. The recent going ons had been crazy but it was nice to finally have things under control. Reviewing a few different datapads, Roshan noted a few things and added them to his personal journal before continuing with his general review of the security systems and Casino operations since the disappearance of Durose quite some time ago. After finishing that, DR leaned back in his chair a little and staired at the ceiling. He couldn't help but wonder what Brina was up to. He figured, though, that he shouldn't bother her again so soon. Looking at the time, the cathar decided it was probably best to take a quick cat nap, lest his services be needed again sometime soon. Dimming the lights, Roshan rested again the top of his mattress and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the cathar woke up in a panic. He could feel he was being watched. He was unsure how long he had been out or how long the intruder had been inside his room but he knew someone was. Fortunately, the dark did little to hinder the cat's keen vision and his eyes quickly picked out the intruder. Sitting casually against his desk was Victoria. She smiled a little as she pushed off from the desk and approached him. "It looks like your senses aren't as keen as they used to be big guy." Sitting up, Roshan shrugged still a little groggy. "Or maybe your stealth skills have just improved that much more. How long have you been here?" "Long enough... Durose, I have something I'd like to discuss with you." Rubbing his eyes and letting out a lion-like yawn, he shrugged, "Can't you discuss it with someone else? I'm sure Idejjen or Brina or Zara are likely up and about... or will be soon enough." Victoria shook her head, "No. I need to discuss this with you and you alone." Mr. Roshan raised and eyebrow. "Oh?" ********* Almost an hour later, Victoria exited the room and headed towards her own. When she arrived there, she hopped into her bed and laid there in silence. Raising her previously injured arm, she individually moved her fingers in a repetitive grasping motion. Everything seemed to be in working order. Still, there was something lingering in the back of her mind that she couldn't shake. Regardless, it was time for her to get some rest. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep, her mind still contemplating what was to come in the days ahead.
  13. Victoria nodded, "Thank you, ma'am. If I could get someone to look at my arm, too, that would be great." -------------------- Watching to going ons, Roshan was happy to see that everything proceeded without a hitch. The criminal known as Slicer had been captured after a quite masterfully executed plan by Victoria and now was a prisoner of the Link. Interrogation sessions would surely soon follow in order to determine his role in all of this and a possible location of the sith lord that had Zara in his sights. It was definitely a gamble keeping someone as skilled and dangerous as Slicer at the Casino but it seemed that all the necessary precautions had been taken. Turning to Brina, the cathar smiled, "Well, at least that one down. Where do we go from here?"
  14. Victoria exited the vessel first as she was followed by the gurney carrying Slicer and the medical assistance beside him. She couldn't help but feel a hint of irony at the thought that they were now trying to keep alive the person looking to kill Zara. Having received her orders from Brina, Victoria quickly moved them out of the bay and into the hallway. There was no time to waste. Meeting Idejjen and his security force, Victoria felt the first sign of relief she had felt in a long time. Turning him over to Idejjen and the rest of the group, Victoria directed, "You men please follow Mr. Idejjen and his team. They will take Slicer where he needs to go. Idejjen, unless there is anything else, I'll head off to report to Ms. Thalin. I believe you can handle things from here, yes?" ----------------- Mr. Roshan turned to Ms. Thalin and smiled, "Idejjen? Na. I'm sure he is fine. You worry too much. I'm sure he is on his way as we speak. Do you think we should go meet the group or stay here and wait for them to come to us?"
  15. "Oh. Victoria? My Victoria? You don't say. Wow. Quite an achievement even for her. I'm glad to hear that she's been moving up in the world since I last saw her. The apprentice has now become the master, it would seem," he finished with a chuckle. As Brina continued to speak, he nodded. Was there really anything else that Durose Roshan could do to help at the moment? He thought not. It would now be a waiting game. The sooner Victoria showed up with Slicer, the sooner their plans could be put into action. On second thought, though, he could at least start on the security modifications and upgrades to the system. Sending a comm through the proper channels, he ordered for the necessary tools and information to be brought to cell 327. Turning to Brina, his eyes carefully scrolled over the features of her face. He grinned to himself a little before looking away and stood at attention as they waited. --------------------- Victoria returned to check on the patient as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. He was still in critical but the medical team had managed to stabilize him for the time being. Comming the Casino, Victoria got the necessary clearance to dock the transport. Setting down on the landing pad, Victoria sent out a commcall to Brina Thalin. "Miss Thalin, this is Victoria. I have Slicer. He is in critical condition. We need to move him to a medical facility where we can monitor his vitals and keep him alive, at least long enough to get any necessary information he might have. Time is of the essence. My men have done the best they can given the circumstances but they can only do so much. Please inform me on how to proceed."
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